Battle of Thermopylae: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

come and get them

friday, january 27th, 2012

"two little words. With these two words – "Molon Labe!" – two concepts were verbalized that have lived for nearly two-and-a-half Millennia. They signify and characterize both the heart of the Warrior, and the indomitable spirit of Mankind. From the ancient Greek, they are the reply of the Spartan General-King Leonidas to Xerxes, the Persian Emperor who came with 600,000 of the fiercest-fighting troops in the world to conquer and invade little Greece, then the center and birthplace of Civilization, as we know it.

It would take time for the scattered city-states to raise their armies of citizen-soldiers, so those that could send what contingents were available to serve in a "Multinational Field Force", commanded by one of the two elected kings of Sparta, Leonidas. With its backbone provided by Leonidas' bodyguard of 300 Spartan soldiers, the force numbered some 4,000. Leonidas positioned this group at the "Hot Gates" – Thermopylae – a narrow place on the coast road from the north, to hold back the Persian advance and buy time for the rest of the city-states to issue the call-to-arms. Manning a hastily-constructed wall across the narrow strip between mountains and sea, it was not long before the Greeks faced the massive Persian host assembled on the thin strip of coast ahead of them. When the defenders were not impressed into surrender by the sight of his army, Xerxes sent forth a herald offering simple terms "Lay down your weapons, and you will be allowed to live." Leonidas responded with the only answer a Free Citizen can give to that question:

"Molon Labe!" (mo-lone, lah-veh); ancient Greek for "Come and get them!"

They live on today as the most notable quote in military history. And so began the classic example of courage and valor in its dismissal of overwhelming superiority of numbers, wherein the heart and spirit of brave men overcame insuperable odds. Today, there lies a plaque dedicated to all these heroes, at the site. It reads: "Go tell the Spartans, travelers passing by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie."

To the brave men in that narrow pass so long ago, freedom was more important than anything; even their lives. May we ever remember that fact, should we be issued the same degrading terms. (Watch the short 3-Part YouTube videos, linked at the top of this page. You'll quickly understand.)

We have adopted this defiant utterance as a battle cry in our war against oppression, because it says so clearly and simply towards those who would take our arms.

It signifies our determination to not strike the first blow, but also to not stand mute and allow our loved ones, and all that we believe in and stand for, to be trampled by men who would deprive us of our God-given – or natural, if you will – rights to suit their own ends." (© The Firing Line).

(JS' NOTE: The above is a grammatically-cleaned-up, and properly-punctuated, compilation of this piece and this piece. Actually, I used this graphic and explanation because I like the Spartan Helmet and background, wear this "Molon Labe" baseball cap on occasion with my Marlboro Gear Down Parka – I also have this "Summer Model" lightweight version cap – and for no other specific reason, including a hidden 2nd Amendment Agenda. That's a God-Given Right, clearly-enunciated by the US Constitution and needing no reinforcement from me. I've also just ordered 2 each of both of these "Infidel" baseball caps, too! BTW, the 3 short YouTube "Battle of Thermopylae" clips are a really good visual explanation of "Molon Labe!", too. And the 1962 movie, "300 Spartans", was excellent for its time period.)

A Day In The Life

I was up on Friday at 3:30am, and we'd gotten no appreciable snow so far; just wet lawns and glazed streets. At 21°F/Wind Chill 11°F, it was cold outside, so I turned-up the Condo heat to 78°F, took care of Murphy's morning watering & feeding, logged-on to the weather and news sites to see what the road conditions were now, and what we were in for the rest of the morning, day and evening. I have a 10:30am Dr's app't and, according to the NWS's (National Weather Service) Site, all the main roads were easily-passable in the York area, as the brunt of last night's snow was north of us. We're supposed to get a "real" snow/ice/sleet storm tonight – 3 – 7" – and into Saturday morning. This is the "remnants" of the massive storms which hit Seattle and Portland just a few days ago, coming west-to-east and combining with "lake effect snow" from The Great Lakes, to our northwest. I may just skip my 8pm Church Meeting tonight, and go to "The Cabin" instead, for the weekend. We'll see.

I made Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, Eggs, Bacon, Grits & Butter, English Muffins, had a Bananna and 4 mugs of French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee (from fresh, whole beans) with my Chemex® Drip System. I'd pulled my Medical File last evening – I'm still "living out of file boxes", since my desk is still at my now-abandoned, desolate and forlorn Garden Center Office – and was ready-to-go to my 10:30 appointment. Since I always keep my Jeep garaged, there wasn't any major warming-up or ice-cleaning-off needed, I drove over to nearby Rutter's for another coffee at 7:30, chatted with the 2 armored truck guys loading the ATM machine with $20 bills, about Kimber .45cal ACPs vs Sig Sauer P229 .40cals, which they carry. They drooled all over my Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP. Personally, I never liked Sigs, but that's for another time.

I left at 9:30am for Apple Hill Medical Center, for my 10:30 app't – I'd rather be 20 minutes early than 3 minutes late for a meeting or appointment – and made it with time-to-spare, since York's "rush hour" was over. My PCP (Primary Care Physician) of 21 years, Dr Mark McKeague MD, was running on-time, and I had a great check-up and chat, as I hadn't seen him since June 2011. BP was 108/52; best it's ever been. Weight: 188.4-lbs. BMI: 27.3; should be 26 or less, and I'm working on it since dropping 85-lbs (247-lbs to 162-lbs last year). Health: excellent. He updated my BP med Rx's. Next appointment: mid-June. I drove down to the Rite Aid in Stewartstown to drop-off the renewed Rxs, then up to the closed GC&N's mailbox and got the past 3 days' mail, and was home by 12:15pm, to water & feed Murphy, and make some lunch for myself.

At 3pm, I noticed ***WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY FROM 7PM FRIDAY UNTIL 10AM SATURDAY*** advisories posted on all the local stations, including NWS, out of State College, PA. I decided to skip my 8pm Church Meeting, pack and go up to "The Cabin", for the weekend.

I had all my rifles & gear quickly-packed, for the weekend at "The Cabin": clothes in my old VietNam-era US Army Duffel Bag, my Full-Auto, Class III AR-10® .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the new 15½" Barska® 10-36x Zoom w/ 100mm Lens Sniper Scope with Green Mil-Dots, and .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo in the new 20-round magazines, the Remy® 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with devastating Federal® 12ga .00 Buck (9 pellets) "FliteControl®" Shells, EoTech® Red Dot Scope, the Remy® 870 12ga Pump Synthetic Express Super Magnum with devastating Federal® 12ga .00 Buck (9 pellets) "FliteControl®" Shells, Beowulf® .50cal with an EoTech® Red Dot Scope, and 10 extra 11-round mags of .50cal 335gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds), the Full-Auto, Class III Bushmaster® AR-15 .223 cal (5.56 x.45mm NATO) with a Trijicon® Acog US Military 4 x 32 Scope and M4-2000 Silencer, Kimber 1911 Stainless "Custom TLE (Tactical Law Enforcement) II" .45cal ACP back-up sidearm, with Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazines, Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP daily-carry (CCW) sidearm, with Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazines, Galco® Paddle FED Holster for the 5" Kimber, and a Galco® Paddle Dual 8-Round Mag Carrier for 2 extra Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazines, "Jack Bauer" Satchel Bag, full of "all kinds of survival necessities", Yellow Safety Raingear, 18" English Wellington® Rubber Boots, 12" LLBean® "Maine Insulated Hunting Boots", Hoppe's® Premium Field Gun Cleaning Kit, 16" Bowie® Knife, Pendleton Woolen Shirts, Marlboro® Gear Down Parka w/ Fedora, Winter Balaclava Face Mask, US Air Force Surplus Parka, Lined Barn Coat, Lined Barn Coat, Light Tan Cord Sportscoat, Tactical Range Vest. I also took along all my Deputy Sheriff equipment; It was nice to have my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD "Laredo" back. I was ready for 2-3 days and nights of R&R, away from all the BS around York and my once-beautiful Business, and headed north on I-83 to Adam's Junction, for the weekend. (Jump down to “The Virtual Cabin”; A Novella section, if you please – or better yet – go to my new Website, "The Virtual Cabin" to read all of the original 2010, 2011 & evolving 2012 Chapters.).

I was back in York by 22:25hrs (10:25pm), garaged and unpacked the Jeep, turned-up the heat to 78°F, fed & watered Murphy – his food dishes and water bowls were almost empty; I misjudged that one, bigtime – walked over to the condo mailbox and got the week's pile of bills, magazines and junk mail, unpacked and got ready for bed. It was good to be home, and I still was PO'd about the FED-thugs "mistreatment" of me. That's why I'd NEVER work for them or the PA State Police, despite their extremely-generous offers: too much bullshit, regulation and suspicion. I was asleep by 11:15pm and slept well with Murphy, in my own bed. My cleaning people would be coming tomorrow, and I had plenty of other things to get done for the week.

Up on Monday morning at 4:30am, I turned-up the heat, watered & fed Murphy, cleaned-out his 2 litter boxes for tomorrow's 2-bag garbage pick-up, took a shower, made a breakfast of Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Hash Browns, Rye Bread Toast w/ Keller's Butter, had a Bananna, and 3 mugs of French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee (from fresh, whole beans) with my Chemex® Drip System. I was ready for the day ahead, even though it was freezing rain and sleet outside and ***FREEZING RAIN ADVISORIES*** until 3pm, were posted on all the local weather sites.

I slipped on some downspout drainage "black ice" and almost fell just outside of my garage, so I carefully drove over to Weis Market in East York – in the dense, heavy fog – and picked-up 2 10-lb bags of "Quick-Joe© Ice Melt", for today and future use. A couple of neighbors also took dives on their driveway ice, so I salted their slippery areas, after doing mine.

At 29°F, the rain was freezing and accidents from morons & idiots driving-too-fast, were everywhere; the Police, ambulances and tow trucks were extremely busy around York County. I saw 4 accidents on my way into Red Lion and Dallastown; fortunately, none of them looked serious, but they definitely snarled-up Rt 24's north/south traffic. Why don't people "slow down" on ice, especially the dreaded "black ice" on the roads? Just common sense, isn't it? There doesn't seem to much of that around, these days, IMO.

I also had 12 "Faded Glory™" long-sleeved cotton shirts – same style as this ugly orange one – but in White, Tan, Olive Drab in XXL (from when I was a fat 247-lbs) which needed to be "taken-in to XL-Size" and 1 FieldMaster™ Green Cord Barn Coat (the other one is a White Cord), whose middle button hole needed repair, to take over to a local Dallastown master-seamstress, Sue Knaub (717.244.2912), who does wonderful and inexpensive work, several checks to cash at PNC Bank, frigging 1¢ stamps to buy, because the shit-for-brains, union-corrupted USPS can't break-even and lost $5.1 BILLION in 2011, and some other overdue errands to finish, while my cleaning people of 15-years, John & Barbie (717.332.0742), were here from 10:30am – 1pm.

No, I don't go down to the GC&N Complex anymore, except to pick-up the week's mail – that'll be transferred to my Condo on Feb 1st – and to change the occasional burnt-out, outdoor building light bulbs. It's just too depressing, and I don't need that, right now. I have too many other "tasks" to work-on, and getting depressed again isn't one of them. I've got to put "those down days" behind me, and move on to John Shelley v4.0, if I'm to keep my sanity.

I skipped both lunch and dinner and listened to the "Mark Levin Show", from 6-9pm EST, with more links here. I did have some Turkey Hill® "Fruit Rainbow®" Sherbet – my bad – but it was refreshing, and I was so ready for a good night's sleep, finally. So was Murphy and he promptly came downstairs at 9:05pm, as he always does for one last drink of water for the night, and to "firmly remind" me that it was time for bed. We called it a night.

Murphy woke me at 3am on Tuesday, but I managed to get back to sleep until 3:30, and then he demanded watering & feeding. I had no choice; either his cold, wet nose in my face all morning or get-up and start my day. His water & food needs quickly-taken care of, I turned-up the heat, logged-on to the weather and news sites to see what was ahead for the day and week. I'd made a "list" of errands last evening, chores and tasks for the week and had to get started on them, as some affected the pending-sale of the GC&N property. One of my "listed" items was "Air Deflectors", several of which I have "left-over" from 1978-79 from my Condo in Princeton, NJ, and it's long-past-time to buy some new ones. A I also had 23 "new messages" listed on my cellphone, but when I scanned them, they were all old calls, some unreturned which had "come back" as new. I finally figured out how to erase them, and clear the frigging phone's queue. Gaaaawd, I hate cellphones! After breakfast and coffee, I went to nearby Rutter's – dense, heavy fog again this morning – for another coffee and a 4-pack of Everready® AAA Alkaline Batteries for this problematic Logitech® MX-3200 Cordless Keyboard, which is showing "critical level" for batteries, although I've put 3 sets of 4 new batteries into it, over the past 2 days. I have literally *several hundred of types of batteries* stored in the Condo 'fridge, BTW. The Cordless Mouse is doing fine with its battery level, but the Keyboard's becoming a problem. I retrieved my old Office Logitech® MX-3200 from the basement – I have 3 new, unopened, complete Cordless Laser Keyboard/Mouse MX-3200 boxed-sets down there, plus several WD® "My Book" 2Tb External Drives, and other "electronic goodies", which I bought very cheaply when Circuit City closed last Fall – and will switch-it-out with this "problem unit", after I get it cleaned-up from all the GC&N's years of "usage and grime". Never have I had such niggling, bullshit problems with Logitech® products before, in all the many years I've used them. Wowzer; I found it! The computer MUST be turned-off, to change Keyboard batteries and re-set it clock/date/hour format displays. Now, it's showing" Battery Condition: Good. Sheesh; that solves that niggling problem. My realtor just emailed me that he and I have an 11am Thursday meeting at the GC&N Complex, with him, the new buyers and their Building Contractor to look at the 20-acre site and existing buildings, and "what they have to work with" for the Main Sanctuary, when they buy the place. Now, I have to add that to my "list", although I was going down there anyway to check on the water pipes, outdoor light bulbs and pick-up mail from Mon-Wed.

I got back from my errands around 1pm, unloaded the Jeep, heated-up some leftover (Pennsylvania Dutch) Chicken Pot Pie & Potatoes w/ mayo, and took a 2-hour "nap" on the LR couch, as I'd be up late tonight, watching the 2nd Episode of Season 3's "Justified: Cut Ties" on FX-CATV, from 10-11pm. Murphy wouldn't be happy, once again, as that's 3+ hours past "his usual bedtime", but he'll get over it. I was finally asleep by 11:30.

If you watched the commie, loser, incompetent, sambo Barry Soetero ∅bummer's (LIAR-IL) SOTU (State of The Union) speech on Tuesday night, you know now that facts are stubborn things: he's a commie liar bent on further destroying America from within. Here's a more accurate transscript of what he really said. Lee stopped-by again to watch "Justified", as usual; NO Chinese food this week, as I gained 9-lbs from it last week. Lies, lies and more damned lies. I almost shot the computer's TV card with my .45cal ACP, so I switched-over to "Justified" just before it came on FX-CATV, and recorded it, as I did last week.

I "slept-in" until 5am(!) on Wednesday, watered & fed Murphy, made Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, Cream of Wheat w/ Butter & Fresh-Ground Kosher Sea Salt, Bacon (a piece for Murphy, too), had a Bananna and 3 mugs of French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee. The computer's "Keyboard Fix" I did ysterday showed "Battery Level: Good", so at least I got that right. My 4 "Indfidel" Caps were to be delivered today by UPS, and I needed to make a final decision between 3 vendors, about upgrading Condo security and get the work scheduled, ASAP. Another, now much-slower, boring Day In My Life, such as it is, these days as compared to when I was.

After hearing about the possible freezing rain/sleet/ice/snow storm headed our way on Thursday morning – which might impact my 11am meeting tomorrow with the realtor, buyer and building contractor – I decided to drive down to the GC&N Complex today, check the water pipes, replace 3 burnt-out lightbulbs and get Mon-Tue's mail, ahead of time, just in case the weather turned too nasty to drive down. I needed to "get out and just drive somewhere", anyway, as I've got "cabin fever", bigtime, from not going into work everyday as I was used to doing for the past 21+ years at the GC&N. Trying to break that routine after so many years has been extremely difficult, waiting for some further tangible progress with the new buyer/building contractor/realtor to happen, letters of intent and contracts to be drawn-up, negotiations, monies paid and papers signed etc. I want to get this over with, and move-on to other things: John Shelley v4 or whatever it will be. I'm impatient but can't seem to "get people to move any faster", as I'm used to doing.

Mom & Dad's 66th Wedding Anniversary is Feb 1st, and I made them a very nice card in MS-Office v7/MS-Publisher, as I have for all occasions for various people, over the past 15-17 years. Sure, I could go out and spend hours looking through aisles of cards at a drugstore and pay $6.95/ Hallmark® Card, but screw that; I always enjoyed "making my own personalized cards", specifically from "John & Pickle's Little Card Co, Felton, PA". But now that my GC&N Business is "Closed & Out Of Business", forever, I use the tagline on the back of the card, "John & Murphy's Little Card Co, York, PA". Heh.

I worked on transposing and editing a few more Chapters of "The Virtual Cabin" until 8pm, while listening to "The Savage Nation" on local WSBA 910-AM, and called it a day. Murphy came down for one last watering & feeding, and followed me upstairs. My 11am meeting at the Complex was all that I had on my "list" for tomorrow. I'd have to check the weather early in the morning, about the oncoming ice/sleet/snow. That'll determine whether it happens or not, as I don't drive on ice – snow, yes – but on ice; not a snowball's chance.

Up at 4:30am on Thursday, it was already drizzling and lightly-sleeting up in East York, but the day looked promising for my 11am meeting at the Complex. I splashed some cold water in my face to wake-up, watered & fed Murphy, turned-up the heat to 78°F as it was only 33°F outside and a "tad-chilly" in the Condo, even at 71°F. I logged-on to check the weather – big storm from the Midwest heading our way – and news sites – more political crappola –, had some Del Monte® Red Grapefruit Sections, Quaker Oats® Apples w/ Cinnamon Oatmeal, two slices of Rye Bread Toast w/ Keller's Butter, a Bananna, and made 3 mugs of French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee (from whole, freshly-ground beans) with my Chemex® Drip System. A shave, shower and fresh clothes were in order, as usual everyday.

That done, I drove over to Rutter's to get a large coffee and back to work on Start-Up Menu Settings in my Condo's Computer, oil my Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine, and saddle-soap my Galco® Paddle FED Holster for my 5" Kimber. I left at 10:15am for my 11am meeting with the potential buyer, his builder, my realtor and a couple of the pastor's board members, as the freezing rain and sleet was fast-approaching and would overspread this are with an hour. Driving might get "dicey". and I had no interest in getting into any kind of an accident with some moron in a speeding 2WD pile-of-crap vehicle.

I got back at around 1:45pm, just as the rain – with temps now into the upper-30s, it wasn't freezing anymore – really began, and the sleet and snow moved to the north of Harrisburg, thankfully missing the York area. I had a handyman-painter coming-by to give me an estimate for re-painting the Condo, and a Choice Security Rep coming-by to sign the 3-year contract lease on my Condo's security upgrades. The security upgrades will be done immediately; the painting will have to wait until "Murphy is gone", and I can get the re-painting, new carpeting and new furniture done after the GC&N is sold and I receive payment. It was a busy day, but nothing like what I used to experience when I was in Business at The GC&N, for 21+ years.

After installing 2 new hard-wired/battery back-up FirstAlert® Model 9120B Smoke Detectors in the Condo, to replace the older units, which had stopped working a week ago, I worked on transposing a few more Chapter of "The Virtual Cabin"; only 10-12 left to go and it'll go live at this site's domain. It took an hour, and I had to throw the Main Breaker in the basement, to reset the Condo's entire electrical system, and then reset all digital clocks and appliances.

No surprise here: Brown's North/Shiloh Garden Center & Nursery, in North York/Emigsville (PA), is closing down due to poor sales and lack of landscaping projects. Shiloh went under financially 2+ years ago, and the Brown's were foolish to spend millions to buy, pay-off the debts and refurbish that losing operation, IMO. In case that link doesn't work, here's another to the original story. Well duh, Stan Brown; I could have told you that buying/assuming their debts/refurbishing that location for millions, was a dumb idea. There's NO MONEY LEFT IN YORK (PA)! Hint: It's in Maryland, and ***my place was your gateway to it***! Oh well, some people just have too much money.

Because I have to get bloodwork done in the morning, and have to "fast" for 10-14 hours, I called it a day at 6:45pm, took an Rx 12.5mg Ambien® CR™, and went to sleep. My "Condo Cat", Murphy, was surprised. Miracles never cease, do they?.

The “Virtual Cabin” – A Novella

It was 15:45hrs (3:45pm) and 27°F when I left my Condo in East York, and hit I-83 North to the Dauphin County exit for Adam's Junction and the long road off I-83 to "The Cabin", and it was almost 16:30hrs (4:30pm) when I passed the Village's "Welcome Sign" and reached my 1,000ft gravel drive to The Cabin, with its immaculately, cross-hatch-mowed meadow and grounds, with a light blanket of snow on it, parked the Jeep at The Cabin's left-side Winter carport, disarmed the building, greeted sweet little big Jenny (the mixed-breed, half-frozen little puppy I'd found along the road, rescued, and bought from her uncaring owners for $150), fed & watered her, unloaded my weapons and gear, turned-up the heat to 78°F, unpacked, put the food away in the Kitchen's 'fridge and pantry, locked the car, armed the building and plopped-down into a comfy LR chair to rest and unwind for a precious few minutes. I turned-on the Police Scanner just to hear what was happening; there'd be a busy time over the next couple of days if heavy snow arrived. It was now a colder-and-now-dropping 16°F outside, up here in

the mountains, according to The Cabin's Weather Station, and dry from not much rain, but there was still 1-2" of snow on the ground. Good thing I had plenty of warm, Winter clothes & boots along and more already in the Master Bedroom's dressers, closets and hall closets.

At 17:00hrs (5pm, )I built a nice, roaring fire, carried-in several additional armloads of firewood from the Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, and noticed that William, my Cabin and Jenny Caretaker, had restocked the Firewood Storage Shed in the Backyard, so I was easily-good-to-go for this coming Winter. Jenny curled-up on her Kodiak Bearskin, and I stroked her. (Do dogs purr? Nevermind.) She came over and put her head on my lap, looking at me with those big, brown eyes, glad that I was back. I'd mailed William's monthly fee check, plus a nice bonus, for all his meticulous, extra work on my behalf. The Cabin grounds were already into their "Winter Sleep". I called Capt Clay on my cellphone and left a voicemail that I was in town, and that if he needed me, I'd be available. I'd also called William earlier, and told him to "stand-down" until Monday morning, and enjoy the weekend off with his family, but that I might need him to plow the 1,000ft gravel drive to The Cabin, if the predicted snow hit 10-15"-plus. He was also under contract to Adam's Junction to plow streets and parking lots, so I knew that although he'd also be busy with that, he'd get me and others plowed-out if it got deep, which it usually does up here in the mountains.

I brought-in more firewood from the tarped Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, and a few 3ft logs, so there was plenty for the next 2 days and nights. I also checked the Cabin's back-up solar generator, and it worked fine; 7-8 days/nights of power in storage. The Honda 3100 Portable Generator was also on stand-by, if needed, and I had 50gal of fuel in "Jerry Cans" in the backyard shed. I also had plenty of pillar candles, for back-up emergency lighting. The only thing I didn't have was my 50-year-old Cognac ($525/btl) or Brandy ($485/btl), and a fine Cuban cigar, all given-up on January 10th, 2010; just over 1 year ago. A small glass of 30-yr-old Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch ($895/btl), on-the-rocks, would have been nice, too. So since I didn't drink alcohol anymore, I instead poured a glass of Ocean Spray® Diet Blueberry-Pomegranate Juice and settled-in front of the Fireplace. I put my trusty, "old" Nokia 6060 "Clamshell" cellphone on-charge, since it was down to 2 bars.

With the front/rear spotlight arrays on, I could see that it had already begun snowing and was coming down pretty hard. The Police Scanner was also giving-out regular weather forecasts from NWS' (National Weather Service) Website in State College (PA,) every 10-15 minutes for the Police and Dep't of Public Works (DPW) personnel, who probably had the Snowplows & Salt Trucks, at-the-ready for deployment. Because of the mostly Cobblestone or Old Brick Streets in the downtown

and residential areas, they don't use "liquid salt brine" (calcium, not sodium, chloride) to pre-treat the streets, since it would disintegrate them; rather, they use cinders after "rubber-tipped blade plowing", and use the brine solution on the outer cement/macadam roads and highways, which are easier/less-costly to repair or replace. Something I didn't know until I'd moved-up here almost 2 years ago, and had met and worked with the DPW Crews.

Time for a "snack" before bed. I let the fire begin dying-down, filled Jenny's water and Iams® dry-food bowls, fed her Canned Iams®, made a Late Night BLT with Fried Egg and Cheese Sandwich for myself, checked all the windows and doors, armed the building, turned-off the front spotlights, left the front porch light on, turned-down the furnace to 70°F, and called it a day at 20:45hrs (8:45pm). With my Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, and a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine in the well, plus a couple of extra mags on the nightstand, I crawled into bed and slept well, until 04:30hrs (4:30am).

I was half-awake and up, donned my Turkish Bathrobe, turned-up the heat to 77°F, pulled the cellphone off-charge, and turned it on to check for messages – I had 11 and scanned them for importance; all could wait until later this morning – turned-on the Police Scanner and looked outside. Sunrise wouldn't be for another 3-4 hours, up here, with the raging storm hiding everything skyward. Jenny didn't even wake-up, yet.

With the snow already at 8-10"+ and still coming down hard, I turned-on the front spotlight array, in case William decided to plow before sunrise, so he could see what he was doing. He'd put orange "plow guide-sticks" along the edge of the long drive, alternating every 100ft on both sides, but light is always better, though he had some very powerful front spotlights on his snowplow truck. My front spotlight array lit-up the whole area like daylight. Jenny finally woke-up and had some food and water. I left The Cabin at 77°F, turned-off the inside lights and Police Scanner, took the cellphone with me to my nightstand where I kept my Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazines, and went back to sleep for a few more hours. Jenny joined me. The dreams were weird again, and I re-woke at 8:45am. The cold water on my face felt good, and I was finally awake and ready for some Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp and French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee (from fresh, whole beans) with my Chemex® Drip System, same as I have at the Condo, in York. Can't beat it for fresh-brewed taste, especially if you grind your own fresh, whole beans, as I do. That did the trick.

It was still semi-light outside, as the snow continued, but William had plowed, so I turned-off the spotlight array, and from the snow depth on the porch and picnic table, guessed that we'd

already gotten 14-16". My Jeep was clean and dry under the single carport, on the left-side of The Cabin, but the roof needed cleaning-off as the weight of all that snow would eventually take its toll at around 25-30", so that became a priority as soon as I got dressed and ready to go out and shovel. I had a long, telescoping pole with a rubber squeegee for that task, and it would only take a few minutes.

I shaved, grabbed a shower, and laid-out my day's Winter Gear: Northend® Sport Jackets Co's Style 88651® Men's Sherpa Fleece-Lined, Seam-Sealed Winter Jacket, 12" LLBean® "Maine Insulated Hunting Boots", Thermolite® Thinsulate Gloves, and plenty of layers of a t-shirt, shirt, Pendleton® Woolen Shirts, and an LLBean® Shawl Neck Sweater, Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID and, of course, my daily-carry (CCW PA-1990) Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine in its and Galco® Paddle FED Holster, and Galco® Paddle Dual 8-Round Mag Carrier for 2 extra Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazines. I'd wear my Deputy Sheriff Baseball Cap under the Jacket's Hood for wind protection, as the "Indy" Fedora would just blow-off in those 30-40mph wind gusts. No, I can't stand, nor do I wear "long underwear"; I hate the stuff (from my Boy Scout days, back in the late-50s). By now, it was 11:40hrs (11:40m, and I returned Capt Clay's message on my cellphone, leaving a voicemail for him.

At 13°F/Wind Chill -6°F, I almost wished I had worn the long underwear bottoms. It was damned cold shoveling and brushing-off snow, in that biting wind! I warmed-up the Jeep while I was clearing snow from the carport, porch and steps, and went back inside to warm-up. It was time for Jenny's 12:00hrs (12noon) feeding, and as I took care of that, got a call from Capt Clay. He wanted to know if I'd be available to come into the AJPD to meet with him, and do a shift today or tonight, and possibly one tomorrow. He had 2 Deputies and Ruth, the Dispatcher, down with the flu. I said I'd be there within 30 minutes.

I loaded my weapons into the warmed-up Jeep: my Full-Auto, Class III AR-10® .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the new 15½" Barska® 10-36x Zoom w/ 100mm Lens Sniper Scope with Green Mil-Dots, and .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo in the new 20-round magazines, the Remy® 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with devastating Federal® 12ga .00 Buck (9 pellets) "FliteControl®" Shells, EoTech® Red Dot Scope, the Remy® 870 12ga Pump Synthetic Express Super Magnum with devastating Federal® 12ga .00 Buck (9 pellets) "FliteControl®" Shells, Beowulf® .50cal with an EoTech® Red Dot Scope, and 10 extra

11-round mags of .50cal 335gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds), the Full-Auto, Class III Bushmaster® AR-15 .223 cal (5.56 x.45mm NATO) with a Trijicon® Acog US Military 4 x 32 Scope and M4-2000 Silencer, and plenty of extra mags and ammo in the "Jack Bauer" Satchel Bag. I turned the furnace down to 72°F, checked the windows and doors, left the front porch light on its automatic timer, armed the building and left for Adam's Junction and the PD Offices.

The road into Adam's Junction was passable and had been plowed at least once by the DPW Crews, but because of the blowing and drifting, it was treacherous due to the freezing rain and sleet. If you didn't have AWD, you were shit-out-of-luck. Even I-83 north/south was at a crawl, due to careless, speeding-on-snow accidents. I stopped for several people who'd lost control with 2WD, and gave them a lift to Roy's Shell Gas & Service Station, Bed & Breakfast Motel, where they could get a tow truck/flatbed to help them out of ditches. I called Clay and told him that I'd be delayed another 30-40 minutes, because of it. He understood.

I finally pulled into the Police Station & Town Hall Parking Lot at 13:20hrs (1:30pm), slipped into Space #7, and went inside to talk to Clay. It was eerily-empty inside, except for Beth Ann, the fill-in Dispatcher and Clay. Everyone else was out on the roads, or sick. My office, adjoining his Office & Conference Room, was dark and the desk piled with folders. I hung-up my coat and hat, and went through the pile: more "cold cases", and I filed them with the others, from a few weeks ago. I was a volunteer, not a full-time Investigative Deputy and even though I was "technically unemployed" now, I didn't have the time required to work on them in detail, to solve any of them. Clay knew that and I assumed he was just allowing me to "file them for him" in my desk drawer files, for possible future work.

I went next door and knocked, walked-in and sat down to see what he needed me to do. We talked about "my situation" with the GC&N sale, "current state-of-mind", availability for work, his lack of manpower/personnel, recent crimes and incidents, and a load of other topics. Deputies Tim, Lee and new hire, Jeff, were on-duty; Sgt Alex and Deputies Jon and Arthur were out sick, as was Dispatchers cranky old Ruth and young Mary Ellen, who'd just come back from maternity leave a week ago, so he was very short on personnel. I could give him 2 days and maybe 3 shifts, if Adam's Junction had enough strong, black coffee to keep me awake. Between "10-20 coffee breaks" for Nell's Kitchen Restaurant & Drive-In coffee and frequent "10-20 whiz stops", I could probably manage it, but I'd have to cover the 20 square block Residential area on the west end, plus the 15-square mile rural north end patrol area, too, which Deputy Arthur usually handled. Plus, he wanted me in a new, marked Police Cruiser, instead of my AWD Jeep Grand Cherokee, for "public appearance". I told him that unless it had AWD, I wouldn't be caught dead in it on these shitty roads. My call; not his. I wasn't going to wind-up in a ditch, wrapped around a tree or telephone pole, or stuck somewhere, and have to be towed. He told me that all the new Cruisers had Optional AWD, and I agreed to use it. We reviewed the wall maps of the areas, and I told him that I wanted my weapons transferred from my Jeep, since "I had personal familiarity" with my own hardware, not the Department's, which was *almost identical* to mine, but not quite as *personalized*. He agreed to that. I drew my other Police Gear from the Supply Room, transferred my Personal Gear into the Cruiser, No #7 appropriately, and set-off on my assigned areas. It was 14:35hrs (2:35pm).

Shit, this weekend was going to be a long 8-hours on, 6-hours off, 8-hours on, 6-hours off and another 8-hours back on-duty, before I'd leave late Sunday. He'd sure get "his money's worth out of me", this time around. I called William and asked him to look-in on Jenny if he was passing-by on any plowing jobs, and feed her, since I'd be on-double/triple-patrol-duty on the far other ends of town and the Borough, a considerable distance from The Cabin. He said he'd take care of her. I thanked him and promised "something extra" in his monthly check, for it. I knew the storm had already ruined his family plans for the weekend, and this would only add to his many calls and errands, but he didn't seem to mind. Being retired, this was how he made his money: doing stuff for others.

Driving through AJ's Main Street in Winter and seeing the streets plowed but deserted, gave me an eerie feeling; not what I was used to in the other, warmer months, but into my 3rd Winter here, I was getting used to it. There were a few

people out, one even bicycling on Main Street, but for the most part, everyone was inside, keeping warm and dry, and the place was deserted. That didn't bother me, as no "incidents" would be happening if everyone stayed home and off the roads. I could learn to like that scenario, for the next 2 days.

The rural areas were quiet, too, as was the Town. Deputies Tim, Lee, Jeff and I passed the time by talking with each other and the Dispatcher, about how quiet, beautiful and peaceful everything was, in the snow. All of us had the new Police Cruisers in AWD-mode and they worked well on the streets and roads, though I would have preferred my Jeep, I knew that Capt Clay wanted me to "show the colors" of the AJPD, and I went along with it. The snow kept falling and the DPW Crews kept clearing shopping mall parking lots after they'd gotten the roads plowed several times. Private contractors were also called-in, but their equipment was more suited to residential work, and was downright puny compared to DPW's machines. In some areas, the ice had power lines sagging and out for many hours. Those homes with back-up generators, like mine, fared well; many didn't and people left for relatives' homes with power and heat. The power/utility crews did what they could, and I just kept driving in the snow. It was getting on to 18:00hrs (6pm) and already dark and mostly deserted on all the roads. Mother Nature seems to have a way of "stiffling crime", doesn't she?

I'd been to Nell's Kitchen Restaurant & Drive-In 7x for large coffees and 2x for sandwiches, taking many "10-20 whiz breaks" while making the double-patrol area circuit 3x, and it was almost 22:30hrs (10:30pm), and time for the shift to end, so we all began to return to the AJPD, gas-up the Cruisers and park them until the next shift started again at 05:00hrs (5am). That done, I transferred my Personal Weapons & Gear to my Jeep, still parked in Space #7, started it to warm-it-up, and went inside to turn-in my AJ Police-issued Gear. No incident reports; no paperwork from me. There'd been only two "incidents" all day, and those were heater and furnace-related, which Deputy Tim handled. Capt Clay was pleased. I signed-out at 23:15hrs (11:15pm), and headed home in the still-falling snow. Jenny was happy to see me, and I gave her a good brushing and rubdown. William had been by, fed & refilled her bowls, but I did it again, for the short night's sleep we had ahead.

I left the Jeep parked under the carport, locked/armed and packed with my Personal Gear – except for the weapons which I brought inside – turned-up the heat, took a shower, made a quick Frittata, had some Ocean Spray® Diet Blueberry Juice, and closed the fireplace flu damper. The outside

temp was 19°F/Wind Chill 7°F and falling, so I wanted to keep the heat inside The Cabin, and not lose it through the chimney. I had to be up in just-over 4¼ hours, and at the AJPD by 05:00hrs (5am) for another 8 hour shift. I was beat just from all the treacherous snow/ice driving, and needed sleep. Jenny followed me around The Cabin as I checked the doors and windows, spotlight arrays, armed the building, put my Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine in the well, plus a couple of extra mags with my "ancient" Nokia 6060 "Clamshell" cellphone on the nightstand, and crawled into bed. I set the alarm for 03:45hrs (3:45am), and Jenny was right on my heels. I was asleep within 5-6 minutes.

The alarm went-off at 03:45hrs (3:45am) Sunday, and I hit the 10-minute "snooze button", twice. Crap, I was now running slightly late, already. After turning-up the heat, I fed & watered Jenny, refilled her dry-food bowls, made a quick breakfast of some Del Monte® Red Grapefruit Sections, Quaker Oats® Apples with Cinnamon Oatmeal, English Muffins, 2 mugs of French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee with Irish Creme, and grabbed a Bananna to eat on the ride into the AJPD & Town Hall. I dressed quickly, grabbed my weapons, Police Gear, Winter parka & gloves, turned-down the heat, warmed-up the Jeep, changed the burnt-out, front porch light bulb, checked the windows and doors, armed the building and sped-off to Town in the dark and cold. The frozen slush on the roads made the driving slightly-dicey, but I made it with 15 minutes to spare, and parked in Space #7. I wondered how many people would be out at Church today, considering the lousy weather.

I went inside to a very quiet building. Beth Ann, the part-time Dispatcher, had left and Mary Ellen had taken her place, with 8-9 empty coffee cups on the counter; Capt Clay was sleeping on his Office couch, Sgt Alex had returned but was still looking lousy from the "7-day flu", so I steered-clear of him except to say "hi, and how are you feeling?", and Deputies Tim, Lee and Jeff were back in, gulping coffee and eating jelly-filled donuts. Everyone looked as tired, haggard and worn-out as I felt. Clay woke-up, got some coffee and a donut, and came back-to-life – he looked like shit; all rumpled and unshaven – handing out patrol assignments. Several of the DPW Crews came in with verbal accident reports on I-83, which wasn't our territory; the PA State Police would handle that, since they had more-than-adequate manpower, but were also probably stretched-thin, but not as badly as we were. Miraculously, Adam's Junction had escaped the brunt of the storm in the northern areas, with a final officially-recorded snowfall of 17", plus 1½-2" of ice. The ice build-up was still causing problems, and the Met-Ed and PPL Crews were on it, restoring power, as were the TelCos, restoring phone service. Those poor guys had worked all night and were still out there. Today's forecast was for freezing rain, which would only add to their problems.

It was 04:50hrs (4:50am), so we drew our Police Gear and headed for the Cruisers to go back out. It was still well-below freezing at 21°F, but at least it wasn't snowing and the wind had abated somewhat. After letting the Cruisers warm-up, I transferred my Weapons and Personal Gear into my Marked Cruiser Unit #7, and pulled on to Main Street to begin my 2 large patrol areas. The Town's Cobblestone Streets were frozen slush and very slippery, but the Cruiser's AWD handled it well enough, provided I didn't push it over 20-25mph. Once I got on to concrete and macadam, it was pretty clear, as the salt brine coating and cinders were working.

The first call – "domestic disturbance", which I hate – came in at 06:25hrs (6:25am), at the Mt. Pleasant Road & Lee Street intersection, to which I responded. I parked the Cruiser out front, and two men were on the front porch, in t-shirts, with beer bottles, screaming at each other. One of their wives, who was barricaded in an upstairs rooms with the 3 kids, had called it in. Her husband and her cousin, who'd been drinking since yesterday morning, all day and night, were now at each other over a measly "$20 kitty", in a poker game. I walked-up to the

porch, and identified myself, and asked them if we all could please go inside and talk, to which the cousin threw a beer bottle at me. It missed by a foot, and then I went after the both of them, after calling for back-up. The husband took a swing at me as I came up the porch stairs, missed and I kicked him in the balls, dropping him instantly. I cuffed him, face-down, on the bitter cold porch. I caught the cousin in the kitchen, just as he pulled a 10" knife from a drawer, and drew my Kimber. Round-chambered, and safety-off, I pointed it at his "centermass" and told him to drop it, NOW! He lunged but drunkenly-slipped and fell against the kitchen table, between us. I went down on his back with one knee, secured the knife, and cuffed him. I grabbed his hair and slammed his face into the linoleum floor, breaking his nose; it was "colorful", indeed. I radioed for an ambulance from Memorial and by then, Deputy Tim had arrived and put the cuffed-husband into the back of his Cruiser, ready for transport to Jail and booking. I got the other perp to his feet, out of his pool of blood and sat him in a kitchen chair, tilted his head back, and shoved some paper towels up his broken nose. In between screams and cursing, the wife and kids came downstairs, saw what had happened and gave me their statements: too much booze, poker, arguing and now fighting, over the past 36-48hrs. There were Jim Beam® bottles and scores of empty beer cans all over the downstairs. What a mess for that poor woman and her kids to have to clean-up, as these two assholes "wouldn't be home tonight", to help. They'd be arraigned early Monday morning, but would spend the rest of today and tonight in Jail, sobering-up and thinking about what dumb shit they pulled by messing with me. The ambulance arrived and the EMT bandaged the cousin's nose, which would have to be reset at The Hospital, paid for by the family, not by the Town. I took it all down, gave the wife my Police Card, and told her to call Capt Clay with any questions or additional information, relevant to the case. Tim took one perp; the Ambulance took the other and Tim followed it so he could take both down to Jail for booking after a nose was reset and properly bandaged. The asshole deserved the pain, IMO. No need to throw a beer bottle at me or pull a knife.

Somehow, I had a "bad feeling" about today: too many people cooped-up from the storm, with too much booze, for too long = trouble for us and everyone else. Another call came over the radio almost immediately, at 07:53hrs (7:53am): multi-vehicle accident at 15th & West Market Streets; multiple injuries, ambulance dispatched, need officer on-scene ASAP. I went Code 3 (lights & siren) to the western edge of Town, just where my patrol area starts. It was bad. The fire hydrant had burst and a lake of ice had quickly-formed 3-4" deep, so I radioed DPW to get down here and get this hydrant turned-off, bring salt/cinder trucks and a jackhammer

if they had one, to break-up the growing ice-flow. I got as close as I could, without sliding into the accident scene – 3 cars and a food delivery truck – grabbed a box of flares from the trunk, ignited them on the roads since I didn't have any other help yet, or orange traffic cones along, and slipped and fell on the ice trying to get to the tangled mess of vehicles. Deputies Lee and Jeff arrived and put-out their cones and I finally got to the victims trapped inside two of the small cars. I could smell gas, so I turned-off the ignitions immediately and yelled for Lee to get 2 fire extinguishers over here ASAP, just in case. One victim was dead from *blunt force head trauma*; no seatbelt or airbag and no pulse. Her frontal skull was caved-in from the steering wheel impact; blood everywhere. I left her and went to the next car. He was alive, but had been slammed against the steering column, and most likely had some bad internal injuries. He was pale white and beginning to go into shock, just as the Ambulance arrived and the EMTs took-over. I gingerly baby-stepped on the ice over to the truck; he was okay, but shaken. I told him to turn-off the ignition and stay-put. The guy in the 4th car had already gotten-out and fallen on the ice, and was complaining of back pain. I turned-off his ignition, too, and yelled for a "medic"; sorry, EMT. Another Memorial Hospital Ambulance arrived and they eased him on to a "spinal board" with a neck collar and into the back of their unit for quick transport to the ER, with the shocked-out man in the 2nd Ambulance, right behind the first unit. Shit, what a mess. The dead woman's car was covered with a blue tarp, until the ME's Truck arrived, and could take her body to the Morgue.

DPW had arrived and cut-off the hydrant's water-flow, and began melting/removing the massive amounts of ice in the intersection. By now, it was light and the full extent of the carnage was plainly visible, as many neighbors came out to gawk. I shouted for them to go back inside, which most did. The ME arrived and removed the body, but kept the tarp in-place until the towing vehicles arrived, and the AJ Fire Dep't could begin clean-up. I worked on Incident Reports in my Cruiser; this one was going to be a lot of paperwork, for all sad intents and purposes. Clay wouldn't be a happy camper, today. That done, I left Deputies Lee and Jeff in-charge, and continued my patrol, as I hadn't even gotten around the huge double-circuit-area once, yet. Jeff soon left, as the scene was cleared, but the intersection would remain blocked-off, until all ice was removed. That could take hours, and the road traffic was re-routed with cones and sawhorses, provided by DPW.

At 10:27hrs (10:27am), I heard another call come for Deputy Tim, but he was still at the Hospital with the two DD-perps, so Sgt Alex and I took the call: another domestic disturbance (DD) on the northwest side of Town, at 29th Street & Addison Road. Sgt Alex arrived first and, as he was exiting his Cruiser to talk to the caller(s), several shots rang-out and hit his windshield. He ducked behind the leeward side, against the engine for protection. I pulled-up about 250ft away, and stopped, opened the trunk and got the Full-Auto, Class III AR-10® .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the new 15½" Barska® 10-36x Zoom w/ 100mm Lens Sniper Scope with Green Mil-Dots, and .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo in the new

20-round magazines, and took-up my position behind a very large Maple tree, away from the Cruiser. I scanned the porch and lower windows, and saw the rifle barrel sticking-out of one of the windows to the left of the front porch. I radioed Alex to see if he was hit, and told him to stay put. He was okay and yelled for the shooter to come out and drop his weapon, to which another two shots rang out. I "doped the scope", fired once and dropped the shooter, his 30-.06 deer rifle dropping through the 6-7" open window and on to the wooden porch. I could see all the blood splattered against the glass and curtains; a headshot will do that. I kept scanning the windows, sides of the house, multi-car garage windows and door, and saw nothing. By now, Capt Clay had arrived and parked near my Cruiser and Sgt Alex and retrieved his Full-Auto AR-15 from the trunk, along with his Remy 11-87 12ga. He again called-out to the house for everyone to come out. Silence. I moved from the Maple tree to a Sycamore about 100ft closer to the house, when another shot rang-out, hitting the tree just 4-5" from my face. The guy had me "zeroed-in", so I laid down in the snow, propped-up the AR-10 and saw him up in the attic window, where I picked him-off with one shot. Lots of blood all over the windows, again. By now, Clay had circled-around to the back, and Deputies Lee and Jeff arrived, blocking-off the ends of both streets. I covered Clay's every move, scanning windows and doors. Nothing. Clay radioed that he was coming out of the front door, to hold fire and that the house was secured. Sgt Alex and I moved-in quickly, as did Lee and Jeff. Two dead perps, duffel bags full of pot, and boxes of cash in 20s and 50s. No wonder they were " a bit touchy" at our arrival; apparently a neighbor called it in that some "drug deal" had just occurred. We never found out whom it was; pay phones can't be traced to a specific user. Capt Clay notified the DEA and PA State Police, and they'd be here soon enough to "take over". He'd stay there and wait for them; we should get back to our patrol routes.

I filled-out my Incident Report, stowed the AR-10 and left at 11:55hrs (11:55am) and took a "10-20 Lunch Break" at Nell's Kitchen Restaurant & Drive-In, for a Pit Beef Sandwich, Fries and bottled water, which I'd already called-in for pick-up. It was ready-to-go, when I got there; I paid, tipped the waitress and went out to the Cruiser to eat. I needed to stay by the radio, in case I was called, as we were still short-handed. I was back on the road in 15 minutes, and for the most part, except for two speeding tickets, the rest of the day was quiet, for everyone, thankfully. We pulled back into the AJPD parking Lot, gassed-up the Cruisers at 14:00hrs (2pm), went inside to finish the mounds of paperwork, turn it all in, and go home. The next shift was already on their way out of the lot with their assigned Cruisers, and all I wanted was to go back to The Cabin, get a shower and some fresh clothes, feed Jenny and sleep off the day's unpleasant events.

It was already 14:40hrs (2:40pm), and just as I was leaving, two DEA Agents stopped me in the lobby and asked that I come back into the Conference Room to give them a statement. I agreed, and Capt Clay came charging out of his Office, berating them for "harassing me", saying that my copious Incident Report on the drug cache/cash were all that they needed, and he'd give them copies. They claimed that $100,000 was "missing" and wanted to know "if I knew where it went". That sent me into a raging-furor, and I pinned one of them against the wall, with my face against his, told the other one to "back-the-fuck-off-NOW!", and told them I hadn't been within 50ft of any of that cash or drug stash. I did the shooting from *outside*; I didn't even enter the house. Capt Clay had cleared and secured it. Both meekly backed-down, but I could feel my fists clenched, truly wanting to beat-the-living-shit out of both of them. And they knew it, judging from my beet-red, mad-as-hell face and bulging neck veins. I left and Clay took-over, giving them copies and pics which the AJPD Forensics Sgt (relatively-new hire) had taken. He'd done the cash-counting/pot-weighing, not Clay or me, dammit.

I'd already transferred my Personal Weapons and Gear to my Jeep, and still ***fuming*** from the DEA-assholes' encounter, tore out of the Parking Lot and headed back to The Cabin, to get away from everyone and everything, and see my friend, Jenny. I parked in the carport, since it was beginning to sleet again, disarmed the building and carried everything inside, laying the AR-10 on 5 sheets of newspaper, on the empty Dining Room Table and 2 20-round mags, for cleaning/oiling. I got a cellphone call from Clay, apologizing for the incident, which wasn't his fault, and I told him that THEY should apologize, not him. "Fat chance of that ever happening", he said. "JBT's can do it and get away with it, and we're nearly powerless to do anything about it." I thanked him, clicked-off, fed Jenny, changed her litter boxes in the 2nd Bedroom, took a shower, changed clothes and noticed that it was now 15:55hrs (3:55pm), and I'd need to be back at the AJPD for a promised third shift – I'd leave for York right afterward at 07:00hrs (7am), and Murphy was well-stocked with enough food & water until I got back Monday morning, from this unexpected and prolonged job-favor to Clay – with Sgt Alex back now, and until Deputies Jon and Arthur came back off sick-leave. I'd get a paltry 5-6 hours of sleep, and then have to be back on-duty at 23:00hrs (11pm). I had a glass of Ocean Spray® Diet Cranberry-Cherry Juice, took some aspirin, turned down the furnace to 68°F, armed the building, put my Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine in the well, plus a couple of extra mags, and my "ancient" Nokia 6060 "Clamshell" cellphone (turned-off, charging on 2 bars) on the nightstand, and crawled into bed. I re-set the alarm for 21:30hrs (9:30pm); Jenny was right on my heels. I was asleep within 10 minutes, still PO'd at those 2 JBT Feds.

The alarm went off Sunday evening, at 21:30hrs (9:30pm) and I was up, turned-up the heat, fed & watered Jenny, splashed cold water in my face and eyes, got dressed for a cold night's duty, made a quick breakfast of Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, Poached Eggs with Grits & Butter, French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee, turned-on the front spotlight array, checked the front porch light timer, warmed-up the Jeep, gathered my Personal Gear and Weapons/mags/ammo, checked the outdoor temp (17°F) and forecast, and tried to mentally-prepare myself for a night

shift, which I'd never done before. I turned-on my cellphone, and had a message from Capt Clay that now-recovered-from-the-flu Deputies Jon and Arthur, would be back in for their night shift, and that I wouldn't be needed, after all. I could leave for York, or do a shift; my option. Screw it; I decided to go home. I had many things to do and people to meet with, and if I did a night shift, Monday would be a total "write-off", as I'd sleep half the day away from the exhaustion. I called Clay's cell back and left a message that I wouldn't be coming in, and also called the Dispatcher, told her, and left a voicemail for him in his Office. I began packing-up, called William's cell and left a message that he should "take over" with The Cabin chores and Jenny, ASAP. He'd have to do laundry, re-make the bed, re-stock the woodpile etc, but he knew that routine very well.

I did the dishes, left them in the sink rack to dry, turned-down the furnace, re-set the back-up generator, packed the Jeep with all my Gear & Weapons, brushed and played with Jenny for a little while, checked the doors and windows, re-set the spotlight arrays to the alarm system, re-checked the front porch light timer, armed the building and left my driveway for the long road back to I-83 south. (Please Jump Back Up To "A Day In The Life".)

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Caucus/Mucous pieces-of-lowlife-shit-filth! I wouldn't support or vote for either, until ***they fully-renounce that racist bunch of SAMBO racists*** and publicly quit that racist crowd membership! I don't give a shit that the Racist-CBC calls them "Oreos®"; that means nothing to me! Cain and Allen West (RACIST-FL) are RACIST SAMBO SCUMBAGS, and just as bad as the bigoted, commie, hate-Whitey ∅bummer (RACIST-IL)! And all are worse than the evil, murderous KKK, IMO!

BTW, I hate the word, "SAMBO", but that's what all of those CBC pieces-of-shit are. Fact.

Herman Cain's (RACIST-GA) harebrained, moronic, dumbass idea of a "9-9-9 tax" plan is purely idiotic; it paves the way for a *19-19-19*, *29-29-29*, *39-39-39* or worse tax in coming years. Cain's Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. He is the hero, he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man, and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor, by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world. 9-9-9 plan is dogshit and will SCREW YOU and ME! Keep your $9.99 for your shitty Godfather pizzas, RINO-sambo dumb-f•cker! Crawl back in your racist-CBC hole with Allen West (RACIST-FL), and stay there!

F•ck Cain the lowlife, RINO, racist scumbag!

F•ck Cain the dirtbag, RINO, racist scumbag!

F•ck Cain the subhuman, RINO, racist scumbag!

F•ck Cain the piece-of-shit, RINO, racist scumbag!

F•ck Cain's "9-9-9 Tax Plan" the piece-of-shit, RINO, racist scumbag! Pensioners get completely f•cked; read it and do the math. So do all retirees.

Ron Paul's (KOOK-TX) a true loony-tunes nutcase, but sometimes he has some very good ideas. I say record them, implement them, and put Paul into an asylum, on Librium, where he belongs. He's nuts. Every once in a while, a blind pig finds an acorn.

US Sen Jim "Fuck The US Military!" Imhofe (RINO-OK) is a total and complete asshole. Stay the •ck out of Uganda! Nuke Africa and all those murderous, subhuman muslim/islamic and lowlife tribal SAMBO filth/trash/garbage/shit, but save the indigenous, rare animals, and later re-populate the continent with Civilized Western European People.

The GOP Establishment-endorsed Assholes – Cain, Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Paul – were at it again on a Tuesday night "debate", while the only two worth a shit – Bachmann and Santorum – went nowhere, once again. With Palin out of the race, I'm staying home and sitting on my hands. A true farce, as usual; no I didn't watch it. F•ck it all.

F•ck Cain's flipflopping: first, he'd release all terrorists at GITMO if the pig-fucking, murderous, subhuman muslim/islamic, boy-buggering faggots of al Queerda demanded it. Now he says he lied and wouldn't do it. Which is it, sambo asshole? Cain is dogshit!

And while I'm at it: F•ck Romney, Huntsman, Perry and Paul too! They're all dogshit, mainstream GOPer, lowlife RINO liars. Only Bachmann and Santorum make any Conservative Sense.

Herman Cain (PHONY-GA) is NO CONSERVATIVE! He's a racist piece-of-shit, like ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL), and his "9-9-9 Tax Plan" is total bullshit and will just cause more misery and poverty! An *8% Flat Tax* is the answer; *destroy the current US Tax Code*; never to be resurrected or implemented ever again.

Previously speaking of *dogshit* (yes, I was), Rick Perry's now a steaming pile of dogshit.

No Herman, you're the American Nightmare Sambo! I wouldn't give you a penny toward your election campaign – f•ck those who do – you racist CBC-son-of-a-bitch! Denounce the racist CBC filth, and I'll support you. US Rep (Lt Col) Allen West (RACIST-FL), too! Forget that; fuck West!

Hey, Hermie Cain-baby: I could give a fuck, shit, crap spit about "your greatest supporter – your wife", you racist, hate-Whitey, CBC-MoFo!

Another woman – the 4th – to accuse Hermie Cain of "sexual harassment" during his days at The National Restaurant Association? What's up, Hermie? Can't keep "it" in your pants, like Bubba Jeffy Klintoon? I'll wait for more to come out, and for the Racist Cain to *renounce the hate-Whitey CBC*, before voting in 2012. For him or anyone else.

Newt Gingrich is un-electable, Romney's a flip-flopping slimeball liberal piece-of-shit, Cain's a racist and Rick Perry is idiotic, mentally-ill dogshit. If Santorum/Bachmann are the "Conservative Ticket", I'll vote; otherwise, I'm staying home.

No, I don't believe a damned word from any of the 4 stinking, filthy whores – two white trash sluts named Sharon Bialek and Karen Kraushaar – whom criminal, corrupt, alcoholic, pedophile, child-molesting, lowlife dirtbag, liberal-demokkkRAT White Crib operative, David Axelrod, orchestrated to destroy Herman Cain with "sexual harassment claims"; they're all GOLD-DIGGERS, LIARS and SCUM! I despise Cain because he and West are both hate-Whitey, CBC-racists.

Piece-of-white-trash-dwarf, Jew-hater, mentally-ill, America-hater, Nazi-lover, racist scumbag, US Sen Ron Paul (SHITHEAD-TX) shouldn't get one second to speak at any debates, let alone 89 seconds. He's nuts and should be put away in an asylum!

Ron Paul, aka RuPaul (DOGSHIT-TX), needs a Lithium IV-Drip, and permanent commitment to a mental asylum; he's a psycho, libertarian, nutcase kook!

Uh-oh, now there's a 5th white trash whore who says Cain had a "13-year affair with her"? Okay, I'm still waiting for *any kind of proof*, whatsoever. Where is "the proof", Ginger White-whore bitch, lowlife scum?

The cowardly lowlife, lib-dem-c•cksucking dirtbag, US Rep and House Speaker John "The Boner" Boehner (DOUCHEBAG-OH) and "other" motherf•cking sons-and-daughters-of-bitches GOP/RINO appropriators are turning their attention away from Conservative Republicans who want to cut spending more and are insisting on a host of social riders in the spending bills, such as *defunding health care reform*, *slashing funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and National Labor Relations Board*, *eliminating aid for Pakistan and abortion*. Those subhuman RINO shit-scumbags MUST BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE IN NOV 2012, if we are to get America back! If we allow them to continue to be lib-dem-RINOs, then Our America, as "we knew it", is totally DEAD! They're gutless GOP-RINO asshole filth! F•CK the CR (continuing resolution): SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!

I spit/piss/shit on racist, lowlife dirtbag US Rep Allen West (RACIST-FL) and anyone who votes for that CBC-allied SAMBO! C'mon West: denounce the CBC, quit that black RACIST FILTH hate group, but I'll never reconsider supporting you after you ***traitored The Tea Party***, scumbag. Until then, you're just a RACIST SAMBO, SAMBO, JUNGLE-BUNNY BOY! F•ck you, West! The stupid RINO/GOPer assholes at Free Republic Website on this thread, just love the CBC-RACIST SAMBO scumbag!

Buh-bye, Hermie and good riddance, asshole! Personally, I think he wasn't ever serious about running for POTUS; he was in it for a lucrative book deal or a time-slot spot on Fox News or CNN. Any takers on that wager?

Keep self-destructing, Kenyan-Village-Idiot Barry ∅bummer (COMMIE-IL), you incompetent, commie-sambo-boy! You're done for, no matter which of the above GOP/RINO morons runs against you!

Gingrich is 100% correct, for once, on this subject: the so-called "Palestinians are invented", since they didn't exist before 1963. The Jews are the people who lived in Palestine for thousands of years long before the subhuman, murderous arab/muslim//islamic filth took it over and destroyed the place. That's one-in-a-row, Newt! Keep trying.

If Gov Sarah Palin (CONSERVATIVE-AK) comes back into the race, with either Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum, or someone else who's as Conservative as she is, I'll vote on Tuesday, Nov 6th, 2012; otherwise I'll sit it out.

Neither Romney nor Gingrich are CONSERVATIVES, in any sense of the term! They both GOP/RINO-ESTABLISHMENT ASSHOLES! Liberal Country Club Republican scum. Period.

Well Michelle, I HATE ALL mUSLIM/islamic subhuman filth, even if you claim you don't, and I want them all out of the country, or preferably, dead! RuPaul is a nutcase, whackjob, lowlife, mentally-ill, alcoholic, pet-molesting, piece-of-dirtbag-dogshit. Why even bother to answer his idiotic statements?

"Mittens" Romney is a lying sack-of-shit, who's better at eliminating jobs and making money for himself, not Americans. What proof? Here it is. He's done it hundreds, if not thousands of times, over the past two decades. If he gets the GOP/RINO Party Nomination, I'll stay home and not vote. F•ck it.

Nooooooooooooo, Michele: don't stop seeking public office! We need your brains, patriotism and intellect. Go for Minnesota Governor or US Senate, but DON'T quit!

PROOF THAT MENTALLY-ILL, NUTCASE RON PAUL'S A SOROS' PLANT TO DISRUPT THE ELECTION IN SAMBO-BOY'S FAVOR: At the 9:50 time-mark – manually advance it – and listen to what nutcase, demokkkRAT-plant Paul says: "I'm the only one in the democratic party...". This is HUGE, but no one even mentions it! Except me.

Also, read what mentally-ill Paul says about the Taliban. Paul's a WACKO NUTCASE!

No, New Hampshire – with the exceptions of Conservative Friends, Dave & Jacky – isn't fit to pick-their-nose, and neither was Iowa, let alone "pick a POTUS", on my behalf. And South Carolina is also a joke. With the exception of Sarah Palin, who isn't running, only Santorum/Bachmann are worth voting for; the rest of the pathetic, so-called "candidates", are total and complete festering dogshit, IMO!

Have you taken "The Presidential Match Game", yet? Its results may amaze you; mine did. Santorum, Paul, Perry.

I have just changed my mind on and opinion of US Rep (Lt Col US Army) Allen West(PATRIOT-FL): he's not a racist or SAMBO, after saying this. He needs to get out of the racist CBC, though, NOW!

Worthless, lowlife piece of liberal-RINO/GOPer dogshit, John "Who?" Huntsman (RINO-UT) is mercifully dropping out of the GOP presidential-race-to-nowhere. He's a nobody and a nothing; always was and always will be. One less asshole to deal with, IMO. Good riddance, schmuck!

Yeah, as much as I dislike his arrogance and pompousness, I'll vote for Gingrich, if he's the nominee. I wish I knew who his VP would be, though. Stay in it, Newt, regardless of the worthless South Carolina Primary vote, on Saturday, January 21st.

**Exclusive**... Wed, Jan 18th, 2012, 18:47:14 EST... Marianne Gingrich has said she could end her ex-husband's career with a single interview. Earlier this week, she sat before ABCNEWS cameras, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. She spoke to ABCNEWS


reporter Brian Ross for two hours. Her explosive revelations are set to rock the campaign. But now a "civil war" has erupted inside of the network, an insider claims, on exactly when the confession will air! ABCNEWS suits determined it would be "unethical" to run the Marianne Gingrich interview so close to the South Carolina Primary, a curious decision, one insider argued, since the network has aggressively been reporting on other candidates. A decision was tentatively made to air the interview next Monday, after all votes have been counted. MORE TO COME, real soon, according to DRUDGE.

Goodbye and good riddance, Gov Rick Perry (RINO-TX)! Go back where you belong, moron, and quit wasting our precious time with your inane BS.

Go, Gov Sarah Palin! White trash, lib-dem/RINO-GOPer dumbf•ck NJ gov Chrissy "Crispy Creme" Christie (FATSO-NJ) got his "panties in a wad", probably wet himself and proved to all he's got a very, very short career ahead of him, for digging-up phony ethics complaints on Gingrich, despite what the shit-for-brains bitch, Carla "Marin-nutzy" Marinucci-idiot from "SFGate" so poorly wrote, in a 2nd grade-level fashion.

Shit-for-brains "Mittens" Romney (RINO-MA) is anti-gun, and signed a permanent AWB (Assault Weapons Ban) Law into effect in 7/1/2004 in Massachusetts, w/ alcoholic, lowlife scumbag, thankfully "Dead Ted" Kennedy's (DEAD-MA) help. Fuck Romney; I'd never vote for that two-faced, lying RINO/GOPer asshole, ever. NEVER!

No, Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (COMMIE-IL); this 2012 General Election IS a Referendum on Your Destructive, Racist Performance Against All Americans, not a "bullshit choice", you incompetent, serial lying asshole. You are the "Food Stamp president", boy! You are stinking pigshit and dried dogshit, sambo-boy! You are a stinking, lowlife, subhuman homo-faggot, pig-f•cking, muslim infiltrator bent on destroying the US from within.

As of Friday, January 27th, there 244 days left to get rid of the lowlife, stinking commie, subhuman piece-of-shit, homo-faggot, pig-f•cking, muslim/islamic infil-traitor, Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (mUSLIM-IL), determined to destroy the US from within. I'm afraid that neither Gingrich nor Romney are worth-a-shit, and that ∅bummer-Soetoro will get another 4-year term. Only Conservatives Sarah Palin/Rick Santorum had a chance-in-hell to oust the half-breed muslim/islamic usurper, non-American, Kenyan-commie-educated, turd-boy. America's truly f•cked again, but worse, for 4 more horrible years. CWII is now on-the-horizon, I'm afraid.

Ann Coulter (TRAITOR-NYC) is a stinking, filthy, lib-dem-fucking RINO-GOPer slut, establishment WHORE! Get AIDs from fucking all those subhuman, lib-dem trash, bitch, and DIE! Do the world a real favor, skank!

And DRUDGE is a liberal-loving, subhuman, AIDs-riddled homo/faggot, piece-of-Romney-shit-lover. DIE already, DRUDGE! Do the world a real favor. You and Coulter are liberal garbage!

Barry ∅bummer&Co Are The Destroyers of America & Jobs

That is the gross understatement of the year, possibly the decade, if there ever was one. Barry Soetero ∅bummer (BIGOT-IL) is a disguised muslim/islamic usurper, racist, subhuman pig-fucking muslim infiltrator bent on destroying the US from within, with sharia-pigshit law, a hate-America, hate-Whitey, subversive Leninist, dirtbag, lowlife half-breed, affirmative-action, race-baiting fraud,

a Chicago ghetto punk, union-thug puppet, commie-liberal-progressive-demokkkRAT, pathological liar, an inept hack, an incompetent amateur, a self-effacing poseur, and worst-of-all possibilities for America, POTUS.

That sambo and his shit-for-brains, totally-incompetent, white-trash asshole VP, Joey "Hair Plugs" Biden (ASSHOLE-DE) wield and co-control such great power in the corrupt US Government – along with Rep Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi (BOTOX-CA) We are all victims. We are all pawns in their games. We are all subject the whims of fate. We are powerless to help ourselves. Even the weather conspires against us and wishes to do us harm. Only allegiance to an all-powerful government can protect us. In other words: Vote demokkkRAT, or suffer from a Katrina-type disaster. Fear sells, baby. and Sen "Dingy Harry" Reid (CROOK-NV) – is totally unthinkable to our failing Constitutional Republic, once the envy of every nation on the face of this planet. Now, we're becoming a "Turd-World Nation", very quickly, under their combined, corrupt, criminal "leadership".

Shit-for-brains Barry ∅bummer's (LIAR-IL) "Green Industry" Scam is failing faster than any computer can count. This is the 10th or 11th company which has folded-up since Barry ∅bummer's (NIGGA-IL) scam went into effect, funneling our hard-earned tax dollars into losing ventures, to prop-up union-thugs and other, assorted lowlife scum and filth. Just like Barry ∅bummer's (CRIMINAL-IL) Evergreen Solar and Conergy Solar and Stirling Energy Systems and dozens of other frauds he set-up for kickbacks to his campaign donors, did. The whole "solar industry" is a SCAM, a LIE and a FRAUD, like the subhuman Barry ∅bummer (FILTH-IL) is!

A new dirtbag Barry ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL) 1% tax on all bank transactions – HR 4646 – coming right after the November 2012 General Elections? Watch for it, "under the radar". Oh, never mind; the bill is now DOA.

FOX News: "Labor Secretary Hilda Solis (TRAITOR-CA) has overseen a number of signed agreements between US agencies and foreign officials pledging to give migrant (criminal, illegal alien) workers the full protections

of US workplace laws – regardless of their legal status – and she says her department will uphold them. Solis says foreign workers need to know their rights, so that they can lodge complaints without fear that they will be fired or deported. She believes the signed agreements with countries like El Salvador and Mexico will serve to 'remove those fears'." IMO, the filthy bitch is a traitor and should be summarily tried and executed.

"Slow jobs recovery forecast ahead"? How about *more than 400,000 jobs per month lost for every month, for the foreseeable future, White House assholes? And ZERO JOBS added in August, treasonous, commie scumbags! Unemployment – by "manipulated" US Gov't stats – still at 9.2%+ and climbing; the corrupt US Government doesn't count *everyone*. REAL unemployment is at 21% and climbing!

Ashlawn Energy Co, Willoughby, Ohio, is another US Taxpayer-funded "green jobs company" which will fail within 1-2 years; mark my words! It's just more islamic Barry ∅bummer (LIAR-IL) dogshit on the pile! They're all garbage, shit and trash, on OUR DOLLARS!

Scumbag Barry ∅bummer's (INEPT-IL) partial list of 25 Impeachable Crimes Against America. And the other list of the other 25 Impeachable Offenses & Crimes by the criminal, corrupt, commie, Chicago nigga-boy thug. IMPEACH HIM!

Get out of the way of business, Barry ∅bummer (SCUMBAG-IL) douchebag asshole punk! You're no American or Black Man;

you're a subhuman, piece-of-shit, racist, lowlife, commie, hate-America, dirtbag SAMBO!

Asshole Barry ∅bummer (PIGSHIT-IL) is the likely star of a new, murderous, muslim, islamic Palestinian media campaign.

Barry ∅bummer's (COMMIE-IL) has an insidious plan to destroy America's Small Businesses, increase unemployment to astronomical numbers and make everyone dependent upon "The Government Cheese".

Lowlife, Barry ∅bummer (muslim-IL) says 9-11 is not about subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic terrorism or al Queerda, but it's to be "a day of public service". BULLSHIT, islamic piece-of-pigshit asshole! It's 10 years later, and America and the world have forgotten what happened on that terrible Tuesday in September. I WILL NEVER FORGET, DAMMIT!

Boeing, or any other US Company, has the right to open a non-union production facility in any right-to-work state they choose, for their own company's benefit, Barry ∅bummer (COMMIE-IL). And NOT where you and your corrupt, union-thug-goon-controlled NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and criminal union – International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers – dictates, dammit! F•ck the union and f•ck you, sambo! Washington State, is a lousy, shitty, corrupt, union-thug-run hellhole, to do any kind of business, due to the corrupt union garbage/filth/trash/shit. The corrupt, criminal liberal-demokkkRAT pieces-of-shit and NLRB need to be stood against a wall, IMO!

∅bummer's (SCUMBAG-IL) a traitor to America, for shipping jobs out of America to Turd-World Hellholes like Costa Rica, and should be impeached and imprisoned-for-life, if not stood against a wall. "And that's how this country built a strong and growing economy and a strong expanding middle class. That's our history. That's what we got to get back to," said the LYING, SON-OF-A-BITCH-COMMIE-RACIST-PIGFUCKER Barry ∅bummer (ASSHOLE-IL)!

A $400 BILLION "Jobs Plan" from Barry ∅bummer's (LIAR-IL)? There is NO "PLAN" ON ANY PAPER,

Other side, dumbasses!

ANYWHERE, sambo! It's NOT PAID FOR, anywhere, you liar, except by more taxes on American Small Businesses and Citizens! What "plan"? Where is it, you lying f•ck-faced, piece-of-pigshit? Oh, here it is; issued a week after Barry ∅bummer's (BULLSHIT-IL) useless, lying speech to the corrupt, criminal US Congress. BFD!

In connection with ATF's criminal and corrupt "Fast and Furious", Holder and Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro are guilty of perjury and manslaughter. IMPEACH, SENTENCE FOR TREASON, JAIL & EXECUTE THEM BOTH and their corrupt cronies! IMO, anything named "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms" ought to be a convenience store instead of an arm of the federal government!

Speaking of criminal and corrupt subhuman filth, Georgie-Boy Sore-Ass (Soros) comes to mind right away. He's involved very, very tightly with Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (CRIMINAL-IL) in the "Green Industry Scam", involving LightSquared Co, another fraudulent company taking BILLIONS of US Taxpayers' dollars, and purposely going bankrupt, while pocketing it all. Sore-Ass needs summary-execution, IMO!

More criminals from Solyndra Co, another "Green Energy Scam" company, need summary-killing, too. They're looting America!

These subhuman filth are "America's Ruling Class", who face *The Peril of Revolution*. They just don't realize it, but one day soon, they will. And it will be very bloody and ugly.

I don't give a flying rat's ass what color Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (CRIMINAL-IL) is, he's out in Nov 2012. Gone!

Corrupt asshole, Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (LIAR-IL) doesn't give a flying-f•ck about the racist, bigoted, ineffectual, impotent, lowlife, dirtbag assholes of the CBC-M (Congressional Black Caucus-Mucous); he and his commie-puppet-handlers want everyone in poverty and on "the government cheese" and, if you're black, you're already 16.7%+ of the way there, with black kids already 50%+ of the way there. Whitey's far less than 9.1% there, black folks. Wake-up black folks. Think about it. "I expect all of you to

march with me, and press on, "Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (RACIST-IL) said. "... Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on. We've got work to do." (Fuck whitey – they need not apply)! "Flash Mob" race-riots coming next Summer and Fall? You bet there are. Get ready for them! Arm yourselves, lay-in plenty of *supplies*, guns and ammo, and shoot to kill as many of them as you can. Stack the bodies like seasoned-cord wood in the fields, and burn them.

Corrupt Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (COMMIE-IL)'s criminal EPA will be shutting-down 20% of the Nation's coal-fired electricity plants in 2012, thereby "causing the price of electricity to necessarily skyrocket". Need more be said? Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (DIRTBAG-IL)'s a criminal and is purposely-bankrupting Americans.

Hundreds, if not thousands of Sub-Chapter S and LLC Corporations – once creating 70% of America's jobs and employing tens-of-millions of Americans – are going under from the oppressive, unending, rising taxes – payroll, workmen's comp, unemployment insurance, vehicle insurance, liability insurance, utilities etc – rules and regulations from Barry ∅bummer's (COMMIE) "fascist central planning government". And thousands more will disappear as an average of 450,000+ people per month continue to lose their jobs. Families suffer, mortgages go "under water", utilities are going unpaid, vacations are canceled, vehicles are sold, medical insurance rises to unaffordable rates, school and property taxes rise to unheard-of levels, utilities – electric, natural gas, water, sewer – increase by 10-15% per month, and ad infinitum ad nauseum. The American Family is under "economic attack", as well.

The US Gov't nationalized 17% of the US Economy (healthcare) and another 8% (energy), while losing 399,140 jobs in the 1st quarter of 2011, over 430,911 jobs in the 2nd Quarter, an average of 421,250 jobs lost/week in July and 432,000 jobs lost/week, in August. Barry ∅bummer's (LIAR-IL) signed the failed $787 billion "1st stimulus bill" his first month in office. No wonder the ∅bummer Administration doesn't talk about the created or saved stimulus jobs anymore. There weren't any. It just gets worse and worse by each passing week. According to a new study, the Barry ∅bummer-Pelosi-Reid Stimulus bill created 450,000 government jobs (mostly temporary census-takers) and destroyed 1,000,000 private sector jobs. Plus, it only cost us $1.2 TRILLION of our hard-earned tax dollars. Nice going, Barry ∅bummer-Pelosi-Reid. My calculator sparked and melted when I tried to figure out the dollar-cost-per-job; it couldn't handle that many zeros. It's actually $200,000+ per job; thanks ABCNews. That's a "real bargain"; Tesla Motors' jobs cost $465,000 per job.

Now, the "Son-Of-Stimulus-Bitch-2" bill features f•cks us with a fake "prop bridge", which doesn't need any repairs for many years, to sell his

mega-lie, "4 Pinocchios" phony bullshit, "Shovel-Ready Jobs Crap-Act 2", for another $2.4 BILLION in wasted US Taxpayers' monies. When is this bullshit going to end? When are we going to rise-up and say to those US Taxpayers' Dollars-spending-addicted, lowlife politicians, feeding daily at The Public Trough/Teat: ENOUGH, STOP THIS SHIT, DAMMIT! Apparently, it's going to be never, as they just keep on doing it and we Americans acquiesce and keep on taking it from them, like the "Sheeple" we are. We just bend-over, grab our ankles and smile. The November 2012 General Elections would be the perfect time to rid ourselves and this Nation of Barry ∅bummer (COMMIE-IL) & Co, but I'm afraid they're so deeply-embedded in our local/state/federal govt's, that we'll never get rid of them. We'll have to "take them out", quoting the corrupt, criminal, lardass, mentally-ill, union thug-goon, scumbag-punk, Jimmy Hoffa turd-boy.

This Barry ∅bummer Administration is like a slow-motion, horror movie, on an endless loop: it just keeps playing its tired-old-bullshit, over and over and over and over, again. Reality at a snail's pace is terribly painful to watch and endure, from all, now-thoroughly-poisoned business perspectives.

These subhuman filth are "America's Ruling Class", who face *The Peril of Deadly Revolution*. They just don't realize it, but one day soon, they will. And it will be very bloody and ugly.

Activist, demented, perverted, subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT-filth judges are now legislating who can/cannot own a cow and consume its milk, and are about to legislate what kind of food and water we Americans are "entitled to". It's not a "fundamental right", but rather "a right granted us by the state", is what this alcoholic, lowlife, child-molesting, wife-beating, dog-kicking, dirtbag, Barry ∅bummer (FRAUD-IL)-asshole-licking punk Fiedler "judge", is saying.

Shit-for-brains Barry ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL) "...Blames Blacks, Bush, Banks, Budget, You" for his stupidity, ineptness, racism, incompetency, idiocy in f•cking-up this once-great Nation. Typical commie asshole!

Barry ∅bummer (HACK-IL) is losing his commie mind. He stupidly plays idiotic political games with the disastrous wildfires in Texas.

He can't even find, correct and control his pathetic administration's gross errors: a "retirement fund for federal workers" improperly paid out an average of $120 million annually over the last five years, a new inspector

∅bummer & Edwards = Faggots

general's report has revealed. The inspector for the Office of Personnel Management – the department responsible for civil service employees – said in a report published last week that OPM's Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund is now in the process of trying to implement a recovery plan for some of the payments. In 2010, OPM was listed as one of 79 programs at 18 agencies where there's a risk of improper payments, including payouts to deceased retirees and their survivors. However, OPM was never designated as having a "high-error" program because the wrong disbursements were less than 2.5 percent of total disbursements, McFarland noted. Nice job with OUR Hard-Earned Tax Dollars, ∅bummer (CROOK-IL).

Despite last Friday's relative calm on Wall Street, it was a brutal week for stocks, with investors losing faith in ∅bummer's (INEPT-IL) economies and political leaders – especially Barry ∅bummer's (IDIOT-IL) – around the world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the week down 738 points, or 6.4%, its worst weekly performance since October 2008. Nice job again, ∅bummer's (DOLT-IL).

What happened to "the 400,000 jobs that would be created 'almost immediately' once Barry ∅bummer-Care was signed into law"? Nothing happened. There never were any 400,000 jobs which would be created; it was just another Pelosi LIE!

New applications for unemployment benefits sank by 37,000 last week to 391,000 to mark the lowest level since April, but a government official suggested the surprising drop may have stemmed from a variety of "technical" issues... only to be "revised upward next week" to real numbers. Barry ∅bummer's (INCOMPETENT-IL) a liar and so is his entire commie-based administration.

YES, take ∅bummer-Care to the SCOTUS and let them decide, 5-4, against it based upon The Commerce Clause!

Nice trick: firing and re-assigning 81 illegal immigration US Attorneys in the corrupt, criminal, lying, half-breed nigga bastard Holder's (THUG-NY) DOJ, to their old jobs, and allowing millions more illegal, subhuman filth to invade America, Barry ∅bummer (CRIMINAL). Nice job, commie asshole!

The lying Chicago-SAMBO-punk-thug, Barry ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL), said "the $447 BILLION Jobs Act is paid for" in his teleprompter speech a few weeks ago; HE'S A F•CKING LIAR! The crooked "Dingy White Trash" Harry Reid (CRIMINAL-NV) bastard in the Senate has to tax millionaires 5% to pay for it! Liars, all!

Not only is the criminal, corrupt US Government now taxing millionaires 5% to pay for their illegal, anti-US Constitutional, commie-Marxist "income redistribution program", they also want tax increases on the "wealthy" – those of us earning (or used to earn) more than $250,000 per year, and for adoption of the "Buffett Rule" Lie – regardless of whether the lying, corrupt, criminal US Senate demokkkRATs' proposed "Millionaire Tax" becomes law. Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend!

What ∅bummer (INEPT-IL) fails to realize is that many people who report incomes of over $250,000 are owners of small businesses who report business earnings on their personal income tax. This is a whole lot different than someone with a $250,000 salary. Upping taxes on these so called "rich" will penalize small businesses who are the largest source (70%) of employment in the country. With the inevitable inflation that will result from Barry ∅bummer's (FILTH-IL) economic policies a lot of two income households may well hit this $250,000 mark as well. Why Barry ∅bummer (THUG-IL) has declared a

jihad on anyone who makes, in his belief, "too much money", can only be explained by him being a Marxist.

The Kenyan-Village-Idiot Barry ∅bummer (LIAR-IL), is dancing all-around "it", but can't bring himself to say it, so I will: what Barry ∅bummer (RACIST-IL) really wants is an "Employed White Guy Tax", plain and simple! Barry ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL) is subhuman filth/shit/garbage/trash.

The local paper ran an article about my US Gov't-taxed-to-death closing; depressing. In case they "pull it", and put it in their "pay-for-view" archives, here's a copy.

Here's a detailed primer of "Operation Fast & Furious", for those who don't know about it, detailing Barry ∅bummer's (CRIMINAL-IL) and Holder's (CRIMINAL-NY) complete and total involvement in it.

Here's Barry ∅bummer's (ASSHOLE-IL) record after the 141st miserable, horrible, terrible week in office; judge for yourself.

Starbucks, Borders, Circuit City and now Friendly Ice Cream Corp, the troubled family restaurant chain that was a casualty of a commie-Marxist, wealth-redistribution economic DEPRESSION, said it closed 63 of its nearly 500 locations as it looks to reorganize under *Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection*. Nice job, Barry ∅bummer (IDIOT-IL). Whoops; there goes Lowe's, too!

The Kenyan-Village-Idiot Barry ∅bummer (LIAR-IL), is dancing all-around "it", but can't bring himself to say it, so I will: what ∅bummer (RACIST-IL) really wants is an "Employed White Guy Tax", plain and simple! ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL) is subhuman filth/shit/garbage/trash.

"Crony Capitalism" such as – faggot, salami-hider,

pole-puffer and turd-burglar, Ronald "Fuck America!" Pelosi (GARBAGE-CA), a San Francisco corrupt political insider and financial industry criminal scumbag, who received $737 MILLION for his corrupt, phony SolarReserve LLC Co, just happens to be the brother-in-law of Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi (BOTOX-CA), the Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives – has Barry ∅bummer's (IDIOT-IL) "signature" all over the corrupt, criminal Government-Big Business Complex. Surprised? Not me; just another political payoff with our hard-earned taxes, dammit!

Barry ∅bummer's (LIAR-IL) is a liar; everything coming out of that sambo thug's mouth is a F•CKING LIE! Typical Marxist, commie, liberal-progressive-demokkkRAT subhuman filth!

Former Colorado Governor and shit-for-brains douchebag, liberal-demokkkRAT, Bill "Fuck America!" Ritter (MORON-CO) boasted that Colorado is at the "epicenter of America's New Energy Economy" and that it would be a "lasting legacy" to our children and all future generations. Ritter is an asshole, pure and simple. "Green Energy" is a lie, a scam and *CRONY CAPITALISM*! Total bullshit and mountains of debt for our children and grandchildren for these failed, lib-dem-trash/RINO-criminal scams and lies!

Barry ∅bummer's (COMMIE-IL) liberal-demokkkRATic dirtbag apologist, Eric Dash, from "The New York Slimes" stupidly says that the "recession ended two years ago", and ignorantly writes, "In a grim sign of the enduring nature of the economic slump, household income declined more in the two years after the recession ended than it did during the recession itself, new research has found." Dash is a liar and is so full of government-induced bullshit, that he's completely laughable and unable to be taken seriously, at all, except for the corrupt, criminal Barry ∅bummer's (FAGGOT-IL) . WE'RE IN A DEPRESSION, YOU ASSHOLES! Real unemployment is at 21%+ and 46.2million+ Americans are living in poverty, you NYSlimes idiot!

Corrupt, criminal GE Corp is "crony/socialist capitalism dogshit", at its absolute worst! I'll never buy another of their products, dammit! Jeffy "Fuck America!" Immelt is an alcoholic, drug-addicted, child-molesting faggot, butt-humping-buddy of the Barry ∅bummer (FAGGOT-IL) SAMBO-faggot. They make hundreds-of-billions in profits in Chinese-made-junk/ US-imported-crap products, and don't pay a penny in corporate income taxes! Unlike us Small Businesses, who pay far too many taxes to make-up for GE's criminal and corrupt conduct in the marketplace.

Lowlife, subhuman, piece-of-pig-fucking muslim/islamic filth/garbage/trash, US Rep Keith "Kill American Infidels!" Ellison (muslim-MN), is another ignorant, ∅bummer (FAGGOT-IL) administration nigga-faggot douchebag, who doesn't understand anything about how Small Businesses in America actually work.

Wow, nice going ∅bummer (FRAUD-IL)! Only 404,000 jobs lost last week, as of October 8th. And job openings continue to decline, sambo. Really good job, sambo boy!

Want to hear a really stupid, illiterate, lowlife dirtbag SAMBO, Jesse Jackson Jr, call for Martial Law to Circumvent the US Congress to Combat Unemployment? This Jackson-scum, like his commie shit-for-brains old man, is an ignorant, moronic, subhuman SAMBO! He's NO Black Man, let alone an American Black Man!

After idiotically-destroying NASA, the dumbass, INEPT, ignorant SAMBO commie, ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL) is now buying space on Virgin Atlantic, a two-bit, shitty Brit company with a piss-poor safety record and substandard equipment, only designed to barely make it to suborbital space, where we don't need to go. $10 says the Branson-homo is blowing ∅bummer (FAGGOT-IL) Leave it to a tar-baby, jungle-bunny, commie nigga-thug, to do something so asinine and overtly-stupid to further destroy America. Now, he's "pulled the plug" on Discovery; NASA is gone. Stupid SAMBO, Barry ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL)!

The crooks and criminals at GM's Tesla Motors also benefited from $465 MILLION in below-rate loans from ∅bummer's (STUPID-IL) criminal DOE. IMO, shoot them all!

Here's Barry ∅bummer's (LIAR-IL) 7 lies in under 2 minutes. Thanks to him, we now have a "permanent, unemployed underclass" in America. He's America's "divider-in-chief".

The corrupt, treasonous, lowlife piece-of-shit, scumbag, half-breed AG Eric Holder (TRAITOR-NY) needs to go PRISON! Or be executed for "Treason – Crimes Against America"!

The headline is an out-and-out-lie: it's a DEPRESSION, NOT A RECESSION, intentionally-caused by ∅bummer (CRIMINAL-IL)!

"Not since at least 1960 has the US standard of living fallen so fast for so long. The average American has $1,315 less in annual disposable income now than at the onset of the Great Recession DEPRESSION. (There; fixed it.)" That's just one of the reasons why we're going-out-of-business.

Lowlife, liberal-progressive demokkkRATs love rape; they voted for it and for more DEPRESSION in America!

With the approval of the corrupt, criminal ∅bummer (FRAUD-IL) administration, an electric "GREEN INDUSTRY SCAM" car company, the start-up called Fisker, that received a $529 million federal government loan guarantee is assembling its first line of cars in Finland, saying "it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work".


Almost 26 million Americans are either unemployed, marginally-attached to the labor force, or involuntarily working part-time – a number experts say is unprecedented. Nice going, ∅bummer (LIAR-IL) SAMBO boy!

After 144 weeks in "office" here's what the lowlife, dirtbag, piece-of-shit, Barry ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL) has done to f•ck-up America and the world. Nice, huh?

"Lying is OK" for the US Justice Legal Department, under the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act)? No wonder Americans don't trust the US Government, anymore! Only under the two lowlife dirtbags, ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL) and Holder (SAMBO-NY), would that "be okay" to do. Both are traitors and should be imprisoned for life + 100 years, for "Crimes Against America", IMO.

The commie, racist, hate-America, marxist-Leninist, piece-of-lowlife-sambo-shit, Barry ∅bummer (LOWLIFE-IL) f•cks America bigtime, as he promised he would. Watch for it, as it's coming to YOUR HOME, soon!

Shit-for-brains sambo Barry ∅bummer (IDIOT-IL) can't even tell the difference between Hawaii and Asia, just as he thinks there are 57 states instead of 50, in America. What an ignorant, dumbf•ck sambo, tar-baby asshole!

After 148 weeks in "office" here's what the lowlife, dirtbag, piece-of-shit, Barry ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL) has done to f•ck-up America and the world. Nice job, sambo.

Here comes 4,200 more pages of rules and regulations which will kill small, medium and large businesses and put millions more people out-of-work, courtesy of the Barry ∅bummer (COMMIE-IL) administration. The demokkkRATs are F•CKING America, every day, every chance they get! Doesn't anyone get it, yet? That SAMBO has got to go out in a landslide, on Nov 6th, or The American Republic is completely dead! And all of his BULLSHIT MUST BE REPEALED, ASAP!

How's shit-for-brains Barry ∅bummer's (IDIOT-IL) "Hope & Change" bullshit working out for you, Black "Middle Class" Folks? Real good, I see.

First, the racist, shit-for-brains Barry ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL) scumbag asshole kills NASA forever; now he guts the US Military. All that destruction of America to "re-distribute wealth" to lowlife, undeserving, subhuman scumbags who don't want to work for a living.

Hey, racist, shit-for-brains Barry ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL) scumbag asshole: your ugly, Wookie, ironed-hair, fat-pig, sweathog wife's a lardass bitch, whose fat ass has its own zipcode, sambo! But, I forgot; you like the boys, don't you, faggot-filth, half-breed cokehead, tar-baby?

This is the primary reason why I went out of business after 21+ years – due to the 2007-2009 Great Recession Depression – Washington, DC's corrupt and criminal US Congress, and racist, commie, incompetent, shit-for-brains, Barry ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL). The "bubble" began bursting under GW Bush,

and Barry ∅bummer (COMMIE-IL) deliberately made it 100x worse, with his inept, incompetent and intentionally-destructive handling of the US Economy.

Lowlife dirtbag, alcoholic, criminal, child-molesting, corrupt asshole, GE Chairman Jeffrey "Fuck America!" Immelt (GE-SCUMBAG) has agreed to pay $70.4-MILLION to settle a criminal probe and civil claims brought against the corporation for having allegedly conspired to rig bids on US municipal bond deals, overcharging state and local governments on their investments. I say charge, try, convict and execute the corrupt and criminal Immelt, and all GE directors/board members; let them rot in Hell, where they came from.

Finally, a way to describe Barry ∅bummer (INCOMPETENT-IL) and his voters. Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead, are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Unemployment is actually 15.8%, NOT 8.6% as the lowlife, dirtbag, piece-of-shit, Barry ∅bummer (SAMBO-IL) tells you. He's a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, like disgraced, mentally-ill Bubba Jeffy Klintoon was/is.!

Yes, Barry Soetero ∅bummer's (LOSER-IL) "economic recovery" continues unabated, doesn't it, with Kraft Foods Co now cutting 1,600 jobs in the US and

Food Stamp president

Canada. Nice job, sambo! How many more small and medium businesses and companies (without your illegal "exemptions") can you destroy through your socialist/commie/fascist programs, and make dependent upon the corrupt US Government, you muslim/islamic scumbag asshole, until we can throw your worthless SAMBO ass out of The White Crib, and scrub it thoroughly-clean again? You and your fugly-ugly, subhuman family suck dead pigs' assholes! Especially your lardass wife, "Moochelle" (PIG-IL), whose fat ass is so massive it needs its own zipcode. Too many cheeseburgers and fries, dumbass bitch! Why aren't you "eating your peas and greens", hypocrite skank sambette? Have another 5 slices of pizza and some more BBQ, while lying to the American Public, fat-ass sambette whorebag!

Corporate titles? Who needs 'em, anyway?

Barry Soetero ∅bummer's (CRIMINAL-IL) in-bed with "Big Banks", giving them unheard-of financial immunity breaks, and lib-dem heads are exploding. Ha!

Yes, Barry Soetero ∅bummer's (LOWLIFE-IL) is a "president (note small "p") of Firsts": First president (note small "p") to refuse to show a valid birth certificate. First president (note small "p") to apply for college aid as a foreign student then denies he was a foreigner. First president (note small "p") to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in. First president (note small "p") to preside over a cut to the credit rating of the United States. First president (note small "p") to violate the War Powers Act. First president (note small "p") to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. First president (note small "p") to defy a Federal Judges court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law. First president (note small "p") to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party. First president (note small "p") to spend a trillion dollars on shovel-ready jobs and later admit there was no such thing as shovel-ready jobs. First president (note small "p") to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters. First president (note small "p") to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat. First president (note small "p") to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the US, including those with criminal convictions. First president (note small "p") to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees. First president (note small "p") to terminate Americas ability to put a man in space. First president (note small "p") to encourage racial discrimination and intimidation at polling places. First president (note small "p") to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present. First president (note small "p") to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it. First president (note small "p") to threaten insurance companies if they publicly speak-out on the reasons for their rate increases. First president (note small "p") to tell a major manufacturing company in which state they are allowed to locate a factory. First president (note small "p") to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN). First president (note small "p") to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago. First president (note small "p") to fire an inspector general of Ameri-corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case. First president (note small "p") to appoint 45 Czars to replace elected officials in his office. First president (note small "p") to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office. First president (note small "p") to hide his medical, educational and travel records. First president (note small "p") to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it. First president (note small "p") to coddle American enemies while alienating America's allies. First president (note small "p") to publicly bow to America's enemies while refusing to salute the US Flag. First president (note small "p") to go on multiple global apology tours. First president (note small "p") to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends, paid for by the US Taxpayer. First president (note small "p") to refuse to wear the US Flag lapel pin. First president (note small "p") to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife. First president (note small "p") to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000.00 a year at US Taxpayers' expense. First president (note small "p") to repeat the un-Holy Koran (I wipe a dead pig's ass with it). First president (note small "p") to openly admit the early morning call of the Azan (muslim/islamic call to worship take a dump) is the most beautiful sound on earth (tied with a pig's fart). First Commander-in-Chief (CIC) who doesn't know how to pronounce the term, "Corpsman".

No, Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (COMMIE-IL); this 2012 General Election IS a Referendum on Your Destructive, Racist Performance Against All Americans, not a "bullshit choice", you incompetent, serial lying asshole. You are the "Food Stamp president", boy! You are stinking pigshit and dried dogshit, sambo-boy! You are a stinking, lowlife, subhuman homo-faggot, pig-f•cking, muslim infiltrator bent on destroying the US from within.

As of Friday, January 27th, there 244 days left to get rid of the lowlife, stinking commie, subhuman piece-of-shit, homo-faggot, pig-f•cking, muslim/islamic infil-traitor, Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (mUSLIM-IL), determined to destroy the US from within. I'm afraid that neither Gingrich nor Romney are worth-a-shit, and that ∅bummer-Soetoro will get another 4-year term. Only Conservatives Sarah Palin/Rick Santorum had a chance-in-hell to oust the half-breed muslim/islamic usurper, non-American, Kenyan-commie-educated, turd-boy. America's truly f•cked again, but worse, for 4 more horrible years. CWII is now on-the-horizon, I'm afraid.

Bravo, Gov Jan Brewer (CONSERVATIVE-AZ) for putting that "thin-skinned" sambo-SAMBO, Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (muslim/islamic-IL), in his place. You go, Conservative Lady! Put that SAMBO in his "place": the garbage can!

Line-up all of Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro (mUSLIM-IL) "illegal, criminal czars", and summarily-execute them for "Crimes Against America", after due-trial and immediate conviction.

How do "thin-skinned" sambo-SAMBO, Barry ∅bummer-Soetoro's (muslim/islamic-IL) aids get away with "not paying $833,000 in back taxes"? I'd be in prison, weeks or months ago, but they "get a pass"? Someone, anyone, explain that to me, dammit!

Things Which Make Your Head Explode

Ol' shit-for-brains VP, Joey "Hair Plugs" Biden (MORON-DE), f•cked-up again just last Wednesday, speaking in a 49er-crazed San Francisco, when he told a crowd at a city political fund raiser that "the Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl". Yeah sure, Joe. Gaaawd, what an idiot.

Have the Mossad "hit" (assassinate) US president (note small "p") asshole, Barry Soetero ∅bummer (CRIMINAL-IL)? Nooooo; that would make him another "SAMBO martyr" and a false "hero" to the millions of idiots, scumbags, dirtbags, filth and morons who voted the commie, lowlife, dirtbag, piece-of-shit, muslim/islamic sambo, into office in 2008! Stupid idea, Andrew Adler, author and publisher of "Atlanta Jewish Times". Really dumb idea. He'd be up on the same pedestals as the lowlife commie, MLK and racist piece-of-shit, Malcolm X-crement, then. Let him *self-destruct* and be thrown out-of-office, in disgrace, in November, IMO.

No, pigshit-for-brains, lowlife, piece-of-dogshit, lib-dem failure of a human being, Harry Reid (CRIMINAL-NV), we don't need a $1,228,663 grant for the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services to support comprehensive HIV prevention programs, the faggot/homo filth just need to keep their assholes/mouths closed and doper junkies just need to keep the needles out of their arms, dammit! Better yet: let them DIE from HIV-AIDS and rid society of such subhuman filth, shit, trash and garbage, IMO! Don't waste another 1¢ on any of those bottom-feeding, societal dogshit.

Did you know that Pepsi®Co uses aborted babies' fetal cells for its "favor enhancers"? If you drink their shit, imagine what Coke® does.

Lowlife, lying dirtbag, commie scumbag, presidential candidate Barry Soetero ∅bummer (FAGGOT-IL) and his fugly, lardass Wookie-wife Moochelle gave $10,772 of the $1.2 million they earned from 2000 through 2004 to charities, or less than 1%, according to tax returns for those years released today by his campaign. The ∅bummer increased the amount they gave to charity when their income rose in 2005 and 2006 after the Illinois senator published a bestselling book. The $137,622 they gave over those two years amounted to more than 5 percent of their $2.6 million income. Shit, I donated almost $400,000 to charities in 2011, on a paltry salary of $35,000; I took only 7 monthly paychecks, in order to pay my employees, utility bills, insurance, taxes, vendors etc. The filthly ∅bummers made MILLIONS and essentially GAVE NOTHING!

I support CT East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo (R-CT) over his "tacos comment"; fuck everyone else – Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra (DOGSHIT-CT), East Haven Democratic Town Committee Chairman Gene Ruocco (TURD-CT) and East Haven resident Marcia Chacon (BITCH-CT) – including the lowlife, asshole moron CT Gov, Dannel P. Malloy (ASSHOLE-CT)! There are NO "Hispanics" in America; only AMERICANS. If you aren't an AMERICAN, get the fuck outta MY COUNTRY, asshole scumbags! Don't apologize to anyone for anything, Joe; go have some "double taco supremes" and a cold beer; I love 'em! (No beer for me, though).

I also noticed that gas prices-at-the-pump had risen 14¢ since Monday, alone: Unleaded Regular (87 oct) is up to $3.59/gal from $3.45/gal, Unleaded Premium (89oct) is up to $3.69/gal from $3.54/gal, Premium (93 oct) is now at $3.89/gal from $3.75/gal, and Diesel Fuel has settled-in at $3.99/gal. This is total lib-dem bullshit! Didn't president sambo m•therf•cker, Barry ∅bummer-Soetero (LIAR-IL) lie in the "SOTU Show" just the other night; that "we're drilling more now and importing less oil than we have in the past 8 years"? Lying asshole scumbag!

Some People Just Need Killing

It's not my intention to be the judge here — that's God's "job" — but rather to "hasten the meeting" so that He can send the following subhuman filth to the "Fires of Hell", "River or Lake of Sulphur", or whatever He deems appropriate. I'd gladly/happily volunteer, at no cost to any of my Hard-Working, Fellow US Taxpayers, to gladly/gleefully/happily headshoot these murderous, lowlife dirtbags of all stripes — their skin-color doesn't matter to me, at all — "Whosoever shall shed man's blood, his blood shall be shed: for man was made to the image of God." – Genesis 9:6 and rid American Society's innocents — especially our precious children and the frail, defenseless elderly — of the subhuman criminals, once-and-for-all. And yes, I'd rather see one innocent man convicted and executed, than 10 murderers/robbers/child rapists-murderers freed, to rob, rape and murder again. Hey; call me an "Old Fashioned Conservative"! Too harsh? Nah. Just & RIGHT!

Society's innocents — our precious, defenseless children and the frail, defenseless elderly — must be protected from predators, murderers, rapists, robbers and other subhuman filth, at all times and at any cost, IMO.

Yes, I agree with the premise of this article, that "the death penalty is a Noahic Covenant with God, in a post-flood world", and America should apply it every-damned-day, to those deserving death for their crimes against society and its innocents. Once again, I freely volunteer my services to headshoot and kill all of the condemned criminals, absolutely free-of-charge, to any and all US or State Taxpayers!/

200 years from now, I want the muslim/islamics' children's children's children's children to cower and cringe in fear whenever they hear the sounds of jet engines overhead because their legends tell of fire from the sky. I want them to hide in wet, dark caves and hellish-holes in the earth, shivering with terror whenever they hear the roar of diesel engines because the tales of their ancestors talk about metal monsters crawling over the earth, spitting death and destruction. I want their mothers to be able to admonish them with "If you don't behave, the Pale Destroyers will come for you", and that will be The 6th Commandment actually says: "Thou Shalt Not Murder". It does NOT say, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." I personally don't consider any summary-execution — except by subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic pigshit — as murder, in any way, shape or form. It's "Due-Justice-For-Crimes-On-This-Earth", IMO. enough to reduce them to quivering obesience. I want the annihilation to be so complete that their mythology will tell them of the day of judgment when the stern gods from across the sea – the powerful Americans – destroyed their forefathers' wickedness.200 years from now, I want their children's children's children's children to cower and cringe in fear whenever they hear the sounds of jet engines overhead because their legends tell of fire from the sky. I want them to hide in dark caves and holes in the earth, shivering with terror whenever they hear the roar of diesel engines because the tales of their ancestors talk about metal monsters crawling over the earth, spitting-out death and destruction. I want their mothers to be able to admonish them with "If you don't behave, the Pale Destroyers will come for you", and that will be enough to reduce them to quivering obesience. I want the annihilation to be so complete that their mythology will tell them of the Day Of Judgment when the stern gods from across the sea – the powerful Americans – destroyed their forefathers' islamic/muslim wickedness.

Here's reason #1 why I carry daily concealed (CCW-PA 1990) either my Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine or my new Kimber 1911 Stainless "Custom TLE (Tactical Law Enforcement) II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine, in a Galco® Paddle FED Holster for the 5" Kimber, and a Galco® Paddle Dual 8-Round Mag Carrier for 2 extra Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazines.

Thanks for killing yourself; now rot and burn in Hell, Ryan Brunn, 20, for molesting and murdering a sweet, little seven-year-old girl, Jorelys Rivera. RIP with God, Jorelys.

Murderers (6th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Murder" NEVER "pay their debt to society" – THEY CAN'T BE REHABILITATED; THEY NEED SUMMARY-KILLING – and for shithead, lowlife, dirtbag, alcoholic, child-molesting, pet-beating, wife-abusing, fat, bloated, mentally-ill, RINO/GOPer slob, disgraced failure, gov Haley Barbour (RINO-MS) to pardon and release subhuman filth – David Gatlin, Joseph Ozment, Charles Hooker and Anthony McCray – on January 8th, with 10 other convicted murderers, is an act of "accomplice-to-murder", in-and-of itself, on his part. Barbour should be summarily-executed, right next to those 4 subhuman murderers, IMO!

Subhuman, murderous, pig-f•cking, little boy-raping muslim/islamic, piece-of-dogshit, Jamshid Muhtorov, 35, a "refugee" from Uzbekistan, living in Colorado, NEEDS SUMMARY-KILLING, for plotting attacks inside the US! Kill the faggot muslim!

Has-been, washed-up, no-talent, two-bit Robert Redford is a pathetic, ghost of a creature; just look at his awful, ugly face in that picture and read what he incoherently says, about the "1% vs 99%", excepting of course his wealthy, rich, corporate sponsors and so-called alcoholic, drug-addicted, "celebrity friends", all of whom are lowlife, white trash asshole garbage/shit/trash/filth. F•ck you, hypocritical, lying old man! You couldn't pay me enough to come to that garbage shithole, called "Sundance Festival"! It's a collection of criminals, serial liars, scum, filth, homos, faggots, drunks, addicts, corrupt liberal corporations and other assorted lowlifes. Hey, Redford: DROP DEAD, old man and do the world a real favor, asswipe!

Yes, RACIAL PROFILING IS A LAWFUL, VALID & PROVEN TECHNIQUE, and should be used everyday, by every law enforcement agency; but mistreating people, isn't valid in any way, shape or form. Unless they're muslim/islamic terrorists; then they NEED SUMMARY KILLING!

These 4 subhuman muslim/islamic punk filth NEED IMMEDIATE KILLING – Ali Bajjey, Fanar Al-Alsady, Hadee Attia and Mohamed Ahmed – from a pig-f•cking muslim "charter" school (illegal) violently attacked a player from the opposing Christian school's team, Lutheran Westland’s quarterback, and deliberately gave him a concussion. Their subhuman, little boy-raping, ambulance-chasing dirtbag, Hezbollah terrorist-supporting att'y, Nabih Ayad, needs summary-execution, too. Shoot and kill the 5 lowlife dirtbag, muslim/islamic garbage/shit/trash/feces-eating punks; all of them! I volunteer!

Another "happy ending" to a home invasion: subhuman, criminal bitch, Rovena Turner, is dead and rotting-in-Hell, where the skank belongs, IMO!

I wish that I could have been there, when someone knocked the head off a Jeses' statue, completely decapitating Christ and pushed the statue off its base, in Dorchester (MA); I'd have shot and killed them on-the-spot! DEAD! $100 says it was subhuman, pigfucking muslim/islamic filth!

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