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Friday, Jan 28, 2005

as with any crime which goes unpunished, the next time it occurs, it's usually more brazen due to previous legal laxity. Such was the case last November: Milwaukee, WI, Washington state, The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornia and the Middle America state of Ohio were just a few of the many scenes of voter fraud. Thousands of other locations are also suspect. Philadelphia, Chicago, DC are just a few of the most notorious places where the electoral process is severely compromised or completely broken, and no one seems to care. The local, criminal lib-demokkkRATs are complicit in it, and the local, spineless GOPers don't want to cause any problems with the status quo. Meanwhile, America is also greatly compromised when the Rule of Law is ignored. Activist liberal judges also ignore the problem, setting the stage for repetition of the crimes. The lib-dem criminals are still in denial, and won't come out of it, anytime soon. Liberals infiltrate and infect the Body Politic, and hate the very core of America. Protest Warrior is a good place to start, if you're into Saving America and Her People, from another 9-11, or whatever comes next. I am.

Around The Garden Center®.
Another slow week at the GC&N Complex. I've had my five nursery stock reps in and we've reviewed the Spring '05 orders, made final changes, and now I'm working on additional orders for hostas, perennials, ornamental grasses, hardy cacti, alpine perennials, and more from existing and new suppliers. By mid-March, 14-19 tractor trailer loads of trees and shrubs will be rolling into the place, and we'll be setting everything up for our 15th Open House, on Saturday, April 2nd. The all hell breaks loose, for another season.
Gas prices at the pump have gone up almost 20¢ in the past two weeks, while world crude prices have come down. Here in the York (PA) area, unleaded regular (87 octane) is up to $1.89/ gal. Go figure.
The brutally-cold weather returned on Thursday, with nighttime temps in the single digits, daytime temps in the teens and more snow and ice forecast for the weekend, and into next week. Yes, I'm well into my Winter "feed the birds" routine, using 40-60lbs of seed each week now. Leaving fresh water for them is problematic, since it freezes with 15-20 minutes. I tried the diminutive birdbath coil heater, but the birds are wary of the unit and the electric cord, and stay well away from it.
Was January 24th one of your worst days of the year? Other than being cold and snowy, I don't remember it as being particularly depressing.
Here's a handy SSI (Social Security Income) calculator to figure out what the "lockbox" contains for you and yours. The second screen is where you enter more detail to get an even better picture of your SSI worth.
Beware of commercial instant tea mixes; the flouride levels are very dangerous. Don't drink the filthy stuff myself, but I have many employees who do.
Of the 3 "bottle banks" I've filled with assorted change over the years — I hate carrying pockets full of change, gotta dump it somewhere — I cashed-in a 3ft tall Rolling Rock® Beer Bottle with 7,990 dimes, collected over 9 years; equalling $799.00 in folding money. Next up is the late-60s-era glass Coca-Cola® Bottle, overflowing with pennies, collected over 14 years. Finally, I have a Budweiser® Beer Bottle with quarters, but I'll let that one go for a few more years, since it's only ¼ of the way full. Nice way to start out a Thursday morning.
My super-fast Cable Modem (3.1 MBPS Up/ 1.5 MBPS Down) went south on Thursday afternoon, and all the workarounds I tried wouldn't bring it back on-line. Dammit. They're coming to replace it, today. Again.
This quick quiz, is fun. Try it. Thanks PPC. Now, get back to work!

The Blizzard of '05™.
The early, well-prepared Winter Storm Warnings were posted late Thursday afternoon, and by midday Friday, everyone else was in full panic mode, rushing to the convenience stores, buying all the milk, bread and toilet paper they could get their hands on. I had already stocked-up two days prior, as part of my weekly shopping routine. Forecasters were already calling it a *blizzard*, with an expected 18-36" and higher totals of snow. Because of the extreme cold, it was predicted that the snow would be light and fluffy, rather than a heavy and wet snowfall. 16 20 people died, anyway.
I went in to work at around 9:30am on Saturday, and it was already snowing to beat the band. After feeding Pickle and stocking him up on both wet and dry food, plus freah water, I made random checks on the greenhouses, mindful of what happened just less than 2 years ago. And left early. On Sunday, I slept-in, and continually monitored the Net and CATV for storm-related news and totals. Since Pickle was well-stocked with food and water, I stayed home all day, with a nice roaring fire in the living room. My two condo cats and I caught up on some numerous hours of sleep, in front of the fireplace.
On Monday, I picked-up one of my employees — who's off for the Winter — to help out with shovelling the steps, walkways and greenhouses. It took the better part of the day, while I was plowing open the roads and parking lot. 16°F and windchills near zero, aren't much fun while sitting in the exposed cab of a John Deere 675B Skid Loader, so I had to take frequent "warm-up breaks" before frostbite set in. Despite a mere 8-10", we had 4-5ft drifts all over the danged place.
Here's the MotherLode List of Blizzards over the centuries, just in case you need a reference. I really can't call it a "blizzard" in this area, but New England sure can.

Finally, the collective dunderheads in the US Senate, by a vote of 85-13, confirmed Dr Rice, for SoS (Sec'y of State). Why Bill Frist (SPINELESS-TN) & Co allow the liberal-demokkkRAT partisan, racist, garbage, liberal-demokkkRATs there, to get away with this obstructionist crap, is beyond me. We own the freaking US Senate, 55-44, dammit; we also own the House of Reps, and The White House. The racist, bigoted, liberal-demokkkRATs still haven't confirmed President Bush's choice for Attorney General, Judge Alberto Gonzales. The racism and bigotry from the lib-dem trash, is deafening. America, are you listening for 2006 and 2008?
US Sen Arlie "I'm A Freaking Liberal" Sphincter (LIBERAL-PA), is a stone-cold waste of O2. I voted for Pat Toomey in the PA Primary, and am ashamed Sphincter's from my Red State (w/ 2 large Blue Cities).

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scumbags™.
More criminal, liberal-demokkkRAT scum arrested for tire slashing on GOP vehicles, on election day? Assholes.
Another liberal-demokkkRAT bigamist state legislator, Sen John Ford (BIGAMIST-TN), who heads a committee on child welfare, has acknowledged that he lives in separate homes with two women whose children he fathered. Can you say subhuman, lowlife scumbag?
Ahhhh, the new face of Kalifornia demokkkRATs: Secretary of State (SOS) Kevin Shelley (no relation!) is toast. Good riddance, scumbag.
Ted "CNN Is A Loser" Turner is mentally-ill. He's nuts, crazy, psycho, wacko, an idiot, a moron, a scumbag, a degenerate, a deviant, a coward, a traitor, a lowlife, a seditionist and a subhuman. Any questions, lib-garbage? Ummmm, thought so.
So is Petey "I'm An America-Hating Canadian" Jennings, schmuck host of ABC News. The dumbass Cannuck still thinks the Iraqi people were better off under Saddam Insane, the despot and mass-murderer. Idiot.
US Sen Robert "Sheets" Byrd (KKK-WVa) is also mentally-ill, and should be in prison.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
The fetid, festering shithole of socialism and perversion, called Sweden, has brought charges against a Christian website for "hate speech" against homosexuals, because the site presents a biblical case that homosexual behavior is wrong. The case is to be heard in Stenungsund district court in April. The prosecutor is seeking a jail term for the website administrator.
The title of this section doesn't get much lower than child molestation, but pervert and degenerate Mikey Jackson clearly defines subhuman filth.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Thomas Trantino — who should have gone to the chair 40 years ago — needs killing. right now. He murdered two NJ LEOs back in '63, and should have gone to the electric chair.
Michael Ross, 45, a filthy, dirty, subhuman in a filthy-dirty-black robe, is on death row for the murders of four young women in Connecticut in the early 1980s. His arrest in 1984 ended a three-year spree of attacks that stretched from Connecticut to New York, North Carolina, Illinois, and Ohio. He raped most of his victims, and killed eight of them, six in Connecticut. He needs killing, right now. He's subhuman filth, as is this liberal activist judge for postponing the execution.
Timothy Don Carr, 34, was executed Tuesday for fatally stabbing a teenager and beating him with a baseball bat as he pleaded for his life during a robbery. He received a lethal injection at the state prison in Jackson for killing 17-year-old Keith Patrick Young in October 1992. Carr was pronounced dead at 8:37 p.m. Thanks you Georgia, for making my week!
And double thank you, Texas, for also making my week: Troy Kunkle, 38, met his death Tuesday for the 1984 abduction and fatal shooting of Corpus Christi resident Steven Wayne Horton. Kunkle was put to death by lethal injection after having faced the chamber on five previous occasions. He was the 338th inmate on Texas' death row to die by lethal injection, the second this year.
A double-murderer getting out of prison after 44 years? Wilbert Rideau should have been executed decades ago for his brutal, horrid murders. He's a piece of subhuman filth. Kill him.
Catarino Gonzalez, Jr, needs killing for murdering an LA Police Officer. Commute the life-plus-25yrs sentence, to death.

Artistic Tanks.
From the infinite fount of weird Americana comes a really great collection of painted tanks. Some are downright clever, such as Blaine County, Oklahoma's Cow tanks and the Watermelon tank. Many are appealing in a sloppy, amateurish way, like the Smile tank and the goofy Face tank. And some are unintentionally disturbing — witness the eerie Clown tank of Clark County, Ohio. But most will are designed to elicit a smile or two.

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