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Friday, January 23, 1998

in this national feeding frenzy over Slick Willie The Bubba's latest peccadillo with a young, nubile White House intern, one thing is certain: sex in The White House will never be the same. There have always been dirty old men occupying The White House since day one, but not since the stories broke of the immoral JFK adventures, has there been a reason to keep an eye on The Oval Office and it's various nooks and crannies. Is Oval Sex now replacing Oral Sex, or are they interchangeable terms? In fact, the president's wife has had the plumbing crews eliminate all in-house warm water, now preferring cold showers to bathe the errant presidential member in, rather than the various seething thermal puddings which have gotten him into trouble thus far. Brrrrr.

Sauce For The Goose.
If a candidate for Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs had any history of extramarital affairs, s/he would be automatically disqualified and probably asked to resign upon discovery of that secret. In fact, last year, a general and an admiral were disqualified for past extramarital affairs. The two most qualified were passed over in favor of someone who might as well have been a priest.
If the CEO of a family-oriented company like P&G or Disney (prior to the Eisner scumbag) were found to have questionable sexual histories, the public outcry would be resounding in calling for their heads on a platter.
Washington is full of sex-related scandals. Power and money attract it; nay, demand it. But the Nation's highest office has now become a repository for sex scandals, liars, cheats and cover-ups of all sorts. JFK started and LBJ continued the trend in the 60s; Nixon added to the dubious tradition in the 70s; Reagan allowed its re-breeding in the 80s and Clinton perfected it with public blessing in the 90s. What's wrong with this picture?
Our Nation must decide whether to hold the president to the same standards as we hold generals, admirals and CEOs. Without that uniform standard in place, gross inequity occurs and no single individual should should have their feet held to the coals without everyone suffering the same painful, public scrutiny.
Seems Clinton's gotten a pile of free passes over the years on this issue.
To err is human; to lie about it and obstruct justice are no-no's.

Believers At Last?
For many months, I've remarked about the American Public's we don't give a shit attitude as being representative of a continuing moral decline. The public's fascination with and feigned-ignorance of Clinton's crimes has become unhealthy. Now, they've finally awakened and Bubba's sliding down in the so-called opinion polls. But only slightly.
It's not so much the peccadilloes, liaisons and trysts everyone who voted for Clinton in '92 (not me) and again in '96 (not me) was well informed of his many indiscretions (sexual adventures) and accompanying denials (lies) but rather the subsequent attempts at covering up via perjury and obstruction of justice that will destroy his presidency. What Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate et al couldn't do, his wandering penis will.
It's only taken a scandal and crisis of constitutional proportions to awaken this realization that the liberal Clinton scumbag is not worthy of being a sitting president.

Wiggle Room.
Clinton still muses the age-old question of hair-splitting semantics: is a simple Blow-Job really considered a sexual affair?. My, my, what weighty issues occupy the Leader Of The Free World's so-called mind these days. His rationale based upon some obscure biblical scriptures that oral sex is not an immoral sexual relationship, stretches rationality to its lowermost limits.
The splitting of hairs especially pubic hairs in the terminology of intercourse brings the science of semantics down to a whole new level. Leave it to a lowlife, liberal lawyer to fine tune the meaning of a phrase for his/ her own perverted, twisted rationale and ease of use.
Does the president navigate his sexual world with such semantic precision? An Arkansas state trooper quoted in the January 1994 American Spectator claimed as much. He said that Clinton consulted the Bible on the subject of oral sex and concluded that the Good Book doesn't consider it to be adulterous. Black's Law Dictionary backs Clinton on this one, defining "adultery" as an act of sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than his or her spouse. Call it the Blow-Job Exemption. Or, as the barroom philosophers put it, "Eatin' ain't cheatin'." When confronted on ABCs Nightline during the 1992 campaign with allegations that he'd bedded Gennifer Flowers, Clinton responded that she was "a woman I never slept with." As all accomplished philanderers know, volunteer too detailed a denial and you only dig yourself in deeper.
The Houdini-proof question for Clinton is: "Did you ever have sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky?" Sexual contact is defined in most states as "any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person done for the purpose of gratifying the sexual desire of either party." No wiggle room in this definition. How close is close?
But hey, that's (y)our Billy-Boy. I didn't vote for the liar either time, and I'm damn proud of it.

Obstruction of Justice.
The most serious aspect of this whole lurid and sordid situation is the impeachable one: obstruction of justice and suborning perjury. It's what ultimately brought Tricky Dick Nixon down with a thump. Somehow, I think most Americans would agree that the sex aspect isn't as bad as the perjurative portion of this whole disaster.
At a glance, it appears somewhat bleak. But things change over time: it'll get much worse as the truth comes out. Documents are now surfacing that show the bimbo how to perjure herself during the Jones deposition.
Some so-called heavyweights were involved on this Monica tart's behalf. Philanthropic ventures? Charity? A do-gooder? Methinks not. More likely favors to Bubba to keep the tramp out of sight and mind until things cooled off with various political activity and the presidential member.
Meanwhile, the president's popularity continues to drop. The public is finally realizing that he's a liar and a cheat.
Another liberal scumbag who's in it up to his eyeballs, also defends Clinton at every turn, no matter what the situation. Right or wrong, he's my president and golfing buddy, rationalizes Jordan. Of course, we all know what a notorious cheat Clinton is on the golf course. Imagine if Jordan actually told the truth for once about Slick Willie. Fat chance for this Uncle Tom to ever get it right.

Bimbo #_?_.
Clinton's had quite a history of bimbo eruptions, but this one's the corker.
From Gennifer to Dolly to Paula, he doesn't quite rank with the JFK adventures, but he was working on it.
Apparently, the latest bimbo's family-friend attorney isn't terribly bright either. He's turned down an offer of immunity for who-knows-what at a later time. Gambling that the prosecutor's next offer might be more to his liking is a risky thing.
Well, at least she has a qualified attorney: a friend-of-the-family who is now representing her is an ambulance chaser. Perfect. The lowest of the lowlifes in the legal field. Maybe Willie's going to counter-sue due to Monica's notorious overbite. Indeed, someone may have seen the presidential member getting exercised. Calling all witnesses.
But the intern-bimbo, Monica, has indeed a ace-card-up-her-sleeve, or rather on the sleeve, so to speak: an article of clothing with the president's dried DNA material on it. Hmmm, bad aim there, Bubba.
An enigma herself, it will be interesting to see how the sweet, wide-eyed innocent Monica gets out of this one. Just friends with Bubba? Umm, kinda doubt it.
Apparently, Monica's had many other friends along the way as well. And she'll probably do just fine for herself as a result of all this, before she commits suicide in a lonely motel room.

Al The Idiot Speaks.
After trying to distance himself from Clinton, shit-for-brains Al "I didn't do anything wrong and I won't do it again" Gore weighed in with a truly moronic statement of mis-fact.
Will the Gore Whore be able to back away cleanly after verbally defending Bubba's Willie, and he hopes, suffer no lasting damage? I think the voting public knows better. He's almost as dirty as Clinton, though not in the sexual sense. In fact, neither he nor his alcoholically-named wife, Tipper, have seen Al's member since 1989. They reported it as a runaway to the DC Police, who promptly posted a 1"x2" lifesize picture of it on AOL for the porno chat room perverts to laugh at. Even his wife says Al's hung like a mosquito.
Well, at least no controlling legal authority was watching over Al-Baby and nodding in disapproving fashion. He did it all on his own this time. Pretty good for a brain-dead cretin from Tennessee.
Although professing belief in his (soon-to-be-former) boss and benefactor for the past 6 years, the Gore Whore will have to distance himself from Slick Willie quickly, or risk getting some of the same dried DNA material on himself as the lovely Monica intern so often did. 12-20 times worth, the tapes reveal.
And the Republican's idiot also speaks, but with a cretin's tongue. He's working on his atrocious spelling, too, reports indicate.

The World Stands Still.
The Pope was in that festering shit-hole, Cuba, for a historic meeting with the chief-scumbag, commie-dog, lowlife, Castro; Saddam was stirring things up in Iraq again with UN weapons inspectors; the middle east is still about to explode. Situation normal, right? Every other major national and world-class event was reduced to a mere afterthought. All anyone around the world can now do is read the lurid details about Clinton's latest oral sex adventures. The tabloids had a wonderful time.
The White House is now clearly distracted from conducting the Nation's business at home and in the world. The staff is still stunned at the news. The ability to govern is severely impugned, despite Clinton's pathetic denials.
Many of Bubba's tunnelvision, diehard, lowlife liberal supporters are incredulous at the very thought that a bimbo would kiss and tell. They obviously haven't read the pertinent facts. Just the facts, m'am.
Foreign governments are viewing this with the same rose-colored glasses: why is America so concerned with a minor indiscretion of an obvious and well-known philanderer, who just happens to be the president? Once again, many people miss the legal point: it's not the blow-jobs, it's the obstruction of justice and suborning perjury that matters.
In three short days, the public opinion polls fickle instruments that they are have swung dramatically.
As I've said in many of these Journal entries, it'll be an interesting year.

Bottom Line.
It happened so fast, it was like shit zipping through a goose. From zero to mach-1, it rocked the world of politics from top to bottom. I was stunned at first that Clinton could get caught in something so trivial, after all the major crises he'd somehow squirmed out of.
I've never liked Bill or Hilary Clinton; almost every Journal entry since first putting up these 100-plus pages has remarked, denigrated, criticized, lambasted, lamented and raged about Clintonism, liberals, democrats and other associated scum ruining this country and getting away with it for years. But how could someone so obviously adroit and politically adept be so careless?
All the criminal activities they've pursued Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, missing files, bribery, corruption, perjury ad infinitum they've gotten away with so far. Ken Starr's $30 million, 3-year investigation has gone nowhere. Until now.
It might be a little too late to invoke any deity, but you can sure give Slick Willie The Bubba and Hitlery credit for trying. What the hell. If her Bubba Boy loses his White House lodgings, the scuzzed-out, old liberal hag will have to take public transportation and eat at Burger King, two of many common things she abhors. No more White House amenities at taxpayer's expense.
Despite all the denials and evasions, Clinton did do it. His 25-30 year history of adultery, philandering and lying precludes all statements to the contrary. Even Hitlery's lying denials and so-called counteroffensive is only offensive to those interested in the truth. Something the Clinton's specifically, and the democrats and liberals in general, know little about.
The statements about a "vast right wing conspiracy..." from The White House smack of paranoia and fear of discovery. Hitlery should be used to her faithless husband by now. Somehow, I believe she doesn't care as long as she gets the trappings of power and The White House prestige as First Bitch for the full eight years.
Poor, pathetic Hitlery can't seem to understand that it's not a conspiracy to hurt her and her husband, as she puts it; it's her husband who is the unethical and immoral scumbag bringing this raft of shit on both of them. Somehow, I think she knows that, but is trying to deflect the blame for his lifetime of immoral behavior. But the so-called conspiracy line plays well to all the liberal filth. He joins a long list of disgraced politicians.
Even Chelsea has to put up with her parents' lies and immorality. Maybe the Child Welfare Service ought to remove her from the evil Clintons' clutches and provide a safe, moral environment for the child to grow up in. Though, it's probably too late for that now.
Even now, the moron Clinton and his shit-for-brains-lawyer Bennett argues that the Supreme Court was wrong in allowing the Paula Jones suit to go forward because of its distraction to Clinton's action on behalf of the American people. What a f*cking load of liberal shit. Does anyone think it has anything to do with Slick Willie's Willie being unable to be controlled?
The State of The Union Speech was impressive for what he didn't say.
As a topper, Bubba was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his foreign policy initatives. Ironic at best.

The Rains & Ice Cometh.
Friday saw a huge storm moving from the southeast up the mid-atlantic coast and into new england, dumping tremendous amounts of snow, freezing rain and just plain rain in its path.
Leaving for work at 7am (I'm on Winter hours now) I got caught in the mess, as did thousands of other commuters. By the time I got into the Garden Center complex, it was raining so heavily the three multi-million gallon retention ponds had filled and were overflowing. Several of the 4" drainage pipes had become clogged, so I had to clear those manually.
With dry and warm clothes now just a distant memory, I began inspecting the greenhouses for any standing water problems. None found. Everything was draining into the ponds. And the ponds were overflowing all over the place.
I counted 2.4" in the rain gauges on Saturday morning. We should be pretty close to having the drought emergency from last Summer officially lifted.
The following Wednesday saw another storm this time the dreaded ice and freezing rain follow the same track, coating everything with 1-2" of ice. Temps hovered around 32F and, after doing some severe damage to weakened trees and a few power lines, melted off and returned things to normal. Ice is the worst; I can deal with blizzards and just about anything else, but the potential damage that ice storms bring is devastating.

Spring Orders.
The actual nursery stock and perennial orders were placed last year by me during the Summer and Fall; I'm receiving Acknowledgements and Confirmations now and beginning the ritual of sorting out any duplications, as well as finding gaps and holes where they exist. Sometimes I overlook certain items, as well as have to re-check for special order items that certain customers have requested.
Reviewing the large residential and speciality jobs scheduled since last year for this season, I know that 99% of what I need to complete them will be on-hand.
This year promises, based upon what I have confirmations for, to be the best year for acquiring and selling rare, unusual and hard-to-find nursery stock yet; again we'll have plant material that people from 11 states will travel here to buy and proudly install in their personal gardens. No one else anywhere even comes close.

Intellectual Capital.
For a good conservative and occasionally moderate read on what's happening, try Intellectual Capital's website.
Many thanks to Journal friend Jan for pointing that site out.

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