circular firing squads
Friday, January 3, 2003

Why is the National GOP (RNC) so adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, in a fratricidal fusillade, on such a regular basis? Because we "take the high road"? Maybe we should split into two groups, with one taking the same "low road" the lib-dem scum are on, and do battle directly. The Republicans in California are spending as much time beating each other up over their flatulent centrist vs Conservative ideology chasms, as they are chasing the lies of the liberal democRATs. Everyone piled on Trent Lott, and rightly so; not for what he said about Strom Thurmond, but rather for the wimpy non-leadership in the US Senate, he's shown over the past 10 years. The third most powerful man in America was totally impotent and completely useless to the President; he had to go. There've been hundreds of such local and national instances over the few years. Lib-democRATs have marvelled at how the GOP can so easily eat their own, without benefit of condiments. All the pity, that they/we massacre our own, while the opposition lib-dems have no morals, scruples, mores or values, to rescue their deviant liberal soulless beings. While the democRATs are the historical Party of Racism LBJ, Gore Sr, Thurmond, Byrd, Hollings etc the underperforming GOP gets tagged with the label, since many of the ex-dem "DixieCrats" of the 40s-50s-60s have switched sides. And the GOP now has to carry that dirty water until they die-off. Instead of educating America's blacks not African-American shit about the evils of being kept of the democRAT's "political plantation" for the past 50+ years, the GOP takes a pass at every opportunity, in the name of being "publicly civil". BS. After eight awful years of BJ Klintoon's lies, America wants to hear the truth, and W should be using the "bully pulpit" on a regular basis. It's unforgivable that that venue is readily available, and isn't being used. It's long past time to drop the civility shit, and take the liberal garbage and democRAT trash head-on with the truth. And I don't mean "The Rush Limbaugh Show"; it's got to come from The White House. Are you listening, W? Ummm, no; thought so. Round and round they go, shooting each other again and again and again.

Around The Garden Center.
First, let me wish you a belated Happy New Year, as I was remiss in doing so last Friday, mooooooor-ron that I am. I hope you and yours celebrated with gusto and style, safely of course, and enjoyed the painless transition to '03. I wish good health and much happiness to you and yours in the coming years. Despite what our Nation and Civilization is facing from destructive force within and without, we'll survive and prosper. The righteous always do. God Bless America. And no; no predictions for the New Year.
What did I do for New Year's Eve? Stayed home, consumed a few adult beverages, listened to The Savage Nation, worked on my website changes for '03, turned-in around 11pm; nothing special. Too many drunks and kooks out in the night; too many accidents. I haven't been a New Year's Eve reveller since back in the 70s and 80s. What did you do? In case you did too much, here's some remedies for what ails ya.
In the south, they have hog jowls, black-eyed peas etc on New Year's Day; here in Pennsylvania, we have pork and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and applesauce, for good luck.
Clean-up after a major-league Nor'Easter takes the better part of a week, not just a day or two. I spent in between meetings with nursery stock brokers over 3+ days plowing, shovelling and grooming the snowfall from last week's Winter Storm. I brought-in a couple of my furloughed landscape crew to help with the large, multiple tree pruning jobs, damaged by the wet snow and ice storm, last week. And I repaired the 7ft snowplow blade, which had a pin sheared-off from my pushing too-much-at-a-time, heavy wet snow. Lesson learned.
My favorite Conservative Talk Radio? Why, The Savage Nation, of course, from 7pm-10pm EST, Monday thru Friday. (Top right corner of webpage; click on "Listen Live Click Here" link. I think it's a C&W format, the rest of the time; dunno for sure, as I only listen to Savage in the evenings. Here's a funny left-wing article about why talk radio is too far to the right. Here's a few other options for The Savage Nation; KXL's link next best, but logon by 6:45pm. Borders - Language - Culture!
Had your Interview With God, yet? I've had mine... and I'm going to Hell for my Journal. Deny you've ever been there, read it; whatever. Deny you know me or my Conservative American Thoughts. Ooooops, too late; He already knows you're here.
If you're a bird feeder, as I am, this WSJ article will open your eyes to some problems associated with the practice. Doesn't deter me, as I have thousands of pairs of nesting birds on the 20acres, and they need food in the Winter months. 50-100lbs a week is the average.
With all 241 dead humans this year, and now many thousands of dead animals, I still think the West Nile Virus came from Sodomy Insane or from Cuba in '99. And it looks like it's going to get worse in the coming years.
I've said it for years: the world will go to war over fresh, potable water. Sooner, rather than later.
As I'm reading this article about the FBI frantically searching for 5 dangerous Mooooooos-lim terrorists who've just illegally entered the US, I'm also loading my AR-10 (.308cal w/ Leupold MK IV CB/T 4x sight) 20-rnd mags for carrying in my '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, and unloading my AR-15 (.223cal w/ Trijicon TA01 ACOG 3.5x sight) 30-rnd mags (to relieve spring pressure), which has been in the back seat since September. C'mon Islamic pigshitshit filth, take a drive out this way. We Pennsylvanians have a special score to settle with you deviant Islamic Mooooooos-lim subhumans, for United Flight 93 in Shenksville (PA) on 9-11. Let's roll.
I love a happy ending to a criminal carjacking story: Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.
Here in Pennsylvania, we're bordered by liberal and democRAT morons in Maryland and New Jersey. At 12:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, Maryland became the first state in the nation to require that only new handguns with internal trigger locks could be sold in the state. Only six handguns currently meet the law's standards, and those firearms are relatively expensive, compared to weapons commonly purchased by civilians for self-defense. New Jersey will become the first state to require so-called "smart gun" technology, though the law won't actually take effect for at least three years. The technology to block a handgun from firing unless it is held by an authorized user does not currently exist according to gun manufacturers and safety experts. And now, New York is banning toy guns. It's already way too late for The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornicate. And the horror which is taking place in the UK, because of a total handgun ban, is quite telling: they've banned the wrong guns.
What is it about The 2nd Amendment, that the liberal morons and democRAT cretins don't understand?
Uh oh, I'm scanning the weather maps and it looks like another 2-9" of snow/sleet/freezing rain is going to hit us on Friday morning. The 2½" of rain we had on New Year's Day is just getting rid of the 14" of snow we had on Christmas Day. I'm guessing the ground is pretty saturated with moisture, now, and that local flooding will soon be fairly widespread after a few more snowfalls. No complaints, as the run-off into the streams, rivers and reservoirs will pay big dividends in the Spring.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture from Hitlery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100+ stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.

Islam, The Religion of Peace™.
Here's an eye-opener for you: the Moooooos-lims 20 year plan to take over America. It'll soon be war in the streets. Arm yourselves well, fellow Americans.
Here's a crock of pigshit: Islam is a Religion of Peace.
Find and whack the infamous Moooooos-lim "Trinity of Terror" residing in London, England; Abu Qatada, Omar Bakri Muhammad, and Abu Hamza al-Masri. We ignore them at our peril.
Get the stinking Somali Mooooooos-lim filth out of Lewiston, Main; send that trash back to their point of origin, and get them off American welfare. Think I'm racist? Not at all; they don't belong here. They're leeches and subhuman garbage.
Portland, Oregon is full of Moooooooos-lim terrorists; you folks better wake the hell up. Ignore them at your own peril.
Time to destroy the lying, backstabbing subhuman Saudi Mooooooos-lim garbage, whack all the Saudi "royalty" scumbags who enable Wahhabi terrorists, take over the oilfields and administer them properly, split out the deviant moon god monuments to the Kurds, and re-draw the Middle East map in our own image.
Hmmmmm, Russia still having problems with Mooooooos-lim terrorists, too? C'mon, "Putie-Poot": find them and whack them all. No prisoners. Clean your own house first; then lend a hand cleansing the rest of the world of subhuman Mooooooos-lim trash.
Want some real education about the evils of Islam? Go to Islam Exposed and become educated. He's emailed me recently that The Muslim Brotherhood has twice tried to whack him, so he's changed his name and moved to Canada. C'mon Mooooooos-lim pigshit punks: find me and try something! I'm ready and waiting, cowardly subhumans. I truly want to whack you!
Why wasn't this 150-member Islamic terrorist pigshit filth convention whacked en masse (in Bosnia)? C'mon CIA: you knew they were there; whack them all! What the hell are you waiting for? whack THE ISLAMOFASCISTS!
Looks like Europe's going to take some heat in '03, from the cowardly Islamic pigshit subhumans. Maybe that'll wake them up.
A group of whining, lowlife moronic Pakistani-Americans has denounced the requirement that young Pakistanis who are not permanent residents register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service by Feb. 21 or be deported. Aw gee whiz, diaperhead scumbag filth: cry me a eff-ing river. Register your stinking Mooooooos-lim asses, or be deported.
Any doubt the Saudi lowlife scumbag filth are terrorist supporters? Read this articlet.
I love it when Israel whacks subhuman Mooooooos-lim terrorists; this time they got 9 of the boy-buggering lowlife Islamic filth. The pigshit is flowing once again!
India plans to deport 11,000+ Pakistanis who have overstayed in the country and impose travel restrictions on tourists from Pakistan, junior Interior Minister Vidyasagar Rao said on Sunday. The US needs to deport millions of subhuman Mooooooos-lim filth too, and NOW, dammit!
FBI ALERT: 19 Mooooooos-lim terror cell enters US, to do damage New Year's Eve. Find 'em and whack 'em, FBI! Or let us do it for you? We'd enjoy an "open season" on Mooooooos-lim terrorist subhuman filth; truly, we would, G-Men. Please, please, please? And they're still looking for the 19 Mooooooos-lim subhumans. This guy apparently thinks they're worth catching.
whack the filthy, lowlife Mooooooos-lim Islamic A-rab Iraqi BITCH, Dr Rihab Taha, Doctor Germ! End of problem.
Israel takes multiple missile hits in the coming Iraq War and can defend themselves, OK'd by the US?
The number of Americans seeking refugee status in Canada mostly Mooooooos-lims claiming they're being persecuted has jumped by more than 100 since last year, Canadian officials said yesterday. Wow, I wish they'd all leave and go to Canuckistan.
I do sooooo agree: whack any and all terrorists before they can whack us. I just wish I could get in on the action.
A Canadian mosque has warned followers that wishing someone a Merry Christmas is like congratulating a murderer, reports the Toronto Star. The e-mailed alert went out on the Khalid Bin Al-Walid mosque's Internet message service on Christmas day, stating that congratulating non-Muslims on their festivals "is like congratulating someone for drinking wine, or murdering someone or having illicit sexual relations and so on." It instructs its readers to stop greeting colleagues on Christmas with "Merry Christmas" and to avoid Christmas parties. Aw gee whiz, subhuman Mooooooos-lim filth: cry me a effing river, boy-buggering, women-mutilating Islamic pigshit garbage. My apologies to porkfat for equating it with lesser Mooooooos-lim trash. Find 'em all and whack 'em.
In Friday sermons across the Middle East last week, deviant, subhuman, pigshit-eating Islamic leaders denounced American "plots" against Muslims and called on their false moon god to destroy Jews, the United States and its allies.
More proof that Islam is a worthless cult of deviants, scumbag, lowlifes and liars; they claim to have invented much science. The truth is: they stole it from all the civilizations they conquered. Islam have contributed nothing positive to the world. Islam a an insane cult of death.

The end of New York City is at hand: the Mayor Mikey Bloomberg (RINO-NY) moron's smoking ban will whack the restaurant and bar business. Bloomberg's a liberal democRAT; how the heel did he get elected as a Republican?
Hello President Bush? Anyone with a functioning brain watching the southern border? Millions of illegal Mexicans are flooding the US border states. Wake up and get the damned INS to do their job: round-up and deport all of them!
Repeal The Endangered Species Act of 1973; it's ruining America.
Thanks to the spineless scumbag moron, NY Gov Pataki (RINO-NY), this "gay homo rights" shit is out of hand and will further bankrupt New York State. Homos don't need 'special laws; they need and deserve the same protection the rest of us have and get. The moron governor should have vetoed the bill, but the Pataki putz is so liberal, it's sickening.
Finally! Tort reform!! Go GOP, go get those sum-bitch ambulance-chasing lawyer filth! About damned time. whack all the lawyers (sayeth Shakespeare) and start over.
This is unbelievable, but expected: Saudi Arabia was the state sponsor of 9-11. Take 'em down and whack all the subhuman pork-eating Saudi goat-humping "royalty", NOW! Take over the oilfields; let Israel administer them under our supervision. Problem is: the GOP won't let it come out for 20-30 years.
And they sure won't let TWA 800's shoot down be re-investigated, since it'll show that terrorists used a portable Stinger-type missile in '96, which would destroy the crippled airline industry almost immediately.
On balance, here's one of the best assessments of the North Korean situation, and required pre-emptive action required to end it as a problem.
Bravo, Dr Bill Frist.

Lib-democRAT Filth.
Any doubt in your mind that the liberal democRATs are fully responsible for 9-11 and all attendant terrorist activity, via "Jake" reno's Dept of InJustice? Read this article if you don't understand what's truly going on. Makes my blood boil just thinking about that traitorous dyke bitch and what she did to America.
US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (Socialist/Idiot-NY) hasn't a brain cell left in her empty evil head. The stupid bitch warned on Friday that President Bush's decision not to negotiate with North Korea over that country's nuclear weapons program is a mistake. Lib-democRATs: The Party of Appeasement.
A federal liberal democRAT bitch judge Kimba Wood blocked the deportation of (c)rapper Ricky "Slick Rick" Walters yesterday, giving him fresh hope of winning his battle to stay in the United States. The ruling allows Walters, 37, to fight a deportation order stemming from his attempted-murder conviction for shooting a cousin, the cousin's pregnant girlfriend and a bystander. Deport this piece of subhuman idiot shit back to the UK, from whence he it came.
BJ Clintoon, serial rapist and lowlife piece of dogshit.
Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife Maggie were both admitted to the emergency room of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. At a news conference outside the hospital around 11 a.m., a doctor said the mayor and his wife were both suffering from the stomach flu, with violent vomiting, diarrhea and fainting episodes. Flu? Too bad, I was hoping it was life-threatening. He's destroyed Chicago and its suburbs. Drat.
The fat, ugly, stupid criminal turd-bitch, US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (Socialist-NY) opens her commie mouth once again, advocating nothing but extended welfare bullshit payments for 800,000 people. Find jobs, any jobs; work 1-2-3 if you have to, but get off unemployment/welfare. Open your own business, if you can. I did it; you can too.
Speaking of the fat, ugly, stupid, criminal turd-bitch, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, here's who she really is. Amazing the NY moooooor-rons elected her moron-ness.
Muslim prisoners can attend Friday afternoon religious services and wear short beards, under a religious freedom law upheld Friday by a federal appeals court in San Francisco. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Circus Court of Appeals rejected a challenge by California prison officials to a 2000 law banning federal funding to any prison that imposes a "substantial burden on (inmates') religious exercise," unless the state can show that a restriction is important for security reasons. f*ck Screw the Ninth Circus Court, W; replace those subhuman liberal filth with real human beings.
Arizona's so-called governor is a lesbian-bull-dyke-dog whore slut, alcoholic, drug-addicted subhuman lowlife lib-democRAT trash bitch, Gov-elect Janet "Jake" Napolitano. Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww, what a smelly dyke. AZ, you truly f*cked screwed-up by electing that subhuman. You will pay the price, moooooooor-rons. And we will watch you scream and cry with pain. Joyously. Enjoy the horror you've visited upon yourselves, with Johnnie "No Brain" McCain, too. We're enjoying it from this perspective, immensely.
Any doubt in anyone's mind that the democRATs are the party of racists? This article from a rabid lib-dem priest should clear that up, quickly.
Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum is a fraud, liar, lowlife, scumbag, punk, philanderer, extortionist, criminal, degenerate, deviant, RICO-candidate and tax evader. Here's why. And why isn't he in prison?
Hundreds-of-millions-of Real Americans are GLAD the Wellstone piece of shit is DEAD! Nevermind the cause. Trash taken out for pick-up.
The urine-colored hair lowlife scumbag, US Sen Joey LIEberman (LOSER/LIAR-CT) is "thinking of running" for Prez in '04, but he has to check with his whorebag wife, Hadassa the scuzbag, before he commits to it. He's a two-bit liar.
Don't think unions, labor bosses and democRAT politicians are corrupt? Read this.
Another empty-headed liberal democRAT moron enters the race: US Sen John Edwards (Moron-NC). Yawn.
The DC lowlifes voted-in moron Mayor Anthony A. Williams for a second term; no wonder the city is a shithole. A city of blacks, for black and by blacks. Pitiful, almost unending lib-dem garbage. It's always going to be a sewer when filth like Marion Barry and Williams run the place.

Lowlife Scumbag Garbage.
Kwanzaa is shitpola.
Ritts didn't die from pnuemonia; he died from AIDS. No sympathy and good riddance, scumbag.
Kevin Mitnick free and back on the Net? he should still be in prison as Bubba's "bitch".
Brigitte Boisselier, the Frog Piggy, who has brown beans for teeth and sucks porcine rectum, belongs to a wacko group associated with a group that believes extraterrestrials created mankind claimed Friday that it had produced the first clone of a human being. The company, Clonaid, announced it had created a healthy baby girl who was a clone of the 31-year-old American woman who gave birth to her. No proof was provided for the claim. The Boisselier Brown Tooth Bitch Bimbo is a fake and a fraud. Want to hurl your lunch? Read this article about her perversions.
Want your blood to boil? Read this article about wacko, anti-American liberal filth Border Action Network, Arizona Civil Liberties Union and the Office of Peace and Justice who want border patrols stopped and illegal immigration to run unchecked. They're all traitors and should be prosecuted and executed.
Is it any wonder that homosexuals are viewed as subhumans, with their attendant deviancies, self-spreading AIDS disease and assorted perversions and? Read this, and you'll know why the left-wing wacko filth is as such. Oh would that AIDS moved much, much faster in cleansing the earth of such lowlife garbage. Alas, the pity of it all.
Aw gee whiz, another drunken college punk mouthing-off to cops booking him for disorderly conduct etc. No sympathy, "White Rodney King". You get what you deserve, punk. "Better put some ice on that".
Eminem Enema's getting too big? he's a lowlife piece of white trash shit, that's all. A two-bit honky punk. Crawl back under your slimy rock, dirtbag asswipe ass-boy.
Only in Canada: A public school system that claims to promote diversity and tolerance should not ban books that advocate same-sex relationships to kindergartners, Canada's Supreme Court has ruled. Pathetic scumbag Canucks.
For the first time in more than eight years, convicted murderer and lowlife scumbag OJ Simpson attended a USC football practice yesterday, mingling and chatting with players in Miami, giving some of them autographs and posing for pictures with others. This man idiot should be on death row.
AIDS "vaccines" are a merely a license for deviant behavior; those with AIDS should die quickly, and those thinking of engaging in perversions, should think twice before they do. Condoms and clean needles are the answer, not vaccines.
The scrawny, lowlife, untalented idiot bitch, Dianna Ross, is a drunk? Go figure.
Michael Moore the fat, stupid, bloviated, ugly, alcoholic, drug-addicted, turd-boy, homo, lardass, liberal-democRAT, fudge-packer, rump-raider, two-dollar punk, fart-inhaler, lowlife scumbag, dirtbag, lowlife, liar, AIDS-riddled chump can't discern the truth if her/its life depends upon it. What a punk.
Oh joy! Another idiot dictator mooooooooor-ron sworn-in as dictator of Kenyan President. Hundreds of thousands of euphoric Kenyans squeezed into a Nairobi park today to watch as Mwai Kibaki was sworn in as the third president of Kenya, ending 24-years of "Big Man" rule by Daniel arap Moi. They had it so good under colonial rule; what have they got now? Wars, famine, pestilence and widespread death.
Prince Charles has abandoned an official visit to the United States because the White House has signalled he is not welcome. Yeah, stay home Chaz, you limp wristed punk or the Queen will beat you like a red-headed stepchild. BWAHAHAHAHA!
First, the liberal-socialists disarmed the UK through confiscation, and violent crime is rampant as criminals become the victims in the liberal courts; now they've screwed Canadian gun owners into "registering" their firearms, which is the next step before confiscation. The libs are still trying that here in America, one state at a time.
Any libs or dems who don't think there's a direct connection between homos and pedophilia? Read this.
Both Koreas are garbage, IMO; get the 37,000+ US Troops outta there, W. Let those lowlifes work out their many problem between themselves.
Don King Street in Atlantic City, NJ? He's a lowlife, racist, criminal scumbag. Well, ummmm, so was LBJ, Martin Luther King, and hundreds of others who've had streets, avenues, roads named after them. Of course, we're talking about New Joisey, "The Garbage State", so go ahead, Joisey.
What a shame: the Girls Scouts USA have been invaded and are now ruled by subhuman lesbian bull-dyke filth. So so sad. But at least the Boy Scouts are resisting and throwing out the homos, child molesters and atheist garbage.

These People Need Killing™.
Bravo Texas! Texas executed 33 people this year, the most of any US state and almost double the number put to death in Texas last year. Since resuming executions 20 years ago, 298 Texas inmates have been executed, far more than in any other state. The 17 executions in Texas in 2001 represented a sharp drop for the state, which executed a record 40 people in 2000 and has executed an average of 22 inmates annually since 1992. Made my year.
A liberal-democRAT judge, taking away a tool Westchester County had used to keep a convicted sex offender from giving balloon sculptures to children, said the county cannot ban performances aimed at soliciting donations in public parks. US District Judge liberal democRAT-appointee John Martin said the convict, Richard Hobbs, receives First Amendment protection from being kept out of Rye's Playland Amusement Park, a public space he described as the nation's only government owned and operated amusement park. Execute all child molesters; imprison the "judge" for crimes against humanity. End of problem.
Lori Berenson, the Manhattan woman limousine liberal democRAT slut, sentenced to 20 years in a Peruvian prison, may get a new trial as Peru's top court prepared to declare its tough anti-terror laws unconstitutional. Berenson, 33, was sentenced in 2001 to 20 years in prison on charges she collaborated with leftist rebels in a failed plot to seize Peru's Congress in 1995. Too bad; they should have executed this two-bit whorebag on the spot years ago.
Execute the subhuman lowlife illegal immigrant Black Mooooooos-lim homo boy sniper-murderer, John Lee Malvo. He's an illegal and has no Constitutional right; fry the idiot deviant filth, and his fag-buddy, John Muhamad Mo-ham-head, who murdered 15 people in October. No mercy.
People like this bitch who lie about 9-11 relative's death in the WTC, to fraudulently collect insurance monies, should be executed, not receive prison time. They're lowlife scum and filth.
A suspect in two home invasions, including one involving two sexual assaults, was twice freed on bond in recent months on similar charges in Selma, Alabama. Eric Leon Phillips, 27, is wanted in Mobile on charges of first-degree burglary, first-degree rape, first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree theft of property, first-degree sodomy and attempted murder for two home invasions in Mobile. Phillips needs to die; end of problem.

The World of Fruit Labels.
While most produce eaters couldn't give two licks about the stickers stubbornly adhering to their juicy fruits, there are a select few who prize these paper products. One such collector has lovingly catalogued more than 1,000 fruit labels and put them on display at this site, for your sunny delight. Click on any letter from A to Z and marvel at the mountain of evidence collected and, no doubt, digested. Each sticker comes complete with detailed product info, such as country of origin, label dimensions, image description,and the fruit from which it sprang. Even nay-labelers can appreciate the dedication it takes to collect PLU numbers and festive fruit wrappers from around the world. These mini-ads prove that even the fruitiest of hobbies can enjoy a decent online shelf life. How 'bout them apples?

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