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The New Millennium,Is Now.
Friday, January 5, 2001

Common wisdom about last year's prematurely ejaculative "Millenium New Year" celebration, is that it was a pathetic joke. But millions made billions on it, so the everyday idiot moron cretin person bought into it and didn't give a flying rat's ass about numbers and legitimacy. Y2K — an error in the reading of the calendar, a beguilement by zeroes — became a pseudo-sacred carnival that marked the globalization of hype, a rolling pageant in which celebrations in every capital of the world were bounced off satellites to bathe the planet in the imagery of fireworks and dance, and an accompanying dispensation — a reprieve from the electronic god: the computers did not fail, airplanes did not fall from the sky. I, of course, railed against it, proclaiming 2001 to be The Third Millenium. I was roundly denounced as a curmudgeon for trying to "despoil" everyone elses' parties. The real millennium descended upon us last Sunday night, of course — the pedant's millennium, January 1, 2001, a technicality. A momentous technicality, maybe, but Y2K a year ago exhausted everyone's capacity for thousand-year dreads and hoopla. The metaphysical champagne is a little flat this year. Bah humbug! It is what it is. Get used to it, get over it and move on.

Around The Garden Center.
The warnings were being posted as early as Thursday for the Northeast to watch out for the "The Millenium Blizzard" over the coming weekend. Dire predictions of 6" to 3ft of snow were posted; truth is, no one knew. Hells bells, I made it through the Blizzard of '67 in Chicago, several Blizzards in Des Moines, IA, and the Blizzard of '96 in York, PA, so I guess I'll survive. No biggie. I'm not so sure about some of these other folks, though. Why does everyone buy milk and bread when a snowstorm is predicted? Well, at least the Rutters and 7-11's did some brisk business.
I remember back when I worked in Midtown Manhattan (NYC) in the 70s and 80s, and it snowed. The Big Apple turned magic, as all of the dirt and flaws were hidden beneath a mantle of white. It truly was beautiful and serene. A few days later, after the salt and cinders had done their work, it turned ugly again: black and gray snow everywhere, the flaws once again were visible. Yuk, back to reality.
I got up at 5am Saturday to check the snowstorm's progress, and saw it move northeast of us completely by 65 miles, the width of Lancaster County. Both weather.com and intellicast.com sites were overloaded and slow. Hell, I have to be at work in a couple of hours. Time to get moving. Net net: "The Storm" was a dud for this area; missed us in mid-state PA completely, though NJ, NYC and New England certainly got some measurable precip. I'd sent Pickles home with Dad on Friday afternoon, so he (Pickles) wouldn't get marooned; Mom said she'd like to have him for a couple of days. He travels in a custom carrier, takes his own litter box along, has his own chair and sheepswool pads and his own food. He's 11 now and I don't want anything to happen to him, such as freezing to death and all that; he's been with me for a long time. (Okay, okay, so I'm a bit obsessive about Pickles.) He'll be glad to get back to his familiar haunts at the Garden Center, after being doted upon by those two for 2-3 days; he's just not used to all the attention, except from me. Even after all the prep work for "The Millenium Blizzard", I'm glad the brunt of the storm missed us. I'm already sick of plowing and shovelling so far this Winter, and Winter's only a week or so old. Lots of storms yet to go.
There sure is a lot of ink/ pixels these days about SUV rollovers — especially the shitpy Ford Explorers — bad Firestone tires and such, with finger pointing aplenty, but I've never heard of a Jeep Grand Cherokee doing that. If a person drives the vehicle sanely and rationally, and remembers that it isn't a sports car, there shouldn't be a problem. Since '88, I've had two Jeep Grand Cherokees, one inline 6 and one V8, put over 475,000 (combined) miles on them, and suffered no rollovers or deaths, so I have no sympathy for those idiots who drive them as they weren't meant to be driven. 'Nuff said.
The front counter POS (point of sale) computer "died" last Thursday, for "no apparent reason". Isn't that always the case? No O/S, no hard drive, no boot-up. Zip. Lynn, my GM, was trying to copy all the data off of the aging DuraCom PII-233 unit before we replaced its guts & brain with a PIII-600. Jeff came down on Friday to start the conversion of the two front counter computers to better hardware. We recovered the data by transferring the hard drive (HD) into the Dell 333 and tricking it into thinking it had a "D" drive. The Dell is a proprietary unit and uses a unique (and f*cked-up design) mobo, so well have to get another case and cannibalize the useable CD, floppy, SCSI tape back-up etc and Tyan MoBo into a whole new unit. My office unit is now fully-upgraded to a 933. My home and office units are identical: SAG Electronics 933Mhz CPU, 384MB SDRAM (3x128MB/133fsb), 9GB-10,000rpm SCSI Ultra-Wide Ultra-Fast LV2D Hard Drive, Plextor 40x SCSI CDROM, SCSI Zip 100, 19" (18" viewable) Hitachi CM751 Graphics Monitor, Matrox G400 Video Card. Nice and fast, cutting edge hardware.
One of my large 30,000btu Modine heaters failed in the Main Retail Building last week; apparently the fan switch gave up. I got Agway Energy Products Co in first thing on Friday morning to effect repairs. Fortunately, I have two and the remaining one will heat the building just fine until the replacement parts arrive. What else can go wrong? Don't ask; I don't want to know. Murphy's Law always applies and prevails over all else.
Saturday was mercifully uneventful, after the past couple of days. I went into work around 8am and, with Pickles staying at my Folks' home for a few days, it was unusually quiet. I fed the birds, did some paperwork, worked on website updates and changes, did some maintenance on my office computer and left around 12noon. Damned paperwork is never done.
Sunday, New Year's Eve Day, was also uneventful. I slept in until 10am, and then went down to the Garden Center complex around noon to check on the heaters, but since Pickles was staying at Mom & Dad's for the next few days, it wasn't critical. I fed the birds and worked on the Landscape Estimating and Invoicing Templates for 2001, in both MS-Works v4.5 and in MS-Excel 2000. Winds had picked up to 30-40mph following the faux blizzard which missed us a pounded the NY-NJ Metro areas. Journal Regular Doug from north-central NJ emailed me that his family had 2 feet(!) of snow in their driveway and were waiting to get plowed out. Wow. I probably had 36 emails from Journal Regulars living in the storm's path; everyone was buried.
2001.01.01, 00:00:00. Cool address in Time. Happy Third Millenium to those who partied and to those who didn't. I had a quiet one at home; there are far too many crazies on the roads that night. The old one ended with the kind of year that pretty much summed up the other 999 years of wars, famines, strange weather, and people generally being ugly with each other. Amusing, isn't it, how a year ago we had thought 1999 had been so troubling and confusing? We couldn't agree on whether President Clinton should have been convicted or not. Clinton got off in 1999 and we promptly forgot all about it, almost never mentioning it in 2000. We couldn't agree on whether it was the end of the Millennium or not. Little did we know that 1999 was a walk in the park compared with 2000. We weren't sure if 2000 was a leap year or not. 2000 was a leap year, but most of us think it was plenty long enough without the extra day. Y2K? We didn't know if things like clocks and airplanes and nuclear reactors would function properly or not. Nuclear reactors functioned just fine, but machines to poke holes in cardboard did not. And nobody, but nobody — before or during — could have conjured up that business in Florida. And I'm not JUST talking about Elian. We couldn't agree on how high the stock market indices would go. Finding a stock market analyst who is willing to write a sequel to his or her prediction of a 20,000 Dow or a 10,000 NASDAQ is as difficult as finding someone who will admit they thought the collapse of the tech sector in April was just a temporary settling-out. We pretty much agree that THIS is the real end of the 2nd Millennium, but after taking into account what last years' celebrations wrought, most of us are perfectly happy not to consider spending $5,000 this weekend on a hotel room, a party, and a glass of Champagne. Jason Robards died the other day. Everybody remembers his Ben Bradlee role in "All the President's Men." I thought his best film role was as Murray Burns in "A Thousand Clowns." Robards on acting: "I don't want actors reasoning with me about 'motivation' and all that bull. All I want 'em to do is learn the goddamn lines and don't bump into each other... Learn your lines, make a few faces, and go home." Good advice. For almost every endeavor. I'm now making a peculiar face. I'm going home. Happy New Year.
What's it all about? My answer is this: It's about reading a paper on a Sunday morning while you're thinking about whether you can be asked to go to the neighbors' New Year's Eve party tonight. It's about getting angry with me for having different opinions from yours or not expressing the ones you have as well as you would have expressed them. It's about the breakfast you've just had and the dinner you're going to have. It's about the random acts of kindness which still, magically, preponderate over acts of incivility or nastiness. It's about rereading Great Expectations and about who's going to win the Super Bowl. It's about being able to watch old episodes of M*A*S*H on CATV whenever we want, having the choice of sixty breakfast cereals and twenty-seven brands of virgin olive oil at GIANT. It's about loving and being loved, about doing the right thing, about one day being missed when we're gone. It is, above all I suppose, about passing time. And the only thing I know that you don't is that time passes at the same rate and in much the same way whether you're going to live to 48 or 108. Why am I happy? Because I'm alive. And the simple answer to the question "What the hell is the point of it all" is this is the point of it all. You aren't happy? Yes you are: this, here, now, is what happiness is. Enjoy it.
Monday and Tuesday were also uneventful — hell, I'm losing count, now — and the roads were empty when I went to the GC&N complex in the late morning. At least (The Best of) Rush was on the radio, so I had something to listen to. There were also tons of college and pro football games on every TV channel, which I passed on. Not my cup-'o-tea anymore. I was also glad that Christmas Music was over; I've had a bellyfull of that commercial overwhack since Halloween.
Wow, what a difference 1/2 point makes! On Wednesday, The FED cut rates and the financial world — as screwy as it is — went ballistic. Lazarus and Phoenix stuff.
Gas prices in the York (PA) area have dropped for the third week. Down to $1.37.9 (89oct), it's almost a joy to fill up my Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD, again. The bad news is that natural and LPG gas have gone up almost $0.26 CuFt from last month.
Snow squalls blew through all day Thursday and a "moderate snow event" headed into the mid-state region last evening, delivering a mere 1" of snow. Looks like we're safe from ice storms and blizzards for a while. The bitter temps we've had for the past 5-6 weeks are starting to moderate into the 40s, hopefully providing some relief from the searing cold.

Good Reading.
BTW, here's an article that is both scary and promising, at the same time. It deals with fusion, Earth's next energy source. Maybe. It's a long story and an excellent read, so bookmark it and come back when you have time. And make sure you don't miss the CIA's predictions for 2015 and beyond. Riveting stuff, both articles.

Clintoon's Delusions.
For the record, I have already made it one of my New Year's resolutions to not write any more articles critical of Clintoon (Bubba, that is), in 2001. But just 5 days into the New Year and our soon-to-be-former President is engaged in a relentless campaign to rewrite the history of his corrupt administration, I thought it necessary to offer one final critique.
There are two disturbing tendencies about Bubba Clintoon's eleventh hour media blitz. The first is that he has taken on such a paranoid, self-deluded view of his role in impeachment and the scandals of Whitewater, et al. that he has effectively divorced himself from reality.
President Clintoon has convinced himself, with a power of rationalization eclipsed only by O.J. Simpson, that his impeachment was the result of a personal mistake politicized by his opponents rather than an abuse of power and perjury. As Clintoon explained to his good friend and homo Jann Wenner in Rolling Stone magazine recently, "they (Republicans) thought they had a free shot to put a hit on me, and so they did. They thought they could put a black mark on me in history, and that was really important to them."
Clintoon's refusal to acknowledge even the most indisputable of facts — lying under oath is a good example — is driven by an incredibly extreme egocentrism. Facts are merely a backdrop to the story of his persecution by the vast right wing conspiracy. In his mind he truly believes that Republicans were so angry over his election in 1992 that they "went to war the first day of my Presidency."
The other disturbing tendency of Clintoon's public relations tour is for "reputable" media organizations to aid and abet the president's fantasy without the slightest application of logic or scrutiny. How else to explain the inability of any of the five New York Times reporters conducting a recent interview with the president to confront him after he remarked: "But that whole episode (impeachment) was fundamentally a political move. It was not rooted in any established principles of Constitution, or law, or precedent." Would these reporters so easily acquiesce to others misrepresenting history — like a scholar denying the existence of the Holocaust, perhaps?
The fudge-packing, rump-raiding homo, Dan Rather, instead of fawning and giggling his way through an interview with the President moron as he did a few weeks ago, question Mr. shithead Clintoon about the obvious hypocrisy in his criticism of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay when he said: "The — my problem with — with him is, I just — his whole deal about how you should treat your opponents if very different from mine. I just think he's got a total scorch and burn policy, you know. Take 'em out, whatever the cost, whatever you have to do." This from a man who hired private detectives and spin doctors to destroy the credibility of those who spoke out about him.
What makes all of this equally dangerous and disgusting is that for those not paying close attention, Mr. Clintoon's revisions of history seem convincing. Especially when they are disseminated by CBS News and the New York Times hacks and flacks. But until the media decides to question what they hear instead of just printing it — don't hold your breath — the public must continue struggling to determine reality from fantasy.
These Clintoonistas are subhuman bottom-feeding scumbags. They expect to take what they want from the American people, The White House, and wherever else the can, until they get caught. Nail down the TVs, secure the lamps and silverware, inventory and guard the art collections. Bubba 7 Hitlery will get caught up in another scandal after they've left DC. Mark my words.
After 8 years of the Bubba Jeffy Clintoon moron, do you think I've been too hard on him with all my criticism? Read this about President Do Nothing.

DemocRAT Slimeballs.
Finally, someone in a position of authority has called The Washington Post a lying piece of shit, but for all the wrong reasons. The incompetent, lying government is merely trying to cover their criminal asses on a subject that the Post has nailed them on, in a series of articles.
Thanks to the shit for brains lib-dem scumbags in the Clintoon Administration, nearly 25,000 convicted felons have been receiving Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, checks from the Social Security Administration since 1996. The agency has paid out at least $76 million in SSI benefits designed for poor Americans with disabilities since 1996 — and perhaps as much as $283 million, an internal review has found And you and I — the stupid US Taxpayers — have footed the bills for every f*cking one of the slimeballs. Sure makes me feel good. You?
America is now the most f*cked-up country on the face of the Earth; I'm certain positive sure: Hitlery Rotten Clintoon now tops the list of women most admired by Americans, according to a poll released Friday. The filthy stinking criminal bitch got a 19% share of the poll, followed by Dope-rah and and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, each with 4 percent, in a CNN/USA Today poll. Figures, a lib-dem poll conducted by two left-wing wacko groups like CNN/USA Today.
Here's the other reason America is now the most f*cked-up country on the face of the Earth: Bill! the Bubba Jeffy shitHead Clintoon talk show. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzus F.C. Dear God, why torture us any further? Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him?
Don't think Hitlery Rotten Clintoon f*cked New York state six ways to Sunday to get a US Senator-ship? Of course she did. (NYS is full of stupid, ignorant people.) Think again, lib-dem moron scumbags. How does the 4ft x 8ft sheet of plywood feel up your moron? Comfy? The she-devil is (soon) selling the NYS house and will hold forth with socialistic and communistic activity in DC, not Chappaqua. BTW, how do lowlife scum like the Clintoons, who owe almost $9million in legal fees and other debts, and who have less combined income than cretin Rodney King, get a mortgage for $2.85million?
Federal heating assistance for this Winter? Too little, too late. It isn't even going to begin to cover the idiot lib-democRAT stupidities of not investing in natural gas or oil within our borders, as opposed to importing each. The moronic, cretinous, criminal Clintoons have f*cked the USA for 1-2 generations to come. Clintoon & GoreBoreLiar caused the problem; now they devoid of any ideas to "fix it". Read about it here.
On Wednesday, January 3rd, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon officially became New York state's "junior senator" and the f*cking of its people began. Congrats New York shitheads, she's your problem now. Enjoy the screwing, lies, crimes, and whatever else the lowlife bitch doles out to your sorry asses.

Lowlifes and Scumbags.
Another US Corporation bends over to racist bigots and settles out of court. Publix Markets in the southeast has no balls or guts. They deserve to go bankrupt from being bled to death by race-baiting scum, just as Texaco and other cowardly corporations have done.
Hmmm, definitely another reason why I don't fly anymore. There are enough nutcases and psychos on Earth; why would I want to fly with one at 35,000+ feet?
Here's just one of the many reasons why I don't drink French vino: fraud and deception. California vino easily beats anything those Frogs can grow and bottle.
Good riddance to another liberal democRAT criminal: ex-Sen Alan Cranston, who checked-out New Year's Eve, from causes unknown. He resigned in disgrace from the US Senate in '93, due to the savings and loan scandal and Cranston’s relationship with Lincoln Savings & Loan President Charles Keating, who had just been indicted on securities fraud charges which would send Keating to prison for nearly five years. Now if this subhuman lib-dem shitfilth would just do the Nation a favor and die, it would be a very good year.
Kwanzaa? Ummmm, it must be about over now, mercifully, and all the gulliable American blacks back at work. What a pathetic joke that whole "celebration" is. Are they all really that dumb? NO they aren't! I have some affluent Blacks as customers, and they're Conservatives; very happy where they roost.
How is this allowed to happen? Hundreds of drunken teenagers pelted police with bottles in a violent clash that lasted more than an hour. The cops should have beat the scumbags into submission, after gassing them and using real bullets, not those rubber-coated things. Oh, Tahuna Beach Holiday Park near Nelson, New Zealand. Yup, that explains it. Pussies. Wouldn't have happened in any town that I was Mayor of, or in any World that I was Dictator of. Bank on it.
The race pimps are at it again: covertly preparing frivolous lawsuits for "slavery reparations" against the US Government and various corporations. Led by the race-baiting, bigot ambulance chaser Johnnie Cockroach, this senseless act should either divide the US permanently along racial lines or incite a full-blown race war. I'm "ready"; you?
Yep, it's out of control now and the stinking race pimps are smelling the money. Now, the scumbags and scumbagettes are after Microsoft. I sure hope the judge throws it all out of the court system and disbars the ambulance-chasing lawyer who brings the suit in. And while we're at it, jail the stupid race pimps. They can't get it working honestly, so they'll do the race-baiting act to get it any way they can. Wake up US Legal System!
I'd hardly call this lowlife piece of shit a Republican or an American: A newly elected "Republican" state lawmaker has enraged his constituents, party leaders and police by saying he favors Killing police officers when they cross the line. Fat, stupid lardass Tom Alciere, 41, needs a bullet in his empty head. I sure hope someone obliges, soon. I think everyone will be dancing in the streets when murderers soon whack him and rape and whack his family, and his calls to 911 for police assistance, go unanswered.
All the racist lib-dems and their ignorant bitches are out in force ranting against W; here's NBCs Jill Nelson, one of the most whiny racist bigot lib-dem race-pimp scumbag-ettes around. Read her shit opinion and laugh at the ignorant slut. She's sees the KKK behind every tree.

Execute This Filth.
America's worst mass murderer and terrorist, Timmy "OKC Bomber" McVeigh, is gonna get his wish: execution. Finally, the 168 people he whacked in the OKC Federal Building bombing will get some closure, as will their families.
Getting rid of crack dealers and junkies anyway one can is always worthwhile, especially if they shoot and whack each other. Luvit!
Too bad that innocent people die from celebrations. Personally, I've never randomly fired ordinance (bullets etc) into the air and never will; I've heard about the fatal hits from stray rounds.
Oh be still my beating heart: Oklahoma is scheduled to execute 8 pieces of subhuman filth this month. I'll be dancing in the street during each glorious proceeding. They'll tie Texas' one-month record for cleaning house. Luvit, luvit, luvit!
When authorities catch these seven pieces of murderous subhuman garbage in Texas, they should execute them on the spot and not waste time re-trying them for additional crimes or tying up the courts with bullshit.
Whomever crushed this 3 year old girl's head and whacked her needs to die upon capture; forget the trial and conviction, as that'll only bring prison time. Execution is what's needed to protect society's innocents from subhuman murderous scum.
Another slow week for executions, but I did a jig when I read about a store's customer legally carrying a concealed weapon and shooting and Killing an armed robber. I love it! Armed citizens are the greatest deterrent to crime. Go 2nd Amendment!

Local Harvest.
There are a number of great reasons to buy produce from your local farmer. You support the local economy, treat your body right, and (perhaps most importantly) eat food that tastes better. Local Harvest is a non-profit group that carefully nourishes and prunes an "organic" directory of small farms across the country. Just click on the zoomable map to find a farmer's market, organic farm, u-pick farm, or dairy producer near you. Say goodbye to that empty, sinking feeling one associates with the frozen foods aisle.

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