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The New Millennium, Ain't.
Friday, January 7, 2000

the so called Millennium according to The Gregorian Calendar began about 1 AD; therefore the 2000th year begins in 2001, dontcha know. The Bible accords Jesus' birth around 6BC (interesting!), but there's no proof. There's a huge argument between the "purists" and "enthusiasts" on this subject. Who gives a flying rats ass anyway? f*ck it, I'm in the former (purists) camp. It's next year. This is just a simple century changeover. Nothing more. In fact, we've probably missed the changeover; Christ was thought to have been born in a range of 6-4 BC, during the end of the reign of Herrod, making our so-called celebrations obsolete anyway. That premise renders everything prior, useless. How does it feel to argue over nothing, even remotely important? Sounds like the US Congress. Yep, me too; time to move on.

Around The Garden Center.
As with Christmas weekend, I closed the place down Friday, Saturday and Sunday. First time in 10 years I've been so "brazen" as to do that. I fielded calls when I was there from some incredulous people, wanting to come by and shop. I also got a call from a man in Houston, TX, who ordered a $500 gift certificate for his daughter in Maryland. I took care of that immediately for him.
On Friday, just as I was leaving the complex, a reporter from The York Daily Record called in a panic for some further information she was doing on an article for Saturday's Gardening Section, about ordering seed from catalogs. I bent her ear for 25mins about choosing the correct USDA Hardiness Zone prior to ordering. Unfortunately, the article didn't make their website Y2K shit dominated everything but I'll try to get a copy and scan it to my site.
Once again, the traffic was horrendous on New Years Eve day, much the same as it was on Christmas Eve day. I got down to the Garden Center complex at 11am, fed Pickles and copied the last data files from the SAG 600 machine on to Zip disks. I assoned the place up at 2pm and went home to sleep until 10pm. At home, I made a wonderful chicken cordon bleu and a heady porcini mushroom sauce, had one glass of '95 cabernet, and headed back down to the complex at 11pm.
The new 1500w generator worked great! Well, actually nothing of any consequence happened on New Year's Eve; the power stayed on but I went through 5 shut-down/ start-up rehearsals on Thursday and Friday, "just in case". With just a few "minor power blips" just after midnight, GPU (General Power Utility) managed to keep the power grid from going too far south. But the with many thousands of dollars (~$80k) of exotic houseplants in the Main Greenhouse, I wasn't taking any unnecessary chances. Pickles and I had a great time from 11pm to 1am. ZZZZZZZ. I had all three computers running at work when the 2000 date changed; everything went fine. The coffeemaker, toaster oven and microwave didn't crash either. Cool. Came home and drank some more vino. Slept well into Saturday morning.
Saturday morning, I had a minor hangover. Back down to the Garden Center to complete my "chores", and then up to Mom & Dad's home for a "traditional York County New Years dinner": relishes, apple sauce, pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and bananna-peanut asser slices. I can do that about once a year; so much for tradition. I also got Dad's Zip drive working and re-configured his email client, "Outlook Express", on his new IBM Aptiva 500.
Wow, a 4,000 year old Yew, (Taxus x spp.)! Not my favorite plant, but certainly one of the most durable anywhere.
On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it was almost 66°F; some January so far. It should be in the 20s and there should be some snow in the forecast. Instead, "they're" predicting more warm weather for the coming weeks. That'll allow us to get a couple final landscape jobs in, as well as work on the 3 main projects here at the complex. All in all, I'd rather have the snow.
I have a feeling that these unusual temps are part of a long-term, rapid warming trend for the Earth.
So much for the rest of the world having Y2K problems.
Forget the Y2K shit, drinking water is what the world will go to war over next. We almost exclusively use expensive drip irrigation here.
Was it worth it? Hmmm, I think so. Let's discuss it.
What a difference a day makes. Tuesday it was 66°F; Wednesday I just about froze pumping gas on the way in to work at 6am: it was 29°F, and colder than a well-digger's ass in January.
Everywhere I go, people are dropping like flies from the flu. Although I've had a minor ear infection, I've been lucky and haven't gotten that dreaded influenza. Yet.

January Gardening Tasks.
Okay, I know this is early, but there's a few things you'll need to do if you want to get a jump on the 2000 gardening season and keep your houseplants from root rot problems:
»Order seeds,
»Sow seeds of warm-season annuals,
»Sow seeds for hardy spring-blooming plants,
»Cut back on feeding houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants),
»Sow seeds for cool-weather vegetables, and
»Sow frost-tolerant perennials indoors.

All in all, a major non-event. Nothing crashed. Lotsa people made millions on the basis of fear. Even the stinking, ambulance chasing attorneys were waiting by the phones to start lawsuits and lie on behalf of their criminal clients.
Hell, I'm returning all the creamed corn I stockpiled!
I kinda sorta followed the Y2K progress around the globe, waiting for someplace to fail mightily, but all seemed in order. No terrorists, kooks, weirdos, cultists or crazies sprung into action and blew anything up, thankyouverymuch. The Net slowed down, but didn't stumble.
Not everything went well in Japan, though. And these towelhead scum are on a different page.
Well, it ain't over till it's over, so they say. More to come, maybe?
Was it all hype or did the world do a better job preparing for Y2K than was predicted? I dunno. But, I can't wait for all the Y2K Conspiracy Sites to start cropping up all over the Net.
At least all of the fears of massive terrorist strikes were unrealized. Maybe.
I tried testing our credit card machine, but got Line Busy signals from Thursday through Sunday. By Monday, it had cleared up.
I'll bet all the fireworks displays worldwide scared the shit out of the UFOs; didn't hear about any sightings during the century changeover last week at all.
2000? Mu-ha-ha-ha!

Mercifully, nothing happened, but the towelheaded muslim filth are still out there with weapons. The FBI didn't get all of them, most likely.
I still fear that dozens, if not hundreds, of terrorists are already in place with weapons and just waiting until the chief muslim towelhead dogf*cker, Osama bin Laden places that cell phone call to party! Then the shit will fly. The 4 idiots who got caught over the Holidays were "nothing". The real damage causers are already at their posts. Why the f*ck can't we find and whack him? Or all of them, for that matter?

I've been waiting for this dottering, old, alcoholic piece of shit scum Boris Yeltsin to leave office, either peaceably or be run out, for two years now. He's an alcoholic loser scumbag criminal, but the Putin shithead who replaced him is probably worse.
Yeltsin the "father of democracy"? I don't f*cking think so. He's an alcoholic, dottering, old SOB, worthless as teats on a bull. Absolute shit. Good riddance, Boris, you moron criminal motherf*cker. Take your 39 year old criminal bitch daughter, Tatyana, and die by your own hand, scumbag loser criminal.
Read about what a con job Kwanzaa is, bro.
I don't advocate imprisoning every smalltime criminal, it just drives up the $40billion cost for housing all that filth. Murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors should be executed, rather than being housed for 10-15-20 years; 1 year of appeals and then they meet their unholy-maker in Hell.
Only 228 murders in DC in '99? A 12% decrease? Aw gee, too bad. There's too much subhuman filth in DC, anyway. Let those scumbag scum whack each other with alacrity. Don't discourage the cretinous-morons from doing what they like to do.
Glad I wasn't there. BTW, it took 11 reporters to write this shit for brains article for The New York Post; shows you the caliber of main-stream, papyrus journalists today. Garbage liberals.
This guy's "looney tunes"; execute him and save the HMO-psych wards some paperwork.
No, I'm sorry, this shit doesn't work for me. whack it.
On the right path? Monica? Who can suck-start a B52? Yeah, sure. The fat, psychotic semen swallower wouldn't know "the right path" if she fell over it.
And now, the fat waddling sweathog Monica wants to fall in love; for her, a novel concept. Who in their right mind would even touch a diseased pig like her, who polished the presidential nob and drank his sperm? How could a guy take her anywhere without all the perverse noteriety? How would he explain to his kids what a slut their mother is? No one. I predict she'll die a lonely death: all by herself in a charity ward.
Speaking of fat, waddling sweathogs with big mouths, Rosie O'Donnell has adopted another kid. The lesbian eunuch plans to f*ck up 3 children with her perverted liberal philosophy. The Bureau of Children's Services should be notified that another wacko bitch regardless of her money is doing damage to helpless children.
I'm already bored; we need to double or triple the paltry 98 executions implemented in '99. With over 3,700 subhuman, lowlife scum awaiting their date in Hell, and at a cost of $60,000 per inmate per year, it's far too expensive to let all that filth languish in comfy prisons. They need to die at a wholesale rate.
Bill Bradley sounds like Lenin or Stalin; commie-fascists-socialists, all. Be assassinated, as were the scum, Bill, moron lowlife. Go crawl into a corner and die, scum-f*ck-filth.
Of the two, Bradley is the better, more honest candidate; AlGoreBore the sleaziest, but easiest to beat. Whom do you choose, shit for brains, lib-dem filth?
Thank you, thank you, thank you. The liberal-democrat, mongoloid idiot, Warren Beatty, isn't going to be our next president, after all. Oh joy; heavens be praised. We'll save a small fortune on having the lowlife smeared for goat f*cking.
Un-f*cking believable! Our commie-socialist-fascist government specifically the nazis in OSHA want companies who let employees work at home, to be fully responsible for injuries in that environment, too. Un-f*cking believable! How can a company regulate what an employee does at home? The answer: they can't without weekly inspections, and no employee is going to allow that. It's another example of the liberal morons wanting intrusive government scumbags to be responsible for each of us: call it communism.
Why would anyone pay stinking subhuman criminal filth in Attica Prison any money for Killing 32 of them in '71. All should have been whacked that day. New York State should have told them to f*ck off! It's insane and sends the wrong message. Execution is the only way to deal with scum.
And why the f*ck are we even debating whether electrocution is "cruel and inhuman" punishment? What about what the murdering subhuman filth did to the victims? Where are the voices for the victims in this f*cked up country? Just a bunch of bed wetting liberal slime lawyers (ABA) bleeding for criminals. Execute all of them, I say. Use them for medical experiments, torture them and then whack 'em!
Oh Jeeez, I'm having chest pains again; gotta sit down and rest a minute. Go ahead, I'll catch-up soon.
Another of the thousands of examples of f*cked up people suing for no good reason: some stupid bitch wet her drawers in a haunted house and wants $15,000 as compensation. An even more f*cked up jury will probably award her $100million.
The fat, drunken, murdering (does Mary Jo Kopechne ring any bells?)washed-up lowlife liberal piece of shit, Teddy "Pass The Scotch" Kennedy, "officially" endorsed AlGoreBore's failing bid for the presidency. Both the idiots are pathetic jokes.

Clintonite Slimeballs.
The new year wasn't even hours old when a new scandal surfaced: The White House told officials in the former Soviet republic of Georgia this week that President Clinton does not approve of a controversial international business deal sought by his wife's brother, administration officials said.
Then, there's this lying, rapist, cokehead rat bastard, son of a bitch and his degenerate family who ruined New years Eve for everyone, everywhere they went.
Liberal, Democrat, out of work, Hollywood lowlifes crawled out from under every rock and stump just to be seen with the washed-up, lame-duck Clintons; all were noted for their inability to get any recent work. I am a big fan of Jack Nicholson, though. The rest of these Hollywood-liberal media morons are pure scum f*ck filth.
Bubba The Liar has taught AlGoreBore The Liar well; I'm surprised that AlGoreBore even needed the exposure and contamination from the Clintonistas. Al's in big financial trouble. Compared to Bradley's spend&spend philosophy, AlGoreBore doesn't seem such a radical-liberal-moron-shithead, scumf*cker. But, he IS. Make no mistake, he's a fascist, socialist, communist, like the Hitlery scuzbag bitch.
In a certain measure, he's right: America's future and well-being IS tied to the rest of the world's nations. But, surrender of sovereignty to the fascist, nazi, socialist, communist UN is constitutional death. Clinton, right? A definite first.
Washington helped lead the country in welcoming the arrival of 2000, with a massive bash at the National Mall that included fireworks that cascaded up the Washington Monument. President Bill "shit for brains" Clinton said in his weekly radio address over the weekend he was grateful for a "jubilant and peaceful" global celebration and cited it as an example for a world that America was prepared to lead into third millennium. Clinton and co-president, and semi-dependent congenital liar, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to the nation after an all-night White House New Year's party in a joint address live from the Oval Office. Big f*cking deal from the First morons.
Jeeez, I'm not sure I can stand one more year of Clintonism; I hope time moves swiftly.
Now, believe it or don't, US Taxpayers that's you and I are going to have to foot the bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars before the November election, just to ferry the miscreant, lying, criminal Hitlery Clinton bitch around from her new house in New York. Read this and make yourself sick.
For three years, I've said Mayor Richard Daley, son of the late infamous crook Mayor Richard J. Daley, is a crook. Here's proof.

You Can't Handle the Truth!
There's nothing else like it. The Smoking Gun has the drop on just about every other celebrity gossip site in town. Posting scanned versions of original documents autopsy reports, subpoenas, internal memos, etc. the folks at the Gun bring new meaning to freedom of information. Who knew Bill Gates was such a menace to society?

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