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Friday, January 8, 1999

it remains to be seen whether the Law will be served and Justice applied when Slick Willie's turn in the barrel comes up in a few days in The US Senate Impeachment Trial. The GOP has the backbone of a cup of Jello, and is rapidly losing their appetite for convicting Clinton, whom I really thought would be gone by now. With AlGore now a candidate in 2000, it's time to quit screwing around and get on with things. With all the deals which could be cut being bantied about, it reminds me of Politics. What a revolting thought. Plus, the added specter looms of the Nation now meeting one of Clinton's, illegitimate, half-breed, mulatto kids, mothered by a black prostitute. That makes Bubba a dead beat dad, doesn't it? I wonder how much child support he actually owes after 13 years? Well, at least it was a whore and not another staffer. What's the difference?

I Asked For It.
I've been saying for months, that because of a two year drought we've been in, we need another blizzard to allow the slow snow melt into the ground, where plants root systems can get at it. Wells, streams, ponds and small lakes are drying up all over the region. The local and regional newspapers have called me for opinions as to how the drought has affected the horticulture business. Most reporters didn't even know we were in the midst of a drought; the weather forecasters obviously don't get outside very much and look at the plants and soils, or they'd change their erroneous predictions.
Part of the reason why this part of the World is even in a drought are South American scumbags destroying the Amazon rainforest in a wholesale manner. Like the stinking logging and timber industry we have to deal with in North America destroying original, ancient forests, those bananna picking, beaners down there are clear-cutting, slashing and burning everything in sight. Greedy filth. The World will pay a very heavy price in the years to come.
Never wish too hard for something; you might just get it is an old fable. This major Winter Storm is heading right for us, after it gets done pounding a dozen Midwestern States in front of Pennsylvania. Every storm for the past two years, until now, has had lousy aim and slid north of us; Maryland's also in very bad shape from the two year drought. Hopefully, there'll be some snow left for this region.
It's Saturday morning and I've been here at the Garden Center's office since 7am. It's snowing hard now and The Weather Channel is calling for a mixed bag of precipitation. Oh joy.
Saturday, 3:12pm, at home and it's still snowing 2+" so far but the real snowstorm is heading north of us; the Great Lakes will get their fill of snowflakes, but the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will get minimal amounts. Still Saturday, 10pm and ice and sleet/ freezing rain are now headed this way; the nice, slow-melt snow is travelling further north. Gee, there's a newsflash.
Sunday, 5:30am at home and it's raining and sleeting harder than I've seen it do so in years, but no snow. All rain, which ran off into the storm sewers and creeks and provided no serious ground moisture. The ground surface is so dry and compacted from two years lack of rain that a slow snow melt was the only way to replenish that critical ground moisture. Nature f*cked up again and blew this opportunity.
So much for this storm system being beneficial in any way.

Starting The New Year Off Right.
Actually, every state should have executed a subhuman piece of shit murderer within the first 24hrs of 1999. That would have really started the new year off on the right path. It appears that Texas will lead the way again in '99, not to anyone's surprise. Governor Bush has my vote in 2000.
If the Clintonoid prison administration idiots had any semblance of brains, they'd spend the $215 million on high quality heroin and have all the stinking prisoners overdose and die, thereby relieving the American Taxpayer that's you and me of all that subhuman prison filth. That one-time expense would be worth it, I think, as compared to the $15-16 billion we now spend to keep all the prisoners comfy, warm and cozy.
As much as I despise the commie-socialist, filthscum, lowlife Castro, his criminal sentencing penalties are right on the mark.

Bubba: The Saga Continues.
And now, 100 incompetent Senators can't get it done right, either. 45 stinking lib-Dem scum are obstructing justice and the 55 Republicans have fumbled the handoff from the House Judiciary Committee.
It's disgusting and disheartening to watch this so-called US Government fumble and bumble, allowing The White House Criminals to try to dictate terms of the trial for the Clintonoid criminal. Simply tell them to shut-the-f*ck up and take their punishment and quit whining.
Just what the World needs: the Hitlery bitch's self-serving, biography during her criminal husband's Impeachment Trial & Conviction. She's a so-far, unconvicted criminal deeply involved in Whitewater and several other felonies which will be found out, someday before the statute of limitations expires.

My Apologies.
When I moved my www.gdnctr.com website, domain name and email to a Virginia-based ISP hosting company, the lines got crossed between me, my current ISP and my soon-to-be current ISP. As a result, the domain bounced between Pennsylvania and Virginia and I was locked out of using FTP to upload Journal files. Friday morning, New Year's day at 0-Dark-Thirty, and nothing worked. Screw it; back to sleep.
Later that same day, after going through innumerable passwords and SMTP server settings, I finally found my working email account on my current ISPs server, where the website and domain name had bounced back. By now, I had a huge headache, so I decanted and poured a glass of a California, 1994 Buena Vista Cabernet Sauvignon. Magically, the headache became a belly laugh. Jeeez, did I screw up or what! After looking at it closely, I had wrongly given permission for the current ISP to take back the domain name and email; logically, the website followed. Duh. That's fixed and back to normal as of this entry.
The new ISPs server is a Unix box, which is case sensitive; my former ISP used a Windows NT, which isn't. As a result, hundreds of files and graphics have become corrupted and will have to be replaced or repaired. Luckily, I made several back-up copies of the site prior to the move. I'm going through the site page by page, graphic by graphic to see what needs fixing.
Plus, cgi-bin scripts for the page counters also have to be replaced with new ones and a new text file - *.count - added for each of the 300+ pages with a counter on it. The same pages also have to have the ©1999 added to the existing line at the bottom.
It'll be another couple of weeks until all the pics and graphics are fully restored.

Name That Candybar.
asserfinger? Baby Ruth? Mallow Cup? 100 Grand Bar? Mars Bar? Take a guess. I thought I knew them all cold, but I was less than 80% right. Go on, take a guess.

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