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Friday, January 9, 2004

It's not enough that traitorous, lowlife liberal-demokkkRATs have severely compromised America; now, they want to deliver the final coup de grace by proxy. Gutless, devoid of morals, mores and any known values worth holding, conformist liberal-demokkkRATs are empowering foreign Islamic terrorists to come in through our already porous borders, and whack us, by the tens-of-thousands or by the millions. Are you surprised that many American pols are seditionists and traitors? Why not? They have ample history behind them. The 50s and 60s saw beatnick and hippie deviants, degenerates and perverts infiltrate the gullible, once-viable, now-conformist, Democrat Party, turning it into s steaming pile of shit poop. The 70s and 80s saw demented greens, hate-America unions, commies and socialists further infiltrate the demokkkRAT garbage can and turn it into a rancid, festering mass of goo, begging to be renamed. The 90s saw the criminal Klintoons yet further degrade and corrupt the conformist liberal-demokkkRATs into something unrecognizable, to America. The morphing was complete by the 2000 General Election, and the resultant court battles showed it to be so. Now, they are are a mere shadow of their former selves, with a plethora of wackos, criminals, losers and lefty scum running the show and further ruining the party. and the Soros Group immediately come to mind. And I wouldn't wish it any other way.

Around The Garden Center.
I've finally gotten high speed internet access at my office, in the GC&N Complex. After trying and trying to get the schmucks at ClearView CATV, Bel Air, MD, to service my GC&N Complex — who have the roads on both sides of my business wired for cable and internet, but who say I'm too far (500ft) from their wires — I've signed up with MT WireFree Co for A 512k-up/ 512k-down synchronous radio connection. You'd think ClearView would have heard of amps, boosters and the like hardware?
If you can send cash, cards, letters or care packages to help out our wounded soldiers, at Wounded Warrior Hospital Fund, please do so. I sent a personal check, last Friday. Thank you.
Yikes! If this is true and it happens soon, you can cancel 2004 and everything beyond.
Hey, congratulations to two of my landscape customers, finally having a baby, over New Years! Heck, go for another one, kiddos!
Wow, a PowerBall winner here in York (PA)! No, I don't play any lotteries. Odds are that you have a better chance of being hit by lightening twice, in one day, than winning any lottery. Might as well just flush the cash down a nearby toilet. Yuk.
Looking for The Savage Nation? Direct audio feed, right here. Here's the Radio Program Locator, to help you out, if you need additional radio station URLs.
Take a few minutes and check out my cyber-friend's new blog, Ariel's Journal, in which he credits me with helping to inspire him to start and maintain. He's a bit to the left of me, but is a kindred spirit in the hort industry and not a raving left-winger. Let's drive some traffic his way with some visits. I'll be stopping by to check his musings out. I think he'll find that starting a blog is the easy part; maintaining and upgrading it weekly — for the 9 years that I have — is the tough part. Best of luck, Ariel.
Okay, so you noticed that I didn't get a re-design done on my Journal List Page, as I said I'd try to do, last week. Too many things going on at work, and I couldn't find the time to do a proper job on it. it's not a dead issue, and I may get around to it, yet.
Good article, on guns. Natch.
Of the 61 lbs I've lost since April '03, I've gained 26 lbs back, in the past month-and-a-half of Holiday feasts. Thanksgiving turkey w/ filling/stuffing, gravy, breads, mashed potatoes, vegs, pies, ice cream; Christmas ham, yams, vegs, mashed potatoes, breads, pies, cookies; New Year's pork & sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, breads, vegs. Bad, bad Carbs! Just damn! Time to get back on Atkins after The New Year. Dammit. Darnit. Need some good recipes?
Ahhhhh, living totally debt free and being a multi-millionaire. I can identify with that. Actually, I am more from the Dave Ramsey School of Money Management mentality.
The Pennsylvania cigarette tax went up another 35 cents this week, in order to "cover the increased costs of doctors' malpractice insurance", once again the liberal Penna government is trying to balance their misguided budget on the backs of smokers. Who's next? Fast food eaters? Need I go on?
Last weekend, daytime temps were in the upper-60s and night temps were in the 50s. By Tuesday, day temps had dropped to the 20s and 30s, with light snow, and night temps in the low to mid-teens. Brrrrrrrr! What a radical change. Hmmmmm, reminder to self: it's January! Winter's returning with a vengeance.
RIP, Tug McGraw, Mets '73. I was a big supporter of the '69 Mets; won $1,400 on the Playoffs, and The World Series, BTW.
Give little Zack a three-fingered BSA salute. Welcome home, Boy Scout!
A moving 911 Tribute. Let it load; it's worth the wait. Never forget!

No, no, no, no President Bush! They're illegal aliens, dammit! They don't deserve or merit any Social Security benefits of American Citizens, and they don't deserve any damned amnesty! What's the matter with President Bush and that fat, bald-headed Rove idiot? What a slap-in-the-face to legal immigrants! A 2nd Bush Term? At this point, I just don't know. The Latino vote is in play, with both parties. He's going to lose a huge chunk of his Conservative base over this issue, and if he signs the assault Weapons Ban Fraud in '04, he'll lose a huge additional number. But the alternative to him is too terrible to even contemplate, right now. Stop this idiocy, Mr President! Rush's take on it? Here. Hopefully, it'll be whacked in the GOP-controlled US Congress, if they can find their backbones. Big "if", isn't it?
Okay, I've got to sit down for a few minutes; I'm having chest pains over this GOP-illegal alien horror show, dammit.
Yes, I was wrong. There will be no Bush landslide in November; you'd better get out and vote, or we'll lose to the liberal-demokkkRATs, unlike '72s McGovern debacle. It's a 50-50 Nation, dammit. Don't get complacent: VOTE!
Chicago, IL, is "America's Murder Capital", with their Gun Control Program, with Richie "The Fat Lib-Dem homo" Daley (moron-IL) as Chicago "Mayor"? Yeah, sure, cretins. Wake-the f*ck-hell-up, American idiots.
Mark Steyn nails it, once again.
Adios, Puerto Rico scumbags. You got what you wished for, asswipes; enjoy the poverty that will follow! Adios, subhumans.
Dr Laura's hypothesis on The Care and Feeding of Men, is shitpola. Judge for yourself. She can't find her own ass with both hands. Some Conservative.
If you're white and the majority, there can be no such things as hate crimes against you; only minorities get that privilege.
Way to go, SECDEF Rumsfeld! Time magazine sucks.
The legal system is quite broken. A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling that Hewlett-Packard Co. did not violate the rights of a devout Christian employee when it fired him for posting Biblical scriptures on his cubicle that were critical of homosexuality.
Controlled, legal immigration? Yes, I have no problem with that at all. But Jorge Bush's "plan" is a disaster. whack it in congress.
Billy-Bob O'Reilly, a fake GOP/Republican asswipe pompous blowhard — not a Conservative by any measure — is a loser. He just can't acknowledge it.
The FBI and America have more serious internal security problems than they're letting on. This will blow your mind!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage.
Yes, Howard "The Coward" Deanie-Weenie, is certifiably mentally-ill, and a daily waffler on everything. He's found God/ Religion? Can you say looney tunes? Can you say criminal? Can you say, liar?
Gee, do you think the liberal-demokkkRAT, criminal Klintoon-appointee, State Attorney lowlife Barry Krischer (moron-FL) is targetting Rush, because of who he is? Duh.
US Rep Ralph Hall (D R-TX) will be switching parties from democrat to Republican. He is being pushed into a heavily GOP district with the new boundaries and he is known as a Conservative democrat. While it may not change that many votes, it will add one more "R" to the congressional makeup. Bravo, Ralph! Welcome back to reality.
The enemy within: The Fifth Column. This is why we're going to lose the war on terrorism: liberal activist judges undermining the Nation at every step of the way. Round-up the judges, and execute them for sedition and treason.
Her Heinous, US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (BITCH-NY) surely doesn't deserve a shooting death threat. She deserves to be exposed for the lying, murdering, lowlife scumbag petty criminal, she is.
Lowlife, subhuman, fat Al Sharp-scum seeks respectability? Ha! He's a frigging criminal. He should be in prison.
Of course, the lowlife, liberal-demokkkRATs trot out the homeless shit; a Republican's in office and it's an election year. Not a single mention of it during the 8 horrid Klintoon years, was there? Nary a peep.
Mentally-ill, Howard "The Coward" Deanie-weenie had servants, growing up on NYC's Park Ave?
Stupid, ugly, whore-bag, buck-toothed, chipmunk-cheeked slut-scuz Cheri Delbrocco, just doesn't get it. She's so f*cking freaking stooopid, she's a pathetic STD-initiating liberal-demokkkRAT bitch. Dumb twat. Moronic whore. Blech!
The "mystery of black unemployment"? Ummmm, not much of a mystery. Answer is right here.
Bill Bradley, the empty-headed piece of moronic white trash, endorses Howard "The Coward" Deanie-Weenie? Bwwwwaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaa! What an ignorant, lowlife turd-boy. Another failed piece of shit, like AlGoreBore! Endorse away, cretin!
Discredited Greek-born, degenerate whorebag, lowlife, subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag, Arianna Huffington, is certifiably mentally-ill. She claims that Howard "The Coward" Deanie-Weenie is electable. Yeah sure, bitch. Both of you belong in a day room of an insane asylum, awaiting medication.
US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (DUMBass-NY) is an idiot and mental midget, for joking about the diaper-head, shithead-for-brainless moron Ghandi? Who the f*ck hell cares?
Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun Mostly Wrong again makes history as she runs for president on the primary ballot in 20 states — more than any woman candidate ever before. So frigging what? Who cares about this liberal-demokkkRAT, idiot bitch?
Speaking of talentless, empty-headed liberal-demokkkRAT, idiot bitches, Mo Dowd is off her meds, again.

Idiots, Lowlifes & Subhuman Scum.
So many lowlifes, degenerates, scumbags, subhumans, perverts and garbage, and so little bandwidth.
Think I was too hard on the liberal, demokkkRAT, hate-America media presstitutes, last week? Here is proof that CNN LIES, at every opportunity, in its abject hatred for and of, America, the US Military and President Bush.
Former General Anthony Zinni, is a traitor and coward. He's a true Klintoon assswab boy. He took the path chosen by so many anti-Semites: he blamed it on the Jews. Neither President Bush nor Vice-President Cheney — nor for that matter Zinni’s old friend, Secretary of State Colin Powell — was to blame. It was the Jews. They "captured" both Bush and Cheney, and Powell was merely being a "good soldier".
Kosovo was a huge mistake. All Albanians should have been whacked; Serbs should have been allowed to slaughter, massacre and whack the Muslim ethnic Albanian militants. They're subhuman filth. whack all the Muslim garbage.
Islam is evil, lowlife pigshit. My apologies to the porcine sect.
The Arab and Islamic world is in a shambles: it sucks to be them, and they know it.
Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly is an insane, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT dirtbag, and is operating outside the law. He needs to go to prison. He's a degenerate piece of subhuman filth.
The fat, ugly, buck-toothed, unfunny liberal, turd-sucking, ass-boy, Al Franken, is a liar? I am shocked!
Islam is the evil problem behind terrorism, not Muslims specifically. Muslims are only the unwitting morons who carry out the directives of the evil Koran. The book, Prophet Of Doom, sheds light on the evil and very destructive cult of Islam, as does this review of the book, Onward Muslim Soldiers. America, you'd better wake-up and take action against this murderous filth.
Another jagged-out, talentless, scuz-bitch: left-wing wacko, whoredog filth, Sarah Jessica Parker. Yuk, what a subhuman piggie!
Due process for terrorists? No; whack them all, upon capture. After torture, for information, of course. whack them, whack them, whack them. All. whack them dead. All.
A new bin Laden tape? Nah; he's dead, since Tora Bora in Dec '01. Show a tape of him holding yesterday's NYSlimes, and I'll reconsider. Otherwise, he's dead.
Awwww, too bad homo filth: either pay the freight for your AIDS drugs or die, subhumans. We're tired of subsidizing perversion and degeneracy. Learn the lesson of AIDS, deviant.
This two-bit, lowlife subhuman whore, Britney Spears, is news? Please, get this dirtbag, degenerate slut filth off of my radar screen!
Yes, the Egyptian plane was shot down/ blown out of the sky, last week.
Round-up, torture and whack the Muslim/Islamist pigshitfilth terrorists already here in America, DHS. Find them and whack them all. Rip open all their evil mosques, dammit!
Petey "The Liar" Rose, is festering dogshit. He should never, never, never be allowed into The Baseball Hall Of Fame. He's a liar. A piece of criminal shit. Go to hell, Rosey scumbag punk.
Round-up, torture and whack all these lowlife subhuman, degenerate, deviant Muslim/Islamic pigshit filth, meeting in Florida's Universal Heritage Foundation. The UHF is an Islamic "propagation" center founded by the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) - three of the largest and most radical Muslim terrorist organizations in the United States. They, the Wahabi (Saudi filth), or radical Islamists, control every major Muslim organization, including the Islamic association for Palestine, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Committee for Palestine, the Islamic Society for North America, the Muslim Arab Youth association, the b, and the Muslim Students association. All must be found, totured and whacked. They're terrorists and murderers.
Yes, Flash Airlines jet in Egypt, was shot down/blown-up. "Mechanical malfunction/pilot error"? Not frigging likely, pal. Another steaming load of shitpola!
Glad the Royal Whore-Bag-Muslim-Humping lowlife filth, Diana, is dead. If she was pregnant from Muslim pigshit, the fetus is much better-off dead for it, and so is the world. Good riddance, slut-filth. The Fayed pigshit subhuman should have been sterilized upon birth, as should all Islamic garbage.
Yes, if the cowardly Euro-Weenie trash don't want to conform to our mandates, kick their wimpy, lowlife asses out of all US landing privileges. Pretty simple to me.
Terrorists settling in Illinois? Okay, find them and whack them! What's the problem? whack the Islamist pigshitfilth, dammit!
Gays homos wanting tolerance acceptance approval? Never. They're subhuman filth and deserve massive amounts of AIDS and STDs.
Andrew "Jack" Whittaker, the simpleton shit-for-brains cretin who won the $314.9 million Powerball jackpot on Christmas 2002, is a lowlife, moron moron. C'mon, asswipe: make a threat against me, punk. I'll drop you like a 50lb sack of shit, on a 20mile hike, turd-boy homo.
Throw this ignorant lowlife, stoooopid subhuman bitch, Ellen Ann Sheets, 43, into prison, for making terroristic threats.
Was Sodomy Insane involved with 9-11? Was it the criminal Klintoon's fault? Here are some fascinating answers.
Ahhhhh Islam, The Religion of Psychotics.
Madonna, the talentless, empty-headed whorebag slut, supports disgraced, fired Weasely "Nutso" Clark. So freaking what?
Bob Brown, a former Black Panther, current moron and co-director of Pan-African Roots, filed a 183-page class-action lawsuit yesterday, claiming that 71 defendants owe reparations for slavery. The suit names: The King of Spain, the Queen of England, the Pontiff, President Bush, and Jaques Chirac; the governors of Illinois, Virginia, Louisiana and Texas; nine ports; several major sugar, gun, tobacco, and railroad companies; many, many banks and even Bacardi Rum. Hey, idiot: go whack yourself.
Jail this subhuman PowerBall-fraud whorebag bitch scum. Yes, whack the ugly, fat, stooopid, lowlife, deviant, mentally-ill Elecia Battle, aka Elecia Dickson. She's a subhuman idiot, mentally-ill, degenerate criminal lowlife. She's a liar; cut her filthy tongue out.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Elliott Smith, 34, a singer-songwriter whose dark, introspective songs won him critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination, has apparently committed suicide, his publicist and coroner's officials said Wednesday. Hey Elliott: good riddance. Thanks for saving us the oxygen, lowlife.
Brian Finkel MD, a once prominent Phoenix abortion doctor, was sentenced to more than 34 years in prison Friday for 22 counts of sexually abusing patients over a span of nearly two decades, and over 30,000 abortions, in his high-profile practice. He needs to die/ be whacked. Hopefully, he'll be gang-raped and beaten to death in prison.
No, Lionel Tate needs to die for murdering a 6-year old child. No plea deal; he needs to die when he reaches 18 years old. Anything less is abhorrent. whack the scumbag. He will murder again; mark my words.
Richard Lee Franks, doing life in Huntsville, Texas for kidnapping 6-year old Opal Jo Jennings. He kidnapped her, likely raped her, and whacked her. Now, they've found her bones and shoes. whack him. whack him. whack him.
A DOUBLE EXECUTION? Oh, be still my beating heart! Charles Singleton and Karl Roberts, both deserve to dirt-nap, forever. They need to DIE, for any liberal-demokkkRAT morons, listening-in. Mental competency is bullshit; he needs to die for his crimes.
The father of an 11-year-old boy beat a registered sexual predator with an ax handle for touching his son, and both men were arrested. Roosevelt Reed should be whacked, as all child molesters should.

21 Days to Baghdad.
Now that Saddam Hussein has been captured, what's next? As an uncertain future hangs over Iraq and the war on terror, TIME takes us back to the first 21 days of battle with a unique photo montage. In contrast to the barrage of articles, op-eds, and sound bites we've endured, this site's dramatic images do the talking. Day 1 begins ominously with the terror-filled eyes of a US soldier wearing a gas mask, providing a lead-in to the first week of devastation and death. On Day 8, we see the plight of Kurdish refugees. Day 9 the signs of guerrilla warfare, and Day 11 the wary smiles of villagers in Tahrir. As the days go by, the complex battlefront is revealed. Day 21 ends with the satisfying image of Saddam's statue toppled by Iraqis, but one can only wonder when the reconstruction of Iraq will be complete.

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