"To avoid becoming ill,
one should avoid watching politics
or sausage being made."


Me, Myself & Eye
Friday, January 9, 1998

suppose you had a label pinned on your lapel, as to what you thought or how you were politically predisposed. Suppose it could only be one label. Suppose you were then expected to adhere to that straight and narrow label; always, with no deviation, even in circumstances that dictated another direction. Suppose that when the situation called for another opinion, you had no choice but to tow the party line. I can't think of anything more hypocritical than believing in something but having to keep your mouth shut and espouse a false belief just because it's either the party line or that it's what you're expected to say. Fortunately, I've never had that problem. Unfortunately, both religion and politics have gotten me into some hot water on past occasions. Or rather, I've gotten into hot water with their help.

Overall, Liberals are necessary as left-wing nuts to balance out the ultra-right wing nuts in the Conservative and Libertarian parties. Specifically, Liberals are mechanisms for socialistic and communistic welfare programs. If every last Liberal disappeared from the face of the earth, no one would miss them at all, except those who are employed by and administer the programs; they'd have to find honest work, for a change. It would definitely be a cause celeb.
Liberals and their related ilk are responsible for 96.3458192% of the social ills this country is experiencing and will continue to experience in the future. How so, you say? By forcibly extending welfare to anyone and everyone, Liberals have condemned millions of people to lives of total dependency upon the government, and have put huge bureaucracies in place to administer the programs, as well as recruit more hapless individuals into it, merely to justify the program's enormous financial costs. They discourage the taking of responsibility for one's own life. They fervently believe that they know what's best for you. They also mistakenly believe that they can spend your hard-earned money for you better than you can. Hence: mega-taxes, outlandish social program spending and national cycles of unending financial depression. Since FDRs day, both socialism and communism are alive and well in America, thanks to Liberals and their related genera.
Here's just one more way Liberals have f*cked up America.

Moderates were Conservatives who took a left turn after finding out that Conservatives are too unyielding and inflexible in just about every area of daily life. The Mods seem to be permitted a more tolerant view of everything, yet aren't pilloried because they're a steadying influence on the strict and narrow viewpoints of the right wing-nut Conservatives. Mostly, they're just ignored because they're a political minority.
But Moderates are becoming an endangered species as more and more, both the country and its politicians become polarized into extreme left and extreme right. The centrist view, with its tolerance of both left and right, is quickly disappearing.
Clinton quickly swung to the Moderate viewpoint from extreme left, but everyone saw through his bullshit and lies. As he usurped and co-opted Conservative plans and programs, he found that Moderates are more apt to get things done and be viewed by the American public as normal. Go figure.

I used to be one. But I now truly believe that Conservatives are seriously misguided people. Read this obviously liberal-biased dissertation on Conservatives. It's an eye opener.
How else can anyone explain their Constitution forbidden alliance with the wing nuts of the ultra religious Right? Their ridiculous anti-abortion stand? Their rigid, inflexible views of life and happiness? Their intolerance of any view except their own? Only they can explain it and it really doesn't hold up under scrutiny anymore.
I don't believe that all Conservatives are cruel and mean-spirited toward everyone, but rather severely misguided by prominent morons like Rush Limbaugh, a pathetic radio entertainer, and the many Hitleresque dominators of The Religious Right. Old rednecks like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond are relics and holdovers from another age and shouldn't even be allowed to participate in modern political activity. Those decrepit scumbags should be in a home somewhere in south Florida, drooling into their oatmeal buckets. And there are thousands more Conservatives, now polarized to the extreme right by what the lowlife Liberal scum have done to this Nation for the past 50 years.
The pendulum does indeed swing both ways on a cyclical schedule.

These people have never been, aren't now, and never will really a factor in politics. There are too many fragmented nut cases in this minuscule, scatterbrained, too-diverse group. And no one takes them seriously, for good reason. Remember the motorcycle helmet law that was passed 20 years ago? The Libertarians aligned themselves with the Hell's Angels to fight that statute. See how well they did?
It's a party of theory, not practice based upon practicality. Their views don't work in the real world. Perhaps in a classroom vacuum, but certainly not in the reality of everyday life.

My Views.
As I said earlier, I used to be a Conservative. Prior to that, I was a Liberal in the 60s and 70s, before I knew any better. I've since settled albeit uncomfortably into the (endangered) Moderate viewpoint. I actually hate labels of any kind.
One significant area where I radically differ from all the mainstream groups is believing that neither religion nor abortion should play any role in politics. Abortion and religion are private subjects to be kept between an individual and their priest, minister or rabbi; not something that should be part of any political process. That just mucks up the waters and obscures the real issues. We haven't learned that here in America; no wonder our political process is all screwed up, and allows the likes of Clinton-Gore liberals and ultra-right wing nut Conservatives to pervade and pervert the political process. Both religion and abortion are private and personal issues and neither should be a factor in politics. Unfortunately, that pure, pristine political belief will never again descend upon America: those two extremely polarizing subjects are at the very core of this Nation's political arena, according to 90% of the electorate.
Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it's impossible to get it back in.
Far too often, modern politics, as we now know it, becomes a debate only on non-political subjects such as abortion and religion, and not on what should be discussed as public policy and national direction.
Sure, human life is important, but not as sacred as some religions proselytize and brow-beat their dutiful flocks into believing. In a purely clinical view, I don't believe that when the fetal organism (aka child) is conceived is when life begins; to me, life means outside the womb. Until then, the organism is a parasite living off of its host (mother), and abortion is still a viable option until final delivery. Again, harsh but true. It makes no sense to me to bring an unwanted, illegitimate child into this world who will ultimately become a ward of the state, either on welfare or in prison. Better to rid society of that burden early on. Yes, also harsh but true.
It's way past time to separate the religion and abortion issues from politics. The party platforms now contain so-called planks which guide each party's grossly-biased view on politics. That's blatantly wrong, but nothing will change until the current generation of Conservatives and Liberals die-off and a new generation takes over the political scene as we know it.
Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens won't get them out of the hands of criminals. Give the police the state-of-the-art weapons, not pathetic .38cal revolvers. (Give those to school crossing guards.) Sure, there will be some nuts who whack using so-called assault rifles, but that's no damned reason to ban them. There are always nuts cases around doing something or other. Go after the nuts militias, mafia, drug cartels etc who trade in these weapons to the mentally-unbalanced, but leave the legitimate gun sellers alone. Enough controls are in place now to deter criminals trafficking in weapons. We don't punish the car manufacturers who build sports cars just because they have a high accident and fatality rate, do we? f*ck no. We simply (and stupidly) increase the car insurance premiums.
Crime control needs serious help. The prisons are full of petty and white collar criminals, while murderers, rapists and child molesters are still on the streets. Get the low level drug dealers (about 400,000) out of there; replace them with real criminals. Rape and child molestation should be re-classified as capital offenses and the death penalty specified in all cases. Allow one appeal and then execute everyone on Death Row. In 1997, only 74 out of 3,200 on Death Row were executed; not nearly enough. All 3,200 should have been terminated with extreme prejudice, after one and only one appeal. Many have been there 10-15-20 years clogging up the courts with never-ending appeals to prolong their evil, useless lives. Why do we keep them alive? There is no good reason. whack all the filthy scum and clean out the prisons. Another option would be use to them as medical experiments to test new and promising drugs, and then whack them. Sometimes, the good guys win. Liars get caught. And we ask, why bother to stop him?
Gays are here to stay as a force in society. It's certainly not my lifestyle, but I do respect their right to do what they want, as long as it doesn't interfere with me. I don't pretend to understand same-sex marriages, but marriage only for medical and insurance policy benefits is wrong, and should only be reserved for men and women, not like sexes. I do vehemently oppose gays or lesbians adopting children; that's morally wrong and sends a very wron