Volume XXIV - 2019

"Now In My 24th Year Of Still Commenting Weekly, On The World's Daily Dose Of Lunacy,
On The InterNet's Longest Running 'Journal', Since January 1996."


04 This Is “THE” Fight, and There Are Trillions at Stake

11 Federal Courts Have Shut Down Our ENTIRE Government

18 The Internet War On Sex Is Here

25 Top 10 Reasons You Should Own An AR-15



01 Counting Our Stuff

08 Leftism's Unholy Religion

15 America’s Disunion = Civil War?

22 Americans More Accepting of Socialism



01 Autopsy Of A Dead Coup

08 Our Real Enemies

15 Communism In Disguise

22 The 60s Is Winning, So Far

29 Why We Lost Our Ability To Mend Stuff


05 America's 2nd Civil War Has Already Begun

12 Social Autopsy

19 When It Comes To Our Guns, Democrats, ‘Molon Labe’

26 Thoughts From My Coffee Mug



03 Realizing Our Own Mortality

10 Once Again...

17 Who Will Watch The Watchmen?

24 They Were Right In 1998

31 Democrats: America's Original Hate Group


07 Will The Deep Staters Be Held Accountable?

14 The Party with No Ideas

21 This Stings!

28 The Boomers Ruined Everything



05 In 2020, Democracy Dies With The Democrats

12 Global Greening Is Happening

19 Leftists Are Not Adults

26 Government Explained



02 Coffee Will/ Won't Kill You

09 You Are No Longer A demonkkkRAT, If...

16 A Volatile and Combative 17 Mos Are Coming

23 Who Makes The ‘Rules’

30 The Demon In Liberalism


06 What Comes Next After The US?

13 The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right?

20 Who Is Antifa? And What You Need To Know

27 Why I Do Not Celebrate Gay Pride



04 How The Deep State Came To Be and Fights So Hard

11 Compare 2016 v 2020 = A More Innocent Time

18 Good Riddance: The Last Gasp of Baby Boomer Politics

25 It's Impeachment or Violence; Take Your Pick



01 A Way For Trump To Drain The Swamp

08 The Day Democracy Died In York County, PA

15 The Rise of The Western Spy Assclown

22 The Deep State Isn’t a Conspiracy, It’s a Revolution

29 How To Pray


06 So Long To My Wild Ways

13 Democrats Are Pushing America Into Civil War

20 The Fate of Secular St Greta Thunberg

27 Why Is Our Society Degrading So Badly, So Fast?




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