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another sad day,
for America

Friday, July 1, 2005

Last Thursday, was a very problematic day in America, as a divided US Supreme Court had a major brain fart, and ruled that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses against their will, for private development, in a decision anxiously awaited in communities where economic growth conflicts with individual property rights. A win for Big Government. The case was Kelo et al. v. City of New London et al: it's all about eminent domain. Another judicial tyrannical nail in The US Constitution's coffin. Our Constitutionally-Representative Republic is all but dead. Does anyone else realize what this means? It simply means that American Citizens don't own property anymore; we just rent it at the government's whim. If you own property, and if the government wants that property — you're screwed. You now own your private property only at the pleasure of government; and that means that you own your property — be it your home, your business or a piece of investment real estate — only at the pleasure of the local controlling politicians. The five liberal, progressive, commie, socialist, liberal-demokkkRAT, nazi, rat-bastard, fascist, vermin, jackanapes — Ginsburg, Breyer, Kennedy, Souter, Stevens — should be impeached for trashing The Founding Father's US Constitution's 5th Amendment. "Property may be taken by the government only for public purposes". Private property rights have been replaced with an unlimited ability of any local, state or federal government to take your home or business, for any reason they deem worthy. Due process, as guaranteed in the 5th Amendment, is gone. "Owners of taken property must be fairly compensated", will be next and screwed property owners will be paid, if at all, meager pennies on the dollar. Religion squared off with consumerism in Cypress, California, last May when the Cypress City Council voted unanimously to seize, through use of the city’s power of eminent domain, 18 acres of land owned by the Cottonwood Christian Center in order to build a Costco discount store; and Religion lost. America is continuing its ruinous descent into socialist state hell, as dictated by runaway, liberal activist judges, who make-up law, as they go. Like the US Senate, where seats are bought and sold, the US Supreme Court "appointments" are bought and sold. The SCOTUS is criminal. Socialist filth were appointed by impeached and disgraced, BJ Klintoon, and approved by traitorous Orrin Hatch (RINO-UT) and other RINO garbage. Reagan, Bush I and Klintoon knowingly appointed socialists and NWO (New World Order) scum to the SCOTUS, and we're now reaping what was sown years ago. This rant sums it up, nicely. Remember Thomas Jefferson's words: "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is also big enough to take away everything you have." Be careful what you wish for.

Around The Garden Center™.
Oh man, do I ever like listening to Glenn Beck, weekdays from 9am-12noon EST, streaming live on WLAC, in Nashville. He has me laughing so hard I'm crying, and customers are looking at me like I'm completely nuts. Ha! One lady customer, with her two daughters in tow, overheard me listening to him, gave me a big smile and a thumbs up, and continued shopping. Double ha!
Last weekend and this past week was one of the hottest stretches I can remember, for a long time. In the mid-90s, the humidity was unbelievable and the heat just unrelenting. Plants were wilting everywhere, and I had to run the overhead sprinklers and drip irrigation, all day, just to keep everything from burning-up. The B&B (balled & burlapped) trees and shrubs, heeled into the ground, required little water, but the potted plant material had all the moisture cooked-out of the pots, and required constant water, all weekend. Not fun. I closed-up at 4pm on Saturday, and went home to the AC.
After getting up at 4am to feed the condo cats, I slept-in Sunday morning until 9am, made a light fried egg sandwich with coffee, and headed out to get the Jeep washed, and into work. At 11am, the Jeep's temp gauge was reading 87°F, and I knew it was going to be a stinker of a day, and coming week.
I've got a robin nesting in my 30ft x 100ft GH-1 Potting Greenhouse, with 3 blue eggs in the nest. I'm now feeding her worms and birdseed, as I did with the 8 birds trapped in my 4 other 30ft x 100ft greenhouses, during The Blizzard of '96.
Gas prices are still rising locally (York, PA), at the pumps; up another 10˘ since last week, to $2.23/ gal (87 octane). The world price of sweet crude is over $60/ bbl now, and going higher. The so-called "Summer Driving Season" is in full tilt, and many of my customers have postponed their trips, because of the rising gas prices, and unfortunately, have also postponed their landscaping projects, because of the ongoing drought. Even though I spec-in mandatory drip irrigation systems on all jobs, they're still scared. Are we all ready for $3.00+/ gal gas this Summer?
Hmmmmm; interesting reading. I shudder to think of it.
Hmmmmm (again, twice); reason #4 why I carry concealed (CCW). You?
On the way home from work on Wednesday, I drove through a violent thunderstorm cell, dumping blinding rain, small hail and downed trees and powerlines, in Red Lion (PA). The water was 12-14" deep in the streets, cars were stalling out or pulling off the road, fender benders everywhere, near-zero visibility, police cruisers and ambulances racing around, Verizon® and Met-Ed® Electric vans searching for trouble spots. I haven't seen anything like that in a long time. And just as quickly as I entered the cell, I drove out into clear sky. Amazing.
BTW, Happy 4th of July, America! 229 years of freedom and liberty, and still going strong. Remember: Freedom isn't free. Me? I'm working the weekend, as usual, but taking Monday off, for the first time in 15 years.

The White House (finally) showed some spine and guts in backing Karl Rove's remarks about subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth. Nice going, for a change. And yes; I blame subhuman liberal filth for 9-11. Rove was right; read this.
Un-freaking-believable. The shit-for-brains Republicans came oh-so-close to partially defunding the liberal, commie, socialist, nazi, fascist, hate-America PBS by $100 million, but 80 traitorous, gutless, spineless GOPers broke ranks and voted with the hate-America, liberal-demokkkRATs, to defeat the defunding bill. Assholes, all. Let the traitorous lib-dem garbage fund their propaganda station, NOT the US Taxpayer, dammit!
Sodomite, homo, lowlife, scumbag, traitor, RINO crap, US Sen Lindsey "Buttboy" Graham (FAG-SC) described himself Thursday as a firm supporter of the war in Iraq from the pro-military state of South Carolina, and then bluntly told Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that people in his state are beginning to rethink their support for the conflict. GrahamCracker is a liar; there's no such thing happening in SC. He'll be turned out of office in disgrace, and have to go back to the homo bathhouses, from whence he came. Dumbass.
Speaking of dumbasses, US Sen UpChuck Hagel's (TRAITOR-NE) a traitorous RINO, is an outspoken critic of the Iraq war and is less than convinced about President George W. Bush's rosy outlook for the US economy. And he really stepped up the heat in recent days. Hagel's that bobbing turd in the toilet, which just won't flush down.
Here's all you need to know about GITMO. Funny stuff.
C'mon President Bush: get a spine and some guts. Tell the stinking Chi-com garbage to f*ck-off on the purchase of Unocal Oil Co and Maytag; no tickee, no buyee. That anyone would even consider selling America's 9th largest oil company and the huge appliance group, to the subhuman chinks, is beyond reality. Wake-up, America; we're being sold out, again!
Hey, el Presidente Jorge Bushero, have you read this? The Department of Homeland Security’s US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 27 illegal aliens in Illinois, Maryland and Missouri in recent days who possessed valid state licenses to transport hazardous materials, state commercial driver’s licenses to drive trucks or state driver’s licenses. Yeah sure, just more "illegal aliens doing the work Americans don't want to do". And, el Presidente Jorge Bushero, did you hear about these illegal aliens working at one of our "secure" nuclear power plants, specifically the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn?
Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez entered the race for Congress this month in characteristically provocative fashion, making the announcement at a Mexican restaurant that shares a building with the Idaho Migrant Council — one of his more vocal opponents. "My people — as I'm often accused of turning my back on them — my people are American. I've got an American flag hanging in my office, not the Mexican chicken-and-worm or whatever it is," Vasquez said in a swipe at the eagle-and-snake emblem on the Mexican flag. I'm impressed enough with Mr Vasquez, to donate the $500 I would have again donated to www.georgebush.com, as I did in '04.
The National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the U.S. with more than 2.7 million members. The NEA’s politics have become more and more left-wing, especially over the past 20 years. Through diversity training classes, teachers are emboldened to introduce new definitions of "family" and sexuality to young children; religious and cultural traditions and holidays are being replaced by worship of "the earth," and the "3 R’s" are taking a backseat to an aggressive "progressive" agenda that is more indoctrination than education – e.g., anti-Bush protests (in concert with the ultra liberal MoveOn.org), gun control legislation, gay rights, hate crimes legislation, and abortion on demand. While the NEA does not directly make school policy, they do create curricula that school boards adopt. Additionally, local union affiliates spend millions through their political action arm to get "their" people elected to school boards. And woe be to any politician who commits the sin of challenging the teachers union. The NEA and its junior partner, the American Federation of Teachers, should be prosecuted under the RICO Act.
Here's what Rummy should have said to the bloated, alcoholic, leftist-wacko, hate-America, hate-US Military, coward, subhuman liberal, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, dirtbag, murderer, US Sen Teddie "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (DRUNK-MA). Ha!
It's time to take the public out of the Public Broadcasting Service. That is, it's time to cut taxpayer-funded broadcasting loose and let it compete or fail. Bets?
US Sen Mikey "Traitor" DeSwine (SCUMBAG-OH), is traitorous, lying, subhuman filth.
No, Mr President Bush; allah isn't God. Yes, allah is a false, moonbat, imaginary piece of pigshit, dreamt-up by the murderous, deviant pedophile, Mo-ham-head. Listen-up, Mr Bush; this isn't real complicated. And no, islam isn't a religion in any sense of the word. It is a political system and cult of subhuman filth, who control every facet of their mindless adherents' lives. And allah is false pigshit, to begin with. Please take notes, Mr President, as there will be a quiz, later.
Good speech on Tuesday evening, Mr President. I know it was good, since the mentally-ill, hate-America, hate-Bush, lib-dem and MSM garbage are going apoplectic, the day after. I love it. The traitorous lib-dem filth are showing America their true colors: yellow! Gutless, spineless cowards, all.
The traitorous, hate-America, love-terrorist filth, National Academy of Sciences is proceeding with publication of a study outlining how terrorists could contaminate the US milk supply with botulism — despite complaints that the article is a "road map for terrorists". This crap should be stopped at all costs, and the NAS prosecuted under the PATRIOT Act.
To quickly refute the dumbass lib-dem and pro-illegal immigration crowds, here's a list of "myths and lies of illegal immigration", with the true facts.
C'mon, Israel, take out the nuclear facilities in Iran. You're going to have to do it, or they'll destroy your small country in the near future.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Traitors™.
Yes, Allstate Insurance Co is truly a bag of sodomite-loving, homo-fawning shit. A former manager with Allstate has sued the insurance giant, alleging the company, which financially supports homosexual advocacy groups homo filth, fired him solely because he wrote a column posted on several websites that was critical of same-sex marriage and espoused his Christian beliefs. Hey, Allstate scum: try firing me, you assholes!
Dumbassed, shit-for-brains NY City Council is weighing in on the controversial comments made by President George W. Bush's top adviser about the 9/11 attacks. Mindless liberal-demokkkRAT Speaker Gifford Miller says the Council will introduce a resolution next week that calls on the president to fire White House Senior Adviser Karl Rove. The resolution reads: "Rove's rhetoric and cynical strategy of dividing Americans against each other for partisan gain has no place in our nation's public discourse." Yawn. Where were these assholes when Dickhead Turban-Durbin compare US Military Troops to Nazis, Soviet gulags and other murderous regimes.
BREAKING NEWS... NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) has a new CEO and he will get their house "in order". Bullshit. It's the same hate-Whitey, hate-America crowd of sambos it always was and will continue to be. Nothing changes in that racist organization.
I used to like and respect Rev Billy Graham, but no more. He's shit, in my book, for sucking-up to the traitorous, criminal Klintoon filth, and suggesting that Hitlery Rotten Klintoon should be president. Rot in hell, asshole.

Bloated, alcoholic, leftist-wacko, hate-America, hate-US Military, coward, subhuman liberal, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, dirtbag, murderer, US Sen Teddie "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (DRUNK-MA), is truly delusional and mentally ill. He needs massive detox, and quickly.
Yes, the leftist filth, suck loads of crap.
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's 29-year-old son, Patrick Daley, has enlisted in the Army and will soon report for duty in the airborne infantry. Bravo and thank you for your service. Your father and grandfather are still criminals, though.
The difference between liberals and demokkkRATs?
Karl Rove: "I'm sorry you're so f*cking stoooopid, hate America, hate the US Military, and hate everything good in this world." The liberal demokkkRATs: "Hey, that apology's good enough for me. Call our mouthpieces, the MSM, and get it out on the airwaves. Victory over the GOPers!" Here's what Rove really said.
Poor, poor, pathetic demokkkRATs all.
Yes, lib-dem filth, GITMO is hell. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!
Don't think the leftist-wacko, MSM (Main Stream Media) are shills for the liberal-demokkkRATs, or that the MSMs lips are firmly affixed to the criminal, impeached, disgraced Klintoons hairy asses? Bull dyke, major lesbo, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon is hate-America, hate-US Military liberal shit.
For hate-America, hate-US Military, scumbag, liar, traitor, liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist US Sen Dickhead "Dirtbag Traitor" Durbin (TRAITOR-IL), or any other cheap Washington political opportunist to suggest that Gitmo has anything in common with the Nazis or the Soviet gulags reveals their total ignorance of history and/or their utter contempt for the military and our continued national security. Read this.
Once again, bugs are more important than people. The Endangered Species Act is crap, and should be repealed.
Another lib-dem, mentally-ill wacko — Nicholas F. Benton — opines a steaming load of BS, in this farsical article.

Subhuman, Lowlife Garbage™.
Yeah sure, I support the hate-America, liberal filthies.
Yes, pedophile, lowlife, subhuman, deviant Mikey "I Love Little Naked Boys" Jackson, is mentally-ill. Look at these pics.
No, dumbass, moron, unfit father, scumbag, lowlife Anibal Cruz Sr: the state isn't responsible for the death of your retarded son, YOU ARE, ASSHOLE! You should be charged and tried with neglect and abject stupidity, shit-for-brains wetback scum. Your lack of parental supervision, doing drugs and drink all day and night, killed your son. Deal with it, shithead.
CJ Trentacosta, 3, of Dumont, NJ, walks down Fifth Avenue in New York's 2005 Gay Pride Parade with his family, Sunday, June 26, 2005. You're a stupid little asshole, and your "mommy" and "daddy" scumbags should be brought-up on charges of corrupting a minor, and jailed. Stay away from the sodomite-homo lifestyle, punk. It'll kill you very quickly.
The pigshit-for-brains, subhuman muslim filth in France socialist froggie-land, are upset and taking brave author, Oriana Fallaci, and her truth-telling bestseller, "Rage and Pride", to court on charges of inciting racial hatred for a book that has denigrating passages on islam, the murderous cult of subhuman filth. In her book — a best-seller in Italy and Spain — Fallaci characterized Muslims as "vile creatures, who urinate in baptistries" and "multiply like rats". She is 100% correct, as islamofascism needs to be completely destroyed and all its mindless adherents totally obliterated.
Liberal, mentally-ill, alcoholic, drug-addicted, scumbag, socialist, fascist, nazi, sodomite, homo, dirtbag, deviant, degenerate, punk, Morgan Spurlock, who couldn't find his own microscopic wee-wee with both hands in a lit room, is now using his thirty-day premise to get Americans to ingest his bloated version of radical islam on CATV's FX Network. Yes, FX sucks, since they bought into his hate-America, pro-murderer muslim crap.
Failed, third-rate, lowlife "actor-expert", Tommie "The Commie" Cruise, is a mentally-ill sodomite, homo punk, lib-dem asswipe, who is hung like a flea. Hence, his litany of failed relationships and marriages. Cruise is a loser. Scientology is a freaking joke for losers, scumbags, punks, freaks and idiots. Cruise is bobbing turd, which won't flush, in a swirling toilet. Scientology is the shit that sticks to the... nevermind. NBC's "Today Show"'s "host, Matt Lauer, has his lib-dem, sucker-lips, firmly-planted on the Klintoons arses.
Who the hell cares, Cannucks, anyhow?
Raids in Melbourne and Sydney yesterday by ASIO and police were part of a co-ordinated strategy to deter a loose group of Muslim extremists from graduating to terrorist activities. ASIO, along with state and federal police, raided premises in Melbourne and Sydney yesterday after individuals in the group were monitored by state and federal counter-terrorism experts for more than 12 months. Money from the United States Agency for International Development USAID was indirectly used to fund terrorist activity, alleges a new report by the Israeli monitoring organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).
"The loyalty oath the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Allegheny County require candidates to swear to is flagrantly unconstitutional," said Jay Ressler, in a statement released June 17th. A coal miner and member of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), Ressler is the Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Pittsburgh. The oath "is a danger to the political rights of the working class and the majority of the people in Pennsylvania." "I will not sign the loyalty oath," Ressler said. "And we’re determined to ensure that anyone who chooses to pull the lever for the SWP’s mayoral candidate in November will be able to do so."
Lowlife Ronnie Blubbard, is a through-and-through, nut job. Wacko. Mentally-ill. Subhuman dirtbag. Cultist.
Some things never change: Cana-duh still sucks, as does punk Travis Biehn, the Canadian sodomite, rectum-licker, living in Bucks County, PA.
"Gay pride parade"? Proud to be a subhuman sodomite, lowlife, deviant, degenerate, pedophile, rump-raider, fudge-packer, homo? Get real, faggots; you're lower than filth on the food chain. And I've stopped buying anything Microsoft — except Win XP Pro — for being a parade sponsor. Microsoft is shit, Starbucks is garbage, Anheuser-Busch is piss-water, Bank of America is junk, Avis-Rent-a-Car is crap and Aetna Insurance is trash. I have nothing to do with any of the sodomite-supporting companies, anymore. Actually, I never did have anything to do with them. Oh well, I'm picking nits, again.
Israel's national suicide continues, and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is complicit in the death of that nation. Sharon should be tried, convicted and executed as a traitor.
Eve Ensler — creator of "The Vagina Monologues" — actually believes that women in Afghanistan and Iraq lived better lives under the Taliban and Saddam Hussein than they currently live in the wake of America's overthrow of those regimes. Ensler's a mindless, dumbass, empty-headed, two-bit bull-dyke, alcoholic lesbo, hate-America, hate-US Military, liberal-demokkkRAT whorebag bitch, who should be dropped off in any murderous muslim, turd-world shithole, and left to survive. Ensler's quite obviously mentally-ill, and needs a lobotomy.
Bwahahahaha, muslim rap crap? Pathetic, pigshit-drinking garbage, as is all rap crap. No wonder blacks, hispanics and white trash are doomed to be dumb, poor, drug-addicted and welfare cases for the rest of their miserable, grinding poverty riddled lives.
Stephen Spielberg is a washed-up, drug-addicted, lowlife scumbag, who supports terrorists, hates America, hates Jews and everything else he is beholden to, for his great wealth. Give it up, Stevie boy; your're a nobody and a nothing. Spielberg is a turd.
Turdbag arab, Jimmie "I Hate America, Too!" Zogby, is full of pigshit, just like his mindless, murderous muslim moron friends.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Kuwaiti-born Palestinian Sami Al-Arian, former professor at the University of South Florida; Sameeh Hammoudeh, a former instructor at the university; and two Islamic activists, Hatim Fariz and Ghassan Ballut, should be executed, placed face-down in liquid pigshit facing west. They're subhuman muslim terrorist filth, who richly deserve death and everlasting hell.
A Muslim cleric from Lodi, one of five members of the Pakistani community in the San Joaquin County city arrested by federal authorities this month, told an immigration judge Friday that he made anti-American speeches to crowds in Pakistan in the first months of the U.S.-led invasion of neighboring Afghanistan. Torture and kill the subhuman, pigshit-drinking murderous muslim asshole, Shabbir Ahmed. The idiot islamic filth needs to die.
It's way past time that the lowlife, subhuman, hate-America, leftist-moonbat wackos at MoveOn.Org, were rounded-up, duly charged, tried, convicted and executed, under the RICO and PATRIOT Acts. Kill them all.
KILL this , incestuous, subhuman sambo filth. Kill the Wesson garbage. Kill it.
A Tulsa subhuman is in the Tulsa County jail, accused of crimes that have shocked even some law enforcement officials. 43-year-old Terry Wayne Bennett is charged with 3 counts of first degree rape, 11 counts of lewd acts against a child under 16, and 6 counts of cruelty to animals. Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies say Bennett sexually assaulted a 6-year-old child in his care, over a span of several years. They say he also sexually abused one of his dogs and that he tried to abuse another dog, but the dog bit him. Hopefull, the dog bit his DICK off. They say they have Bennett on tape confessing the crimes to a friend. Kill Bennett; kill him!
A murderous nanny bitch, was sentenced Friday to 30 years to life in prison, after being convicted last month of murder, in the hit-and-run deaths of two children. Jimena Barreto, 46, got down on her knees and sobbed, as she read a two-page letter expressing her remorse for the deaths of Troy Pack, 10, and his sister, Alana, 7. The children were riding a scooter and a bike on their way to get Slurpees, with their mother and friends, when they were struck on a sidewalk, near their Danville home.

The Alan Lomax Database.
Okay, folk music fiends and devotees of authentic or unusual sounds, get your headphones ready and pull up a chair. Excerpts of field recordings by the great ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax have arrived online. Collecting sounds from the proto-blues of the Delta to the wedding chants of Morocco, Lomax traveled tirelessly in his efforts to capture the sounds of traditional music, particularly throughout the American South. You'll need to register to access the database, but it's free and quick. After you do, you'll have full liberty with the audio, video, and photographs captured by Lomax between 1946 and 1994. Take in a moment from a 1959 baptism at a Huntsville, Alabama church or catch a 1946 calypso song in New York City. The collection of prison recordings alone elevates the database to something marvelous.

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