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friday, july 1st, 2022

If you don't think that Bidet&Co's plan isn't to spread the misery of everyday skyrocketing living inflation in every category, outrageous spending, budget crisis, shoplifting and theft, general social unrest, persecution of American Citizens around, to get us all to ditch our SUVs, trucks, minivans and other ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, and buy EVs (Elctric Vehicles), you're not focusing.

"EVs (Electric Vehicles) weren't born yesterday; they first appeared in the 1830s, were a mere fad with a non-rechargeable battery problem, and were soon eclipsed by the Stanley Steamer and Ford's ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) in the early 1900s.

What born, relatively yesterday, was the idiotic "green, carbon-free industry" and it's a scam from stem-to-stern. One of the most widespread beliefs about fossil fuels —- oil, natural gas and coal —- is that these substances started out as dinosaurs. They didn't. Here's a primer on petroleum.

Feeling like you’re doing the right thing doesn’t mean you are. Not 20 years of chasing unicorns and rainbows.

The infamously exploding Ford Pinto was recalled because of a design defect with the Pinto —- its proclivity to burn when hit from behind. Electric cars have this defect designed into them. All of them. And, unlike with the Pinto, you don’t have to get hit —- or hit anything —- for an electric car to burn. The things can, and have, caught fire when parked. It's designed into all of them. Actually, “caught” is not the right word to describe what happens. Spontaneous combustion is better. Don't charge your EV in the garage, or even park it in the attached garage. EV batteries, on the other hand, are very high-voltage batteries —- 400 volts is typical; 800 volts is becoming common —- and they are fire-prone by design. All of them. They can be deadly, and you'll be dead before you know it. Nice, huh?

All that said, the battery, recharging stations -- 25% of which don't work -- and battery replacement costs are the weak links in all EVs. There is no infrastructure for EVs in place, especially in the fragile US Power Grid, to handle hundreds of millions of EVs, in addition to all the other homes and appliances running on electricity and/or being recharged. Perhaps in 40-50+ years, those critical flaws will be worked-out. Who knows?

With electric cars, the difference between leftist ideals and reality is shrinking

To build a house, strip mall, apartment building or skyscraper, you first have to build a foundational framework to support what's above it. It's called infrastructure. There is no infrastructure in America to support EVs now, and it's going to take 20-30-40+ years to get there. Meanwhile, Bidet&Co's radical leftists, socialists, communists, fascists, anarchists want us to ditch our ICE veholes and "transition" to EVs, RIGHT NOW. Not happening, on any scale.

Solar panels and windmills are a sad joke. They comprise around 6% of the US Power Grid, and probably won't go much further in placement and use, without massive, massive US Government Subsidies. Real Americasns won't put up with that crap.

Biden’s green energy "plan" -- actually, Meat Puppet Joe Bidet has nothing to do with it -- means ending dependency on US oil and becoming entirely dependent on China. Got that?

Even Bidet&Co's idiot green enery plan is pitting itself aginst radical environmentalists, and you know who's going to win that battle.

Without diesel fuel and its related oil fluid components, trucks stop running. Deliveries stop for all stores. Stores empty out. People either die or steal -- from those of us who've "prepped" for years for this very event -- to get what they need to survive. I don't look forwqard to that day, but mark my words, it's coming sooner than we think.

For years in their quest to claim "green" energy status, European leaders have shut off their own domestic production of oil and gas in favor of a shitty pipeline from Russia. Their goal has been to lower emissions and claim energy moral superiority while rejecting the reality that modern societies cannot function without fossil fuels. Now, as Russia wages a war on Ukraine and uses gas production as a weapon against the West, European countries are starting to see their so-called "green" energy revolution backfire in spectacular fashion. "Germany will restart coal-fired power plants and offer incentives for companies to curb natural gas consumption, marking a new step in the economic war between Europe and Russia," the Wall Street Journal reports. "Berlin unveiled the measures Sunday after Russia cut gas supplies to Europe last week as it punched back against European sanctions and military support for Ukraine."

Amid all the partying and gladhanding and making Vladimir Putin a figure of fun, the G-7 summit in Germany managed to avoid the important topics, such as where the hell greenie Germany is going to get energy from and just what it means when it says it's going to support Ukraine forever. Instead, it moved into its comfort zone, which was "infrastructure" and greenie energy for the Third World, as if the Third World needed more corruption and energy shortages, as greenie Germany is experiencing. Naturally, its idea was to throw money —- mostly American money ($200 Billion!) —- at the problem. Doddering Joey Bidet was all in for this idiocy and has touted this bad idea as some kind of success story.

Meanwhile pResident Joey Bidet continues to plunge the United States into economic ruin by pursuing his alternative energy agenda, which has already led to record gas prices and a looming national security crisis through the depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. While vowing to destroy the oil and gas industry in the US, Biden is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia next month in a pursuit of increased oil production and supply. He's there to BEG FOR INCREASED PRODUCTION FROM THE SAUDI FILTH, 15 of the 19 whom hijacked and flew 3 of 4 jets into buildings, on 9-11-01. Remember that Day of Infamy?

As gas prices pinch Americans, quite a buzz has emerged over electric vehicles. Many ordinary Americans are lamenting both the astronomical prices at the pump and the Biden administration’s subsequent push for electric cars as he blames Russia. The corrupt press is predictably suggesting those spurned Biden critics are spinning "conspiracy theories".

But it isn’t a conspiracy theory to point out that the White House has gas-powered Americans right where it wants them, nor is it conspiratorial to note that the administration — including President Joe Biden, Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Vice President Kamala Harris, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and airhead Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm —- has used the gasoline crisis it largely created to "pump green dreams", including a transition to electric vehicles.

More than being completely tone-deaf to the plight of Americans who, while struggling to pay $5.01+ per gallon for gas probably don’t have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to buy a Tesla, the Biden administration also ignores the severe shortage of microchips and scarcity of available vehicles anyway. Given those constraints, even those who can afford to buy new cars probably can’t just waltz into a dealership and be relieved of the fuel burden.

Even more, though, the whole electric vehicle debacle reveals two things: the Biden administration and other ruling class ignorance of the lives of most Americans, and Democrats’ fake concern for the environment.

How are lawn care and snow removal companies everywhere in the Midwest supposed to ditch gasoline for electric cars? Do Washington elites —- especially the Biden administration, which is “all in” on its goal to achieve “100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050” —- really expect these blue-collar workers to trade in their plow-mounted, rough-and-tumble dually diesel trucks for the soon-to-arrive, gadget-mobile electric pickups that appear better suited for a coastal dad show-and-tell than for actually working?

Everytime you fill-up the SUV, truck or car, remember that Biden sticker. "I Did That!", because it's true. They're pushing gas and diesel fuels out-of-affordable range, to make people switch to EVs from ICEs. Hold on as best you can; help is coming in 2022 and 2024. I hope.

© July 1st, 2022 by JS, "John's Journal".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 9a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, had a of couple smokes in the cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was only 66°, cloudy and cool, as I checked the weather and news on my powerful 2009 desktop HP computer. The 90°+ weather returns over the weekend.

I was sitting in the garage, having a cup of Kona Coffee, when I heard the news: Roe v Wade overturned, and returned to the states for decision. >The US Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; it belongs to the individual states and their elected representatives. A true win for Federalism. Here's the 213-page *.pdf document decision, if you care to read it.

Let the tantrums begin!

No one on the Socialist-Communist-Left is taking the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, well. It didn’t ban abortion, but you’d never guess watching pMSNBC, CNN, etc etc etc, or reading the many liberal accounts on Twitter, NYSlimes etc etc etc, and you’d think a religious coup had taken place. Not the case. Only 5% even give a flying rat's rearend about abortion, compared with 94% of people who can’t afford food or gas or rent or medical bills.

To say that we are living in HISTORIC TIMES of "civil unrest" is a massive understatement. This morning's ruling overturning Roe v Wade has already set-off widespread protests across the nation. Expect these protests to spread and gain violent intensity rapidly, as the pro-abortion forces gather themselves together to respond. As if there wasn't already enough going on in the world to keep "Preppers" busy this summer, now we have even more gasoline on an already raging fire. If you live in a major metro area, might be wise to avoid crowds! Things are likely to get UGLY, VERY FAST now. Get ready for the Summer riots, rapes, attacks, looting, burning, murders and more, which will make the Summer of 2020 seem like a walk-in-the-park. Stock-up on canned goods, jarred goods, dry goods, water, TP, paper towels etc. DO IT NOW! When the trucks stop running, due to $7.50-$8/gal diesel fuel, it'll be too late.

I haven't seen the demonKKKrats this mad, since yesterday.

The shitheads at CNN are leading the charge against SCOTUS and the American People, inciting unrest, violence and riots. They should be shut-down for treason and terroristic threats. But being an arm of the DNC, tey won't be. Same with all the other sewage newtworks.

And then there's the "Gun Control Bill" that empty-headed dumbass Joey Bidet signed, doing nothing worthwhile.

I had lunch and went to a 2:30p mtg at my Sister's condo, with her interior designer. I left at 3:15 and drove to Sherry's home, to get a hug & kiss, and see Corey's new Corgi, "Lincoln". He was a handful. We spent a few hours talking and checking-out her gardens, and around 5:30, I came home home to get some things done, which I hadn't time to do all day. I ordered-in a Domino's 14" Thin Crust Pizza and a 12" Philly Cheese Steak for dinner, and tomorrow's lunch. After eating a potion of each, I was feeling so very dizzy and unstable, I shut down at 10:30p, and bagged it for the night.

I slept-in until 9a on Saturday, still feeling a little 'wobbly' from last night, but some Kona Coffee and a few smokes helped that. It was a sunny, cloudless 83° morning, but it felt like it was in the 90s already. Forecast was for 90°+ and very humid. Long was to go. I decided to stay inside and get some paperwork done. This was posted:


03:30pm EDT, Jun 25 2022
12:00am EDT, Jun 26 2022
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Code ORANGE Air Quality Alert on Saturday for the Susquehanna Valley.
A Code ORANGE Air Quality Alert means that air pollution concentrations within the region may become unhealthy for sensitive groups. Sensitive groups include children, people suffering from asthma, heart disease or other lung diseases, and the elderly. The effects of air pollution can be minimized by avoiding strenuous activity or exercise outdoors.

I haven't seen one of those 'bad air' alerts in a long time. It was a very hot 117° on my back patio and a warmish 106° on the front porch, so I smoked in the garage, until later, when those areas get into some tolerable shade.

Be ready to be tracked: the development of an "individual carbon footprint tracker" to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel. It's coming, and in 'beta test', right now. Putin is our last line of defense against CCP Red China -- not pleasant, but it looks like that is just the way it is. Sometimes you don’t get to pick the guy who saves you.

I haven't seen the demonKKKrats this angry, since the Republicans took their slaves away.

I had the Domino's Philly Cheese Steak for a late lunch/ early dinner, watched a 2hr 2nd-tier NASCAR xfinity Series Race from Nashville Speedway, and did some light condo chores. No F-1 or IndyCar races tomorrow, but there is a 6hr IMSA Endurance Race from Watkins Glen, and another NASCAR Cup Series race from Nashville.

I watched TV until 10p, and called it quits for the day.

I slept-in until 9:30a on Sunday, and it was already 84°, humid and getting much hotter. I did the usual BSL routine, made Kona Coffee, had a Croissant and a few smokes in the warm garage. The IMSA "Six Hours at The Glen" was on, so I watched it before going up for a shave, shower and start a couple loads of laundry. Good 6hr endurance race. I put-off a couple errands until tomorrow, when temps are supposed to drop a bit. I had the last of the Domino's Thin Crust Pizza for lunch, and just watched the IMSA Race until 4p. A NASCAR race came on afterward, and I watched bits-and-pieces, but those "roundy-round tracks" aren't *real racing*; only road courses are. IMO.

Laundry done, 39 pills laid-out, split between evening and morning, I checked the weather site, AccuWeather; high for today was 91°. The rain started heavily around 7p, and quit around 8, less than a ¼". Temps dropped quickly. I watched some "Best Of Episodes" of Motor Trend's "Iron Resurrection" until 10p, and unplugged.

Up at 8a on Monday, it was a rainy 62¼, with heavy t-storms forecast for the morning. I did the usual routines, had breakfast, Kona Coffee and a few smokes in the garage, checked the weather and news on my computer -- which was mysteriously still ON, even after I'd shut it DOWN, last evening, after doing the usual CCleaner scans and fixes. IT WAS SHUT DOWN. Can't figure that one out. I will shut it down, to rest and cool, when I leave to do some errands, later this morning.

I scanned my usual roster of online Conservative publications -- a prodigious, large long-term list -- and 95% of what I saw was Roe v Wade Decision articles, and left-wing wacko groups threatening riots, looting and burning, coming for the impending Summer. It's going to be a long, hot Summer. Fires and destruction at Historic Churches, Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers and anti-abortion group HQs, are just the beginning. A radical left-wing group, "Jane's Revenge", is vowing to lead the riots and civil unrest. SPJNK.

I left for Red Lion, in Southern York County, for the cleaners, and back north to the bank and USPS Facility here in Springettsbury Twp. After a big lunch, I slept for a few hours, and later did some condo chores. After a light dinner, I noticed temps dropping from 88¼ down to the 60s, and humidity also dropping quickly. I watched Motor Trends's "Bitchin' Rides" until 9, wqhen Mecum Auto Auction came on, then "Gutfeld!", which was over at 12 midnight. Lights out.

Up at 8:30a on Tuesday, it was a delightful 64¼, very low humidity and a sunny start to the day. There won't be many more of these, as the Summer heat/humidity returns over this weekend. I did the usual BSL routine, made Kona Coffee, had a couple smokes in the garage, and readied the Croissants and Orange Marmalade. There was so much eMail on my machine, I must have spent over an hour going thru it, and answering most of it. I had a banana for lunch and left for the nearby park at 1:45p.

Look out America! Hitlery's coming back for 2024! Look for Bidet&Co to take a 'dirtnap'. "In the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court’s monumental decision to overturn Roe v Wade, conservative writer John Ellis took to the internet to make a provocative case: It was time for Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, of the Clinton Organized Crime Family, to make a(nother) political comeback. (Does the author smell like a leftist to you?")

Sherry and I spent an hour there, and came back to my place and spent a few delightful hours, talking. She had to leave early to get some errands done, so I made a sandwich, and grabbed a 3hr snooze on the couch. I watched TV until 10p, and called it a night.

I slept-in until 9a on Wednesday, an already very warm 81¼, sunny morning. I made coffee, did the BSL routine, and had a couple of smokes in the garage, and tuned into "The Chris Plante Show". my usual morning-to-noon show. It was already 115¼ on the back patio, and 95¼ on the front porch, so I was relegated to the shady, cool garage for a smoke. I skipped breakfast, made a short food shopping list for a quick afternoon trip to Weis Market, and just enjoyed the CP Show and coffee. The headlines were all about Trump going nuts on Jan 6th, in the Presidential Limo; all stories were soundly refuted, but the charge had been made and exposed to the public. The morning went too fast, and after a light lunch, I left for the market at 1p.

The store was not crowded, so I breezed thru, dids the usual self-checkout register, and was back home by 1:45p. After unpacking the 2 bags, I settled-in for some Chris Stagall Show Podcasts, some Michael Berry and some Chris Plante Show Podcasts. I can't stand "Bonehead Bongino" occupying Rush's old 12-1`3p spot; he sounds like a 14yr old boy screaming with his nuts caught in a vice. Just awful radio.

Do you like bugs? Enough to eat them?

By 2p, it was 83¼ and climbing; a far cry from the past 2 nice days. Haver you seen Trump driving "The Presidential Beast" on the test track? Heh. By 3p, the back patio temp had "cooled" to 90¼, and would soon be usuable when the sun moved further west, providing some serious shade. I did a load of laundry, some cpondo chores, and laid down on the LR couch for a short snooze. It was too bright and I couldn't get to sleep. So I worked on some of the paperwork pile, and did some filing. Nothing worth a crap on TV during the afternoon. I also kept searching for a sentimental fingernail clipper, from Dad, in the front gardens, garage, on the Oriental rugs, under furniture, in the Jeep... no luck so far, but I'm persisting in that search.

Do you like bugs? Enough to eat them?

"Nearly one-third of people living in the Washington region struggled to access food last year, according to a report released last week by the Capital Area Food Bank. The analysis, culled from a random sampling survey of nearly 4,000 residents across the region, also presents a deeper illustration of how hunger’s impact has changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The report found families with children and non-White families were particularly in need of food assistance, and that even individuals who have jobs are still going without meals. Overall, the report lays out a picture of how factors such as rising rents, uncompetitive wages and an uneven terrible, worsening economic recovery are continuing to fuel hunger, explained Radha Muthiah, the food bank’s president and CEO." Guess whose fault that is? What is the hungriest state in America? According to the US Department of Agriculture, 10.5% of American households experienced hunger in 2020. These states have the highest percentages of American households who experienced hunger: West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee."

After another BSL check, and a light dinner, I watched Motor Trend's "Fantom Works" and "Bitchin' Rides", and Discovery's "Expedition Unknown", until "Tucker" came on at 8p. "Expedition Unknown" had several new episodes on, after "Tucker", so I stayed there until "Gutfeld!", 11-12a. Lights out.

I have nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to do it with.

Awake at 8a on Thursday, it was a sunny, 67¼ morning, with 91¼+ forecast. I did the BSL routine, made Kona Coffee and had a few smokes with the coffee, in the garage. Tuning into the "CP Show", I opened-up the condo until I felt the humidity; then quickly closed-down and put the AC back on at 73¼. I had an empty "to-do-list", so other than do some early morning gardening, put-up my American Flag, there was no real need to go out for anything. I had a talk show on in the background, and took a 2hr nap on the LR couch. I was so tired when I got up, I just had dinner, watched the news and called it a day at 9p.

Tomorrow starts another week here in the "Journal", and it's a clear week for me. Woo-hoo.

What Does SPJNK Mean?

The "Noahide Laws are seven ancient laws that many people view as the basis of civilized society. They govern morality and represent the “bare minimum” of what God expects of humanity. They are called the “Noahide” laws because they are thought to have been given in their fullness to Noah after the flood. They are also called the Noachian laws, the Seven Laws of Noah, or the Seven Commands for Noah’s Sons (in Hebrew, Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach).

The idea of a formal set of laws given to all humanity (all the sons of Noah) comes from the Talmud and is therefore extra-biblical. Some scholars believe the Book of Jubilees contains a possible mention of the Noahide Laws. But, again, the Book of Jubilees is not inspired Scripture. However, the basic seven Noahide Laws are based in biblical principles.

Here are the Noahide Laws:

1. Do not deny God (no idolatry).
2. Do not murder.
3. Do not steal.
4. Do not engage in sexual immorality.
5. Do not blaspheme.
6. Do not eat of a live animal (no eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive).
7. Establish courts and legal systems to ensure obedience of these laws.

According to Jewish tradition, the first six of these seven laws were given to Adam in the Garden of Eden (the sixth law, to not eat live animals, was extraneous, since Adam did not eat any animals).

When God established His covenant with Noah, He added the seventh (and the sixth became applicable). Each of the seven Noahide Laws is seen as a summary of more detailed laws, about 211 total.

According to Judaism, a Gentile does not have to follow the Mosaic Law; however, all Gentiles are obliged to follow the Noahide Laws. The laws given to Noah’s children are universally binding. A non-Jew who abides by the Noahide Laws is considered a “righteous Gentile,” according to Judaism, and will earn a reward in the afterlife, if his obedience is coupled with a knowledge that the laws come from God.

A “righteous Gentile” might also be called a “Hasidic Gentile” or simply a “Noahide.”

Nowhere does the Bible record what laws God may have given Adam, other than the command to fill and subdue the earth and the prohibition against eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 1:28; 2:17). After Noah and his family exited the ark, God gave the following three commands to him: “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:1); “You must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it” (verse 4); and “Whoever sheds human blood, / by humans shall their blood be shed; / for in the image of God / has God made mankind” (verse 6). After that, God repeats His command to “be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it” (verse 7). Other than Noah being told not to eat raw meat, there is no hint of the traditional Noahide Laws in these passages.

The only other place in Scripture where a Noahide law might be mentioned is Acts 15:29. The context of this passage is the Jerusalem Council, which met to address the issue of the Gentiles’ place in the early church. Specifically, the question before the council was, “Must Gentiles be circumcised according to Mosaic Law in order to be saved?” (see Acts 15:1). The apostles in Jerusalem answered with a resounding “no.” We are not saved by keeping the Law (see Galatians 2:16). However, to promote peace within the early church, the council advised Gentile believers to avoid four things, including the eating of “blood” and sexual immorality (Acts 15:29). Neither of the other two instructions correspond to any of the Noahide Laws.

As an ancient moral code, the Noahide Laws have been a major influence in many cultures. In fact, in 1991, both houses of Congress passed a bill, signed into law by President George H. W. Bush, that declared the Noahide Laws to be “the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization” and the “ethical values and principles . . . upon which our great Nation was founded” (H.J.RES.104.ENR).

Are the Noahide Laws found in the Bible? No, not as a definitive list, and they are certainly not associated with either Noah or Adam. Are the Noahide Laws congruent with biblical teaching? The basic seven laws are congruent with Old Testament revelation. The Talmud calls for capital punishment for Gentiles who violate the Noahide Laws, and this has led to some debate as to whether or not Christians (who worship Jesus Christ) are guilty of violating the first Noahide law and therefore deserving of the death penalty. The modern consensus is that Trinitarianism is acceptable among Gentiles. In any case, it is important to note that we are not saved by rule-keeping; God requires faith in His Son (John 3:18).


Acceleration, in the power political sense, is one of those concepts that for a long time languished in the ghetto of NRx theorycel circles. However, over the past couple of years, it has broken out into the mainstream and even normies largely understand what it describes now. Much of this is because they’re getting to see it take place in realtime as we watch the Regime continue to start fires everywhere and then spray gasoline on them. The Left in general has been rapidly accelerating the rate at which it foists off ever more radical social changes and political strictures onto the rest of the country. Contrary to what common sense and political truism from earlier times should have told them, rather than going for measured change that acclimatises people to their agenda, the Left is now flying full steam ahead on all fronts, regardless of what backlash and pushback they receive.

Why might this be? It’s because of the Iron Law of Acceleration - the more you accelerate changes in a sociopolitical system (especially unpopular changes, as most of the Left’s social agenda really are), the more you have to keep accelerating to prevent it from all falling apart. The train has to keep going faster at a faster rate because if someone pulls the air brake, the whole thing will derail. If you give the political opposition (in this case us) time and space to organise resistance, they might just find a way to stop everything. This has been the rule for most sociopolitical revolutions since 1789 - if you’re gonna go, go all out as fast as you can and effect the changes you want before anyone can mount a credible defence.

A few years ago, I was on this kick where I was drawing analogies between physical and social phenomena. I did this in some pieces I wrote about social inertia, social entropy, social turbulence, and one that related tradition versus modernism in light of energy states. I think this same approach can be taken to understand the effects of sociopolitical acceleration and social “kinetic energy.”

In physics, it’s fairly easy to relate the acceleration of a mass with the change in its kinetic energy, which is done through its change in momentum. Whenever a force is applied to a mass, this changes the momentum of that body with respect to a change in time (Newton’s 2nd Law, F=??/?t). Momentum (?), in turn, is related to kinetic energy via the equation KE=?^2/2m. From these, it follows that the kinetic energy of a system is proportional to the square of momentum, so as the momentum increases, the kinetic energy greatly increases for any non-trivial value of ?.

I will often refer to The Powers That Be (TPTB) as “pumping energy into the system,” or something along that line, and this is the basic sense in which I mean it. Drawing the analogy with a physical system, when you accelerate the rate of changes, when you introduce distortions into the social fabric and overturn norms and traditions, especially ones long held, you create social “energy” that manifests itself as resentment, anger, disorder, and even potentially as revolt. As they ever increase the force which they apply to our sociopolitical system and against those who disagree with them, this acceleration is translating into an exponential increase in energy that greatly destabilises the entire system.

The thing about high energy systems which can be characterised as complex and non-linear is that (via a definitional understanding of chaos) they are both sensitive to initial conditions but also have dense periodic orbits. What this basically means is that a social system with a huge multitude of moving parts can be greatly affected by even small changes at any particular and arbitrary point, but also tends to be restrained within a fairly small field of pathways (something which the cyclic nature of Turchin’s demographic-structural theory of the rise and fall and rise of large polities demonstrates). When you alter a feedback mechanism in such a social system, the response will most likely be non-linear (i.e. not directly proportional) and difficult to predict in detail (though restrained within a field of broad, macroscale responses).

Or, to put it into layman’s terms, the more energy you put into a social system, the more difficult it will be to know what’s eventually going to happen to it. You make turbulence. You introduce a chaotic system state. You lose control of the system you’re trying to change to be the way you want it to be. And you’re just going to be more likely to lose control the more you accelerate and pump energy into the system.

Understand that the Left’s acceleration - and they know they can’t slow down -- is purposeful. Gone are the days when progressives operated by introducing a couple of radical changes but then backed off and let society “dissipate” the energy that was introduced. Having seen the goal of total societal takeover come within reach, they no longer see a reason to slowroll it. The brakes are off and they want to finish this thing before they lose control. As a result, the acceleration is designed to provoke a response. They want to goad the Right into a violent response because they think they’ll be able to deal with it and because they want to get it over with. I’ve noted before that one of the characteristic traits of American progressives over the past few decades is their impatience, their complete inability to check themselves for long. They want to “achieve” in 40 years what took the European Left over a century to obtain.

Which means they are pouring gas on the fire at a prodigious rate.

The thing is that eventually, there will most likely be a “national divorce” of some type that results from the continued acceleration. We’re already seeing signs of political decentralisation on the horizon -- not least of which is today’s confirmation that Roe v. Wade has been overturned -- and those are only going to grow more frequent and more persistent as time goes by. In the near future, at least, any true political violence is likely to come from the Left, however, because the Left is supported by the current institutional power structure. As such, the Left can do anything -- up to and including trying to assassinate sitting Supreme Court justices -- and face few if any consequences. If the Right tried anything close to comparable, it’d get rolled up quickly. Even the farce of the “J6 insurrection” has seen a ridiculously disproportionate response from Democrats frightened that their acceleration almost caused the plan to go awry.

Of course, as noted previously, there are always the blackpillers out there who have made it their mission to convince the Right that there is simply no way out and that the Left’s rise to total dominance is inevitable. They’re always going to control the institutions and the institutions will always be totally relevant to every facet of life. The Left will always have a handle on things and there’s no possible way the Right can ever mount an effective challenge to them. Despite all evidences to the contrary, these folks attribute some kind of machine-like hypercompetency to the Left that simply is not there. Yes, while they have great institutional power, the Left is neither unassailable nor even particularly proficient at running the things they do control. Their only real area of capability is in destroying what came before them -- the competency of the wrecker and the bomb-thrower. Providing competent administration to what you’ve captured is much more difficult -- and becomes even more so once you start destabilising your entire society via acceleration.

Indeed, these folks who naysay a possible “national divorce” and decentralisation have a diametrically wrong read on the room. They think that TPTB have an all-powerful, 1984-like control over the system - but that’s not at all what is actually happening. In 1984, the Party was able to establish an equilibrium of total power by doing precisely the opposite of what the American Left is currently doing. The Party in Orwell’s book intentionally created a social system dominated entirely by as nearly perfect a social stasis as it was possible to create. The world of 1984 sees no real change. Yes, there may be alternating war with Eurasia or Eastasia, but the life of the Outer Party member, at least, is total monotony and unassailable routine. There is no roiling of acceleration to create anything more than token - and easily crushable - internal mental resistance to the Party’s established order. Anyone thinking that the progressive Left has anything close to this - even with their federal agencies and media control and the rest - is simply off their rocker.

Another argument these folks keep making is essentially “Why don’t we see all the hillbillies out in the sticks revolting if we’re going to have a national divorce??” The answer, of course, is that we’re not in a binary situation. We don’t either have perfect contentment with the present sociopolitical order or else full-on armed rebellion. There’s that whole “long train of abuses and usurpations” thing which the colonists endured for a couple of decades (but which, notably, did eventually result in a successful war of secession). Hithertofore, many of the threats which America’s own government presented to her people were existential in nature. The government might try to confiscate your guns. They might start repressing their political enemies. They may eventually start trying to take your kids away from you. That sort of thing. And there was always the release valve of ostensibly having one party that “represents” the Heritage American middle and working classes.

As acceleration continues and this existential situation becomes more and more reified, that will begin to change. The Left is actively coming after your kids now. The Left is planning to set up a system where they can red flag everybody who dissents from them as “mentally ill” and disarm them. The Left is actively prosecuting rightist political dissenters and using officially sanctioned riots and mobs to try to intimidate their opponents. They’re using their power over corporations and government to doxx, debank, and deperson anyone who steps out of line. Their accelerationist tendencies merely mean that more and more people will eventually start to qualify as being “out of line” in their eyes. In response to Roe v. Wade being overturned, they’re already contemplating violence against all the “hillbilly Trump voters” who made it possible.

And topping this all off is the fact that a good chunk of the Republican Party is in on the game and more and more people are becoming aware of this. As a result, that particular way of bleeding off energy from our overcharged social system is rapidly being closed off. People are starting to figure out that folks like Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, and the rest aren’t really on our team and never have been.

Don’t count on the situation remaining passive for very long as the Left’s acceleration continues to ramp up. What if FedGov really does start trying to make mass arrests of dissenters? What if the Left really does whack a SCOTUS justice and faces no substantive retribution? What if the Left really does try swatting every gun owner they can find? It’s highly doubtful that kind of thing will just be taken lying down (nor should it). This whole “derp derp tha hillbillies ain’t doin’ nuffin’” routine that the blackpillers trot out isn’t likely to remain viable for long.

Obviously, official responses from friendly state governments would be the optimal choice in response to drastic acceleration. What if Florida decided to put some BATFE agents on trial and throw them in prison for a few decades for killing a Florida resident while trying to enforce gun laws that Florida has rejected as unconstitutional? And decides to enforce it by threatening to call out the state National Guard? The Left’s accelerationist tendencies could not allow them to do anything but escalate the situation, possibly into a full-scale shooting war. As I noted above, the Left is at the point where they cannot roll themselves back without a good possibility that everything they’ve accomplished could fall apart.

But as my hypotheticals above suggest, the Left’s accelerationism is creating the sort of situation where acceleration breeds more acceleration. It can’t stop. The momentum is already there and the velocity is only increasing. The Overton Window in this country continues to move left while actual, genuine Americans are increasingly moving right in reaction to the Left’s elevatingly wild excesses. This is because the Overton Window is not a measure of demotically acceptable discourse, but officially acceptable. As the gap between them widens, the Left’s response will be increasing repression which will only produce increasing resistance.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, as they say. One benefit to come out of all of this is that the Left’s acceleration is creating the conditions necessary for the Right to build its own asabiyya, social cohesion that helps to counteract the disorganising, socially atomising tendencies of modern society. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, progressive Leftists and normal Americans are quickly becoming two widely separated cultural entities, and thus are essentially becoming two distinct nations in the genuinely classical sense of the term. This is a tendency that is aided by the Left’s acceleration since it forces the issue. This makes any future national divorce not only more likely, but also more justifiable in the same way that the American colonists breaking away from their English brethren had become by 1775. The blackpillers may not like this and are - unwittingly or wittingly - acting to try to counteract this, to the point it makes you wonder if some of them are being paid to do so. Nevertheless, if the present course holds, their efforts will not be successful in the long run.

As I’ve taken pains to note elsewhere, because the social system we are dealing with (as indeed all are) is a chaotic-complex system, there can really be no specific predictions made about this, that, or the other happening. But the periodic orbit, so to speak, of our system is not really that much different from other historic systems which dealt with revolutionary subversions such as we see from today’s Left. One thing that we can be sure of -- if we don’t manage to find a peaceful resolution to the coming sociopolitical conflicts by finding a way to short circuit their accelerationism, the Left is going to drag us all into a very unpleasant future. It’s been caused by the Left, and the breaking point will almost assuredly be provoked by them, but that’ll be small consolation for all those who have to go through it.

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