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two imperatives that will change our country

friday, july 2nd, 2021

Of all the problems facing our nation right now, there are two that rise above all the others, and, therefore, two imperatives that if not resolved, Americans will lose the ability to change the trajectory of our country and retain our freedoms.

[FULL TITLE: "Two Imperatives That Will Change The Trajectory of Our Country".]

Of all the problems facing our nation right now, there are two that rise above all the others, and, therefore, two imperatives that if not resolved, Americans will lose the ability to change the trajectory of our country and retain our freedoms.

Imperative One

The first imperative is that the 2020 presidential and senatorial elections must be corrected. That means taking action to right the wrong. The majority of Republicans and a growing number of Americans are becoming aware that the Left committed vast and monumental election fraud. Everything downstream of the fraud is consequently illegitimate.

Therefore, we have an illegitimate president, which has led to illegitimate executive orders, illegitimate Senate, and non-Senate-approved appointments to critical executive branch leadership positions. These individuals will continue to drive thus-illegitimate domestic, economic, and foreign policies, wreaking havoc and driving our nation further into the ground. Lack of legitimacy has eroded the US standing within the international community, greatly weakening American diplomatic, economic, and military influence. We also have two illegitimate senators from the state of Georgia and one from Arizona Everyday's an IQ test. that have tipped the balance of power in the Senate, and indeed the entire legislature, resulting in one-party rule for at least the next two years. Rightfully so, election audits are being conducted in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, within other swing and non-swing states. However, the audits will take months or possibly years to adjudicate in the courts, running into the same deep state obstructions following the 2020 elections. The battle to make the 2020 election right needs to be waged in the court of public opinion sooner, not later, in order for the People to demand immediate action. Election fraud has been documented by hundreds of affidavits nationwide.

Statisticians and mathematicians have demonstrated that the results are computational impossibilities. Civilian and government cyber experts have the entire record of actual cyber-attacks on our election machines originating outside our nation’s borders before, during, and after the election. To date, the evidence has yet to be presented inside a courtroom. What is being pursued by several state legislatures is to fix election integrity by tightening the more obvious controls that prevent fraud in order to take back the House in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024. This is all well and good, necessary, and monumentally important.

However, given the damage that Biden has done in a mere four months, imagine the damage a Biden-Harris presidency and a Democrat majority in Congress can do over two or four years.

We as a nation cannot afford as a nation to wait two or four years to combat damage that may be permanent and irreparable.

Although not a lawyer, I have contended that the only legitimate and acceptable way for the 2020 election results to be overturned is for state legislatures to decertify and then re-certify their election results, forcing Congress and the Supreme Court to resolve a constitutional crisis that cannot be brushed under the carpet this time, regardless of inevitable violence and blowback by the Leftist groups, lawyers, and media. The illegitimate Biden administration must be deposed by legitimate means; otherwise, any challenge to overturn the results would be seen also as illegitimate.

There have been calls for another election; however, the cumulative time to complete audits plus the time necessary to put together another election would push things well into 2022 and beyond, fighting the Left all the way. The true results from the 2020 election are known, awaiting audit validation, and will demonstrate that a clear reversal is in order.

However, the urgency and pace of the audits need to pick up. In short, lesser matters and distractions need to be put aside, and laser focus and resources placed on speeding up the audits to run concurrently, not sequentially, with corresponding legal cases built in anticipation of audit results.

We know what the audits will reveal. Let us not reinvent the wheel by holding yet another election that will be plagued with shenanigans as long as the same voting machines are still in use and election integrity legislation and associated safeguards will not have been enacted in time.

Imperative Two

The second imperative is that all Americans need to be made aware that COVID-19 pandemic was a fabricated global event, and was fabricated for political purposes to ultimately use as a means to seize political control of our government by the Leftist US and global elites to direct our health, our lives, and our freedoms. Using the pandemic as a pre-text, lives and livelihoods of millions have been destroyed or disrupted due to unwarranted government action.

Lockdowns, mask and distancing mandates running counter-science, flip-flopping CDC guidance, media suppression and censoring of vital health information, and now government threats and coercion to require vaccines and vaccine passports, are herding the populace down a path of no-return from which we will not recover unless stopped now. Despite the hype, intentional deception, and fear-mongering by the media, the CDC, and WHO, those who have been following the true science have long ago recognized that the pandemic was less terrible than we were led to believe, perpetrated for nefarious reasons which remain unfathomable.

Americans were made to feel increasingly fearful. Yes, there was a virus, and yes, it is tragic that many of our loved ones did become sick and die. However, in generalized terms, the spread of the virus has been no deadlier and no more horrific than prior flu seasons or past pandemics. There are four major indicators that would lead an open-minded rational person to conclude that the pandemic was manufactured.

First, per CDC data, the overall death rates in this country and across the world have been eerily similar in comparison with the overall and seasonal death rates experienced over the past few years. Miraculously, regular flu, cancer, diabetes, and other causes of death fell at the same time Covid was on the rise. Government financial incentives enticed physicians and hospitals to categorize deaths as Covid-related deaths, grossly over-reporting the numbers. The media focused on fictitious total case and death counts, and conveniently failed to report the corresponding fall in other death causes and overall Covid recoveries rates.

Second, after multiple studies that were conveniently ignored by the media, we know that the survivability rate for Covid is 99.9X% for those under 70, nearly exclusively afflicting the 70+ population, the frail, and those with significant co-morbidities.

Third, PCR tests, a.k.a. Covid tests, amped up in sensitivity, were used to detect the minutest lingering virus traces from our pasts, leading to positive test results when people were in fact negative. Consequently, Covid-related cases and deaths, the foci of the fear, were thus inflated and severely overreported. Researchers in southern California are now suing the CDC because out of 1500 Covid-positive samples sent to Stanford University and other labs for re-testing, 100% came back Covid-negative, but many tested positive for influenza A and B. These results alone should tell us that the number of cases has been wildly over-exaggerated.

When the WHO reduced the sensitivity of the Covid tests just after the Biden inauguration, the number of cases and the pandemic magically began to evaporate.

Fourth, studies and physicians around the globe have proven that Covid is and has been curable. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin, and large doses of vitamin D have been used for decades and have been proven as safe, low-cost cures for Covid. The continent of Africa was largely spared from Covid because millions take hydroxychloroquine regularly for malaria, known as the “Sunday-Sunday pill,” because it is standard practice to take on Sundays. The media, Big Tech, and the Left have gone to great lengths to suppress and censor this information, which would have saved tens of thousands of lives in this country. Why was the lifesaving information withheld?

Masks. Any honest epidemiologist or virologist worth their salt will tell you succinctly that masks do not stop particles the size of viruses. One epidemiologist informed me that “stopping viruses with a mask is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain-link fence.” Mandated mask-wearing has been a ruse and a visual cue to help stoke fear, signal virtue, and make the grand fabrication appear more tactile and real. So, we were led to believe that the world has experienced the largest pandemic known mankind, because of a survivable and curable virus that afflicts the old and frail, based on manipulation of testing statistics, either intentionally or unintentionally released upon the world. Why? But wait, there’s more. This fraud of grandest deception is continuing now with the underreported number of post-vaccination deaths and serious side effects. What the public is now led to believe is that the gene-altering jab is a “vaccine,” but it is not a vaccine in the traditional sense. Short-term reactions, such as blood clots and heart problems, are emerging and long-term risks are unknown.

As of this writing, the CDC’s Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System database, relying on voluntary reporting, for 2021 has recorded 4072 post-Covid jab deaths and over 272,000 post-jab significant side effects. During past epidemics, a vaccine would have been pulled with a mere 25 reported deaths.

There is speculation that the true purpose of the “pandemic” was to inspire the world’s population to want to be injected with a substance that is to this day experimental, non-FDA approved, authorized for emergency use only. On balance, there are more budding costs than documented benefits to a healthy population, not to mention significant profits for big Pharma.

Yet, despite the growing risks, Federal and state governments are doing whatever they can to incentivize and coerce people to get the jab and vaccine passports, or otherwise lose their freedoms of entry and access to businesses, events, travel, and educational institutions. These restrictions are only the beginning. Again, why? Why the urgency while Covid is in retreat?

Control. This will not end well. What’s next? The strongest hand in poker is a royal straight flush. When holding this hand, the usual play is to go “all in.” By controlling big tech, Hollywood, education, sports, woke corporations, and now, based on fraudulent elections within a backdrop of a fabricated pandemic, the Left holds the levers of Federal government power. The Left believes it has a royal straight flush and has gone all in. It is not going to back down. This is their moment in time for the ultimate power grab.

One problem: The Left is missing the final card it needs; a.k.a. the People. The Left is making a bet that it will win – as long as the people remain silent, docile, provide unspoken consent, and remain compliant. So, by saying we will get them next time by waiting until 2022 or 2024 to regain the levers of government is akin to thinking you will win back all your money when you are nearly out of chips. Was it not Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? The only hand for conservatives to play is the hand we have now, which is based in truth, fact, and evidence. And we hold the trump card – the American people. When finally awakened, the People will not let the current state stand. Therefore, the American people need to be carpet-bombed and saturated with the evidence of the two greatest frauds ever perpetrated in our history. Evidence needs to be packaged in a professional, unbiased, incontrovertible, simple enough to understand story so that all American people can understand how, why, and by whom these two frauds were perpetrated.

Evidence needs to be pushed beyond the reach of big tech, deep state, and mainstream media by every sharable means available NOW to all Americans. Those who want to see the truth have seen the truth. Those not interested in seeing the truth need to have truth thrust before them. It is these people that need to be reached.

As more Americans are shown the evidence, there will be an increased upswell demanding further audits, explanations, justice for those perpetrating the frauds, and demands for state legislators to take immediate action to change our trajectory. We are beginning to see this, but it needs to accelerate.

Conservatives have been lulled into inaction and continue to lack a sense of urgency to stop the Left’s assault. The Left’s at-first slow march has accelerated to a now dizzying pace, reaching a crescendo with Biden’s first 100 days in office, negating many of Trump’s achievements and policies, while disingenuously implementing new policies intentionally disguised or purposefully hidden from the American public’s view prior to the 2020 election, now on full display. How can it get any worse, right? We need the “great awakening” now. When the other side goes all in, you either go all in, or you fold. It is time to go all in; not business as usual, which is how we got where we are in the first place. Folding is not an option.

Reticent Republicans will not back these two imperatives unless they understand their own political peril and receive enough pressure from the People that we do not want to wait until 2022 or 2024 to gain back government control, and hence our country. I contend that resolution of these two imperatives will change our trajectory and put us back on the right path.

The reason these two imperatives are so critical, in contrast to all the other problems that we need to solve, is that these two frauds, when exposed, will do more to finally awaken and demonstrate to the American populace and the rest of the world what the Left is truly about and that the People have been lied to and deceived. We cannot fix the other failings in politics, culture, education, big tech, cyber, corporatists, domestic terrorism, and increasing threats from China if we do not fix the most pressing problems resulting from a fraudulent election and expose the pandemic for what it was.

Conservatives, Republican politicians, the People must act with urgency in order to take back control of the levers necessary to fix our problems. Resolution will put us on a path to restore our institutions by exposing actions of those behind the curtain, reveal the nefarious and evil acts perpetrated on humankind, and provide the means to ultimately bring down the deep state and hold those responsible finally accountable for the treasonous crimes still being committed against us all. Last, when resolved, these imperatives will re-enable national and global leaders to take action to stop the advance of socialism, communism, and the other “-isms” plaguing our society, topple the perpetrators, begin the slow march back to freedom, thus restoring the faith of billions across the planet that America remains the world’s beacon and harbor of freedom.

© May 28, 2021 by Cheval, "abyssum.org".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 9a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and record it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, had a couple smokes in the cool garage and checked my errands list. Nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to do it with. So I'll just stay home and get some condo chores done.

Sherry called around 2p, and stopped by to visit. We had a great time, as usual, and tried to figure out how to 'activate' the new 4G flip cellphone that AT&T had just sent, to replace my old 3G flip phone, but to no avail. Nothing ever works online, as advertised. She left around 6:30p, I made an egg salad sandwich on toast for dinner, and watched new episodes of "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine" until 10, and called it a day.


I slept-in until 10a on Saturday, went thru the usual morning routines, and did some errands. Back by noon, I had a small lunch, grabbed a 3hr nap on the couch and got a call from Sister Becky that she'd gone to York Hospital's ER and had been admitted for 3-5 days, for intestinal issues. I was not to come visit, due to the amount of people there, admittedly isolated, with various stages of COVID. I can call her, though.

I watched Discovery's "Homestead Rescue" all afternoon, and into the evening, then switched over to Motor Trend's "Bitchin' Rides', until 11p. Lights out.

Up at 7a on Sunday, the Austrian F-1 Grand Prix was on 9-11, so I hurried thru the morning routines, started a load of laundry and tuned-in to the weather and news. Good race. It was already 89° and headed into the upper 90s, with stifling humidity. There were 2 NASCAR Races on, at the Pocono (PA) Int'l Speedway, so I watched parts of them, while doing condo chores. Then, an IMSA (International Motor Sports Ass'n) 6hrs Endurance Race from Watkins Glen (NY) was on and I watched it until 11p. Time for sleep.

I slept-in until 9a on Monday, went thru the morning routines, and checked the weather and news. Another sauna-like day ahead, in the mid/upper-90s, with Heat Index Values well over 100°. I had a haircut app't at 12noon, p/u shirts at the cleaners down south in Red Lion, and a new AT&T phone to get activated at the local AT&T Retail Store. THAT turned into a 3+hour pain-in-the-ass, just getting my 350-400 phone contacts bluetoothed to the new unit. If I had it do over, I'd get a iPhone SE. Maybe I'll dump this free AT&T Cingular Flip IV Phone POS, and get an iPhone SE.

Finally home by 4:30p, I'd missed lunch and my diabetes' BSL was showing, so I had lunch/dinner combined, and settled-in for a few hours, going thru the entries in the Contacts List, and deleting the dupes. It needed charging, so it got that midway thru the doubled-up Contacts cleanout. I watched "American Pickers" until 10:30p, and called it a day.

iPhone SE

Up at 8:30a on Tuesday, and it was already 84° outside, and forecast to get close to 100°. After the morning routines, and a delivery from Main Lobster and a replacement delivery from Allen Bros Steaks, I had to run to Becky's condo and p/u her dwarf Ginko Tree and bring it back here, to care for it, while she's in York Hospital, for an undetermined length. I then had another delivery from Amazon, so that made 4 for the morning. Whew! I'm still struggling with the user-unfriendly, crappy AT&T Cingular Flip IV Phone POS that I got yesterday, and will get an iPhone SE or similar model next week. I've had enough with this junk. My error.

By 3:30p, temps had climbed to 97°, with a Heat Index of 109°. Just too hot with very poor air quality, to go out anymore. My garage provided some relief for an occasional smoke, so I left the Jeep out all day. By 6p, the temperature had dropped a few degrees, but going out was just not an option for me, so I had a light dinner – I have trouble eating much in such hot weather – and watched History's "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" until 10p, did my nightly Lantus® Insulin shot, and quit for the day.

Up at 9:15a on Wednesday, it was already 84° outside and forecast to get near 100° again, with a Heat Index of around 110°. Today is gonna suck, once again.

Heat Advisory
Wednesday, June 30, 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, June 30, 7:00 PM EDT
Source: U.S. National Weather Service
• WHAT...Heat index values around 110 degrees expected.
• WHERE...Portions of central and southern Pennsylvania.
• WHEN...The hottest conditions will occur during the afternoon. Cooling thunderstorms are likely in many spots by early this evening.
• IMPACTS...The combination of heat and high humidity may cause heat illnesses to occur.
Excessive Heat can be life-threatening among at-risk populations, such as children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions.
Drink plenty of fluids, stay out of the sun, and stay in an air- conditioned room. Check up on relatives and neighbors, and provide pets with adequate water and shelter from the sun.
Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances. This is especially true during hot weather when car interiors can reach lethal temperatures in a matter of minutes. LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK.
If you work or spend time outside. reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing.
To reduce risk during outdoor work, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or air conditioned environments. Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location. Heat stroke is an emergency! Call 911.
For excessive heat safety information, visit weather.gov/heat.

Since Becky is going to be in the York Hospital for quite a while, I went to her condo, to get her calendar so she could cancel upcoming app'ts, clean-out her 'fridge, bring-in her garbage cans and check her condo for security.

Happy Independence Day!

With the temps and humidity so high, the air quality is rated as "very poor", so I'm staying-in the rest of the afternoon. The front and back gardens are dry stressed-out, despite the drip irrigation in front, but hopefully we'll get the forecast t-storms and rain tonite and tomorrow. A ***SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH*** was posted at 4p, but the weather map looked as though they would pass just northwest of the York area. Damn, it did pass north of us. We sure could use the rain. I wound-up listening to the missed 3hrs of "Chris Plante Show" podcasts until dinner, and then tuned into Discovery's "Expedition Unknown: UFOs LIVE" special show, until 11p. Lights out.

Awake at 6a on Thursday, and unable to get back to sleep, I made coffee, had a light breakfast after my BSL finger stick, and opened the garage to let-in some "cooler", but still very humid, 74° air. T-storms dropped a little rain last night, but barely enough to wet the mulch; no benefit for any plants. More t-storms were headed our way from the southwest this morning and afternoon, and hopefully we'll get some significant rainfall.

As of today, July 1st, this year of 2021 is already half over.

It rained on-and-off, all day and into the night. No complaints from me. After lunch, I watched Discovery's recent "Homestead Rescue" episodes, and after dinner, continued watching some new episodes until 10p, then switched over to "Raymond Arroyo" and "Gutfeld". 12midnight; time to unplug.

Tomorrow starts another week here in the "Journal".

Have a Safe & Happy Independence Day!

NY Times test finds no identifiable tuna DNA in Subway's tuna sandwich.

A New York Times analysis found no identifiable tuna DNA in Subway’s tuna sandwich, the newspaper reported over the weekend, citing tests conducted by a commercial lab.

The Times bought 60 inches of Subway tuna sandwiches from three different Subway locations in Los Angeles.

A reporter for the newspaper then removed and froze the tuna and sent it to an unidentified commercial food testing lab. The newspaper said it paid roughly $500 for the lab to conduct a PCR test to see if the substance had one of five different tuna species.

After a month, the lab said it found “no amplifiable tuna DNA was present in the sample and so we obtained no amplification products from the DNA.”

“Therefore, we cannot identify the species,” the lab said.

Elaborating on the results, a spokesperson for the lab told the Times that there were two different conclusions.

“One, it’s so heavily processed that whatever we could pull out, we couldn’t make an identification,” the spokesperson said. “Or we got some and there’s just nothing there that’s tuna.”

In a statement to The Hill, Subway said that the test result "indicates that DNA testing is an unreliable methodology for identifying processed tuna."

"DNA testing is simply not a reliable way to identify denatured proteins, like Subway’s tuna, which was cooked before it was tested," the company said. "The fact is Subway restaurants serve 100% wild-caught, cooked tuna, which is mixed with mayonnaise and used in freshly made sandwiches, wraps and salads that are served to and enjoyed by our guests. The taste and quality of our tuna make it one of Subway's most popular products and these baseless accusations threaten to damage our franchisees, small business owners who work tirelessly to uphold the high standards that Subway sets for all of its products, including its tuna.

The Times noted that the Food and Drug Administration identifies 15 species of nomadic saltwater fish that can be labeled “tuna.”

The test comes as Subway faces a class-action lawsuit alleging that its tuna sandwich is not actually made of tuna. The suit was first filed in a California federal court in January.

In an amended complaint dated June 7, the plaintiffs allege that Subway claims to sell sustainably caught skipjack and yellowfin tuna but was instead selling “anything less than healthy stocks.”

Subway has been “selling and continuing to sell some mixture that is deceptively and dishonestly being passed off as in line with their representations to purchasers but are not actually compliant,” the suit states.

Commenting on the lawsuit, Subway said the claims were "untrue and have absolutely no merit."

"Given the facts, the lawsuit constitutes a reckless and improper attack on Subway's brand and goodwill, and on the livelihood of its franchisee," the company said.

Inside Edition did its own test of the tuna sandwich in February, in which it had a Florida-based lab test sandwiches from three Subway locations in New York. That test confirmed that tuna was in the sandwiches.

Why almost no one is looking hard for a job.

There are around 10 million unemployed Americans and over 9 million open positions. But most people aren't urgently seeking out those jobs.

The big picture: For the first time in decades, workers have the power to be choosy.

By the numbers: Only about 10% of job seekers say they're actively and urgently looking for work, according to a new survey from the jobs site Indeed. Around 45% are passively looking for jobs, and another 30% plan to get a job in the near future but aren't looking at all right now.

What's happening: Most of the open jobs are in low-wage areas like the service industry, which is bouncing back after the pandemic but struggling to find workers.

"These jobs are not very good," says Steven Fazzari, an economist at the Washington University in St. Louis. "They’re hard work, and they don’t pay very well." For low-wage workers, pandemic-era expanded unemployment insurance has provided some temporary bargaining power. "They might be able to pay the rent or pay the utility bill without that job" and hold out for better pay or benefits, Fazzari says. Workers without college degrees — who also tend to be in lower-wage jobs — cite several different reasons for delaying the job search, per Indeed's data.

Around 25% are afraid of COVID-19 and are waiting for vaccination rates to climb before getting back to work. More than 20% say they have a financial cushion and around 12% say their unemployment insurance is the reason they're not rushing to get a job. Childcare is also a major factor. 20% of lower-wage workers are staying home due to care responsibilities.

What to watch: This moment could be a turning point for American workers. Demand for labor is sky high, so lots of firms are offering higher wages or perks to attract talent.

But, but, but: While workers may have the edge right now, "I'm really skeptical that what we're seeing is the start of a new era of worker bargaining power," Indeed economist Nick Bunker says.

The wage hikes and benefits could start to disappear in the fall as many of the circumstances allowing or pushing lower-wage workers to delay the job hunt change, he says. Many states have already ended pandemic unemployment insurance, and others will do so in the coming months. An analysis from the firm Jeffries reported by the Wall Street Journal shows that states that have ended UI have lower rates of unemployment than those that have not.

And schools are set to fully reopen, sending parents back to work.

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