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Friday, July 6, 2007

good evening, my Fellow Americans — may I still call you all that? — and it's with a recently, much-lightened heart since I only have less than 18mos to go, that I come before you all tonite, to tell you that I've truly-screwed America, 15-ways-to-Sunday. Remember all that "compassionate conservative" crap back around the 2000 election? Well hell, I was never a conservative. I'm the biggest damned liberal, GOPer, RINO since Tricky Dick Nixon. And you Yankee assholes fell for all the lies I'm working hard, on your behalf. And since you put me back in this here big ol' White House twice, I've pulled the rug out from under helped America's rosy future with NAFTA, and CAFTA, and SPP, and NAU, and NAFTA's Trans-Texas Corridor, and a couple of dozen other scams and scheme to undermine and destroy America's sovereignty. Yeah sure, I vetoed the Kyoto Treaty, but that was just so some of my and Dick Cheney's buddies, in the oil sector, can get on with business-as-usual to save American businesses all those non-sensical rules and regulations, favoring Third World nations, over America. Yes, I was and am serious about The Wars In Afghanistan & Iraq, but always remember that islam is murderous Wahabism-muslim-islamist filth "islam is a religion of peace", and those who did 9-11 to us, weren't really of that "peaceful religion". They were rogue terrorists, but not true muslims. Heh; if you believe that shit, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn... Heck, I have murderous muslim imams their peaceful leaders over to the White House, for their Christian/Jewish-defiling (un)holy-day dinners and speeches, so they can't be so bad. I truly believe that bullshit that statement. Besides, my Daddy GHWB Bush Father and I are 100% beholden to the Saudis convinced that islam is one of the world's 'great religions', and that we need their oil for my profits their understanding and friendship, for our business profits world peace. Anyway, I'm also here to tell you all, that I'm real damn PO'd very concerned that many Right-Wing Conservatives uninformed, US Patriots vigilantes beat-down my Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill Comprehensive Immigration Bill, just this past week. I gotta must tell you that I and my corrupt, criminal Congressional Pals other concerned legislators are worried that our many quasi-legal business investments America's future will be truly-damaged, irreparably, if that Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill Comprehensive Immigration Bill isn't soon re-introduced and finally passed, with all the corrupt pork 'earmarks' necessary amendments, attached to it, so necessary for the prosperity of our Bush-Family Business Empire "Interests" continued survival and prosperity of our illegal businesses America. And yes, I fully-support the return of the Un-Fairness Bill, Fairness Doctrine, in electronic broadcasting, and those same Right-Wing Conservatives uninformed, US Patriots racist, hate-mongers beat-down that crucial, save-America bill, too. I also realize that many of you are concerned about the recent deaths of your beloved pets I hate cats and dogs, and about the safety of our Nation's food supply chain yes, almost everything is made in that turd-world shithole, China, and I'm doing everything which can be humanly done, to protect America's food supply — nevermind that I've delayed signing the Food Safety Bill (2002 Farm Safety Bill) until October 2008 — and to that end, I've ordered the US-FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and the US-DOT (US Dept of Transportation) to both detain imports of Chinese farm-raised catfish, shrimp and other seafood to make sure they were free from potentially carcinogenic/toxic residues, and recall some 450,000+ Chinese-made truck tires that were missing a "specific safety feature", due to minor safety concerns, which I'm told, will be cleared-up, in no time. I will make sure that America is safe the problems are better hidden from public view and media scrutiny from fear of its food and product supply chain suppliers. My Friends in The US Congress — Arizona: Sen John Kyl, Sen John McCain; Arkansas: Sen Blanche Lincoln; California: Sen Barbara Boxer, Sen Diane Feinstein; Colorado: Sen Ken Salazar Connecticut: Sen Joe Lieberman, Sen Chris Dodd; Delaware: Sen Joseph Biden, Sen Tom Carper; Florida: Sen Mel Martinez, Sen Bill Nelson; Hawaii: Sen Daniel Akaka, Sen Daniel Inouye; Idaho: Sen Larry Craig; Illinois: Sen Dick Durbin, Sen Barack Obama; Indiana: Sen Dick Lugar; Maine: Sen Olympia Snowe; Maryland: Sen Ben Cardin, Sen Barbara Mikulski Massachusetts: Sen Ted Kennedy, Sen John Kerry; Michigan: Sen Carl Levin; Minnesota: Sen Amy Klobuchar; Mississippi: Sen Trent Lott; Nebraska: Sen Chuck Hagel; Nevada: Sen Harry Reid; New Hampshire: Sen Judd Gregg; New Jersey: Sen Frank Lautenberg, Sen Robert Menendez; New York: Sen Hillary Clinton, Sen Chuck Schumer; North Dakota: Sen Kent Conrad Oregon: Sen Ron Wyden; Pennsylvania: Sen Robert Casey, Sen Arlen Specter; Rhode Island: Sen Jack Reed, Sen Sheldon Whitehouse; South Carolina: Sen Lindsay Graham; Utah: Sen Bob Bennett; Vermont: Sen Patrick Leahy;Washington: Sen Maria Cantwell, Sen Patty Murray; Wisconsin: Sen Russ Feingold, Sen Herb Kohl; Colorado: Sen Ken Salazar; Connecticut: Sen Joe Lieberman, Sen Chris Dodd; Delaware: Sen Joseph Biden, Sen Tom Carper; Florida: Sen Mel Martinez, Sen Bill Nelson Hawaii: Sen Daniel Akaka, Sen Daniel Inouye; Idaho: Sen Larry Craig Illinois: Sen Dick Durbin, Sen Barack Obama Indiana: Sen Dick Lugar; Maine: Sen Olympia Snowe; Maryland: Sen Ben Cardin, Sen Barbara Mikulski; Massachusetts: Sen Ted Kennedy, Sen John Kerry; Michigan: Sen Carl Levin; Minnesota: Sen Amy Klobuchar; Mississippi: Sen Trent Lott; Nebraska: Sen Chuck Hagel; Nevada: Sen Harry Reid; New Hampshire: Sen Judd Gregg; New Jersey: Sen Frank Lautenberg, Sen Robert Menendez; New York: Sen Hillary Clinton, Sen Chuck Schumer; North Dakota: Sen Kent Conrad; Oregon: Sen Ron Wyden; Pennsylvania: Sen Robert Casey, Sen Arlen Specter; Rhode Island: Sen Jack Reed, Sen Sheldon Whitehouse; South Carolina: Sen Lindsay Graham; Utah: Sen Bob Bennett; Vermont: Sen Patrick Leahy; Washington: Sen Maria Cantwell, Sen Patty Murray Wisconsin: Sen Russ Feingold, Sen Herb Kohl — are "only interested in America's safety and security". And to that end, we're also pushing for ratification the blocking of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which'd further erode America's sovereignty, by creating a global tax mechanism. Under UNCLOS, now before the Senate, US corporations would be required to pay taxes to an International Seabed Authority for the right to exploit ocean resources, including developing sources of energy for the American people. And I've fooled truly helped you all, with the ethanol fuel bullshit fuel substitutes, too; it's a f*cking waste good use of your tax dollars, which I'm happy to do, BTW. Yes, I've got 18 months left in office, and by the time I'm done, I'll have screwed you all 50-ways-to-Sunday gotten all those minor problems worked-out for America's good. Good night and Goddamn bless you all.

JS' PS NOTE: Better Wake-Up, America! Mr Bush has thrown America under the bus, and doesn't give a rat's rearend about us, anymore.

Around The Garden Center™.
Last Friday morning was cloudy, cool and thunderously-rainy (is that a real phrase?), a far cry from the oppressively-hot and humid week we'd just gone through. It would have been a great morning to shep-in, IMO. Since Thursday evening, we'd had over 2" of rain, so I shut down the GC&N's computerized watering and 6 miles of drip irrigation systems, until Monday morning's watering cycles. The need to "dry out" the plants, for a short while, is necessary. Overwatering will kill as many or more plants, as underwatering. You can always add water to a dried-out plant, but once it's overwatered, you can't get the water out of it. The damage has already been done. BTW, there were several 'casualties' of dried-out plants, but with some extra watering, they quickly recovered.
I slept late on Sunday morning, and went food shopping, as I am wont to do on my only day off. (Okay, okay, I'm still working-up to get-back to the Traditional 9am or 11am, Church Services, after ~45yrs away from My Faith. That's an easy 45min drive, one-way, but I'm going to go there, one day soon.) I had quite a shopping list compiled, since I didn't get to the markets last week. I also had Wednesday, July 4th off, as well, and slept-in, late well into the morning. Sweeeeeeeeeet: 2 days off in one week! Rarely happens, but when it does, I'm a happy camper.
Monday was one of the nicest days, including last Thursday and Friday, we've had all year: sunny, low humidity, cool, in the 70s, and a nice breeze. No one even broke a sweat, even on my hardworking landscape crews. Tuesday was also nice, but getting warmer and more humid.
No, I didn't go anywhere for Independence Day, this year; and here's my Reason #3 Why I Don't Fly, Anymore. I drive everywhere I need to go, period. If I can't get there by driving, then I don't need to go there. Too many drunks on the road, on the July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day Holidays, IMO, and since I never drink and drive, I don't want to be an unwitting participant of that highway carnage. I slept-in until around noon, made French Toast, coffee, and made a brief foray to a local Rutter's Store, for some smokes and milk.
Scattered t-storms and showers moved through the York (PA) area, all day, but nothing significant happened, as isolated cells moved through and dumped 1-4" of rain onto the area.
The July 4th Holiday, marked the (almost) halfway-point in Summer, with 3½ weeks already behind us, and 5½ weeks, to go, until the Fall sets-in. With the next National Holiday being Labor Day, it's going to be a long, hot, steamy Summer. Much of America — definitely not Your Father's America — is in a dozy, sleepy mode, for the Summer months, and will be until September/October. And so am I, BTW.
20+" of rain, in under two weeks, in Texas, Kansas and Missouri! And one Texas town, got 18" in one night! Massive floods, everywhere. Un-fricking-believeable! We sure could use ***some of that rain***, but 20" in one night is waaaaaay too much for anywhere, except the ocean.
Gas prices at the pump, inched-up a mere 4˘/gal, this week: Unleaded Regular went-up to $2.89/gal, Unleaded Plus is now at $2.97/gal, and Unleaded Premium peaked at $3.07/gal, in the York (PA) area. Down, southwest of-me, in the Shewsbury (PA) area, just above the MD line, the lines of cars filling-up, are badged with MD plates, as gas is 15-35˘/gal higher, in The Peoples Republik of Maryland. Have pump prices peaked?
After visiting Dermatology Associates in York (PA), last week, the Dr I saw has confirmed that I have Alopecia Areata, and they've put me on a steroid-based 5% creme, as well as steroid pills, 3x/week. It's my own autoimmune system, attacking the hair follicles in my 39-yr old, legendary handlebar moustache, causing the entire center of it to fall out. Damn!
Go ahead: test your internet speed connection, up and down. My best was 9816kbps down/1127kbps up. See if you can beat it. Go ahead; I'll wait.
It poured 'cats & dogs', at around 7pm, on July 4th, and the streets ran-over 1ft of the rain's run-off. My sunroom overhead windows were pounded with rain, it it cleaned all the birdpoop off of them. Ha! I was glad to see the t-storms' rainfall! The streets were completely-innundated with rainwater. Many local area fireworks shows were called-off, and postponed until Thursday, due to the violent winds, rain and lightening.
And on Thursday, part deux of the violent t-storms moved through the area, once again, and dumped all over us. No complaints about the rain, from me. Severe Flood Warnings were posted all over York County, beginning at 5pm, lasting until 9pm. yawn; it wasn't as bad as they claimed.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Are you following the London & Scotland, muslim-islamic-arab terrorist, attempted bombings, this past week, and weekend? Is the MSM-shitscumbag, even reporting this? Correctly? Not a chance. They call us, "racists", BTW. F*ck them!
Reason #1 why I'll never buy another (Daimler)Chrysler-Jeep product: dangerous, substandard, Chink/slope/gook junk flooding the world's markets. My current 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, with 86k on it, is the last Jeep product I'll ever buy, since the Daimler-nazis have ruined the styling and screwed-up the mechanicals, in 2005, IMO.
America: stop buying chink-gook-slope junk! China produces shit/junk/trash/crap/garbage, dammit! F*ck the chinks, and quit buying their trash!

Anything and everything, "Made In China" is SHIT! Much of it is deadly, carcinogenic, toxic, deadly and harmful to living things. Stay away from anything and everything "Made In China", dammit! Those subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, criminal chinks, gooks, slopes, yellow-dog trash are polluting the world with their inferior junk/shit/trash/garbage, IMO! Don't buy chink shit!
The iPhone is $600 junk/shit/trash/crap/garbage, IMO. It's worthy for target practice, and that's enough. Apple is a dirtbag company, as Jobs is a dope-smoking lowlife, and Macs are dogshit. IMO. This article speaks volumes about the pathetic, subhuman, dirtbag scum, who 'worship' that shithole operation and its subpar product line of Apple-Mac trash. Truly sad, isn't it? Aren't they mentally-moribund subhumans?
A "bitterly-divided US Supreme Court" (SCOTUS) on Thursday, issued what is likely to be a landmark opinion — a ruling that race cannot be a factor in the assignment of children to public schools. I've been saying that's racism, for the past 4-5yrs. The SCOTUS struck down public school choice plans in Seattle, Washington, and Louisville, Kentucky, concluding they relied on an unconstitutional use of racial criteria, with the 5-4 vote reflecting the deep legal and social divide over the issue of race and education. IMO, more liberal-demokkkRAT, racist BULLSHIT, from left-wing wacko, CNN.commie's spew, pile-of-racist-socialist, Nigga® SHIT!
I agreed with very little of what uber-liberal-demokkkRAT, Joel Siegel, ABC-TV NEWS Movie Critic, thought, said, and did in his life, but I wish him, RIP.
Yikes, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile's busted? Say it ain't so!
About damned time Mr Bush "did something worth a shit", this time for Scooter Libby. So how about securing the borders, Mr Bush? How about commuting the sentences of dozens of our Brave, Heroic US Marines in Iraq, falsely-accused and on-trial for murder, and US Border Agents Ramos and Campean, tried on bullshit charges and already in prison for 11-12yrs? Anyone listening, Mr Bush?
And the treasonous, seditious liberal-demokkkRAT saboteurs, are wetting their collective panties, over Libby's commutation, by President Bush, like the true subhumans they are. F*ck them, lib-dem pigshits!
The *War* is here - are you ready?
Shit-for-brains, liar, criminal, huckster, corrupt, fraud, dirtbag, disgraced, ex-VP, AlGoreBore (CRIMINAL-TN)'s fat, stupid, shithead, bloated, drug-addicted, alcoholic scumbag son, Al Gore III, 24, was busted for speeding and for illegal drug possession? Police reportedly found marijuana, Xanax®, Vicodin®, Valium®, and Adderal® in the car. He had no valid prescriptions for those Rx drugs. This isn't Gore III's first arrest; he was charged with marijuana posession in 2003 and was ticketed for reckless driving in 2000 and 2002. He is currently being held at the Santa Ana Inmate Reception Center on $20,000 bail. But the corrupt, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled MSM will cover-it-up, as they've done once and twice, before. Better get your fat boy out of jail, before they bend-him-over, and drill his 'tookus'. Happy 4th of July, Al!

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Washed-up, sagging, dirtbag skank, ugly, fat, bloated, pig-faced, Botox®-laden Barbra Streisand shed her decades-long aversion to performing in Germany with a riveting bland, ho-hum concert in Berlin on Saturday night that drew repeated standing ovations from a sell-out crowd of stoned, senile, drug-addicted, lowlife Nazi-supporters. German newspapers on Sunday cheered the Jewish secular, hate-America, hate-Jew, American entertainer's first ever concert in the country, and all 17 Streisand fans said they were pleased she had overcome any lingering resentment over the Holocaust to perform in Germany. The Streisand bitch is so f*cking dumb, that she doesn't even know what truly happened in the Holocaust, IMO. Just read anything that stupid whorebagslut has written, in the past 10yrs, and you'll answer your own question.
Can homo-sodomites and lesbos, change back to normalcy? IMO, it's not a genetic problem; rather, it's a learned behavior, and it can be changed back to society's view of normalcy. The problem is that 99% of those subhuman, degenerate, deviant, perverts *don't want to change*, and truly enjoy the perversion they've turned to, and willfully risk the STDs, AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening medical problems etc, which I truly hope they contract, and die. Anyone who willfully puts themselves and others at such risk, deserves to die a horrible and painful death, IMO. Rot in hell, subhuman filth!
The homo-sodomite-faggot, washed-up, no-talent, lowlife, subhuman filth, Elton John, a drug-addicted, financially-ruined, alcoholic, cockbreath queen piece-of-shit, has a foul-faggot mouth, and richly-deserves a .45 in his hate-filled head, IMO. John's dogshit and trash/garbage/filth/crap/junk and I'm just sorry he didn't gets AIDS, and die. Look at the article's picture of that 4'2" lardass, no-dick dwarf, in that clown's suit, with a lousy wig! What a laughable, lowlife, queenie, bald-headed, wig-wearing punk! Where's Mark David Chapman when the world really needs him? Die, subhuman garbage.
Dumbass, treasonous verminous "MEChA Mayor" punk, Antonio Villaraigosa, aka hate-America, lowlife dirtbag spic, Tony Villar, lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman, piece-of-shit, beaner, wetback trash/shit/garbage/shit/filth/turd-boy, is typical liberal junk, who can't keep his tiny, 2" dick, in his baggy pants, with the two-bit skank-slut-whorebag, Telemundo newswoman Mirthala Salinas. Hey, spic-shithead: wrap it in a band-aid, and stow-it, punk! You subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT filth/garbage eat shit, boy! Where's James Earl Ray, when the Nation really needs him?
Can homo-sodomites revert to "normalcy"? Apparently so. Bravo! Welcome back!
Subhuman, lowlife Peter Singer PhD, Princeton Univ, needs a .45cal bullet in his murderous, deviant, dirtbag head, IMO. Where's Mark David Chapman, when the Nation really needs him? Singer needs *killing* exactly what he advocates, IMO.
Lowlife, piece-of-dead-rotting-shit, David Halberstam, was and is, ***subhuman garbage***!

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage™.
All muslim-islamic-arabs are cowardly, subhuman, murderous filth, and need killing, by the tens of millions, IMO. And they will stop at nothing to destroy our American Society, BTW. We must destroy them, before they destroy us. Wake-Up, America! They're here, and are going to kill us! What's the matter with you people? Wake the fuck up!!
Who's to blame? The subhuman muslim-islamic-arabs, are to blame, dammit! Fuck the PC crap; muslim-islamic-arabs are the enemy! How many dead Americans, Brits, Australians and Europeans will it take to wake the world-up?
Subhuman, murderous, lowlife, dirtbag muslim-islamic-arab doctors are to blame for the 3 failed London and Glasgow attacks, yet the corrupt, criminal MSM deny it, daily. Upscale jihadists? You betcha!
Find those dirtbag, islamofascist, subhuman muslim-islamic-arab, camel-fuckers, and kill them all! Especially, these islamofascist, subhuman muslim-islamic-arab, camel-fucking "doctors", IMO! KILL THEM ALL!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Subhuman, piece of lowlife filth and shit, convicted killer Robert Kosilek, now called "Michelle", wants a sex-change surgery? At US Taxpayers' expense, too. Hey, "Michelle": my 1911 Kimber Eclipse Target II .45cal ACP, will give you a real "sex change", subhuman garbage! A headshot, and a few crotch shots, should do the trick, very nicely, and N/C to US Taxpayers, BTW.
Shoot the murderous, child-abusing Cutts nigger®, Don't waste the court's time; just kill him. I'd personally like to see him beaten to death in prison, by the GP.
Criminal, corrupt, lying, disbarred, disgraced, lowlife dirtbag, ex-DA Mikey "I Hate Rich, White Kids" Nifong, should be tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for his crimes against 3 innocent White Men, and pandering to the racist, bigoted, lowlife Niggas®, in the Durham (NC) community. Nifong is a subhuman, piece-of-white-trash-shit, who sorely needs killing, IMO.
Repeat murderer, Dennis Cook, needs immediate and final killing, IMO, for brutally-murdering the intern, Alyssa Heberton-Morimoto. He was convicted of second-degree murder in 1982, and was transferred to a Colorado prison later that year; incompetent, corrupt, inept and criminally-liable, IMO, Kansas officials would not disclose the reason. He was parolled in 2000. This is precisely why all murderers should be killed, and never, never, never parolled, under any circumstance. Kill them all = zero recividism! Thousands of innocents would be spared a horrible death, from murderers, pedophiles etc, who are never rehabilitated, but who continue to molest and murder.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again and again and again: subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag muslim-islamist-arab filth, like the muslim shit/trash/junk/crap, who bombed London on 7.7.05, and who again tried just a few days ago, need killing, IMO. No trial; just KILL THEM, dammit!
Put treasonous, seditious, saboteur, Judge Army Col Peter Brownback, on trial, and execute him, for this anti-American, pro-terrorist shit!

Downtown Los Angeles Homeless Map.
Besides its egotistical, drug-addicted, "stars, moguls and bulemic, coke-meth-addicted, wafer-thin celebs", Los Angeles (CA) is home to the largest population of subhuman, lowlife, degenerate, dirtbag, homeless people in the United States. 96% of all so-called 'homeless', are mentally-ill, and need rounding-up, containment and extermination, IMO. Map maker, Cartifact, presents this record of itinerant souls in the Central City East area, a region otherwise known as "Skid Row." Culled from the past seven months of LAPD data, the online atlas reveals the constant movement of subhumans sheping/shitting/pissing on, and polluting the streets and neighborhoods of America. Does TB, cholera, malaria, leprosy, mental-illness, rape, child molestation, theft, murder etc, ring any bells, folks? It also bears a striking resemblance to color enhanced satellite imagery of a storm — if the tempest jumped and settled, expanded and contracted — and suddenly ebbed back to where it started. Cartifact says, "Before a problem can be solved it must be understood." Let's hope that maps like this allow us all to understand this kind of human disaster, foisted upon America, a bit better. The solution is to identify it, and "fix it, permanently", IMO. Map mavens should also check out Cartifact's other examples of interactive media. I particularly liked their treatment of "The Fabric of Griffith Park" and the charting of the May 8th fire, that savaged it. Personally, I'd use this resource to round-up, contain and exterminate the subhuman filth, who pollute and degrade America's Cities and public spaces. Either that, or put them into escape-proof, heavy-duty, maximum-security asylums, under very heavy meds, for the rest of their pathetic, subhuman lives. Get this subhuman garbage off of America's Streets, and out of America's Cities, IMO. Permanently. Now, use this Cartifact app, in evey one of America's corrupted, filth-riddled cities, to rid the Nation of the subhuman filth. And modify it to locate and exterminate all of the 25-30 million criminal, illegal alien filth. I'd pay a hefty fee, in my taxes, for that service, BTW, to clean-up America.

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