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does anyone believe blacks are oppressed?

friday, july 9th, 2021

President RACIST NIGGER Obama's attorney general, Eric RACIST NIGGER Holder, while in office, said the United States is "a nation of cowards" when it comes to race relations. He went on to say that, although there have been improvements in race relations, our country is still socially segregated. It was kind of odd to hear that from our country's first black A.G., appointed by our first black president. After all, tens of millions of whites voted for Obama against his opponent, John McCain, a white guy. Therefore, if more than half the nation wanted to be represented by a black man, wouldn't that indicate that racial barriers had been taken down? Add to that the fact that Obama was re-elected over another white guy when he bested Mitt Romney in 2012.


[FULL TITLE: "In 2021, does anyone seriously believe blacks are oppressed?"]

The irony of Holder's comments is that his boss became a racially divisive leader during his eight years in office. Moreover, five years after he left the White House, our country is dealing with black hatred toward whites on an unprecedented scale. Black Lives Matter, a group that openly hates whites, tells us we must not say "all lives matter" because that is racist language. In other words, the only lives that matter are black lives. Interestingly, that roguish gang of extortionists never comments on or actively works to deter the massive number of black lives lost, at the violent hands of other blacks, each year in major cities across the country.

Yet if a black thug is killed during an encounter with a white police officer, most often when resisting arrest, it's immediately leapt upon as a propaganda tool to bash all of white society. If BLM were really concerned about black lives, they'd be using some of their ill-gotten cash to pay for ads that tell people to make their complaints at the police station or the courtroom, rather than in violent clashes on the street.

I learned a lot of things during my twenty years as a cop in NYC. Among them was that people who resist arrest are almost always doing so because they have a "yellow sheet," as we used to refer to lengthy arrest records; hence, they fear the longer sentences handed out to recidivists. Another lesson I learned is that everyone I arrested was "innocent."

When whites decry the overtly abusive comments about their skin color, their protestations are referred to as "white fragility," AKA racism. Whites who are perceived to have more of anything than blacks are called "privileged" — i.e., racists. One wonders how much privilege whites receive from such targeted programs as affirmative action. Undoubtedly, some readers of this column will call me a racist, since they don't have an intellectual argument to refute the contents. It's all part of the left-wing hustle, which seeks to control the conversation by muzzling opposition.

A couple of years ago, a black University of Georgia teacher's assistant grabbed headlines when he said, "Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole." When questioned about his outrageous racism, Irami Osei-Frimpong, said he didn't see why people got upset. Well, I think most rational people would say his vision is seriously impaired if he can't "see" how despicable a human being he is.

More recently, during a lecture at Yale University, psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani said she has fantasies about shooting white people. "I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a f------ favor," she said. Again, irony suggests that this deranged shrink seek help from a psychiatrist.

Then we come to Critical Race Theory, a radical-left philosophy that found its way into many public schools. CRT teaches kids to hate their country and to judge their classmates based on their skin color. Furthermore, it tells black children they are permanently oppressed because of their skin pigment. In addition, there's the hackneyed canard emphasizing that whites are the reason for the misery of blacks. Thankfully, parents of all races are becoming aware of such extremist agendas and are fighting back.

I could go on and on with similar threats against whites, and they are numerous, but suffice to say that whites have been taking a lot of abuse. We haven't reached the point in which whites begin making similar vicious comments against blacks. Nevertheless, we keep hearing that blacks are oppressed. One can only imagine the backlash if a white professor said she fantasized about shooting blacks.

Fortunately, the overwhelming number of whites and blacks are not falling for the Machiavellian tactics of hate-filled nihilists. To quote Maya Angelou, "Hate has caused many problems for the world, but it has not solved one yet."

© June 16, 2021 by Bob Weir, "American Thinker".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 9a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and record it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, had a couple smokes in the cool garage and checked the errands list. I headed south to Red Lion to drop-off a load of shirts at the cleaners, and then came back home, as the Independence Holiday traffic was building noticeably. Becky called and she's being discharged from York Hospital tomorrow at 9a, so I'm changing plans and going to pick her up, and get her home, to rest.

Ever wonder why so many things in supermarkets, hardware stores, lumber yards, gas stations, big box stores etc are in such short supply, and the stuff that's available is costing so much more than the previous year? Here's the reason: CDL (Commercial Drivers License) are being denied to 60,000+ truck drivers, due to drug violations.

Sherry stopped by mid-afternoon to visit, and we had a great time, as usual. She'll be coming over Sunday at noon, for Lobster & Angel Hair Pasta and Crusty French Bread. Yum. After my dinner of Cheese Ravioli & Shrimp, I watched several episodes of Discovery's "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mines", and the season finale episode until 10p, then decided to call it a day at 11.

Up at 6:39a on Saturday, it was a chilly but a nice 60° outside, and 72° in the condo. After the usual morning BSL finger stick, I made coffee and a very light breakfast, tried to shake the sleep from my head, grabbed a shower and waiting for a call from Becky to pick her up at the York Hospital, and get her home. We had to stop at her Walgreen's Pharmacy and get 2 Rxs filled. That done and her settled-back-in at her condo, I left for home and some lunch. I did some gardening in between t-storms, but gave-up when it got too wet, and shut-off the front garden's Drip Irrigation System, for 1-2 days.

There were some replays of IMSA (Int'l Motor Sports Ass'n) Endurance Races on, from Watkins Glen (NY), and I watched until dinner. No local fireworks, since it was raining; I'm guessing they've been rescheduled to Sunday The 4th. Afterward, I watched some various car shows' episodes until 10, and called it Yankee Doodle.

"Balance of Nature" Fruit/Veggie Pills has undertaken a persuasive radio/TV campaign, featuring “folksy” testimonials by people with apparently serious medical conditions, claiming relief by taking their products. But an examination of the BBB website reveals that "Balance of Nature" has earned a “D-minus” rating". I've been taking it for the past 3mos, and dumped the remainder of the 2 pill bootles in the garbage. Read this.

Up at 8a on Sunday, it was a cool 62° as I had a smoke in the garage, and the coffee brewed. After a light breakfast, the F-1 Austrian Grand Prix was on from 9-11a, and Lee unexpectedly arrived to watch it. He left at 10:45, and I got things ready for Sherry's arrival around 12noon, for our Lobster & Pasta Lunch. No steaks, burgers of hotdogs, this year. We had a great lunch were well-filled, spent the next 7hrs at my condo enjoying each other's company – I never did get my laundry done, but there's always tomorrow – and she left with a large container of leftovers for her and her son, Corey.

Happy Birthday, America.

I watched History's acclaimed series, "America, The Story of Us" all evening and watched some of the local fireworks from my front porch, in nearby Springettsbury Twp Park. Tired, I did my nightly BSL check, Lantus® Insulin shot and bagged it for the day, at 11:30p.

I hope you all had a great and reflective 245th Independence Day; we did.

PA has a mysterious songbird death problem; Sherry told me about this, and I just found this article on FR's website. Sad.

Awake at 8a on Monday, it was already sunny, hot and humid outside, and headed for the low-90s. Tomorrow, it's forecast to be over 100° and Wednesday around 98°, with Heat Index numbers off-the-charts. I did the usual morning routines, called Becky to see how she was doing, ran some errands and stopped at Becky's condo to drop-off something, and came home around 1p. After lunch, I decided to stay-in where it was cool, only occasionally going out for a smoke on the back irregular flagstone patio, where it was "only" 92°, as opposed to the front brick porch where it was 112°. Yikes.

I had paperwork to wade thru, and utility bills to pay online, as well as mess around around with the POS AT&T® Cingular® Flip IV Phone they sent me free, and try to decide what iPhone I was going to get, in a week or two. After dinner, I watched History's "American Pickers" until 11p, then switched over to FNC's "Gutfeld", and unplugged at midnight.

Up at 8a on Tuesday, I did the usual morning routines, had coffee and a light breakfast, and noticed the updated heat warnings on the Net and TV:

Heat Advisory From: Tuesday, July 6, 11:00 AM EDT
To: Wednesday, July 7, 6:00 PM EDT
Source: U.S. National Weather Service, State Coillege, PA
• WHAT: Heat Index values between 110 and 114 expected.
• WHERE: Lebanon, Franklin, Perry, Dauphin, Cumberland, Lancaster, York and Adams Counties.
• WHEN: From 11 AM this morning to 6 PM EDT tomorrow evening.
• IMPACTS: Hot temperatures and high humidity may cause heat illnesses to occur.
• ADDITIONAL DETAILS: The highest temperatures and heat indices are expected between 1 PM and 5 PM.
Drink plenty of fluids and wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing. Check up on elderly relatives and neighbors.
Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances.
If you work or spend time outside, reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
For additional heat safety information, visit weather.gov/heat.

It was already 117° in the sun, on my front brick porch and about the same on the backyard irregular flagstone patio, so I pretty much smoked in the garage, which was only in the upper-80s and lower-90s. I decided to stay-in for the day, despite having Rxs to p/u, and other things to do. I have a Cardiologist's app't at 11a at Apple Hill's massive new Cardiology Center, tomorrow, and that'll be enough for me. After lunch, Becky called and her new Stewartia tree isn't doing well, so I'll have to stop there after the Dr's app't, and have a look-see. I'll mix-up some Nitrogen fertilizer and take it along to feed the tree and, hopefully, push-out new growth.

Sherry notified me that a shooting had happened in Cousler Park, a beautiful place where we go walking; I guess we'll have to think about changing locations, though it was a nighttime event. I CCW w/ extra mags, all the time, anyway. Follow-up article here.

After dinner, I watched History's great series, "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" until 10, then turned-on FNC's "Laura" until 11, and did my nightly 8-unit Lantus® Insulin shot. Suddenly, I felt a hypoglycemic attack event coming on, grabbed some OJ and apple juice to get my BSL up and out of a dangerous area, and rested while watching "Gutfeld" for 20-25mins. I quit for the night. Long, hot day ahead, tomorrow.

Up at 8a on Wednesday, I was feeling better than last night, noticed that it was already 80° and forecast to get to 97°, with a Heat Index of 112°-plus. Who knows? I did the morning routines, checked the day's schedule: 11a Dr's app't, go to Becky's to check her tree, come home and stay hydrated and inside. No food shopping today for her; perhaps tomorrow or Friday.

The Cardiologist Dr's app't went well; he was pleased with my progress, especially after a recent ECHO-cardiogram. I mixed-up some high Nitrogen liquid fertilzer in 2-1/2 gallon jugs, and applied it to the Stewartia at Becky's condo; we'll see what happens. Worked great for my trees and perennials. I hand-watered the front/rear gardens not covered by Automatic Drip Irrigation Systems, and in the 102° heat, they revived and flouished, by 7p.

After dinner, I drove to Lowe's to get some Jap Beetle Killer, and got sucker-punched, aka "Knockout Game", and came home to nurse my facial wounds. After that, I watched several episodes of Discovery's "Expedition Unknown", FNC's "Gutfeld" and bagged it for the night, as the cleaning ladies would be in at 8:30a.

Awake at 6a on Thursday, I was huting, facially and especialy in my neck. I stayed-in for the day, slept on the couch, and nursed my wounds.

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