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Friday, July 10, 1998

Perhaps there's a better way to conduct business than I have for the past eight years. Perhaps. During the 5-day semi-vacation I took last week, I thought a lot about it. Doing things differently in the future was on my mind. But what to do and when? Change for change's sake is always the hardest to acknowledge and accomplish. Modifying in-place systems tends to bring disruption for a short period, but soon everything again falls into place. The state of flux is the hardest to deal with; after that, it's usually a cakewalk. We'll see.

222 And Counting.
If you've seen one, you've seen them all. I saw the great-great-great-grandaddy of July 4th celebrations in '76 in NYC: the tall ships and a $42 million fireworks display. Everything else has been a letdown since.
But true to form, Americans celebrated last night and made some noise. Typically, people were hurt and whacked enjoying themselves. Ain't we got some fun, huh?
With the national holiday falling on a weekend, Friday was extremely busy all day at my Garden Center & Nursery; Saturday was very quiet, and Sunday was busy, too. I was glad when it was all over and things could get back to so-called normal.

Gripes & Grumbles Department.
I never intended to be one of the evanescent whiners about this Nation's myriad problems; rather focus on the positive points of life. Until a few years ago, I did so with great alacrity. But now, age has opened my eyes. I see too much wrong with what's going on and realize I'm truly powerless to effect any real change, as I thought we could in the 60s and 70s. We're all powerless, except for the morons who voted for Bubba. Well, the Clintonite filth did get elected twice, didn't they? And I sure as hell voted for someone else. So much for quality voting of a Nation's conscience.
Faced with the most investigated and most corrupt cadre of liberal scumbags ever to be assembled anywhere into an administration, this Nation has finally come to the realization that we (collectively speaking) made a huge mistake in allowing the Clinton moron into office. His lack of morals and ethics have made that painfully clear to everyone with a functioning brain, excluding the slimy lib-dems, of course.
So, shit-for-brains Bubba heads to Chi-Comm China with 900 people in his entourage, 2,400,000lbs of luggage and stupidly proclaims the world's largest Commie filth nation (China), "boldly transformed" and "nearly a Democracy". He praised the near-sighted weasel Zemin so effusively that it sounded as though the two were getting married. What an ignorant moron Clinton really is. He needs a serious dose of reality.
Driven by his little head and not his big head, the Clinton scumbag spends $22,000,000 for a 9-day jaunt to Commie-Land and accomplishes zip. A single, nuclear-tipped ICBM would accomplish much more positive, permanent results. And faster, too.
Someone just show me where the red (launch) assons are, please.

Bitches & Moans Division.
Here's a hot one: Clinton doesn't keep his word. Well, f*cking duh. In fact, he never has kept a promise; pretty typical for an immoral and unethical lowlife lib-dem. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of other instances where Bubba has lied about one thing and then done another, quite contrary to what he'd originally said. If the gay crowd would just keep their dicks in their pants and out of another guy's moron or mouth, the AIDS problem would be 85% solved. Or show some common sense and use a condom, fellas, because a cure isn't anywhere in sight for your high-risk behavior. You reap what you sow. Let the subhuman IV drug user garbage get AIDS and die; that'll solve the other 15% of the problem.
Speaking of stupid, ignorant scumbags, the Catholic and Protestant morons are still Killing each other over something as moronic as religion. For over 300 years, this murderous behavior has torn the irish apart. I have English-Irish-German ancestors who coexisted just fine over here enough to start the Shelley dynasty. Even after a so-called peace agreement has been negotiated, they insist on doing stupid, inflammatory acts. Again, 300 years of learned hatred. Of course, religion was created to control the masses and provide a way for the First Estate (aristocracy) to rule indefinitely. The murderous Crusades, Inquisition, War of The Roses and hundreds of other religious-driven, death events have proven that throughout the millennia. It's just so good to see the idiotic Irish carrying forth the tradition of stupidity. Look at the shit-for-brains morons, burning their own neighborhoods, just like the race riots of the 60s and 70s over here. Not very smart people, are they? Ready, aim, fire and whack; all in god's name. Hallelujah!
More f*ck-ups? Sure, the world's full of them. The moron Benny Nitwit-Yahoo of Israel is one of the worst liars and scumbags anywhere. He's stalled the Mideast Peace Talks for over 15 months, after having agreed to all the terms two years earlier. He's another ball-less idiot, like Clinton. With the US donating $400million to Israel each year, it's about time that money was withheld until peace is attained. Under duress is just fine, since the Jews can't seem to agree on anything with the Arabs, maybe they can agree on the cash carrot for doing what's right and just. That part of the world needs peace after so many centuries of war and horror.
And on and on it goes: stinking commie-fascist union scum are still ruining millions of peoples lives with an inane strike, now paralyzing all of North America. If Clinton had any brass balls only Monica "get my presidential kneepads out" Lewinsky really does he'd step in and cut the strike off, ban all unions and get the business and people back on track. But he's owned by the scummy union criminals. The UAW and AFL-CIO communist-socialist scumbags just keep churning out their lies and propaganda, making the mafia and other organized crime figures rich, at the expense of their hard-working and unknowing memberships. Those stinking, commie-socialist, sons-of-bitches need to be taught a hard lesson in reality. Hmmm, where do they keep the Executive Order Memo Pads around here?
Who says term limits in politics is a bad idea? This decrepit dem-lib slimeball finally had the good taste to collapse and die and rid himself from state government. After 40 years of corruption, perhaps an honest, non dem-lib candidate can be elected and the State of Maryland can get on with its business once more. He should have been put in an old farts home 35 years ago.

Nice Teats.
Okay, okay, not a nice general comment to make. Unless she happens to be wearing a Breastee and has at least a C cup. Sure, there's a patent for this thingy, just as the Pet Rock had one issued back in the 80s. Go figure.
For those who don't have at least a C cup, there's an alternative in the offing. I don't even want to think about what's after that.

As we Boomers age, we begin to question our own mortality, as did the previous generations. And some of the answers are unsettling.
In the past year, seven acquaintances have died from either cancer or heart attacks, and two close friends have succumbed to undiagnosed cancer. That makes nine.
Just a few short years ago, many of us felt invincible; now, that's just not the case. With the gradual passing of our own parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents generation, our turn is just around the proverbial corner.
By simple virtue of age, the quality vs quantity of life issue looms as a potent issue now that terminal diseases are well within our purveyance.

Build The Walls Now.
I hate to think that ultra-right-winger Pat Buchanan was right, but it's getting way past time to severely restrict criminal foreigners from the US shores. Within a few years, America will be a mere bastardization of a once first-rate nation, full of low-life immigrant scum looking for welfare handouts and increasing the crime rate.
Sure, immigrants helped to build this country, but they were swhacked European immigrants fleeing tyranny, not the unswhacked Third World filth looking for the easy-handout life. It will stretch the civic and moral fabric of America to allow the degradation of society.
The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) needs to get its collective act together and be unilaterally empowered to both restrict future entry, as well as deport as many illegals as possible now. The future restrictions must take precedent as national security over any court ruling and liberal scumbag whining.
I'm not talking about white vs color here; I'm talking about productive, contributing people vs unemployed, welfare-oriented scum immigrants. Concurrent with unproductive immigrants are gang wars, drugs and myriad other crimes which America doesn't need any more of. I'm talking about speaking English as the primary language, and not allowing a foreign language which puts the immigrant at an immediate disadvantage and for the rest of their life. Liberals have f*cked up this country since the commie-socialist bastard FDR took control; they must be disengaged from positions of power and authority before the situation reaches critical mass, and we're (collectively speaking) totally powerless to do anything about it. In fact, deport them too with the other scum.
The writing is on the wall; the signs of a coming social catastrophe are unmistakable. It's happening in other countries, too. It seems as though few are willing to speak about it; even fewer are willing to do anything about it. The ignorant Clinton son-of-a-bitch is actively trying to promote the demise of America in his race agenda discussions. After it's all said and done, the immoral and unethical Clintonite administration may be a faint historical footnote; his contribution to the demise of American society may be his evil legacy. To quote one of my Journal readers: "Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him?"

Skip The Trial.
Just execute these subhuman racist filth right now. They deserve death and nothing less for such a heinous act. A 9mm shot at the base of each skull will do nicely. Then into the compost pile; hey, maggots gotta eat, too.
Slimy, lib-dem lawyers will try their best to get them off sleazoid liberals always do and blame society of the legal system for their garbage clients' societal problems. Fact is, liberal scum created the misfit society that permits racist filth like this to proliferate. Then they created cadres of lowlife lawyers to get them off of the charges, re-introduce them back into society so they can whack and rob again ... the vicious liberal cycle seemingly never ends. This law should have been on the books years ago to deal with situations like this. America needs a good, gently-cleansing social enema.
While the needles are still sharp, waste this scum, too. No more 25 extra years on appeal from Death Row, at $40,000 - 60,000 per year per inmate. Nice tidy sum times 3,700+ DR prisoners and you have the GNP of The Netherlands.
At least Arkansas had some balls this past week and fried a piece of deserving, lowlife shit for murder. There are thousands more who deserve to die for their crimes. And as soon as possible. Wasting $40,000-60,000 per year per scumbag on Death Row is a travesty; we taxpayers are paying to keep the filth alive. 16 f*cking years this Arkansas scumbag was allowed to live beyond the date he whacked his victim. Imagine that; using our tax dollars to keep murderers alive. What will the liberal filth think of next?

Loss of Freedoms.
Old Hitlery got her fat ass shot down in '94-95 for trying to get a com-soc (commie socialist) strangle hold on the Nation's Health Care System. Back then, the GOP had courage and brass. They've all but caved on this, as did all moderate and conservative Democrats. Everyone seemingly let it drop, unnoticed, this time. An Executive Order. Another example of the erosion of our freedom. And there's plenty more.
There's a systematic dismantling of our basic Federalist framework.
The appropriately monikered EO From Hell makes every (I shudder at the adjective) president before him seem wimpy.
Proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy, Journal regular Doug sent me this easy reading list. They should be required reading.

True Racist Scum.
The three worst racist scumbags I've ever heard about are Sharpton, Mason and Maddux, true idiot scum in every sense of the word. I remember this whole scenario unfolding in '87 and couldn't understand why the US Legal System let them get away with it all.
A mere lawsuit is ludicrous; all three plus the lying Tawanna Brawley bitch should have been prosecuted and jailed for fraud, making false statements to police etc etc etc. Throw away the f*cking keys on those lowlife scumbags. Let their sorry asses rot in prison. I'll bet Fat Al "Pass Dem Donuts" Sharpton would have made a good wife to one of the 400lb murderers in prison. He'd look real cute wearing an apron, giving blowjobs to all the convicts in cell block 13.
How this whole abortion of justice happened is still a mystery. Any white people who pulled a fraudulent stunt like this would have been prosecuted and jailed. But these reverse racist slime did it and got away with it, until now. They're still crying racist, racist to try to publicly offset their crimes. All need to do some serious prison time to atone for their crimes.

The 60s Hangout.
If you missed it, here it is.

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