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Friday, July 12, 2002

n the course of researching, deliberating on all the possibilities, and finally purchasing my "Black Pistol" Semi-Auto Glock 32/.357SIG and my "Black Rifle" Bushmaster AR-15 A3 "Shorty" Carbine .223cal/5.56mm, and adding the Eotech HDS Sight, I ran across a unique piece of weaponry: the Windrunner .50cal BMG (12.7 X 99mm) Rifle. This weapon is 100% legal. A range of 7,000-8,000ft; well over 1 mile (5,280ft) with a perfect 1.00" square grouping, all day long. Good Gaaaaaaaawd! I gotta have one of these units. I can "re-arrange" murderous, subhuman Muslim diaperhead, boy-buggering, women-mutilating, Islamic scumbag filth, pork-licking carcasses, all day long, from a comfortable distance. No muss, no fuss, eh? To hell heck with what my company needs in the way of equipment; I need another toy, and this piece of artillery fits my needs. At $8,500 per unit, I'll let you know when it happens. NOT. Although I covet this gun and a Hummer, my business always comes first, and any spare monies go there to purchase new trucks, equipment, plant material and hire additional personnel. I'm just a minor cog in the overall wheel. But a guy can dream, can't he? Ahhhh, perchance to dream...

Around The Garden Center.
With the 4-day July 4th Weekend, the roads were deserted as I went to work last Friday at 5:30am, except for a few police cars, I saw no one out and about. Must be nice to get a 4-day holiday, I muttered to myself. I ate some Mexican food the night before, and I wasn't feeling very well, despite temps in the 88°F range, instead of the previous days' 99°F, and somewhat lowered hum-diddity.
I made about 15lbs of Pesto Paste on Friday evening; we had to cut harvest Basil leaves on several dozen plants in the Main Retail VWGH Greenhouse and GH-1, that morning: cut back the plants by half to re-branch, fertilize, and there was no point to simply composting the sweet basil leaves. Better off winding-up as something edible. I was finished by 8:15pm; all ~15lbs in one TupperWare Vessel, safely-covered with Carli™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to prevent oxidation, and refrigerated properly, temporarily, until I can transfer the delicious paste into dual-serving, 1/3qt containers.
I'm planning a mid-October trip to San Francisco to visit my Sister, Becky and then up to Oregon's Iseli Nursery, Wells Nursery, Colony Nursery, Don Schmidt Nursery, Buckholz & Buckholz Nursery, Siskyou Rare Plant Nursery, et al. Should be fun; me and Mr Glock, sans AR-15 A3, will make the trip, and have fun. You're invited along, virtually, of course.
After a few days of rain two weeks ago, we're back in the Drought From Hell mode unlike Texas, whose gotten way more than their fair share and everything is stressed-out. Plants are looking wilted, field corn and beans are curled-up and yellowing, wells, ponds, streams and reservoirs continue to dry up all over the region, and no rain in sight. It's getting grim once again, and the worst months of heat and drought are still ahead. I hope my 6 wells hold out until the Fall rains arrive.
Dr Rick called Thursday, asking some questions about a 3rd gen Glock 21/.45ACP, which he was thinking of buying. I helped him out with what I could and, lo and behold!, he emailed me Friday evening that he'd bought it, with night sights and a holster. Yes, he also has his CCW in Penna. Smart move, Rick.
Compared to last week, the weather was mild and very pleasant on Saturday and Sunday, and retail traffic was sporadic, at best. I let the sales staff off early so they could go home and enjoy cookouts with family and friends. This is pretty typical for the hot, humid Summers we have in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Plus, dense, hazy and unhealthy smoke from forest fires in Quebec, Canada, drifted south and blanketed the Susquehanna and Ohio Valleys on Sunday, giving the sky an eerie hue all day, and a brilliant red sunset. Darndest thing I've seen in a long while. The idiots at the Penna DEP issued an "air advisory" for York and 19 other counties. BFD.
Ummmm, nope; we don't do decks, rather, we sub-contract them out to the 1 or 2 remaining Master Carpenters in the area and avoid NJs problems of "shortcuts".
Nossen Meir ben Yosef Hacohain, my Conservative photographer friend and customer, from nearby Red Lion (PA), stopped by on Monday with his Glock 17/.9mm, and we went out to my pistol range to shoot his 9x19, my Glock 32/.357sig and AR-15 A3 carbine. We put 300rnds through the AR and 100 through my G32; he'd brought 4 17rnd mags of .9mm and we used all that up, as well. A nice 2hrs of relaxing shooting, and the 3 full-size silhouette targets had nice tight .223cal/5.56mm groupings in "selected body part areas"; the Glock rounds were more loosely-grouped as body hits, but all lethal. A nice respite from the daily drudgery of running a business.
Stocks plummeted Wednesday, but I called my broker at MSDW, and told him to BUY!. If you've got the cash, there are some great buys, out there.
Temps were in the 40s Thursday morning when I left for work, and with very low humidity, only reached the 70s all day. Grand weather, except for the obvious lack of rain and The Continuing Drought From Hell; I could take this all year long.
I just ordered a DocterSight Red Dot Sight for my Glock 32/.357sig, and it'll ship later this month. The Eotech HDS Sight I use on my AR-15 A3 Carbine is performing flawlessly.
Gas prices are slowly rising, but are still way behind where I'd have expected them, at this time of year. I paid $1.32.9/gal (89 octane) at my regular "super station" in York, PA, on Thursday morning. I've noticed prices as high, for the same octane gas, as $1.49.9/gal at a few stations in the area. Lots of maryland cars coming up here to fill-up; their prices are in the upper $1.50s and lower $1.60s per gallon. Supply and demand drives the market.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day.
It's started; the shooting at LAX last Thursday by an Egyptian national, was the first in many more to come, of small arms attacks and massacres against US Citizens, by Muslims and Arabs within the US. And it's gonna get worse. Mark my words. This is terrorism, but the US Gummint and liberal media are still in denial.
The FBI is watching as many as 5,000 Al Queerda terrorists already in the US? Why are they still here? Why haven't they been rounded-up and deported or executed? Is anybody in DC paying attention? Does the FBI remember what 19 subhuman Muslim pork-sucking Islamic diaperheads did on 9-11?
Yes, I'd agree with Israel's intelligence chief, that WWIII began on September 11th. America is still in denial, and I don't mean the Egyptian river. As long as W&Co still pander to the stinking Muslim and Arab filth in the US and around the world, we're in mortal danger, as a Nation.
Further proof that the US is wasting its time in Trash-can-istan, and should be actively hunting down and mercilessly Killing all subhuman Islamic lowlife Allah-homo, Muslim and Arab terrorists. They're lower than rabid animals, and need to be rooted-out and brutally exterminated.
Some time in the not-too-distant future a couple decades at most the average Joe in the Western world will look around himself with utter disbelief. He will see the carnage wrought on formerly prosperous societies by immigration policies that are simply insane. He will look back on the time period of 1960-2010 as totally incomprehensible. How on earth did we allow this to happen? Strange thing is, I won't have any rational explanation for him. Immigration policies throughout the Western World are as as uniformly self-destructive as they are viciously defended by the political left-wing wackos. France will have civil war on its hands (if they defend their nation....they will become second class citizens in a muslim republic if they don't). The UK is not too far behind them. The American SW is actively being absorbed into Latin America, even as most of our cities have already slipped the Western leash and gone "third world". Sadly, I'm coming to believe that things will have to get much worse before they will ever get better. The West has been peaceful and prosperous for far too long, and its peoples have grown flabby and overly self-confident that their societies will continue to operate as they have regardless of government "policies". It will take a serious economic downturn, combined with more violence directed at Westerners by our loveable visa friends from the middle east, before Joe average gets off of his couch and asserts himself begins Killing the Muslim filth en masse. Arm yourselves, the day is soon upon us.
The 7-8 million illegal refugees lose right now in America are not a priority of the INS? Well, what the hell is their priority? Inquiring minds want to know, W. Get that libertarian-anarchist, lowlife scumbag, Ziglar moron bastard outta the INS and get someone who knows what the f*cking hell to do to secure the borders!
Police nabbed a lowlife Muslim filthy near the Limerick Peachbottom Nuclear Power Plant, over the weekend. Racial and religious profiling should be done unchecked and widespread, until all the subhuman Islamic lowlife Allah-homo, Muslim and Arab terrorists are rounded-up and either executed or deported.
Get the stinking, lowlife subhuman Islamic shitfilth out of America's colleges and universities, en masse, and deport them without exception. They're using the 1st Amendment as a cover for fundraising for pig-eating Muslim terrorist scum, like the Hezbollah homos, Islamic Jihad boy-buggerers, and plenty more Muslim garbage. C'mon diaperhead Allah-pissing filth; I dare you!
Bizarre haircut aside, this guy makes a lot of sense about Muslim Murder. Well worth the read and bookmark.
Why is the US Government is denial about terrorist activities in the US, since '94? I don't have the answer, other than they don't want to seem to be targeting murderers and terrorists who just happen to be subhuman Muslim garbage and stinking Arab lowlife scum. What's your opinion, after reading the aforementioned article?
Jeeeez, now someone's selling fake visas at US Embassies. No wonder we're flooded with subhuman Muslim and garbage Arab filth.
The State Department has a policy to approve a visa for any Saudi national unless it already has a specific reason to deny that person entry to the United States, Congress learned yesterday. Huh? Hey, mo-ham-head: 15 of the 19 lowlife, boy-buggering Muslim, women-mutilating-hating-Allah-the-homo, lowlife Islamic terrorist scumfilth, who initiated the The Massacre of September 11th, were Saudi garbage. America: we should be Killing this Arab-Muslim-lowlife-subhuman trash, by the millions.
We're still not serious about homeland security, and will pay dearly soon for the negligence.

The shit-for-brains Mikey "The Lib-democRAT Scumbag in RINO Clothing" Bloomberg, sous-mayor of NYC, has raised prices on cigarettes to over $7.00 per pack, with the new tax hike, providing smugglers with a huge incentive. Bloomberg recently signed a bill raising the city's cigarette tax from 8 cents to $1.50 a pack. With a state tax of $1.50, the highest in the country, New Yorkers were already paying more for cigarettes than other Americans. Now the price of some brands is more than $7, nearly twice the national average. Plugging a budget deficit of $5billion on the backs of smokers, is discriminatory, at least. At most, it's illegal.
I'd sure have to agree with this guy's view about our loss of freedoms over the years.
The current "corporate accounting scandals" are nothing, compared to what the US Goobermint does with it's books and our tax dollars; all of the criminals in the US Congress should be in prison. All are guilty of multiple crimes against America.
What's going on with the US Secret Service, these days? They apparently have a slew of secret issues, which the American Public doesn't know much about. Scary that they're the guys and gals charged with protecting The President's life, amongst other duties.
Sure, we're talking about punishing CEOs of the corrupt Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco, Dynergy, WorldCom, Merck et al, but we're letting off the worst corruption in America: the liberal and democRAT politicians. Rush's Monday Show made some excellent points about the lies and corruption of those lowlife pols and the federal gummint. Worth a read.
Government getting involved in corporate responsibility? Bullshitshit; that's a lib-democRAT ploy to expand government's power. Government has no damned business getting involved; the industry must regulate and police itself. Charge, try, convict and sentence the criminals of Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco, Dynergy, WorldCom, Merck et al to long prison terms for their corporate crimes, but stay out of the regulation business.
The Yucca Nuclear Storage Project? Sure, whateveryousay.com.
The Illinois GOP fired, en masse, and rid the Nation of an ill-conceived stench of moderate-liberalism. Pheeeeew!

Liberal shit & democRAT Garbage.
Here's a short article which sums up why Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's eight awful years was The Decade of Stain. Worth reading. Goes for his filthy socialist bitch "wifey", too.
US Rep James P. Moran Jr (D-Va), one of the many criminals in the US Congress, is in deep doo-doo, once again. Hopefully, this time it'll be adios motherf*cker moron scumbag and off to federal prison.
Hey, lib-democRAT garbage: read this about the crimes of BJ Clintoon, from an impartial source.
Hmmmmm, imagine no Martha Stewart? yes, I surely can do that.
Little Tommy "The Dwarf" Dass-hole and some lib-democRAT slut named Pelosi are trying to pin the corporate accounting corruption problem on W&C0, when it was the criminal Clintoons of the 90s who actively encouraged shortcuts and corruption all over America; it's just now coming to light. That dog won't hunt, Dass-hole.
In a marked shift from his efforts three years ago to bottle up Clinton impeachment evidence, top Senate democRAT Little Tommy "The Dwarf" Dass-hole called on Sunday for W to release twelve-year-old records of his dealings with the Texas oil firm Harken Energy, files that several anti-Bush media outlets have suggested will reveal an insider trading scandal. And neither will this dog, lib-democRAT moron scumbags.
Ummmmm, I hope so.
How the left-wing traitorous wackos in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate can get away with trying to convert school children to Muslim Warriors, is beyond my ability to believe. They should be jailed for a long time, after parents pull their kids outta that shithole school in Byron, Kalifornicate. Un-freaking-believeable!
Junk bonds from a junk company; I love it. Good riddance, AOL Time Warner!
Well, a lawsuit's a start, but all the lib-dem teachers and administrators, at the Excelsior School in the Byron Union School District near Oakland, need to be fired for encouraging students to wear Muslim robes, adopt Islamic names and stage make-believe pilgrimages to Mecca to learn about the faith deviant and degenerate cult of Islam.
It appears they've found JFK's PT 109 from WWII; but where's fat, stupid, socialist, alcoholic Teddy's SS Oldsmobile? Can you say, Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne? Heck, Teddy's car has whacked more people than my guns.

Lowlifes, Deviants & Degenerates.
Why isn't the half-breed, subhuman idiot, boy-molesting pedophile Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jack-scum is prison, where he belongs with all of the other perverts? Or better yet, dead from an angry parent of all the boys he's molested?
Lowlife, traitorous idiot; no other word for him: Julian "I'm so light I could (almost) pass for White" Bond, "chairman" of racist, bigoted NAALCP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), who is public enemy enema #1, for continually trying to divide America along racial lines. He still makes blacks out to be the "victims", as appointed and anointed by the lib-democRATs for the past 50 years. He's a piece of shit scum.
Sorry, no sympathy from me for HIV-infected homos spreading AIDS to other deviants; the more of them dead, the better. All heartily qualify for the Darwin Award removing themselves from the gene pool. Thanks, degenerate queers for helping rid society of your perversion.
Hard to believe these illegal aliens illegal aliens Mexicans are as stupid as they are, or perhaps we're just niave about it all? It's long past time to seal the damned borders, round-up the illegals and deport them all (6-9million), track down potential terrorists and execute them via military tribunals. What the hell is the INS waiting for? Another Massacre of September 11th, before they'll act responsibly? Apparently so.
Rev Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, today blasted Nation of Islam leader "Calypso Louie" Farrak-con-man; the irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum (Rainbow/PUSHS); Julian "I'm such a light idiot homo, I can almost pass for White, Sir, Mr Conservative", Bond, Chairman of the National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People (NAALCP); and the fat, ugly, stupid, smelly cretinous-moron, irrev Al Sharp-scum (National Action Network, aka NANy WHINErs) for their "anti-American, inflammatory, and racist, bigoted, homo-junkie-riddled, actions" this week.
Alan Iverson, up for arrest and prison? Idiot, moron, cretin. Looking for his 'ho-dog, bitch-wifey and half-breed "son"?
Nope, sorry; I don't have a lib-democRAT problem with this, at all. Criminals, degenerates, perverts, deviants, murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors, should be publicly-executed. 8-9pm, on every CATV system, Nationwide. I'd buy sponsorship, for both my company and me.
Want a laugh? Matt "The Fart-Boy" Lauer homo, spews forth with his radically-THINNING HAIR. Ye Gods! Evil and awful. No content as he interviews a literate, porch-monkey mayor. Matt The Fart, employs his minions.
I don't have a problem with LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) roughing-up a criminal piece of shit garbage, who's resisting arrest. So what?
Malcom X-crement's ugly daughter? She looks just like her dead, racist, bigoted daddy scumbag. Yuk, what a troll.

Clearly Needing Execution.
Personally, I think these subhuman lowlife dregs, who commit "nuisance crimes", should be quietly executed and dumped into a pit, nevermore to bother society. IMO, no one would ever miss them, and the world would be so much better without their putrid presence.
These four murderers in a crackhouse slaying should be going to death row; instead they're free. What's up with that?
Another slow and boring week on the execution front; so many to exterminate and too much time to do it in. Pity.

Cat Boxing.
What red-blooded American doesn't love a good, old-fashioned catfight (no, not that kind)? Catch the exciting action as the wily veteran "Bad ass" Bootsy takes on the kittenish but "Nasty" Nova in three rounds of fierce feline fisticuffs. Ahhh, catboxing. They hit and run, swipe at each other through windows, and pounce with sneak attacks. Fore-runners of Kung Fu styles. On the undercard, watch a jabbing Siamese mix named Draper face off against a greenhorn German Shepard pup named Gracie. Finally, don't miss the ying-yang bout between ferociously cute kittens Cupcake and Muffin. There's even a list of cats waiting to take on all comers. Want to see your fluffy pal laying a beatdown on the neighborhood tomcat? Read the requirements first. And remember, this feline sweet science is for entertainment only no wagering. Yet... Naaaaah.

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