chillin' out this summer
Friday, July 13, 2001

i'm making every effort to mellow out a little more these days, despite constantly reading stories in the so-called "old time news media" which would make anyone's blood boil. I've got to watch my blood pressure though, as chest pains are not one of life's little pleasures. But with so many people consistently doing and saying stupid things, it really gets me riled-up, and it's sometimes difficult not to get pissed off upset. There's so much of it everyday, everywhere I look, that it's enraging maddening frustrating. The liberal-biased media reports that stuff as news. Imagine that: news. Blatant idiocy and abject stupidity is what it is, pure and simple. I often wonder what The Big Guy thinks of all the rampant human stupidity; well, maybe I don't really want to know what s/he thinks of it all.

Around The Garden Center.
It was a very busy weekend, starting on Friday. With the break in the 95°F temps and 98% humdidity, people seemingly came out from the woodwork. I didn't schedule enough "help" over last weekend, after finding out Friday that two of my regular nursery helpers would be absent. Both work on the regular landscape crews during the week; one was "sick" from heat, the other was in California for a 10-day "vacation". So much for Summer "cohesiveness". Net net: I did the mulch deliveries and odd chores that those two would/could/should have done on Saturday and Sunday. Are we havin' fun yet?
Jeff & Denise had their annual July 4th 7th Party, a Mediterranean Party, on Saturday. After I got loose from work, I went home and cleaned-up, drove to their place and met up with over 100 friends and guests of theirs from last years party. I remember a lot of people whom I hadn't seen in many years. Great food, margaritas and company; all catered except the people.
Gas prices have dropped to $1.31.9/gal (89 oct) at the Getty I usually frequent, and some of the other "super stations" are flashing $1.29.9/gal for the same petrol. I would have bet some large money months ago, that prices now would be over $2.25/gal. Glad I didn't bet and glad I was wrong.
The "Dog Days of Summer" have arrived a tad early, as it's in the 70s when I leave at 5:45am, and I know it's gonna be a hot, humid day. The landscape crews are looking a bit frazzled when they get back at the end of the day; luckily, my office is air conditioned, so the computer and printer are happy. Me too. Thunderstorms are rolling through almost every afternoon, as the heat and static electricity build in the atmosphere. The heavy 1-5" downpours cool things down for a short while, but the heat and humidity re-build quickly, and most of the rain's water benefit is lost due to runoff.
I didn't take Thursday off, as I usually do. My fill-in, Ken, also my weekend retail salesman, was outta town and couldn't cover for me until 6pm, so I had to skip the precious Day Off. For the past few weeks, I've been staying up until 12:30-1:00am, and getting back up at 4:30am to feed the cats and get into work by 6am. I get a whole lot more work done before everyone's come into work and the phones start ringing, and well as after everyone's left and the phones quiet down, than I get done during the hecticness of the day. So I simply slept-in until 11am; Lynn, my secretary, covered the phones for me until I arrived.
Traditionally, July and August are vacation months for both employees and customers, so walk-in traffic lightens-up and I scramble to re-adjust personnel work schedules and landscape projects, based upon available personnel. Yours truly doesn't get take a vacation until all the other bases are covered; who the hell heck would run the store if I did? As I mentioned last week, there are some major changes in the works befire year's end, to fix that niggling problem.

Your Our Government At Work.
Last week, you we began to work for (y)ourself and (y)our family. Every single day of this year (until two days past the fourth of July) you we were working to pay the costs of government. Wait, you say. I thought we only had to work through May 3 Tax Freedom Day for the government. No longer. Tax Freedom Day, as calculated each year by the Tax Foundation simply adds the total costs of federal, state and local taxes together and correctly points out that government consumes fully one third of the nation's economy. We work January, February, March, and April and the first few days of May to pay our taxes.
But taxes are just one cost of government. Government regulations and the costs they add to every good and service we buy are an additional burden. Add in a (small c) conservative estimate of the cost of regulations and we sadly discover that we are working 35 days a year to cover the costs of federal regulations and 23 days each year to pay the cost of state regulations.
Americans for Tax Reform corporation has added the cost of regulations to the costs of taxes for the last twenty years to calculate the total Cost of Government Day. This year it falls at its latest point: July 6. When Reagan left office it was June 18. Then Bush 41 raised taxes in 1990 and saddled the nation with the Americans with Disabilities Act and a costly rewrite of the Clean Air Act. Clintoon piled on with the 1993 tax hike and in the time between January one 2001 and President Bush's inauguration, Clintoon signed into law 1766 new regulations including 48 "major" regulations that will cost more than $100 million apiece.
Bush 41 and Clintoon together moved Cost of Government day 18 days forward consuming more of the year than most Americans get in paid holiday.
Politicians long ago figured out that they could disguise the cost of government by levying one big tax but rather hitting us with dozens of taxes at all levels of government. Quick, how much did you pay in sales tax last year? Taxes can also be hidden by pretending that businesses pay taxes rather than simply pass the cost-of-government taxes through to consumers as they pass on the cost of gasoline or raw materials. But over time the growing investor class the 50 plus percent of Americans who own stocks directly have created a more sophisticated electorate that sees taxes on corporations as direct taxes on their retirement plans. The Tax Foundation's success in highlighting Tax Freedom Day has reminded Americans that they pay fully one third of their income in taxes despite the state, federal, and local government's efforts to disperse the burden and hide its size.
Regulations are the last refuge of the scoundrel politician who hopes to hide the cost of the growth of government.
Those new Gore-Toilets that don't flush well, the tiny cars that will whack you in a head-on crash with a telephone pole but that please Barbara Streisand with their high-fuel efficiency, and mandatory labels that tell you not to put your hand under a functioning lawn motor, are not for free.
George Bush's tax cut was a sound step forward in reducing the tax burden. But Bush has done more to move Cost of Government Day towards January through reducing regulations by rolling back the Kyoto Treaty and the Clintoon regulations on ergonomics. Clintoon's midnight regulations remain a target rich environment for such progress.
As we celebrated Independence Day this just-past July Fourth, the fact that Cost of Government Day now falls two days later should remind us that it has been a long time since the threat to American liberty came from Britain.
I'm sorry to seeMicrosoft come to this: acquiescence of their O/S monopoly and IE v5.5 browser bundling. They were the most stable and needed thing to happen to the Computer Industry; without MS, it would have been absolute chaos. Screw the US Dept of InJustice and the stinking lib-democRAT trial lawyer filth who got the US into this mess, in the first place.
Have you read about what's going on behind our backs in Klamath Falls, OR? Since the liberal media are suppressing the story to bring us the oozing minute-by-minute details of that Condit slimebag and his intern whore, Levy, it's become a non-story. Not even FoxTV has run a blurb on it. I'm amazed, but not surprised.

Your Our Tax Dollars At Work.
A recently convicted felon is receiving an $80,000 annual salary from the Internal Revenue Service, despite doing no work for the agency for the past three years. Amazing. The IRS employee, Kenneth Dossey of Glasgow, Ky, is a lowlife, criminal piece of shit. He's legally "blind", whatever that means. Dossey, 46, was convicted Feb. 28 in U.S. District Court in Kentucky of wiretapping and mail fraud. On May 24 he was sentenced to six months' home detention, two years' probation and ordered to pay restitution to an insurance company for losses that jurors found to be false. He belongs in federal prison, not collecting US Taxpayers' monies.

A Bush administration policy to extend health care and services into the womb in the form of prenatal care is being attacked by abortion rights groups as a back door effort to challenge legal abortions. A policy currently being considered by the Bush administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would expand the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which benefits uninsured parents who don't qualify for Medicaid, to offer prenatal care and delivery services. In doing so, the policy would define a fetus as a "targeted low-income child." Abortion rights groups have long been suhispanicious of any efforts to define unborn children as persons. They are concerned that by defining a fetus as a "child," as the new HHS policy would, pro-life advocates might be better able to argue that fetuses are entitled to full Constitutional protection under the law that would supersede a woman's right to abortion. Go for it, W.
Bush administration officials concede that the shrinking federal budget surplus will make it more difficult to sell Congress on additional tax cuts contained in several of the president's pending legislative initiatives. Most of the suggested cuts are in two of President Bush's most prized, but unresolved legislative proposals: his national energy plan and his so-called faith-based initiative.
Interior Secretary Gale Norton announced the administration would ask Congress to let oil companies drill on about 1.5 million more acres in the Gulf of Mexico. That's just a quarter of the roughly 6 million acres that the Clintoon administration first proposed opening for leasing in 1997 and that the Bush/Cheney energy plan had earmarked for drilling. W caved in to his worthless, punk brother, Jeb, who's up for re-election next year as governor. Wimps, all.
The truth about Social Security? Right here.
The shit-for-brains UN coming for my guns arms weapons? I don't f*cking think so. Mr Smith & Mr Wesson, Mrs Colt and Madame Glock have a problem with that shit. So does W & Co. Thanks, guys.
Here's a cover-up of huge proportions, of toxic waste, courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers, American University and the US Government. It's gonna make Watergate look pale in comparison.
C'mon W, this ain't the bully pulpit, which is what you need to be doing on a daily weekly basis to dislodge the lib-dem slimebags from their obstructionist entrenchment in Congress. Get on TV and tell America what they're doing to f*ck up hurt the country.
Uh-oh W, this was not a good one to leak to the liberal media. Bad idea. This is sure to cause some trouble. Here comes denial and damage control.
Hmmm, I don't believe a word of this flawed lib-dem study. You?
W, get US outta this mess in Columbia. Pronto! It's going to be a horrific mess of entanglement and death; we don't want another Vietnam.
The Bush administration declined a request today from the Salvation Army, the nation's largest charity, to exempt religious charities that are against homosexuals, homo filth, limp wrists, and other subhuman trash. It was made public in an article in The Washington Post, which obtained an internal Salvation Army document that asserted that the administration had already made a commitment to the charity's request.

Stupid Lib-Dem Garbage.
Karenna shit Schiff GoreBore assailing W? Ridiculous. On what grounds? Her father's a liar, a criminal, a lowlife liberal piece of shit; what the f*ck heck does that two-bit slut have to say that anyone with a functioning brain would want to listen to? Nothing that I can discern.
Tom Brokaw, the hare-lipped, so-called "NBC Nightly News" anchor, is taking the Summer off. Great news, pardon the pun. He's one of 3 lib-dems anchoring the Network News in the evenings Dan Rather (CBS) and Peter Jennings (ABC) being the other two lying slimeballs who distort and discolor the news to suit their own liberal-socialist agendas. I'd rather (pardon the pun, again) they all died were whacked perished in "accidents" and all traces of lib-dem filth could be erased from objective reporting.
LBJ was a lowlife coward, cheat, thief, liar and all-around scumbag; hence, his Silver Star award in WWII was a lie. And should have been/ should now be revoked permanently and finally. He was a piece of shit, typical democRAT scum-sucking filth. Same as JFK, another fraud.
Funny how this Condit scumbag, lib-dem-moderate, piece of shit lowlife democRAT, has jerked America around, isn't it? Time for him to do some serious T I M E, isn't it?
Lincoln Chafee? That lowlife, homo-lover, piece of liberal dogshit ass-licking shit from Rhode Island? Yep, that's him/her/it/ whatever. He's another scumbag coward who deserves a raging case of brain cancer.
Here the liberal courts go again, making law instead of interpreting it. They now rule that the perversion called transsexualism can be considered a handicap under NJ state law, and that it's illegal to discriminate against someone who changes gender. Pathetic scumbag judges, all.
If there's any one type of moron who personifies the lib-dem garbage, it's a washed-up, talentless actor/ actress who now wears the mantle, environmental activist. And shit-for-brains Robert Redford is all of a sudden an expert. Considering he can't find his own ass with both hands, nor direct or produce a quality movie, what else has the has-been to do with all those spare days? Imagine a lowlife cretin like him criticizing W for being "ignorant" on environmental issues, when he doesn't know the difference between an oak or a maple. Pathetic moron, that Redford idiot.
Speaking of pathetic, lowlife pieces of shit, the Paula Pound(sand)stone lesbian dyke isn't fit to adopt/have children; she belongs in a jail cell with other alcoholic scumbags, drowning in their own liquid. She's shit, trash, garbage, lib-dem filth, lesbian dyke subhuman debris. Just like the fat, waddling pig-sucker, Rosie O'Donnell, another lesbian dyke piece of shit. Ten bucks says she'll get off, because the judge is a corrupt lib-dem scumbag. So much for Justice in America.
Hey, how about Life imitating Art? The stupid punk, drug-crazed, booze-addled, lowlife moron scumbag WOP-dog shitfilth white trash scumbag, Robert "shit For Brains" Iler, is ready for a 495lb lifer "boyfriend" in prison, dontcha' think? nah, s/he's gonna buy her/his way outta this "incident". Sorry s/he did; I sure like to hear Iler's screams around 2am. Wouldn't you?
I don't know about you, but I'm f*cking really sick of this Condit moron's lying wrinkled empty face on every news website, everytime I logon to one in my extensive bookmark collection; sick and tired of hearing about a missing bitch intern, who could suck-start a B52, like the Monica whore. The bitch is dead. He whacked her. End of story. Now move on to something else, like another good massacre in Africa, or something worth reading.
He's baaaack. That bobbing, proverbial turd-in-a-toilet-which-won't-flush, the impeached, disgraced ex-president, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, is out and about in NYCs sleaze joints, looking for a blowjob "friend". Herpes, anyone? He's loaded; that's why the lib-dem scumbags refused to release his medical records for 8 years.
Talk about lowlife morons: Los Angeles County assessor Rick Auerbach is angling to impose property taxes on several satellites, worth $100 million each to Hughes Electronics in El Segundo, the satellites could bring in millions of dollars a year in taxes to schools and government. County officials are considering assessing at least eight satellites owned by Hughes. Auerbach, the lib-dem lowlife tax assessor, figures that satellites are no different from other movable personal property that he has authority to tax like boats, construction equipment and ice skating costumes. If the scumbag wins his pathetic argument, hi-tech companies like Hughes will flee the state and the economy will take a major league dump.

Lowlife Chi-Comm Garbage.
Deny the yellow-dog chink scumfilth the 2004 Summer Games Olympics. They've still illegally detained and are trying US Citizens. Time to teach the slopes orientals dinks chinks a lesson, like the scum will even remember. The only thing they understand is a larger thermonuclear warhead; time we gave them a couple well-placed ones in Beijing.
The stinking yellowdog Chi-Comm filth sent the US a bill for $1mm for them crashing into our surveillance plane, them holding our 24 servicemen hostage for 11 days and the damaged plane sitting on chink property for 3mos? I don't f*cking think so, orientals. I sure hope W tells the chink garbage to f*ck piss buzz off. If he can't or won't, I can easily handle that.
The ultra-liberal NY Times opposes giving the 2008 Olympics to the chink filth scumbags, on the basis of "humanitarian crimes", such as executions, but I disagree. Execution of subhuman filth is great, but misdirected as a reason for denying the 2008 Olympics. That's about the only thing the chinks do correctly.

Racist Scumbags.
Two of the worst racist, bigoted, lowlife, race-baiting, misery-profiteering subhuman pieces of shit, Irrevs Jesse "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum and Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, are back and have interjected themselves into the news. While Jack-scum is still reeling from his mulatto, half-bred bastard child, Fat Al Sharp-scum is losing thousands of pounds in prison and almost resembling the cretinous-moron he is. Sharp-scum is trying to "unseat" the Jack-scum scumbag as "leader of the US Civil Rights Movement". I love this internecine warfare between lowlife scum. Bring on the blood.
Trying to get his respectability back which the racist, criminal bigot never had Jack-scum is now trying to make inroads amongst the Hispanics and Latinos, who have been laughing at him and his pathetic antics for years. The whole ridiculous Vieques Bombing Range issue is the cause celeb now.
Right behind Jack-scum and Sharp-scum as the worst racists and bigots in America today, the NAACLP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) ranks as prime social dogshit. They're liars, traitors, and two-faced scum, grossly misinformed by their criminal leader, NAACLP President Kweisi Mfume (aka Tyrone Leroy Johnson) and NAACLP Chairman Julian Bond (aka Leroy Tyrone Johnson). W was right to tell them off through a spokesman that he was "busy"; the collective scumbag filth ambushed him back in '00, and portrayed him in a brace of misleading-illegal TV ads comparing him to the white supremacists who dragged a black man to his death behind a pick-up truck. I hate racists of all colors; these scum are much worse than KKK-US (D-VA) lib-dem senator Robert "Hang Them blacks!" Byrd.
Spokes-half-breed, mulatto boy for the NAACLP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), Julian "I'm a dumb black shoeshine boy" Bond, doesn't like W & Co's policies; he's a racist, bigot lowlife.
Read what the moronic lowlife Mfume and Bond have to say about W. Pathetic, isn't it? After reading such racist, bigoted statements, the only conclusion is that the whole group of NAACLPers are just lowlife, low class blacks, nothing more. Even The White House thought the racist scumbags had overstepped their bounds, and said so in their usual understated style. The NAACLP is dogshit.
Why aren't scum like Bond, Mfume, Jack-scum and fat Sharp-scum doing something about the slaves in the Sudan? Amazing how they can keep so quiet about what's going on in their motherland fatherland shithole homeland country, Africa, isn't it? Hypocrites, all.

No Sympathy. None.
Aw gee, all those idiots gored by bulls at Pamplona, Spain. No I don't have any concern, sympathy or empathy for anyone who puts themselves in the way of a frightened, angry 1,500lb bull with very sharp horns. In fact, I think that mutilation and death are an appropriate response from the animals to the stupid humans. And the toll rises.
Good riddance to this lowlife, lib-dem ambulance-chasing, murderer-defending lawyer. It'd sure be nice if every lib-dem trial lawyer would commit suicide and rid the world of their foul stench.
No, I have no sympathy for the 120 Brit Coppers who got injured in the race riots in Northern England. They were dressed in full riot gear police don't carry guns in the moronic UK and had no protection, no sidearms or automatic machine guns. Same deal in Seattle and Cincinnati: police are not allowed to defend themselves, and not issued fully-automatic M16s or appropriate machine guns to whack rioters. The orders ought to be: shoot rioters and looters on sight. Sounds to me like orientals, slopes, towelheads, dinks and white trash filth should be held accountable, with a very large body count of bullet-riddled carcasses, fit for maggot feasting. $1,000 bounty, per body to every cop, as a bonus.
A second night of rioting and looting in the UK? With me in charge, there wouldn't have been a first: I'd have ordered all rioters and looters shot on sight. No one would have been injured no cops or civilians and a second night would have never occurred, because all the troublemakers would have been dead, laid out on morgue slabs. Leave it to the lib-dem lowlifes to propagate this violence and unrest, by not taking "affirmative action" the only kind I like to end it once and for all. All instigating orientals, slopes, towelheads, muslim-shit, dinks and white trash filth would be quite dead by now. End of f*cking problems. Back to normalcy.
Transsexual rights ruling by an NJ Court is for real? Bull-f*cking-shit, baby! The decision, handed down by an appeals court, could set a precedent for other states and pave the way for a broader definition of laws concerning both discrimination and disability, not to mention degeneracy, depravity and perversion. Let 'em get AIDS and die; they so richly deserve it.
Here's hoping that this fat sweathog pig JAP (Jewish American Princess) bitch, Lizzie Grubman, goes to prison for mowing down 16 people with her SUV, and leaving the scene at a nightclub in the Hamptons. We'll see just how "just", Justice is; betcha $50 she walks.

Primed For Execution.
It's been a terribly slow week for US executions; you'd think with over 3,700+ pieces of subhuman filth sitting around in prison "death row" quarters, someone would be eligible for "termination with extreme prejudice". I can't understand why the US isn't executing someone every day, just to get "caught up" on the backlog. I'd personally like to volunteer my "services", and those of my Colt .357 magnum and Glock 9mm to assist the government, in implementing a just a fair solution to murderers, who've been sentenced to death. Any takers, Feds? Thought so, cowards.
While AIDS-related cases have increased every year since 1995, from 5,157 in 1995 to 6,825 in 1999, deaths from the disease have decreased. While AIDS cases continued to climb, deaths from AIDS-related illnesses plummeted by 80 percent in state prisons from 100 per 100,000 inmates in 1995 to 20 per 100,000 inmates in 1999. In raw terms, the 32 percent increase in the number of prisoners with AIDS mirrored the 33 percent rise among the U.S. population in general over a similar time period, an increase researchers attribute to more effective treatments that help people diagnosed with the disease live longer. But the proportion of AIDS cases has always been higher among prisoners than among the population at large, and it remained so in 1999. About 600 in 100,000 state and federal prisoners had confirmed diagnoses of AIDS in 1999, compared with 120 in 100,000 among the general population. Too bad; I would like to see 100,00-250,000 prisoners die each year from AIDS. It's only fitting, afterall.
I've always maintained that in addition to murderers, rapists and traitors, that child molesters should also be executed, for the good of society. Bed wetting, whining liberals have unfailingly complained that I'm too harsh, unfeeling and indifferent to "rehabilitation" of child molesters; I don't think so at all. They deserve death for what they've done and will do again, given the opportunity to innocent, trusting children. Here's one for the death chamber, don't you agree?
A hearing on whether a former Ku Klux Klansman is competent to stand trial in a deadly 1963 church bombing began Monday with a defense expert testifying that the man's memory is so bad he cannot remember questions long enough to answer them. So what if the KKK member can't remember anything. If he murdered the four little black girls back in '63, he deserves to die for the crime. He's white trash and lack of memory, mental retardation don't mean squat; if he did the crime, he pays with his pathetic life.
"Cruel and unusual punishment" is the subject under debate now, in Georgia. But why? What about the cruel and unusual death the victims died at the hands of the murderers? Why is society "bound and obligated" to provide their whackers with a "humane way to die"? Au contraire. I think the murderer should be strapped to a gurney, and beaten to death by the relatives of the murder victim, using whiffle ball bats. It would take a while and put the lowlife subhuman filth into some very excruciating pain, while electrocution and lethal injection are relatively painless. Obviously, I have little no sympathy for criminals.
I disagree that executing these two stinking, lowlife, pork-sucking, subhuman towelhead pieces of murderous filth will make them martyrs. What'll it make them is dead and completely incapable of ever committing such a heinous crime the August 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Africa again.
Here's someone who truly deserves to die. An Arizona man was sentenced to die Monday for burning his 2-year-old daughter to death. Shawn Grell, 26, of Phoenix, was convicted of murder in the 1999 death of his daughter, Kristen Salem, who was doused with gasoline, set on fire and left to die in a ditch. Anyone disagree? Thought so. Betcha someone in prison whacks him first. Hope so.
I'd sure like to execute him. Hanssen, the FBI spy, now cutting a "deal" with the US Dept of InJustice to "help them assess the damage he caused over 15+ years". Bullf*ckingshit. He caused the US to be compromised; in my mind, the betrayal of over 260 million Americans is far, far, far worse than the murder of one person. All traitors should be executed forthwith, right after sentencing.
This Einhorn piece of filth fled the United States in 1981, soon before he was to stand trial in Pennsylvania for the gruesome 1977 bludgeoning death of his girlfriend, Holly Maddux. Her corpse was found stuffed in a trunk inside a closet of the Philadelphia apartment she shared with Einhorn. He should be executed, not kept alive, but the moronic Frogs (French) won't extradite his carcass if he's headed to a death sentence. He also tried to whack himself by slitting his own throat, and failed? Welllllll, give him a sharper knife.

The Carthedral.
Feast your eyes on the most unholiest of rollers: "Carthedral is a 1971 Cadillac hearse modified with 1959 Cadillac tailfins. Welded on top is a VW beetle and metal armatures with fiber glass. Carthedral is a rolling Gothic Cathedral complete with flying assresses, stained glass pointed windows, and gargoyles." Don't forget the dragons, skeletons, bird skulls, and bronzed dentures. Carthedral creator Rebecca Caldwell deserves a Gothic Medal of Honor, or at least a job working with Tim Burton.

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