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Friday, July 14, 2000

i occasionally get accused by thin-skinned, hand-wringing, bed-wetting, "pc" lib-dem types who read my rants in here and label it "hate", just because it doesn't "conform" to their warped values. It's not and I tell them so by email reply. I also occasionally get email from those who run hate sites and think I'm a kindred soul. I'm not and tell them so by email reply. Recently, I received a startling series of emails from a fellow at a southern university, where he is ostensibly majoring in library science. I was somewhat shocked. So perhaps some word of explanation is in order here about why John's Journal is so popular and isn't a hate site.
I'm lucky, in that I have a forum on the Web which permits me to rant and vent about things in the world which piss me off. Many people don't have that opportunity, yet many agree with what I say, and come here to the tune of 15,000-50,000 per week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, to read what I've written and give feedback and render opinions. The volume of email attests to that. I'm amazed and humbled.
I give people of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexual persuasions et al, equal shit. I don't single out any one group in particular; all are fair game. From the criminal and pervert white trash Bill Clinton to the psycho idiot Mike Tyson, from the FBI agent murderer redskin Peltier to the death row subhuman scum, murderers, rapists and child molesters, I give 'em all what's due, IMO. I give whites more shit than anyone else, simply because there are more of them doing more stupid things. Oh, racist bigots like Jackson and Sharpton and others get more than their fair share, because they denigrate an entire race. In fact, there are more Blacks and Hispanics doing crimes & time, than Whites. Something which lib-dem scum-filth can't readily absorb. And they get unfairly picked on more than Whites.
I say what other people think and what the media the adventurous online New Media as well as the pathetic, cowardly, tired, White House-controlled Old Media are hesitant afraid to say.
Point is: it's my forum. You're welcome to read on or turn the channel with a simple click. You do have a choice. In fact, you made that choice when you entered this portion of the site through The Journal Portal.
I wish I could reproduce in toto the aforementioned southern university librarian guy's emails, but in the interest of his privacy and safety, I'm only reproducing name\email-edited text here. If you get as queasy as I did, get up and take a walk, get some fresh air and come back to it later. Be advised there are such people "out there"; and definitely worse do exist. It's a learning experience.
So sit back, grab a glass of cabernet sauvignon and read this eye-opening email exchange:

* * *
His Unsolicited, Initial Email

From: Richard XXXXX,
To: js@gdnctr.com
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 12:59:43 -0500
Organization: School of Library and Information Studies, University of XXXXXXX

Subject: I agree

John, hey!

We just wanted to let you know that I really love reading your opinions. We agree with you all the way. All these parasitic idiot muther f*ckers on goddamn welfare costing good peopele like you and me money to help em survive. What a crock! Hell, let em find jobs or starve to death is what we say! Hell yeh. Me and some of my buddies here love harrasin the idiots as much as we can, trying to run over em at night when nobody can see what we're doin an all, and throwing trash in their yards and telling idiot jokes and stuff like that. It's a real yuk for us and if they don't like it tough, because we know who's got the power right?

Hell yeh, we built this country and all these idiots and wops and chinks and kikes and illegal aliens have ever done is the dirty work. And then all they wanna do is complain. Bunch of goddamn ingrates is all they are. If they'd just go out and get two or three jobs hell one of these days they could have as much as you an me, isnt that right? If we decided to let em anyway. We've given every opportunity and all they do is sit around drinkin and doing drugs all day instead of getting jobs and bein decent human beings like us white folks. Hell, in my hometown the idiot school has a roof over most of it and we give em all our books and stuff when we're done with em, and they act like they're not being treated fair or somethin. But we've always taken good care of our idiots. Now these illegal aliens we're seeing so many of these days are another matter, but we'll deal with that in time.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that me and my buddies down here in the south agree with you all the way. Along with David Duke and Hitler and other good white folks like that, you are our hero. We like to print your articles out and read them in the outhouse, and then when we finish our business we can use em agin. Keep up the good work. Hey, why don't you have links to some of the good skinhead and neo-nazi sites? We need to stick together.

Your good friend,

My Initial Reply To His Unsolicited Email...

thanks for the "nice" note.
what links do you suggest, rich?

His Re-Reply To My Reply...

John, hey!

Gosh I can hardly believe you really wrote back--sort of like gettin a personal letter from Rush Limbaugh!! Glad you liked my note. I just tell it like I see it, and I figure us hard workin white folks got to stick together in trying to make sure the ignorant, lazy, no-good, drug-addicted idiots and kikes and illegal aliens and chinks and wops and such remember their place and learn to appreciate what we give em.

Hell bud I don't know what links to suggest. Just anything that spews plenty of hate toward non-whites and the poor. I figure a smart fella like you ought to be able to come up with some good ones. Maybe just start with kkk.com and Rush's sight?

Your buddy,

My Re-Reply To His Re-Reply...

i'm afraid you've missed the whole point of my "journal" site. it is not a hate site of any kind.

between 15,000 and 50,000 people come each week to read agree, but have no "forum" to vent.

i don't castigate any religion, minority or people as a whole; i rant against individual scum and filth who do things contrary to society's rules of law, get away with it and don't receive punishment, as we mere mortals would if we engaged in that kind of behavior.

there is good and bad in every religion, ethnic group and nationality and i call it as i see it. i grew up and worked with all of the ones you've singled out in your previous notes; i have no problem with the hard-working people who take responsibility for their own actions and lives. it's the lowlifes and freeloaders i despise, since my tax dollars support their sorry asses. i have no problem helping the less fortunate and infirm; it's the scum who milk the system, which i financially support without choice, that i want to be held ultimately accountable.

both of your notes' attitudes and tones surprised me, since i don't have that kind of hate about people. i don't include neo-nazi or white supremacist links anywhere on this site or in my personal bookmarks. the root cause of all of this nation's problems has been and continues to be liberal-socialist-communist politics. i suggest that you and your buddies re-direct your anger and hate toward them and not against the unfortunate people who've been caught up in that evil system.

if i could rid the world of the clintoons, gores, jacksons, sharptons etc, i would in a heartbeat. they are the problem and the only way to change it is to vote in november.

see you at the ballot box, rich.

His Re-Reply To My Re-Re-Reply...

Well shoot, John, I guess you feel you have to say you don't hate anyone in case I'm a FBI agent or something, but you and I know that to say we don't hate in one sentence and then in the next sentence say we despise certain persons is a bit of a contradiction. But I'm sure a smart feller like you knows that. And I took you as someone who had the guts to stand by his convictions.


* * *
Gee whiz, do you think Rich is a "wee bit angry" about everything? If you'll check his email sign-offs, you'll readily see that we're no longer "buddys" or "good friends". Says a whole lot, doesn't it?
Whewwww! That was one of the weirdest email exchanges I've had in over 5 years on The Web. Caught me a little off-guard, a little unprepared for it all. But there's only one answer to complete and total hate and bigotry: CHILL OUT! That said... time to move on.

Around The Garden Center.
Thursday, especially Friday, and then Saturday were probably the nicest, person-friendly weather days we've had so far in '00; record cool temps at night in the 50s and only in the 70s during the day, with low hum-didity It was actually a pleasure to experience the whole day, rather than endure the weather-dominated business hours. The mornings were Northern California cool; the afternoons early Summer Southwest; evenings a mix of Northern California cool and New England Autumn. Awesome and unique upper-air current convergence, probably. Considering the drought related hell we've endured for the past 3 years, we're doing damned good in '00. Unfortunately, another US region got our usual dose of weather, this time around.
Saturday evening, I went to Jeff & Denise's home for their annual "8th of July Party"; a necessity since July 4th fell on a Tuesday. Margaritas, wonderful company (50+ people I'd never met before), snacks and a sumptuous Mexican Dinner abounded; they outdid themselves. Since I've known J&D, I've been invited to several July 4th parties, but haven't made any, due to working at my business on weekends. "Business before pleasure", I always used to say. Not so anymore; both now get equal weight after 10 years.
Gas prices continue their downward trend here in York, PA, though not as much as in the Midwest, where $2.50+/gal was the "norm" for months. I filled the '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD up on Friday at $1.61.9/gal (89oct) for $31.25 for 21gals. Public outrage has risen to such a crescendo that the Clintoonista-GoreBore slime have cowed and begged the OPEC towelheads to back down the price of crude until after the November Elections. Truth is, the Clintoonista-GoreBore slime encouraged the price rise in the first place. Why the Midwest took the hardest hit is still under review by interested parties. Think we've got it bad? Read this.
Since the USA Today article on Friday, June 30th appeared, I've been beseiged by hundreds of people/calls/FAXs/emails asking about our "product". I've spent a lot of time talking to various people, handing out hundreds of business cards, but usually only 1-2 "substantial" projects develop from it. Even some former business associates, people I went to Drake University with, and old-time Hippie friends from the 60s and 70s called to say hi, they saw the article and wish me well. A real blast from the past, all in all.

The Clintoons.
Do you think Bubba Clintoon is like JFK? Apparently, the Liar In Chief does. What a joke.
If the shit-for-brains AlGoreBore lib-dem lowlife can't even appease a Carthage, TN, simple rental tenant, how the f*ck can the lying, socialist, commie piece of shit be president? Not in my book, Jeeves. He's a f*cking loser; an abject parasite of both his dead daddy criminal Armand Hammer-owned commie socialist scumbag industrialist traitor. Amazingly, GoreBore's criminal henchmen whacked the rental tenant's pets, same as the Clintoon moron's assassins did to several of his foes. Oh baby, I'd love for one of their f*cking cowards to approach any of my pets; can they say, "bullet in the head at point blank range?".
shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoon wants to use the Net to bring democracy closer to the people? Huh? What a bad joke that moron is. He's a liberal and socialist of the worst order; he doesn't even know what Democracy is. He rules by executive order, not by consensus with the US Congress. He's a commie rat bastard scumbag. He's also the First Liar In Chief, so anything the degenerate from Arkansas says is suspect.
Listen to the Hitlery Bitch lie, lie, lie, backtrack, backtrack, backtrack, make excuses, make excuses, make excuses; that's all the evil witch knows how to do. She's a pathetic, arrogant, congenital liar, criminal who has brought embarrassment to the American Public and disgrace to the station of First Lady.
Someone bitch-slap Rick Lazio: Hitlery Clintoonista Bitch is going to eat his lunch if he doesn't go on the offensive and decimate the criminal, congenital-liar bitch before she guts him. She should have never been born hey, neither should have Bubba his-own-damn-self as they've embarrassed the US and disgraced the position of trust the American Public (no, not me in either election did I vote for that lowlife, lib-dem piece of shit!) placed upon him. Gaaawd, I'm gonna be sick.
Can we borrow a cup of cruise missile? As further proof the Clintoonistas have gutted the military, we're out of cruise missiles! That moron Bubba used them up with his bogus, attention-diverting (from Monica & impeachment scandals) raids on aspirin factories and Kosovo and never replaced them. Now, it'll cost hundreds of billions to start up production. What morons the Clintoonites are.
The GoreBore scum is using Air Force Two to campaign from, all at US Taxpayers' that's you and me expense and largesse. Why isn't his election campaign committee reimbursing the full amount to the American Public's coffers? Because he's a criminal and a crook, just like Hitlery Clintoonista is when she screws the American Taxpayers out of airline travel mileage and costs.
Here's just some of what another American thinks of the Bubba & Hitlery Clintoonista scum. And here's what Bubba The First Liar & Rapist thinks he's done for America. What a deluded moron.
Why would W even waste the time to speak at the racist, bigotted NAALCP (National assn for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) Convention? His hope of bringing more of the lib-dem filth into the GOP is a pipe dream; they're racists and scumbags, firmly in the Democrat camp, loving the welfare and social assistance programs they've grown up on and gotten their jobs from. These folks are not African-Americans or even Blacks; they're American Taxpayer-spoon-fed idiots. The two leaders Queasy Buffoome and Julie Bomb are two of the worst type anti-White, racists; right up behind the Jack-scums and Sharp-scums.
AlGoreBore, the Vice Perpetrator, spoke to the same racist, bigotted NAACLP (National assn for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) that W spoke to, yet he conveniently forgot to mention that the very lib-dem scumbag soclial programs are what have kept Blacks down for the past 50 years and made them so dependent upon government handouts and largesse. GoreBore lies again and the black racist bigots lap it up.
The perennial loser, Bill Bradley, endorsed the lowlife liberal scumbag AlGoreBore; what a sight it was seeing those two losers on stage together. Pathetic.

Oh, Bullshit.
Racist bigot scum come in all colors, and one of the very worst lowlifes is Fat Al "pass the money bags white jew interloper scum" Sharpton, a race-baiter extraordinaire. A scumbag with no visible means of support, except lawsuit settlements from others, much as a societal parasite does, Sharp-scum has now shown up to agitate the community in a black-on-black involuntary manslaughter incident at a "Lord & Taylor" store in Dearborn, MI. He claims that Whitey put Black security guards in place to racially profile minorities suspected of shoplifting. Sharp-scum is a hate-filled, racist idiot, not a Black or an African-American. Another piece of White trash, ambulance chaser attorney Geoffrey Fieger, has crawled out from under a slimy rock to claim his few pieces of gold by also claiming racial overtones to the incident. Both these scum are true shit filth; no wonder there is so much racism in America today.
Speaking of racist filth, read the note that the 29 year old black man left behind before he cut an 8 year old white boy's throat and whacked him. You want racist? Right here. Where's the "hate crime" designation? Or does that just apply to white-on-black crime these days?
One of the worst racist, bigot race-baiters is Irrev Jesse Jack-scum, who now has taken up the case of a black kid who hanged himself, and claims it was a cover-up. Another lowlife scumbag with millions and no visible means of support, Jack-scum also looks for out-of-court financial settlements to support his parasitic lifestyle. Once of protege of MLK, he's become one of the worst scumbag racists in the US, second only to Sharp-scum; okay, they're tied as equal shit. Both need to go to prison for their crimes.
Once again, the lib-dem slime have it all wrong: the gun companies are not responsible for someone shooting another person; the shooter is responsible for his/her actions. Beretta Co. set a very dangerous precedent in settling out of court, the cowards. It should have gone to trial. The f*cked up US Legal System is complicit in this conspiracy of trying manufacturers. What's next? Putting GM, Ford and Daimler-Chrysler on trial for all the road carnage and death? Or the fast food industry on trial for heart attacks, diabetes and obesity? Wake the f*ck up, America!
Here's a hot one: some "international panel" of scumbags is blaming, among other nations and the UN, the USA for not stopping the slaughter in Rwanda, Africa. And they want us to pay reparations. Can you f*cking believe that? So pathetic it's almost comical. It's amazing that people with brains can't think clearly. The OAS (Organization of African States) is solely responsible for policing that subhuman shithole of filth, Africa. Not us. If those scumbags don't slaughter themselves first, AIDS will wipe them out anyway. Adios and good riddance.
Why can't the Irish Catholics and Protestants finally learn to live and govern together, after decades of fighting and innocent bloodshed? The stupid ideologies on both sides which perpetuate violence and death appear to require much cooler heads to prevail, or some kind of "divine intervention"; mankind can't seem to solve it. Perhaps a devastating earthquake or plague which wipes out all and lets the survivors start from anew? Sounds good to me. The perpetrators? Run these scumf*ckers into a sewer pipe and let them drown. End of problem!
Talk about screwing over an honest man: the Santa Fe, NM, city will keep a 9.72 carat diamond found by a man who works a second job as a janitor to support his family, if the real owner isn't found. Finders keepers? No f*cking way. Just another example of how the government at any and every level f*cks over its citizens every way it can.
I have to laugh when some Brit or anyone from a country which claims soccer as its "defining sport" as being superior to our football: people are always getting whacked at soccer matches and playoffs. It's not only one of the most stupid games like hockey, wrestling and such people lose their cool and riot over the assinine game. That's why we don't play soccer here in the US.
First, it was the NSA's (super secret National Security Agency) "Echelon" worldwide satellite spying network, working like a giant vacuum sucking every email, telephone call and fax into its hopper; now it's the FBI's "Carnivore" domestic email eavesdropping software on every ISP's server, monitoring naughty words and phrases. Like we have a chance to quash it. What's next, Gummint?
The worthless as teats-on-a-bull US Congress remember the morons in the US Senate who couldn't vote to convict Bubba Clintoonista on two counts of criminal conduct after the House impeached the lying scumbag? want to give each other another pay raise. f*cking amazing criminal class. Doubt it? Read this.
I have no problem with police officers doing what's needed to detain, arrest and jail scum and filth, no matter who they are or claim to be. Hey, I have no problem showing my ID to a cop. That's how cities and towns are made safe and kept safe. NYC's Mayor, Rudy Guiliani made the streets of NYC safe for all, yet he's castigated by racist bigots like Fat Al "pass the money bags white jew scum" Sharp-scum. Sharp-scum's a liar, con-man, thief, scumbag of the lowest order, racist, bigot, race-baiter ... phew, do I need to continue? Anyone who hasn't been living in a cave on Samoa knows what Sharp-scum is.
Dear God, why do so-called people do this stuff to the Earth's Innocents? Or this crazy bitch who needs execution? Why can't you put me at that spot in time with my Colt Trooper MkIII 8" .357 Magnum .158gr hollow-point loads? History would change instantly. Bang zoom, dead scum. I'd personally whack these people and no jury in the world would convict me.
What's going on here and here with parents Killing each other over their kids' sporting events?

Execute The Scum.
shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoon is halting the first really good capital murder execution since '63, by allowing "new rules" for a thrice-convicted drug smuggler and murderer to delay the event. Figures that Clintoonista scumbag doesn't have the spine for anything other than a big-haired, airhead intern sucking the First Weenie.
Burn this f*cking towelhead scum for Killing a CIA Officer; f*ck the Bin-Laden scumbag pork eater. Execute him immediately. The dog-f*cker also claims that islamic towelhead terrorists are being "trained in Virginia, Missouri and Michigan; the FBI should be able to wrap that shit up quickly. The big question is why didn't those CIA Officers and employees have 9mm's and whack the towelhead dog-scum when he was on the rampage? Sidearms should be SOP (standard operating procedure) with no exceptions allowed, much as with off-duty police officers.
Hell, I really like this idea ofmaking prisoners pay for their room and board, not the Taxpayers. Should be SOP (standard operating procedure) in all jails and prisons nationwide.
Soooooooo, a DNA test failed to clear this murderous piece of shit scum in the rape and axe murder of a 12 year old girl? What the f*ck is Texas waiting for? Execute the subhuman piece of filth, without delay.
Another murderous piece of subhuman filth wants a new sentencing hearing from his spot on death row, because he's "not a monster". Actually, he isn't; he's a walking dead man, and the sooner the better. Instead of wasting Taxpayer's monies on keeping this piece of garbage alive and on appeals, why can't I just put a 9mm bullet through his stinking head and be done with it? For murdering (and beheading) five students in Florida, that's exactly what he deserves.
Oh, be still my beating heart: Texas terminated another subhuman piece of shit for a double rape and murder in '86. I love it when that filth go to hell, as they so richly deserve. I just wish it wouldn't take so damned long after the crime to get Justice for the victims and their families.

The Baffler.
The folks at The Baffler are intensely smart, bitingly funny, and they happen to put out a magazine every so often. The primary targets of their impressive vocabularies are "business culture and the culture business," and while a full-service online version wouldn't be their style, the Bafflers do offer a simple site chock-full of subversive goodies. Check out Thomas Frank's sketch of the man who built the first modern suburb, or Jim Frederick's first-hand experience in the economics of internships. Plus, you'll find subscription information, briefs on recently published work by Baffler contributors, and even a delicious series of fake letters unleashed on unwitting business publications. Step up and prepare to be baffled. Thoroughly.

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