You Gutless Republicans Listen Up!

friday, july 15th, 2011

it would be great if the Federal Government "shut down" for a few weeks, due to the so-called "budget impasse", but that's not likely to happen. The US Military would still get paid, as would SSA checks, and so-called "essential services" would continue, too, despite the lies and bullshit the lib-dem trash are trumpeting about "no one getting paid". They are the ones who are "totally non-essential", IMO, as are the GOPers/ RINOs and shouldn't be paid for anything they do, let alone those "gold-plated pensions & eternal medical care" plans, when they leave "perpetual office". Not as long as gutless, balless, spineless Republicans/GOPers are in the negotiations, will that ever happen. They'll wind-up caving, as usual. Yep, they're gutless and slowly-caving in the process, and we US Taxpayers will suffer as a result of much higher taxes and very little, if any, deficit/spending reduction.

It's a damned "freak show" in DC. Lowlife dirtbag liberal-progressive filth are "warning ∅bummer against entitlement benefit cuts", and GOPers are already bending-over and grabbing their ankles. They're all in "re-election mode" and could give-a-shit about The American Taxpayer, aka YOU & ME! And anyone with a functioning brain knows what's going to happen soon, as a result.

America gets f•cked, once again. Fait accompli. LBJ, Carter, Clintoon and ∅bummer-boy have f•cked us, six-ways-to-Sunday.

Uh oh, here comes "gun control" by the lib-dem commie trash, once again. And the "moderate GOPers/ RINOs" will join-in and try to *confiscate* every law-abiding US Citizens' firearms. Just another reason to rid the Nation of all of them, IMO.

Why don't THEY all pay attention to the 9.2% unemployment rate (it's actually over 20%), which keeps rising by 400,000+ job losses each month, with only a measly 18,000 jobs created in June, while 445,000 jobs were lost and 125,000 foreigners were given job permits, instead of Americans? So far, in the past 12 months, 951,247 foreigners were given work permits. The score: Foreigners 951,247, Americans 0.

Since ∅bummer-boy signed his "beloved economic (non-)stimulus" package in February 2009, the US has 2.4 million fewer jobs, according to recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were 141.68 million employed Americans back in 2009, and as of June 2011, that number has fallen to 139.33 million. We are IN ANOTHER DEPRESSION, plain and simple. If we raise the Debt Ceiling by TRILLIONS OF US TAXPAYER DOLLARS, we're finished as a First World Nation and instantly become a Third World Nation, overnight. That the private sector added 157,000 jobs is nothing in the overall numbers, but they will trumpet this based on how low ∅bummer has made expectations. And because they are in the tank for and with him. Remember when President GW Bush was creating 250,000+ per month jobs in the run up to 2004 elections, the media mocked it as "barely treading water" (and this was with an unemployment rate at 4.5%; essentially full employment). Now, with 9%+ unemployment, "150,000 jobs is fantastic", accord to the MSM scum. Never mind all the lies with the manipulation of numbers from them. To hate-America, hate-Whitey, inept, incompetent, "turd-polisher" ∅bummer-sambo, the 2.4 million job losses are proof that the stimulus worked (watch the video)! It's sort of like kissing your sister, but better. (Yuk!) Shows you can't "polish a turd", ∅bummer-boy! When you gonna learn that truism, dumbshit, moron sambo asshole?

To wit: "Without relitigating the past, Iím absolutely convinced, and the vast majority of economists are convinced, that the steps we took in the Recovery Act saved millions of people their jobs or created a whole bunch of jobs," president ∅bummer-shithead said at his presser on Monday morning.

First step of ∅bummer-boy's "low-hanging fruit" plan: permanently "ban" the incandescent light bulb and make sure his CEO-pal (Jeff "schmucky-fucky" Immelt) at GE profits handsomely from its production in China, not here in the USA; next, "limit" all firearm purchases (Guns don't kill people; people kill people, in case anyone's forgotten that simple, plain and obvious FACT), and on and on and on it goes into full-blown socialism/communism/leninism, while illegally-selling firearms to Mexican drug cartels, with US Taxpayers' stimulus plan dollars. The first step (light bulbs) was signed into law by GW Bush (in 2007), the socialist-big spender RINO. No, I was not a huge supporter of his, until right after 9-11, and then he showed his socialist tendencies with vast amounts of huge-spending legislation and RINO policies, cleverly-disguised as "compassionate Conservatism". Remember that phrase? Actually, SECDEF Don Rumsfeld and VP Dick Cheney had the "brass balls", and still do. ∅bummer-boy, the petulant man-boy, will complete the offensive against America, plus much, much more. If "they" can get away with this shit, "they" can do anything to us. And "they" have done so.

Addicted to big taxes, big spending and big government, and none of it – NONE OF IT! – has a damned thing to do with what's best for the public and the economy, ∅bummer-boy&Co just can't get enough money from our pockets. Raising taxes during a Depression is societal suicide! No wonder every business – small to large – are afraid to hire people and expand; we don't *know what's coming at us next*! It has to do with funneling money into corrupt, liberal-progressive party coffers. Not what's good for America. Not in a million years. OBAMA = One Big Assed Mistake, America. The liberal-progressive demokkkRAT party is a mentally-ill, criminal enterprise.

Both the lib-dem garbage and cave-in GOPer/ RINOs have "4 Big Lies" they tell to Americans, about their ineptness, corruption and incompetence in handling the budget over-spending: Big Lie 1: "The current financial crisis was inherited by Obama from GW Bush." Big Lie 2: "Thereís no way to cut enough spending. So we must raise the debt ceiling." Big Lie 3: "We can haggle for some really great deals now that we have them over a barrel." Big Lie 4: "You just donít understand all of the complicated details. Let us handle it. We're real smart." To pay for the overspending that government has already overspent, there is $45,000 in debt now strapped to the back of each child born in America. To pay for the overspending that government has committed to overspend in the future, but has yet made no provision to pay for, each American household is now on the hook for $528,000.00, which is unfathomable to anyone with a working brain. And now the Fed's head-asswipe, Bennie "Print Those Damned Dollars!" Bernanke (CORRUPT-Fed Chrmn) wants to print even more worthless money to put all of us even deeper into a financial hole! Nice, huh?

I said that the GOPers/RINOs would *cave*, and here they go, starting with that asshole, US Sen Mitch "The ∅bummer Bitch" McConnell (ASSHOLE-KY), who wants to give "sweeping powers" to the president to increase the debt ceiling and taxes, without any concurrent massive tax cuts. No; hell no! ONLY The US Congress House of Representatives has the power to determine federal spending and its attendant issues. They cannot delegate this to anyone including the commie, racist, hate-America, malignant narcissist, president sambo. The US House, not the US Senate, nor the President, has the Constitutional authority and responsibility for all spending and taxes. Yet Timmy "The Turbo Tax Cheat" Geithner (CRIMINAL-Treasury Sec'y) demands an answer in 48 hours? Here's my answer: F•ck you, Geithner-son-of-a-bitch punk!

Me? I say default and shut down the f•cking government until their prolifigate spending is brought under control and we cut $5 TRILLION in one year from the National Debt! Pay the US Military, Social Security and Medicare, and shut down everything else, which is truly "non-essential", dammit!

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our "national values". We have exploited the poor and called it the "lottery". We have rewarded laziness and criminal behavior and called it "welfare". We have killed our unborn and called it "choice". We have destroyed the sacred institution of Marriage between a man and a woman, and allowed the perverts'/faggots' agenda to have "civil unions". We have shot abortionists and called it "justifiable". We have neglected to discipline our children and called it "building self esteem". We have abused power and called it "politics". We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it "ambition". We have taxed people to death and called it "revenue enhancements". We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it "freedom of expression". We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it "enlightenment". America has been fundamentally changed for the worse. What can they destroy next?

Around The Garden Center

I emailed ACME Engineering® about the "problem" with my Grotron™ Controller, which runs my Main VWGH (VanWingerden Greenhouses' ACME Engineering® Greenhouse ventilation fans and louvres, seeking a distributor rep in my area, to get a new unit ASAP. I found the "problem" after getting into work at 6:30am: the temperature control had been "manually-turned-up by someone" to 95°F. I reset it to 78°F, and it worked just fine when temps hit that range in the GH. So, we're okay for now. It is 21 years old, after all, and will need replacing someday. Just like people getting older and having "things wear-out", so does equipment over time, and 21yrs is a long time for anything to last. But the reliable ACME® Grotron™ Controller is working just fine now, since I got to it early.

Thursday night was another bad night's sleep; tossing and turning all night long, a sick cat in bed with me, being woken-up by t-storms' thunder & lightening, I felt like crap when I finally got up at 4:15am. I may decide to skip tonight's Church Mtg, for fear of falling asleep on the way home at 9:30 or 10pm. I don't know whether I can stay awake that long, and safely drive home. Massive t-storms were bearing-down upon my Complex and were just hitting York (PA), after ravaging many counties to the west of us, so I decided to close-down at 2:30pm and send everyone home before it hit. It did at 2:45 and caused massive street flooding, retention pond overflows and accidents (dumbly trying to drive a passenger car through deep water, whereas my silver 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo just breezed through it) many of which I passed on the way home.

Here's another reason #1, why I *carry concealed* (CCW-PA since 1990), my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, in a Galco FED Holster for 5" Kimber .45cal, and a Galco Dual 8-Round Mag Carrier for the Kimber .45cal.

I decided not to go to my Friday Church Meeting at 8pm; I was just too tired to safely drive home, afterward. Instead I'd leave for "The Cabin" at 3pm on Saturday, after work, and get some much-needed sleep, that night and into Sunday morning.

Here's still another reason #1, why I *carry concealed* (CCW-PA since 1990), my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, in a Galco FED Holster for 5" Kimber .45cal, and a Galco Dual 8-Round Mag Carrier for the Kimber .45cal.

This article notwithstanding, the above two *reasons #1* are why I carry concealed (1990 PA-CCW) and especially a Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP. Screw the "mouse guns" data in that article's so-called "research"; I don't believe it at all, and call BS on it. On July 14th, 1974, I was robbed and SHOT with a .32cal in Boynton Beach (FL), coming out of the Tropical Acres Restaurant, with my girlfriend after attending the premier opening of "People" Magazine in West Palm Beach County, and lived to tell you about it. In fact, I still have the .32cal inside my pelvis and have the x-rays in my office to prove it. Ask me to show them to you next time you're there, as the Trauma Center Surgeon at South Miami Hospital said, "You're the luckiest SOB I've ever seen in my 30+ years of these kind of smallbore gunshot wounds. Usually, a .22cal or .32cal "tumbles around inside" a person's body and causess tremendous damage to internals, whereas a larger caliber FMJ (full metal jacket) passes through ("fairly cleanly") and comes out the backside"; or unless it's a hi-power HP (hollow-point), in which case it "cavitates" will blow the recipient to pieces. I was indeed lucky, as the .32cal FMJ missed all the pelvic bones, veins, arteries, nerves and spinal column, I only stayed "overnight for observation" and didn't have any traumatic surgery to remove it. They didn't have simple arthroscopic surgery (1" slit) back then; it would have been a 6-7" incision and more traumatic than being shot. God was truly sitting on my right shoulder, that evening.

I had another "invoice-refund-credit nightmare" on my hands, with it also (the 4th we've found so far) caused by that *former employee* during last Fall's, once-in-a-lifetime 50% Off Nursery wide Sale. I'll never do 50% off again. Last year, he'd done the same thing to Linda, another good friend and customer. It wasn't as bad as the other 3, but it was going to be another massive headache for Dad, Steffi and me. (Where's my Valium? Just kidding!) Fortunately, Laurie is a friend first, like Linda, and customer second, so she kindly understood. I'll take care of her problem, extending her every break and courtesy I can to resolve it in her favor. There are times I wish I'd opened multiple locations and become a millionaire, but with zero luck in finding competent, trustworthy people to run my multiple Garden Center & Nursery operations, it would have been a disaster. I like it the way it's been for the past 21 years: one "end-destination" location. I suffered net losses on all 4 customers' purchases, due to all the "invoice-refund-credit" credit card fees (3.25% for any transaction) involved, each time one of those is put through the CC processing company. No matter; I've learned a lesson, the hard way. *Whatshisname* is long GONE, and that'll never happen again. Hadn't ever before in my 21 years in my highly-reputable business, until I hired him for last Fall's Sale, and he sold things to various customers which they didn't want and he didn't do the requisite, much-needed paperwork to go with the purchases. So much for hiring a so-called an out-of-work-for-4-years "friend", who'd lost his own small business, and trying to help him get his dignity back by bringing home a paycheck, instead of having his wife be the family's sole "breadwinner". Never again will that happen. NEVER.

Wow! A 3-D Printer, which can reproduce a fully-working *anything*, from its "resins and binders". Watch this, and be totally amazed.

On Friday evening, I packed my gear for the Saturday-Sunday trip to "The Cabin": my old faded and worn, US Army Duffel Bag from The 'Nam full of four complete changes of clothes, "Jack Bauer" Satchel Bag full of all kinds of "special survival necessities", 16" English Wellington Boots (snake boots, deer/wood tick protection), Hoppe's Premium Field Gun Cleaning Kit, 16" Bowie Knife, 12" LLBean Maine Insulated Hunting Boots (more deer/wood tick protection) plus just good comfy sense in that rocky terrain, Tactical Range Vest, my Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID, which I always carry with me daily even in York, my AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with Leupold Gold Dot CQ/T Scope, extra Hi-Power .308cal ammo (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo, my Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, plenty of hi-power ammo, my Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and plenty of Hi-Power ammo (335gr .50cal rounds), my Full-Auto, Class III Bushmaster AR-15 .223 cal (5.56 x.45mm NATO), with a Trijicon Acog 4 x 32 Scope, and of course, various Eagle Carrying Bags with pockets and compartments for all rifles & shotguns and PVC "techno-crates" to carry it all in the Jeep. I have specific Hoppe's Cleaning Kits and 20,500+ rounds now "stockpiled" at "The Cabin", for all the various 7-8 calibers I own; just about more than enough, I figure, in case TSHTF. I'd leave for "The Cabin" after work at 3pm, on Saturday.

I watched a couple hours of Food TV's "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: Comfort Food", and I was drooling by 8:30pm's show. OMG, the food looked fantastic. I decided that eating anything before sleeping wouldn't be a good idea, shut-off the CATV in my computer on the 24" Samsung LCD Monitor, and went upstairs to sleep. Murphy followed me up and I was asleep by 9pm. I could sleep-in until 6am or so, since I didn't have to be in at work until 7:45, as Rich had a customer coming by to see their LSCP design plans and my estimate. I had a customer and his wife coming at 9am to meet with Steffi & me to review their greenscape/hardscape lists, and finalize them with the PA-Law required HICPA Contract this morning and any substitutions, if necessary.

I was up around 5:45am, fed and watered Murphy, made breakfast and coffee, shaved and left for work at 7. Traffic was light but there were limbs, branches and leaves down all over the area from Friday's violent t-storms; just Nature's way of doing some "much-needed local pruning", I guess. I stopped at Sheetz® for more coffee and Marlboros®, and opened-up at 7:15. The power breakers and switches were tripped from lightening strikes on the property, so none of the on-site irrigation systems ran last night. No matter, as we got almost &# I reset all of the switches and breakers right away so the holding tanks could re-charge and fill for today's watering cycle. Hundreds of pieces of nursery stock were laying down and I spent 40 minutes righting everything by hand. I'd unplugged 2 of the irrigation system controller boxes yesterday afternoon before I left, so the motherboards wouldn't get "fried" by lightening hits, as it travels underground through miles of wire and metal pipes and shorts-out the boards, which cost $300 each to replace. We'll make-up for the lack of water on Saturday night's cycle. Then, Steffi and Jon came-in around 8am, as did some retail customers and LSCP clients, for pre-scheduled meetings.

Did I say previously that there'd be no more "invoice-refund-credit nightmare" problems, no thanks to a *former employee*? Well okay, I lied there was "another one lurking" with a 2010-11 LSCP customer and his wife, who also had a folder full of register slips and paperwork, confusing us all. They were scheduled to be in Saturday after 9am, to help get the mess, again caused in 2010 by the former employee, straightened-out, along with Steffi and Rich, who had to re-draw the LSCP Plan/Design, per my demand that certain plants not be used in certain areas, due to their vulnerability to weather. It's for both the customer's and my benefit, in the long run.

Retail traffic surprisingly continued through 2pm, and I closed after the last ones had left at 2:45pm. I had Sunday off and would be headed to "The Cabin" for the rest of the weekend, such as it is. (Jump down to The “Virtual Cabin” – A Novella; if you please.)

I arrived at the GC&N Complex at 7pm, tried the irrigation system and it was entirely *DOA*; nothing got watered for the 2nd day in a row. Wires were off several terminal inside the main outside controller box and I tried various connection options to revive it, but not wanting to cause more damage by burning-out the box, I stopped, since it was getting on to evening and beginning to get dark. Alan would be in tomorrow and repair it and I'd run it manually all day to compensate for Saturday & Sunday's lack of water. Hopefully, not too much containerized and B&B nursery stock would be damaged or lost as a result. I opened a pile of mail which I brought from the condo, closed-down and went home to sleep at 8:45; tomorrow's another day and a whole 'nother set of problems to deal with.

After opening-up the Complex on Monday morning, I found that nothing had been watered for both Saturday and Sunday, so Alan and I changed-out the old motherboard on the controller, plugged-in a new one and programmed it, and ran 45-minute cycles in the 1¼-acre Retail Display Area to catch-up. I watered half of the Main VWGH (VanWingerden Greenhouses) Retail GH, and when Steffi and Kim arrived, turned-over the watering duties for the rest of it and GHs 1-2-3-4, to them, as I had mountains of paperwork to wade through, since Dad was off today. I also had to get my Jeep down to Endurance Automotive (they take care of our 3 10-ton dump trucks, too) for a scheduled maintenance service (oil, filter, lube, coolant replacement & AC charge), prepare a 7-page Hardscape Contract (HICPA Law 2009) for the day's stone steps job in nearby Stewartstown (PA), for Alan to get signed by the customer, and help Steffi figure out a customer's file/ LSCP estimate "mess", caused by that "former employee" once again. She did and she's a lifesaver, as I couldn't figure it out "to save my life" if I had to.

Temps hit 94°F (Heat Index 106°F) by 2:15pm, and it was just awful outside, so I sent everyone home at 2:30 to get out of the "steambath". Tuesday would promise to be even worse, as it was forecast by NWS and WGAL-TV. At least the plant material would get watered and I wouldn't have to worry about that, as I did on Saturday and Sunday. If the Retail Display Area's containerized nursery stock and the GHs' perennial plant material burned-up, we'd be out of both jobs and business. Water is the "lifeblood" of everything living on this earth; no exceptions that I know of. I had to stop at the drycleaners to drop-off/pick-up shirts (washed w/ light starch, on hangers) and deposit the insurance company's check (broken condo sunroom's 5ft x 10ft) window at PNC Bank's Red Lion branch. I was home by 4pm and back in the AC at 76°F, until tomorrow morning.

A huge line of t-storms and rain headed through the York (PA) area around 8:15pm and continued through 9:30, with "severe red and orange cells" hitting early in the storm's frontal boundary. Once again, it "shook-the-shit" out of the condo complex and the whole area. We could have used that tremendous downpour (1¼"+ in 45 mins), like what we got last Friday (3"+ in 10-15 mins), over a 1-2 day period, as a nice, gentle rain, so it would soak into the ground and do the parched trees and shrubs some genuine good, instead of hitting the concrete-like ground so hard and fast, the only one benefitting was York Water Co's reserviors. I'd already gone upstairs to grab a shower and fresh clothes, and to sleep and enjoy the rain's "sweet sound" on the 4 skylights, but it was coming down too fast and furious to be melodic. Murphy dove under the covers as lightening and thunder rocked the condo. I just went back to sleep, as 4:30am would come too early. He has all day to sleep (did you know that cats sleep 12-14hrs/ day?)

Up at 4:15am, I watered & fed Murphy, made a huge breakfast of fresh-squeezed OJ, Eggs, Bacon & Grits, Pancakes w/ Butter & Vermont Maple Syrup and Turkish-ground French Roast Coffee from my Chemex® Drip Coffeemaker System. I was full for the morning. Hmmmm what? Now, "eggs are good for you"? For many years, it was "eggs are bad for you". Now, they've changed their stories? Who'da thunk it?

By 2:15pm, temps had hit 95°F (Heat Index 105°F), so I sent everyone home early, closed-down and made a couple of "errand stops", on the way home. My cleaning lady and her husband are in on Tuesdays, so everything is fresh, clean and "spic-'n-span" (is that racist?), so I grabbed a shower and some fresh clothes after a day sweating during my helping Kim water the 1-acre Retail Display Area plant material, doing estimates, calling clients and prospective customers etc etc etc. I still have August to fill-up and we're slowly getting thre, but it's "like pulling teeth". As I age (now 61), I really minded the heat and *humdidity* and wanted to get out of it ASAP. Dad had left, as I asked him to, at 12:30, since an 87 year old man who just had a heart attack 7 weeks ago and who had a pacemaker installed, shouldn't be out in this weather. The LSCP Crew will finish-up the large maintenance job from Tuesday, in New Freedom (PA) on Wednesday, and Alan, my Foreman, and I had 10am & 1pm on-site meetings with customers to review two upcoming small LSCP ($5-6,000) jobs' details. Since Kim's off and Steffi will be alone, I'll put a "Owner Gone To Site Mtgs; Back in 1 Hour" on the front gate chain's hours sign, for both meetings, and close the Complex to the public. No other choice. It shouldn't take long to complete the meetings and re-open for any retail business, sparse as it is in this "Unending Drought & Heat From Hell" Summer weather and peoples' traditional Summer Vacation months of July & August.

Some garden center/nursery/landscape companies around the country are applying "fuel surcharges" to their estimates and invoices, but I haven't resorted to that, yet. And I probably won't, unless the morons/idiots/commies in DC allow gas to get to $4.00/gal, and then I'll have no choice. "Time off" from my business? Not frigging likely. Who's going to run it here if I'd take 3-5 days, or a week off? A business like this doesn't "run itself", and I've been looking for a competent *General Manager* for the past 21 years, with absolutely zero luck.

By 8:30pm, it was still 89°F and down a lousy 8°F from this scorching afternoon, but way too hot for a Summer night, IMO. I had the AC set at 76°F and decided to get some sleep early. Murphy was already waiting.

I was up at 4:15am on Wednesday, fed & watered Murphy, made a quick breakfast, scanned the weather and news websites and left early for work. The temp was already 76°F. Alan and I had three mid-morning and early afternoon on-site LSCP appointments, so I needed to do final prep work for them. I also had a pile of mail to go through and sort for bills, reading and throwaway junk. The huge amount of mail I get in a week is mind-boggling. Plus, I have a 600-800 word article w/ 6-8 accompanying 2-5Mb pics to write, for "Pennsylvania Gardener" Magazine; deadline is July 29th. No sweat, I can do that in my sleep. It was predicted to be a nice couple of days, with temps in the low-80s and lower humidity, so at least it'd be at least "tolerable" for my LSCP Crew, so they could finish yesterday's heat-aborted job, and get on with other jobs scheduled for this week. I was tired from driving around the county, the site visits and the concurrent new & revised paperwork and HICPA Contracts needed to go with the existing and new jobs. I had no choice except get them done, mailed, approved and on-the-books for August, to keep people working and their families fed. I closed at 3pm, with Alan and Steffi leaving just before me.

I needed another 1¼ days and nights up at "The Cabin", to unwind and get some sleep. So I did a load of laundry from last weekend's trip, packed my gear and weapons as usual, and had it all ready for when I left work at 3pm on Saturday. I was asleep by 9pm.

After a night with several "weird" dreams, Murphy woke me at 4:15am and frankly, I was glad to be awake then instead of waiting until the alarm went off at 5am. He needed watering and feeding, after which I made breakfast and scanned the local weather and new sites. A cold front had passed through the area overnight, and we were in for some much drier and cooler weather for the next 2-3 days, with no, much-needed rain in sight. I left for work just as it was getting light. For some unknown reason, I was moving in "slo-mo" and not at my usual energetic, morning pace. At 64°F, it was downright cool outside, so no AC was needed on the way into work, today. I opened-up ahead of Alan, at 6:15 and got things running. I had to complete paperwork and re-visit two clients with HICPA Contracts, so I had to get all the pertinent documents/estimates done and get moving.

It was a very hectic morning for me, to say the least, in working on 8 documents – in both MS-Word/Office v7 and MS-Works v10 on WIN-7 Pro – and trying not to make any mistakes by confusing them with each other, but I had no choice. All documents, plus an article I'm writing for "Pennsylvania Gardener" Magazine, had to get done quickly. Actually, I put-off writing the article for the magazine, until next week, although I started an MS-Word file for it and did an opening paragraph. Plus, I had several types of quickly-upcoming newspaper ads' deadlines to meet, for the September & October 25% Off Fall Sale. I had to get copy prepared quickly and get it to NeFra Communication Center, Inc. in East York, so they could do artwork for me to approve, complete any revisions and get PDF files out to the 3 newspapers. I used last year's Fall Sale copy in MS-Word, with updated changes and numbers, and emailed it to Lauren at Nefra's Graphics Dept, to get her started, so I could stop by next week and have a look at her initial comps. I managed to get it all done and get through the morning without screwing-up anything. There's "one-in-a-row" for me, today.

As it would happen at 2:15pm on a Thursday, just as we're about ready to begin closing-down, the office bathroom's toilet stopped flushing. So I plunged and plunged and plunged and plunged until I had blisters on my right palm, until it freed itself and flushed. But it wasn't finished being stopped-up. I called WW Gemmill Plumbing Co in nearby Stewartstown (PA), and Tate showed-up 20 minutes later. He, Alan & I dug around the back until we found the clean-out caps to the "holding tanks", underneath the crushed gravel parking area next to GH-1, and right behind the Main Retail Bldg's Pump & Electrics House. The "liquids tank" was flowing, the "solids tanks" was in need of a pumping-out and I immediately called Dale Miller & Co in nearby Fawn Grove (PA), to do that first thing on Monday morning, and then we found a third tank, which we had no idea of its original purpose, except as an initial "pass-through" tank from the office bathroom. (Yes, I lost the original diagram to all the tanks, many years ago.) Tate installed a "vent extension" on the bathroom sink trap to allow the toilet some additional air intake for flushing, and we're good until the tanks are cleaned out on Monday. I just had this all done 2 years ago, and apparently they're full, again. That bathroom gets heavily used during the Spring Open House, with 1,500–3,000 people through on that weekend, the staff and other retail shoppers during the rest of the year. I guess I was lucky it happened on Thursday ($85/hr for Tate), instead of on a Saturday or Sunday ($125/hr + travel).

I finally closed-up at 3:45pm, and went home. I had Corporate Website work and the "Journal" to work on, plus feed and water my condo cat, Murphy. At least he was glad to see me. Tomorrow's another day

The “Virtual Cabin” – A Novella

I closed-down on Saturday at 2:55pm, since retail activity was essentially over for the day, and decided to go to my condo in East York, feed and water Murphy with plenty of extra food for the 1½ days I'd be gone. I hit I-83 north, exited at my usual place above York County, and headed down the long road , into the mountains, to The Cabin, about 12 miles south of the quaint old village of Adam's Junction. After pulling into the 1,000ft gravel driveway, and parking at the front porch in the circle turnaround near the large deck & picnic table on the side deck, I disarmed the building and decided to see Jenny (the mixed-breed dog I found along the road, rescued, and bought from her owners for $150) first, without all that cumbersome gear, so she couldn't knock me down in her excitement to see me again, as she'd done for the past two visits. I had both hands and arms free to catch her now almost 75lbs flying 4-5ft through the air on that "joy-filled leap".

I still wound-up on the floor, with her licking my face, happy to see me. I rolled around on the floor with her, brushed her, rubbed her belly, fed and watered her generously, turned-on the AC to 79°F setting to clear-out the humidity, finished bringing-in my gear and locked the Jeep. Murphy, my "condo cat" who will only drink from the kitchen sink's spigot, is only 9-10lbs and a cinch to "catch". Jenny's a whole 'nother "weight class". We'd have a bunch of Saturday-Sundays together in July and August, plus the upcoming 3-day Fall Labor Day Holiday Weekend together, before I'd be back to working 7-days-a-week again, until November. I'd called Randy, my Cabin and dog-sitter, and had him stand-down until late Sunday, and had also left a message with the PD Dispatcher at the AJ Police Dep't Station & Town Hall for Capt Clay, that I was in town for only a short time.

After unpacking my clothes and gear into the Master Bedroom and stowing some extra provisions into the well-stocked Kitchen Pantry. I grabbed a shower, some fresh clothes, and plopped myself down in one of the LR's comfy chairs to rest. I had some food and personal item shopping to do at Bev & Tony's General Store, and some freshly-baked crusty Italian bread and delicious "Hot Cross Sticky Buns" to get at Old Mrs Patagonia's Bakery, before they closed at 17:00hrs (5pm) today, for Sunday's Church Services, so I armed the building and left for town. On the way in, I filled-up the Jeep at Roy's Shell Gas & Service Station, Randy's father's place, where lots of truckers and tourists stopped-in right off I-83, in both directions.

While filling-up the Jeep, I noticed that was some new construction going on next to Roy's Station; they were building a "Trucker's Diner and Bed & Breakfast". Makes sense. Fuel-up, eat well and overnight in their own truck's sleeping-cabin, but no showers or rooms available, yet. If I didn't invent "The Virtual Cabin" to escape to, I'd have gone completely insane over a year ago, with all the burdens the lousy economy and traitors in DC have foisted upon me and my business. Although "virtual", when I'm there, it's "real" to me and I "come back" refreshed and ready for another week in the so-called "real world". Next, I figured that there'd be a nice motel or a "bed & breakfast" going-up. That would even make more sense, now that the other two places existed and it would bring people into Adam's Junction, increasing the demands upon the PD and other services, but also bringing much-welcomed money into the virtual town. After topping-off the SUV, I drove over to Roy's building, and went inside to say hi. He was behind the counter, with a line of customers paying with either cash or check. He kept a legal, sawed-off 12ga just under the counter, with white shells for rock salt, for use inside the store (human damage & pain), and red shells with .00 buckshot for outside (human death). Roy was a "one-of-a-kind", still taking personal checks, but only from those he knew. The sign behind his counter – "In God We Trust – Everyone Else Pays Cash" – wasn't just BS. I waved and went back to the Jeep, to finish my food shopping in town, before everything closed down today, for Sunday's Church Services.

Capt Clay returned my call around 16:30hrs (4:30pm), and asked if I could stop by the AJPD when I'd finished shopping. I did after getting what I needed on my "list", and we talked for 25-30 minutes about his new Deputies' "personal and professional progress", and when I'd be up again to give them all some "combat shooting lessons". He was thrilled when he heard that I'd be coming-up every Saturday mid-afternoon in both July and August, and staying until Sunday evening, and that I'd also be here for the 3-day Labor Day Weekend. He said he'd "re-arrange the Deputies' schedules" to suit my either Saturday or Sunday preference for lessons, and also asked if I could help out with some Volunteer Deputy work on the Labor Day Weekend. I said I'd let him know what day I wanted as far as the lessons were concerned before I left tomorrow, and that I'd be glad to help on September 3rd, 4th & 5th, after getting-up from York. He was now a "happy camper". He said that I'd definitely get one of the new, state-of-the-art Police Cruiser's exterior (its interior) to drive, by next weekend, instead jeopardizing of my own personal Jeep. I thanked Clay, but told him that I'd have to "think about being that much of a target" for the bad guys. I much prefer "traveling incognito" and arriving at a crime scene in an "unmarked, civilian vehicle", especially as heavily-armed as I always am. Of course, if my SUV was ever shot-up as badly as the recently-deceased Deputies' Bob's and Charles' were, I'd have no way back to York, since there are no rental agencies to be found in Adam's Junction. Of course, in that kind of an ambush, I'd be dead, too, so getting home would be a moot point. Clay volunteered the use of one of his unmarked Police Cruisers, if "that day" ever came. (To me, that white unit is as bad as a regular Cruiser: as visible as a bandaged, "sore thumb".) I said, "thanks". At 17:30hrs (5:30pm), I could see that it was time to get going as I wanted to drive around Adam's Junction and see the town again, on this trip.

Everything done and re-seen, I headed back to The Cabin for the night as dusk comes early in the mountains at 19:30hrs (7:30pm), even in Summer. Coming back to a chilly Cabin, I turned-off the AC and lit the fireplace for a few hours, do some reading and get some well-deserved sleep. T-storms were still moving through the area, so I turned-on the Police Scanner and listened to the chatter. It was getting cool outside, but still muggy from all the rain. It was 86°F when I left York, but only 67°F up in the mountains, with all the large trees and shade. I had two of my Pendleton Woolen Shirts and Corduroy Barn Coat along, plus plenty of Winter clothes in the Master BR's large closet, too.

Sometimes, I do wish that I had one of the same super-fast, 3Tb HP Pavilion Elite HPE-570t series (Win-7 Pro) units as I have at my condo and at my office, here at The Cabin, but with no CATV Cable Modem or even lousy Dish Network service available, dial-up is out-of-the-question. But the reason I bought The Cabin, its 43 acres and love coming to Adam's Junction whenever I can get away from York, is "being away from it all", for whenever I can get it. I don't even have a simple TV or radio here, save the Police Scanner for emergencies and my occasional volunteer work as Deputy Sheriff. And I especially wanted to get away from the barrage of 500-700 emails I get everyday.

For dinner, I made Chicken Cordon Bleu, oven-roasted Russet Potatoes (with skin-on) cut in 1" pieces, drizzled w/ EVOO and Kosher Sea Salt in my commercial-grade Vulcan 6-Burner Gas Stove & Oven, crusty Italian bread smeared with roasted garlic clove paste and Keller's® Salted Butter (best anywhere), and had some Ocean Spray® Diet Blueberry-Pomegranate Juice to wash it all down. After doing the dishes at 20:30hrs (8:30pm), I was full and ready for some more "light reading" before hitting-the-sack for the night. Jenny was already curled-up on her Kodiak Bearskin, where she loves to lie in front of the fire. That "light reading" lasted all of 25 minutes before my eyes started to close and I began to nod-off. I let the fire die down, turned the AC to my regular 76°F setting, checked the front/rear spotlight array, armed the building and went to bed. Jenny joined me at the foot of the bed, taking-up a lot more room now that she was fully-grown and considerably larger. I was in la-la land within a couple of minutes.

I was up at 05:00hrs (5am), finally feeling well-rested; the whole reason I come up here. I fed and watered Jenny, took another shower, fresh clothes and made a nice breakfast of fresh-sqeezed OJ, Eggs Benedict, Smoked, Slab Bacon, Instant Grits w/ Butter & Sea Salt , Pancakes w/ Blueberries & Butter, and no coffee, just yet. That was a breakfast! Time to go back to sleep and nap for a couple of hours to sleep-it-all-off. I did.

Back-up and around at 09:30hrs (9:30am), I turned on the AC, had some more OJ and finally made Turkish-Grind Drip-Brewed Coffee in the Chemex® Coffeemaker System now that I was going to stay-up for the day. After opening the front door to the screen door, I could see the fog and mist laying-on the 4-acre meadow in front of The Cabin other the far side of the crushed gravel drive. I took a mug of coffee out on to the large side deck and sat at the picnic table. It was 58°F here already and probably wouldn't reach much above 78-19°F, but in York, if I remember the forecast from Friday afternoon on NWS, it was supposed to be in the mid-90s and very humid. Yuk. I had done all my shopping for here and York, so taking the stuff home in the boxes Tony provided, I could stay inside the rest of the day in the cool condo, except to pick-up the week's mail at the condo's "community mailbox". I was expecting a nice check from my homeowner's insurance company for repayment of the shattered window on the condo, two weeks ago, so it was worth fetching.

I decided that the Deputies' and Capt Clay's "combat shooting lessons" should happen on Sunday morning, while everyone else is at Church, so it wasn't so awful hot and sweaty for them. I called the AJPD and left a message for Clay (he and the family would be at Church right now) to call me on my cellphone later, to talk about it. The exception might be Labor Day Weekend, when it'd be very hectic around here and we'd all be needed for well, "whatever happens" those 3-4 days. I called the GC&N Complex and listened to 3 messages on the answering machine; 2 of which were about new landscape work in August or September. We needed to fill-up August first – the 1st week is full, anyway – so I'd get right on those Monday morning, when I got in to work at 6:30am. I have 6 employees – I used to have 28 at one time – left, so I have a responsibility to them and their families to keep them working, a weekly paycheck and food on their tables in these rough economic times. No pressure on me, at all, huh? None of them even understand what I'm talking about, here. They think "the money comes in magically", and that I'm a "millionaire from owning such a business". How very, very, very wrong they all are! Back "when times were very good", there wasn't any pressure, as people were beating our doors down to get us to work for them. Over the past 2-3 years that's all changed, no thanks to the lying Kenyan shithead in The White House. God help us all, if he manages to get re-elected to another 4 horrible yearterm. America, as we know it, will then be truly gone. It's almost there, right now.

I decided to take Jenny for a walk in the meadow, so I dressed and put on my 16" English Wellington Boots, to protect against ticks – I always check Jenny carefully before bringing her back into The Cabin – and took the Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun along, with plenty of extra .00-buckshot and sabot (slug) shells in my "Jack Bauer" Satchel Bag, full of "all kinds of survial necessities", just in case. No need for a coat or even a Pendleton Shirt, as it was warming-up quickly. It was now 10:15, and we walked for a couple of miles through the meadow and down to the creek, where I'd found all those gold nuggets in a vein last year, and where numerous men had lost their lives trying to take it all (just under $26,000,000 of which $7,000,000.00 I "stashed" in 1-3oz nuggest, to avoid taxes) away from me.

By 11:30hrs (11:30am), both of us were ready to get in out of the heat and humidity, so we walked back to The Cabin. There, parked in the circle turnaround driveway, was Clay's new, state-of-the-art Police Cruiser, and he was on its laptop computer and his cellphone. Mine suddenly rang, and it was him: "I stopped by to see you and just got a call from the Dispatcher, that I have a Deputy trapped just down the road at the same cabin we had "problems" with last week, where you shot the guy dead in the 2nd floor window. Can you come with me?" I quickly moved Jenny inside The Cabin, exchanged my Remy 11-87 12ga for my AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the Leupold Gold Dot CQ/T Scope and 5 20-round mags of .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo, re-armed the building, jumped into the back of Clay's Cruiser, and off we went to back-up/ rescue Deputy Alan (the one I had serious doubts about last week).

The place was only 6-7 minutes north of my property, so Clay parked where I did last week: out on the main road behind some dense trees and brush, for cover. I slid the full-auto AR-10 out of its carrying bag, grabbed the extra mags and took-up a position behind some 2-3ft dia trees, for protection from their 30-.06 deer rifles with scopes. Clay and I both saw Deputy Alan laying on the ground behind his new Cruiser, bleeding, and Clay radioed for an ambulance and EMTs, plus more Police back-up, "Code 1" (no lights or siren). They arrived, but by then, I was within range of their 2-floor cabin so I snuck around the right-side of the property keeping low and "non-targetable". Then I saw it: a frigging meth lab on the far corner of the 5-6 acres! No wonder they'd fired upon us all last weekend and now Alan, when he answered another "domestic disturbance" call (the worst kind, next to a robbery/murder-in-progress IMO).

I radioed back to Clay and told him to change Police Channels, as I could hear the scanner inside the cabin listening to our conversations. We did, got "synched", notified the arriving ambulance and other Deputies to do the same, without naming the specific channel. There were hundreds of frequencies, so we switched to a "tactical channel", which would be unfindable by their scanner. Now I could see activity, through my Leupold Gold Dot CQ/T Scope inside the two buildings and counted 4-6 people, all armed. Two skinny guys on the front porch, who'd shot Alan, were my first targets and I shot them both cleanly in the Sniper's Triangle, dropping them instantly. Four or so left, but now everyone was inside the buildings, so it was going to be tough to make the proper death shots, unless they were stupid enough to show a head or chest for my targeting. One did and I quickly erased him from the face of the earth. Another tried sneaking from the meth lab building to their cabin, and I snuffed him, too. By now, the two extra Police Cruisers and ambulance had shown-up, and I told them to stay put until they heard back from me. Clay echoed that order. Another one stuck his head up in the meth building's window, and I blew it apart like a dropped watermelon. Then, the remaining 6 came out, weaponless, with their hands-up and I called-in Clay and the Deputies, but warned them all that the cabin hadn't yet been cleared or secured. I had miscounted the number of people earlier

Deputies Tim, Alex & Jon went into their cabin, cleared and secured it, and then took charge of the 6 scumbags from the meth lab while I covered them. All went smoothly and Clay and I cleared and secured the lab, calling-in the PA State Police and CSI Unit. The State Troopers arrived within minutes and immediately took full-charge of the crime scene, especially the meth lab. It was the one that they were looking for in the area. I gave statements, as did Capt Clay and the other Deputies. State Police Capt brought the PBI (PA Bureau of Investigation), DEA and BATFE Agents (Feds) with him, and they had a "real problem" with my shooting so many potential witnesses/informants at that scene, but Capt Clay stood-in for me and backed them down. Considering that Deputy Alan was rushed back to Memorial Hospital in critical condition for emergency surgery, the Feds acquiesced and understood why I had no choice. They just don't like "civilian volunteers", I guess, but I can outshoot any and all of them, in my frigging sleep! They knew my US Special Forces history and my "storied history" in Adam's Junction, over the past 1¼ years, and offered a "meek apology" for their hasty conclusions. I nodded and returned to Clay's Cruiser, anxious to get back to The Cabin, as I hadn't checked Jenny for ticks before putting her inside. That could be a real problem.

Clay gave me a lift back and I thanked him for interveening on my behalf with the Feds, which he acknowledged. I went inside, and immediately took Jenny out to the porch to check her coat for ticks: none felt or seen. Then I checked The Cabin very carefully and found none on her bearskin or the Master Bedroom's bed. Whew; close one. I spread 5-6 sheets of newspaper on the Dining Room's table, and cleaned the AR-10 with its Hoppe's Premium Field Gun Cleaning Kit and put it back into its Eagle Carrying Bag.

It was now 14:30hrs (2:30pm), and I used my cellphone to call my Landscape Foreman back in York to check on the GC&N Complex's watering system, and if he didn't get the voicemail, I'd have to leave early and do it myself. I'd give him 2 hours, and then leave early for York, as I was worried after Friday night's violent t-storms, that the computer controllers had become damaged and wouldn't water the retail display areas. If so, we'd have a real "disaster" on our hands, on Monday morning. After 2½ hours, I'd heard nothing back from him, so I decided to get The Cabin cleaned, shut-down and leave for the Complex. A change of linens in the Master BR, take the laundry with me back to York and do it at my condo, put dried dishes away, close the fireplace flu, re-set the AC, replace two spotlights in the front array of 4, check all windows/side & back doors to make sure they're secured, test the alarm system, notify AJPD's Capt Clay that I'm leaving, call Randy and let him know that The Cabin and Jenny are back in his care until I return next Saturday, pack my gear and rifles, and get going. I'm getting more and more worried by-the-minute about what's going to happen if I can't get the irrigation controllers reprogrammed. (Please Jump Back Up To "Around The Garden Center".).

PS – On Monday morning, Alan and I found that the Main Retail Irrigation System's *motherboard* had an "error" in one of the 13 zone cycles, but that I had plugged-in only one row of the double pin plugs, on Saturday morning. Thus, it was my fault that it didn't run Saturday and Sunday. Me, myself & I were responsible for the malfunction. So he quickly swapped the old motherboard for one of the new, updated "spares" which I keep in my office, and it has "foolproof protection" for re-plugging an unplugged unit, plus all kinds of new features, including special resistors for each zone cycle against lightening strikes, instead of just one for the entire box. Everything is OK now, but I still take the blame for it.

muslim "Heritage" In America?

Ol' pigshit-for-no-brains, Barack Hussein ∅bummer, during his Cairo speech, said: "I know, too, that islam has always been a part of America's story." Say what, ∅bummer nigga?

First, let's get this straight: islam is NOT A RELIGION; IT IS A POLITICAL SYSTEM OF TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL over its mindless adherents, dumbass sambo boy.

Really? Were those muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians. Were those muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians. Idiot sambo.

Can you show me one muslim signature on the United States Constitution? Declaration of Independence? Bill of Rights? Didn't think so, Mr. ∅bummer. There were 55 writers of the US Constitution and they consisted of: 26 Episcopalian Christians, 11 Presbyterian Christians, 7 Congregationalist Christians, 2 Lutheran Christians, 2 Dutch Reformed Christians, 2 Methodist Christians, 2 Quaker Christians, 2 Roman Catholics Christians and 1 Deist Christian.

Did muslims fight for this country's freedom from England? Nope; not a single one. Stupid sambo scumbag.

Did muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America? No, they did not. In fact, muslims to this day are still the largest traffickers in human slavery. Your own half brother, a devout muslim, still advocates slavery himself, even though muslims of Arabic descent refer to "black muslims" as "pug nosed slaves." Says a lot of what the muslim world really thinks of your family's "rich islamic heritage," doesn't it Mr. ∅bummer?

Where were muslims during the Civil Rights Era of this country? Not present. There are no pictures or media accounts of muslims walking side by side with Martin Luther King Jr, or helping to advance the cause of Civil Rights.

Where were muslims during this country's Woman's Suffrage era? Again, not present. In fact, devout muslims demand that women are subservient to men in the islamic culture. So much so, that often they are beaten for not wearing the 'hajib' or 'burka', or for talking to a man who is not a direct family member or their husband. Yep, the muslims are all for women's rights, aren't they, ∅bummer?

islam is a political system, with its own 6th century barbaric laws, controlling every aspect of a mindless muslim follower's pathetic life – from when to eat and drink, when to shit, what hand to use to wipe their asses, when to fart, when to rape, when to kill their own mindless adherents and Civilized Western Infidels, how to hate and murder, how to dress like a woman, how to fight like a girl, how many pre-teen boys to bugger, how many times to pray to the asshole moon-god allah and pigshit child molester mo-ham-head, – that all 1.2 billion of them richly-deserve *complete and total eradication from this earth*, IMO.

Where were muslims during World War II? They were aligned directly with Adolf Hitler, and the Nazis. The muslim grand mufti himself met with Adolf Hitler, reviewed the troops and accepted support from the Nazi's in killing Jews.

Finally, Mr. ∅bummer, where were muslims on Sept. 11th, 2001? If they weren't flying planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil, they were rejoicing in the Middle East. No one can dispute the pictures shown from all parts of the muslim world celebrating the 9-11 attacks on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other cable news networks that day. Strangely, the very "moderate" muslims who's asses you bent over backwards to kiss in Cairo, Egypt on June 4th, were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.

And THAT, Mr. ∅bummer, is the "rich heritage" muslim filth and garbage have here in America.

And now we can add November 5th, 2009: the slaughter of 13 American dead and wounding of 29 other American Soldiers at Fort Hood by a muslim major who is a doctor and a psychiatrist, and who was supposed to be counseling soldiers returning from battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The "heritage" of any and all subhuman muslim slime, garbage and scum in America is that of wanton destruction, murder and death. From 9-11 to so-called "honor killings", to massacres on US Army Bases and the many plots to blow-up people, places and things, the subhuman muslim filth are indeed, "The Enemy Within Our Gates".

The real enemy is islam, not just "radicalized muslims", Rep Peter King (R-NY). Wake-up America and smell the islamic stench surrounding us all!

Slaughtering people for burning a piece-of-pigshit book, the koran – I wipe a dead pig's ass with it – is your "heritage", you racist, dumbfucking, hate-America, piece-of-pigshit, stinking ∅bummer asshole.

Riots, death, destruction, from the pigshit-eating muslim filth.

I wipe a dead pig's asshole with the koran and all of the muslim garbage called islam.

Memo to Mr. ∅bummer: "allahu akbar!" is a cowardly war cry, really meaning, "I have to piss on allah-the-asshole", you racist, dumbfucking, hate-America, piece-of-pigshit, Kenyan asshole.

Your subhuman muslim friends in Af-crap-istan sure love you, ∅bummer!

That finally, Mr. ∅bummer is the "muslim heritage" in America. All muslims and everything islamic should be totally-outlawed in America, and their very existence should be made punishable by summary execution, IMO.

Obama, your buddy Osama is DEAD, you cowardly, lying islamic muslim pigshit filth scumbag! Lonely now, are you muslim asshole garbage?

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the Barbary Pirates. They were and still are, all murderous muslim garbage, richly-deserving of summary death. ∅bummer, your "muslim heritage" is piracy and slavery, plain and simple, going back hundreds of years and continuing today. muslim trash/filth/scumbags are the biggest purveyors of slavery in the world today. Slavery came from islam and still does, for over 14 centuries.

The goat turd mo-Ham-head + allah-the-pig = Satan! Mohammed was an apostate from and of Hell.

Any questions, you half-breed, sambo, lowlife scumbag, stinking ∅bummer asshole? Thought not.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode

Texas Gov James Richard "Rick" Perry is absolute phony GOPer dogshit, and we sure don't need his kind in DC or anywhere in politics. He should be "cleansed from the political system", permanently. Don't even consider voting for that asshole for sewer cleaner, let alone president in 2012.

Here's reason #1 why I don't eat any "sprouts", of any kind, ever. This, in addition to all the deaths in Europe from them, is a portent of things to come in the agricultural world, as more and more Turd-Worlders piss and shit on the produce in the fields.

More "blame Whitey" bullshit, from "Dr Boyce", whoever-the-fuck-that-asshole-is. When are people going to quit playing the race card and take ownership of their lives? Fuck you, Boyce! It's the demokkkRATs and American liberal-progressive filth, who still have YOU on the entitlement plantation, moron!

Ever wonder what happened to the 56 men who sign The Declaration of Independence in 1776? The answer will surprise you (read Post #2 for it).

Yes, investigate the corrupt, criminal liberal-demokkkRATic-owned & controlled Media Matters and stand them all against a wall. Even liberal Juan Williams, agrees that Media Matters is destructive dogshit.

Better really stock-up on it (and incandescent light bulbs and toilet paper), as once the US collapses under its own Federal Debt Load, they'll be worth their weight in gold, like guns and ammo. I have all 4 "well-stocked-up", for 2-3 years, at least.

The worst presidents in US History? Lessee: Obama, FDR, Wilson, LBJ, Carter, GWB (2nd term spending) and on and on we go.

Yes, Elena Kagan (SCUM-lib-dem trash) is a confirmed liar, and she should be impeached from the SCOTUS. No question about it.

I wonder if black people in America will ever wake-up and do what needs to be done for themselves, for a change. I'm beginning to doubt it, after all these years and obvious signs they've had, that they're still living-on, and beholden-to, the "liberal-demokkkRATic party's plantation, false leaders and corrupt policies". All the pity.

Teachers ARE A BIG PART of the problem, along with all unions, Mr shit-for-brains "Hair-Plugs" Biden, you dumbass liberal-demokkkRAT moron. They're *consumers* of income, not *producers* of any kind of income: aka *parasites* on society, IMO. If this is true, teachers should get next-to-no-funding. You and ∅bummer are also much of the problem, but we can "fix" that, come November 2012, and we will!

"Economic recovery"? Are you fucking kidding me? There's no "recovery", assholes, it's continuing to get even worse than it was under ∅bummer&o. To even say there's any kind of "recovery" is a blatant lie, and PMS-NBC knows it!

STFU, lowlife commie dirtbag IMF bitch! Don't tell US how to run our Nation, you slut skank!

The obese, fat-assed cow, Moo-chelle ∅bummer bitch wolfs down a 1,700 calorie cheeseburger, fries, milkshake and a Diet Coke®? Diet Coke®? Are you fucking kidding me, fatso skank? Your fat-ass could have its own zip code, sambette! Moo-chelle ∅bummer bitch's huge, fat ass should have its own zip code, and she should wear a burka to hide that ugly, angry face. She's a racist bitch, who got where she is, thanks to Whitey's "affirmative action", not on her own sub-mediocre talents and merits. 'Scuse me, lard-butt, but weren't you the one who wanted America to "work on its obesity problem", you lowlife sweathog? Oh, I see now: do as I say, not as I do. You ugly, lard-assed, fat-bellied, slovely-dressed, racist hypocrite pig! Here's hoping you get a whopping case of colon c-a-n-c-e-r from eating that fatty crap, bitch!

When men get to this point in their pathetic lives, they need to seriously consider suicide, IMO.

Shit-for-brains, liberal-demokkkRAT filth, disgraced ex-US Rep Alan Grayson (ASSHOLE-FL) obviously fucked a willing and diseased pig or goat, to get this kind of delusional idiocy from the raging syphillis he's got. Still beating your alcoholic wife, Alan?

Yes, us Pennsylvanians are a stupid lot, with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh liberal-progressive demokkkRAT garbage/filth/trash dominating the state with rampant election fraud. Outside of those two stinking BLUE lib-dem shitholes, it's a RED STATE.

∅bummer-boy again violated the US Constitution, and I'll bet the cowardly US Congress won't act to stop those illegal and unconstitutional EOs from sambo.

Screw you, disgraced ex-PA Gov Tom Ridge! Don't you dare tell me how to vote, asshole. You fucked-up Pennsylvania and Homeland Security Dep't, RINO bastard! Here's a can of STFU! No go away, asshole! (The circular firing squad begins forming...)

Some People Just Need Killing

It's not my intention to be the judge here — that's God's "job" — but rather to "hasten the meeting" so that He can send the following subhuman filth to the "Fires of Hell", "River or Lake of Sulphur", or whatever He deems appropriate. I'd gladly/happily volunteer, at no cost to any of my Hard-Working, Fellow US Taxpayers, to gladly/gleefully/happily headshoot these murderous, lowlife dirtbags of all stripes — their skin-color doesn't matter to me, at all — and rid American Society's innocents (especially our precious children and the frail, defenseless elderly) of them, once-and-for-all. And yes, I'd rather see one innocent man convicted and executed, than 10 murderers/robbers/child rapists-murderers freed, to rob, rape and murder again. Hey; call me an "Old Fashioned Conservative"! Too harsh? Nah. Just & RIGHT!

Yes, I agree with the premise of this article, that "the death penalty is a Noahic Covenant with God, in a post-flood world", and America should apply it everyday to those deserving death for their crimes against society.

A subhuman, lowlife piece-of-filth murderer, is executed by Texas on Thursday evening, and it makes headlines because the ∅bummer Whitehouse wanted "to stop it"? So f•cking what? And f•ck you, whining UN commie scum! Good riddance and rot in hell, lowlife, child-murdering illegal wetback scum!

7 dead in Grand Rapids shooting? Time to kill the subhuman murderer, Rodrick Shonte Dantzler. That's "racist", is it? No, it's j-u-s-t-i-c-e! KILL HIM! Oh wait; he killed himself. Problem solved: no "three hots and a cot" for the hard-working Michigan Taxpayers to pay for his "life in prison with no hope of parole" sentence from the US Constitution-killing, liberal-activist-packed courts, on all levels. Dead for him is best for all of society. Good riddance and rot in hell, murderous subhuman dirtbag, asshole garbage! Gosh, I like a *happy ending*.

Lowlife, subhuman piece of murderous shitfilth, Joseph Edward Duncan, III, 48, richly deserves death for these multiple child murders. Fuck the US Ninth Circuit Circus Court of Appeals verdict! KILL HIM!

DIE from your cancer, murderous Chavez commie bastard shitfilth, lowlife dirtball! DIE and rot in hell, subhuman scumbag!

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