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when the wicked rule

friday, july 15th, 2022

When the righteous are increased, the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. -- Proverbs 29:2.

And there’s a whole lot of mourning going on. Here’s a partial list of some recent observations.

In 2020, we reelected President Trump in an historic landslide, but in a handful of key states, through several coordinated methods (including foot soldier election fraud and computerized voting machine manipulation), the election was stolen in the dead of election night. Joe Biden was not elected President. It was a criminal coup that put him there.

There was NO “attack” on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. There was NO “insurrection.” There WAS an FBI-orchestrated set-up by a small number of men to create an illusion and deception to feed the lying narratives of the communist Democrats and many so-called "Republicans," giving them a bogus excuse to make examples and political prisoners out of a number of innocent American citizens, "and for other purposes" (a phrase they love to stick into legislation).

Mass shootings: it's not our guns; it's your mentally-ill sons.

In their deep hatred of President Trump and some of the good he was doing for our nation, the communists destroyed the rule of law of our Constitutional Republic. It’s breathtaking, the insane, baseless lawfare they’re waging against the President, his family, and so many who worked with him or helped him. It’s something routinely seen in despotic countries around the world, not in the United States of America.

COVID-19 is a lab-created bioweapon that’s very dangerous to the already sick and elderly. The COVID shots, falsely purported to be “vaccines,” are also dangerous bioweapons that are killing people. The planned global response to the release of COVID was for rulers worldwide to launch a fear-based, aggressive assault on freedom, resulting in the destruction of economies and countless lives and businesses in the Western world and beyond. It was never about “health” or “safety”. It was always about control of the people, coalescing global power, and especially tearing down the liberty, sovereignty, and wealth of the United States—and allowing the easier implementation of their scheme to steal the 2020 election, preventing President Trump’s rightful second term.

Through their human militants, the ever-more aggressive demonic spirits of Sodom and Gomorrah have waged a detestable recruitment campaign against our children and young people. This has resulted in an explosion in the number of kids who are diving headlong into the hell of perverse sexual rebellion. The danger to the mind, body, and spirit of people who embrace this kind of wicked behavior cannot be overstated. It’s truly an infernal destroyer.

Weather is science. The leftist demonKKKrat party is the party of science fiction.

It’s also irksome to constantly hear about the “incompetence” of the Biden regime (or whoever’s actually running it). It’s not incompetence. It’s malice, and it’s purposeful. The Biden regime’s lawless facilitating of the massive illegal alien invasion of our southern border is on purpose. The destruction of our economy is on purpose. The crushing of the value of the dollar is on purpose. The food and supply shortages are on purpose. The skyrocketing inflation is on purpose. The outrageously high gas prices are on purpose, because Biden and his handlers want to drive us out of our vehicles and limit our freedom of movement.

The communist Democrats, their fellow-traveling buddies in the “Republican” party, and the Corporate Communists are positioned to disarm the American people, destroy the United States as founded, and replace it with a global-order communist “Utopia” of poverty and tyranny.

There are some in the United States who still believe we can vote our way out of this evil madness. I’m not one who thinks that. Yes, there may be some local and state elections in which the rational among us can prevail, but the communists have solidified their election fraud methods in key states, so they won’t be denied their federal outcomes.

The list of badness goes on indefinitely, and there’s much more I could mention. My purpose here is not to argue the truth of these observations, which are plain to those who can see and discern the times in which we live (or at least who are able to do some effective Internet research apart from communist “news” sources). My purpose is to say that there is no hope in the world outside of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God, Who is the only way of salvation, peace, and life. What we’re dealing with is a spiritual reality that most people in the world are currently unable to see—the forces of heaven and hell at war for the souls of all mankind.

Joey Bidet&Co. Is he lying, or just getting everything wrong?

Satan and his demonic minions despise God and His creation, and they’re determined to kill, steal, and destroy as many of us as possible before Satan’s time runs out. That’s why we’re watching what seems to be such senseless destruction of freedom, lives, economies, nations, food and water supplies—anything that’s being destroyed or diminished. The people orchestrating the destruction are on the side of the devil. Literally. They belong to him, and so they lust to do his deadly will.

It doesn’t get any better from here on out. The Bible tells us so. The darkest, most terrible days of the world are on the way. If you’ve never learned about the one true God and what He did to save you from eternal death—your certain destination without Him—then you must hear that you are God’s creation, and He loves you. But each of us has sinned, breaking God’s perfect law, so we’re marked for eternal death and separation from God, as mandated by His law. On our own, none of us can save ourselves from that eternal death, but God loved us greatly and made a way for us to be reconciled to Him. He sent His Son Jesus, Who is God, to take on the form of a man, live a perfect, sinless life here on earth, and then sacrifice His life in our place. Jesus willingly chose to take the punishment each of us deserves in order to bridge the impossible divide between God and man.

The wonderful news is that all you have to do to get this eternal life for yourself is to believe in Jesus. Pray to God the Father through Jesus. Seek Him while He can still be found, and when you do, He will reveal Himself to you and begin to open your understanding to what He’s given us in the Bible, which is His powerful, living message to us. Study the Bible, and gain true knowledge by the Holy Spirit that He gives us. He will save you through Jesus and change you. He will give you peace in your mind and heart and everything you need. And when this lost and dying world is done, you will live with Him forever.

© June 16th, 2022 by Gina Miller, "Renew America".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 10:30a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, took 4 50mg Tramadol, made coffee and delayed breakfast, had a couple smokes in the 75° in the warm garage, and checked the leftover errands list. I had a boatload of things to get done, from being at home for the past 4 days resting and recuperating from the fall. I'll try to get some errands done today and over the next few days, but won't over-tax myself. I can only do what I can do.

I had a small breakfast, left at 1p for the cleaners down south in Red Lion, and the Rite Aid in East York. Traffic was heavy, and I passed-by 2 accidents on the way, asking if I could help. They had emergency services -- police, EMS Ambulance, fire, towing -- on the way, so I continued on to the cleaners. I made it home just fine, except for a massive accident at Market St & Rt 24, which I deftly avoided and took some backroads sound it, unloaded and, still recuperating, took a 3hr snooze of the LR couch, had some Greek Yogurt mid-afternoon, and called Sherry to see how she and Hollie were doing at the busy Hallam Virtue Shop, on a Friday afternoon.

It's a big club, and you ain't in it.

The Net's been very, very slow for the past 5 day and nights, so I wonder if this Canadian mess has had anything to do with it?

Oh they found the "problem" -- a "maintenance" problem. Yeah, sure thing.

I took a short snooze before Sherry arrived at 5:30p, and we spent some quality time together, before she had to leave. After a light dinner, I watch "Tucker" and some episodes of "Gold Rush", before deciding to get some sleep, unplugging at 9:30p.

Up at 9:30a on Saturday, it was a rainy, semi-cool 74°. I made Kona Coffee, did the finger stick routine, had a couple smokes in the garage, checked the weather and news on my desktop computer. I took a Tylenol Extra Strength for hip a back pain. There was no need to go out today, as I'd gotten all I needed, except for fruit, yesterday. I had Rice Krispies/Cap'n Crunch Cereal & blueberries for breakfast, at 11:45a, took my 19-pill regimen, and listened to the "Chris Plante Podcast" on local station WSBA-910am, until 2p.

No, I have zero sympathy for this dumbassed WSBA sambo, hate-America, bull-dyke bitch, Brittney Griner, who smuggled pot-vaping materials into Russia, got caught, has spent 5mos in jail awaiting trial, and has now pleaded guilty, and hopefully will go away for 10yrs. Rot in jail, skank.

Shit-for-brains demonKKKrats at ABCNews put the subhuman, murderous lowlife scumbag, John Hinckley on air to pontificate about "gun violence & mental illness", after his 1981 shooting of President Reagan, James Brady and a couple of SS Agents. Only a corrupt DNC-MSN bunch of lowlifes would do that. Hinckley should have been summarily-executed (I would have pulled the trigger) in 1981 for his murderous actions, and not kept alive for 40yrs, at US Taxpayers' expense.

I grabbed a 3hr snooze on the LR couch, had a light dinner and watched "Mecum Auto Auction" on Motor Trend TV, until 10p. Lights out.

The alarm went-off at 6a on Sunday, to a nicely cool and sunny 62° morning. I made coffee, did the obligatory finger stick, had a couple smokes in the cool garage, took a Tylenol Extra Strength for all my pains from the July 4th fall. The Tylenol worked, and most of the pains were blunted. The F-1 Austrian GP, 9-11a, was a good race. Afterward, I grabbed a shave and shower, started a load of laundry and did some paperwork. I drove to the nearby convenience store to get 3qts of Half & Half, a half gallon of whole milk and a carton of Marlboros. Strike that of my slowly-diminishing errands list, leftover from last week.

I did a few nearby stops, visited with a few neighbors who stopped by to see how I was now doing, worked in the garden until I started hurting again, and then took a break for the afternoon. After dinner, I watched TV until 9p, and quit for the night.

Awake at 9:30a on Monday -- could have slept-in until 12noon -- I made coffee, did the finger stick routine, had a couple smokes in the cool garage. It was a sunny, 73° morning, only "Fair Air Quality" and looked to be a nice day ahead, despite that. I took 3 50mg Tramadol for the wrenching pain, delayed breakfast, tuned into the "Chris Plante Show", and relaxed. I had my food shopping list mostly done; couldn't think of anything else to add. By 11:30a, temps were rising and so was the humidity. It was 116° on my back patio, and 104° on my front porch. Swell. At least the garage was still shady and palatable.

I got a call from CHCA's attorney, to set-up a conference call on Thursday at 11a, regarding a wacko idiot bimbo who's suing the Condo Ass'n, and we're counter-suing her, so that I could give testimony, but hopefully won't have to spend the morning or day, at the massive York Courthouse. I've never been subpoenaed, served or notified, so I feel no obligation to appear, but under law, I may be compelled to do so. Damn; another pile of worthless BS.

I finally left for Weis Market around 1p, got done and readied for a 4:40p mtg at a substitute (not my PCP of 26yrs) dr's office at Apple Hill Medical Center, for I could get an Rx refill for my Ambien/ Zolpidem 12.5 CR pills, required by law, since it's a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. Total BS!

Speaking of Total BS!, I spent 2½hrs at the Medical Center, filling-out waiver forms, peeing in bottles, answering hundreds of questions, reviewing charts and medication lists etc etc etc, just to get an Ambien (Zolpidem) 12.5mg CR) sleeping pill Rx, renewed. I NEVER went thru this crap before, in 26yrs. JFC! Finally home by 7p, I was hungry and tired from it all. I made a plate of Chili Cheese Hotdogs, watched the news and unwound from the forced medical BS. I closed-down the condo, put the Jeep away, and went up to bed at 10p. Good Night, Irene.

Up at 7:15a on Tuesday, I had pain in my R/S hip, and on the L/S chest with the cracked ribs are. Coughing was a bitch. I took a Tylenol Extra Strength, and it sort of worked. Next, I took a 50mg Tramadol, to take the edge off the pain. It was a sunny, clear 69° with temps forecast to hit 89°. Summer's coming back next week, in the 90s, which is nothing compared to what folks in TX and other Southwest and Plains regions have been going thru. I tuned into the early morning's "Chris Stigall Show", while enjoying Kona Coffee and some smokes, on the back patio, right-off my office-sunroom.

I had a Croissant w/ Irish Butter and sugar-free Strawberry Preserves, and enjoyed more Kona Coffee on the back patio. I had a 1gal Pink Phlox Paniculata to get planted in the back patio garden, waiting Rxs to p/u at the nearby Rite Aid Pharmacy and perhaps cut back the 4ft Red Aster to keep it more compact for Fall bloom. Suddenly, this weather statement was posted everywhere:

***Severe Thunderstorm Warning***
1:30pm EDT, Jul 12 2022
7:30pm EDT, Jul 12 2022
• Severe Thunderstorm Warning for... Southeastern Lancaster County in South Central Pennsylvania... Southeastern York County in South Central Pennsylvania.
• Until 7:30 PM EDT.
• HAZARD: 60-70 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail.
SOURCE: Radar indicated.
• IMPACT: Hail damage to vehicles is expected. Expect wind damage to roofs, siding, and trees.
• This severe thunderstorm will be near... Stewartstown and Cross Roads around 3:00 PM EDT. Delta, Sunnyburn and Holtwood around 3:20 PM EDT. Wakefield and Quarryville around 3:40 PM EDT.
For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building.

Sherry had been here since 1p -- we couldn't do any walking yet, due to my stairs fall injuries -- and we watched the AccuWeather.com maps progress, and the weather warning turned-out to be a "nothingburger". We had a great time, as usual, despite the dire weather warnings. Sherry left after 6p, I had dinner and watched TV until 12 midnight, and quit for the night.

Up at 6a to the dreaded alarm, I made coffee, did the finger stick routine, skipped breakfast and will make it up at lunch, checked the weather and news on my desktop. It was already 74°, but not as humid, yet. I had my files ready for the 10a meetingt at Mt Rose Cemetery, and did other paperwork related to a lawsuit against the Condo Ass'n, in which I'm named, as a previous Board member. More BS. Forecast for today, and the coming weeks, is 92° but just as bad humidity as the previous 3 days. That's been awful. Hey, it's Summer! I left for my meeting at 9:30.

The meeting went well, and the interior of the Chapel of memories begins right away; I'm still waiting for a couple estimates to come in, so I can get the exterior, sidewalk and landscaping portions estimated and presented. I grabbed a 3hr snooze on the LR couch, had a light dinner, and watched Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" until 8p, changed-over to "Tucker" and then back to "EU" until 10:30. Lights out.

Up at 7:30a on Thursday, it was already 81°, and sunny, but less humid than previous days. I made Kona Coffee, had a Croissant w/ Orange Marmalade and checked the news and weather on my desktop. After the usual BSL routine, I took a 50mg Tramadol and Tylenol Extra Strength, for L/S cracked rib pain, from the July 3rd fall.

I prepped for a call from our CHCA's Attorney, to brief me on my appearance next Tuesday, after my 10a Dr's app't, in a courtroom, as a witness for CHCA, against a malcontent idiot skank's lawsuit, over landscaping. Talk about a massive waste of time and money. It is what it is, I guess. The only one who wins in this pissing contest, are the lawyers.

I started making-up a short list for some things from nearby Weis Market, and stumbled across this article. Scary, if true. I always use the self-check-out lines' stations, and have never had any problem.

I did a load of laundry, some condo and gardening chores, and tried to stay out of the heat and humidity. After a light lunch -- it's hard for me to eat in the heat -- I caught a 2hr nap and just stayed inside until dinner, which I made 4 Chicken Cordon Bleu & Wild Buttered Rice, had two and two leftover for tomorrow. TV for Thursday night truly sucked, until "Tucker" and "Iron Insurrection", and finally "Gutfeld!". Lights out at midnight.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and I've got a Dr's app't, therapeutic massage, a court date as a witness, but a couple clear days to relax.

Running On Empty.

Some politicians wear their economic illiteracy as a badge of honor. But President Biden’s economic illiteracy, together with his demagoguery about greedy oil companies, stands to make the nation’s economic situation far worse.

When Biden took office in January 2021, the average U.S. price for a gallon of gasoline was $2.25 per gallon. According to the Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. price this week is just over $5 per gallon, or 120 percent higher.

As prices have risen, the administration has changed its strategy. First, it ignored inflation, dismissing it as a temporary blip. As prices kept going up, Biden ordered releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, claiming that the move would ease inflation at the pump. Then he implored Saudi Arabia to boost production, while the Department of the Interior continued to slow-walk new oil and gas leases on federal lands and cancelled all new leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now Biden is threatening oil companies. In a recent speech, he claimed that Exxon-Mobil “made more money than God this year.” In a series of letters to oil CEOS, the president claims that the companies can immediately increase output from their refineries, seemingly implying that they are deliberately restricting output. “Your companies and others have an opportunity to take immediate actions to increase the supply of gasoline, diesel and other refined product you are producing,” Biden wrote. He has tried this approach before, asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate collusion and price-gouging by retail gasoline stations. The FTC has found no such evidence.

It’s not clear what U.S. refinery operators are supposed to do. They are operating at 94 percent capacity, and that’s expected to increase to about 95 percent later this summer. Total capacity has declined, as older refineries, some almost 100 years old, have closed because they were no longer profitable to operate, with losses worsened by the administration’s renewable-fuels standards, which require costly modifications. Last year, five refineries were shut down, reducing total capacity by about 1 million barrels per day. Shuttered refineries cannot be restarted on a whim. With a president who demonized hydrocarbons while campaigning and cancelled the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office, it’s not surprising that oil companies show little interest in investing in new refinery capacity.

In his letters to CEOs, Biden pledged to intervene if he doesn’t see results. “My administration is prepared to use all reasonable and appropriate Federal Government tools and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity and output in the near term, and to ensure that every region of this country is appropriately supplied.” It’s not clear what emergency powers he would use. The Defense Production Act, which the president recently invoked to increase supplies of baby formula, won’t make new refineries magically appear or open ones that have closed. And the administration’s latest idea—to hand out gasoline “rebate” cards to consumers—would swell the deficit even further, assuming the administration could overcome the microchip shortage to supply such cards.

Biden isn’t alone in making ill-considered economic judgments. Oregon senator Ron Wyden wants to impose a surtax on oil companies, doubling their income-tax rate from the current 21 percent to 42 percent, to end “price gouging.” Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm says that this idea is under consideration. No clear definition exists of “price gouging,” and imposing a surtax on oil-company profits will reduce crude-oil and refined-products supplies, which will drive up prices even further.

The administration’s continued denunciation of the supposed greed of oil companies, grocery stores, meat packers, pharmaceutical companies, and every other business may be good politics—at least for some Democrats—but it is taking a toll on the American economy.

There’s a simple solution: stop the soapboxing and embrace policies that work, like emissions-free nuclear power. Reduce the bureaucratic morass that hamstrings refinery operations. Eliminate the renewable-fuels standard, including ethanol mandates that drive up the cost of food. Ask TransCanada to resume constructing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Stop listening to the Al Gores of the world, whose claims have often proven baseless. It’s taken time to get us to this point, and it will take time to fix the damage.

President Biden is free to ignore economic principles, but economic principles will not ignore him—or Americans, who are taking the hit from these failed policies every day.

© June 23rd, 2022 by Jonathan Lesser, "City-Journal".

Our Rulers Have Lost Their Minds.

Have a look at the shock on people’s faces as they leave the grocery stores these days, or the look as they stand filling up their tanks at the gas station. Their jaws drop and they wonder what is happening to the world.

The answer is the policy disasters of the last two years. The bill is coming due and everyone but the masters of the universe is paying it. The value of the dollar is sinking rapidly, more rapidly than in our lifetimes.

Nor is it coming back.

The people who hold power today seem completely clueless about why this is happening. Actually, that’s a charitable interpretation. They might just think it is great.

High gas prices are pushing a shift to electric cars, presumably to manage global climate (I’m a serious doubter that anything like that is possible by policy). Or maybe there is an impulse here just to redistribute wealth and disorient people to create new levels of dependency.

Whatever the reason, I’m seeing absolutely no signs that anyone at the top has any intention to put a stop to this.

Kill the Snake in the Garden!

The Biden administration — total geniuses up there! — have been hunting around for the source of price increases, as if there is some single greatest offender out there in the markets.

They won’t blame the Fed of course because the Biden administration considers a monetary policy war against inflation to be a potential political disaster. It would drive the economy into a statistical recession. Then they would doom themselves at the midterm. Better to let inflation rip than risk that.

So instead, they are looking to scapegoat market actors. It’s preposterous: Markets are linked in ways that are impossible to trace and understand. You cannot map it. It’s too complex. It cannot be designed. It cannot be gamed. But tell that to the credentialled experts who believe that they have it all going.

So some geek in the White House noted that shipping prices are through the roof. They reasoned that these high costs are putting pressure on all producers, which in turn is being passed on to consumers.

What to do? Crack down on the shippers! That’s exactly what they have done by unleashing the Federal Maritime Commission, “an independent agency that polices international ocean transportation on behalf of American companies and consumers,” according to The New York Times.

What the heck is the FMC going to do? Oh, harass people. Send letters. Investigate. Make big demands. But this much is clear during inflation: Everyone, without exception, has a thoroughly valid reason to raise prices.

In this sense, they are all telling the truth that it is not their fault.

Finding some single or several or many key offenders during a hyperinflation is like hunting for the offending cloud during a hurricane.

Another Stimulus

One of the great independent journalists who has really found his mojo during this crisis has been Jordan Schachtel. His Substack account seems often ahead of the major news. He drew my attention to something so bizarre that I never imagined it would happen.

He believes that the politicians are, right now, plotting another stimulus check drop on citizens as a way of helping people deal with inflation.

True story! It’s actually a level of policy insanity I’ve not seen in my lifetime. This would be like pushing a drowning man deep underwater:

Far from coming to terms with their mistakes and acknowledging their errors, the rulers of our fiat system, in their infinite wisdom, may soon decide to fight inflation with… you guessed it, more inflation.

Sounds crazy? No way they would be that ridiculous, right? Well, I have some news for you. It’s already happening in Canada.

Quebec has announced that they will give a $500 stimulus check to everyone that makes $100,000 or less. This handout, which is expected to reach 6.4 million Canadians, will “help Quebecers cope with the sharp increase in the cost of living that we have seen in recent months,” Finance Minister Eric Girard said Tuesday.

Following Canada’s lead, a group of Democrat congressmen have just introduced a bill to hand out “gas price stimulus checks” to Americans. The timing of this new bill should not go unnoticed, as midterm elections are just around the corner in November.

Two congressmen are hyping a bill to give $100 a month to all citizens who live in areas where gas prices are above $4 per gallon. Do the math on this and you end up with an annual bill of $168 billion. This comes after many people in Congress have started to slightly worry about their spending programs.

And of course, once you do this with gas, there is no reason not to do this with food, rent, medical bills or anything else. You end up with a mind-blowing system in which government is forever printing up the currency to compensate people for the consequences of previous money printing.

CNN is helping to drum up support:

The administration should ask Congress to authorize a payment of $1,100 per household to pay for four months of higher prices going forward, and provide an option for the president to provide a second or even third check to low- and moderate-income families for an additional four months in the event that prices remain high. We don’t know when this crisis is going to end or when prices for essential goods and services will return to more affordable levels.

It’s the Interwar Period All Over Again

Here we have a scenario straight out of the history books. We are talking about Weimar-level insanity here. But what’s to stop it?

The current political winds all lean in this direction. So long as Democrats are in control and the Republicans are stupid and afraid, even as the Fed is embarrassingly bowing to every political pressure, something like this cannot be stopped.

If this continues, we could be looking at a full-scale monetary crisis of epic proportions as we approach the midterms. Even then, Congress under Republican control simply cannot manage the Fed, which owes its entire allegiance to the executive in the White House and the deep state.

That means two more years even after November of utter policy disasters.

Wow, I really do get tired of reporting terrible news! I wouldn’t have to if the major media could cover these topics with any level of intelligence or honestly. But they don’t. And the failure to do so is having a major impact on the standard of living, which is taking a hit much harder than we have seen since the early 1930s. This is both in the U.S. and Europe. Really all over the world.

We can hope and pray for policy rationality to return. But we must also be realistic. This is a crisis with no end in sight.

© June 4th, 2022 by Jeffrey Tucker, "Renew America".


The "Noahide Laws are seven ancient laws that many people view as the basis of civilized society. They govern morality and represent the “bare minimum” of what God expects of humanity. They are called the “Noahide” laws because they are thought to have been given in their fullness to Noah after the flood. They are also called the Noachian laws, the Seven Laws of Noah, or the Seven Commands for Noah’s Sons (in Hebrew, Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach).

The idea of a formal set of laws given to all humanity (all the sons of Noah) comes from the Talmud and is therefore extra-biblical. Some scholars believe the Book of Jubilees contains a possible mention of the Noahide Laws. But, again, the Book of Jubilees is not inspired Scripture. However, the basic seven Noahide Laws are based in biblical principles.

Here are the Noahide Laws:

1. Do not deny God (no idolatry).
2. Do not murder.
3. Do not steal.
4. Do not engage in sexual immorality.
5. Do not blaspheme.
6. Do not eat of a live animal (no eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive).
7. Establish courts and legal systems to ensure obedience of these laws.

According to Jewish tradition, the first six of these seven laws were given to Adam in the Garden of Eden (the sixth law, to not eat live animals, was extraneous, since Adam did not eat any animals).

When God established His covenant with Noah, He added the seventh (and the sixth became applicable). Each of the seven Noahide Laws is seen as a summary of more detailed laws, about 211 total.

According to Judaism, a Gentile does not have to follow the Mosaic Law; however, all Gentiles are obliged to follow the Noahide Laws. The laws given to Noah’s children are universally binding. A non-Jew who abides by the Noahide Laws is considered a “righteous Gentile,” according to Judaism, and will earn a reward in the afterlife, if his obedience is coupled with a knowledge that the laws come from God.

A “righteous Gentile” might also be called a “Hasidic Gentile” or simply a “Noahide.”

Nowhere does the Bible record what laws God may have given Adam, other than the command to fill and subdue the earth and the prohibition against eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 1:28; 2:17). After Noah and his family exited the ark, God gave the following three commands to him: “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:1); “You must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it” (verse 4); and “Whoever sheds human blood, / by humans shall their blood be shed; / for in the image of God / has God made mankind” (verse 6). After that, God repeats His command to “be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it” (verse 7). Other than Noah being told not to eat raw meat, there is no hint of the traditional Noahide Laws in these passages.

The only other place in Scripture where a Noahide law might be mentioned is Acts 15:29. The context of this passage is the Jerusalem Council, which met to address the issue of the Gentiles’ place in the early church. Specifically, the question before the council was, “Must Gentiles be circumcised according to Mosaic Law in order to be saved?” (see Acts 15:1). The apostles in Jerusalem answered with a resounding “no.” We are not saved by keeping the Law (see Galatians 2:16). However, to promote peace within the early church, the council advised Gentile believers to avoid four things, including the eating of “blood” and sexual immorality (Acts 15:29). Neither of the other two instructions correspond to any of the Noahide Laws.

As an ancient moral code, the Noahide Laws have been a major influence in many cultures. In fact, in 1991, both houses of Congress passed a bill, signed into law by President George H. W. Bush, that declared the Noahide Laws to be “the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization” and the “ethical values and principles . . . upon which our great Nation was founded” (H.J.RES.104.ENR).

Are the Noahide Laws found in the Bible? No, not as a definitive list, and they are certainly not associated with either Noah or Adam. Are the Noahide Laws congruent with biblical teaching? The basic seven laws are congruent with Old Testament revelation. The Talmud calls for capital punishment for Gentiles who violate the Noahide Laws, and this has led to some debate as to whether or not Christians (who worship Jesus Christ) are guilty of violating the first Noahide law and therefore deserving of the death penalty. The modern consensus is that Trinitarianism is acceptable among Gentiles. In any case, it is important to note that we are not saved by rule-keeping; God requires faith in His Son (John 3:18).

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