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Friday, July 17, 1998 

when the phone rings, I still cringe at the impersonal interruption in whatever I'm doing. Amazingly enough, all I have to do is take a bite of food or head for the bathroom, and the damned phone rings. No fail. After eight years of incessantly ringing phones, I thought I'd be used to it. No, not quite yet. It's usually someone wanting a landscape consultation meeting, a gardener needing help, someone ordering a truck load of mulch or soil for delivery, a sales rep wanting some of my time, someone checking on their pending position on the Landscape Projects or Maintenance Lists, a wrong number or anyone of an infinite number of possible things. I usually try to answer the call initially; I can almost always solve the problem without a callback. That's an elimination of redundancy; something crucial in time management (sorry; my former NYC advertising life leaking out again...). I'm always amazed that no two calls are the same in nature. There's so much diversity out there. There are so many possibilities. There are so many problems. Good morning, John Shelley's Garden Center and Nursery; how may I help you?

Vacation Month.
It happens every year at this time; much of the population of Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland packs up and leaves for somewhere else. Heck, I had my 5 days in the sun and everyone else is off getting theirs now, too. Well deserved, I hasten to add.
Even though it's an annual occurrence, it's odd that entire towns (seemingly) empty out and entire industries (seemingly) shut down for these two months. People take their vacations seriously around here. Kind of like the infamous deer season in November, when everyone (except me) goes hunting, shooting rocks, trees and each other.

Rapid Transit.
My 500kbps cable modem continues to screeeeam along with its new 32-bit ethernet card and software. After upgrading my home unit from a paltry P-150 to a respectable P-233, that 32-bit card has made a world of difference in its overall InterNet performance.
It sure would be nice if government would get the hell out of our daily lives and let the market forces supply and demand determine what works and what doesn't. But as long as whining, scumbag, unemployable-in-the-private-sector liberals are involved, government will continue to grow and interfere with us on a daily basis. Government f*cks up everything it touches.

Wrong Direction.
I've said it many, many times before: we don't need more prisons, we need fewer prisoners. And the way to accomplish that is to execute more of the lowlife scum now languishing in jail for the heinous crimes of murder, armed robbery, rape and child molestation.
Instead of doing what's right and just, this f*cked up government is building more prisons than colleges, hospitals or any other institution. They actually think that murderers, armed robbers, rapists and child molesters can be rehabilitated, and are worth saving. They're all scum and need execution right after conviction.
We're spending billions to comfortably house subhuman filth, most of which should be used in forced labor situations or in medical experiments as a public service; the balance should be executed.
Sleazoid liberal scum weakly argue that the measure of a society is how we treat our criminals. Bull-f*cking-shit. The true measure of a society is how we protect the innocents from our criminals. And building more prisons isn't the answer. More executions is the solution. Less criminals equals less crime. A very simple and workable premise. When are we (collectively speaking) as a society ever going to learn?

There are kids who whack and there are adults who whack; either way, the whacker(s) need to be executed. No mercy should be shown.
Allowing whackers to languish in prison sends the wrong message to criminals. Instead of spending hard-working taxpayer's dollars to the tune of $40,000-60,000 per prisoner per year we should be executing 10-20 scum each day and reducing the filth who've committed crimes against society.
I'm outraged that this shit continues. A few states have the balls to execute their scum, but most are completely gutless. The ACLU lowlifes, scummy legislators and whining liberal morons have perverted the legal process and continually prevent justice from taking place on a grander scale than it does now.

Criminal Clintonite Filth.
Seemingly, there's no end to it all. The list of Clinton criminals gets longer each week, as more and more of his scummy, liberal family, friends and so-called business partners fall before the law. And there's much more here, too. Mind boggling, isn't it?
Instead of keeping track of his legacy for history, the world keeps track of his and others crimesworld keeps track of his and others crimes. Some legacy, Bubba, you stupid moron.
One of Bubba's bimbos, the McDougal slut, has been in and out of prison so many times she's now using velcro on all clothing, since she switches between the orange prison jumpsuits and manacles so frequently. Hopefully, this lying liberal bitch will go away for 15-20 on the embezzlement charges in her next trial. As a taxpayer, I don't mind paying the $40,000+ for liberals to inhabit the prisons; they belong there. Hey, let's execute the criminals and jail the liberals. Perfect idea for a more perfect society.
The (In)Justice Department has finally done something about the '96 General Election campaign Finance Violations: indicted the messenger instead of the master. The Justice Department task force already has brought charges against fund-raisers Charlie Trie, Maria Hsia, Johnny Chung, Yogesh Gandhi and Howard Glicken. All those indicted and convicted are Asian or US associates; no one from the DNC Criminals, Commerce Department or White House has fallen, yet. And probably won't; the myopic, ignorant Janet Reno bitch is still watching out for her boss, Slick Willie The Bubba and his criminal cronies, by refusing to appoint a special counsel to properly investigate the obviously criminal matter. All the world wonders why she does nothing. I think it's obvious.
The two-bit scumbags at (In)Justice Department have gone another step too far: inciting foreign governments against Microsoft is clearly illegal and anti-US business. But the slime-bag liberal filth at DOJ did it publicly, it made news and it's documented. Truly, they are lowlifes. It's past time to investigate the investigators and punish them.
The US Secret Service detail which guards Bubba has also been subpoenaed to tell all to Ken Starr's grand jury; if anyone knows about the Lewinsky whore and Slick Willie, they do. What those guys have been privy to must be amazing, yet they're bound by a secrecy pledge and a false notion that if they talk, the very security of the president is in jeopardy. What a crock of shit. If any president does something illegal or immoral, they shoulkd report it; they're officers of the law and bound by a higher duty to do so. f*ck the Clinton scumbag and his loyalty shit.
At least these guys had a novel approach; too bad it didn't work very well.

Finally, The (Partial) Truth.
One GM striker has the guts and brass to speak out and tell some of the truth. He blames the arrogant, commie-socialist unions and their fat, stupid, lazy members for destroying jobs in Michigan, and elsewhere. He'll probably be whacked for his revelations.
I've said many times that these lingering bastions of Lenin-Stalin-Hitler mentality unions are slowly destroying American business and turning it into mush. They've taken away all reponsibility for the decision-making process from the worker. All work ethic has disappeared. I'd personally shoot any commie-socialist, liberal union organizer moron who set foot on my property. I'd never permit it to happen here.
The United Auto Workers are a holdover from the communist-socialist regimes which ruined Europe and enslaved the Soviet Union. Their aberrant foothold in America needs positive rectification in the extreme. They're scum and filth. They need serious jail time to ponder the error of their ways, and repent prior to execution. The AFL-CIO is another commie-socialist hideout for f*ckups and lowlifes who can't hold real jobs and responsibility in the real world.
The time has come to rid America of these communist-socialist union scum and open it back up to capitalism and real business, which makes the world go around and the standard of living rise. Make the union scumbags work at real jobs for a change; those criminal, fat slobs haven't broken a sweat in their pathetic lifetimes.
Here's an ancient Chinese wish for all of the union scumbags: may you become sterile, your wife be frigid and barren, and all your children deformed.

Gripes and Grumbles Department.
These stupid Protestants and Catholics still don't get it. Now, they're Killing more children with their moronic religious feud, all in the name of religion. These idiot Northern Irish simply have no functioning brains. All this about a pathetic march down a road, based upon a 300 year old battle? This further reinforces my belief that there's no such entity as God, or s/he'd be down here kicking some well-deserved Mick ass. Pity the innocents in all of this horror.
In the ever-expanding world of more stupid shit, the US Gov't is going to spend well over $1 billion to tell youngsters that drugs are bad for them. Well, f*cking duh. They may be able to sell tickets to shitty movies like Lion King and Titanic, but the clever ads won't stop child-one from doing what s/he wants. Factoid. Next to spending $40,000-60,000 of taxpayers money to house murderers, rapists and child molesters, it's the dumbest f*cking bi-partisan idea yet. Of course: it's a congressional election year and a mere 2 years away from the general election, so the do-nothing idiots on both sides of the aisle in Congress and the White House have to appear to be doing something with our money. Right?
The worst hairpiece on the planet is back: Marv "I'll throw you down and bite you on your back if you don't give me a blowjob" Albert, scumbag emeritus and disgraced sportscaster, was rehired by Madison Square Garden (MSG) to do voice on basketball and hockey games. I hated that rat bastard's voice when I worked in Mid-Town Manhattan; I'm sure glad the TV had a channel changer so I didn't have to watch or listen. And now, being further away from NYC, I hope his ugly face, lousy rug and irritating voice doesn't ever come across my TV or radio again. Pity the poor New Yorkers who have to live with that degenerate lowlife in their midst.
Just a hundred miles to the north, the illustrious summer term students and some lowlife locals at Penn State rioted and trashed a section of town because of bars closing. What a bunch of moron punks. The police should have used tear gas, truncheons to crack some drunken heads and jailed every lowlife they could catch. They deserve heavy punishment for those inexcusable actions. It's happened in Wisconsin and Michigan, but I thought there were some quality kids at PSU. Stupid me.
Finally, California school children are going to be taught English and only English, thereby preventing further handicaps in American society because they can't interact with American business. What a stupid, f*cking idea bi-lingual education was and is. It seriously hampers everyone 30 years worth of people by now involved and limits their futures. Another moron liberal bone-head idea of the turbulent 60s. South Florida is ripe for English-only education next, with its unusually high Hispanic population. Living down the Coral gables in the early 70s, I felt like a stranger in my own land. Spanish was the language; English was almost non-existent.

It's About Time.
Three racist bastards Fat Al "Pass Dem Donuts" Sharpton, and two other scumbags named Mason and Maddox were rightly found guilty of defaming a white prosecutor during the infamous Tawana Brawley incident in '87. I was working in NYC and remember the front page headlines for months. It was an obvious lie by a gaggle of idiots; not Black or African-Americans, but real, racist idiot scum. These lowlifes are as bad or worse than the KKK and that kind of hard core racist trash.
All racists are evil, but black racists are worse than white racists; at least with white racists, you know what they are. Black racists can now hide behind excuses, lies and fear to weave their filthy tales of discrimination.
Bill & Camille Cosby are two of the worst black racists in this country. They actively donated money to the Brawley slut and her so-called advisors (read racist scum) back in '87. I'll never forgive the Cosby moron or his ignorant bitch wife for contributing to racial unrest in NYC. They were right there screaming, whitey did it, whitey did it! with the rest of the racist filth. And her racist article about how white American racists really whacked her pathetic, shit-for-brains sonny boy who couldn't get a real job anywhere but teaching retards, in USAToday last week showed her true color(s). No newspaper although USAToday is mere birdcage liner material should have carried that venomous shit from that stupid, racist bitch.
Why the hell wasn't the lying Brawley racist bitch-dog indicted on charges of perjury? Why isn't that filthy little slut doing prison time instead of giving blowjobs to that bunch of racist penguin-suited scum called Nation of Islam, where she's now hiding out? Is Calypso Louis Farra-Con Man finally getting some head every night? Well, good for that old scumbag racist.
The very fact that this was allowed to happen and progress to such a racially divisive point is proof that there are too many liberal lowlifes in the already terribly flawed US Legal System. Conservatives would have cut that racist shit down to a pin head squeak in less than a minute; there would have been no racist shit from all that degenerate garbage. The legal system is a mess, but it's all we've got for now.

Southern Words.
In case you're visiting the southern states, as I did recently, you might want to speak their language. Thanks to my special friend, Lynetta, for the vocabulary aids.

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