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Friday, July 19, 2002

i'm never surprised by the "boiling frog theory", and its implications on the gradual liberation dissolution removal of our freedoms and liberties. Slowly, but surely, we're being raped of both liberties and freedoms. Can you feel the belt-tightening sequence? Here's a few: enlisting millions of citizens to spy on each other; seeking to create, in effect, a new national ID system of standardized state driver's licenses; allowing a known terrorist collaborator, John Walker Lindh, to plea-bargain his way to a 20-year sentence when he should be shot; centralizing authority to provide the president with unprecedented and sweeping powers to reorganize government and spend money without congressional approval; proposing the end of laws that bar military personnel from being involved in domestic law- enforcement activities; ending "sunshine laws" that ensure American citizens are knowledgeable about potential threats in their own communities; tracking activity by Americans who prepare themselves for attack by purchasing such self-defense products as antibiotics and protective gear. Sensible, common-sense steps, such as arming airline pilots as a last defense against hijackers, are not taken. While I think that libertarians are an abject waste of oxygen, this guy actually makes sense in the "liberty vs security" debate. Here's what we should be doing: Secure our borders by whatever means necessary. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law foreigners who attempt to enter our country illegally. Execute with extreme prejudice known terrorists, traitors and their collaborators. Train and arm all airline pilots and cockpit crew members. Enforce the immigration laws already on the books instead of dreaming up new repressive measures designed to inconvenience and further terrorize the American people. Start planning and building a national civil-defense infrastructure not just for government officials but for the American people. Encourage Americans to protect themselves and to prepare for emergencies. We're going to have something in the way of a major nuclear event in this country. It will happen. Whether it will happen in 10 weeks or 10 years, or 20 years; it's virtually a certainty. It's time to ally and empower 260 million-plus armedAmericans to fight this war, rather than pretend the government can do it alone.

Around The Garden Center.
Last week, we had particularly enjoyable weather for July, but the searing heat of The Left Coast moved through the Midwest and settled on us, once again. We didn't get the 115°F readings they had in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate, but we got mid-90s again, and plenty of hum-didity.
Now that Summer's in full "heat mode", and The Drought From Hell is persisting, retail traffic has slowed down to about where it should be. Yet I'm still surprised at all the die-hard gardeners who don't let inconveniences like heat and drought dissuade them from their hobby. Bravo.
In Pennsylvania, the beer and liquor situation is strange, as compared to other states in which I've lived. Bars may only sell liquor by the drink, and six packs of beer to go. Beer and soda stores may only sell each by the case. State-run liquor stores may only sell liquor and wine. Then, there's recent invention of a "Quick Pick Store", which may sell single bottles or six packs, and you may drink on the premises. The one I went to this past week has 635 different brands of beer, from all over the world, including many of the micro-brews.
Wow, wow, wow, wow! Just had a Rolling Rock®, Extra Pale, LongNeck Beer; first I've had in 5 or so years. Tasted sooooooooooooo good! I should be drinking these fresh longnecks with the Omaha Steaks™ Filet Mignons I grill on a regular basis, instead of Kalifornia Cabernet Sauvignon or Australian/American Merlots or Shiraz. My, that was a good beer.
Storms rolled through late Saturday evening and all Sunday morning; we got a much-needed 1/2" over the badly-parched region. It was sooooo nice to hear raindrops on my condo's skylights again, and see puddles on the road, on the way into work at 11am, Sunday. Wow, I had no idea it was this bad down south.
Nice article about Harleys, with a York, PA manufacturing plant mention, though I personally think they're too noisy, slow and expensive and don't hold any allure for me. I'd rather have a BMW Motorcycle.
From reading my past Journal entries, one could easily surmise that I'm a staunch defender of the Second Amendment to The US Constitution, NRA and GOA member, an enthusiastic gun owner, have a 12 year CCW Permit and always carry a Glock 32/.357sig soon to be fitted with its very own Docter Red Dot Sight and have my AR-15 A3 carbine with me at all times, fitted with an special ops Eotech HDS Sight. But in Europe, and specifically the entire UK, the anti-gun government fascists have disarmed all citizens, leaving the criminals free to prey upon the people. It's a crime to own/possess/use a gun, punishable by a prison term. Self-defense is punishable by life in prison, if the criminal intruder is shot in the commission of a violent crime against the citizen. I used to admire the Brits, but only pity them now for allowing their right to self-defense to be gradually taken away, in the name of socialism. Read the link provided above; it'll make you sick to your stomach. Then, go buy several guns, join the NRA and GOA to keep our rights intact.
Are we still One America? Read this and decide for yourself.
Fresh, local sweet corn is coming on to the market now, and I've been indulging all week. Soon, chicken-corn soup and the corn chowders will appear at the local markets, and all will be right in the world. Ahhhhh, Summer memories of byegone days.
100 years ago this week (Wednesday), Willis Haviland Carrier invented air conditioning. I can remember when my family got our first AC unit back in the late 50s, in Arlington Heights, IL, and it changed the way we did everything.
The Stock Market down 695pts last week, and a couple hundred more this week. There goes the IRA and 401K; I'm gonna being living out of a shopping cart and a box of 30gal Hefty® Trash Bags, in Penn Park. What's up with all this shit?
Just after 7:20pm on Wednesday, I got a Server Error message, when trying to access, and a call shortly thereafter from my ISP in Chicago, that 1.8million hits were being visited upon their huge banks of web servers. A tech guy called and asked if I'd has either games or porno on my site; no to both. He said a DOS (denial of service), not DNS as I'd previously though (faulty hearing), attack had hit my domain (sub-domain on their server), and that they were installing protective filters (whatever that means) and testing from the outside (whatever that means). The WebLogs counter jumped through the roof, when I accessed them that evening. Initially, I'd thought it was Muslims reading what I'd written about their deviant cult of Islam; nope, just some amateur punk hacker-crackers playing around, so they said. Sure wish I could get a clean shot at them. End of problem.
Late Thursday afternoon, I hitched a ride to my local Jeep Dealer to pick up my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8, which was having the 170k service and yearly state inspection, and one of the owners handed me the keys to an '02 Chrysler PT-Prowler, for a spin, until the paperwork for the service was completed. Wow, I'd forgotten what fun a sports car could be. Brought back a lot of memories of my cars, in a "previous life", long ago. Now, the company comes first for capital purchases: trucks, skidloaders, backhoes etc; I'm just a footnote. Sigh...

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day.
The FBI is still searching for terrorist "sleeper cells"? Gee whiz, I sure hope so, but somehow I'm not sleeping any better. Why are they watching al Queerda operatives? Why aren't they Killing them? And why are they just "watching" militant Seattle Muslim slime, most of whom are American citizens? Gaaaaaaaawd, give me J. Edgar Hoover back, anyday! He'd sure know what to do. This Ashcroft and Mueller are idiots! Our Nation's at risk, and they're playing games of cat and mouse with the Islamakazis subhumans. Meanwhile, the NYC morgue, which still holds thousands of pieces of unidentified bodyparts, continues to try to identify all the 3,000 victims.
Lessee, 5,000 suspected al Queerda subhuman boy-buggering Muslim lowlifes running around the US, and the authorities are clueless, but "watching" them. A al Queerda terrorist ranch in Oregon, and the authorities are "curious". Hundreds of terrorists have been smuggled in across the Mexican-US border, and the authorities have done nothing to interdict the Islamic filth, nor seal off the border. Well, well, authorities in Wisconsin nabbed 7 Muslim subhumans with bogus papers; that's a start. The links between London and Seattle Muslim filth are coming to the fore, finally.
I predict that subhuman boy-buggering Muslim filth and lowlife boy-buggering Arab garbage will begin suicide-homicide bombings and small arms assassinations in places like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, NJ, Maryland etc, where the lib-democRAT-controlled state governments have disarmed the public. The police will be overwhelmed; people will flee in huge numbers, and begin rioting against the anti-2nd Amendment lib-dem scumbags, and voting them out of office very quickly through special elections. Real Conservative Americans will take their places and the blue areas on the Election 2000 map will shrink markedly. We're doing our part here in Pennsylvania, by nailing the subhuman illegal ragheads.
C'mon, give me a 60sec, one-on-one with the boy-buggering lowlife, women-mutilating punks, pork-sucking Muslim shithead, subhuman garbage bin Laden homo: I'll whack him in the blink of an eye; in a heartbeat. He's a coward, a punk, a pork-fat eater, as is the Allah false-moon god, deviant cult of Islam. C'mon, homo Allah-pig-sucker Saudi garbage; I dare you, pig lickers. No takers? Though so, cowards. 'Course, I'm probably in a long line of other Americans wanting the same shot at him. But I'm patient.
More conclusive proof that we need to seal the US-Mexican border and keep the illegal alien garbage out of the US, deport the illegals already here and tightly regulate all borders and immigrants.
Two websites which I've just found, and can recommend to you for accuracy: Truth In USA and Stop Islam.
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the federal agency charged with disaster preparedness, is engaged in a crash effort to prepare for multiple mass destruction nuclear, biological and chemical attacks against U.S. cities, including the possibility of multiple attacks weapons attacks on U.S. cities? Huh? Is there something someone's not telling us? Better read it, and lay in a year's supply of creamed corn and water.
Meanwhile, lowlife subhuman Muslim and Arab hate groups continue to advocate violence against America, from within America. Where's the FBI and INS on this?
Soooo, another "report" that bin Scumbag The Goat Humper is wounded, but alive. Too damned bad; I'd much prefer the subhuman Islamic boy-buggering Muslim deviant dead, at cave temperature.
What shit: a plea bargain and up to 20yrs, for the traitorous homo, Lindh. He should be given life with a 550lbs lifer named "Bubbles" in an 8x10cell. A CD of the nightly gang rape would be a best seller.
Why isn't this fat, stupid, lowlife, goat-humping subhuman Arab turd-face Yow-sir Arrid-fart, DEAD, by now? C'mon Israel, whack this cowardly terrorist, pork-eating Arab filth. Screw the "US orders"; whack him anyway you can, and all his corrupt homo Arab-Muslim garbage. End of problem, beginning of another. The answer is always DEATH for Muslim morons and Islamic idiots.
They're making progress on what to replace the World Trade Centers with, so far. Can't say any of the plans are to my liking, but I don't have much say in it, afterall.
Still think "Islamm is a religion of peace"? Bullshit; read this. Islam is a evil cult of demented, degenerate deviant subhuman Muslim filth.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the warning signs were there, but no one paid attention prior to The Massacre of September 11th; the ongoing hearings will bring that and much out in the open.
Since The Massacre of September 11th, the number of Arabs coming to the US has dopped 50%, and so has the stench from the stench from the deviant cult of Islam.
Now the stinking Muslim filth are using the US Court System to sue W, Powell and the Israelis; good luck diaperhead Muslim trash. Their American lawyer scumbags will reap a world of pain from it.
I'm stunned; I never thought I'd ever hear a Muslim write without hatred, as this guy speaks the truth. I'll truly believe it when tens-of-thousands of American Muslims take to the streets and protesty against radical Islam.

GOP-RINO Idiots.
The National Debt Clock is running again, and showing $6.12Trillion! Help me out here: aren't Republicans and Conservatives supposed to lower taxes and make government smaller? What's up with this?
The liberal media scumbags are trying to paint W's ratings as suffering as the economy tanks, once more, from corporate corruption begun under BJ Clintoon's watch. Not gonna happen, but details will continue to come out and go nowhere. But the damage is now done to the economy by the lib-shitfilth: by politicizing corporate greed and crimes, they've succeeded in damaging the stock market where The Massacre of September 11th, couldn't. People everywhere are having to re-assess their status, especially retirees who counted on investments for the coming years. Time for W to get out the "bully pulpit" and expose the lib-democRAT scum.
Neither President George W. Bush's speech outlining his plan to attack corporate scandal, nor the allegation that Bush himself may have benefited from questionable financial dealings while serving as a director of a Texas oil company over ten years ago, has so far generated much interest from the American public. A Gallup survey conducted in the first three days after Bush's business reform speech to Wall Street finds Americans relatively indifferent to both of these news stories. Also, when asked about the seriousness of possible corporate wrongdoing by Bush in the past, most Americans either say they believe he did nothing seriously wrong or have no opinion on the matter. Bush's overall job rating remains strong: 73% of Americans approve of his performance in office.
As a smoker, I'm outraged that state goobermints are trying to make up deficits and balance their books on my back, with increased cigarette taxes. Why not tax food, soft drinks, liquor, clothes etc equally, and spread the financial misery around? Some people are quitting; not me. Actually, the right way to do this is to eliminate many unnecessary social(istic) services and useless welfare employees at the state and federal levels: shrink the damned goobermints. All they're doing now, by increasing taxes, is increasing smuggling and related crimes.
You think what the corporations do with their shoddy and underhanded accounting practices is criminal? Read about what the US Government does with our tax dollars; and this article doesn't even scratch the surface. Absolutely criminal.
Here's a well-reasoned, thoughtful and insightful article about why America's in such pitiful shape, and what needs to be be done about it, before the societal slide into oblivion is completed by the lib-dem PC scumbags.
So far, the GOP is not giving conservatives any reasons to vote on November 5th.

Lowlife, Scumbag Lib-democRATs.
Six months after the fact, the head of ultra-liberal, left-wing wacko National Public Radio (NPR) apologized Wednesday for what some lawmakers called a "slanderous report" linking anthrax-laced letters to a Christian conservative organization. The lowlife, liberal scumbag, Kevin Klose, president and CEO of the public broadcasting radio network, was referring to a story that suggested the Traditional Values Coalition was connected to the attempted assassination of two senators. The NPR scumbags shouldn't get a dime of US Taxpayers' monies; not a f*cking freaking dime. I stopped contributing back in '95.
Talk about bizarre behavior: Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jack-scum and fat, race-baiting, misery-profiteering, stupid irrev Al "interloper NYC Jew scum" Sharp-scum paired-up to "fight racism in the music industry". idiots is the only word which comes to mind, to describe those two subhumans.
Ooops, spoke too soon, here's another idiot: the race-baiting, misery-profiteering, blackmailing, philandering, father of illegitimate children, irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC!" Jack-scum, who runs one of the largest tax-evading, criminal enterprises in America, whining about Ws sale of Harken Energy stock, 12 years ago. Why the IRS and (In)Justice Dept hasn't nailed this lying scumbag on a RICO charge, years ago, is beyond me.
Gary Condit whacked had Chandra Levy whacked. No doubt about it.
Philly "The Mick Fag" Donahue going to "rescue" the homo filth at NBC? Doubt it. He's an fat, stupid, turd-licking lowlife, lib-demoRAT scumbag. He's another flop, as always.
Race-baiting, misery-profiteering fat Al Sharp-scum wants to make a national issue out of a local issue, as long as he can get some TV face time. The "over-exuberant" Inglewood cop who put the scumbag punk in his place after being attacked, will be exonerated after all the facts are in. Yawn.
A man described as an emotionally disturbed neo-Nazi (LEFT WING) wacko socialist yet the libs at CBS describe him as right wing extremist, as did the libs at ABC; don't these morons know that Nazis were socialist left-wingers? Of course they do; they're lying with every perverted breath they take to defame The Right and paint Conservatives in a bad light.
The lowlife, scum-sucking liberal loser, Joe Lieberman, is trying to pin the flagging stock market economy on the GOP and W. unfortunately, the American People know that this is a business matter, not a government matter, and that the criminal Clintoons encouraged "anything goes" in the 90s. We're "reaping" their efforts, now.
The DNC's sleazeball scumbag Terry McCauliffe is a complete criminal lowlife, like the criminal Klintoons. All three should be in prison.
Speaking of criminal filth, NJs US Senator, DemocRAT Jon Corzine, who spent more than $60 million of his own money to capture 50.1 percent of the vote in his 2000 election, is a sleazeball, too.
Good riddance to AOL Time Warner scumbags; never liked that whining, crybaby Steve Case lowlife, from the get-go in '96.

Degenerates, Deviants & Miscreants.
Another talented, but very, very, very, very, ugly tattooed moron, sports figure is in trouble: Allen Iverson will be charged with criminal trespass, simple assault, terroristic threats and gun offenses. What a stupid freaking idiot scumbag. Guess he'll get a lot of B-Ball time in prison.
Black reparations idiots now want to close the "slavery health deficit". Studies show that black Americans are more at-risk for certain diseases and ailments than whites, on average, prompting some idiot black leaders to blame slavery's lingering effects and demand tax-funded reparations. These lowlife idiots can't take personal responsibility for anything; it's all Whitey's fault. Jeeeez, ship the f*cking filthy idiot scumbags back to Mammy Africa, and let 'em see what a "good life" they'd have there, as compared to here. I'll chip in $50 for a one-way ticket just to get the lowlifes outta this country.
A quadraplegic vegetable Edward Law, The Rutabaga of Orlando is suiing a strip club? For what; access to the hand towel dispenser? S/he's a two-bit, lowlife subhuman piece of inanimate garbage. whack IT, and rid the real world of useless lowlife trash. C'mon Eddie The Rutabaga, f*ck mess with me; I'll whack you like a 50lb sack of shit on a 50mile forced march.
Hypocrisy? Sure, when black punks do this, it's merely a discipline problem; when white kids do it, it's a hate crime.

whack This Subhuman Trash.
A man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly burning a kitten on a barbecue grill as several other people stood around and watched in amusement. Bar-B-Quing a 7 week old kitten? Unfreaking believeable? I'd have whacked the sonofabitch with my Glock 32/.357sig on the spot. I hope he gets gang-raped daily in prison. What a piece of shit.
Gang-banger rapers? Execute them quickly; no leniency.
A 92-year-old convict who had begged to be allowed to live out his days in jail committed suicide just days after his court-ordered release, leaping to his death off a California bridge. Pathetic, but good riddance, anyway, "Pops".
A baby sitter was charged Thursday with first-degree murder for allegedly beating to death a 2-year-old boy because he soiled his pants. Death for the "baby-sitterwhacker.
And the rapist/ murderer of that little 5 year old Kalifornia girl should be exterminated forever, as should all murderers. Ah gee whiz, the bed-wetting lib-dem scumbags whine that it's "cruel and unusual punishment"? Screw the f*cking lib-dem filth! What kind of "cruel and unusual punishment" do you think murderers put their victims through, you scumbag lowlifes?

Anglo-Australian Observatory Astronomical Images
The extraordinary wide-field images taken by David Malin with the telescopes of the Anglo-Australian Observatory are iconic and out of this world. Astronomer/photographer Malin pioneers spectacular techniques for photographing the colors of the stars, galaxies, and nebulae. By digitally re-mastering 3-color separations, amplifying faint image information, and combining images to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, Malin is able to create detailed high-resolution photographs. From the whimsically named nebulae Trifid and Fox Fur to the comets Halley and Hyukatake, you'll marvel at the mysterious worlds so many light years away. But don't just gawk at the pictures the accompanying text will increase your understanding and enjoyment of this pictorial journey around the universe.

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