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more ruts & routines
Friday, July 20, 2001

i live in a seemingly unending, everyday routine, a real-time, live rut. In fact, doing anything twice or thrice in the same way, is a bonafide rut or routine. We all have routines and ruts in our daily lives, but until a sudden change is called for either by us, by someone else or by external circumstances we often don't realize how deep and comfortable the routine and/or rut was. For instance, I always used to stop at the Getty® Mart™ on my way into work for coffee, cigs and a weekly fill-up of petrol. I've been doing that for almost 5 of the 11 years I've lived in York (PA); the previous 6 years, I had stopped in at a Rutter's® Farm Store™, but it always seemed too crowded at 5:30-6am, so I chose the other convenience store on the same route to work. I found out a few weeks ago that Russian Mafia had bought the entire Getty® Penna franchise for $72 million, and were firing all the current employees, and bringing in their own "employees" from India, or somesuch shithole place. Rude, arrogant, non-English speaking, illegal towelhead immigrants. I despise illegals of any stripe; if I can help the INS "re-patriate" them, I certainly will. Mentally evaluating and choosing another convenience store, on that side of the road (for convenience), caused some personal angst. Meanwhile, I'm back at the original Rutter's® I first frequented, as a interim stopgap, until I can find a new place for the daily morning java-cigs-petrol etc stop.

Around The Garden Center.
I was whining about the "Dog Days of Summer" last week, and sure as hell heck as I said it, the weather turned nice again. Low 80s, low humidity and September-like. I could stand this all Summer, but it didn't last that long. The humidity returned even though temps stayed in the low to mid-80s. Walk-in traffic always slows down from mid-July through the end of August here; much of York County (PA) and Harford and Baltimore (MD) Counties' population are on vacation. Actually, I'm grateful for the slower Summer pace, since Spring was very hectic, and the upcoming Fall will be almost a mirror image of Spring. Maybe I can get a few days away soon. The landscape crews are booked through October with great projects, and I'm already taking Spring 2002 reservations for landscape and maintenance jobs.
Gas prices are still dropping from $1.31.9/gal (89 octane) last week to $1.29.9/gal (89 octane) this week in the mid-state PA area, while northern Maryland is just as high as ever. The influx of MD cars to PA gas stations is amazing and reflects the disparity in prices from state to state.
Although an Eagle Scout (Nov '62) at 12 (officially-approved "age to obtain" is supposed to be 13; I was granted a waiver), I was never a fisherman. I barely passed my Fishing Merit Badge. I think a fish erred and ran into my baited hook by accident. No other explanation for it: I sucked as a fisherman. Didn't have the patience or technique. I almost always baited my finger onto the hook, rather than the worms. OK, enough of that shit. The reason the BSA offers a Fishing Merit Badge is that if you're ever stranded without food, you can keep yourself alive, faux-Boy Scout Justin Aligata, by catching, frying and eating fish, moron boy. You're obviously quite an ignorant punk, and need to go to "Summer Camp" more often, and be faced with those situations, so you f*cking learn what Life's all about.
Here's the picture, and now the article, which changed me from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life, in 3 minutes, from a shot on the WebCam. f*cking Awesome stuff; didya read all 4 pages?
Typical for the Mid-Atlantic Region during the Summer months, a drought has descended for the past 8-9 weeks and, except for violent thunderstorms and heavy downpours, we've seen no rains to replensih ground moisture. People, animals and plants are suffering once again in the deprivation cycle.
Strange lights? Yep, I've seen "them" once lights, that is about 5 years ago when I left the Garden Center & Nursery Complex at around 2am, after some intensive physical work around the Nursery. I stared for almost 35 minutes, but attributed it to a lack of sleep: I'd been working 15-18hr days, 7 days a week, for over 6 years straight, no days off, and thought mental/physical exhaustion played a major part in the vision. It didn't, as dozens of reports were filed with both local and state police. I just wish I could see them in an observant state, vastly different to '94. I'd like to believe that there's something/one out there smarter then we are; after all, Earth has almost wiped itself out several times. Maybe they can shed some light on the future of our Civilization? Maybe not. Maybe it's an illusion? JFC, who the hell knows?
I took Thursday off haven't had a day off since the July 4th Holiday and slept in until 10am. I had a shopping list longer than I care to think about, chores around the condo to do, some grille clean-up and grilling to do, clothes shopping, bills to pay and a few errands to run. All in all, not a very exciting day, but my one chance to get outta the rut: take a day off, finally. I also had a chance to watch one of my favorite TV cooks, Mario Batali on FoodTV, since his shows are on when I'm normally at work.
Sure glad I don't live in Baltimore; this reason among many.
Batten down the hatches folks, it's gonna be a stormy season. Maybe. Maybe not. Aren't these the same "weather people" in Miami who predicted a really severe hurricane season last year, and it flopped? Ahhhh, thought so.

As votes were counted and recounted in Florida following the presidential election last November, state elections officials were pressured by Republicans to accept hundreds of overseas absentee ballots that didn't comply with state election laws, like military ballots. Gee whiz, lib-democRAT filth, I don't see any problem here. The lowlife criminal GoreBores tried to get all military ballots disallowed. W& Co saved the day for our gallant soldiers. If the Florida's election laws been strictly enforced, nearly 40% of GoreBore's illegal "dimpled, hanging, pregnant etc" chads would have been disallowed, putting him even further behind. One merely has to consider the ultra liberal source: The New York Slimes Times. So much for credibility.
$250 million-plus? I listen to him daily. WSBA910am.com 91.1am on the dial. I agree doubt he's worth that amount, but hey: get what you can, Rush. It's a Capitalist, Get-What-You-Can-When-You-Can, Society. More power to ya.
Legalizing 3 million illegals now is going to whack the Republican party in 2004, as the lib-dem scumbags will garner 99% of that vote. Don't do it W. Your advisor, Karl Rove, is an idiot. Ignore him.
Waco, Ruby Ridge, Wen Ho Lee, TWA Flight 800, Vince Foster, and who-the-hell-knows how many other incidents ... there are dozens hundreds thousands many examples of the FBIs incompetence and malfeasance in obstruction of justice in so many cases. It's un-f*cking-believeable to think the FBI could be so corrupted by scumfilth like the Clintoons and RenoDykeSlut. Well, maybe not.

Lib-democRAT Garbage.
I consider John "No Brain" McCain (R D-AZ) a liberal/moderate democRAT; what else? He's a lowlife, shilling to the media, scumbag piece of shit traitor to the Conservatives. Perhaps he's a Republican, but certainly no Conservative, as he's called attention to lied about himself all these years. And I'm jumping for joy that the socialist, communist debilitated Free Speech Amendment (1st)-limiting McCain-Feingold-Shays-Meehan junk "Campaign Finance Reform Bill" has gone down in flames in the House. Good riddance, lib-dem shit trash dogshit junk garbage.
Another Clintoon-GoreBore scandal surfacing; why doesn't this surprise me? Black farmers supposed to be getting $50k each for past USDA discrimination was just a ploy to buy votes. Yawn; start the investigation.
If this were true, it'd be very humorous. But it's just a parody. Maybe.
Proof that California is loaded with idiots who can't manage their day-to-day business, they're now selling surplus power at a loss, where, just last month, they were undergoing rolling blackouts. The left coast lib-democRAT idiots are truly pathetic.
The loudmouth, socialist, racist, communist, criminal, bigot, lib-dem lowlife Tommy "I'm an moron" moron Daschle just can't keep his yap shut: he committed a real violation of a long-standing tradition of bipartisanship in foreign policy, particularly during a major foreign trip by the president.

Happy Anniversary, Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy.
Thirty-two years ago this month, a very drunk Sen Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy drove off a bridge on Martha's Vineyard, and his "traveling companion", Mary Jo Kopechne, a political intern, drowned in the Chappaquiddick pond.
What the heck they were doing out in a desolate area late at night has never been explained; that is if you don't buy the alcoholic senator's explanation that they "took a wrong turn". And it took Kennedy hours to report the incident, even though a prompt call might have saved Ms. Kopechne had there been an air pocket in the car.
At the time, the big three TV network news broadcasts (ABC-CBS-NBC) covered the story but not particularly aggressively. In fact, it was effeminate, errrrrrr grooovy, but not at all. Kennedy's lawyers spun; the TV reporters recorded their words. The Vineyard police said it was clearly a tragic accident in which no one was culpable; the TV guys wrote it all down.
In the end, Kennedy skated. He was embarrassed and his presidential ambitions were crippled ad infinitum, ad nauseum, but a few years later it was all water under the bridge, literally.
Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy is an intern murderer who got away with it, thanks to money, connections and politics.

Chandra Levy Is Dead.
Another dumb, big-titted "intern" bites it, literally. No blue dress stain, no blowjobs in the Oral Orifice, no cigars in the nether regions, just Death. Forget polygraphs (lie detectors), forget plane reservations, this is what happened to Chandra Levy, courtesy of Rep (D-CA) Gary Condit. He whacked her had her whacked. Remember, you found the link to the truth here, before the cowardly so-called "mainstream media" even dared to report it. And still no National outrage. Amazing that the DC Police are so stupid and bumbling; intentional or naturally protective of pols? Read this and decide for yourself. The Intern Bitch is dead. Period.

Black Racists & Bigots.
Chicago Alder-bitch Dorothy Tillman (3rd dist) is a racist pig-ette, pure and simple. She had two white waiters thrown out of her so-called luncheon and requested more black serving help. She's a scum-sucking liar and hypocrite, almost as bad as the race-baiting, misery-profiteering Jack-scum and Sharp-scum racists. Almost, ummmmmmmm, maybe not so bad as.
Speaking of scum, the irrev fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum plans to sue the U.S. Navy for $1 million over his treatment during his arrest on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. The misery-profiteering, race-baiting lardass racist bigot claims he was strip-searched, forced to sit in mud and made to lie on a wet floor while handcuffed for more than four hours. Sounds right to me. They should have thrown his ugly stinking carcass into a cell with a 600lb homo lifer; I'd have paid to see that.
More black racists and bigots in Chicago: Chicago Ald. Thomas Murphy (18th) the white alderman of a predominantly African-American ward on the Southwest Side gave up on his quest to join the City Council's black caucus Monday, saying that members of the caucus would not support his bid to join the 19-member group. Not much worse than black bigots and racists, except murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors, and you already know what I think should be done with them.
The United States Commission on Civil Rights, chaired by a black racist bigoted bitch, Mary Frances Berry, and other assorted black lowlifes, has issued a pathetically lib-democRAT partisan screed that defames everyone in the Florida 2000 Elections; everyone who's white, that is. Of course, NO blacks were "disenfranchised by racist elements", and the partisan scumbags on that pathetic commission should be jailed for perjury. The system is flawed, of course, but is fixable and that's what the group of morons should have focused on.

TWA Flight 800.
Five years ago Tuesday (19th), TWA Flight 800 was shot down off Long Island by two shoulder-fired missiles from terrorists, and the cowardly NTSB and US Government covered it up, to avoid having to take immediate and direct military action against muslim filth extremists. The Criminal Clintoons were afraid of doing the right thing. Now, Boeing and TWA who were not liable are being forced to pay millions to settle 230 dead passenger and crew lawsuits. For the truth, go here. Don't bother reading this kind of shit from the mainstream media who were complicit in the massive coverup by their dutiful reporting of the government's lies are putting out; it's sickening.

Scumbags, Lowlifes & Garbage.
A judge sentenced a man to three years in prison for tossing a woman's small dog into oncoming traffic in a bout of road rage last year. I applaud the judge; next time it could be a child thrown into harm's way. This piece of road rage shit deserves a 475lb fat, sweaty lifer for a boyfriend. Don't bend over to pick-up the soap, scumbag.
And here's another lowlife piece of shit who tossed 4 puppies into a shredding machine; he deserves imprisonment and a fat, sweaty "boyfriend", too.
I can't believe this lowlife drug-addicted cokehead Robert Downey Jr is getting 3 more years probation, instead of 5-10 in a prison, for his 2nd 3rd 4th drug bust offense. Tens of thousands of other people never even got a 2nd chance; they went right to prison the first time. Talk about different laws for different levels of people.
Aw gee whiz, a couple of stinking towelhead muslim filth ate some pork and they want the pizza chain, who mistakenly put the bacon on the pie, to foot the bill for that family of filth to "return to Mecca to cleanse themselves for 40 days". Hilarious, aren't those islamic scumbags?. Hell, a pork fat enema would do the job nicely. Go suck a pork chop, muslim garbage. The civilized world spits upon you and your infidel religion.
The filthy whoredog slut bitch Madonna stated: "No matter how much money I have, I'm always going to have middle class, Midwestern, puritanical aspirations and spending habits." Really? Anyone who's idiotic to believe that shit is worse than a fool. She's a lowlife-f*cking (Dennis "The Crossdresser" Rodman), homo-sucking (dozens of 'em), lowlife New Jersey greaseball-pig whore who should be dead from AIDS. I wish her and her illegitimate bastards, half-breed scum kids all the worst in life. May they all be dead in 2-3 years from an accident or terminal disease. And good riddance.
Sooooo, the past and current studies, of adopted children of fag-filth and lesbian-garbage parents, were "mischaracterized" for political reasons so as not to draw the ire of wacko queer activists or encourage anti-gay rhetoric. Their kids are definitely more f*cked up than normal kids raised by normal heterosexual parents. We all knew that; it just took a while for the truth to come out.
Egypt has the right idea of what should be done to perverts, degenerates and subhuman homo filth: removal from society.
No wonder cities around the world don't want to host gatherings of world leaders. Look what happened in Seattle, WA, Gothenburg, Sweden and Salzburg, Austria; the cowardly governments failed to deal harshly shoot to whack and riots ensued. If the police shot say, 200 or 300 rioters/looters dead, the blood running in the gutters would speak for itself and the problem wouldn't re-occur, ever. That's the way one deals with filth and garbage.

Richly Deserving Execution.
Sorry, postpartum depression isn't a good enough excuse to justify murdering 5 children. Nope, haven't had "it", but I can tell you it isn't something to murder for, especially 5 of your own flesh and blood.
If the murdered woman of 20+ years ago was a relative or friend of mine, this lowlife piece of subhuman shit Einhorn would already be dead; I'd have whacked him myself, many years ago. I'm surprised no one has executed him and saved the US and Pennsylvania the trouble and expense of another trial. Or better yet, I would have provided him a much sharper knife so his throat-slitting "suicide attempt" would have been successful.
Change of events: the murderous Einhorn slimeball is being extradited to the US for trial. I truly hope someone whacks the scumbag in prison.
I disagree with this ruling, that a mentally incompetent (dementia) person can't be executed. If he was competent at the time of the KKK murders of 4 little black girls back in the 60s, that's good enough for me: waste the scumbag.
I don't think there's any question that this lowlife subhuman piece of shit deserves death for murdering the 3 women tourists in Yosemite National Park, a couple of years ago. Plus, he murdered and beheaded a female Park Naturalist, for which he only got "life in prison", and she's still dead. Justice? Hardly. Execution is justice.
Since '62, this pervert priest has been molesting and raping young boys and the Catholic Church did nothing about it, even though they knew the truth. The fag priest ruined a lot of lives, and should have been jailed many years ago; now it's time to execute him.
It's been another slow week for real executions. You'd think that with 3,700+ pieces of subhuman shit and garbage like this filth languishing on death row at a cost of $60 billion per year to US Taxpayers there'd be some activity with lethal injections and electric chairs. No such luck.

Netizen's Guide to Flame Warriors.
Illustrator Mike Reed has created a comic rogue's gallery of online belligerence. If the Net is an information superhighway, then flamers are its everyday road warriors, raging in their own peculiar ways on newsgroups, message boards, mailing lists, and in chatrooms. Reed catalogs their flaming antics: the ubiquitous ALL CAPS shouter, the passive-aggressive Bliss Ninny, and the befuddled Mr. Garble. Don't miss this collection of archetypal Internet androids, archivists, trollers, and yuk yuks.

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