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love terrorists

Friday, July 21, 2006

hy is the world coming so close to the precipice of destruction, aka the abyss, once again? You have to ask? The world is at war, and America is asleep. Subhuman, murderous, genital mutilating, boy buggering, 7th century savages, pedophilic, head-cutting, muslim-islamist-arab filth are "the reason for the season". Add to that mess a "China stooge", aka Kim Jong Mentally-Ill. And their fellow travellers, The Enemy Within™ — comprised of The Fourth Estate™, The Fifth Column™, seditionist left-wing academia, ambulance-chasing lawyers, ACLU, etc — all now smell the loss of morale of their avowed and sworn enemy: the American People. Forget the diplomacy crap; it doesn't work with the inveterate muslim-islamist-arab liars, just as it didn't work with the Stalinist liars who slaughtered hundreds of millions of innocents. The murderous muslim-islamist-arab terrorists need killing on a scale not seen before. Just as I fully support our brave US Military killing as many of the subhuman, muslim-islamist-arab terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, as possible, I also fully support Israel's killing of the "Palestinian", Syrian and Iranian pigshit-drinking filth, by the tens-of-thousands. It'd be nice if the muslim-islamist-arab terrorist numbers could be in the tens-of-millions, dead. Bravo, Israel! Wipe the subhuman muslim-islamic-arab, pigshit-gulping filth, off the face of the earth! Kill them all! I support you 101%! (Thankfully for The Enemies Of America™, I'm only one man, at a computer, with no/zero/zip/nada/zilch followers and absolutely no influence over anyone or anything. These are merely my opinions and thoughts; nothing more.) There can be no peace with islam; it must be destroyed. The worthless UN (Useless Nations) decree that Israel's military blockade of Lebanon, as well as the Palestinian territories, was obviously in violation of international law, as civilians suffered most from such actions, is total bullshit. Israel is letting all shipments of food and medicine get through; I wouldn't be so kind. The subhuman muslim-islamist-arabs are proven liars — "Taqiyyah: The practice of lying in the Shit-ite 'cult of death'" — once again. Hizbullah and Hamas, Syria and Iran must be utterly, totally and completely destroyed. All islamo-fascists™ and islamo-nazis™ must be tracked down, positively-identified and killed, without corrupt, criminal political exception. All things *muslim, islamist and arab*, must be totally obliterated from "The History of Mankind". The malignant tumor that is islam, must be excised from the world body. Appeasement and negotiation are not options with murderous, subhuman muslim-islamist-arabs; they must be killed. Appeasement and negotiation in times of PC, are national suicide, as the Israelis have learned. Finally, Tony Blair is getting it right: Iran and Syria are behind this recent Mid-East War. The mentally-ill, 'president of Iran' is the 'Hitler of Our Times', and must be killed. The First Amendment is way beyond the pay grade of subhuman muslim-islamist-arab pigf*ckers. Heavens-to-Betsy, President Bush said "shit", and the terrorist-supporting, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled media went ballistic! Just like when the leftist, socialist (commie-lite), marxist, commie MSM covered for the BJ Klintoon asshole, when he was getting blowjobs by the bloated, fat, sluttish Lewinsky intern, in The Oral Orifice. Go figure.

Around The Garden Center™.
Since putting the brakes on our heretofore fast-moving landscape project schedule, and dramatically slowing things down so we can get the myriad details of several just-finished jobs cleaned-up, things have improved markedly, in the past week. I'm intentionally keeping the pace of jobs at a more manageable level, based upon our available personnel. In previous years, when we were fully-staffed with eminently-capable personnel, it wouldn't have been a problem, as it is today.
Gas prices are still vacillating at the pump; this week at $2.89/gal, for Unleaded Regular. Unleaded Plus is still at $3.09/gal and Unleaded Premium is now up 10˘ to $3.29/gal. Both diesel and kerosene are creeping-up to $3.09/gal. Look for $3.50+/gal (Unleaded Regular) by mid-Summer, as "The Summer Driving Season" peaks, and the world price of oil climbs to $100+/bbl. We're going to see a lot more of these "price hikes", IMO.
Having Sundays off, after 16 years of working 7 days-a-week during "the season", is fine and dandy with me. This past Sunday off, was my 2nd in July and will continue through July and August, and I'll sorely miss it when September 3rd kicks-in, and I have to go back to working 7 days-a-week. I slept-in until 11am on Sunday, then fed and watered the condo cats, made coffee and breakfast and went out to do some food and clothes shopping. My 3 pairs of "Dirty Bucks" arrived Friday, from a Tuesday net purchase. That should last me a good two years, as hard as I am on shoes, walking 10-15+ miles a week with customers, looking at nursery stock, etc.
Many have asked: what's your choice of music? "Wolfgang's Vault" of real 50s, 60s and 70s live performance rock 'n roll, is what I listen to, on a daily basis, as streaming 'background' music, even when I'm listening to Talk Radio, aka Rush & Co, at work. Here's the direct Music Vault link. The junk and crap on the radio today is merely noise looking for a category, as it has been since the mid-70s; it isn't music in any sense of the word.
I've been roasting Winter ButterNut Squash for the past 8 evenings, since there's so much product on the market, right now. Usually, it's gone by mid-April, or so. But with the unusual Winter weather across the US, there seems to be an excess on the market, and I'm taking advantage of it. I picked-up another 12lbs of BNS, and began roasting it on Sunday afternoon. Truth be told, it's better roasted over the Winter months, when it's cold outside. The oven heat warms-up the house, and the smell permeates the entire place. In the Summer months, the oven heat (400°F) fights the AC (70°F), but the aroma more than makes up for it, IMO. Most of the batches are destined for freezing, for later use, but one 6lb batch went to Mark & JoAnn, our Synchronics®-CounterPoint® folks from Baltimore, this week. I use fresh-grated nutmeg and cinnamon sticks, Pink Salt, fresh-ground pepper, and a pinch of saffron, for simple basic seasonings. Mark & JoAnn can re-season to their taste.
Mom's 85th Birthday was on Saturday, and I'd invited Her and Dad over for dinner on either saturday or Sunday, but she said she'd like to wait until Becky comes to visit in October, and have a Full-Family, 6-course dinner, like only I can chef. I'll keep roasting BNS until I get a nice backlog of tubs of the bisque, in deep freezer (8.4 CuFt) storage, for use in later dinners. Life is good.
A couple of weeks ago, I and 9,000 other residents of Springettsbury Twp, York County, PA, were officially notified that our 17402 zip code of 16 years was being changed to 17406, and that we had one (1) year to effect the change on all of our personal and business correspondence. Sounds fair, right? In typical, inefficient USPS style, they didn't plan for such growth in the York (PA) area, and now have to inconvenience thousands for their lack of planning. Fortunately, my business isn't impacted. But there are hundreds of documents, which will be. I've already taken the first step of applying for a driver's license and voter registration change. Next, comes scores of address changes on credit cards, telephone, CATV, taxes, insurance, water, sewer and other municipal bills, existing web accounts, and dozens of other addresses which have accumulated over the past 56 years. Yikes! Somehow, I'll get it all done.
The weather warnings were out by Saturday morning, on the Weather Channel icon in my computer's tray: Monday and Tuesday will be close to 100°F. Actual temps hit 88°F on Saturday, 91°F on Sunday, 96°F on Monday, 98°F on Tuesday, with The Heat Index coming-in at over 101°F, on all three days. And then it finally 'cooled-down' to the upper-80s, for the remainder of the week's weather. Dry shirts were a distant memory. Hey, it's Summer here, baby! And it's Summer all over the USA!
Mark from J&M Systems, was up on a semi-emergency service call, on Monday, and dueled with Symantec® Norton® SystemWorks® 2006, various router problems (static vs dynamic address, frequent dropped connections, no email/ web browser), updated router drivers, superfluous apps, and he ripped out a pile of those programs, to cleanse the guts of WIN•XP Pro. So far, so good. The Symantec® Norton® Anti-Virus is once again working, fully-updated and my friend, thanks to Mark's efforts. I did the detail cleaning, defragging and optimization on Tuesday morning, to 'clean-up the mess on aisle 3'. I still have no functioning web browser at work, but at least email's working. Life without the daily Net access sucks, frankly.
Please consider giving a donation to KFMB's The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, as I've done. A simple $25-$50-$75-$100 gift, if you can afford it, would be nice for the Precious US Military Orphans' college scholarships, of our Fallen US Military; I wish I could do much more.
Thunderstorms, lightning, hard rain, golfball-sized hail and violent (50mph!) winds rolled-through the York-Harrisburg-Lancaster (PA) area, late Tuesday after noon and evening, and brought a quick 1¼" of much-appreciated rain to the area. We suffered no real damage at the GC&N Complex, but the rest of the area, did. And compared to St. Louis, Chicago and a number of other Midwest cities and towns in that storm's path, who got the crap kicked out of them, we fared pretty darned god.
Mmmmmmmm, local fresh peaches, black raspberries, red raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, nectarines, apricots, peas, beans, sweet corn, bi-color corn, peppers... life is good!

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
The French are a nation of losers. Fact. C'mon, refute me, anyone?
Every once in a while, I run across lunacy, idiocy and abject stupidity on a scale, never before encountered. "Vines like poison ivy and kudzu snake through the back yard, girdling trees and strangling shrubs — thriving, scientists say, on the same pollution they blame for global warming. "From backyard gardens to the Amazon rain forest, vines are growing faster, stronger and, in the case of poison ivy, more poisonous on the heavy doses of carbon dioxide that come from burning fossil fuels such as gasoline and coal." Okay, read this "article", and get back to me. I'll wait. My eyes are filling-up with blood. Ever heard of v herbicide, idiot scientists?
In contrast to the clear majorities in both the US House of Representatives and the USSenate that favor permanent repeal of the estate tax, the wealthiest members of Congress favor extending the tax. At the other end of the spectrum, many Conservative Republicans leading the battle for repeal have relatively little wealth and would be unlikely to enjoy any direct financial benefit from repeal of the "death tax." When it comes to fighting class warfare in Congress, the rich are for the poor and the poor are for the rich. Head spinning yet?
With billions and billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas yet untapped on the US' offshore coastal areas, the gutless, spineless, balless US Senate is afraid to stand-up to the corrupt, commie, socialist environmental special interest groups. America is still being held hostage by those scum. Bush is afraid to use his Executive Order powers to mandate drilling and open-up the entire coastline, as he should do. Cowards, lowlifes and dirtbags, all. Gimme some duct tape; my head is about ready to explode.
Crazy Horse Memorial will start its first national fund drive this fall with the intent of heeding the late sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski's parting words to "go slowly so you do it right." Ziolkowski, whose dream it was to honor American Indians by carving the 563-foot-high likeness of Sioux warrior Crazy Horse into a granite mountain in the southern Black Hills, set off the first blast in 1948. He died in 1982. Ziolkowski was an asshole; good riddance and rot in hell, scumbag. Crazy Horse was an alcoholic, drug-addicted lowlife subhuman piece of shit. Good riddnace and rot in hell, asswipe.
Hazleton, PA, creates one of the strictest laws in the US, polarizing its Whites and shit-hole, garbage scumbag mexican/latino/hispanic trash. F*ck the illegal, criminal spics. Deport the filth. Bravo, Hazelton!
The shit-for-brains MSM-OTM, pays more attention to Bush's use of "shit", than they do to the murderous, pigshit-gulping, islamo-fascist™ filth. They're cowed by the muslim-islamist-arab, pig-humping punks.
Awwwww, the stupid, idiotic, moronic asswipers in the Esseily family, "vacationing" in that filthy shithole called the "Middle East", got trapped when the war broke out and now they want the US Government to save their fugly asses? Screw that crap. Let the dumbasses be caught and beheaded by the subhuman muslim-islamic-arab filth! Anyone stupid enough to even go to that turd-world shithole should get what they deserve: death by headcutting mohammedan-moslem scum. How the hell can prople be so fricking dumb? Look at the dirtbags in that famil pic; absolute scumbags. Got duct tape, anyone?
Dumbass, shit-for-brains, apologist turd-polisher, CNN scumbag Lou Dobbs, thinks America isn't so smart when it comes to the Middle East. Hey Lou, you asshole: there are NO Palestinians, dumbass moron. It's a lie, a scam, a convenient political myth... BULLSHIT! They don't exist; never have.

GOPer & RINO Dumbasses™.
No, Rudy Giuliani can't win spit on a national level. He's a socially liberal RINO (Republican In Name Only), and despite his high profile and faux-hero status right after 9-11, he's unelectable by Conservatives and moderate GOPers. Get a real job and earn a living, Rudy. Your political days are over, schmuck.
Why is President Bush denigrating himself, the GOPers and America by even appearing at, let alone speaking to the racist, bigoted, hate-America, lowlife, subhuman, liberal Niggas® in the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People)? They're lazy, inept, dirtbag, turd-world trash, subhuman, hate-America sambo filth, who've never worked an honest day in their pathetic lives, and who've had everything wrongly handed to them, under the guise of 'euality' bullshit.
Finally, after 6 years, Presidnt Bush is using the VETO, to kill an embryonic stem cell research bill, which "crosses a moral boundary", Bush said. I agree. Isn't there another way to fund stem cell research? Umbilical cords? Or something? No one even knows for sure if it will work; it's all just speculation, so far. I'm hoping that some good will come from it. Where were you, Mr Bush, with a fricking VETO on the bloated, worthless Kennedy Education Bill, the CFR (Campaign Finance Reform Bill, aka Incumbent Protection Act) and other shit-for-brains, garbage, scumbag, lowlife, commie, nazi, socialist (commie-lite) BILLS, that wholseale F*CK America?

Liberal-demokkkRAT Traitors™.
Former CIA officer, bloated, skank, fat, ugly, smelly, do-nothing gov't worker, Valerie Plame and her alcoholic, liar, traitor, coward, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT punk, hate-America asswipe husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, said Friday they decided to sue Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential adviser Karl Rove because they engaged in a v to destroy her career. Ooooooooooooooo, the dreaded "whispering campaign"! The horrors!
In an echo of the last election cycle, political operatives are at odds over a demokkkRAT advertisement featuring coffins coming home from war. The advertisement, a short film posted on the Web site of the treasonous liberal-demokkkRAT Congressional Campaign Committee, is being attacked by Republicans as tasteless and disrespectful of our brave and heroic American troops in Iraq. The treasonous, hate-America, hate-US Military iberal-demokkkRAT filth have no discernible positive message or plan, and they quickly resort to using dead US Military to get attention to an empty-headed, left-wing attack ad. They're shit.
Lowlife Nigga®, subhuman sambo dirtbag, liar, racist, bigot, criminal, US Sen Barack Obama (ASSHOLE-IL), has made headlines recently by talking about religion and politics. In the process, he has alienated demokkkRATs and GOPer-RINOs alike: demokkkRATs were offended when he said "not every mention of God in the public square is a breach to the wall of separation", and Conservatives were outraged when he kept referring to Religious Ronservatives as "those people" and described them as "heavy-handed". Osama-Obama-Lama-Jama-Whama is a brown-nosed asswipe porch-monkey.
Disgraced slut, obviously uneducated, lowlife Nigga® bitch, alcoholic, drug addict, skank, fat, bloated, smelly, turd-polisher, porch monkey girlie, Shaila Dewan, can't write the truth to save her worthless, useless life. Typical liberal-demokkkRAT trash, IMO.
Awwwwwww, poor Joey LIEberman is getting thrown under the bus by the lowlife, left-wing liberal-demokkkRATs? I could give a shit. LIEberman is a overt liar, coward, scumbag and hate-America asswipe. He lied to America in 2000 in saying that he'd always been "pro-murder", when in fact, he'd voted "pro-life" since joining politics. He's an Orthodox Jew, and bent-over and grabbed his ankles for AlGoreBore in 2000, as a baby murderer, and on dozens of other positions he'd held before joining the mentally-ill, piece-of-lowlife-shit, Gore. F*ck LIEberman; let him sink. Get a real job, Joey!
Looks like Detroit just lost 55,000 voters — the names of people who have died, were serving time in prison or did not live in the city — and who regularly voted for demokkkRATs in previous elections.
Put the Pelosi Pig and Murtha Traitor into a cage, and let the two subhumans fight it out, over "earmarks". Both should die; that would be true justice.
Air America Error Amerika has signed off in Atlanta, with few immediate prospects for finding a new home. Good riddance, assholes!
Yes, get that racist, dumbass, criminal, lying, fugly asshole Nigga® bitch — US Rep Cynthia McKinneyout of the US Congress! That mentally-ill, sambette skank needs to go to prison.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Homo-sodomite-faggot filth and their hate speech? Faggots are subhuman filth, and naturally angry that they're an aberration from the normal people. Hey, subhuman garbage: kill yourselves and it'll all go away!
"Princess Diana" was a lowlife, whorebag, filthy, mentally-ill, skank, slut, fuck-everything-that-moved, dirtbag whore; I'm personally glad she's dead, rather than have a subhuman muslim-islamist-arab baby. Good riddance, tramp!
Yes, Joel "Joe" Henry Hinrichs III, a University of Oklahoma student who blew himself up last year on campus, was an islamic-convert and a domestic terrorist; screw the FBI's bullshit conclusion.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
Awwwwwwwwwww, boo-fricking-hoo! Eat mucho pigshit and die, muslim-islamic-arab terrorist assholes!
islam is a violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government. islam's goal? To take over the world and establish an islamic caliphate, either converting or killing every Infidel, aka non-muslim. Any questions?
First, muslims, islamics and arabs are not a race; they're a murderous, political and social religion cult. Therefore, all their bullshit charges of "racism" are total garbage. Charge dismissed as ignorant crap. muslims, islamics and arab terrorists are ordinary subhuman filth, totally-owned and operated by a religion cult of mindless anger, opportunistic political-social infection, and hate-filled dogma, and by pigshit-gulping, islamo-fascist "leaders", who control every moment of their empty-headed, hate-filled adherents', pathetic lives. islam is the complete imprisonment of body, mind and soul, and the total control of everything — every breath, every word, every act. islam is not a religion. It is a political cult of fascism, murder, hate, terrorism and destruction. Have you seen the head-cutting videos? Or the impaling video? Or the latest American to be murdered? And how about all these beheadings and murders? Go ahead and have a look; I'll wait.
By its own definition, islam is incompatible with any real religions or civilizations. islam is an opportunistic infection in the world's body. islam is made-up, moonbat idol garbage, by a dirtbag, drug-addicted, subhuman, murderer, pigshit-gulping, mentally-ill, delusional, pedophile. Hence, islam must be destroyed. And its mindless, subhuman, garbage adherents, do want to "wipe-out" Infidels and Non-Believers. Their words, not mine. When are you going to realize and comprehend that reality, America? "Multiculturalism" and "diversity" are the worst kind of trash: engineered socialism-communism-liberalism-nazism.
"•Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City; No Muslim outrage. •Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt; No Muslim outrage. •A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage. •Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage. •Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge; No Muslim outrage. •Newspapers in Denmark and Norway publish cartoons depicting Mohammed; Muslims are outraged."
"Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims... no Muslim outrage... but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose. Come on, is this really about cartoons? They're rampaging and burning flags. They're looking for Europeans to kidnap. They're threatening innkeepers and generally raising (un)holy Muslim hell not because of any outrage over a cartoon. They're outraged because it is part of the Islamic jihadist culture to be outraged. You don't really need a reason. You just need an excuse. Wandering around, destroying property, murdering children, firing guns into the air and feigning outrage over the slightest perceived insult is to a jihadist what tailgating is to a Steeler's fan." (by Nealz Nuze)
Convicted September 11th conspirator and subhuman piece-of-pigshit-gulping-muslim-faggot, Zacarias Moussaoui, says he lied on the witness stand about being involved in the plot and wants to withdraw his guilty plea because he now believes he can get a fair trial. Kill the sand-Nigga®, muslim-islamic-arab filth! KILL HIM!
Here's why there'll never be peace and stability in any piece of the 6th century hellhole, subhuman turd-world, muslim-islamist-arab world. They're lowlife garbage; all needing to be killed. So many wasted US Military lives, dammit. I said this in March 2003, as the Iraq War began.
Have you seen this video, which shows that illiterate, lowlife, stupid, dumbass, pigshit-sucking dirtbag, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, as an incompetent, bumbling, muslim-islamist-arab pig-f*cker? No wonder the muslim pig-shitscum trash are still mired in the 7th century. Zarqawi is a cowardly, fat pig's turd.
Everything you need to know about the horror which is islam, is right here.
Much, much more than revenge is needed, against all liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, fascist garbage. Wipe Iran off the face of the Earth, IMO. islam = terrorism? Go figure.
Nice going, Canada. Get the murderous, subhuman, pigshit-drinking muslim filth out of your country! Shoot the garbage who won't voluntarily leave. All muslims = terrorism, murder, atrocities. Any questions? Got it, yet?
So, the Canadian media whores didn't mention that all 17 arrested were MUSLIMS from the same mosque? How PC and convenient.
Get the pigfucking, subhuman filth, murderous, asswipe dirtbag, muslim-islamist-arab filth outta My Country's Military, Bush & Rumsfeld! They are muslims first, and want to kill America, and bloodily-replace it with an islamic caliphate, under murderous sharia law. Get those faggot bitches outta My Country's Military, dammit!
Awwwwwwwwwww, muslim-islamist-arab pigfucker Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead? Rot in piggy hell, subhuman.
Hmmmm, 'homegrown' black muslim filth from Miami, plotting to blow-up Chicago's Sears Tower and other buildings in the US? Torture, interrogate and then kill the Niggas®! They're subhuman filth.
Yes, islam is pigshit, and here's why. Any questions?
No, I don't advocate or recommend the harming or killing of "innocent, moderate muslims"; but then, I've never met any such people. All muslims hate us Infidels (you and me) and truly wish us (you and me) dead. Remember: islamics want to kill us (you and me); muslims merely wish us (you and me) dead. I do heartily-advocate and recommend the outright targeting and killing of all muslim-islamic-arab terrorists, and their supporters, everywhere and anywhere you find them. Find the terrorists and KILL THEM!
The terrorist-supporting, pigshit-gulping cowards at CAiR (Council on American-islamic Relations) is now targeting InterNet Blogs, for hurtful, hate speech again islam (pigshit be upon it), muslims (pigshit be upon it), mentally-ill pedophile, mo-HAM-head (pigshit be upon him) and moonbat false idol, allah (pigshit be upon him). Hey, muzzie filth: fuck a dead pig!
The Finsbury Park Mosque, where the one-eyed, hook-handed, pigshit-drinking, boy-buggering, lowlife subhuman piece-of-shit, militant cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri once delivered his fiery sermons and helped turn a religious facility into the target for dozens of international terrorism investigations, is going through a makeover. Bullshit; it should be bulldozed, covered in pigshit, and all subhuman, murderous muslim-islamist-arabs tried and summarily executed. They're terrorists, and need killing.
Two more dead, subhuman, murderous, pigshit-drinking, muslim-islamist-arab filth: first, the homo-sodomite, fat, clumbsy, asswipe-pigfucker coward, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is blown to bits? Rot in piggy hell, subhuman. Next, pig-humping coward, murderer, wimp, pumk, apostate faggot, Shamil Basayev, was also blown to bits. Good for our US Military! Damned good shooting, guys!
Murder, terrorism, death... it's subhuman muslims and their pigshit cult of islam killing more innocents in Mumbai (Bombay), India! Gee, there's a real shocker! muslim trash killing Infidels!
Shooting holes in the un-holy koran (pigshit be upon it) is now a hate crime? Maybe a littering misdemeanor, but certainly not a hate crime. Submerge a crucifix in urine and you'll get an NEA-NPR grant, and exhibitions in NYC and Paris? What if it were a US Flag or The Holy Bible? No big deal, according to the FBI. I piss and shit on, and wipe my ass with the un-holy koran. It's toilet paper.
The tertrorist-supporting, pigshit-drinking, turd-polishing dirtbag, treasonous & seditious filth from CAiR (Council of American-islamic Relations), readily advocate the liveral-demokkkRAT, cut-&-run non-tactic, tactics. Verbatim.
Go, get something better and more productive to do, FBI. muslim/islamist/arabs are the murderous terrorists here, FBI. Not Americans, dammit!
Thankfully for The Enemies Of America™, I'm only one man, with no/zero/zip/nada/zilch followers and absolutely no influence over anyone or anything. These are merely my opinions and thoughts; nothing more.
Looks like some black American religious leaders are finally realizing what the horror of islam (pigshit be upon it) is really all about: hatred, racism, poverty, hopelessness, torture, beheading, boy-buggering, female genital mutilation, murder, death and destruction. I sure wish the rest of the stupid world woulod wake-the-fuck-up, and see islam (pigshit be upon it) for what it is: EVIL!
Moslems? Mohammedans? Sons of pigshit-humping bitches? Pigshit-drinking subhuman filth! Lowlife, dirtbag, pork-fucker garbage! Pig rectum licking allah (pigshit be upon him!) and pedophile, drug-addict, mo-HAM-head (pig-crap-gulping upon him!), eat porcine droppings. Asshole, muslim-isamic-arab filth!
Terrorist suspect Momin Khawaja, an Ottawa computer software programmer, needs to be tortured and killed; he's a subhuman muslim-isamic-arab terrorist filth. Kill him! Face down in a pit of liquid pigshit, asswiper! You're in hell, with 72 raisins. Gimme 90 secs alone with that subhuman; I'll kill him s-l-o-w-l-y and very, very painfully. YES! End of terrorist, in perpetuity.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
A group that calls itself the largest Nazi party in the United States has been granted a permit to demonstrate at the Capitol in August. The rally will denounce illegal immigration and the US "open borders policy," said organizer Jeff Schoep, the commander of the Minneapolis-based, left-wing, National Socialist Movement. The Madison gathering is expected to draw about 100 of the group's members from across the nation, he said. Targets of opportunity, IMO. Kill them.
No! Don't let illegal alien mexican/latino/hispanic criminals go free, instead of deporting them; kill them! Take the subhuman garbage out behind the jail, and head-shoot them. Throw them into a pit, with 15lbs of lime per corpse, to hasten the decomposition process. The illegal alien mexican/latino/hispanic criminals need either deportation or execution; nothing less should be acceptable.
Thankfully for The Enemies Of America™, I'm only one man, with no/zero/zip/nada/zilch followers and absolutely no influence over anyone or anything. These are my opinions and thoughts; nothing more.
Yes, Dennis McCurry, 30, and Molly McCurry, 29, were each charged with three counts of intentional infliction of great bodily injury upon a child. If convicted of the felony, each faces a minimum 20-year sentence. For what, you ask? For this. Both subhumans need killing, not prison.
Lowlife, subhuman, traitor, seditionist, hate-UK, hate-America, hate-Liberty, terrorist-supporting asswipe, 'Respect' MP George Galloway needs a bullet in his twisted, hate-filled, terrorist-loving, hate-Freedom head, and murder-advocating, subhuman piece of shit, pigshit-gulping Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, needs killing, too. Get to it, MI6. Our CIA is impotent and incompetent to do the job. Kill them both.
IMO, all the subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT, inbred filth, incestuous, rapist, pedophilic trash, alcoholic scum, drug-addicted garnage, hate-US Military, hate-America filth in the left-wing, wacko Westboro Baptist Church, should be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for treason and denigrating the precious memory of US Military Heroes and Their Families. Kill them all. Make me "King For A Day" and watch how I'd *clean-up* America, real damned quick.
Faggot, homo-sodomite punk, Andres Lopez Obrador, the scum-sucking, commie-leftist who lost mexico's presidential vote two weeks ago, needs killing. Obrador vowed on Sunday to start civil resistance to protest at fraud and force a recount. Kill him and all who follow the subhuman, commie, socialist, nazi, leftist piece-of-shit.
Subhuman, criminal illegal alien dirtbag filth, Ramon Armando Ramos, 38, needs summary killing, for this crap. F*ck the life sentences, judge; KILL THE SPIC!
A man who turned himself into police saying he had molested a 9-year-old girl was indicted Friday on 15 counts of sexual abuse of a minor. Court records say Roy Angashuk, 38, of Fairbanks fondled the girl and instructed her to fondle him multiple times between May and July of this year. Roy needs killing; zero recividism (that's "no repeat crimes", for you lowlife, shitheads in Rio Linda, CA, btw). Kill the subhuman!
Fat, bloated, homo-sodomite, punk, dirtbag, 27-year-old American subhuman terrorist and seditionist, Adam Gadahn, also known as "Azzam the American", needs killing for treason and sedition. Give me 30secs in a locked room with the punk. He's dead.
A Virginia subhuman, Gregory John Mitchel — who previously had been convicted of child pornography crimes, pleaded guilty in January to the production, distribution, sale and possession of child pornography — was sentenced to 150 years in prison for sexually exploiting minors and operating child pornography Web sites. Kill him; no prison time. He's subhuman filth and needs killing, as do all child molester, rapists and murderers.

Thinking Machine 4.
For chess enthusiasts, this interactive exhibit is beautiful and terrifying. The set-up is straightforward: Would-be Kasparovs can play an artificial intelligence program of average ability (which summarily eliminated your humble Picks editor). What's the difference? You can actually see your silicon opponent think out its next move as it traces colored strands of potential strategies across the board. Did I mention that these pretty strands extend many moves into the future? The result is a pretty tapestry, and a sobering experience for newbie chess players who are still figuring out how the horsy moves. If you're a tournament-level player, this site offers the chance to clobber your virtual opponent as you watch each possible move unfold. For the rest of us, it's an awe-inspiring example of the best in computer animation.

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