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of moisture?

Friday, July 23, 1999

it continually amazes me that the weather can be so screwed up. The places which don't need water always get it, while the mid-Atlantic Region undergoing seemingly unending drought and heat conditions, doesn't get a drop. This isn't a localized problem either; it has worldwide implications. I don't know El Nino from La Nina and don't care. But I do care about my customers and their plant material, so I wrote a new ad called Thirsty? to help them better water and care for their plants. The scorching heat and hum-didity have returned here with a vengence; last weekend it was over 103 both days. We were given a Drought Warning a few weeks ago. A full-blown, Drought Emergency was declared on Tuesday by Governor Tom Ridge for 55 of Pennsylvania's 69 counties; better late than never, I guess. My sister, Becky in San Francisco, CA, and my friend, Lynetta in Ranier-Portland, OR, are experiencing foggy, cold and rainy weather. They're using the house furnaces to warm-up in the mornings. Furnaces out there in July? AC out here in mid-June? Something's backward here.

Problems, Part 3.
It was bound to happen sooner or later. One of my 1 ton dumptrucks spun a main engine bearing last week and really put a dent into our operational activity. The rebuilt engine cost $2,600. It dropped a landscape Crew out of competition until repaired.
CTS, aka Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I know many people who have it and either live with it, or have surgery with varying degrees of success. My left hand knuckles had been hurting for several months and I had been unable to make a tight fist. Last Sunday morning, I work up with my left hand tingling and numb and even more painful. Sure feels like I've "developed" CTS. My pain isn't in the wrist, rather it's in the knuckles. I thought I had escaped CTS, but it doesn't look good. I'll have to visit a neurologist for tests. But being the wus I am, surgery isn't in the cards.
Misery loves company. Here's a story about what the Maryland landsshiter people - just to the South - are facing in this drought.

Yep, I Remember.
I remember it well. I watched the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and Walk in '69, 30 years ago last Friday. (20 days later I was at Woodstock, partying my brains out, literally.)
I watched for 17 hours straight, until the mission was closed down for the night. I saw the capsule touch down, Neil Armstrong descend and the extra-vehicular activity begin two 35yr-old men bouncing around in zero gravity and watched until the mission returned to Earth. Twelve hours of moonwalk activity entranced the World. Twelve years later I would talk with Neil about "repping" my ad agency bosses's surreal depictions of his event via paintings. Neil was an aloof guy; I drew him out for 15-16 mins; then he said "no". Hey, with an ego like he now has, what's the problem? I can respect it. He deserves it. He earned it.
Considering the crude technology at the time, I had no clue as to how dangerous and suicidal this mission really was. The Moon Landing & Walk & Leaving were seminal events in Mankind's Legacy.

A Brief Respite.
I took Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off to get the reinstall and reload of my home system done, as well as take it easy for a few days. I did the same thing in June, but just veg'd out: went nowhere, did nothing, just slept. Nice.

Cleaning House.
Reformatting a hard drive and reloading an operating system is always a watershed event. It's usually done to remedy an "issue" almost always software related. My home system with Win98 needed an enema.
My home machine, purchased in March '99, is a SAG Electronics PII 450Mhz/ 384mb SDRAM/ 9.4GB, 10,000rpm LVD2 ultra-wide, ultra-fast Hard Drive/ SCSI Internal ZIP Drive/ Plextor SCSI 48x CD/ Hitachi 751 19" Monitor/ booming subwoofer and healthy speakers and tons of power, connected to a 500kbps cable modem. It's an awesome system.
My good friend and Wintel computer guru, Jeff Horn stopped by to help me reformat and reload and regain some of my cable modem settings. I had already copied off all the data in folders on to 100mb Zip Disks.
Tuesday evening, we re-formatted and re-installed Win98. But the system kept locking-up intermittently. Jeff contacted SAG and they determined that new drivers for the BIOS and motherboard were at fault. We found upgrades at the appropriate websites on Wednesday evening and re-loaded them. Viola! Everything works now as it should. I spent the entire next day re-loading software and re-configuring my system.
Wednesday night, it poured as huge thunderstorms rolled through. Thursday morning it was still raining. The doorbell rang at 7am: two plumbers were here to install the new gas fireplace logs and the two painters were right behind to paint the upstairs of the condo. I didn't get to sleep late that day. Bummer; too much activity around there.

This Is Beyond Disgraceful.
I can't f*cking believe this: As a Nation, we spend more to house prisoners than we pay our military for risking and foefeiting their lives. Starting military pay is around $25,000. The US Gov't spends $40,000-60,000 per year per prisoner to house and feed the subhuman filth. Somerthing's very wrong here.

Shark Food.
It was sad to hear Saturday morning about JFKennedy's Jr's plane going down into the ocean on Friday night at ~9:40pm, as last seen on radar; his wife and her sister, also were whacked en route to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. That family has had some terrible tragedies over the past 50 years.
They were sighted at 2,200ft at 9:30pm on Friday night; 20secs later on the same scan, they were recorded at 1,300ft 9secs later. The pilot was into a dive. Dis-oriented. Dis-com-bob-ulated. Dis-intergrating as the plane dropped like a stone. Notable private plane crashes, you ask?
I got my pilot's license in 1978 with just 40hrs flight-instructed training and one solo flight, visually rated. Instrument rated would have taken another 60hrs. I wouldn't have done what Jr did. I quit flying almost immediately after getting my license; I didn't like it. A mistake "up there" is almost always fatal. Ground transportation is far more forgiving.
Why should a relative innocent (John-John circa '63) as compared to his uncle Teddy (Ed), the lying, alcoholic, murderer die and the fat, lying, stupid, liberal moron US Senator from Massachusetts live? Fat Teddy's a lowlife, bloated, alcoholic, philandering, murdering, piece-of-shit, liberal scumbag who deserves to die after his worse-than-him liberal democrat brothers, Jack & Bobby; not JFK Jr. Does the name, Mary Jo Kopechne ring any bells? Anyone over 35 in here?
Isn't this whole sad event being played out a little bit too much? Kinda like the Princess Di's death last Labor Day? 2-3 weeks of this stuff is too much to tolerate.
The plane's disappearance came one day before the 30th anniversary of the Chappaquiddick incident, in which the philandering, alcoholic, fat, stupid, useless Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's car went (he was drunk and drove off the bridge) off a bridge (what? no DUI?), negligently Killing passenger Mary Jo Kopechne on a tiny island adjacent to Martha's Vineyard. No charges were filed; well duh, he's a Kennedy.
It was also three years to the day after the crash on July 17, 1996, of Paris-bound flight TWA 800, off the south shore of Long Island, and 35 years after Ted Kennedy narrowly escaped death in a private plane crash in which he suffered a broken back. Eerie, but too damned bad he didn't die back then. Fat alcoholic Teddy is liberal garbage. He's like the Energizer Bunny: he just keeps going while all the other Kennedys fall.
Life's a bitch; it's very unfair. Subhuman, pieces-of-shit, raping, child molesting, murdering scum live long lives, while others, much more deserving and innocent, die young. Capitol punishment can easily re-balance that social and moral problem.
Just as the First Liar & Rapist often uses the Littleton, CO, shootings to further his twisted, radical, liberal, anti-gun agenda, the Second Liar & Bore is now using JFKennedy Jr's disappearance to further his fascist and socialist agenda. Clinton and Gore are opportunists and scum.
One Kennedy for every preceeding Generation, as defined by History.
Never thought I'd be made to feel old by this event. Sh-i-i-i-t.
Who, really, is left?

The Death Penalty.
Huh? The Railway whacker didn't know anything about the death penalty before he surrendered? So what? f*ck it: if the subhuman garbage is found guilty, execute him. He doesn't deserve to be "treated humanely"; the subhuman piece of shit needs to die for murdering nine people. Looks like he might. Case closed.
When they do find him, don't delay the execution.
I can see the switch being pulled right now for these two scumbags. Zap.
Burn this piece of shit, too. Without delay.
Don't believe these figures; the slimy politicians on both sides have "cooked" them to fit their agendas.
It's been a slow week for executions and there are 3,700+ deserving lowlifes just waiting to get their due rewards. If the deathhouses could schedule 10-15 per week, the death row cells would be cleaned out in short order and save the US Taxpayers that's you and I $16 billion (that's $40-60,000 per year per prisoner x 3,700+). Damn, why can't we get some real execution action? Many of those subhuman filth have been waiting for 10+ years, at our expense, to get their court-ordered punishment. Man, would I ever like to help that process move along smartly. I have a .357 Magnum, 9mm Glock, fully-automatic M16 and AK47 ready and waiting for the service.
Hey, these nine guards saved the Florida taxpayers a veritable ton of money in not having to execute a piece of condemned, subhuman shit murderer. Why penalize them? Reward them, you idiots. And let 'em have at it with all the filth on death row.
With so many people on the Earth, even if we execute all the death row scum, the prisons will fill back up in a short time. Then, the cycle can be repeated.
This is far preferrable than wasting time and money on jail and bail, et al. Nice and final. It'd be nice if all of the criminal filth could be dealt with in this manner.
Are the Kennedys cursed?

Liberal Racism.
Just as minority hiring quotas of the 70s and 80s were blatantly racist, school busing is also overtly racist.
The shit-for-brains liberal scum didn't think so, nor did the so-called civil rights leadership. But they were, and this Nation unwittingly went along with it all. In the short term, it partially solved the problem. In the long term, it created more problems. Just as welfare and social handouts make people dependent upon the government exactly what liberal scum want forced school busing also makes people dependent upon court orders and subsequent government programs to deal with those ill-advised mandates.
It's all shit. Glad it's over.

He's Back.
Speaking of lowlife, outright reverse-racists, the piece of shit Calypso Louis Farrakan is again threatening to return. Why can't the cancer waste him and rid society of a bigot and racist? He's most deserving of that appropriate end.

Unethical Liberal Scum.
It's widely know through the industry that liberal democrats control the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) - National Public Radio (NPR) and PBS and set their own devious agenda.
Rampant is the illegal trading of donor lists between the criminal Democratic National Committee (DNC) and many stations; WGBH in Boston being just one of them.
The IRS and (In) Justice Dept both need to get involved and penalize the scumbags on both sides of the liberal aisle. But we all know they won't.
WGBH has produced some of the finest TV shows I've ever seen. Too bad they can't raise funds honestly; we all know the DNC is crooked as hell with dirty campaign money coming from Chi-Comm Chinks.
The shit for brains liberal scum are still using the IRS to silence critics. C'mon Clinton slime: try f*cking with me.

TWA Flight 800.
It happened exactly 3 years ago and the NTSB and FBI are still fudging about the truth of what happened.
No, I'm not a conspiracy nut. But the truth still is being hidden from the American Public. Over 200 witnesses and so much obvious physical evidence aren't wrong.
Why wasn't this acted upon by the proper authorities?

After 30 years, It's Time To Fly.
After 30 years of being spoon-fed by public monies, it's long past time to stand on their own: PBS get a f*cking life!
I used to enjoy sending monies into the local PBS beneficiary WITF but have cut 'way back since '98. Sure, I still sponsor The Victory Garden, but won't give funds willy-nilly to WITF anymore, especially since they share donor lists. I get shit mailers from DNC-related filth all week long.
After 30 years of being in the (PBS) Nest, fly away Big Bird, motherf*cker.

Another f*cking Liar.
As if the lying, rapist bastard Clinton scum wasn't enough for this nation to swallow (pardon the pun, Monica-haters...), we have another claiming that the piece-of-shit Mac/Apple is faster and more powerful than anything currently available.
What a lying motherf*cker Stevie "The Interim President" Jobs is. Hey, we all knew that from past history; he's a lying scumbag. Read about the true test results which refute Jobs' many lies. He's a liability, not an asset.
Microsoft saves Apple's f*cking bacon with a $150 million "corporate donation", after Apple's hemmorraged red ink for years, and the ingrate-sons-of-bitches still denigrate WinTel with lies of astronomic proportions.
I hate liars. That includes Clinton, Jobs, the Chinks, most subhuman filth murderers who can't at last be honest, lowlifes from around the world spinning shit upon us all.
I've used Macs and their associated shit-clones. Never again would I touch that shit hardware or software.

Too Much Scum.
Whether it's White trash, idiots, illegal aliens, Chinks, Gooks-Slopes-Dinks et al, the World has way too many examples of filth.
Everywhere I read and look, that subhuman filth seemingly proliferates unabated. Time to curb that shit quickly.
Make me absolute dictator-for-a-day. I'll clean out the garbage, the scum, the lowlifes, the filth, the trash, the junk and misfits, the Jesse Jacksons, Louis Farrakams, Al Sharptons, and myriad others. They all need to die.
How much better the World will be without all that "baggage" is always subject to debate, irregardless of color. Time to thin the ranks. But f*ck it; let's do it and see. We can always replace the expendable dregs of humanity; we always have in the past bred more.

On the radio, no one can hear you scream. Listen in on this bone-chilling tale of bad reception and dead air. The folks at Hearing VoicesHearing Voices were just trying to put out a quirky collection of radio snippets, from the amiable "Communicating with Horses" to the innocent Kitchen Sisters. They never expected their RealAudio love nest to be terrorized by an AM-radio-wielding, hockey-mask-wearing, hip-hop-dancing Britney Spears! Watch out, public-radio listeners, she's a teen dream and she's got whacker moves. Look for a special cameo appearance by Jerry Stiller as "Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer."

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