bite the bullet
Friday, July 24, 1998

 small bore hollow point
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if there was something unpleasant or painful to do, until recently, one simply had to grit their teeth and endure it. Euphemistically called biting the bullet, the term was derived from Civil War medicine when anesthesia was unavailable and the wounded soldier-patients had to actually chew on a lead bullet to stifle pain and screaming, as their surgical operation progressed, often during extremity amputation. Teeth usually disappeared after biting that bullet. Yikes! Today, we have wonderful and very effective anesthetics. Personally, I prefer a great '94 Cabernet Sauvignon from California to bring me to that state. I try to minimize the unpleasantries in both everyday personal and business life, but they do occur. A wise person once said, it's not so much the problems we have, it's how we deal with them that matters. Or something like that.

Dog Days of Summer.
Drought. Ungodly hot. Stifling humidity. We had a bellyful of the same damned thing last Summer: 47 days without moisture, scorching 95F+ temps from May through August. Humans, animals and plants died. I feel bad that so much misery now exists regionally again because of a natural phenomena (El Nino) turning into a tragedy and ongoing disaster. We're powerless at all turns to correct it; we just try to survive. There's been a lot of death from weather-related anomalies.
The forecast for this weekend and the rest of the week is grim: 95-100F heat making its way across country into the Mid-Atlantic region and into our faces. Until now, the 90F+ heat and humidity has been most uncomfortable, and no relief is in sight. It's almost 100F this week. I logon to on an hourly basis, but am disappointed by what I don't see: rain and relief.
When it finally rains and the dying stops, it'll be a major exhale for every living and surviving creature. Everyone and everything is cathartic at that exact crosshair in time; in synch by factors. Glad it's over; 'til the next time.
For the next 2-3 seasons, we'll feel and see the effects of The Drought of '97. I've been seeing it since April and it's getting worse; we're in another drought right now. Working in a weather driven industry such as I do, we're constantly at someone else's mercy.

No Room For Bigots.
I despise hate groups. There's no room for their venomous hatred in the country. Hatred comes in all colors, so color doesn't matter: Al Sharpton and his racist buddies, Nation of Islam filth, neo-Nazis, KKK, John Birchers, Militia, Aryan Nation ... whatever these people call themselves, they're racist bigots and should all be locked in a stadium, given fully automatic weapons and unlimited ammo, and whack each other off once and for all time. The world would be a much better place for their permanent absence.

Another Clintonite Scumbag.
This Darryl Jones lowlife is a liar and a loser going in; usually, it takes a year or two before one of Bubba's nominees gets into trouble and is indicted and convicted for crimes. I believe the count is several dozen indicted so far. Nice quality people in that unethical and immoral administration, the most corrupt in our Nation's 222 year history.
Heck, if you've got a few weeks to spare, here's the entire gallery of Clintonite scum to read about.
And good riddance to this lying hack; he's been Bubba's lie-meister for almost 4 years and should be tried for several thousand counts of perjury. And another moron will take his place.

Curbing Clinton's Problem.
It's now blatantly obvious that Slick Willie The Bubba and Hitlery had a deal: he gets her to The White House and he can f*ck as many bimbos as he wants. Of course, she'll deny and deny and side with him, but the fact remains that he actively tries to f*ck whatever he can. Typical guy thing, huh? Sure, but not a typical president thing.
Since Clinton has proven over the years that he has no morals, integrity or self-control, either physical or chemical castration are possible answers to curb his philandering. But here's a novel way to decrease erections; the GOP and others could buy Bubba a bike with a real hard seat. That would decrease his ability to manage hosemonsters with his usual adroitness and make interns feel much safer.
Maybe if Paula Jones had a different nose back then, the whole sordid mess wouldn't have happened? Nah, he wasn't after the nose. Clinton targets anything with a skirt. Click on the new nose styles to the right or her picture.

Big Brother's Almost Here.
Forget the George Orwell fantasy, 1984; 1998 is even scarier. The Clintonite scum are trying to sneak one past us all again, and the damned GOP and wimpy conservatives haven't even raised a hackle.
Under the pretext of a Unique Health Identifier, the shit-for-brains federal government wants to keep track of our every ailment, condition and disease. The identifier is a computer code that could be used to create a national database that would track every citizenís medical history from cradle to grave.
Just like the slimy democrat-liberal-socialist-communists did in the 1935 with issuing a Social Security Number, the UHI Bill was quietly tagged on to another piece of 1996 legislation and passed into US Law, without the public's knowledge or consent, and made into enforceable law. Huh? What's wrong with this picture?
There are both positives and negatives to this UHI controversy, but the added little bit of government control and loss of personal privacy far outweigh any medical gains. Forget the paranoia factor; a little loss here, another little loss there and so on and so on and soon, the damned government will be in our bedrooms, up our asss (literally) and running our lives from a central command post in Washington, DC.
Bubba seems bound and determined to take away as much liberty from each American citizen as he possibly can. This intrusion by government is unacceptable.

Union Scumbags.
Still trying to ruin the economy and over 200,000+ peoples lives, the stinking UAW has its head up its commie-socialist ass. Trying to f*ck GM to the tune of $200-300 million per week is one thing; contributing to peoples misery and economic chaos is something quite different.
Unions are commie-socialist scum holdovers from the 20s and 30s. Back then, they served a worthy purpose of upgrading workers lives and increasing job safety. Today, they're corrupt repositories for criminal lowlifes and other scum who can't get honest jobs, buying and selling liberal democratic politicians and judges by the tens-of-thousands, ordering mafia hits, embezzlement, fraud, skimming pension funds and laundering cash on a massive scale. Does the name Jimmy Hoffa ring any bells?
If the unions didn't own so many congressmen, congress should mandate an end to their very existence. That act alone would decrease the overall crime rate by 35% nationwide.
The UAW and AFL-CIO are the two worst criminal organizations in America; worse than the Mafia, which is part and parcel of each group. Their so-called war isn't just against business; it's against America.

Who Knows?
It's a never ending mystery: what really happened to Flight 800? There's lots of theories; many crackpot and some just plain stupid. And then there's the FBI cover-up, which no one believes. It's probably safe to say it'll never really be known.

Have A Good Laugh.
Just read Slick Willie The Bubba's first promise, savor the irony and have a good one.

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