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Friday, July 25, 2003

Jeeeeeeez! It's almost non-stop, all day long. Email spam shit pouring-into my Netscape v4.79 Inbox, and my InterNet Explorer v6.15 Inbox. I've set-up hundreds and hundreds of "filters", but it's as though the spam anticipates them, and re-routes its insidious offerings around them all. I have to check the Netscape "Trash Folder" daily, as even some of the valid, incoming mail is intercepted and trashed. An easy 60% of my 300-500 emails each day, are spam viagara, investing, HGH, Nigeria investment scams, viagara, coupon catalogs, HGH, penis enlargement, giveaways, viagara, horny, HGH, eliminate debt, ink cartridges, CDs, discounts, viagara, HGH and porno, porno, porno and let's don't forget the Klez32 viruses, which come in by the twos and threes, every 10-12 hours, like clockwork. Symantec's 2001 Norton Anti-Virus gets the job done, though, with the viruses, but I'm still drowning in junk mail. So I sent for Netscape Navigator v7.1, on CD, (their latest and greatest and last), and am excited at all the new,whiz-bang features, especially teachable-intuitive spam blocking, that it has bundled (in it). It's going to be quite a step(s) up from the creaky and old NSv4.79 I'm using on all my machines, now. Why don't I switch over to IE v6+? I sometimes use it, but the Microsoft-mandated bookmarking/favorites system of automatically alpha-goddamned-betizing all my bookmarks, is bullshit. I want them where I want them, not done according to leftist-wacko, one-worlder, Billy Bob Gates. Screw him and MS; I'm calling the shots, here on my computer. So, I'll install a clean copy of Navigator v7.1, when it arrives. Looks like it'll be the last browser they ever make, as AOL-TimeWarner is slowly disbanding Netscape's Browser Team vX. The other reason I prefer Netscape over MS, is the GUI (Graphical User InterFace) which, IMO, is more user friendly and pleasing, than MS' standard offering. Of course, with apps like StarDock, which I use on both machines, you can re-skin everything on your computers' O/S, including the O/S. Don't get me wrong: I use almost exclusively MS software at the Office for my Business' work-a-day goings on, but I'm not obliged to use their damned browser unless it suits my needs. Be sure that I'll report on Netscape Navigator v7.1's strengths and quirks, as soon as I get it up and running. It's easily uninstalled, in case I don't like it. And a new(er) and un-used copy of NSv4.79 is stored on my ZIP250 Disk. Did I ever tell you about my theory that all software "wears out", with use, over time? We'll talk, over a single-malt Scotch Whisky. Or, over some fine Irish Whiskey.

Around The Garden Center.
Every day, someone many people in America get screwed by fraud, fakes and scams. The See Clearly Method is fraudulent and all of the lowlifes associated with that "entity" should be in prison. It's a lie and a fraud and a scam. I hear this shit advertised on the radio, daily; mostly on AM Talk Radio. All the junk company's officers should be prosecuted for fraud by the FDA and FCC, and imprisoned for life, after repaying the billions they've scammed.
I don't know about you, but I like girls who wanna have guns. Prefer, actually. Oh heck, where to find them? At rifle ranges? Ummm, no; they aren't there. Still looking.
My evening Conservative Libertarian Contrarian Talk Radio Show? Why, The Savage Nation, of course, from 7pm-10pm EST, Monday thru Friday; Saturday is 3hrs of "Best Of Savage Nation", from 12-3am.. (Top right corner of webpage, at blinking beacon; click on "Listen Live" link.) I think it's a C&W format, the rest of the time; dunno for sure, as I only listen to Savage in the evenings. Here are a few other options for The Savage Nation; KXL's link is next best, but logon by at least 6:45pm. BTW, Rush is second; G Gordon Liddy is third; Sean Hannity is fourth. Something weird is happening in SF's radio market, and Savage is part of it. Who is Michael Savage? Dunno that, either.
Holy Moly! What a thunderstorm we had on Monday evening! Lightening hits all around my condo's area; I saw the plumes of smoke rising from 3 different strikes, just to the south of my condo, in East York (PA)'s Central Valley. Over 45 reported in this area ,alone. Rain monsoon rain coming down to the tune of 8-10"/hour. Fortunately, it was merely a 20min burst; otherwise, there'd have been some serious flooding issues, with the ground as dry as it is. The cats were scared and hiding, and I was trying to preserve my lost Cable Modem Connection; no Dial-Up Modem was installed as a back-up. Dang! Couldn't logon and listen to The Savage Nation. Or respond to all the hundreds of emails (which I found in Tuesday morning's NS-InBox). Time to pack it in for the night.
Showers and thunderstorms continued all week, mainly in the evenings, and helped to put some much-needed moisture back into the ground. Some areas received as much as 3" in an hour, creating flooding conditions; other areas got zero rainfall. No complaints on my end.
Here's another attempt by the Pennsylvania gun grabbers to overturn the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment. Won't happen here; we've got plenty of gun enthusiasts in both parties to effectively whack it before it gets out of committee in Harrisburg. But bless their little, dark lberal-democRAT hearts, they try every year to move it through the legislature.
Life is good. My 3 cracked ribs are back to 100% healed, the price of gas is rising more slowly than in previous weeks, we're getting some much-needed rainfall, the landscape work continues as more comes in for the Fall schedule, fresh local fruit and veggies are in great abundance and I'm gorging myself daily, and I'm well on track to have the best business year I've ever had in 13 seasons.
It's taken 13 years, but we've got our first $100k+ landscape job in-house; $117,535 to be precise. And to be completed by December 1st. He's an owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation, with heavy government contracts, a relative and of my landscape foreman, who built a $2.7million home, and wants us to design and install.

Get rid of this lowlife, RINO scumbag liberal moron, Arlen Sphincter (moron-PA), and vote-in Pat Toomey, a solid Conservative Republican. I've already sent $100 to help fund his campaign aginst the lowlife Sphincter scumbag. And I will vote for Toomey in '04.
Don't waste your time on blacks, President Bush. They're a stupid lot, and most really do belong on the lib-dem's welfare plantation. Rampant drug abuse, alcoholism, abortion, hand-outs, etc etc etc, is all they'll ever know.
Ha ha ha ha ha! Mikey's running for governor of Kalifornicate.

Lib-dem Garbage.
Celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Chappiquiddick, one of the most notorious criminal and political cover-ups in history. US Sen, the alcoholic, drug-addicted, fat lowlife Teddy Kennedy, murdered Mary Jo Kopechne, in his USS Oldsmobile. And he got off, free of all charges. The kennedys are scum.
US Rep Fortney "Petey The Punk" Stark, (moron-CA), is a two-bit, lowlife, cowardly, America-hating traitor, with a loud mouth. Oh, would that I'd get a chance at closing it, for good.
Fat, stupid, traitorous, coward US Rep Charlie Rangel, is a lowlife idiot. That's all he is; all he'll ever be, too. He's a cowardly traitor, devoid of all morals and an America-hater. Rangel is stinking pigshit.
More democRAT criminals getting caught and sent to prison. An assistant campaign treasurer for US Sen Joe Biden, (Socialist-DE), was charged Tuesday with embezzling about $350,000 from the senator's re-election campaign fund. Roger D. Blevins III, 32, who until last week was secretary for the New Castle County Democratic Party, was charged with interstate transport of stolen property in U.S. District Court in Wilmington. If convicted, Blevins faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
Further proof that Joe LIEberman is nuts. A few days after being declared "persona non grata" by the NAALCP, liberal-democRAT presidential candidate Joe LIEberman suggested in a speech to the group that its leader, Kweisi Mfume, would make a good Supreme Court justice. Mfume wouldn't be qualified to collect garbage or dig ditches; he's a black racist and a bigot.
The other lowlife, half-breed black racist and NAALCP bigot, is Julian Bond, who conveniently forgets that southern democRATs were the original KKK racists and that Republicans out-voted them on the '64 Civil Rights Act to make it law. Bond is a dogshit scumbag moron.
Howard Dean is an America-hating, lowlife, subhuman piece of shit, liberal-democRAT scumbag.
Further proof that the ultra-liberal, bigoted, hate-America NEA (National Education association), has a hidden homosexual agenda in store for America's children. It's riddled with fags and dykes; natch.
In New York City, the liberal democRATs are Killing each other, over petty grievances. I love it! Give them more guns and ammo.
US Sen Bob Graham (moron-FL), and White House aspirant, is a treasonous lowlife piece of shit. He's an Amertica hater, and needs to be driven from elective office. C'mon Flori-DUH: Wake up and rid yourselves of that traitor.
Liberal democRAT Gov Ed Rendell (Socialist-PA) and democRATs lied to us: Pennsylvania didn't need a tax hike.
Why socialism has never, and will never, work in any society. A very instructive article.

Islam, The Religion of Peace™.
I like the term "crusade", as it applies to Killing Muslim and Islamo-fasciast-fundamentalists, Islamo-fanatics and Islamo-fascists, all of whom need to be tracked down and whacked. Oooooh, I'm getting all giddy. Brrrrrrr.
The Wests' Crusade? Rage of Islam Against The West? Not feakin' hardly, chum.
The evil family spawm of Sodomy Insane, Udai and Qusai, are dead. Sodomy is marked next, for death. Good riddance to Muslim filth.
More proof that CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) is an Islamic terrorist-supporting front for extremist Muslim filth. They should be tracked down, rounded, imprisoned, interrogated and torured, and either executed or deported back to some Islamic hell-hole in the middle east.
The rage of Muslim fundamentalists against America, the "Great Satan", can be traced back to holy wars of the 11th century and winds through a history of European colonialism and Cold War competition.

Lowlifes, Scumbags & Subhumans.
Nellie Mandella is a lowlife, piece of socialist-commie-lib-democRAT shit criminal! No argument, here. But BJ Klintoon still loves any kind of female meat he can get; have you seen Hitlery Rotten, lately?
Who cares about LeRoy Tyrone "Busta" Johnson Kobe Bean Bryant? Not I, I can assure you of that. Just another grossly-overpaid, morally-bankrupt, lowlife idiot scumbag sports figure, who can't handle fame and fortune. Lots of 'em out there. In all flavors; you bet. But the blacks seem to have the worst of it, in staying stable and productive, and balancing/managing what they've justly earned.
Yes, ABC's Petey Jennings is a lowlife, lib-democRAT, America-hating scumbag Cannuck. Go back to Cannuckistan, Petey, you liberal homo moron.
homos infest the Hamptons and subject the residents to public sex acts? Arrest them and throw them in jail with more AIDS-riddled homos. whack them all.
Seal the southern border and keep this illegal Mexican garbage out of the US.
Black hypocrisy on racism, from the National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People (NAALCP)? You betcha! Their "leaders", Kweisi "I hates whites!" Mfume, aka Frizzell Gray, and Julian "I'm really white!" Bond, are blatant racists and liberal democRAT bigots. They're not colored or black; both of them are lowlife, lowclass idiots. And your frivolous lawsuits against the Second Amendment are bullshit, too, scumbags. Those people just love "victim status".
The lying, liberal-biased BBC is dogshit, as are CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. The BBC caused the suicide death of their informant, Dr Kelly.
The America-hating, treasonous Ford Foundation is commie, socialist, deviant, degenerate, left-wing wacko scum. It's precisely why I don't own any Ford products, and never will.
The idiot Germans are as f*cked screwed-up as the french morons, for believing we staged 9-11 as a pretext for starting another war.
Get this illegal Mexican filth out of the USA! Dammit!! What is there about "illegal immigrants" that The Bush Administration doesn't understand? Yeah, me too.
Abu Hamza, the British radical Islamic, needs to be whacked. Do it, CIA spooks.

Some People Need Killing™
Oklahoma and Virgina made my week a happy one. But pretty meager doings for a week period. Heck, there was time to execute hundreds of the subhuman filth.
A condemned man who raped and murdered a florist in 1997 was put to death Tuesday after Virginia's governor declined to halt the execution a second time. In Virginia, Bobby Wayne Swisher was pronounced dead at the Greensville Correctional Center at 9:05 pm. An Oklahoma inmate convicted of murder in the shooting deaths of a man and his teenage son was also executed by injection Tuesday night. In Oklahoma, convicted whacker Bryan Toles offered condolences to his victims' relatives in his final statement at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester.
Exposing "The Man's" cover-ups has long been an obsession of conspiracy theorists. Whether they're insisting the Apollo moon landings were staged or agonizing over how Small Wonder ever got the green light, this is a group that definitely takes its media coverage with a grain (or two) of salt. allows like-minded seekers of "truth" a chance to pull back the curtain on history's more infamous conspiracies. All the classic questions are pondered: Was Big Foot a giant, furry beast or just a wandering woodsman with an aversion to photographers? Does Area 51 really house the bodies of little green men? And while we're at it, who the heck whacked JFK? The site even has a section dedicated to that friend of the working man, Jimmy Hoffa a criminal whose unsolved disappearance is still making news 28 years later. An ideal site for those who imagine they're not getting the whole story, encourages you to indulge your suillegal alienious side.

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