gaaawd, it's hot
Friday, July 27, 2001

to say the "Dog Days of Summer" are here would be an understatement. Leaving my condo for work, at anywhere from 5:30-5:45am and seeing temps already at 74°F makes me nauseous: I know it's gonna be a scorcher by 12noon. Yeah sure, I've been doing this routine since '90; before that I worked in NYC for 17 years in the advertising ratrace, wearing a 3-piece suit and sweating my cajones off in AmTrak trains and subways and cabs in MidTown. But I digress. Now, there's so much more to worry about, rather than mere creature comforts. I have hundreds of thousands of plants out in landscape installations, and tens of thousands on-site, to care for on a daily basis. Each year at this time, I know I've done all I can by having the deepest freshwater wells 6 in tandem operation right now in service, utilizing the best $9,000 pumps, with back-ups on a computer to kick-in in case one fails, so the whole 20 acre complex won't be compromised. I employ a staff of 5 to check plants and spot water when necessary; we also have an "ER" in Greenhouse #1, under 35% shadecloth, to care for damaged and injured plants. Doing any less would mean a serious business loss. There are many, many smaller and a few larger operations who've done less and aren't around today to tell their story. From the very beginning, I planned for and built in these safeguards. Ever hear of Murphy's Law?

Around The Garden Center.
Having last Thursday off was great, Friday sucked; I was back at Work at 6:35am, and it was just like the shitpy Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day, where everything repeated in an unending rut/routine on a regular basis, spread throughout gardening-dom. I'm gonna take 3 days off the week of August 6th; one day per week just isn't enough time off and away from the Garden Center & Nursery.
It's worse than dry around here; we're now without any appreciable rainfall in almost 11 weeks. Sure, we've had violent thunderstorms and, on one Friday 7" of rain, but 99% of that water ends up in the creeks and rivers, not in the ground where it's needed. There is no ground moisture left, anywhere in the York (PA) area. "Bone dry", whatever that means. These are the true "Dog Days" settling in for a prolonged stay of heat (Index of 105-107°F) and drought. I should be used to it by now, but I'm not. It gets worse every year. Plants are wilted everywhere I look; even older, established plant material. Everything's suffering from the heat and drought. I spend way too much time scanning the weather for signs of relief. Nothing on the horizon for the foreseeable future. For over a week, I've been irrigating the 2 acres of Display Gardens so I don't lose any of the hundreds of rare, unusual and hard-to-find conifers and deciduous plants I have in my collection. Most of these plants have been established for 11 years, but they're showing signs of great stress.
My condo BlazeNet Cable Modem was out of service all last weekend; something about "system maintenance" or somesuch shit. Everytime they do that, I loose a few days of usage. There's always some damned "issue" on the fiber optic node my CM is on, and I'm relegated into using a shitpy 49.3kbps dial-up. Sunday evening, the CM returned to full service. 768 Kbps downstream and 512 Kbps upstream data transfer rates are super sweet, as compared to dial-up shit, DSL and ISDN. Sure wish I could get a T-1 or T-3 line installed at both the condo and office. Oooops, spoke too seoon: at 4:30am, Tuesday morning the entire York area was down, nothing worked, so I went into work early rather than mess with settings. They eventually got it fixed.
I still remember the day-long and evening event well: July 20th, 1969 at almost 11pm. America lands on the moon. The Eagle has landed! I was watching TV with my parents at their home in New Jersey; I was on summer vacation from Drake University, and getting ready to go to the Woodstock Festival. It was an exciting event, one which I'll never forget and will remember with great National pride. Who dares to say that America can't do what it wants when it puts its collective mind against any problem? Only lib-dem scumbags and other socialist-communist lowlifes don't believe in America.
In its basic form, Malathion is a stinky, toxic chemical which does what it's prescribed to do. Ortho® markets Malathion 50™; we carry it and prescribe it and also administer it for a wide range of insect infestations and disease. But when it's "cooked" to temps of 110°F, it becomes the deadly Isomalathion, a real whacker. We've heard the stories in the ag industry for many years: IM whacks. Never having encountered anyone firsthand whose experienced this carcinogen, I'm now looking for instances that any of my customers have had a questionable experience with this chemical.
Bravo for the Klamath Falls farmers v suckerfish! I signed the online Petition; there's very little else to do from Southern Pennsyl-tucky, friends. My '63 VW Microbus and tie-dye t-shirts ain't making the protest trips anymore.
As when I can when time permits yes, I'd whack for two weeks off usual, I took Thursday off and slept in real damned late. Sure, fed the cats at 4:30am, but cruised back to La-La Land on a rainy, cloudy, thundery day. Perfect sleeping weather. Unfortunately, the storms took their toll: Cable Modem was down all day Thursday, dial-up servers down, so I was without the Net until afternoon. I know it was a bad storm when the dial-up isn't finding any servers up and running; hopefully, repairs will be effected soon. Oh well, off to do some errands. I went to several of my favorite Giant®, Weis® and seafood markets in York and scored some real delicacies for preparation in the coming evenings. It's been a while since I've cheffed for any friends here; just too busy during the day and too damned tired when I get home in the evenings. Maybe next week.
On a very, very sad note: Journal regular, solid Conservative and and cyber-buddy Doug D. from NJ, lost his beloved sister, Susan M. Roland, May 15, 1945 - July 23, 2001 to cancer. She is survived by her husband, Duane, sons, Duane and Mark, and daughter, Amy, in Arizona. Her soul is in a far, far, far better place than we are, now, and I envy her. (I know where the Hell I'm going.) My Family's and my Staff's heartfelt condolences to the Dampman Family in their time of grief.
Why is it that too many of the innocent, sweet and uncorrupted people seem to leave this Earth sooner than the lowlife, subhuman filth who murder, rape, molest and betray? Why is it that we cannot interrupt and heal the fatal sicknesses of the innocent, and convict and hasten the demise of the guilty? If I knew the ANSWER, I'd be God and would fix the problem, retroactive. Pax vobiscum.

Our Tax Rebate.
This isn't difficult to understand: those who paid taxes, get a rebate. Those who got a refund, won't. Those who didn't pay taxes, also won't. And why the f*ck hell heck should they? The didn't pay taxes, genius lib-democRAT lowlifes can't seem to understand. It's not the business of the Federal Government to give away Taxpayers' monies to scum who don't work or don't pay taxes. Makes sense to me.
Oh, there's many theories on what to do with your/ my Tax Rebate, but I have my own, since I got my IRS/Ws $23million Letter telling me that I will receive $45.73 in late August. Amazing. What's up with that?
Finally, someone speaks the truth about Taxes, at his own (political) peril. For the amount 535 in the US House of reps, 100 in the US Senate of cowards, lowlifes, scumbags, degenerates, perverts, liars, murderers, swindlers, adulterers, criminals, homo filth, subhuman garbage, it's all going nowhere. Did someone say the US Congress is a mirror of the US Population? Gawd, I hope not.

Oh no, Vice President Dick Cheney has emerged as a surprise alibi witness for Rep. Gary Condit in the investigation into the disappearance of missing Washington intern Chandra Levy. Sorry, but here's the truth about Condit and Levy.
Here's a piece of subscum shit, AIDS-riddled homo, scumfilth, masquerading as a Conservative. When is anyone gonna get the brass to dismiss his perverted, degenerate, lowlife, piece of subhuman filthy ass outta the "Conservative Realm" and back into liberal-democRAT politics, where he belongs?
House Republican Whip Tom DeLay is learning that strong arm tactics should be carefully and fund raising ethics should be carefully exercised, or lawsuits and very high legal bills will result. Rush to the rescue?
I love it: W said an unequivocal NO! to the socialist-communist UNs "treaties" on Small Arms Trade, Climate Agreement and Biological Weapons . Bravo! f*ck! Screw! To Hell with the scummy commie socialist UN slime thirdworlders. Back to the jungles.

Our Criminal US Congress.
Our Senators and Congressmen-women do not pay into Social Security, and therefore, they do not collect from it. Social Security benefits were not suitable for them. However, they will collect Social Security from other positions held prior and after they were Senators or Congressmen. They felt they should have a "special plan". Many years ago they voted in their benefit plan. In more recent years, no congress person has felt the need to change it. After all, it is a great plan. For all practical purposes, their plan works like this: When they retire no matter how long they have been in office, they continue to draw their same pay until they die, except it may be increased from time to time by the cost-of-living adjustments. For example, former Senator Bill Bradley (New Jersey) and his wife may be expected to draw $7,900,000.00 over an average life span, with Mrs. Bradley drawing $275,000.00 during the last year of her life. Their cost for this excellent plan is "0", nada, zip zilch. This little perk they voted in for themselves is free to them.
Dan Rostenkowski continues getting millions in retirement even though he is a convicted felon, (stealing funds and furniture from the gov't; he did jail time and was pardoned by the BJ "Liar" Clintoon Criminal). You and I pick up the tab for this plan. Our tax dollars at work! Social Security, which you and I pay into every payday for our own retirement, with an equal amount paid in by our employer, we can expect to receive an average of $1,000 per month. We would have to collect our benefits for 68 years and 1 month to equal the Bradley's benefits.
Imagine for a moment that you could structure a retirement plan so desirable, a retirement plan that worked so well, that Railroad Employees, Postal Workers, and others who were not in the plan would clamor to be included. This is how good Social Security could be, if only one small change was made. That change would be to jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan out from under the Senators & Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us. Watch how fast they fix it!
Don't forget, our girl, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, now comes under this Congressional Retirement Plan. Talking about the Clintoon's, it's common knowledge that, in order for her to establish NYS residency, they purchased a million + house in upscale Chappaqua, NY. Makes sense. Now, they are entitled to Secret Service protection for life. Still makes sense. Here is where it becomes interesting. A residency had to be built in order to house the Secret Service agents. The Clintoon's now charge the Secret Service rent for the use of said residence and that rent is just about equal to their mortgage payment, meaning that we, the tax payers, are paying the Clintoon's mortgage, and it's all perfectly legal.
Does that piss you off as much as it does me? It should. If it doesn't, you've got a serious problem or are a lowlife piece of dogshit lib-democRAT scumbag.

Lib-democRAT Filth.
Disgraced ex-First Bitch NY-sen Hitlery Rotten Clintoon came out swinging at a congressional hearing yesterday, defending Bill Clinton against attacks from the Bush White House and blaming both Bush the father and Bush the son for souring the economy. She's a lowlife, psycho bitch whore dog slut lesbian tramp; pure white trash garbage. Yuk, what a scuzbag. Go back to Illinois, Rotten bitch slime filth.
Hard to believe, but if the criminal US Congress approves the White House budget request next week, the disgraced ex-president BJ "First Liar" Clintoon will receive $992,000 worth of support in the 2002 fiscal year for his pension, offices, staff and travel. When the cost of the disgraced ex-president's secret service protection is added in, the total will easily breach the million dollar barrier. Clintoon's allowances next year compare with $734,000 for former president Ronald Reagan, $623,000 for George Bush Sr, $508,000 for Jimmy Carter, and $497,000 for Gerald Ford. Pathetic. We're still getting f*cked fleeced by the scumbag liar.
This is something I'd expect from a lowlife lib-dem black politician in St Louis, shithole of the midwest. The stupid low class bitch was filibustering against a redistricting bill in city hall. The aldermanic president ruled that she would yield the floor if she left to use the restroom. Her friends surrounded her with a quilt, sheet and tablecloth as she appeared to urinate in a wastebasket. Typical lib-dem behavior; in the inner-city, they squat in the gutters and whiz. No wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
Amazing. The Florida Bar the cabal of corrupt lib-democRAT lawyers beholden to the DNC ruled that 600lb moron Huge Rotten, disgraced ex-First Bitch Hitlery Rotten Clintoon's idiot lardass brother, didn't violate ethics laws when he successfully lobbied his brother-in-law, disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, for clemency on behalf of two politically connected felons. Why doesn't that surprise me?
If you've read my Journal over the past 5 years, you've come to realize that I hate liberal filth with a passion. Death isn't good enough for them; let's purposely keep them alive and torture the philosophical shit outta them! What a Conservative-supervised Hell they'd be in. But I digress, again. Here's one lowlife subhuman scumbag ambulance chaser who deserves a painful, slow death, from an exotic disease: Abbe Lowell, the two-bit punk who has defended all the lib-dem scum we've all come to hate. Lowell has made a career (and a fortune) helping the politicians who give public service a bad name. Besides his work for his friend Condit who represents California's Central Valley in Congress Lowell's clients read like a Who's Who of Democratic Bad Boys: There's another longtime friend, senator Robert "f*ck The Law" Torricelli of New Jersey, who is under federal investigation for illegally accepting money and gifts; representative Patrick "I'm A rapist" Kennedy; convicted Clintoon donor James "f*ck America" Riady; ex-HUD secretary Henry "You Racist GOPers" Cisneros; ex-House speaker Jim "f*ck America" Wright. Lowell also served as counsel for House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee throughout President Clinton's impeachment. When a Democrat gets in high-profile legal trouble, it's a good bet Lowell will soon be at his side. Lowell is filth. If you see him injured and lying on the street, run over him with your SUV; he's the equivalent of a poisonous, not a friendly, snake. The fitting end to trash: extreme compaction.
Want to know who "benefits" from the Patients Bill of Rights, sponsored by liberal Sen. Ted "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy, lawyer Sen. John "Sue The Motherf*ckers! People(!)" Edwards, and formerly disgraced, not-so conservative Republican democRAT Sen. John "No Brain" McCain? The stinking f*cking lowlife trial lawyers, and not the public, as they would have you erroneously think. All three scumbag sens (small s) are liars, cowards, socialists and communists. Hopefully, all three will contract cancer and die a very painful death in 2002-3 soon. I'll be dancing in the streets and pissing spitting on their graves.
Get this: lowlife scumbag lib-democRAT US Sen UpChuckie "The Putz" Schumer (NY) wants demands that Microsoft Corp. make major changes enabling its new Windows XP operating system to accommodate rival software applications, as part of any settlement of the government antitrust case against the company. Like the socialist Schumer shithead doesn't have enough to do without meddling in something the moron knows nothing about. He's a scumsucking turd who can't find his own ass with both hands, like the criminal Hitlery Rotten Clintoon bitch. Microsoft's President & CEO, Steve Balmer, should be telling the Schumer filth to f*ck piss buzz off. Hey Steve: if you can't do it, call me; I can.
Isn't this rich? Carter criticizing W on everythin he dang dun. Sure, Jimmah, you lowlife piece of failed shit; you were the worst president the US has had in the past 260 years, chump. You're a decent human being, but an abject failure as a politician, statesman or president. Absolutely sucked rancid pondwater, Jimmah. You and your dead bro Billy. I think the toxic waste Billy Beer™ whacked him. Good riddance, whateverthecase.

The Liberal democRAT Mantra.
While Johnny and Jill may not be learning how to read, they are learning that: teachers are underpaid, God is irrelevant, big business is ruining the environment, the Bible says driving an SUV is a sin, rewards should be based on need rather than performance, bisexual individuals are under the command of unstable genes, the Alamo was a great Mexican victory, society rather than the individual is responsible for crime, saving the sucker fish is more important than saving farmers, teachers' pay should be doubled, a diversity of cultures and languages is America's strength, Thomas Jefferson was a racist, two plus two equals whatever, competition is destructive, the right to be wrong makes wrong right, the Boy Scouts are a hate group, Ronald Reagan is responsible for the disappearance of the dinosaurs, the Catholic Church is a hate group, defending yourself promotes violence, the government is the source from which all blessings flow, Southern Baptists are a hate group, high taxes are good for America, equality is more important than excellence, carbon dioxide is poisoning the world, cops hate black people, putting a condom on a cucumber is child's play, the Salvation Army is a hate group, the Constitution is obsolete, God is a homophobe, porpoises are smarter than people, the Constitution requires the government to censor religious speech, taxes are the same as charitable contributions, boys and girls are exactly the same except girls are better, the toleration of evil is a virtue, moral discernment is a hate crime, cutting taxes is like stealing from poor people, American Indians would not have polluted the environment even if they had known how, George Washington was a racist, rich people enjoy stomping on poor people, the condom is mightier than the conscience, Christopher Columbus infected the natives with syphilis, one person's opinion is as good as any other, the American Constitution was written by racists and sexists, Ronald Reagan is responsible for the spread of AIDS, teachers should be paid as much as NFL quarterbacks, sex between consenting children is inevitable, all sexual orientations are created equal, religious people are bigots, in the beginning there was a big explosion, a family is any collection of oddballs living under one roof, the right to whack babies is in the Constitution, it is un-American to have more than someone else does, the only hope of the world is for workers everywhere to unite, and it is the constitutional responsibility of government to provide jobs, housing, clothing, condoms, hot lunches, living wages, family leave, child care and band-aids to all citizens.
Nice stuff the teach in school these days, huh?

Black Racists & Bigots.
The only thing worse than a white racist bigot, is a black racist bigot. In fact they're far, far worse. While white racist bigots hate out of ignorance, black racist bigots hate out of pure, unadulterated hate and blind vengeance. Often, they are uneducable and must be outright whacked, as with the criminal Black Panthers of the 60s and 70s. The FBI and police was right to track them down and whack them like the rabid dogs they were.
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is a racist, bigoted, lib-democRAT cabal; quite capable of anti-American behavior and socialist-communist actions.
Read about what really happened in Cincinnati when black racists and bigots got control from the Police and did the damage. If I was the Top Cop than, I'd have issued orders to shoot to whack every rioter and looter, on sight. Those cops who wouldn't obey, would have been jailed for insubordination. End of problem, scumbags. Filth like Jack-scum, Sharp-scum and Mfume and Bond would have been jailed upon setting foot in the city.
You ought to hear the racists and bigots whine about "chocolate Harlem going vanilla"; they're apoplectic about BJ Clintoon (aka white trash piece-of-shit liar) moving in on "their territory". Can't say I blame them. I'd already have a FOR SALE sign posted and take the first offer to leave. Hopefully, they'll all go back to Mother Africa where life is so much better than this USA hellhole.
Gee whiz, here are thousands of blacks trafficking millions of black slaves in "modern day Africa" itself an oxymoron on a scale which dwarfs the American Colonies importing slaves back in the 1700-1800s. And the "racial reparations crowd" stupid lowlife racist scumbags in their own right are too blind and stupid and cowardly to even make a comment about it. Here's why no reparations will ever be paid to race-baiting, misery-profiteering, lowlife scum. Too much has already been "paid", in the form of set-asides, preferences, welfare et al, and why all blacks owe the whites a huge debt of gratitude. Horowitz's opinions are not unusual, and I agree with all of them. And hey, racial profiling works, bro's.

So What?
Yes, I do oppose globalization by corporations; it's a socialist communist ploy by the UN to dominate the world, but I abhor violence on the scale of Seattle, Goteborg and now Genoa. I can't believe W & Co don't see through this shit.
Only one lowlife, piece of shit rioter/looter dead at the G8 Summit? Why not 300-800 dead and oozing blood in the gutters, where they belong? I'd issue Uzis to all police, with orders to shoot to whack. End of f*cking problem.
Two, three, four days of rioting and looting at the G8 Summit? I can't believe the Italian Government such as it is full of socialists, communists and greens is allowing this shit to continue? If I was in charge, the morgues would be overflowing and the so-called "protestors" would be long gone. I wouldn't put up with any of that shit. No shit kidding.
Think I'm being too callous about the death of a lowlife scumbag protestor criminal? Read this.
Well, I'm glad George Harrison isn't dying from cancer, afterall. Right, after hearing for 3 days sorry I can't find the original URL, anywhere that he was going to be room temperature shortly, I was relieved that the rumors were false. Yawn. Hey honey, are The Sopranos on yet?
Oh, this also is great American stuff: More than 350 convicted sex offenders either will be released from prison or freed from supervised parole in Colorado in coming weeks as a result of a state Supreme Court ruling. The first 43, including child molesters and rapists, were released from prison Tuesday. They were given $100 and their own clothes and ordered to register as sex offenders within 72 hours. Another 29 could be released today and 44 other inmates whose cases must be reviewed by their sentencing judges could also soon be released. The decision could mean that eventually more than 1,500 sex offenders are released without being subject to parole restrictions.
Lowlife, Chi-Comm Red Chink shitfilth threatening the USA? Not if I was president, bud. Thousands of thermo-nuclear missiles would be "removing Beijing from the World Map Index", instantaneously. The communist-socialist garbage Nation would already be Toast, Worldwide, by the time this screed went online.
The second child whacked while imitating so-called fake Pro Wrestling? (Remember the Florida punk?) I doubt it; I'll bet there's tens dozens hundreds thousands of such "incidents" each year, but Police Depts don't report them as such. The negative publicity is devastating.

Week Of Ignomimy.
Last week was the 5th Anniversary of TWA Flight 800s shootdown by missiles, and the 8th Anniversary of the Vince Foster murder. And no, I'm not a wacko anti-government conspiracy theorist; there are too many unanswered questions and obvious coverups in both cases.

Chi-Comm Chink Garbage.
Why the hell heck are the US hackers/crackers letting the stink-a-chink Chi-Comm slimeballs get away with hacking our Nation's computers, with a piece of shit called "Code Red Worm"? Where are our cowardly US hackers to defend and attack the chink scum? We could bring the yellow dog slopes to their knees if we had any guts. Guess that says it all.

Execute The Filth.
I love this. One of the nation's first known female serial whackers will be allowed to fire her state-appointed attorneys in order to speed up her execution. She's been on death row for nearly 10 years. God speed and good riddance, bitch.
An Ohio man has been sentenced to seven years in prison for thinking bad thoughts the sexual abuse and torture of children about children and writing them down in his private journal. I think prison's too good for him; he should be executed for such evil perversions.
Okay, the only reason this subhuman piece of shitfilth murderer, Up-Chuckie Manson, was spared the death penalty, was because it wasn't "in effect" in the US in '72, until The Supremes OK'd it's reinstatement in the '76. He should have been tortured and very, very slowly executed for his heinous crimes. In fact, I'd like 3 minutes alone with him with a truncheon. Blood, guts and gore aplenty. Would you like a crack at the scum? Line forms behind me.
Read this story and tell me, any liberal filth, that these subhuman scumfilth don't deserve execution. They don't deserve a trial, just death.
Speaking of murderous subhuman liberal filth, Ira Einhorn clearly deserves death for a 22 year old murder in Philly, of Holly Maddux. If she had been my sister or friend, I'd have tracked the Einhorn piece of lowlife shit down and whacked him personally, many years ago. He's garbage and deserves death.
I still think this piece of shit 14 year old cretinous-moron deserves execution when he's 18 or 21, but 25 years minimum will keep the punk off of the streets for a while, as long as there's no parole by some liberal lowlife judge.

The Champion Tree Project.
In 1996, Michigan tree farmer David Milarch had an epiphany. For generations, his family grew, propagated, and protected "champion trees." By definition, they're not only the biggest of their species, but often the oldest, hardiest, and most resistant to pests, disease, or pollution. When deteriorating growing conditions and storms threatened to unseat these giants, Milarch took matters into his own hands. He and his sons climbed trees and harvested champion seeds not for profit, but for posterity. Thus, the Champion Tree Project was born. Today, the nonprofit preservation campaign spreads its branches across the U.S. and enlists the support of volunteer planters, educators, and politicians nationwide. It's a wonderful story of how a seedling of a dream can bloom into a grand reality.

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