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Friday, July 28, 2000

In my travels around Pennsylvania and Maryland to people's homes for landscape consultation, I frequently drive through developments which look like "cookie cutter" creations, where every fifth house is a variation on itself; ditto one, two, three and four homes also being mutants. It's not because the builder wasn't creative; rather it was done for ease and speed of production. But the net result is the same: repetition which isn't very flattering and certainly not equity-building. The builder's so-called landscaper was the ultimate problem. Not enough attention was paid to differentiating between the structures. All residences got the same "builder's landscape package". Diversity is the key heck, I even wrote an ad about it a few years back to setting your property and dwelling apart from all the others, even if you don't have that "cookie cutter" problem. Design is first, installation is second; both are important. Each is crucial to the overall "look", "feel", "ambiance", and "stability" of the property. When those four criteria are met, "equity" increases manifold.

Around The Garden Center.
Wednesday through Saturday were some of the best weather days anyone could wish for, in July or any time. I didn't use the Office AC until late in the afternoon, around 3-4pm when the setting western sun pours thru the window I share with a lath-structure house and several spiders, all named Marvin. I use a 24" x 36" landscape blueprint, dry-mounted upon a piece of specially-cut styrafoam. Crude, but it works. I've been "promising-threatening" myself for the past 10 years, that I'll get some custom made blinds for the windows I have in my Office; "irregular" because of a window AC Unit. Sure, one of these days.
On Friday, my haven't-seen-him-in-awhile 5 years, at least cousin Gregg and his childhood amigo, Mike showed up after visiting with my parents on Thursday. Gregg brought his son, Brandt to nearby "basketball camp" judging from this world's current situation, it should have been Special Forces Survival Camp. Gregg's lovely wife, Linda will be visiting us in the Fall or Winter to get us set up with QuickBooksPro, as an accounting package, instead of POS-1 (Point Of Sale, Win 98). Can't wait to upgrade.
With gas prices in the Midwest dropping faster than Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's trousers in front of a White House intern, I kinda feel like we're now getting gouged here in the Mid Atlantic and East Coast. Prices have held steady in the low $1.60's for several weeks now, but I'm seeing finally seeing some local stations in the mid-$1.50's now. Heck, I filled up the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTDs thirsty 22gal tank for $35, at $$1.58.9 (89oct). The Summer-Fall driving season is still in full gear and already the Feds are talking about a two million barrel reserve of home heating oil for the Northeast for Winter. What a load of bullshit the lib-dem scum Clintoon politicians are: they've made this Nation helplessly dependent on the Middle East for crude oil.
It's been a cool, rainy week and the plants are looking lush once again. Somehow, I have a feeling that Summer will return in August and make up for this nice respite. Maybe.

Cheer The Champs.
I've always said that if people take full responsibility for their own lives, they can do amazing things and dod them well. What's sets these following people apart is their personal humility in their professional ability, as compared with the loudmouthed, criminal scumbags who inhabit the NFL, NBA, MLB, WBA and other grossly-overpaid and under-regulated sports, which I've come to detest. Spirit and character counts, not arrogance and greed.
Tiger Woods is a role model which everyone, not only minority children, should look up to and emulate. Here's a guy who came out of nowhere a few years ago and is now dominating a world class sport. Personally, I've always been a terrible golfer, but much admire this man's ability on the links. Before he retires, he'll own every record there is and set a few new ones along the way.
Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor who now dominates one of the world's greatest personal endurance events: the Tour de France bicycle race. He's brought much pride to the USA in a sport traditionally dominated by the Europeans.

Clintoon Scumbags.
For white trash, shit-for-brains AlGoreBore to call GW Bush on problems in Texas is a joke; look at the corruption and criminal activity GoreBore has been involved in for the past 8 years. It's so pervasive and deep, it's maddening what the lib-dem slime have gotten away with. Has anyone looked closely at Tennessee's problems lately?
Why in the hell are we still dependent, and getting more and more dependent on the stinking middle east towelheads for oil? Why aren't we producing our own oil and telling those towelhead scumbags to go f*ck off? The lowlife, Clintoonista slimeballs have whacked production in this country by buying up with US Taxpayer monies huge tracts of land with enormous oil reserves, as a ploy called "national monuments", which effectively prohibits any US companies from exploring and drilling for crude, except Occidental Petroleum, GoreBore's cash cow company. Can't anyone in the do-nothing US f*cking Congress see this? Am I the only one who can see this scam? Can't be. If this were done by private citizens instead of the president/vice president criminals, they'd already be in federal prison.
I'd now have to lump Newt Gingrich into the Clintoonista Apologista Camp, since he's cowering on indicting and prosecuting the Bubba criminal; defending him actually. There was a time when Ol' Newt would take Clintoon on, but the Clintoon moron won: Newt dug his own hole and got caught in criminal and other questionable activity. The Clintoons had all kinds of "raw data" from FBI files on him, and threatened to use it publicly. Newt backed down and resigned. He's a cowardly piece of shit, who should go away and stay out of America's daily life and future.
What a waste of money and time the so-called G8 Summit is. If these idiots had stayed home where they belong, the cost of the entire soiree would have paid for the debt of the world's 22 poorest nations. Isn't dining on caviar and braised lamb, while "discussing third world hunger and poverty", just a tad bit hypocritical? Uh, wait a minute: if this is the "G8", why are there nine morons in this picture? If these shitheads can't even count to ten, what the f*ck are they doing with all of our hard-earned money and so much power?
Speaking of wastes of time and (US Taxpayer) monies: the so-called Camp David, US-brokered meetings between Israel and the Palestinians will never go anywhere. There will never, never, never be peace in that region without a nuclear war to "settle ancient grievances". Period. I say give them tactical nuclear weapons and let 'em have at it. Let's see who survives; winner take all. shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoon is again spending our billions to buy a pathetic "legacy" for his sorry criminal ass.
Reality check: does getting poor countries hooked up to the InterNet guarrantee they'll become affluent? Not to my logical way of thinking. But the G8 morons seem to think so, with Bubba-The-Idiot leading the way. What the f*ck are starving, AIDS-riddled Africans going to do when they logon to or Are we going to foot the bill for their purchases too? I don't f*cking think so. What good is the Net going to be to any of them? C'mon, I need some help with this flawed line of reasoning.
The cowards, idiots, lib-dem filth and other assorted scumbags in the US Senate have done it: created a class system which discriminates against white males, in favor of everyone else. Senators Fat Stupid Teddy "wanna go for a drunk drive over a bridge, my dear?" Kennedy of Massachusetts (does the name Chappaquiddick sound familiar?), a Democrat, and Republican Gordon Smith of Oregon, a true lowlife coward during impeachment hearings, authored this abortion of a bill. Our ancestors fought a revolution to get us out from under such inequality before the law and here we are when 44 liberal slime Democrats and 13 empty-headed Republicans can seek to change our form of government. Pathetic.
It's official: the Dept of InJustice (DOIJ) lowlifes spent $9.4million of our tax dollars to prosecute Microsoft, or so they claim. More likely, it was several times higher. And for what? To break-up the finest software company in the world? Bull-f*cking-shit. The morons, scumbag, cretins, idiots and slimeballs at DOIJ all use MS software, as does the myopic, diseased, shaker, alcoholic Janet "Waco" El-Reno. Never fear, as the $9.4million-plus travesty will be overturned upon appeal, thereby making the DOIJ look like the filth they are.
Finally, voters are realizing that neither GoreBore or Clintoon had anything to do with this robust economy, although they mistakenly gave them credit for it in both '92 & '96. It was Reagan and Bush who started it back in the 80s; the lib-dem slime merely rode the wave and took credit for it on their criminally-operated "watch".
The bigoted, racist Hitlery Clintoon is now visiting synagogues in the hopes of negating her "f*cking Jew bastard!" remark. I'll bet it took days to find a rabbi the DNC could "pay off" not to be angry about that evil remark. This nasty Hitlerian bitch has a long and checkered history of racism, as does her co-moron, Bubba, yet no one seems to be holding her feet to the fire for it. How many times does it need to be proven that she's a slimeball liar and so undeserved of holding any office, except Chief Bitch of the Sewer? Why the f*ck don't New Yorkers wake up and run this arrogant, lying bitch out of the state?
Think I'm being too hard on Mrs Clintoon? Then, read this. And this.
Isn't it a shame that we have to worry about terrorist biological or chemical attacks within our own borders? Simply because the criminal Clintoonista scum are afraid to find and destroy the terrorist cells operating around the world. Appoint me dictator for 48hrs and all "problems" in America would disappear, as well as around the world. I'd "resolve" them harshly, brutally and finally; then, we could all relax, enjoy life and not worry about terrorist scum attacks at any national or world events.
Now that the Boy Scouts of America have had their right to choose and associate reaffirmed by the Supreme Court decision last month, the socially-bigoted and corrupt leftist lib-dem slime have started to retailiate. f*ck them; stay the moral course, BSA, and keep the homo scum at bay. If the corrupt United Way cuts off your funding, I and other Americans will take up the slack and contribute. As an Eagle Scout ('63), you can count on me.
Clintoon's moron buddy, the PM of of the UK, is a pervert lover. He wants to dis-allow publishing addresses and pics of perverts who've molested and murdered children, in favor of privacy. Hey, I would execute the subhuman filth if I were a "position of power"; elect me Dictator for 48hrs. I'll clean up the EARTH and every f*cking lowlife country, such as the UK and the USA. Nothing perverted will remain. Vote for me.
Think I'm being too hard on perverts and child molesters? Then, read this.
shit-for-brains Clintoon wants to "issue an apology for past slavery issues"? Huh? Not for me you don't, Bubba moron. My ancestors were poor English-Irish-German immigrants who never had slaves, so there's nothing for me to apologize for. Apparently, most of America feels the same way.
Now that they've failed miserably, everyone knows that the so-called Middle East Peace Talks never had a chance of succeeding in the first place. It was merely a ploy by the First Liar to get a "legacy" of some kind - other than what everyone knows he really is and to disrupt the GOP Convention. There will never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never be peace between Jews and Arabs; that's a fact and the nature of the beast. Give both sides some nuclear weapons and let 'em have at it.
AlGoreBore and Irrev Jesse Jack-scum are white trash-idiot scumbags. They've proven it, tens-of-thousands of times to America. Why doesn't America wake the f*ck up and listen?
Listen to Bubba Clintoon: the DNC (Democratioc National Committee) is to blame for all the illegal fundraising in '96, not him. Amazing, simply amazing. He blames someone else for a corrupt organization he controlled and directed in '92 & '96, taking Chi-comm monies in exchange for nuclear secrets and favors by the US Gummint. The Liar-In-Chief has always blamed other, as had the First Bitch, Hitlery, when they've gotten caught in criminal acts. Nothing's changed.

The Pathetic GOP.
Mark my words: GW Bush may now unelectable in November with the questionable selection of Dick Cheney as his VP. The "Bill Bradley health factor" is in play with the electorate; Cheney's damaged goods and unfit to become president if something should happen to Bush. The GOP has now lost the White House and will probably lose the US Congress slim majority, due to Bush's carelessness in the selection process. Unless, the GOP sees Bush's poll numbers dropping and AlGoreBore's rising, Cheney resigns "for health reasons" and GWB picks someone more charismatic, with Cheney most certainly getting a Cabinet position. Otherwise, the lib-dem slime will stay in power. Make no mistake: Cheney's a decent and honorable man, but won't be bringing anything "significant" to the election process to help Bush.
For GW Bush to even consider a psycho like John McCain as VP is ludricrous. During the Republican primary, McCain was a model of civility and sweetness; normally he is a loudmouthed, hotheaded, vindictive bully who should have had his personal and political lights punched out years ago.
Think I'm being too hard on the Grand Old Party? Then, read this.

Execute The Filth.
Hey, did someone, anyone?, call me to "serve" on a panel to watch murderers die? Nope, I don't think so. I'll serve for free; no wait a minute. I'll serve as a witness and I'll travel to any state to gleefully watch each piece of shit subhuman filth who dies on Death Row, attributed to his/her legal conviction-sentence-execution.
As crude, stupid and backward as the Middle East towelhead filth is, they have the right idea about executions. Oh, would that we would adopt such Draconian and permanent deterrents, here. f*ck the ACLU scumbags.
Boy oh boy, do they ever have the right idea about capital punishment. They can easily teach the pathetic, whining liberal USA about the right way to punish murderous scumbags. I love it.
Another lowlife, subhuman piece of shit filth who shotgunned four people to death in a bloody rampage at a grocery store is sentenced to die. And Justice will be duly served, if they can terminate the scumbag in a few years, negating 10-15-20 years of unjustified appeals.
Huh? Executing a murderer is "cruel and unusual punishment"? To sentence to death a person with the mental capacity of a second-grader is illegal? I don't f*cking think so. He head-shot a deputy sheriff over $11 in stolen crab legs, and he deserves to die, regardless of what his moron attorneys claim. His background is irrelevant; he did the crime, now he must face Justice, swift and sure: death.
Oh shit, here it comes: an obscure "Supremes" ruling which struck down a New Jersey hate crimes law that increased prison time for conduct never considered by a jury. But last week, a U.S. appeals court ruled that the same principle applies in thousands of federal drug cases, and analysts believe that dozens of other state and federal statutes may be unconstitutional based on the ruling. Net net: 61,000 federal drug prisoners can sue for reduced sentences or possibly get off completely. Thousands of other state and federal sentences may be too long as well. This will clog the courts with appeals instead of letting them continue to put slime, filth and garbage behind bars. Just another example of our tax dollars at work.
This situation is why subhuman criminal filth should and must be executed: when they're parolled, they commit worse crimes and society's innocents are terrorized and whacked. No parole; death to all of them.
Speaking of innocents, here's a little 8year old girl found murdered in the UK which mistakenly thinks it's a "civilized" country and has no death penalty and when the whacker is found, he'll merely do life without parole. But the little girl is still dead and her family has to carry that horrible grief for the rest of their lives without final closure. The murderer should be executed. Another paper, the Sunday People called for the reintroduction of the death penalty for paedophiles. I'll support that! The Brit's PM, Tony "the phony moron" Blair, doesn't want the public to know where those perverts, lowlifes, scumbags and degenerates live. I do. I want to torture, maim and whack the child molesting filth. You?
What? The lowlife, mentally-retarded subhuman piece of shit whacked two DC Cops; Hey. execute the piece of garbage. Bang Zoom!
Why is the murderous piece of shit, OJ Simp-scum, still walking around? Why hasn't Ron Goldman's father had him whacked six years after a slimeball black jury acquitted him?
Why put a murderer in a mental institution, even if s/he's mentally retarded? Those are precisely the kind of filth which should be executed, and not waste US Taxpayer's that's us! monies keeping them alive.

Bull shit.
No sorry, girlie pie: no one pays for my condoms, if I choose to use them, so why should someone else pay for your birth control pills, lib-dem-slut bitch? C'mon whoredog, give me an answer. Just so you can f*ck anything that comes thru your yard? Nah, bitch-slut, I don't f*cking think so. Open your checkbook and write the check, whinny bed-wetting, hand-wringing bitch.
Well, well, well, the piece of shit idiot who beat trucker Reg Denny in '92 is in the tank for murder. Sure looks like what goes around, comes around. Enjoy death row, scumbag.
Here's one way to rid the Nation of heroin junkies: give them all the ultra-high quality dope they can shoot and let the OD (overdose) and die. Pretty simple, eh?
In another glaring example of people not taking responsibility for their own and their own families' lives, the idiot parents of Columbine HS are suing the HS principal for not noticing the bizarre behavior of the students who murdered all those students. Huh? Ex-f*cking-cuse-me? Isn't that the responsibility of the lazy, worthless, lib-dem goddamned parents? I think so. Any judge in his/her right mind wouldn't allow this shit into court.
The race-baiting, bigot, racist Irrev Jesse Jack-scum is at it again: screaming "murder" in the face of medical fact. And so are other race-baiter blacks, who want to stir up trouble in the self-inflicted hanging death of a troubled black teenager in Missippi.
Why is the Gates Foundation wasting $20million on the third world scum? There are millions of children here in the US who could use that money for food, vitamins and clothes. Hey Billy-boy: keep the cash here, idiot.
Hey hey! Sodomy Insane has cancer and is dying. The US couldn't get to him, but Mother Nature took care of it for the world. Hey hey, I'm dancing in the streets!
Here's a lowlife moron, Darryl Strawberry, who had everything and threw it all away for cocaine. Now he needs cash "to support his family"? Bullshit. He needs cash for his drug habit. Get a job like the rest of us, scumbag. And keep your ugly nose out of the powder.

Deja Vu.
The Web hasn't really been around for that long, but much has changed in its short history and, in Internet years, a lot has happened. That's why, when you come across a historical survey of "the Web as we remember it," it's perfectly fine to use lines like "re-live an era" or "read about the old times." Deja Vu makes it clear: we've browsed a long way, baby. Heck, I've only been on since '95. Check out the site's browser emulator, a nifty, interactive tool that allows you to experience "web surfing" as it happened on the old classics: NCSA Mosaic, Mosaic Netscape, Lynx, line-mode browser, and others. It's history in the making so, um, "gopher it."

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