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Friday, July 2, 2004

Really, it's pretty obvious: liberals and demokkkRATs = traitors and liars; Republicans = cowards; Conservatives = the only real hope America has for survival against the rampant forces of evil, of which there are many at the gates. Clearly, 50% of America is infected with the mental disease called liberalism; the sorry 2000 General Election showed that to be the case. The Enemy Within has taken advantage of every opportunity we've unwittingly given them over the past 60+ years, to politically-divide and socially-manipulate the populace. For example, here's how stupid America has become in the last 8 horrid years of Klintoon-Gore-ism. This is another obvious marker of America's increasing stupidity. And all the while, the liberal-biased lamestream media draw unconscionable parallels between nazis and the Bush Administration. The stupidity and ignorance isn't confined just to America; it's worldwide, and growing by the day. Iraq is a free and sovereign state, and the moronic libs and other scum of the world can't/won't grasp what it truly means. They are the true apologists and appeasers for socialism, anarchism, globalism, communism, liberalism, nazism and now, Islamofascism. And the UN is the most corrupt organization on the face of the earth; they're worthless scum and can't be counted on for anything worthwhile. Gosh, what's the world coming to, anyway?

Around The Garden Center.
The longest day of the year — June 21st, the Summer Solstice — has passed and we're slowly headed back toward Winter and the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, in December. But, in the interim, it's sure nice not to be driving into, and coming home from work, in the dark. Getting light around 5:20am, it's sure nice not to drive into earthquakes in the MidWest, where I grew-up in the 50s and 60s.
For the first time in 14 years, I'm closed on the July 4th Holiday — Monday, July 5th, observed — and will greatly enjoy the day off. NYC's Advisory is well-deserved. Something's afoot, Sherlock. Heads up!
Wow, 1 million/ 3.6 tons of pennies! I have a full 24" glass Coca-Cola bottle bank which holds 10,000 pennies and weighs in at around 32lbs. Along with a 24" Rolling Rock bottle bank filled with dimes, and a Budweiser Beer bottle bank filled with quarters.
Google link bombers? Yeah sure, I've heard of the technique. No, I don't do that shitpola.
Yesterday afternoon, as I drove home from work around 5:30pm, I was behind another SUV when a duded-up male cyclist drifted into the southbound lane to bypass a parked car, and then made a left turn right in front of the car in front of me. I yelled Nooooooo! at the top of my voice as the cyclist was hit at 35-40mph and flew back over the driver-side front fender, his bike mangled and lying in the oncoming lane, and him falling into a prone position on the centerline stripes. I immediately stopped just in front of the accident, while the other SUV stopped just past it, and leapt out to help the downed cyclist. He was moaning; he was hurt bad. Other motorists called 911 and 5 police cars, a fire engine and an ambulance were on-site within 4-5 minutes. It seemed like an eternity. By then, I had traffic stopped both directions, and other motorists had pulled across the two-lane road, with flashers on. The police took charge immediately, interviewed me and many others who'd seen the accident. One lady, who said she and her mother were coming the other way, contradicted the other SUV driver, me and another witness. I called her a moron, because she was probably talking to her mother, and saw the tailend of the hit. "Lady, how do you explain that he's lying on the double-stripe yellow line in the middle of the road, and his cycle is over in your lane? You looked, but you didn't see."
BTW, Happy 4th of July! (left click on the pic). Yes, I'm open all weekend, but closed on Monday; first time in 14 years. Happy 228th Birthday, America! Let freedom reign.

Nice going, dumbass Republican candidate Jack Ryan (IDIOT-IL), on Friday dropped out of the U.S. Senate race in Illinois, buffeted by allegations of sex club forays. Moron, scumbag, lowlife.
US Sen Zell Miller (D CONSERVATIVE-GA) is someone whom I'd be proud to have dinner and a couple of cold ones with, anytime. He's more of an American that all the lib-dem filth in that traitorous party, combined.
The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornikate, Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO-CA), wants to repeal a state law that requires animal shelters to hold stray dogs and cats for up to six days before Killing them. Schwarzenegger is full of (sh)it; this should be applied to all full-time politicians, of all stripes; whack them after 3 days. They're lowlife, subhuman scumbags.
The liberal scumbags on The US Supreme Court handed America a defeat in the War On Terrorism, on Monday. The America-haters that foreign terrorism suspects at a U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba can use the American legal system to challenge their detention, a major defeat for both America and President Bush.
Nice going, President Bush; Iraq is sovereign. Scroll dow to the pics on this thread and see history being made, and especially that note! It's going to The Smithsonian, betcha.
Shoot and whack all so-called Republican lawyers who oppose tort reform. whack them en masse, and dump them into a bacteria-filled pit, mass grave. They're subhuman filth, like liberal-demokkkRAT trash. whack all the lawyers.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scumbags.
Disgraced, impeached ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon first linked Al Queerda to Sodomy Insane, not President Bush. Does that mean that he's a liar, like George Bush, as the lib-dem trash claim? Liberal-demokkkRATs have such a hard time dealing with facts.
Any doubt that TWA Flight 800 wasn't shot down, and that the shit scumfilth Klintoons ordered it covered-up? Read this.
Monica Lewinsky said Bill Clinton is a "revisionist of history" who lied about their relationship in his new memoir, according to a British newspaper. Awwwww gee whiz, fat, bloated Monica whoredog: he's always been a lying piece of filth and a woman-abuser. Gaaaawd, what a dumbass bitch moron.
The bloated, fat, mentally-ill subhuman, lowlife degenerate, liberal-demokkkRAT, Mikey "I Hate America" Moore's partisan, piece of shit shit film, "Fahrenheitfart 7/11", came out, last Friday. It's so full of lies, distortions and stinking bullshit, that to call it a "documentary" is way below disingenuous; it's a bigtime, basal, lib-dem lie. Pure garbage, trash, shit and shit shit. Reviewer Paul Clinton, CNN, is a ass-sucking asswipe lowlife subhuman: he was obviously castrated by the DNC, and is a full-fledged eunuch. Clinton is liberal-demokkkRAT filth. Damned shame it did $8.2 million in one day, thanks to the liberal-demokkkRAT media publicizing it so much.
More dirtbag, lowlife lib-dem political criminals; but they missed one. Mayor John F "scumbag" Street, the most corrupt and crooked politician in Philly.
Howard "The Coward" Dean, is still mentally-ill. I'm glad to see that he's consistent.
And the stooooopid bitch, Eleanor Clift, intones in. What a lowlife subhuman whorebag. Y-a-w-n.
West Virginia coward, liar, deviant, degenerate, lowlife, subhuman US Sen Jay "I Hate America" Rockefeller (TRAITOR-WVa), top DemokkkRAT on the Senate Un-Intelligence Committee, said Friday it would be a mistake to let a politician - "any politician from either party" - succeed CIA Director George Tenet, who leaves next month.
History will not be kind to Klintoon.
Fat, bloated, criminal, liar, scumbag irrev Al Sharp-scum?

Islam, The Cult of Horror™.
Profiling? Yes, absolutely. It's the best way to catch Muslim and Islamic terrorists, and whack them.
What's the matter, Muslim apologists? Don't think Muslims want to whack you and me and all of us proud 'infidels'? Read this and re-think it all in a big hurry.
Allah: demonic or divine? Read this and you decide. Allah had no son; Mo-ham-head was a son-of-a-bitch scumbag lowlife.
Muslim mercy to an Korean infidel prisoner? The sacred Muslim practice of beheading, explained.
And yet, more Muslim mercy to a Jewish infidel prisoner. The sacred Muslim practice of beheading, explained.
And still yet, more Muslim mercy to a captured US Marine. The "sacred Muslim practice" of beheading, explained.
whack all Muslim-Islamic subhuman pigshit filth. C'mon diaperhead pigshit: come f*ck with me in Penna - I'll whack you all in a heartbeat, pigshit lowlife deviants.
Al-queerda thriving on the Net? Damn. I sure wish I could write and send viruses, email bombs etc, and destroy those subhuman filth.
Muslim children beheading other Muslim children, at play. Kinda like 'cowboys and indians'? Not freaking hardly, pal.
World's Worst Islamophobes? I'd be very, very honored to be named to that list. Please nominate me! I hate them and want to whack them all. Remember 9-11? 3,000 Americans didn't go home that day, dammit! Never forget 9-11!
Another prime example of how backward, stupid and ignorant Muslims are. If only we could figure a way out to depopulate the world of all Muslim garbage.
The USA with Libya? Freaking BS! Libya knows who is going to nuke our cities and whack hundreds-of-thousands, and they've opted-off the "retaliation short list". IMO. You disagree? Why the 180-degree turn-around after all these years of hate and terrorism sponsorship?
Don't waste the time; whack this subhuman piece of pigshit Muslim garbage.
The murderous dictator, Sodomy Insane needs Killing, after a fair trial, IMO.

Lowlife, Subhuman, Scumbag Filth.
A dirtbag, lowlife, subhuman, fudgepacker, liberal-demokkkRAT named Jimmie "Rumpo-Raider" Kopanko,, is flooding my email service with porn, junk mail, spam and signing me up at business websites, for all kinds of illegal, bogus services and porno. Please feel free to email him/her/it and let the subhuman know what you think about dirtbag, lowlife lib-dem scum. On second thought, don't; he'll probably start sending you the volumes of shit that my Netscape v7.1 filters out. I'm hoping to track the POS down through his ISP and have him kicked-off the Net.
Lesbian trash want country club priviledges, like normal married folks? BS. Back to the gutters with them.
Gay pride garbage and trash on parade? Yawn. Back to the gutters and bathhouses, subhumans.
Lance Armstrong a lowlife, lib-dem, America-hater scumbag? Disappointing.
Another reason why Europe is a cesspool full of socialists, commies and nazis.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Investigators said Thursday that letters sent to police and a television station appear to be the latest communications from a serial whacker who resurfaced this year after more than two decades of silence. The BTK whacker — the letters stand for "bind, torture, whack" — terrorized Wichita in the 1970s, bragging about seven slayings in letters to the newspaper and television stations. Find the subhuman scumbag, torture and whack him, mercilessly. I volunteer! Me, me, me!
All rapper-shitpers should be arrested and executed for crimes against humanity.
A man convicted of murder when he was 17 won a reprieve from the liberal-scumbag-filled US Supreme Court about four hours before his scheduled execution Tuesday. Lawyers for Mauro Barraza, 32, had argued his death should be delayed because the nation's high court is expected to review the issue of executing teenage whackers later this year. Ruined my week.
A man whose false testimony sent an innocent man to death row before the 1988 documentary "The Thin Blue Line" cast doubt on the evidence was executed Wednesday for an unrelated murder. "Sir, in honor of a true American hero: Let's roll," David Ray Harris said when asked if he had a final statement. "Let's Roll" were the words a passenger was heard saying over a cell phone before attacking the hijackers aboard doomed Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Made my week happy. Good riddance, lowlife subhuman.

The Candy Wrapper Museum.
"Welcome, everyone, to the Candy Wrapper Museum. I'm so glad you could make it. Everybody ready? Good, let's get started. Take a look to your left and you'll see our collection of vintage Clark® bars. Clark had some of candy's most influential artists. The Zagnut®, Nutcracker®, and Crunchy® bars all borrowed heavily from the classic design. OK, moving on. Stay with me, people. Here we have a rare and unfortunately named Plopp chocolate bar. It came to us from parts unknown, but was obviously never intended to be sold in English-speaking countries. Please, no flash photography! It damages the wax. OK, onward. Gather closely, here's what you've been waiting for. Under this glass case is an authentic Mr T® Gold Chain Bubble Gum wrapper. Beautiful, isn't it? Postcards are available in the museum store. I hope you've enjoyed your stay. And please come back again."

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