the 4th
Friday, July 2, 1999

happy anniversary, America. Ummm, let's see: 223? Pretty old and creaky, but younger than many other nations. Especially the backward Balkan country we just finished bombing back into The Stone Age. The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching and it's personally, one of my favorite holidays. I can remember as a kid growing up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, laying in tall grass on a knoll along the west side of the Chicago River, watching gigantic fireworks displays paint the night sky with marvelous colors and patterns. Parents, and sister, aunts and uncles and grandparents were all there, on blankets, with picnic baskets, enjoying the delight and artistry of the displays. Discussion always focused on the freedom of these United States and the opportunities that were available. Perfumes of sweetgrass, gunpowder, the river and the aroma of Italian sausage, home made bread and vino permeated the air. Nowadays, kids go to the local mall and wonder what the fuss is about. As our Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms continue to be eroded by liberal filth at all levels, we who still cherish them continue to fight back any way we can. Instead of going to any of the myriad, mind-numbing BBQs and parties on this National Holiday, I'll spend The 4th contemplating my choices and evaluating my resultant decisions. Besides, I'm working all holiday weekend and Monday, anyway. Big surprise? Not. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Fellow Americans.

Sticky Summers.
The Mid-Atlantic Region Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the District of Columbia is known for its hot and very humid Summers. Not my favorite time of year.
In addition, we're in our third year of drought. Wells are going dry, plants are dying, farmers and other agricultural operations are going under. Many towns have a total watering ban in force. The drought is more widespread than many people realize. The problem is worldwide.
We're okay here. I had four new wells (all between 20-30 gal/min) drilled last Winter and we're using the 30gal/ minute well now. My original two wells have dropped from 11-12 gal/min to 4-5 gal/min, and were running down during the nightly and daily 10-15,000 gal automatic irrigation routines. They're still available as back-ups, but not being used presently.
Without adequate water to irrigate these 20acres, the plant material would be toast and I'd be ancient history.
On Saturday morning, I knew it was going to be a scorcher: 73F when I left for work at 6:30am. By 2pm it was 101F; the so-called Heat Index a melding of the temperature, humidity and wind speed was 113F. The forecast was for the mid- to upper-90s, and they are seldom right; hell, I'd take the 90s over the 100s any day. Humidity everywhere. Gaaawd, it was stifling. Sunday was worse: 103F. After opening the complex on both days, I was soaked by 7:30am and had changed shirts. When working outside in this weather, there is no such thing as dry clothes. Good thing I have some spares in my air-conditioned office. Ummm, the AC is for the computer.
I continually scan, hoping for some sign of relief from this drought. All the approaching storms consistently break-up just after coming through Pittsburgh and either go north or south, seemingly never towards us.
Monday and Tuesday were downright tropical; the Heat Index was over 100F on both days. On Wednesday, the oppressive heat and humidity abated and it was liveable again in the region. We still very much need weeks and weeks of gentle rain. At this rate, I'm expecting locusts or pestilence to visit soon.
Maybe we're into something big?

Drought-Induced, Precision Watering.
Instead of running the same tired old ads that all other garden centers and nurseries run touting product and price, I've taken the high road since day one. In fact, I invented the category in this industry. We've never advertised product, price or performance of any brand. Rather, we take an advocacy position, specifically designed to inform fellow gardeners about the many topics of importance to them.
Because watering plant material is such a problem during these drought years, any tip is much welcomed by my fellow gardeners. Helping plants to survive in sun-baked soils is one thing; getting the proper amounts of water to each plan's root system is quite another.
So, I wrote an ad called How To Make Water Wetter, after reading some rather technical papers (online) on surfactants, which have been around a long time, just never directly applied to gardening.
The ad ran this week and opened some people's eyes to the possibilities.

The Ultimate SUV.
I've lusted after the Hummer since they first arrived in the late 80s, militarily speaking. The civilian version, the Hummer, is available only at a dealership in Harrisburg, PA, about 31 miles north of where I live in York, PA.
The '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8 is a wonderful machine, but just isn't in the HumVee's class.
The Hummers are supposed to retail between $39-55,000 (1996 street price); all the units I test drove were $89-123,000 (1999 street price). All gussied up with wild-scheme paint, full leather, 19 speaker stereo, plush carpets and more. I just wanted the plain vanilla, military version. No such f*cking thing, mister, the pathetic salesman would say.
Being someone who wants what he wants, I decided to do some Web searching.
I gotta do some car lot visits to the nearby Hummer dealers.

Die Scum, Die.
Hey, welcome back to real justice, Philippines. With over 900 people on death Row there, that little crime-teeming country is rapidly catching up to our stinking 3,700+ subhuman filth awaiting their just due.
Why the hell are we obsessed as a Nation with the juvenile plottings of 13 and 14-year old boys, when there are 3,700+ lowlife filth waiting to be executed on Death Row? They've already committed heinous crimes against innocents in society and they deserve to be put to death, as prescribed by the US Court System. It's absurd. As a country, we our priorities twisted and perverted.
Although there'll probably be endless appeals clogging up the courts, this piece of shit needs to die for knowingly murdering his wife, yet claiming the sleepwalker's defense. Bullshit.
Yet, this three-time murderer merely got life in prison. That'll cost us Taxpayers $40,000-60,000 per year to keep him cozy and comfy in a prison.
This piece of subhuman garbage isn't caught, tried, convicted and appealed yet? f*cking amazing. C'mon, Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) et al. Check the orchards, idiots. Okay, okay, they all look alike.
Murdering an infant as revenge against its mother absolutely requires the death penalty. And why is the scumbag on a death watch? Let him whack himself, if he's so inclined; think of all the money the Taxpayers will save on a trial and prison costs.
An international mass murderer and criminal, Ocalan needs to die for the tens-of-thousands of deaths he's caused.
Hopefully, California will have the balls to put this murderous subhuman piece of garbage to death.
No need to allow these animalistic bitches to remain in society; execute them too.
Put the stinking, con-artist, shithead in prison where he belongs; better yet, deport the little scumbag and let that shithole, bananna-republic county foot the bill.

Unending Liberal-Scum Lies.
It just f*cking never ends. Lie upon lie upon generalization upon fabrication. Miles of piles. Well, finally the piles of shit caught up with the disgraced and William Jefferson-of-a-Bitch Clinton.
Bubba is back trying to meddle with areas he knows nothing about: Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, education, child care and campaign finance. His lies about blowjobs in the Oral Orifice paralyzed this Nation for almost two years until he was impeached by the courageous US House of Representatives and disgraced the Office of President. The US Senatorial cowards caved and let him off.
Would you buy a used White House intern from that man?
The stinking liberal democrats are once again trying to meddle in domestic affairs, creating their own nefarious brand of socialism and fascism with social programs designed to keep the participants helpless and totally dependent upon the government.
The liberal garbage now running Walt Disney Co. have f*cked thousands of people worldwide. Their movies are dogshit, their politics border on communism and fascism, their ethics and morals are non-existent. Better to have folded the entire operation than turned control over to liberal slime scum. The Disney family is trash for doing so. Old Conservative Walt's spinning in his grave, now.
The liberal media lowlifes have weighed in with their insignificant opinions. What's an honest, undecided American to believe? Liberal scum? No f*cking way.
This is too much; I can't believe it's happening and those Clintonite filth are getting away with it. Trials, firings and department purges should be commonplace. People should be going to prison for what's happened. The White House lied about our national security.
Anytime a piece of dogshit, facist, communist, socialist, liberal democrat says that something can be accomplished at "very little" cost to taxpayers: watch out! We're all about to get royally-f*cked six ways to Sunday.
Speaking of lying, f*cking scum: Web Hubbell and Hitlery Clinton: both should be in prison for untold felonies and other crimes. Judge Starr hasn't pursued them with the same zeal he did with Bubba and Monica. Pity.
Scared-to-death Web Hubbell rolled-over one more time for the Clinton scum. He's pleading guilty so Hitlery won't be called as a witness in his trial. Hitlery either perjured herself in testimony before a Federal Grand Jury, or committed fraud by fictitious billing at the Rose Law Firm. The American People lost the right to see Hitlery's Lies firsthand. Sad day for New York State, having to decide upon a congenital liar for their US Senator.
Listen to the Liar In Chief say there are budget surpluses; there aren't, it's a myth. An accounting trick by both Republicans and Democrats. Pure lies. The Clinton moron wouldn't know the truth if it was right in front of him.
Once again, Clinton lied directly to the American Public, in order to fund his fascist, socialist programs. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) also called him a liar. We had a chance to rid this Nation of the Clinton slime, but we blew it back in January when the cowardly US Senate acquitted the scumbag.
Sure, it is benevolence, but it's clear and obvious essence is communism-socialism-fascism; can you dispute it, any liberal lowlife?
This little piece of shit must also be a liberal-in-the-making; he's lying on a grand scale at a very early age. Jail the little scumbag punk.
So much for truth, justice and the American way.

Okay, Pennsylvania has the cowardly moron, US Senator Arlen Specter, who voted to acquit the impeached, lowlife, son-of-a-bitch Clinton back in January. Shame. Now we have a group of idiots on the so-called Supreme Court here in Pennsyl-tucky who have overturned part of Megan's Law, dealing with sexually violent predators of children. Double shame.
The court ruled Wednesday that the law improperly presumes certain people are guilty by classifying them as "sexually violent predators" for life. Hey SC idiots: they've been convicted and they'll probably molest and/ or whack more children if the communities aren't warned that they're living there.
I firmly believe that all child murderers/ molesters should be tried, convicted and executed. Hurting and/ or Killing innocent children is the most heinous of all crimes. Castration both physical or chemical is a liberal joke to get around their bed wetting, hand wringing aversion to Capitol Punishment. Bullshit. Termination with extreme prejudice is the solution which guarantees they'll never repeat that act on another child.
If it's just a simple matter of not having someone willing to carry out the sentence, email me; I can leave right now and do the job right away. At my expense; not a dime to other Taxpayers.

Here's an unflinching, satirical presentation of major political issues like crime, healthcare, and human conflict. Using the Web's multimedia mix to full advantage, this collaboration from PBS-sponsored WebLab is informative, 'zine-style programming dedicated to "the eradication of boredom in the media and the body politic." Check out Vision Things such as the video called "Selling Cars." And don't miss the animated rendition of 10 simple reasons why we can't all get along.

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