liberal broth

friday, july 30, 2004

nstead of sitting around, incessantly sniping at President Bush and the US Military, sipping "liberal coward broth", hating America and Conservatives, the wacko liberal poison Left-Wing Nuts — and the rest of The Enemy Within™ — should be rounded-up and put into "re-education camps" and forced to watch 24 hour, non-stop TV news footage of 9-11, Sodomy Insane's rape/torture/murder rooms and the unearthing of Iraqi mass graves. Those hard-core Lefty wacko filth who can't be converted, should be summarily tried and locked away for life; no chance of parole. They're a waste of oxygen and a "clear and present danger" to America, as is the murderous, degenerate cult of Islam. Free and unfettered speech is guaranteed under the First Amendment, but actively working and trying to destroy this Nation, in a time of war, when our very lives are in peril, is a treasonous and seditious offense, and should be treated as such, and punished by death. The much-maligned Patriot Act provides for that very situation, and should be implemented post haste. All verminous, hate-America, liberal-socialist-commie filth should be contained and selectively eliminated. But wait: the liberal-demokkkRATs' party is slowly strangulating and Killing itself. It's dying a slow death; it's gradually imploding. Soon, it'll be unrecognizable. What's that old saying: "When your enemy is self-destructing, get out of the way". Glad to oblige.

Around The Garden Center.
Another week of rain and humidity, and I wasn't able to get the office, bathroom and retail building's concrete floors painted. The mid- and long-range forecasts aren't very promising either: more of the same, for the wettest July in 15 years, and what's shaping up to be a very wet August. I'm determined to get it all done before we close up landscaping in Nov-Dec, come hell or high water. Whatever that means.
The dark and illicit side of email spam is right here.
Be careful if you have one of these Hibiscus plants in your garden!

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It looks as though the illegal AWB (assault Weapons Ban) Bill is going to "sunset", aka die. Bravo, President Bush. By not renewing it this week, it's too late to renew it before its expiration date in September. By the time you read this, the US Congresscritters will be leaving for the month of August and won't return until the September renewal deadline.
The damage done to Pennsylvania by the scumbag Republican-controlled legislature, is huge. All should be recalled and impeached, or at the very least, voted out of office.
George Will is not a Conservative; he's a loser-doper, RINO scumbag, and contributing to the problem.
Yes, TWA Flight 800 was shot down with a missile.
What's wrong with this headline? "US Offers Citizenship To 7000 Ahiska Muslims". Hey DHS: wake-up, dammit!

The Liberal-Hate-America-demokkkRAT Convention Kerry-Okie Scumfest.
The DNC Convention at The Fleet® Center in Boston, Taxachusettes? Isn't Fleet®, an enema? Ummmm, too much information.
What a circus of losers, liars and lowlifes. So many liberal-demokkkRAT scumbags, deviants, degenerates and has-beens, where to start? Day One live thread is here. Day Two live thread is here. Day Three live thread is here. And Day Four live thread is here.
No, John F(ucking) Kerry has no core values. He's a lying piece of Muslim-loving pigshit, a phony and a liar, a coward, a traitor, a punk, a socialist-commie, a moron and a faux (neutered = sterile) gigolo. Kerry's a fraud, a turd, a lowlife subhuman ass-boy, as are all liberal demokkkRATs. He's hollow and he'd sell-out America to the UN at the very first opportunity. Kerry = shit.
AlGoreBore-The-mentally-Ill-Liar's "speech"? Bwwwwwwaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!
The 9 liberal-demokkkRAT women US Senators are botox-bitches, fat, subhuman, freakshow, whitetrash pigs, backing-up the bloated, fat, ugly, lesbian-bull-dyke, carpet-muncher pigface, Babs Mikulski (homo-MD) — Clinton, Stabenow, Murray, Boxer, Feinstein, Cantwell, Lincoln, Landrieu — were a sorry sight at the DNC gathering of lesbian-alcoholic-liberal-druggie-harradans.
The failed, disgraced, do-nothing, lowlife piece of shit, run-out-of-office, lowlife, ex-president Jimmah Carter-Farter was on at 9pm, and he was in dire need of a padded room. Carter-Farter is an abject failure of humanity; he's subhuman trash.
Proof that abortion should be applied in certain cases: lowlife, subhuman, degenerate, deviant, ass-boy, ballerina-dancer-homo Ronnie Reagan, Jr. Dumb shit can't get the facts straight.
They trotted-out the "Rev" David Alston, a lying moron, coward, liar, traitor, hate-America scumbag. Alston is cowardly, treasonous shit.
They even trotted out the stinking, lowlife, criminal bitch-filth in her rank, crotch-rotted, yellow pantsuit: Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, US Sen from NY state. What a puking experience she is. Can you believe the lies? Did you see when disgraced, impeached, lying ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon came out on stage? Pathetic.
The disgraced, impeached, lying, criminal, shithead, deviant, failed, degenerate, ex-president Bubba Jeffy "Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me" Klintoon, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, and then some, as the event "headliner". Klintoon is a pile of steaming shit.
Barack Obama, a bat-eared liberal and jovial lib-dem "house boy", and his minority lowlife, subhuman garbage — were on the lib-dem-slave auction block, Tuesday night. No, I didn't watch the lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT filth. Barack Obama is lib-dem garbage.
The illiterate, degenerate scumbagette, Maya Angelou, a talentless, ugly, fat, bloated pig, who smells like pigshit from 500ft, upwind, waddled onto the stage and lulled the liberal-demokkkRATs into a iambic-pentameter coma. What a pathetic subhuman. I know this from listening to The Savage Nation; Mikey played that sweathog's soporific diatribe against Whitey, 3x. Puke slut.
Teresa Heinz-Ketchup-Kerry bitch tells the wild-eyed lib-dem Kool-Aid crowd that the anti-war protesters are America's "true patriots", but couldn't find anything good to say about U.S. troops fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. What a hate-America, lowlife bitch. She's certifiably nuts.
Fat, bloated, lying criminal, lib-dem house-boy lowlife, Irrev Al Sharp-scumbag was on, without Tawanna Brawley, and made another moron out of hisownself.
Bloated, old scumbag, disgraced soon-to-be-ex-US Sen Bobbie "I Hate America" Graham (moron-FL), droned on and on about nothing. He's a piece of subhuman shit.
The endless parade of criminal, shitfilth Klintoon scum is endless: Billy-Bob shitheadscum (Richardson) (moron-NM), the mindless illegal alien, waddled onto the stage and lied about BJ Klintoon. Surprise!
Did you hear the mindless, moron, lowlife, empty-suited Johnnie "I Hate America" Edwards? He wants to socialize-communize-naszize America, through liberal-demokkkRATs' garbage socialist, programs. He's a lowlife, degenerate, deviant, dirtbag, commie, abortion-lover, scumbag. Edwards is pigshit, a supporter of Islamic pigshit filth; he's a coward, as is Kerry, the french homo. Both are liars; each are subhuman dirtbags.
The crooked, criminal, lying scumbag trial lawyer, Johnnie "The Breck Girl" Edwards (LIAR-NC), intoned that Kerry, who couldn't find his own ass with both hands with the aid of his whorebag Heinz-Kerry-ketchup-bitch wifey, is a "decisive, strong leader". To show what the collective idiot-moron-cretin DNC crowd is, they actually nominated the Lurch-boy-asswipe-scumbag. morons, all.
Ismael Ahmed, a Michigan delegate to the lib-dem's "convention", is a terrorist-supporting, pigshit Muslim subhuman dirtbag. Ahmed, the founder and executive director of ACCESS — the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, based in Dearborn, Michigan. ACCESS helped two men who were CONVICTED of being in a Detroit Al-Qaeda sleeper cell with plans for bombings. Ahmed is pigshit and needs to be whacked. But he's a "loyal" lib-dem operative, and will be protected.

Lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
Kerry's slipping and sliding into the gutter. I love it when lib-dem whitetrash garbage, self-destruct.
Sleazeball, stupid, piece-of-garbage PA Gov "Fast Eddie" Rendell (moron-PA), didn't see fit to visit the tornado-ravaged Campbelltown PA, last week, as all governors traditionally do, in their homestates. Rendell's a lying, crooked, scumbag, liberal-demokkkRAT who should be in prison. Here's some pics of the devastation.
The foul-mouthed, psychotic and mentally-ill, gold-digger Teresa Heinz-Ketchup-Kerry bitch tells a reporter to "shove it"? Bravo, ugly, stupid bitch! The Heinz-Kerry bitch is a liar! And watch-listen, here. She's as bad as mentally-ill John F(ucking) Kerry, flipping the bird to a VietNam Vet. Kerry's a liar, fraud and fake.
And the murderous, fat, bloated, alcoholic Teddie "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy, commander of the SS Oldsmobile, weighs-in, too on the 25th Anniversary of Mary Jo Kopechne's murder. Fat Teddie should be doing a life sentence for homicide.
Speaking of fat, bloated pigs, Linda Rondstadt's personal career destruction tour, continues. Linda Ronstadt is a bigot.
She's back: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR filth) is congratulating former disgraced, driven-out-of-office US Rep Cynthia McKinney for winning her primary race in Georgia's 4th congressional district.
Denzel Washington's an "ex-slave"? Grow up, rich boy.
9/11 Commissioner and disgraced, run-out-of-office, ex-US Sen Bob "America Sucks" Kerrey (SCUMBAG-NE) said Friday that he believed impeached, disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton told the Commission he "misspoke" in a 2002 speech where he detailed an offer from Sudan to have Osama bin Laden extradited to the US.
Mentally-ill, ketchup bitch Heinz-Kerry drones on. Stupid, dumb-assed bitch.
Mafia friend, Stephen "Turdboy" Bing and his two-dollar whore, Liz Hurley, have "donated" millions to defeat President George Bush. Waste of money, morons.
Maxi-Pad Cleland is a failed, degenerate, hateful, lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag liar, who blew himself up in Nam, and thinks America owes him a living. He's garbage.

Islam, The Religion Cult of Horror™.
Can you handle what Israel goes through, on a daily basis, slaughtered by the subhuman Muslim pigshit terrorist filth?
More compassion from the Muslim pigshit. Any doubt they all need to be whacked?
Un-freaking-believable: the US Military has a bullet shortage for Killing subhuman, lowlife Muslim pigshit filth? Hells bells, I've got 40,000 rounds of .223cal (AR-15) and .308cal (AR-10) ammo, alone. I'd be glad to donate most of it; just ask, DOD, and ye shall receive.
Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein spends his time in solitary confinement writing poems, tending a garden, reading the Koran and eating American muffins and cookies. WTF? whack him!
Godspeed, Israel. Do what needs to be done.
More empty threats from the Muslim filth at Al Queerda. Yawn.
The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, its executive director, its chairman and five other men were named in a 42-count indictment, after federal authorities accused it of being a financial arm of terrorists faces charges of conspiracy, dealing with terrorists and money laundering. Buh-bye Muslim garbage!
More and more Muslim pigshit is coming across the Mexican border, and we're doing nothing about it. In fact, they're all over the place, and are up to something, IMO.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.
First, it was the UK, then most of Europe, then Australia, and now Brazil, being dis-armed by the commie-socialist scum gun-grabbers. The criminals are still armed; the citizenry isn't. Guess who loses, bigtime?
The dirty little scumbag-fag, Ronnie Reagan Jr, is a mentally-ill twerp and should be hospitalized for life.
lesbian couple divorces in Canada? Who cares?

Some People Just Need Killing™.
This man, Daniel Joyner of Elburn, Ill, was arrested in the town of Geneva last month, after allegedly sodomizing the pit bull-boxer mix with a bottle before having sex with the animal himself.

Zen Gardens.
In these stressful and hectic times, a calming influence is always welcome. This soothing site examines the meticulously designed and well-manicured spaces of Japanese gardens in Kyoto, Japan. Their meditative effects will surely lure you into a sense of calm and reflection. Each garden is accompanied by photos, a short movie, and a map showcasing the highlights of the area. Tour the mossy grounds of Saiho-ji, the dry garden of Taizo-in, or the lovely ponds of Ginkaku-ji. With over 20 gardens to visit, you're sure to find one that transports you. If you're interested in learning more about the art behind the landscapes, you'll discover information on the history and the essential elements of gardens. The art behind these delightful designs is anything but lost in translation.

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