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Friday, July 31, 1998

i have a very difficult time understanding how some people can allow others — the local, state and federal governments — to take responsibility for their lives; to guide them through every facet of life, without having the freedom and concurrent joy which comes with running their own lives. It's completely foreign to me, allowing others to take responsibility for my life; ummm, I don't think so. Yet, millions coast through life being told how, what, when and where to do things, and like lemmings, allow others to steer their ship. Life is not a dress rehearsal; we all get one chance to get it right. Many never take their full shot.

Just Flush The Cash, Stupid.
You have a far better chance of being hit by lightening 14 times in one year, than winning something as stupid as Powerball. Odds are 80,000,000:1; some chance, huh? It's a monument to the collective public's greed and stupidity to even get involved in a game of chance as this.
At the local convenience stores, I see elderly people paying out hundreds of precious dollars from both their fixed-income Social Security checks and monthly pension checks to play the Pennsylvania Lottery and hear about them travelling to states where this idiotic Powerball is licensed. When I see them counting out hundreds and handing it over to the ticket taker, I am morally obliged say to each one, Hey, just flush it down your toilet 'cause you haven't got a snowball's chance in hell of winning, ma'am or sir. It really bursts their bubble to be brought back to reality. I'm hoping that just one I gently humiliate will stop wasting their income and subsequently not have to buy dogfood and catfood tins to live on, because they can't afford real food anymore. It's so pathetic; there are hardly words for describing it.
It's obscene that states are involved in this corruption and degradation of the elderly, as well as welfare families who spend their checks to play the State Lottery, with no f*cking hope of winning. Yet every week, they are there at the store buying hundreds of dollars worth of worthless tickets which litter the floors of their homes, along with the saltine wrappers and animal food cans they're living on because of false hope.
Many states still have State Liquor Stores to sell to the public, yet the anti-drunk driving programs are so harsh, it's a goddamned wonder the public hasn't instituted a class action suit to get the states out of the liquor business! What the hell's wrong with that picture? Plenty!
It sure won't be the elderly or poor who win anything, if and when there is a winner, next time around. The stupidity continues on a mass scale.

Missed Me.
The story was everywhere this past week: the evil and dreaded CIH Virus would strike on Sunday, the 26th and wipe every BIOS off the face of the Earth. Didn't happen to either of my machines.
I checked the newly downloaded Norton Anti-Virus files and it wasn't there; there was a manual disinfect program available on their site, but it was a pain to go through. The easy fix was to not turn on the machine until after midnight, 27th.
It created quite a scare nationwide by predicting fatal consequences for millions of computers and all the data residing therein. I still think it was a hoax generated by someone who wanted to keep millions off of the Net on the 26th, so s/he would have all the bandwidth to themself. Smart thinking, if true.

Don't Waste The Time.
I don't know why anyone would waste the time to try to save the gunman who whacked two Capitol Police Officers and wounded a visitor on Friday afternoon. The idiots actually took him into surgery and wasted the hospital's and taxpayers' money (since the hospital will bill the gov't for services rendered) and he's now in intensive care (ICU) at $5,000 per day. A shit-for-brains Republican Senator named Frist actually kept the slimeball gunman alive and ignored the mortally wounded Capitol Police Officer. For that stupidity, he deserves recall and impeachment.
All the police had to do was wait and let him die on the floor where he was shot or, better yet, stand on his throat and crush his trachea; then simply replace the blood stained carpet at a whole lot less than it'll take to nurse him back to health and try him for murder and house him in prison for the rest of his unnatural, mentally ill life. Hey, maggots and flies gotta eat, too; throw the carcass into the woods.
Subhuman scum need to be allowed to die without expending energy and resources needed for law abiding citizens. Way too much effort is made in either saving, housing or rehabilitating filth when citizens are in need of those resources and funds. Let the criminals die, by the tens-of-thousands, if possible. They deserve nothing more or less. There is no point to finding out why this moron shot and whacked two cops; the fact that he did merits death, swiftly and surely, in and of itself.
Someone has to have the guts to make the decision; treat the victims, let the criminal(s) die. They could take a solid lesson from Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Death about how to evaluate the relative merits of life v death. Don't waste the time, care or resources on scum.
They're still trying to save this piece-of-shit's life, at the expense of two dead cops and the American public. Why? So he can languish like "Chuckle-head" Charles Manson, John "Jodie Foster" Hinckley, Jr, "Son Of Sammy" David Berkowitz and all the other thousands of filth, at our expense? C'mon, America, wake up and accelerate the death penalty.
What are we waiting for? Why aren't those needles plunging into veins? Why aren't those cyanide tablets dropping? Why aren't the 220v switches being thrown? Where's the justice for the victims and protection for society's future generation?
The balance of Liberty vs Security is an impossibility; security demands the loss of liberty, while liberty mandates that security become third-rate. Giving up a tad bit of liberty for security is a small price to pay to keep murderers, rapists and child molesters out of society for good.
A murderer is a murderer and needs execution.

The Lying Clintonites.
In what will be a real coup de grace if he can be finally forced to tell the truth, Slick Willie The Lying Bubba has been subpoenaed to testify about the quality of Monica's blowjobs. Everyone knows he's waiting until the last possible moment — aka stonewalling — so he'll have a better idea of what to lie about, after all other testimony is in.
I just love the criminal lawyer, bastard Kendall's comment: I have been working with Starr’s office, to "ensure that the grand jury gets the information that it needs." These lib-dem scums are such f*cking lowlife morons; how can they lie to the world when the world knows they are liars of magnitude? They need to be called on it. I'd do it in a heartbeat if I could get into a press conference. The chickenshit media needs to grow some brass balls.
The Clintonian scum, aka Bubba his-own-self has been told to answer the recent subpoena and prepare to testify, finally. If Starr's smart, and I believe he is, he'll get Clinton to testify before Lewinsky, so that the stories (read, lies) can be compared for perjury charges later. The stonewall is beginning to crumble.
Hey, it's time to indict jail this myopic, ignorant Reno bitch for being Slick Willie The Bubba's personal legal counsel in charge of stonewalling. Apparently others are more pissed off than I. Go, Danny go!

Welfare State.
Just what we don't need: another welfare state. This would be the Union's 51st State, and a true welfare state. It's a shame we can't just cut Puerto Rico loose and let them fend for themselves; they're lazy and non-industrious people who just want welfare handouts. Why we've kept them as a dependent commonwealth commonwealth all these years is a mystery. Now they want to be our 51st State in the Union. Bad idea.
Since 1898, we're propped those lowlifes up with billions in aid and welfare and they still can't get it right. They still can't make it work on their own. Puerto Rico would be better off totally independent of the USA. Either swim or sink on their own, for a change. I'd vote for that.
The US doesn't need more welfare; we need millions less on those lib-dem commie-socialist programs, sapping the collective strength and will to take responsibility for their own lives. By adding 14 million-plus Puerto Ricans to the welfare roles, we do our country and those people a great disservice. Cut 'em loose.

Union Scumbags.
Still ruining business in this country, the filthy union lowlife has bled its membership and American business almost to the point of bankruptcy. It's way past time for an arbitrator to rule against the UAW morons and order them back to work. The tally is over $2,000,000,000 (2 billion) lost by GM so far.
And the most crooked, mafia-run scum organization, Teamsters, has had another so-called president, Ron Carey, expelled for campaign fund violations, tied into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton. Of course, the three former presidents went to prison or were whacked, like Jimmy Hoffa. This is a group of lowlifes who should be disbanded and removed permanently from the American scene.
On Tuesday, the UAW scum finally settled the illegal strike after causing GM to lose billions and over 200,000 workers to lose pay. These lowlife union officials should be doing prison time for the crimes, not continuing to f*ck up the American economy.

Execute The Traitor.
It's just f*cking amazing what the corrupt legal system here in the US allows when another traitor is discovered in the intelligence community. What's with spies selling out their country? whack them all; dump the bodies into a vacant lot. Maggots gotta eat, too.
Instead of being executed as he should be, a beneficent plea bargain is made and the f*cking Groat scumbag gets to keep his government pension! Can you goddamned believe that? He sells out this country and gets to keep his pension, which you and I contribute to. The Dept of Justice (DOJ) are a pile of shit-for-brains-cowards. They're incompetents and morons to allow a subhuman piece of filth like this to go free. All for some lame excuse of national security. That Groat motherf*cker compromised national security. They could hold the trial in a secure and private courtroom,l convict him and let me execute him with my .357 Magnum. I'm beyond outraged. Can't you tell?
I'd be most happy to put a .357 Magnum through that motherf*cker's head in a heartbeat! As low an moron criminal as Clinton is, he's not in the same league as a traitor. This Groat scumbag needs to die. If I ever run into him, I'll whack him outright and no jury anywhere will ever convict me. Bet on it.

Our Research Money.
Another item in the just f*cking amazing department is a story of Male vs Female Fart Smells, being funded by the once prestigious Nation Institute of Health (NIH).
I just couldn't believe that several million dollars of our taxes were spent in collecting and smelling farts, or flatus, if you're so inclined. Read about the collection and smelling procedures; it's a hoot, or er toot.
The results: women's farts smelled worse, but men farted more to compensate. Well duh, now the nation is more secure and we can all sleep better.

Quick Employment.
Jeeez, hire these people at whatever price (how about the cost of keeping 3-4 murderers alive in prison at, say, $50,000 per year each. These guys can help to keep the Nation alive; murderers only whack others. What's the logic problem here?
shit; hire these folks.
Or, hire and have the previous hacker re-train this guy into an asset.
Or, hire a this guy to oversee it all.
Julius Caesar said in 50-AD, Keep your friends and family close; your enemies closer. In 49-AD, his enemies and friends assassinated him. Tsk, tsk, tsk Julius.

Quid Pro Quo.
Obviously as a payoff to the scumbag Glenn for derailing the past Senate hearings on campaign finance reform, his 2nd space flight is coming up soon. Clinton now has to deliver on the sleazy deal he and Glenn made, just as the Lewinsky affair is about to blow up bigtime.
Glenn used to be an honorable man; he's a lowlife moron since he's become an unabashed liberal democrat. History will record his complicity in the coverup, and he will be sorry for the day he met Bubba and Hitlery.

America, The Gutless.
Forget decency or morality; the American people don't give a shit about what they used to — truth; theynow just care if the pockets are full of jingling change. We have (collectively speaking) turned into a Nation Of Whores.
The subhuman Clintonite Filth has changed the way we view ourselves (collectively speaking) as a Nation; we've (collectively speaking) turned into scum like him. The Scandal Threshold is now so high, thanks to Bubba and Hitlery, that we're inured to it and don't give a f*cking diddly squat (collectively speaking) anymore.
The ignorant morons who voted for Clinton have gotten what they deserved; the rest of us who voted our consciences, got f*cked, bigtime.
With a little luck, Bubba will f*ck-up in the US Grand Jury hearings next month and a link will be proved between Monica's Blowjob Dress and the Clintonite DNA sample taken from her chin area.
The Lewinsky slut needs to wear a bib to catch the dripings.
Now, the weasel, Alterman liberal scumbag really tries his pathetic democratic best to rationalize away the Clintonite Crimes, but he falls far short. He's a two-bit, piece-of-dogshit, trained to server the liberal master. Typical P-M-S NBC shit story.

Superb Reading.
One of the very best sci-fi novels I've ever read is Darwinia, a book I stumbled onto via the Net, ordered through www.borders.com and have re-read twice in the past five weeks, in what little spare time I have. The review is accurate: it's a mind blower of possibilities. If they'd consider making this into a movie, it'd surpass Star Wars and Babylon 5 combined. It's that good.

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