corporate america's enema
Friday, July 5, 2002

ust when we all thought it was safe to go back into the stock market, another accounting debacle is looming big on the horizon. First there was Enron, next up was Global Crossing, then came WorldCom, then came Rite-Aid, Disney, Martha Stewart, and now Xerox, Apple and Loral to come, soon? Hundreds of thousands of people were screwed, and millions more will be. I can understand W's anger and insistence that crooked CEOs go to prison for their crimes. But this is not a government problem; rather it's a moral and legal issue within the business community. Scummy operations like Arthur Andersen LLP need to be folded-up and quashed, never to arise in the business community again. The industry should be self-policing. The federal government must not get involved and try to legislate morality; the US Congress is full of countless criminals, lowlifes, scumbags, degenerates, race-hustlers, deviants, racists, perverts and bigots of all stripes. They're in no shape to legislate anything resembling morals or mores. All the CEOs and CFOs of the aforementioned companies should be doing serious prison time, especially the lib-democRAT lowlife scumbags. Hey Martha: forget the crisis PR firm; your "empire" is in tatters and you're finished. Your new federal prison stripes will soon be all the rage, and your orange melon-peach jumpsuit will need some bigtime hemming. You'll make some 350lb sweaty, chain-smoking bull-dyke a nice "domestic diva bitch". Can't wait to see what you do with the cell and the entire 'B-Block'.

Around The Garden Center.
For every year worked beyond 55, two years of life span are lost? Are they kidding? Apparently not. Here's the actuarial chart. Believe it at your own risk.
As I was going through hundreds of cuttings in GH-1, done last Fall, I happened across 3 trays of well-branched Buddleia x alternifolia, and Chrysanthemum Nipponicum Pacificum, labelled with the date, 9/11/01, in my handwriting. Suddenly, it all came back... I had made and stuck these cuttings, at around 7am that terrible Tuesday morning, gotten the landscape crews off to their projects, and settled in doing paperwork, when Dad arrived at 9:05am, and broke the news of The Massacre of September 11th. I rushed out and bought a 13" TV — the Net was clogged and almost at a standstill — and we all watched in utter disbelief and horror the entire day. Eerie.
If you have Macromedia Flash installed, here's a fun page to visit.
Temps were in the low to mid-90s all week, a varying heat index of 108-115°F and the hum-didity was brutal. When I walk out of the condo at 5:40am and it's already 83°F, I know it's gonna be a stinker of a day. I sent the landscape crews home on Tuesday and Wednesday; I felt sick and left early both days, as well. Connectivity sucked all week, too: my usually reliable WinXP dial-up rate of 53.2k sank to the mid and upper 40s; the heat affects all telephone lines differently. But getting home to my Cable Modem is always nice.
Re-cycled "sludge", on my property? Uh, noooooooooooo, I don't think so. Not for any price paid.
Drunk pilots and pilots drinking in the cockpit while flying? Hmmmm, Reason #458 why I don't fly anymore. The terrorist shootdown of TWA 800 was Reason #1. Any questions?
Hey Texas, we'll take some of that rainfall! We're 55" low on rainfall since '98; no problem.
While 35 of Penna's 76 counties were taken off Drought Emergency status, York county remains on the list and severe restrictions are still in effect. We're barely into July, and the usually hottest and driest months of August and September loom ahead. It's once again looking grim as groundwater supplies aren't being replenished.
I slept-in on The Fourth, had a leisurely breakfast, checked-in at my usual news websites, had Fox News Channel on in the background, and went food shoppping before heading down the the Garden Center & Nursery Complex to feed Pickle, and do some paperwork and major watering of over-stressed plant material. It's a paid holiday for my 18 employees, but I have responsibilities and duties to my company, no matter what else is going on. The roads were crowded with people travelling somewhere in overloaded cars, many pulling trailers for the long weekend. We'll be back at work Friday, regardless; again, responsibilities and duties to my company and commitments to customers. I can't remember a 3- or 4-day weekend since my years in NYC's advertising industry, back in the 80s. Oh well, times and circumstances have changed since then.
The heat wave gripping the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast shows no sign of letting-up anytime soon. I've resigned myself to additional watering of plant material at my 20ac garden center & nursery, on a daily basis, to alleviate the increased stress. There are no signs of rain or T-storms in the 5-8 day forecast, so we'll have to accomplish it ourselves.
The Declaration of Independence is a wonderful document, well worth reading several times a year to remind us what we've been blessed with, as a Nation. And what we'll lose if we don't win the war against terrorism. BTW, Happy Independence Day (aka 4th of July)! Stay safe, stay armed.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horiffic day.
For anyone who doesn't think that there are many, many terrorist cells operating freely within the US, read this. Unless you're a brain dead lib-democRAT scumbag, it should open your eyes.
Worried that broad new police power to fight terrorism will rob them of their civil liberties — whining, wringing bony hands, wetting bunched-up panties — boy-buggering Muslim Americans gathered in the nation's capital to press Congress for protections and hear firsthand from the FBI director. The American Muslim Council is a terrorist-supporting organization, rife with pork-sucking, lowlife subhuman diaperhead terrorist filth. All need to rounded-up, and either executed or deported.
Hey, Pali-subhuman filth: is this the next generation of your moronic, cretinous, idiotic suicide homicide bombers? Nice job, moron lowlife scum. Send some my way; I'd love to whack 'em.
Anyone who doesn't think it's Islam v The West, aka America, read this. It's a war to the death. Gary Sutton, are you listening?
I'm always amazed that junk newspapers like the NY Slimes and other lib-dem fishwrappers, make the murderous subhuman Arabs and Muslim shitfilth, the "freedom fighters" or "heros", and constantly berate Israel for protecting itself.
Moron Muslim dogshitfilth! Fire into the air, in tribal ancient celebration, when US Air Force planes are on a mission, and you 6th century subhuman stone-brain-dead-garbage, are at risk dead assuming cave temperature. Buh-bye!
Liberal-democRAT Philadelphia a terrorist target? Great; blow it and Pittsburgh off of the Earth. No loss. They're loaded and filthy with lib-dem, scumbag trash. No one would miss them or their lowlife, low-rent welfare garbage. Nuke away, diaperhead trash.
Son of a bitch! Damn, the murderous, subhuman Muslim garbage prisoners at Gitmo are getting specially-prepared food, while Americans are missing meals to pay bills. Let 'em eat pigshit soup and drink their own urine. Then execute the filth. Out-freaking-rageous!
Yawn, yawn, yawn... another terrorist attack on July 4th. Didn't happen. I sure wish they'd show their ugly, subhuman Muslim, Allah-filth-sucking, pork-licking, lowlife cowardly faces, so I could whack some of them. C'mon, diaperhead Muslim shitscumbags; prepare to die if you cross my path.
The perfect solution to the Islamic and Arabic terrorism problem: obliterate their unholy sites — Mecca, Medina and the Dome — and without places to pray to, the religion collapses. Simple and elegant.
Personally, I agree with this writer: bin-shithead assumed cave temperature last year. Time to get whack the other subhuman Islamist leaders, and whack as many of their lowlife, boy-buggering, pork-eating, women-mutilating, deviant Allah morons, as possible. Bury the corpses face-down in pits with pigshit and entrails.
Penn professor Stephen Gale is one who knew about the very distinct possibility of 9-11, but no on listened. As did I, back in a January '99 Journal entry (scroll down to 'Scary Stuff'), for which I was roundly castigated by idiot libs and dem in the ensuing months. I think we continue to ignore him, at our own National peril.
I told you so: Muslim "sleeper cells" are beginning to plan and execute civilian suicide-homicide attacks. On July 4th, it happened at LAX at the ElAl ticket counter; soon, it'll be homicide bombers laden with C4 explosives, Killing dozens of innocents in shopping malls, schools, sporting events, as they've done to Israel for the past 2 years. Arm yourselves, and whack them on sight. I will.

shit-for-brains, moronic idiot, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, is to be the keynote speaker at a luncheon hosted by the American Muslim Council — a prime sponsor of worldwide terrorism — in Alexandria, Virginia on Friday, June, 28, 2002. The Bush administration is also scheduled to provide a special briefing to approximately 30 American Muslim Council members prior to Mueller’s speech. Huh and why?
No FBI director has ever broken bread with apologists for the murderers of Americans. J. Edgar Hoover, for all his faults, never addressed the German-American Bund or the American Communist Party. But Robert Mueller III, unembarrassed by his bureau's string of intelligence failures, delivered a lunch talk to the American Muslim Council — a group of lowlife subhuman Muslim shitscum, with well-established links to supporters of anti-American terrorism. Abdurahman Alamoudi, the AMC's executive director, has been strident in his support for the Hamas and Hezbollah terror gangs — both of which are on the US government's list of terrorist groups. Hezbollah, remember, is the ruthless Iranian-backed Islamic fundamentalist group responsible for the bombings that whacked hundreds of Americans in Beirut in 1982, and which continues to bombard Israeli cities from its bases in Lebanon. Alamoudi has also been a vehement defender of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, the blind mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Another board member, Jamal Barzinji, has been investigated by federal authorities for links to al Qaeda. The AMC was also a major fund-raiser for the Holy Land Foundation, a conduit for cash for Middle East Islamist terrorists that was recently shut down by the Bush administration. If all this weren't bad enough, the fact that the AMC is the kind of organization that once had a cop-whacker — Abudulla Al-Amin, formerly known as H. (C)Rap Brown — on its executive board should have given Mueller pause before he accepted an invitation. By addressing the AMC's conference, Mueller discredits the FBI. He's a joke. And America is in more trouble than it knows about.
Hey W, get the US military the hell out of Bosnia; "peacekeeping" isn't for our armies.
Good riddance to JC Watts, the "poster idiot whiner boy" of the GOP. Get a real job, if you can, RINO idiot cretinous-moron.
Hey, the 6th time's a charm, Stevie Boy. Even "a broken clock gets it right, twice a day". Better than your 1-6 effort.

Left-Wing, Lib-Dem Wackos.
Rush sure had it right when he said that libs are wacko when they're out of power. Listen to AlGoreBore criticize W&Co; the lib-democRATs are in real big trouble this November mid-term elections and in '04. What a bunch of pathetic little shitheaded people.
Environmental wackos also power hungry? Read this. Starve 'em, I say, for as long as we can.
Read the headline: GIRL, GRANDMA whackED AS SUV JUMPS CURB. Notice how the liberal-democRATs wackos make it sound as though the SUV did the Killing, and no mention of the driver losing control, until halfway through the story. The libs are such pathetic little people, but unfortunately control way too much of the media and can easily get away with writing this shit.
Nine months after casting the lone vote against authorizing President Bush to use force against terrorists, US Rep Barbara Lee is drawing praise from peace activists and disdain from critics. Three days after the Sept. 11 attacks, Lee voted against a resolution giving sweeping war powers to the president. She's a cowardly, smelly, vile, evil niggress bitch-whoredog.
Brian Williams will succeed Tom Brokaw as anchor of “NBC Nightly News” upon Brokaw’s retirement at the end of 2004. C'mon Tommie "The Cannuck Commie" Broke-jaw-harelip; pls retire earlier. You truly suck dogshit, turd-breath.
Is The People's Republik of Kalifornicate governor, Grey-Out Davis, a lib-democRAT liar? You bet s/he/it is.
A US district judge in The People's Republik of New York ruled the federal death penalty unconstitutional Monday, saying it violates the due process rights of defendants and that innocent people have been put to death. Lowlife, subhuman homo scumbag, deviant and public degenerate lib-democRAT, US District Court Judge Jed Rakoff issued the 28-page ruling while hearing pre-trial arguments in the case of two accused Bronx-based heroin dealers charged with hog-tying, torturing and Killing an informant in '99. If upheld, the ruling would not affect death penalty statutes in individual states.
I love it: the left-wing, lib-democRAT wacko scumbags at the National Education association is crying foul play after a Washington state judge slapped the country's largest teachers union with an $800,000 fine for failing to show up for court on charges that it was illegally spending members' dues on politics.
I'm shocked, just shocked, I tell you: tipped off by the Republican National Committee, elections officials said today that more than 850 people are suspected of illegally voting in two states in the 2000 presidential election, including 402 in both New York and Florida. All were democRATs.
Gaaaawd, what an ugly, scrawny lib-dem piglet, Julia Roberts, whose been "around the block" hundreds of times with dozens of AIDS-riddled lowlifes; she's woefully-damaged goods. Yuk, get the penicillin out.

Lowlifes, Scumbags & Degenerates.
Oh boy, the weenie-wagging, pooter-puffing homo, George Michael, is criticizing W and the socialist, Tony Blair in a cartoon video. I'll bet The White House is trembling in its shoes. hey Georgie boy: go pack some more fudge, scumbag.
Fox news reported that the empty-headed, untalented Tom Cruise insulted President Bush in the U.K. Telegraph over the weekend. Something to the effect of "Nit Wit President" and "worried about his children living in America". Hey Cruise moron: move somewhere else if you don't like America, moron moron. No one here will miss your sorry ass ass.
Calypso Louie Farrakhan, America's Christmas fruitcake gift to the world, is now banned in Israel. Well, maybe the "mothership" can fly him in secretly. Another reason for sterlization and euthanasia.
Though they keep praying, this girl is long since dead and totally decomposed. Her murderer, Richard Ricci, did it. And he will burn in Hell, eternally, for what he did.
I get a tingling in my **** when criminals are whacked or die in pursuit, by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), like this piece of shit. Bravo and great job, LEOs!
It was bound to happen. A new form of AIDS has been discovered in Los Angeles, one which is untreatable. Goodbye and good riddance, homos. I sure hope we don't weaste any more money finding cures for those degenerates' deviance. Just go away and die, subhumans.
No, I have zero sympathy for starving Africans, after what their ignorant, racist, bigoted "leaders" have done to the shithole continent's economies and agriculture. Let them starve by the hundreds of millions, overthrow and whack the govenments and return to chaos, before the white men brought stability and society to the subhumans.

Execute This Murderous Filth.
Damned slow week for executions, thanks to the idiot SCOTUS ruling that the mentally retarded can't be executed for their capital crimes, and that only juries can sentence someone to death, not a judge. Amazing that a person with an IQ of 71 can usually get a driver's license, vote, buy and drink liquor and/or beer, get a job, bring home a paycheck, but can't be executed for knowingly murdering an innocent. The SCOTUS is pathetic, execpt for the Conservatives who try to toe the line, and not cave in to liberal and moderate trash.
But here's a murderer who is going to die, maybe: convicted rapist and whacker, Johnny Paul Penry, for Killing Pamela Moseley Carpenter in October 1979, at her home in Livingston, 80 miles northeast of Houston. She was raped and stabbed in the chest with scissors but remained alive long enough to describe her whacker. Penry, 46, has twice escaped death sentences. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the sentences in 1989 and June 2001. Un-freaking-believeable what the lowlife liberals and moderates on SCOTUS have done to American Law.

Cut & Paste.
This history of photomontage takes us back to the Victorian era, a time when early photographers used mistakes and the limits of the new technology to create unusual art. Double exposures, contact printing, and other combinations of images — created in the darkroom and with scissors and glue — expanded the art form. But it was the Dada artists in 1920s Berlin who coined the term "photomontage" and pushed this art to new heights. Hannah Höch's work during this era still looks startlingly modern and fresh. John Heartfield was an early political artist who used montage to critique Hitler. Photomontage enjoyed a renaissance in the 1980s when artists like Peter Kennard shaped Cold War iconography into protests against nuclear armament. In the 21st century, younger artists, like Sean Hillen, continue to express themselves through montage. (Requires the Flash Plug-In)

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