the herd mentality
Friday, July 6, 2001

it's anyones guess as to why "similar" humans congregate in packs, clusters or groups. Safety in numbers? The more, the merrier? Preservation of the species? Preservation of the fluid social pecking order? Perhaps. Hmmmm? I thought opposites generally attracted one another? Somehow, that concept was politically-incorrect and destroyed years ago. Now there's political and financial power in numbers. And I guess they think that a group can be more fun than just one. But why an individual can't walk to his/her own drummer is something I've never been able to figure out. The herd mentality is a common affliction with many knowlingly timid humans, as it is with many unknowlingly timid animals. Lemmings and sheep come to mind immediately. You? Conservatives tend to be higher on the food chain with independent ideas and an overall eschewal of the herd mentality, while lib-democRATs are way down there on the pecking order with the groupie scumbags, we-need-bigger-government-programs mentality and a marked penchant for all things socialist. The fact that we have to interact societally with so many of them is thoroughly disgusting; repulsive actually. That they've infested government with their liberal kind makes me puke sick. They've enslaved stupid blacks and idiot whites for the past 55+ years with welfare and education programs which were never designed to work, despite the vast amounts of cash thrown at the problems; merely meant to keep their "constituency" beholden to them and the democRAT party. If the "faithful fools" could ever wake up, recognize what's been done to them by the lowlife liberals and scheming democRATs, and for once, see their own potential without the externally-imposed shackles, they'd dump the slavery-minded, lib-dem scumbags and run to the GOP. I'd be dancing the the streets for them, if they did. But it's not gonna happen; it would be tantamount to admitting their own stupidity and gulliability caused all these wasted years of pathetic life. Pity; it's not the problem we have, rather, it's the method we choose to fix it.

Around The Garden Center.
With all of last week and weekend feeling more like the July-August "Dog days of Summer" temps in the low to mid-90s and humidity levels exceeding 93% everyone and everything looked pretty wilted and frazzled until the cooler (70s) weather arrived early in the week. When I leave the condo at 5:45am and when temps are already reading 74°F, I know it's gonna be a real scorcher by 1-2pm. Ozone levels were at Level 5 Alert all week, and it just wasn't healthy to be out in that heat. I'm drinking 2-3 gallons of cool water each day; oh, would that it were gin or vodka instead.
The "10 Fattest Cities" in America and not a mention of York, PA? Incredibly inaccurate. If that's based upon population, okay, but when it comes to girth, York wins hands down, baby.
How are gas prices around here? I'm glad you asked. I filled-up Saturday at the usual Getty station in Red Lion (PA) and paid $1.37.9/gal (89 oct), as compared to $1.44.9/gal back on June 14th. Looks like the so-called experts were wrong and W was right: let the free market do its thing and gas prices will continue to drop.
On Sunday, a well-defined line of thunderstorms and cold front quickly blew through the region in the early evening, and temps dropped into the 50s. When I left for work at 5:30am on Monday, it was 51°F; wow, what a difference from just a day ago. Luvit!
At 8:45am on Tuesday, a left wing wacko York County judge bound over the York (PA) mayor and five other whites to stand trial for a 32 year old murder of a black woman, which will almost certainly be thrown out by a trial jury. Evidence is based upon a drug addicted, alcoholic criminal's fuzzy testimony. We'll see just how much justice is really done when a grand jury goes after the black murderers of a white cop, shot days before the black woman. Justice needs to be finally served in both cases; this'll be a litmus test of the Law.
For the past 10+ years, I've driven through dozens of old, little Pennsylvania towns which surround York Red Lion, Stewartstown, Fawn Grove, Shrewsbury, New Freedom, Glen Rock, Indian Steps, Delta, New Park, Airville, Brogue, Collinsville, Dallastown, Spry, Yoe, Emigsville, Manchester, Mt Wolf, Salem Springs, Winterstown, Rinely, Crossroads, Spring Garden, Springetts, Hallam and more and nearly every home is dutifully decked out for the National or Religious Holidays, like the just-past July 4th. Solid blue collar and middle class Americans, family values, church and family-taught morals, and great hopes for the future are at work here. People work and play hard, pay their taxes, vote, attend PTA, go to Church, hold family reunions, involve the children in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Little League and generally, get married and have children, and make America a better place for their actions. Then, I think on the two liberal sewers of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh which turn the State of Pennsylvania on its collective financial and social ear. AlGoreBore territory. Millions of worthless inner-city filth on welfare, rampant crime, drugs, corruption, decay and no collective will to make anything of themselves except when the check arrives and their crack dealer is on the corner. And I hope and pray if a rogue nation ever nukes America, they take the two garbage pits of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh off the face of the earth, first. (DC and Baltimore next, please.)
Having Wednesay off for the July 4th Holiday, I slept in 'til 10am and then finished off some shopping and condo chores, which I'd normally do on my Thursday day off. I also did some grilling on my humble $130 CharBroil Patio Caddy gas grill. Mom & Dad went to the Garden Center at mid-morning to feed Pickles and do some spot watering in the greenhouses. Since my A-Team Landscape Crew was back Thursday after almost 2.5 weeks on a large, "Phase 1" of a $90k landscape job in Danville (PA), I thought I should be in the office to get things moving and back to full schedule again. There are also several varying personnel issues which I need to address in the coming weeks, since my office staff and grounds maintenance crew are in for a major shake-up before year's end, as soon as I get qualified, alternative personnel lined-up as replacements. It's a change that has been coming for almost 2 years, and it's taken far longer than I'd expected to locate the appropriate people.
Yep, I drive a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8, with all the bells and whistles and 175,000 miles on it, and, after reading this blurb on CNN.fn, I'm gonna have it checked at the next service or inspection interval. shit Heck, it's hardly on the level of the deathtrap Ford Explorers, so I'm not in any hurry. After 7 years with my second Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD the first was an '88 inline 6 I think I'd already know if the "problem" existed. Yawn.
I struggled coming back into work on Thursday, my usual day off. It was so nice sleeping in Wednesday and spending some quality time with my condo cats, that coming back to the workaday world was tough. Okay, okay, enough whining. Time to get back into work. I think I'm gonna schedule 3-5 days off in August, and go somewhere, rather than keep doing 1 day off per week for the rest of the year. I need some e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d time to relax. Anyone have a cabin in the mountains to rent?

GOP Foibles.
VP Dick Cheney walked out of the hospital Saturday hours after having a heart monitoring device implanted to keep track of his heart rhythm and slow it down if necessary. So what's the big deal? Any lib-dem lowlife would have been hospitalized for weeks, since they've no spines to begin with, a donor would have been required.
Is W losing "spin control", as the lib-dem morons at suggest? Is he slipping vicariously in the polls, from 63% to 51% approval? Who cares? In my considered opinion, it doesn't matter what the polls say or proffer. What counts is what he does. And so far, he's a winner and the lib-democRAT shit are losers. Typical.
America needs to drill for oil in Alaska to improve our national supply and reserves, but two lowlife lib-dems Connecticut's Joseph LIEberman and Massachusetts' Rep. Ed Markey are holding legislation hostage which would permit drilling in the ANWR (Alaska National Wildlife Refuge) area. LIEberman and Markey are such f*cking scumbags that they've tried and used almost every lie they can dredge up to stall the legislation and divert attention from the oil supply problem and our continuing beholdence to shithole countries, like the stinking towelheads in the Middle East and South America. W needs to get on the bully pulpit and take the case directly to the American People, bypassing the criminals in the House and Senate. I can't figure out why he doesn't get on TV and tell America the Truth about what's going on in Congress with such cretins as LIEberman and Markey. American will respond, if he'd just do it.
Overhaul and make the US Postal Service more efficient and profitable? Hell, I've heard that shit shit for the past 35 years; many have tried, but no one has done it yet. Good luck, boys and girls.
The title of this PMS-NBC article should have been, "U.S. celebrates 225 years of (decreasing) freedom(s)."
Israel to step up the Killing of Palestinian militants? Great idea, should have been done years ago. Shut up W, and let the Jews do what needs to be done in their part of the world: getting rid of the towelhead filth. Mind your own business; you've got plenty too much on your plate already, fellas.
Can anyone explain to me why the lowlifes at the EU (European Union) have any say in the merger of two American companies? Like Honeywell and GE, the first time a proposed merger between two U.S. companies has been blocked solely by European regulators? Their combined value is twice the size of all the shitscum laughable little countries which make up the pathetic EU. C'mon W & Co, tell those ignorant, dark age scumbags to f*ck off get f*cked get lost and go ahead with any damned merger they want to do.

Defiant, angry and still dumb as rocks in a box, Slobodan "The Butcher of The Balkans" Milosevic, made himself look even dumber than he actually looks by acting like a commie-socialist cretin when arraigned before the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague, a false institution which I personally despise and declare has no authority or power over sovereign nations of the world.
Milosevic plans to embarrass Western governments by revealing at his war-crimes trial the secret deals that he claims propped up his regime during a decade of bloodshed in the Balkans. Of course we did, and so did Britain. So f*cking what? That's exactly what we expect the CIA et al to do to "protect our interests". Anything less would be unacceptable.

Liberal Filth.
An left-wing, wacko environmental group, Natural Resources Defense Council, backed by six lowlife liberal democRAT senators Sens. Barbara Boxer, D-California; Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, D-New York; Harry Reid, D-Nevada; Jon "I spent $60m to buy my senate seat" Corzine, D-New Jersey; Chucklehead Schumer, D-New York; and Paul Welfare, D-Minnesota filed suit against the Bush administration Thursday to compel it to adhere to tougher standards on arsenic in drinking water. Read those ugly names again; they're six of the lowest forms of subhuman life in the US.
Three more lib-demo wacko lowlifes: Sens. Edward "The Chappidiquick Swimmer" Kennedy, D-MA; John "No Brain" McCain, R D-AZ; and John "Sleazy Trial Lawyer" Edwards, D-NC all three scummy lowlife pieces of liberal dogshit have egged the windshield: the so-called, heavily-flawed Patient Rights Bill has passed the opulent (gas in the) US Senate of Criminals.
Tommy "Dogshit" Daschle is prepared to "fight" The White House veto on the Senate-passed lawyers rights bill, not a patients rights bill, as they've whined about. Ooooo, I'll just bet Ws quaking in his boots. Bring it on scumbags! Only the stinking liberal trial lawyers will benefit, through lawsuits which tie up the court system. Once again, the two-faced, lib-dems screw the patients and lie through their teeth about it. How can anyone with a functioning brain not see what this lousy bill will do for the ambulance-chasing, sleazoid, lib-dem lawyers? C'mon America, wake the f*ck hell up!
Well now, it's unanimous: even the mafia (New York's Gambino crime family) thinks the criminal Clintoons are "low-rent, trailer-park trash". Must be. Heck, we knew that years ago.
Oh be still my beating heart: here was a chance to rid the world of the evil, criminal, lowlife Hitlery Rotten Clintoon bitch, and no one took it. Shame on the Yugoslavs; they now deserve whatever hell is wrought upon them for not doing the world a huge favor, and the right thing.
Here's a lowlife black (P)MSNBC News commentator Joe Davidson whining about VP Cheney's $25,000 pacemaker, implanted last weekend, at taxpayer's expense. He's wetting his pants over the fact that 43million Americans don't have access to the kind of government health care that Cheney does, even though Cheney is a multi-millionaire, many times over, and could easily afford this kind of "chump change" to preserve his life. What the NBC-scumbag doesn't tell his readers is that if the VP were black, he'd get that same care, no questions axed (asked, in ebonics). Pretty disingenuous, isn't it? Hey, 43million American without health care: go get 1-2-3-4 jobs so you can afford the good life and health care, and stop living in crack houses, run-down tenement slums and '64 Impala station wagons. The rest of us do what needs to be done to support our families, without the stinking US Government stepping in and mandating our medical care. What he also doesn't tell his readers is that Britain's socialized medical system is one of the poorest on the face of the Earth; although everyone is "covered", many die before treatment due to the 4-6 month delay in getting appointments, and that the overworked and underpaid doctors are fleeing in droves to the US and other civilized nations where they can earn a living. More liberal-democRAT lies.
Eager to clear her name? Nah, don't bother. Pathetically awful un-comic Paula Pound(shit)stone, who is accused of child abuse and endangerment charged with three counts of committing "lewd acts against a child" under 14 and one count of endangering two girls and two boys is eager to learn the basis of the charges from prosecutors so she can begin "clearing her name," her lawyer said on Monday. Barf. The lowlife, lesbian, dyke bulldog, slutfilth, whoredog sleazeball, scuzbitch said she wants to begin payoffs to the families of the female children affected for life. I hope she gets wood-splinter broom handles for the rest of her miserable life in prison; she's better off dead. Sure, move the arraignment up a few weeks, so the prison dykes can decide who gets the new "girlfriend". Jail the pig.
And speaking of subhuman dyke filth, these lesbian slime with children makes me sick. They're perverting normal children into thinking that their aberrant, twisted, demented butch relationships are somehow normal; they aren't, they're subhuman scum. A Mother and a Father are normal. Not two dyke lowlifes and a vibrator. Hear that, dyke filth? When the f*ck hell is society going to wake up and put all the dyke and homo scum in medical rehab prison where the trash belongs?
The sicko, left-wing wacko NEA (National Education association), that bastion of liberal trash, is proposing a perverted resolution, which would advocate development of programs that address the needs of homosexual, bisexual and transgender students. It also would require the involvement of homosexual educators in curriculum development and lessons on the heritage, culture and history of homosexual, bisexual and transgender people. This kind of shit perversion doesn't belong in public schools; it belongs in a doctor's office. What those f*cked up misguided people need isn't a resolution, but rather electro-shock and heavy drug therapy to counteract their urge to participate in abnormal, deviant behavior with a member of their own gender. I think 220volts would do it nicely.
Here's another reason why California is a sewer: the state legislature is moving forward with a measure to outlaw discrimination against transsexuals, drag queens, effeminate men, butch women and anyone else who doesn't fit into a traditional gender stereotype. This is bullshit, as there are already hundreds of laws on the books dealing with this issue, yet the left coast, left wing wackos need to specifically name the perverts who are covered. It's bad enough that such garbage exists in society sure would be nice if AIDS would permanently remove such subhuman filth from the gene pool but to cater to it smacks of reverse discrimination.
Our tax dollars at work. shit-for-brains Rep Condit's attorneys hard at work on a legal affidavit saying that s/he didn't f*ck each other have any kind of a relationship. How pitiful is this shit?
Read about what the black black bigots, racists, race-baiters and misery-profiteering scum like Irrevs Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum and fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum have done to metro police departments, like LA and Cincinnati. Pathetic, isn't it?
Bravo, John Stossel and ABC: they exposed the propaganda and one-dimensional perspective of the enviro-wackos, about the environment and biotechnology that has caused millions of school children to repeat the information they've been spoon-fed in a way that would delight a teacher in a communist classroom. Sorry I missed it.
Here's what the liberal filth at AOL, Netscape, Sun Microsystems and Oracle did to Microsoft through the US Government's so-called anti-trust action: US Taxpayers picked up the tab for those cowardly, inferior companies doing to Microsoft in court what they could not do in the marketplace. Unable to field a competitive product and win, they let the US Taxpayers and US Government fight their fight. Scumbag plaintiffs, all. And the US Taxpayer hey, that's you and me! paid the bill for the prosecution and persecution and incalculable damage to the economy through the stinking Clintoonistas and the Dept of InJustice.
The Jewish religion has had, and continues to have, its disproportionate greater share of homosexuals and lesbians than do other religions (the entire Catholic priesthood excepted). I could start with the First Fag and go to the Last Lesbian (a long way to go, yet). Do the names of most of the lowlife scum which permeate Hollywood ring true? All in that twisted profession are demented, aberrant liberal democRAT filth. They all make me puke ill.
Ever wonder who in Congress is wasting the most US Taxpayer's monies? That would be the KKK-life member, left-wing wacko extremist, white trash piece of shit, West Virginia's Senior Democratic Senator, Robert Byrd, a lowlife scumbag who has no equal in the US Congress, or anywhere else, for that matter, in waste and fraud. Byrd, who has served on the Appropriations Committee for 40 years, today brings home $128 worth of pork per constituent in West Virginia, a veritable shithole of a state. This compares favorably with his neighbors: residents of Maryland receive less than $17 per person in spending and Virginia residents receive $27 per person.
Americans who refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance do not deserve their U.S. citizenship. Tennessee congresswoman Henri Brooks and syndicated columnist Julianne Malveaux, in a recent television appearance, expressed their disgust for the American Flag. These black women bitter black bitches take for granted Old Glory and all it stands for. Deport the filthy scumbagettes back to Africa and let's see how much freedom and quality of life they have there.
Using the Catholic Church's canonical procedures for adjudication of complaints, 2,000 petition signatories are prepared to ask Pope John Paul II to excommunicate self-professed Catholic governors and members of Congress 46 Democrats and five Republicans who support legalized abortion. Apropos. Luvit, but I suspect none of the "defendants" are good Catholics and don't give a shit damn. Being a Methodist myself, I also suspect they'll cry foul when exposed as (well-known) hypocrites once again; all liberal democRAT chits in the liberal-biased media will be "called-in", and the resulting firestorm will be prodigious.

No Sympathy.
Cruel and inhumane to ignore black women who contract AIDS through years of unprotected sex? No f*cking way. Behavior is learned and can be unlearned or modified; homo filth, dykes, junkies and whores ought to practice the correct style of living, instead of the incorrect style of dying. If they don't have any concern for their own lives, then I surely don't give a flying rats' ass about them. Actually, I'm kinda glad that they choose to die at the rate they do. Makes the Earth smell so much better; would that the Civilized World could accelerate the dying process: say 20-30million per year instead of per decade. It'd rid the Globe of so much unneeded trash and garbage that the false premise of "global warming" would become a real issue.
Interracial marriage? Bad idea; pollutes the human gene pool. Also a bad idea for the half-breed, mulatto children which are produced, putting them at a great disadvantage in society for the rest of their lives. Anyone who doesn't think so is an idiot without a functioning brain.

The Future Is Now.
We're coming up on the fifth anniversary, July 17, 1995, of the TWA Flight 800 shootdown and massive US Government coverup, and I'm still wondering how it could happen for so long without someone unravelling it publicly.
About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a 180° camera on top of the police building on the square in Red Lion (PA), as I was driving home one evening. I pulled over and watched it swing around and tape everything that was going on; I later learned it was for "traffic control" and contained a 24hr videotape. Yeah, sure. If the camera's resolution was good enough to read license plates, it was good enough to ID anyone in the square. Now, Tampa is using an ID system which identifies people with criminal priors, and stores everyones picture for "future use". Scary stuff, and it's gonna be in use nationwide in a few short years.

Clearly Deserving Death.
I challenge anyone to read this story and say to my face that the convicted sex offender doesn't deserve execution, for leaving a 9-year-old child known as Girl X blind, mute and crippled. Any takers? Thought so, liberal filth. I'd love to personally put a 9mm into his subhuman head and leave the carcass for the maggots. Murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors all deserve the death penalty; upon conviction, no appeals.
Why would FOX-TV waste the airtime on this convicted murderer and piece of black shitfilth, OJ Simp-scum? scumbag ought to be on death row, or better yet, assassinated by Goldman's father. Actually, I'm surprised he hasn't ordered the hit on Simp-scum long ago. The Jewish Mafia is really slipping these days.
Here's a lowlife lib-dem bitch who should have never, never been put of the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) to allow perverted, twisted criminals to go free. O'Connor is along with morons Stevens, Souter and the Ginsburg bitch an affront to decency and American society. She's done everything to twist the US Constitution to her perverted agenda, allowing scum and filth to permeate society and harm innocents. Now the two-bit whore wants to let murderers and criminals go free. May she die from brain cancer within one year. And good riddance.
Clearly endangering an entire Nation of 260 million Americans, this piece of lowlife subhuman traitorous shit disgraced ex-FBI agent, Robert "I Hate Amerika" Hanssen, is getting life in prison in exchange for a guilty plea. He should be executed immediately after conviction; that would quickly deter treason in others.
The Manhattan jury deciding the fate of a Tanzanian convicted of the 1998 bombing of a U.S. Embassy in Africa will begin deliberations on Thursday to determine whether he will be executed or given life in prison. What's to decide? How many innocents died? Bingo: the towelhead gets death. End of problem.

Great Images in NASA.
From deep space studies to Star Trek, the GRIN (Great Images in NASA) web site presents a wonderful photo collection related to air and space exploration. Peer into the heart of the Crab Nebula in Deep Space Studies. Enjoy celestial fireworks observed from that cosmic magnifying glass, the Hubble Telescope. View pictures of famous flyers such as Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and the cast of the original Star Trek in the VIPs and People at NASA/NACA section. Most of these photos are copyright-free, so you can add a slice of space history on your own web site too. I convert them to *.BMP files and drop them into the Windows Folder in C:\ to use as wallpaper.

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