a fly on the wall
Friday, July 7, 2000

Oh, to have been a fly on any wall of the criminal Clintoonista's White House's conference room, and to have been privy to all that conspiratorial, conniving, scheming RICO-violating and corruption that Bubba & Hitlery & AlGoreBore planned and implemented, would make my day. Evidence. Additionally, to have planted a mike somewhere in that same room, with a live feed to the OIC (Office of the Independent Counsel), so he wouldn't have made an ass of himself by dwelling on the sex aspect rather than the criminality of the moment during impeachment, would have saved this Nation two-plus years of embarrassment and a $50 million tab for the US Taxpayer. Solid evidence. Cleaning out that rat's nest of communist sympathizers, socialists, lib-dem lowlife scumbags has got to be the national priority in November. Now painfully obvious to all but the most die-hard Clintoonista apologists, it will take years to reclaim this Nation's morals and values, as well as recoup our military prowess and national security, all sold by the Clintoonista filth for campaign contributions from the Chi-Comm scum. No, I didn't vote for those lowlife lib-dems in '92 or '96, but I'll sure be out in the streets mopping up right after the 2000 General Election. That's what a good citizen does: throw out the trash and clean-up the room. Ummm, do you want the shovel or the broom?

Around The Garden Center.
My first fresh, locally-grown tomato sandwich of the year is always a big event in early Summer. And after living in York County, PA, for the past 11 years, I should know that tomatoes are mostly imported from neighboring Lancaster County greenhouses until mid-Summer when the York farms yields their own special varieties. Sliced thick on 12-grain bread, a slathering of asser, salt and just a wee dab of mayo, it was wonderful, no... awesome! Yum. I can eat a dozen or so, and then I'm finished until next Summer's harvest. Tomato burn-out, I guess.
The farmer's markets and supermarkets are full of fresh veggies and fruit, and I'm going wild with peaches, corn, cantaloupes, nectarines, watermelon et al. I've got bags of these and bowls of those at both the condo and the office. Instead of making one of my weird peanut asser sandwich combos don't ask I grab some fruit and enjoy the juice running down my chin. The harvest only happens once a year. Mangia!
The Fourth of July Weekend started early, as the roads were almost empty and what cars were on the roads were packed with people and their concomitant luggage on the way to "somewhere". The roads were deserted all weekend. I felt like the only schmuck in York County who was working all weekend and into the 4th. Well, I do have Tuesday off; first time in 10 years we were closed on the 4th Holiday.
The USA Today story came out last Friday in both the print (with color pic) and web version (without color pic). If it's not still up on USA Today's site, it's up on my Reviews Page.
The early and mid-Summer days bore me. Sure, lots of things are going on around the Garden Center, but the majority of my homeowner site visits and corresponding estimates are done in the Winter and Spring, for Spring-Summer-Fall installations. Alan, my Landscape Foreman, and Lynn, my General Manager, get things moving on a daily basis and make the wheels go around, here. I'm still doing scheduling and heavy juggling of the many landscape jobs, but the bulk of my work is done for the next few months. No, I'm not coasting; bite your tongue. There are plenty of other areas which need my attention, so I'll redirect my efforts toward those situations.
Gas prices have dropped again in the York, PA, to $1.69.9 (89 oct), just in time for the 4-day Holiday Weekend. It's my guess that only a fraction of the American Public knows why gas prices have risen so sharply, and so quickly.
Staying open later or all night may be "the trend for brick and mortar" businesses for now, but I've decided, after 10 years of being open until 8pm (or usually much later), to close at 6pm (or earlier), this year. I'm burned out physically and mentally from 6am-8pm hours for so many years. Good luck to all who can do it.
With the actual July 4th Holiday falling on a Tuesday, going back to work Monday, being off Tuesday, then returning to work on Wednesday, caused a bit of angst for many people. So many people also took Tuesday off. I took Wednesday off and got some stuff done that I'd postponed for months. It was oh-so nice to sleep in two days in a row; I could certainly get used to that.
Once again, I'm surprised that nothing happened during the 4th of July Celebrations; terrorists are still biding their time and it will happen, someday.
Rule of thumb for farmers: sweet- and feedcorn (1st plantings) should be knee-high by July 4th, to insure a good crop by August. Around here, it's 5-6ft tall already. Looks like there'll be a bumper crop, due to all the Spring and Summer moisture thank you!, thank you!, thank you! we've had. Ditto, soybeans and 2nd plantings of all corn.
Hope you had a nice Independence Day, for all the right reasons. I know I did. Or, is it Dependence Day? You decide.
Yep, you bet: I've been a big fan of cabernet sauvignon (red wine) for many, many years, and it's finally nice to know that something so good, is also good for me. Refill, anyone?
On Wednesday, I found a Char Broil Green Gas "Patio Caddie" Grill at nearby Lowe's SuperStore; I've been looking for one since last Fall. Since there's just me and and the cats at my condo these days, there's no need for one of those giant multi-function behemoth multi-burner grills. A small unit works for me. I actually saved $13 by buying it locally, when shipping's factored in, as opposed top buying it on the Web. My old Weber Kettle charcoal unit will be taken down to the Garden Center for BBQs and such. It's almost on its last legs anyway.
Certainly not as a result of this action, but gas prices in the York, PA, area have dropped slightly to $1.63.9 (89 oct) at the major dealers; smaller operators are still changing signs manually, daily. It's almost comical to watch their "price change crews" working feverishly to keep up with what the home office and regional sales dept's tell them to fix the pump price at, this day. For paper-cut wounds earned in the pursuit of higher gas price placards, I don't think even the venerable Krazy Glue would do it, as they suggest.
Besides being a great weather day sunny, mid 70s and very low hum-didity Thursday was my first day back after two days off, and I immediately got the many calls returned, the 3-4 landscape estimates completed and mailed, and schedule for next week's jobs lined up. Already, we're looking ahead to Spring 2001, since the ritual of "the ordering of the nursery stock and plant material" commences soon. Reps will soon be calling to set up appointments to get their order books filled. We're ready.

Chores In The Garden.
Finally, it's Summer and here's a "list of things to do" in your gardens this month. This is an easy list:
»Deadhead blooming annuals and perennials for repeat flowering,
»Harvest veggies immediately when ripe; rotting produce attracts insects,
»Avoid weed-infested gardens: weed before you leave on vacation,
»Water hanging baskets and patio pots daily during warm weather,
»Fertilize annual flowerbeds with an all-purpose fertilizer to encourage more blooms,
»Harvest lavender stems for use in bath sachets or drying,
»Sharp shears make quick work of herb and flower harvests,
»Mow cool season grasses at 3 inches during the summer to shade and insulate the soil,
»Enjoy a glass of tea flavored with mint, pineapple sage, or lemon balm from the garden,
»Provide birds and asserflies with a shallow water source.

Clintoonista Scumbags.
The First Liar, Willy Jeff Clintoon, is still vainly searching for "something" as his so-called legacy to the eight awful years we've had to endure with the most unethical administration is US History. With the lawsuit filed by the Arkansas' lawyer-discipline committee on Friday, Clinton could be on the fast track to make history as the first U.S. president to be disbarred while in office. The committee has a near 100 percent record of winning its disbarment cases. But the lowlife, greasy slimeballs who lawyer for the First Liar, will claim he should be treated just like everyone else, and should be let off with a warning.
But disbarment would merely be the latest in a long list of White House precedents, which should raise a red flag to any historian contemplating Clintoon's legacy. Clinton's remarkable record will also show that he does have quite a number of "firsts" which no other president can claim:
The first elected president in U.S. history to be impeached Dec. 19, 1998.
The first U.S. president to be found guilty of a crime while still in office. (Leaking the private correspondence of Kathleen Willey in violation of the Federal Privacy Act)
The first U.S. president to be publicly accused of forcible rape by Juanita Broaddrick, Feb. 24, 1999.
The first U.S. president to approve the sale of sophisticated weapons technology to a hostile power while its emissaries contributed to his campaign.
The U.S. first president to be accused by multiple witnesses, including one under oath before a federal grand jury, of using cocaine while he was the chief law enforcement officer of his state.
The first U.S. president to be accused of sexual assault on White House property by Kathleen Willey, March 15, 1998.
The first U.S. president to order a paramilitary operation where a network television camera crew was punched, kicked, and forced to the ground at gunpoint to prevent them from broadcasting live video coverage. (Elian Gonzalez's abduction April 22, 2000)
The first sitting U.S. president to be the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Jones, May 8, 1994.
The first sitting U.S. president to be held in contempt of court for lying under oath and fined by a federal judge (in the Jones lawsuit).
The first U.S. president to order an armored assault on a church, resulting in the deaths of 55 members of the congregation along with 25 of their children. (Waco April 19, 1993)
The first U.S. presidential candidate to accept financial support from a KGB spy. (Aldrich Ames $7,000, 1991, 92)
The first sitting U.S. president to be named in a federal criminal referral as a possible witness to and beneficiary of fraudulent financial activity. (Whitewater)
The first U.S. president to consult with Congress about combat troop deployment while simultaneously receiving oral sex according to Monica Lewinsky and Rep. Sonny Callahan. (Starr Report Sept. 1998)
The first U.S. president to have two senior administration officials die violently under mysterious circumstances while they were being pressed for testimony on assorted White House scandals. (Vince Foster, Ron Brown)
The first U.S. president to have a major cooperating federal witness against him die in prison while waiting to give prosecutors the testimony they later admitted would have led to first family indictments. (James McDougal)
The first U.S. president to launch unprovoked missile attacks on two sovereign nations. (Sudan, Afghanistan Aug. 20, 1998)
With more than six months of the Clinton administration left, other equally impressive presidential firsts cannot be far off.
Rick Lazio is sure right about Hitlery & Bubba in this statement. It's amazing just how stupid the lib-dem garbage in New York State are; they're blinded to the truth on every front.
One of the "good guys/gals" still left anywhere is the liberal-corrupted US Legal System, is U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth. I've been reading about his work for over 3 years, and he's still in front, pulling away from the infidels and heathens. Fair profile of a Patriot.
Read this; succinct and concise.
if there's any one who thinks I'm being "too hard" on the lying criminal, AlGoreBore scumbag, read this. He's now been recommended by FOUR FBI & DOIJ officials for independent counsel probes, but the diseased, shakin', alcoholic AG, Janet "Waco" El-Reno has covered up and protected him, same as she's done with Bubba & Hitlery for the past eight years.

Good Riddance, Murderers.
I can almost always count on Texas to make a bright spot in my week: executing a lowlife piece of subhuman shit murderer makes me want to dance in the streets. And they got rid of another subhuman scumbag last week. I just wish it didn't take so long; well, this piece of garbage only waited 9 years. Thanks and nice job, Texas! This guy has the right take on it all.
shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoonista has stepped in again and f*cked up the federal capital execution schedule, on a lib-dem ploy about "new clemency guidelines". Nothing was wrong with the old guidelines: whack and you die. The lying piece of shit Clintoonista is still looking for that "other legacy".
All murderers should be sterilized and never, never allowed to breed under any circumstances.
That's the problem with Britain and the rest of Europe these days: they think they're "civilized" and they don't execute murderers anymore. Life sentences are the norm. Here's a subhuman piece of white trash who whacked 6 people including a child with a nailbomb and isn't going to get what he deserves: death. He got 6 life sentences. How f*cking stupid and uncivilized.
That piece of subhuman shit murderer who was executed in Texas last week, Gary Graham, had a far longer criminal history than the scumbags Irrev Jesse Jack-scum, Fat Al Sharp-scum and Whorealdo Riveria (Jerry Rivers) would have anyone else believe. He was a racist, bigotted criminal, richly deserving death. Thanks, Texas, for getting that murderous idiot off of the face of the Earth.

Our Tax Dollars At Work.
With the world's four most powerful computers already owned by the useless idiots at DOE (Dept of Energy), IBM is now preparing to deliver the world's fastest supercomputer to a bunch of morons, morons, cretins and scumbags who allow foreign spies to run rampant and pilfer national secrets.
I wonder if the Republican idiots know that with prescription drug bill, the government will soon control the pharmaceutical drug industry by setting prices and effectively Killing R&D. With the current 39 million people getting free drugs from the US Government, the government defacto become the drug industry's overwhelmingly largest customer, and can dictate prices or whatever they want. In order to make a profit, drug companies must cut something from their baseline cost; and R&D usually goes first. Say goodbye to current pharmaceutical companies and many up-and-coming biotech firms. No, I don't think the GOP has a clue as to what they're doing, anymore than the lib-dem scumbags. Bad stuff is happening here; it doesn't bode well for the future of the Medicare program, or any of us. Like socialized medicine in the UK, it's a failure before it starts.
One of the most incompetent gov't morons is Billy Bob Richardson-of-a-bitch. He's the stupid, lowlife Clintoonista moron who can't find his own ass with both hands, let alone run DOE (Dept of Energy) without continuing scandal and major security breaches. He's a loser. An American hero and treasure? No, I don't f*cking think so, pedro.
Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the US Military patrolling our Nation's borders, assisting in keeping illegal drugs and immigrants out. Makes perfect sense to me.
Right now, be careful what you transmit; in a few years, be careful what you think.

A Load of shit.
Here's a janitor who foiled a robbery, shot two criminals and will probably lose his job. Courtesy of the idiots at McDonald's. Hell, I'd hire the man in a minute. I'm licensed to carry a concealed firearm, and I do regularly. My weapon of choice is a Colt Trooper MkIII .357 Magnum, using 158gr hollow point loads. I truly look forward to the day when some moron comes into my business and tries to rob me; I'll whack him in a heartbeat and dance on his blown-out chest until the police arrive.
The stupid white trash in Liverpool, England, want an apology for the way Mel Gibson's film, The Patriot, portrays a murderous Brit General in the 1776 War of Independence? Huh? No wonder those fools are still living on an island.
Since winning a US Supreme Court ruling that they don't have to include gays, the Boy Scouts of America have taken a load of criticism from ACLU slime, United Methodist Church liberal filth and gay-lesbian group scum. And it'll probably get worse as time goes on. Do the right thing, Scouts, and adhere to the "morally straight" doctrine, as when I went through Scouting, achieving Eagle Scout rank in '63.
The worthless-as-teats-on-a-bull US Congress has adjourned, after another useless do-nothing session, for the July 4th Holiday recess. Nothing of any substance was accomplished; nor will it be after the criminals return.
So what? Those scum know better, yet they continue to risk their pathetic lives for sex. Let 'em die.
Vermont is f*cked up in allowing same sex unions. Here's hoping that it's way-too-liberal-state economy takes a large dump as a result. I side with the town and civil clerks who won't comply with the "sicko law"; issue false/ fake certificates which render the perverted union, totally useless in all respects, legally. I used to love to "Summer in Vermont" or Massachusetts; no more. I wouldn't set foot in that AIDS-riddled so-called state ever again. Perversion, inhumanity, disease, sickness, suffering and death = civilization destruction.
Aw gee, too bad. I'm crying like a desert over this de-gen-xer joke. In '69, I was at Woodstock and no one died. Now, at these shitty noise/shit/shit/garbage/trash have you recently listened to what passes for music these days? concerts/torture sessions/inquisitions, someone's always getting crushed and whacked. Hey, shit-for-brains kids: you get what you pay for. Die happily, degen x-er shitheads.
And people wonder why black and hispanic kids as well as idiot white kids who try to emulate them are stupid? Read this. I knew why the first time I heard the (c)rap noise.
Philadelphia's police chief is determined to make sure protesters do not disrupt this month's Republican Convention but says he will let them get "in my face" if it means avoiding the violence that has marked protests in other U.S. cities. Huh? What a stupid moron.
Hey Latinos: the reason why you're stuck in jobs which pay less than Whites and Blacks make, is that you don't speak English, amigos! This is America; we speak English here. Until you learn to conform to this Nation's language, you'll stay put in the cellar, entirely of your own volition, and apparently where you belong. Hell, 65% of the rest of the World speaks English.
shit, there goes the neighborhood.
It's long past time for gays and lesbians to either change their perverted behavior, or get their own church started and stay away from mainstream religion, which shuns them outright. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out; rather someone with a functioning brain, which apparently isn't a gay/lesbian trait.
Here's what a vast majority of the American TV-viewing audience has become: the lowest common denominator of idiots, morons and cretins watching shit like "Survivor" and now, "Big Brother". A very sad fact: network and CATV scripts are written for the lower-than-average viewer, so that the remaining minions feel superior to the event. A bit of Jungian tete-de-tete, perhaps?
Finally, a voice of sanity in the "black reparations" debate, which promises to get more heated in the coming months and years, as racists and race-baiters want to be "compensated" for the slave trade in the 1700s and 1800s, here in the fledgling USA. Mr Jerome Golder, American Citizen: I salute you, sir, for having the clarity of vision, and the inherent character to take full responsibility for your own actions.
And then, the worst racist, bigotted race-baiter scumbag by just a Pommade-laced hair ahead of Fat Al "pass dem donuts, whitey, jew scum" Sharp-scum is the Ir-Rev Jesse Jack-scum surfaces to get "his share" of prime-time network TV coverage. Dr King would disapprove of this fake, liar and charlatan imitator. This year, Jack-scum and Sharp-scum are neck-and-neck, as "Garbage of The Millenium" (actually, Century).

Losing My Religion.
This web site's creators tell me they are not Satan worshippers, anti-God, or lacking in faith. They just think that America's dogma should be questioned, and they bring up some thought-provoking facts. For instance, Louisiana has the highest churchgoing rate in the country, but its murder rate is more than twice the national average. Apparently, God-fearing doesn't necessarily mean law-abiding. Don't miss the Things to Ponder section they challenge the idea of posting the ten commandments in school, as well as ask the question, "Who really wants to go to heaven?"

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