Friday, July 9, 2004

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it's so ruined America over the past 60 years, I believe it should be replaced, as should 95% of the lowlifes who hide within it's slimy and crooked halls. Bring back the term-limited, citizen-legislators and get rid of the "professional politicians", who've all but ruined America. There are still a few who "get it", and their numbers are dwindling. Most get nothing done on our behalf, except to find new ways to tax us to death. Right now, every working American works 162 days of 365 just to pay taxes, before we can begin to save our own money, from our own labor. Those of us owning and running businesses, pay even more taxes than you can imagine. The rules and regulations are choking us to death. Far too many of our lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT politicians don't support our US Military Troops, and are as bad as the PC-appeasers and the traitors and seditionists in the liberal media. It's ironic that the liberal-demokkkRAT politicians oppose Killing America's enemies abroad, but pass laws which allow the wanton murder of the America's unborn, here. Maybe ironic is a bad choice; criminal is more suitable to the slaughter of a million unborn babies each year. No, this isn't a rant about abortion; rather it's about what damage is being done to America, by the liberal Enemy Within. The real story of what our brave Military Troops are doing isn't getting told by the hate-America, liberal-biased media; instead, they focus on the minor problems, such as the 7 morons at Abu Ghraib prison. There are thousands of such humanitarian stories and efforts by the Coalition Troops, detailed right here. Yet they never get reported. The liberal politicians and their controlled-media would have us think that Iraq was better off under Sodomy Insane's 30 year rule of terror. The Republicans are afraid to stand-up and tell the Truth. That task has fallen to Conservatives on Talk Radio, in political books, through small-circulation newspapers and magazines, on the Net and wherever else we can get a foothold and a podium. The looney left has turned-up the negative political rhetoric to a point that crosses the treason and sedition lines. The worst should be rounded-up, duly-tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. Liberalism is the disease; Conservatism is the cure.

Around The Garden Center.
The Cassini Spacecraft's pics of Saturn are in, and are right here. Awesome, aren't they? NASA's JPL homepage is here; a good place to start.
Over the 4th Weekend, I noticed that the roads around the York, PA area were scant of traffic. They must have all been on the interstates, not local, according to this article. It was like a ghost town, here. I'm glad I closed the GC&N up on Monday, and took the day off, though I did have to go down to the GC&N Complex, feed Pickle, do some paperwork and watering outside. Gas prices are "down" to $1.79/gal (87 oct), from $2.05/gal, just a few weeks ago.
I hope you and yours had a Happy 4th of July weekend, as I did. I can't remember seeing so many American Flags, as I did this weekend, except right after 9-11. Introspection, self-reflection and just plain old being thankful for being born in, and living in America, was my rule of the day. What did you do?
Mmmmmmmmmmm, locally-grown, York County white sweet corn, Lancaster County tomatoes, Mom's potato salad and filet mignon, for the grill. Hard to beat that, except maybe with BBQ and corn. But that's another story for another day's Journal.
Better check your IE, Netscape and all other browsers, here. Then, perform this short test on each browser. Then back to the first link for some ideas and fixes. Here's why I don't use IE, anymore.
Proof positive that we had a very early and wet Spring: shite myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica) are in bloom on July 4th Weekend (usually in August/September), field feed (livestock) corn is tassled-up and 6-10ft high (usually 3ft now), feed hay harvest was delayed 1-2 weeks, and locally-grown sweet corn is available on July 4th Weekend. Zowie!
Jeff installed my new computer on Wednesday afternoon, and by 5pm I'd had a belly-full of it; closed-up and went home. Lots of niggling problems to deal with on Thursday and today, but at least I'll get payroll out for my 22 employees. I missed transferring a lot of *.doc files into the new box, on the initial transfer, so I had to do some workarounds and burn them onto a CD and reload MS-Office's folders, just to run my business.

Nice July 4th Address by President Bush.
President George W Bush offers an apology to subhuman Muslim garbage, for the Abu Ghraib, Iraqi prison scandal pranks? What a load of BS, W! 7 idiots out of almost 150,000 American Military. Don't say anything to those subhuman Muslim filth; just keep Killing them. They're vermin, trash, pigshit and subhuman garbage. All Islamics are deviants and degenerates. All need extermination. All of Islam is evil and deserves to be exterminated.
Let's hope W is competitive in Pennsylvania, and wins.
US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (RINO-TX), another gutless Republican. Just like ex-US Senator, Alfonse D'Amato (RINO-NY). We've got an entire senate full of them.

Slot machine gambling is now here in Pennsylvania, brought-in by a liberal-demokkkRAT governor. Natch. Sure, property taxes are down, but business and personal income taxes are being raised to cover the deficit let the liberal-demokkkRATs spend, borrow and tax more. It's a shell-game from the slimeball lowlife, "Fast Eddie" Rendell (LIAR-PA).
One of the most racist, bigoted, hate-Whitey, hate-America, is Bill Cosby. Just read some of his comments. Cosby is shit shit. If I'd have known back in the 60s and 70s, when I was a fan of his, what I now know, I'd have never bought his record albumns or watched what little I did of his TV shows. Cosby's scum and racist garbage. And the uber-race pimp and criminal, Jesse Hi-Jackson-of-a-bitch is sitting right next to him.
Idiot bitch, stupid f*cking whorebag, liberal-demokkkRAT moron, Pamela Goodwine, ignorant trash, as Fayette County's first female black circuit judge, needs to be immediately recalled, for doing this. Criminal charges should be brought against the dumbass, cretin, and she should be executed.
Jamie Gorelick? Arrest, duly try, charge, sentence, convict and execute the subhuman, slutbag, filth-whore Gorelick.
What's the matter, libs? Don't think US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (HARRIDAN-NY) is a foul-mouthed, subhuman bitch? Read this and be assured she is, and then some.
George Dale, commissioner of Insurance and a leading Mississippi liberal-demokkkRAT, is a racist piece of subhuman pigshit.
Liberals, demokkkRATs and RINOs giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Hang 'em all.
Think John Edwards is unethical and corrupt? Read this to confirm that. And this, too. He's scum.
NEA endorses Kerry for president. Yawn.

Islam, The Cult of Murderers™.
Round-up, try and execute this Muslim terorist pigshit filth. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is directly behind funding of Islamic terrorist groups; execute them all, too.
Our enemy is not terrorism; it is Islam.
More subhuman "Palestinian" filth. All Muslims are terrorists and need to be exterminated or deported to Hell.
Islam and Muslims, are nuts.
whack every pigshit Muslim prisoner at GITMO; no exceptions.
The Curan defiled? It should be covered and filled with pigshit. Islam is trash, garbage, pigshit, filth. It's an evil tome, written by a madman about a false, imaginary moon-god.
Egyptian-born cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi is a criminal and deserves execution.
Still think it wasn't Muslims and Islamics who helped McVeigh and Nichols blow-up the OKC Federal Building in '95? You'd better have a seat and read this.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.
whack Sodomy Insane. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him.
Liberalism is total degeneracy. Mikey "The Fat Turdboy" Moore is a lying, left-wing, pigshit-filth, mentally-ill, psycopathic, lowlife, subhuman, liberal scum.
Reason #593, why I carry concealed (CCW), here in Pennsylvania.
Criticzing homo, suhuman filth, degenerate garbage is a crime? Since when?
Katy Gossman and Kristin Marshall should contract AIDS. Good bye riddance, bitches.
Yes, Loral Space and Communications is garbage, and all liberal-demokkkRAT executives should be charged, tried and executed. In 2002, Loral Space reached a settlement with the State Department over charges of passing advanced military technology to the Chinese Army. Loral agreed to pay $20 million in fines, but did not admit nor deny wrongdoing. In 2003, Loral declared bankruptcy. The aerospace giant that sold for $72 a share in 1996 watched as its shares tumbled to less than 20 cents a share. Yet, despite hard times for its investors, Loral's CEO Bernard Schwartz has managed to cough up over $4 million in political donations for the demokkkRATs and non-profit 527 organizations opposed to President Bush. Schwartz should be tortured and executed; he's a traitor, just like the Klintoon subhumans.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Indiana spoiled my week: liberal lowlife scumbag Gov Joe Kernan spared a death row inmate's life Friday just days before he was to die by injection, saying it would be unfair to execute him when a mentally retarded accomplice got a life sentence. The decision followed a unanimous recommendation by the state parole board, which said there were also questions about Darnell Williams' guilt. It was first time in 48 years that an Indiana governor granted clemency in a capital case.
Winnie Mandella needs Killing; she's a murderous criminal.
It is commonly acknowledged that Joel Steinberg is a monster, a subhuman who committed one of the most vicious, heinous and atrocious acts one can perpetrate. He committed brutality against a child who was totally incapable of defending herself.
And the US Supreme Court further ruined my week: they put on hold the execution of a San Antonio man while the justices decide whether to consider issues he raised on appeal. Troy Kunkle had been scheduled to die tonight for the 1984 slaying of a Corpus Christi father of two young daughters.

Just about everyone has a favorite superstition. Whether you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away or avoid walking under ladders, you likely have at least one you follow. If you don't, check out this site because it's bursting with them. You'll find the common bad-luck superstitions in this huge collection: breaking a mirror and opening an umbrella indoors are here. But did you know it's also bad luck to start a cruise on Friday or to say the word "pig" while at sea? Those are just a couple of the gems listed everything from hair to weddings to animals has a superstition attached. But don't forget the most important superstition of all: It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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