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Friday, June 3, 2005

In a perfect world, the housecat, barncat or garden center cat would *hunt* the field mice, and the facility would be rodent-free in short order. In a imperfect world, America has to endure the obstructionism, hate speech, slanderous rhetoric and lies of liberals and demokkkRATs. These lowlife scum are The Enemy Within™, and truly need to be neutralized (personally, I prefer summary execution). The liberal, progressive, socialist, misogynist, commie, nazi, fascist demokkkRATs support the murderous islamofascist subhuman filth, over our brave US Military. The verminous, psychotic liberal-leftist-demokkkRATs — namely Amnesty International USA, Human Rights Watch, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the ACLU, the American Bar Association, and Human Rights First (formerly known as the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights) — are the slimy, leftist cockroaches scurrying for cover, when the light of truth is shone upon them. They can't handle the truth, and they hide in dark, moist places. They support unlimited illegal immigration, admitting untold diseases into the US, which were once completely eradicated. Leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria, polio etc are on the rise, again. America is now facing a "quiet invasion", which will devastate our society in a few years. We're being pushed back to the late 18th century, when immigration was rampant, and the diseases they brought into America, caused huge problems. Our medical industry can once again handle and eradicate the disease, but can we handle the unassimilated masses of illegal aliens? No, we can't. The AIDS-homo, fudge-packing, rump-raiding lobby is effectively thwarting the anti-illegal immigration movement, because they've gained control of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and want America to fail internally. We have The Power, but not The Will To Win. It's long past time to find, root-out, charge, try, convict, sentence and execute the subhuman, hate-America, liberal-leftist garbage from every institution, governmental body and nook-and-cranny that they hide in. These are not ordinary times; it's a time of war and our very survival and future is at stake. America's underpinnings — morals, mores, values and traditions — are rotting out, from within, thanks to liberal-leftist-demokkkRAT filth. It's way past time to stop the rot: please refer to my previous, permanent solutions for such subhuman garbage. Liberalism is a pervasive disease; it must be identified, confirmed, and permanently eradicated/ exterminated, from the face-of-the-earth. Destroy liberalism, wherever and whenever you find it. It's a cancer.

Around The Garden Center™.
No, I didn't go anywhere for the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend; I worked as usual. But I did take Monday off — closed the GC&N Complex and slept-in — for most of the day. I did go down to feed and spend some quiet time with Pickle, my little friend. Here's why I don't go anywhere on holidays, anymore.
The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend was busy, despite thunderstorms rolling through on Saturday, followed by a quick 20°F drop in air temps. Customers didn't seem to mind it; many just had shorts and t-shirts on. I scrambled to put on a heavier shirt and cost, to ward-off the cold. Sunday was back up into the low 70s, and a glorious day for shoppers. My Sciatic Nerve pain was on the low end, so I enjoyed working with customers.
Pickle is still holding his own, boistered by steroids and pain killers. He hobbles around on his left front leg, using the useless, tumor-riddled right leg to steady himself. And I carry him to where he wants to go, if I'm nearby. Many Journal readers, who are regular customers, stop by with their kids, pet him and wish him well, though they know what's coming for him. His cast-bronze memorial plaque, for his grave, arrived today. Updates on his condition, as they are warranted.
This Holiday Weekend marks the beginning of "The Summer Driving Season", and traditionally, higher fuel prices until just after Labor Day, in the Fall. Gas prices are holding steady at $1.99/gal for unleaded regular 87 oct, in the York (PA) area, despite rising crude prices, worldwide. Just to the south, over the Maryland line, the same gas is 5-7˘ higher per gallon, and a lot of MD plates come here to fill-up. Natch. We have a price benchmark to observe, for the next few months.
How's your sense of smell, guys?

Wake-up, GOP idiots! The liberal-demokkkRAT, America-hater, liar, scumbag bitch, bull-dyke-lesbo, illegal-alien-wetback-lover, Gov Janet Napolitano (WHORE-AZ), is playing you morons like a fiddle. Override her anti-American vetos, and get the subhuman lowlife dyke garbage out of office. Grow some spines, GOPers. What were you Arizona voters thinking, electing suhuman filth, like *her*, to office?
The traitorous dirtbag GOPer, US Rep Jim Kolbe (CRIMINAL-AZ), has approved appropriation bills that prohibit permanent checkpoints along a 260-mile section of the Arizona border known as the Tucson sector. U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints near the Mexican border are essential in stopping the flow of illegal aliens and drugs into America, say law-enforcement authorities, but permanent checkpoints in southern Arizona are not allowed. Kolbe is bought-and-paid-for by Mexican drug money.
Here are 10 reasons why I quit supporting the Republican Party, and why I probably won't vote again in '06 and '08.
US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (TRAITOR-AZ) was turned by the commie North VietNamese into a "Manchurian Candidate", and an Enemy of America™. McCain is mentally-ill shit.
Mentally-ill McCain's not running for president; oh yes, he is.
US Sen Rick Santorum, (RINO-PA), who has at least 14 commercial weather companies in his home state, according to The Associated Press (PA=COMMIES), introduced a bill in April, called the National Weather Services Duties Act, that seeks to sharply restrict access to free weather information.

Illegal Alien, Criminal Immigration.
The Republicans need the illegals as workers for their big business connections; the lowlife liberal-demokkkRATs need the illegals for their illegal votes in local, state and national elections. Both are just opposite sides of the same criminal coin: GOPers and lib-dem trash are selling America out, and down the river.
Dirtbag, lowlife, commie, socialist, deviant, anti-US Constitution, Mikey "I Hate America" Bloomberg (RINO-NY), supports "Education Equity Act", which would require translation services for the city school system in nine different languages — including Bengali and Urdu. Bloomberg is a subhuman piece of shit.
After being pummeled for two months by critics who claim he’s too weak on illegal immigration, US Sen Jon Kyl (RINO-AZ), is proposing sweeping get-tough legislation to tighten border security and crack down on those who hire undocumented workers. Kyl is anti-American shit. Recall his traitorous ass. Yawn.
New South Federal Savings Bank is giving illegal aliens home mortgages to help them realize The American Dream. Its Casa Mia program is designed to help tax-paying immigrants "without traditional forms of documentation" — like anything indicating they are Americans. Remedios Gomez Arnau, consul general of Mexico in Atlanta, is working closely with the massive Alabama-based bank "to ensure the accurate identification of Mexican immigrants." Said Senor Arnau: "We are excited to see a loan product specifically aimed at helping Mexican immigrants illegal aliens."
Several anti-illegal immigration groups, convened Saturday in the Las Vegas hellhole, to discuss efforts to tighten US borders, and to praise recent action by the Minuteman Project, as a large group of Hispanic protesters denounced the conference as racist. Hey, illegal alien, wetback garbage, filth: f*ck you, subhuman filth!
Crucify the employers of illegal alien wetback filth. Devastate the employers. Smash them. Jail them. Fine them to death.
Recently, LA elected a new mayor: James Hahn — a boring incumbent, whose first term in office was tainted with a few charges of corruption — was routed by his challenger, Antonio Villaraigosa, a youthful-looking 52. The Villaraigosa dirtbag traitor, was portrayed as a wonderful role model because he'd been a high-school drop-out who'd cleaned-up his act and gone to college. But inasmuch as he had the distinction of failing the bar exam four times before taking the easy way out and becoming a politician. Villaraigosa is a hate-America, pro-Mexico shithead, criminal, asshole, who should be imprisoned and executed, for treason.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scum™.
Liberal-demokkkRAT politician scum arrested for taking bribes? No surprise there. Powerful Tennessee state Sen, syphilitic John Ford, now under house arrest as he awaits trial in a federal corruption case, has resigned. Ford, a member of the Senate for more than 30 years, was arrested Thursday as part of a two-year FBI sting operation nicknamed "Tennessee Waltz." Ford and his whole family, are lowlife, corrupt, criminal filth. Rot in prison, Ford. But liberal-demokkkRAT dickhead, Lt Gov John Wilder, also a corrupt lib-dem scumbag, said it was "wrong" for undercover agents to bait lawmakers with money. Bwaaaaahhhhh, cry me a frigging river, asshole. Prosecutors contend Ford has threatened to kill government witnesses and is a public danger. The Ford asshole should get no $2,507/month retirement, courtesy of Tennessee Taxpayers. Ford is a dirtbag. Sen Kathryn Bowers of Memphis, Sen Ward Crutchfield, Rep Chris Newton and former Sen Roscoe Dixon also was charged. Rot in prison, all of you scumbags.
No Whites Allowed. What? A Shocker! Blacks are racist, bigots? Of course they are; they're the worst racist-bigots. Far worse than the KKK and other lowlife filth. NABSW Code of Ethics is racist crappola.
pMSNBC just can't leave the muslim lies and bullshit alone, can they? All muslim terrorists are lying, subhuman pigshit filth. pMSNBC is part of The Enemy Within™, actively trying to destroy America's Military. pMSNBC is shit.
Who was W. Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat", in the WaterGate Days of the early 70s? He was a shit-sucking, lowlife, degenerate, subhuman, libera-demokkkRAT TRAITOR, who hated America, and actively tried to bring Her down. Felt is filth. Felt is garbage. Felt is shit. Felt is a traitor. Felt is scum. Felt is rotting, fetid afterbirth. He helped plunge this Nation into an unnecessary Constitutional Crisis. Felt is subhuman trash. Felt is a criminal. He's not heroic. So is the liberal, commie, socialist, nazi-loving, Woodward asshole.
I love this Boortz rant, but that's all it is. It was never delivered as a commemcement speech. www.snopes.com debunked it. It is on Neal's website, though.
Racist, bigot, hair-ironer, Pomade®-slurper lowlife, subhuman filth, US Rep Johnnie "I Hate America" Conyers (TRAITOR-MI), recently introduced H. Res. 288. The resolution condemns confirms "bigotry and religious intolerance, and [recognizes] that holy books of every religion should be treated with dignity and respect." The resolution begins expounding upon the virtue of a certain pigshit book, stating that "the Quran is the un-holy book for muslims who recite passages from it in prayer and learn valuable lessons about murder, torture, beheading, boy-buggery, female abuse, peace, humanity and spirituality." It proceeds to assert that "mistreatment of prisoners and disrespect toward the un-holy book of any religion, teh islam pigshit is unacceptable and against civilized humanity." "The pigshit Koran is an unholy murder manual, and I spit-piss-shit upon it", said Conyers. Conyers sucks a bag of chunky pig guts.
Empty-headed, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT, shit-for-brains, whorebag, political news commentator, Cokie Roberts, stressed the importance of incorporating social justice values into public service at Marquette University's 124th commencement exercises. Dumbass bitch.
Los Angeles mayor-elect, dirtbag, scumbag, wetback, subhuman, lowlife, hate-America, shit-filth, Antonio Villaraigosa (WETBACK-CA), said Wednesday that Mexico will play an important role in shaping his policies. Run the wetback garbage out of office, LA. Oh, I forgot: LA is in the turd world toilet.
San Diego is crap? Once again?
Shocking new expose covers Bill and Hillary's intimidation machine? Okay thanks; I'll read The Cliff Notes™.
"Paul Newman, the legend that never gets old." Newman is a talentless, washed-up, old socialist
Are you freaking kidding? These lowlife scum are The Enemy Within™, and truly need to be neutralized. The liberal, progressive, socialist, misogynist, commie, nazi, fascist demokkkRATs, are The Hitlery-land Staff? They're deviant, degenerate, subhuman filth. Trash. Shit. And Hitlery's a lying, socialist bitch. Wake up, America!
Federal indictments are making their way up the Chicago City Hall food chain. The Hispanic Democratic Organization he created has turned into a political monster at the center of a hiring scandal. He has handcuffed his own fund-raising ability. His poll numbers are headed south. But despite all that, Mayor Richard J. Daley Jr, a liberal, progressive, socialist, misogynist, commie, nazi, fascist demokkkRAT, could still win the sixth term he needs to become Chicago's longest-serving mayor if he chooses to stay and fight — and if those closest to him don't get caught up in the scandal.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
LIES: Thousands of pigshit-drinking, islamic asshole, pigshit hardliners, launched a fresh protests across Pakistan on Friday after the United States admitted some guards at Guantanamo Bay had mishandled the pigshit Koran, witnesses and party officials said, while drooling and farting. Demonstrators waving anti-US placards and banners also vented their anger in southern Karachi and eastern Lahore, Pakistan's two largest cities, and many other towns around the pigshit islamic republic of 150 million people. The demonstrations came a day after visiting US assistant secretary of state Christina Rocca assured Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf the US would take action if anyone was found guilty of abusing the un-holy murder manual. Protests erupted across muslim world after a report in Newsweek magazine early this month that interrogators at the US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, threw a Koran in a toilet to rattle muslim inmate dirtbags. Imagine how ballistic they'd go if you spit, piss and shit on the unholy, murder manual, Koran? It'd be funny to watch them kill more of each other. I vote for that.
Lowlife, subhuman, certified Enemy of America™, filth, America-hater, piece-of-pigshit deviant, verminous left-wing lunatic, degenerate, scumbag, Willie "F*ck You, America!" Schulz, executive director of Amnesty International USA (Assholery Irrational, NAZI), should be duly charged, tried, sentenced and executed for treasonous and seditious acts against America. I volunteer.
Why any woman with a functioning brain would marry a muslim man, is beyond me. They're cowardly, lying, lowlife subhuman filth and treat women worse than animals.
San Fran-sicko is clearly home to many, many deviants, lowlifes, subhumans, degenerates and mentally-ill scumbags. A "masturbate-a-thon"? Nuke the shithole, and start over.
Yes, the hate-filled, murderous ideology of islam is definitely at war with everyone who isn't a muslim. Jihad, anyone? There is no moderate islam; they all would kill us in the blink of an eye, if they could. Any questions about your unholy alliance, lefties?
Ford Motor Co — they also make Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover — actively support the sodomy, deviancy and degeneracy of the AIDS-riddled, homo movement. Ford is shit, in my book. I will never buy any of those vehicles, ever. What are you driving?
Buh-bye, EU and euro! We hardly knew ye. Good riddance, socialist scumbags. Bwahahahahahaha!
Sickening, just pathetic crap.
The sister of a Florida murder suspect, perched 350 feet above a Buckhead intersection, pleaded for her brother to surrender this afternoon. Tawana Roland, who said she is the younger sister of Carl Edward Roland, 41, appeared at the condominium construction site after receiving a call from detectives. Shoot the subhuman lowlife, from the crane.
Mahathir Mohamad, modern Malaysia's founding father and moderate islam's self-styled champion, denounced the Bush administration yesterday as a "rogue regime" bent on terrorising innocent civilians. He also said he was disappointed that Tony Blair, who he called a "proven liar", had won re-election after joining the US invasion of Iraq. Mahathir Mohamad is a lowlife, subhuman, murderous, deviant, islamic, lying pigshit muslim punk.
Spit, piss and shit on the unholy murder-manual, Koran.
Elite Mexican commandos (an obvious oxymoron), trained by US Special Forces to combat the drug cartels, have switched sides and are working for the drug smugglers in the border area, posing a special hazard to American Law Enforcement and Border Patrol Agents. Solution: kill them. Protect yourselves, against the illegal alien wetback garbage.
Bob Geldoff, the stupid little turd, organizing another worthless concert of looney-tune scumbags? Yawn.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Carl Edward Roland, Atlanta, needed killing, but police chickened-out, shot him with a Taser and got him down. Too bad, they should have used a .45cal on his criminal head. End of problem.
A 27-year-old man has been sentenced in Tucson to 15 years in prison in connection with the slaying seven years ago of a Border Patrol agent. Juan Manuel Mares-Rivas, a Mexican citizen, is the last of four defendants in the case to be sentenced. Border Patrol Agent Alexander Kirpnick was killed in June 1998 west of Nogales after he encountered four men trying to smuggle marijuana across the US-Mexico border. Shoot and kill them, on sight.
Anna Ayala's attorney said Thursday that the Las Vegas woman has been rattled by hate mail since her April arrest for allegedly planting a fingertip in a bowl of chili at a San Jose Wendy's, which cost the fast-food chain millions in lost business. The Ayala bitch is a criminal, and should be jailed for life.
An illegal immigrant wanted for killing a Mexican police officer was deported Thursday, after his arrest in Colorado. Jose Luis Ventura-Molina, 48, was wanted by Mexican authorities for the 2001 slaying of a Michoacan, Mexico police officer. Kill the wetback filth.

Classic Car Spots.
There's no school like the old school — especially when it comes to TV commercials. For your viewing pleasure, TV Party has added some timeless automotive ads to their showroom floor. You won't find any high-pressure tactics — just take a look around and find one you like. Everything on the lot is priced to move with no haggling required. They've got everything from a two-minute Chevy masterpiece, starring Dinah Shore, to a Ford convertible ad that has me questioning whether the makers weren't sniffing some gas on the side. If neither of those beauties works for you, the campy commercial starring mega-dealer Cal Worthington, and his "dog" Spot, has some get up and go. Oh, and trade-ins are welcome.

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