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in my opinion
friday, june 8th, 2007

Sure, I try not to express my "Conservative Opinion", in almost every section of the weekly entries, of John's Journal. I'd rather let the articles, speak for themselves. But once-in-a-while, I want to speak-out on a topic, not covered by the hate-America, dirtbag lowlifes in the treasonous, left-wing-owned and controlled media and cowardly, shit-for-brains. do-nothing politicians, of all stripes. To wit: after 6 years in office, why is President Bush issuing an EO (Executive Order) to KBR (Halliburton's subsidiary, Kellogg-Brown-Root) to build "emergency detention camps", in America? What does he know, that we don't? Why is President Bush ordering all power to his Office Of The President of The US? Okay, I agree with the *occasional need* for a 'dictator', of sorts, to clean-out and clean-up, America, IMO. Liberals, demokkkRATs, traitors, seditionists, saboteurs and subversives, need periodic and regular killing, IMO. I'd support a True Conservative US President, in this regard. But I don't trust President Bush anymore, as he's now proven himself far too liberal for America's future good, and would continue selling-out America, as he's done, with illegal immigration, for the past 6 years. It pains me deeply, to see the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, trashed so publicly, in a time of war, against the subhuman, lowlife, murderous muslim-islamist-arab filth. Make no mistake about it: the filth that is islam, is at war against the rest of the world. They need immediate killing, IMO. Will Christians, Jews etc, be destined for those emergency detention camps? Meaning you and I, for simply defending ourselves, our families and friends? Very possibly, that "Liberal-RINO-GOPer", will determine that all murderous, subhuman terrorist filth, muslim-islamic-arab garbage, are the 'innocent parties', and that Patriotic American Citizens, are the 'bad guys'. As I said, I don't trust Bush anymore, to do the right thing, and defend America. He's sold-out America, many years ago, and we're just finding out about it. GWB is a traitor, IMO, and deserves to be impeached, on that issue, alone. I came to the impeachment conclusion, last Fall in one of my Journal entries, and was very depressed at what President Bush had obviously done to America, both behind our collective backs and in front of our collective faces. Yes, I do support him 100% on "The War Against islam", but complete and total abrogation of his sworn oath of office, pushed me over the edge. I changed my long-time Republican Party affiliation to Independent Conservative, and stopped donating $500-$1,000 to the GOP, yearly. The Republican/GOP Party left me; I didn't leave them. Why has President Bush sold out America? Two reasons: Go back and look at the Bush Family-Saudi Connections, and you'll understand why he's reluctant to prosecute the "War Against islam" with the full power of America's Military, and why he's allowing so many US Military to die needlessly in useless ground fighting of the subhuman, murderous, lowlife Saudi/Wahabbi-funded muslim-islamist-arab filth. Go ahead and do some reading; I'll wait. Similarly, look at the Bush Family-Mexican Connections, which are just as powerful and long-lived in the Bush Family Dynasty History. Are you getting as sick to your stomach yet, as I am? You should be, dammit. Their treason's quite obvious. Back to those emergency detention camps, for a minute. If the so-called "Hate Thought Crimes Bill" — which is artfully-disguised as "The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act", or "S. 625" and "H.R. 1592" — passes the corrupt, criminal US Congress, and it appears likely that it will, it will be sent to President Bush's desk, for signature, and made into enforceable US Law. Right now, pundits are predicting that Bush will veto it, but I'm not so sure. I think it's the reason why the detention camps (EO) was initiated and signed, quietly into law. If you or I, or any other Christian, Jew etc criticizes, tried to defend himself/family/friends from harm, the jack-booted thugs have a legal pretext to round us up, and illegally-impound us in one of those KBR-built camps, with hundreds/thousands/millions of other American Patriots. Do you know what S. 625 is all about? Better read this; I'll wait. Are you starting to connect all those little dots/snippets of information and data, yet? Criticize muslim-islamist-arabs for terrorism? You're guilty of a "hate-thought crime", and go to those emergency detention camps. Criticize the millions of criminal, illegal alien Mexicans etc? You're guilty of a "hate-thought crime", and go to those emergency detention camps. Criticize homo-sodomites? You're guilty of a "hate-thought crime", and go to those emergency detention camps. Criticize blacks for any reason? You're guilty of a "hate-thought crime", and go to those emergency detention camps. Criticize any "protected minority"? You're guilty of a "hate-thought crime", and go to those emergency detention camps. Are you getting it, yet? This is state-sponsored socialism and fascism, on the rise, much like the "hate/thought crime laws", in the UK and much of "New Europe", aka EU. The Orwellian implications in the UK and EU, and soon in the USA, are already in-place and jailing innocents for mere thought. The idea that free speech is divisible — that you can ban some forms of speech without impacting on others — has been tacitly accepted. Are new laws again political extremism, cultural extremism, educational extremism, next? Yes, IMO. Evidence is not required for a crime; perception is all that's required, by these 'laws'. Get it, yet? Jeeeeze, I sure hope so. I get it, and it scares the living crap out of me. This frontal attack on The First Amendment, is astounding and unprecendented, in US History. If it is signed into law, then the "toothpaste is truly out of the tube", and all kinds of kindred 'thought crime' laws will be proposed and passed into law. Is it any wonder that Bush has destroyed the Conservative Coalition? Sadly, he has and America will pay the price for it, in 2008, and for a long time, thereafter. Mr Bush, your "Base" isn't swallowing-hard, anymore, and putting-up with your cowardly, liberal-bullshit, anymore. Mr Bush, we're damned-tired of your liberalism, lies and broken promises, sir. Tired. The Republican Party is dead and gone, many thanks to you. Your Tax Cuts have been great, but your screw-ups are legion and very damaging, Mr Bush. Screw big businesses' need for cheap labor, dammit! You've compromised border security, America's Security, and are proposing ***AMNESTY*** for 25-30 million criminal, illegal. aliens! One day for a background check of 25 million people, is idiotic bullshit! And you damned-well know it! Oh, you really mean it, this time? Ted Kennedy, your fat, alcoholic asshole buddy, needs to "meet Lee Harvey Oswald/ Sirhan Sirhan's cousin(s)", ASAP! IMO. Kennedy's a traitor/seditionist/saboteur, and needs hanging, IMO! What don't you understand about the phrase, ***criminal illegal aliens***, President Bush? Former President Eisenhower handled "Operation Wetback", just fine and dandy, Mr Bush, and there's no damned reason for you to let this criminal, illegal invasion of America continue.

Around The Garden Center™.
On Thursday night, huge t-storms moved north of us in York (PA), along I-80, and dumped mucho-needed (by us) rainfall, up there. 2-3-4-5-6" rainfall, depending upon where you measured. State College, Harrisburg, Scranton, Allentown and Williamsport got the 'moisture benefit'; we got zip. Meanwhile, the local alfalfa hay has been mowed and bailed, field corn is standing at 18-24", soybeans are at 6-10", and some fields of Summer wheat are yellowing-off and getting ready for harvest, without any appreciable rainfall. They're all known as 'scavenger crops', able to flourish, to a point, without much moisture.
*Severe Weather Warnings*, *Flash Flood Warnings* and *Dense Fog Advisories* were all over WGAL-8 and The Weather Channel TV and websites, on Friday evening for our area. Severe thunderstorms/hail/70-mph winds/possible funnel-cloud sightings, rolled through the York-Lancaster area, around 6pm on Friday, and caused some havoc over in Lancaster County, to our east. The thunder and lightening rattled my condo in East York, scared the crap out of my two condo cats, whom I didn't see again until later that evening, flickered lights, cut power for minutes, interrupted CATV and CM connections and dumped almost 3" of rain (according to my condo's rain gauge), in under 20 mins. There was little long-term, "deep moisture benefit" from the rainfall, since 90% of it hit the parched, hard-as-a-rock ground, and ran-off into the storm drains and creeks/streams and reservoirs. Yes; some flooding and damage. But it felt good to see all that rain coming down, so plentifully. I loved it, and it was wonderful just to see any rain, and the t-storms continued rocking the condo, through midnight, as I was sleeping. The hard rain on the 3 skylights, was easy to tolerate and 'sleep-to', IMO. ThankYouVeryMuch!
I got into work around 7:30am, on Saturday, back, shoulder, elbow and rib pain notwithstanding — no, I can't speak (my Atty) about it, just yet — and found that the billion-gallon retention ponds had overflowed, and that there was almost 7" of standing water in two of the wheelbarrows, outside GH-1. Yikes. Unfortunately, the rain gauge out front, has a crack in it, and isn't accurate anymore. MTWireFree's server took a hit, and Doug was busy trying to get it repaired. Meanwhile, I switched the GC&N Complex back over to Wild Blue Satellite, the temporary service which Doug had so kindly installed after our wireless broadband tower went down in a February ice storm. 4-6" of hard rain wasn't exactly what we needed, as most ran-off, but it sure did help and we're all grateful for it. Our corporate website and email were down all day, but that's no biggie, IMO.
Business traffic was light on Saturday — the National Street Rod Association is in town, for the 27th year, at the York Expo Center, for their 2007 East National Meet — and I had some extra GC&N Staff and Landscape Crew in, for the day, to help out with retail sales and mulch/soil deliveries. In prior years, I did all the weekend deliveries myself, but with natural aging and recent injuries, I just can't do those tasks, anymore. About 95% of my customers understand that we're now closed on Sundays, and have acclimated their shopping routines to my new weekend hours, but there are always 'those few' who can't seem to understand that being open 7 day a week, for the past 17 years, isn't conducive to a social life or physical health, as one ages. I refuse to relinquish the years I have left, to my business. I have more years behind me, than I have left ahead of me, and a 'final lifestyle decision' was mandated, this year, IMO. Get used to it, adjust or go somewhere else, "Mr & Mrs 5% Customer". There are times which I regret doing that 'missionary work', in breaching Sundays, as 'just another business day', when I replied to several local churches who criticized me for doing so, that "God's Garden needs tending 7 days a week'. 20-20 hindsight? Ha; cracked ribs are countering that view of reality.
On a lighter note. If you're a "50's Boomer", as I am, this short clip should appeal to you, as much too close to the truth.
Saturday evening's destructive t-storms missed the York (PA) area, despite WGAL's and The Weather Channel's dire predictions of more damage, by going north of us, thankfully. Hurricane Barry Tropical Storm Tropical Depression Barry, didn't, and scored a direct hit on our area on Sunday morning, as it pushed northward. It yielded very little (>1") of rainfall, despite its formidable presence on the local radar maps — 500 miles across and 700 miles deep — and was truly an *empty-rainfall-producing*, dud. Too bad, as we could have used the additional moisture.
Mmmmmmmm, fresh-grown, York County Strawberries are on the market, at all the local fruit markets, and they're *sweeter* than I can ever remember, due to the drought. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
A heads-up tip to all who read "John's Journal": on your personal cellphone, make an entry called "ICE"In Case of Emergency — this what the First Responders (Medical, Fire, Police) look for, if you are involved in an accident, and are unconscious, to notify your next-of-kin, about your condition, or to notify you to come to a family member's/friend's aid.
Gypsy moth infestation(s), in York County? Yes, I'm seeing h-u-g-e infestations, in state parks, private residences, college, cemetaries, woods, wherever there are trees. The state spraying programs were stopped years ago, to re-direct taxpayer funds to the care-and-feeding, of illegal, criminal aliens. And it's just going to get worse. Ready, America?
Did I tell you about my latest weapon purchase, a few weeks ago? It's the venerable Henry Repeating Rifle, "Big Boy", chambered in .357magnum, is an instant favorite with me. I bought it at my favorite local armorer, Freedom Armory, in Glen Rock, PA, where I've bought most of my weapons, since 9-11, except my first revolver, a 1974 Colt Trooper Mk III .357magnum.
For the benefit of my visiting customers, I've posted a list of Recommended Restaurants, in the York (PA) area, which they can access from the Visitors Page, on my corporate website.
Hmmmmmmmmmm, look what I found at Linotype.com's site: The Shelley Script Type Family. Nice! But I don't really like that 'flowery' typeface. I have no problem in buying it for $24, to support the author, but I already have 100+ 'selected typefaces', on my office machine.

Things Which make Your Head Explode™.
Do you drink bottled water, like tens-of-millions of ignorant Americans, and countless billions of idiotic/stupid/moronic others, worldwide? "Evian" brand? Think it's from pure French Alps snow runoff? Or a deep, million-year old pure aquifer? Bullshit! It's pisswater from China, you morons! Wake up! Fecal matter, bacteria, crap, junk, shit, garbage etc etc etc are allowed! Evian is contaminated pisswatwer. Your flouridated, clean and pure tap water is 1000% better and safer for you, dammit! WAKE UP, AMERICA!
No, I didn't leave the Republican-GOP Party; they left me. I changed from a 35-yr Republican Party member and $500-1,000/yr donor to the GOP, to an Independent Conservative in York County, PA, last year, when I realized that Bush & Co had thrown American under the bus, on many, many occasions. I voted for him 2x, but now realize and know that it was a huge mistake, as Bush is a liberal-GOPer-RINO, even more liberal than RM Nixon was, and is obviously to destroy America's National Sovereignty. Like the old saying goes: "If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything." We’ve traded our National Sovereignty for cheap roofing and yardwork, BTW.
As a small business ($10mm) owner and entrepreneur, I'm a supporter (and occasional shopper) of Wal-Mart, but to a limit. Their opening of so-called multiple 'super stores' in small and medium communities, within a 7-10 mile radius of each other, is obscene and, IMO, totally-unwarranted. I'd fight them 100% in doing that non-sensical crap, thereby causing traffic congestion problems, driving other established businesses out of operation, illegal payoffs and bribes to local zoning boards, etc. This illegal, corrupt, criminal crap is underway in Red Lion (PA), but since I don't live there, I don't have a voice in the matter.
My IRA and investments, are loving this. "Worst economy since Herbert Hoover?" Dumbass, stupid, lying sacks-of-shit, asshole liberal-demokkkRAT idiots!
Ahhhhhh, more subhuman muslim-islamist-arabs filth, plotting to blow-up high-profile targets in the US? Golly gee whiz! Poor little innocent subhuman, camel-humping pieces of mo-ham-head eating pigshitter scum! Deport all the subhuman muslim-islamist-arabs, in the US! IMO. muslim-islamist-arabs are terrorists, wanting to destroy America, and they all need deportation, IMO. Thes are not Americans; they're subhumans and need to go back to their tribal huts in Africa! And more muslim-islamist-arab garbage, plotting against Ft Dix. I could go on and on...
Get these muslim-islamist-arab-nigger cabbie camel-humpers, out of America, dammit! Revoke their cabbie licenses, and deport the muslim-islamist-arab trash/garbage/shit/filth! Or better yet: KILL THEM ALL! IMO!
Here's a partial list of plots. I'm sure the FBI isn't telling even close to all of it— by subhuman muslim-islamist-arab filth, to destroy America, which were successfully broken-up. Any questions, liberal-demokkkRAT sympathizers and supporters?
Hey, Canada assholes: your McMaster University Nuke Plant is unsafe and easily-accessible to subhuman, murderous, murderous, lowlife muslim-islamist-arab shitfilth scumbags! Fuck you, Canada! Fuck you, Canada! Fuck you, Mcmaster University shithole scumbags! Come fuck with me, asshole muslim-islamist-arabs-camel-fuckers! C'mon, assholes! Sue me, asswipers!
Duly-charge, arrest, try, convict, sentence and execute all these subhuman, muslim-islamist-arab, liberal-demokkkRAT, traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, IMO. Any questions?
Net taxes could arrive by Fall? I've been on the Net, since Aug '95, had the first hort-ag website in Jan '96, and will go ballistic if the cowardly, spend-a-hololic, cowardly, criminal, corrupt politicians, bend over and grab their ankles, over this bullshit! You'd better too, IMO, if you want this usurping-crap, to end and reverse itself, dammit. This is not all liberal-demokkkRATs; it cowardly, dirtbag GOP-RINOers, doing what hurts America: spending someone elses' money, and doing everything the US Constitution specifically-forbids the Federal and State Authorities, to do.
"Military judges dismissed charges Monday against a Guantanamo detainee who chauffeured Osama bin Laden and another who allegedly killed a US soldier in Afghanistan, marking a setback to Washington's attempts to try detainees in military court. (There are 380 subhuman, murderous, muslim-islamist-arab filth, who are subject to this ruling.) The judges agreed that there was one problem they could not resolve — the new legislation says only "unlawful enemy combatants" can be tried by the military trials, known as commissions. But Khadr and Hamdan had previously been identified by military panels only as enemy combatants, lacking the critical "unlawful" designation." I'm speechless at this treason/sedition/sabotage, by JAG Army Col Peter Brownback.
RIP, US Sen Craig.
Sooooooooo, Scooter Libby gets 30 months and a huge fine for lying about an irrelevancy, while Clinton got off free for lying about actual misconduct on his own part and suborning perjury from associates? And Sandy Berger got a slap on the wrist for stealing documents from the National Archives and then lying about it? And Joe Wilson got away with his blatant and proven lies? Gimme some duct tape!

Global Warming™ Bullshit & Lies™.
If you want ***The Truth About Global Warming***, watch , this 1hr:16min film by the BBC — The Great Global Warming Swindle — about what's really happening. The leftist, verminous, snot-in-shoes cowards at YouTube, have banned the film. I have it on DVD, and will upload it to my corporate server, for all to see, when Google drops it, due to pressure from the wacko, leftist, subhuman, fascist, socialist, commie, eco-filth. I won't allow this truth to die or disappear. Watch it, please!
If there was ever any doubt that shit-for-brains, traitor-seditionist-saboteur, US Rep "Stretch" Pelosi (TRAITOR-CA) was a mentally-ill moron/idiot/cretin, this article's quotes, should solidify that nicely. Shoot the traitor, IMO.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
I'd prefer to have this lowlife, subhuman whore-skank-slut-bitch-filth Hilton, executed, than have the US Taxpayers foot the bill, for her/it. A Corbon 165gr HP, .45cal ACP in the head, would make much more sense, than '3 hots and a cot', IMO. Target practice, anyone? Interviews with the Hilton skank, from jail?
No, don't arrest and detain those 30,000 subhuman, leftist-anarchist filth: shoot and kill them! Make the streets run red with rivers of their blood! I'd give the order to open fire and kill all of them, dammit! They're filth, shit, trash and garbage! KILL THEM ALL! So far, 146 German police were hurt, 25 of them seriously? WTF is going on, Chancellor Merkel? Kill the rioting subhuman filth, dammit! I can't believe what cowardly assholes the Western Nations have become! If I had the power, I'd issue the *shoot to kill* order, and pull the trigger on an M-70 'Mini Vulcan' Gattling Gun! 6,000 round per minute, and I'd have all 30,000 subhumans killed and turned into hamburger, in 5-6 minutes. Count on it, dammit!
Break dancing? South Korea's Diarrhea's is finally "embracing Nigga break dancing"? That lowlife, subhuman, dirtbag Nigga crap was 20 years ago, here in the US, morons! Stupid, lowlife, subhman gooks, slopes, dinks and assorted yellow-commie, filth. No wonder you're still a turd-world shit-hole, and always will be.
Yes, I'm all in favor of Vermont seceeding from the USA. Get all Real Americans out of Vermont, nuke it, and KILL all of the subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth! Go back in, and re-populate the shithole state, in about 50-70 years, IMO. Track-down all of the liberal-demokkkRATs, and kill them! IMO! KILL ALL THE TRAITORS!
The annual hate-filled, anti-American, anti-US Military, liberal-demokkkRAT party 'banquet' in Cedar Rapids (IA) was the largest concentration so far in the 2008 campaign of Democratic presidential candidates — and the activists whose support they hope to win — in Iowa. Nuke the fucking-lowlife, degenerate, dirtbag, subhuman, treasonous, seditious saboteurs, IMO! KILL THEM ALL! Put their festering, fetid remains, into a wood-chipper! All liberal-demokkkRATs are hate-America, hate-US Military, anti-Freedom, anti-Liberty traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, and need to be killed, IMO! Any questions?
Another $30 billion to fight AIDS in Africa? What is that dumbass, Bush thinking? Put the subhuman, tribal, murderous, lowlife dirtbag, Niggas' dicks back in their pants, or cut-off their rapist dicks, IMO! Ignorant, subhuman, turd-world Niggas, are the problem, IMO. Either 'fix the problem', or kill them all, IMO. Throwing additional billions of US Taxpayers' dollars at lowlife, subhuman garbage, isn't the answer, Bush, you idiotic, liberal moron asswipe! Fix the problem: kill the subhumans and end the problem, you stupid asshole. $30 billion additional US Taxpayers' hard-earned dollars aren't the problem, you cretin!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Robert Alan Soloway, a piece-of-lowlife-shit, spammer, needs killing, IMO, as do all spammers. I'd volunteer to headhsoot all of them, at N/C to US Taxpayers. Hey, US Gov't: HIRE ME! And I'll rid the world of those lowlife, subhuman garbage/shit/trash/filth/scumbags.
Shoot this TB-Speaker asshole, IMO.
A fight broke out among inmates in a prison yard Friday, injuring 18 prisoners, three of them critically, prison officials said. Huh? Give them all guns, and let them kill each other, and bleed-out and die, IMO. Clean-out the prisons. Next problem...
The Plame Whore-Traitor needs a headshot, IMO. She's subhuman verminous filth, garbage, shit, trash, liar, filth, traitor, seditionist, saboteur, and should be KILLED!
A former executive for the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, verminous homo-sodomite-pedophile, Charles Rust-Tierney, has been sentenced to eight years in prison after he admitted having "graphic and violent" child pornography. The commie-ACLU needs complete and total dismemberment, and all members should be duly-tried for treason/sedition/sabotage, and promptly killed, IMO. I'd volunteer for the firing squad, and not charge the US Taxpayers, one single dime. It would be my distinct pleasure to duly- execute all the subhuman ACLU filth, for their crimes against America, IMO.
I call for the immediate assassination of Vlad Putrid, lowlife dirtbag, homo-sodomite punk, of Russia. Kill him; he's subhuman, lowlife-commie filth, IMO. Hey Bush: look-up his asshole, instead of into his eyes and soul, and tell us how much you trust that commie-rat-bastard, piece-of-shit, and how we can do business with him, you ignorant, dumbass moron!
Yes, I demand that the traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, of CAiR and iSNA, be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, dammit! Smear them with pigshit, porkfat, and bury them face-down, facing the north, dammit! muslim-islamist-arab subhuman garbage, are murderous terrorists, and need summary-killing, IMO! Oooooooooooo, my cracked ribs, hurt!
This murderous illegal alien spic, Ricardo Contreras, who had been picked up by ICE officials in California and deported twice in April of 2004, needs killing, for stealing a vehicle and drunk-driving into oncoming traffic and killing an American Citizen. Headshoot the f*cking spic!

Climate Change: A Guide for the Perplexed.
In the past years, untold numbers of scientists, politicians, talking heads, and family members have gone mano-a-mano over the contentious issue of global warming. Is it real? How fast is it happening? And are the polar bears truly on the brink of extinction? Now, New Scientist steps into the ring with a "round-up of the 26 most common climate myths and misconceptions." With brief answers and links to supplementary information, this manual on Earth's temperatures debunks such statements as "we can't do anything about climate change," "the oceans are actually cooling," "Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming," and "it's all a conspiracy." I even found a few I'd never heard of before, like "Mars and Pluto are warming too." Finally, they address the fate of the "poster children of global warming" — no, not Al Gore and Sheryl Crow — but the wild and wooly polar bears. Consider me a little less perplexed. Ha.

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