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can i please,
have my country back?

Friday, June 10, 2005

"It's times like these that I miss my country most.
Holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving remind me that once upon a time (long ago, in a galaxy far, far away), I had a country. It was called America. Perfect? Absolutely not. Nothing is in this world. But it represented something noble, brave and fine. Even if they couldn't quite articulate it, Americans understood what America meant — and cherished it. Once, we knew our nation's history. Once we spoke a national language. Once we controlled our borders. Once we knew what treason was and how to deal with it.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Of our three national holidays, for me, Memorial Day is the most significant. The Fourth of July celebrates our independence. Harkening back to our beginnings, Thanksgiving recalls our religious roots. But it's the blood and guts (the suffering and sacrifice) symbolized by Memorial Day, that made America possible. To make ideals real — and to protect and preserve them — requires payment in the coin of strife and death.
At the urging of my youngest son, I just finished watching the series "Band of Brothers," based on the Stephen Ambrose history of one company of the 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne, from Normandy to the Eagle's Nest. It's a stirring saga — all the more intense because it's told without the usual Hollywood hoopla.
Each episode opens with commentary from the men whose story this is — the veterans of Easy Company. Old men (most in their '80s) their faces are like a bomb-scarred landscape. There's an undercurrent of emotion in the quiet voices of men who went through hell so the rest of us have a safe, comfortable life as free men in a nation of free men.
If I could speak with them, I'd ask: "Are you happy with what your country has become? When you were a nervous kid waiting to jump out of a plane while shells peppered the sky, did you ever imagine it would come to this?" Alienation — the sense of being severed from your roots. Waking up covered in bandages, in a hospital bed in a strange land (where no one understands a word you're saying) and wondering what happened to the world you once knew.
Doom and gloom, you say? You wouldn't if you were paying attention.
Less than 8 weeks ago, a brain-damaged woman was deliberately starved to death. (Her mother was not allowed to moisten her parched lips with drops of water.) A judge decided that hers was a life unworthy of life — in the finest tradition of Nazi medicine.
In Lexington, Massachusetts — where Minutemen first confronted the tyranny represented by redcoats — the father of a kindergartener was arrested recently for objecting to the indoctrination of his child in the homosexual lifestyle. (He had refused to leave his son's elementary school until administrators agreed to respect his parental rights.) Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of teaching kids the swellness of sodomy.
In Nebraska, a federal judge overturned an amendment to the state constitution (enacted by over 70% of voters) recognizing the reality that a married couple is a man and a woman united in the bonds of matrimony — not two perverts playing house. Democracy and morality are dying together.
On a cable TV reality-based show, a fat loudmouth with a ponytail and his dwarf companion repeatedly used a four-letter word to refer to Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to succoring the sick and dying. This loathsome display of vulgarity and disrespect is one example of the evil that passes for entertainment in 21st century America.
Across the nation, pandering politicians rush to bestow benefits on illegal aliens — driver's licenses, in-state tuition at public colleges for their children, even workmen's compensation for injuries sustained at jobs they shouldn't have. We've become a people of misplaced compassion who are driven to show love for home invaders.
In Massachusetts, Connecticut and elsewhere, bills advance to give addicts needles (supposedly to contain the spread of AIDS — a disease spawned by the Sexual Revolution). Thus have we gone from just-say-no, to just use a clean needle as you shoot junk into your arm and accelerate our evolution to Addict Nation. In California and a number of other Western states, physicians can prescribe pot — the drug that opens the gates to a life of addiction — for everything from the nausea accompanying chemotherapy to a bad back.
Sometime in its current term, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide if Americans will be allowed to have public displays of the Ten Commandments (as long as they're constitutionally camouflaged with secular documents). It's reached the point where this is a real big deal — permitting any public acknowledgment of the ethos on which America was founded. The 9th Circuit Appeals Court nearly succeeded in taking "one nation under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance. (Its decision was overturned by the Supreme Court — on a technicality.) What then of John Adams admonition: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and a religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other"?
And that's just an aerial overview of a nation in spiritual free-fall.
If you approve of the above, read no further. You are hopeless, and deserve the fate which awaits you. On the other hand, if you hate what we've become in the past four decades, let me show you the not-so-distant past.
Let me tell you what my America was like. For those of you under 40, it may come as a revelation.
   • In my America, there was prayer in the schools, crèèches in public parks at Christmas (in fact, sales people actually wished you a "Merry Christmas," instead of the generic, secularized "happy holiday"), and universal respect for individuals who were reverently referred to a "men of the cloth." Hollywood celebrated faith with classics like "The Song of Bernadette," "Going My Way," "The Ten Commandments" and "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison."
   • Instead of half-naked, writhing celebrities and smirking savages with pistols larger than their brains, we had athletes, warriors, champions of justice and people of faith as heroes. (In terms of role models, we've gone from Audie Murphy to Eddie Murphy.)
   • It was universally acknowledged that sex should be reserved for marriage. Those who lived together without the benefit of a marriage license weren't called a "cohabitating couple." It was said they were "shacking up" or "fornicating." The product of their "illicit" relationships weren't "born out-of-wedlock;" they were bastards (a judgment on the parents, not the children).
   • Pornography was limited to the shadow world — to paperbacks and magazines surreptitiously sold under the counter, or arriving in the mail in a plain-brown wrapper. Parents could be assured that children wouldn't encounter sex before the appropriate time. Society treated this volatile aspect of human nature cautiously and respectfully, not as a lurid national pastime that pervades every aspect of our lives. Virginity and fidelity were prized. Indiscretion, promiscuity and adultery were condemned.
   • Addiction too was limited to society's fringes, to social outcasts. Provisions were made for the treatment — or incarceration -- of the unfortunates who became slaves to narcotics. But we didn't cater to them by facilitating their addiction, in the name of disease control or compassion.
   • Immigrants (who were here legally) were humbly grateful to reside in the greatest nation on earth. They understood that it was their responsibility to learn our language and history and identify with us — in short to Americanize. Instead of making demands, they accepted obligations.
   • In general, our society was more oriented toward responsibilities than rights. The mark of an American wasn't a hand outstretched, palm up, but a shoulder for bearing burdens. Instead of whiny demands, we gratefully accepted duties.
   • Crime was an anomaly. In small towns, people frequently went away for the weekend without locking their doors. Except for certain disreputable sections, the streets of our cities were safe for women, even at night. Girls weren't abducted, raped and buried alive in landfills. The rights of the accused were minimal.
   • Expressions like "no-fault divorce," "casual sex," "recreational drugs," "undocumented workers," "same-sex couples," "trophy wives," "gender-neutral," "racial profiling," "affirmative action," "church-state separation," "victimless crimes," "sex-industry workers," "symbolic speech," "sexually transmitted diseases," "non-judgmentalism," and "revisionist history" were blessedly unknown.
   • Homosexuality was treated as a grievous sin — or a mental disorder (depending on your perspective) -- not as an innate characteristic conferring minority status. Before they became "gay," homosexuals weren't hated; they were pitied. But they weren't allowed to turn the social order upside down to enhance their self-esteem.
   • The FBI, Boy Scouts, police, firemen, military and clergy were respected. Degenerates, parasites, misfits, mutants and whiners were not.
   · Americans knew their history, celebrated their past and revered their heroes. They weren't consumed with guilt for the mistakes of the past. Everyone knew that slavery was a great wrong and the Indians got a raw deal. We also knew that slavery was a universal institution and we weren't the first people to clash with an indigenous population. We understood that America's faults were minor and — on balance — the blessings we bestowed on humanity far outweighed our mistakes.
   • We weren't obsessed with our image abroad — whether foreigners loved us. We were willing to accept the animosity of the envious and the hatred of our enemies as part of the natural order. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, we didn't ask if we had brought this on ourselves by our ghastly treatment of a nation of ruthless warmongers. FDR didn't proclaim that our mission was to bring democracy to the Germans and Japanese (that was a side effect). It was to kill Japanese and Germans and to keep killing them until they stopped killing Chinese and Filipinos, and Jews and Poles and went back where they belonged. The idea of Americans agonizing over whether Mein Kampf was treated disrespectfully in a POW camp for Germans is ludicrous.
   • We weren't "multi-cultural." There was one culture — Anglo-Saxon, Protestant — to which others were expected to conform. This didn't mean that Jews, Catholics, blacks or Asians, considered themselves less American than those of Mayflower descent. But it was universally acknowledged that America was founded on the heritage of Western civilization, as amplified and transmitted by England.
My America worked. We saved civilization from repeated barbarian onslaughts. We were the arsenal of democracy — the workshop of the world. Our prosperity lifted boats across the globe. We were happy, self-confident and proud.
And look at us now.
We're like a dysfunctional family of 268 million, bordered by two oceans.
Our salvation/resurrection lies in memory.
In a novel of the end of the Roman Empire ("The Last Legion" by Valerio Manfredi), the boy emperor Romulus Augustus and his tutor are about to escape their barbarian captors. The elderly mentor stops to take a copy of the "Aeneid" (Virgil's epic poem of the founding of Rome).
"'That's useless weight,' protested Romulus."
"'On the contrary, it is the most precious thing I have in here, my son,' replied Ambrosinus. 'When we flee and leave everything behind us, the only resource that we can take with us is memory. The memory of our origins, of our roots, the stories of our ancestors. Only memory can allow us to be reborn. It doesn't matter where, it doesn't matter when. If we conserve the memory of our past greatness and the reasons we've lost it, we will rise again.'"
No one will give us back our country. We have to take it back — with our memory, our discernment, our capacity for struggle and sacrifice and our sheer will.
These are thoughts to ponder while you're waiting to jump out of a plane onto the battlefield of the culture war."
                                                                                                    — © 2005 Don Feder

Around The Garden Center™.
Just to the east (Philly +11¢/ gal), to the west (Pittsburgh +13¢/ gal), to the north (Harrisburg +6¢/ gal) and to the south (Baltimore +35¢/ gal), gas prices-at-the-pump vary so wildly, so quickly, that I'm hard-pressed to keep track of it all, for more than just a few hours. Driving to client site meetings in or near those areas, keeps me mindful of when, and when not, to fill-up the 20-gal tank on my '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Locally, 87 octane unleaded regular went up 19¢, and then dropped 9¢ to $2.09/ gal. The days of under-a-dollar gas, are long over. Get used to it.
Someone's •swiped• my email client info and is mass-mailing stuff to people all over the world, using a fake name for the sender portion of the missive. I've run Spy-Bot® and Ad-Aware®, catching and destroying a bunch of malware programs, but the pirated emailing continues. Norton-SystemWorks 2005 Anti-Virus defs are updated twice a week, automatically, on all my units. Anyone else have a similar problem? I'd like to hear about it, and what you did about it. Personally, all virus writers, virus senders, phishers, spammers should be summarily executed, with a .45cal shot to the head. Track down and waste the "HellBot" group behind the Mytob worms, etc.
Mmmmmmmmm, typical "Spring weather" in the US, but luckily, we're missing all that stuff. Still, we're 14" down on moisture since, January '05, and it doesn't look like we'll catch-up, anytime soon. My landscape crews are reporting that it's "bone dry" in all the ground they work, both in PA and MD. Not a good sign of things to come.
Steamy Summer weather arrived on Sunday, with very high humidity and temps in the upper-80s. Monday was in the lower 90s. Yikes! The plants' new growth, tender and rubbery from all the previous cool and cloudy days, wilted quickly. Summer — too hot and humid — is one of my least favorite times of the year, as is Winter — too cold and icy. BTW, I like the snow. As I get older, Spring and Fall have become my "seasons of choice".
On Monday, I had my second epidural steroid injection, exactly 4 weeks after the first one, which only rendered me pain-free, for one day. I took the rest of Monday off, went home to ice packs and rest. The doctor who did the spinal; injection, said it would be 1-3 days before the steroid would kick-in, and that I should be using ice-paks as much as I could. I have been, and it helps. On Tuesday, I had less pain than in previous days. On Wednesday, I had pain, but managed with the ice-paks and aspirin.
Just what I need: a new federal law, to comply with. On Wednesday, a new federal law kicked in requiring those who handle other people's personal information to dispose of the data, properly. The disposal rule is part of the 2003 Fair and Accurate Transaction Act, which contains dozens of provisions designed to slow the growth of identity theft, a crime that affects about 10 million Americans each year.
Huge thunderstorms, rain and golf ball-sized hail blew through the York-Lancaster area on Monday evening, causing widespread power outages, flooding and damage from about 6pm to 11pm. I was hit several times at home, losing power and having to shut down everything while the apc unit did it's thing of 15 minutes reserve power. I suddenly remembered that I didn't have a surge protector on the home unit, so I closed all electronics and waited-out the end of the storm. At work, my wireless broadband was down all day Tuesday and part of Wednesday, and I tried re-booting the modem and router many times, but to no avail. I swapped routers, and then bypassed the router with the ethernet cable. Nothing worked. Something got "stepped on" in the Monday storm, to be technical about it. Update: the ethernet port on MTWirefree's LAN modem was fried, so the unit was replaced, and I was back online by mid-afternoon. Thanks, Doug and Hugh from MT Wirefree!
My Sciatic Nerve back pain flared-up on Thursday morning, and in spite of that, I spent 3½ hours doing billing, payroll for employees who were taking today and Monday off, returning customers' phone calls, before I left for the day, to rest-up at home, with ice-paks and Vicodin® painkillers. I'm hoping it'll subside for the weekend's retail traffic, and give me a few days of pain-free time.
Pickle, my wonderful feline friend and companion of 15 years, is still holding his own, in spite of the cancerous bone tumor eating through his right front leg's bone. The left front leg is also affected, and when that one goes, it'll be time to relieve his suffering. Meanwhile, I'm keeping him well medicated with vet-prescribed steroids, high-strength vitamins and painkillers. I just want to give him some more "quality time", with me, before I have to have him put down.
PS — Violent thunderstorms again came through the area on Thursday evening, and again knocked-out my wireless connection at the office, so I was unable to FTP this week's Journal up to the server, in Chicago. Miraculously, it came back on-line after I re-booted the modem, router and office unit, several times. Enjoy.

The death of rational thought has occurred in America. Have you noticed it's demise? I have, and I weep for America.
Finally, besides US Rep Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO), another Republican — US Rep Steve King (R-IA) — with a spine and guts enough to call for putting US Military Troops on the Mexican and Canadian borders, and harshly-punishing employers who hire illegal aliens. Don't forget the 15-20 million illegal aliens and islamic terrorists, already here. Bravo, Mr King! Now, don't cave to White House pressure.
On the day mentally-ill, US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (TRAITOR-AZ) engineered the "deal" that undercut Bill Frist and apparently sacrificed fine nominees to his own ambition for reputation, The New Yorker hit the stands with a lengthy profile of Arizona's senior senator. The magazine confidently predicted the senator's 2008 presidential run and quoted him as saying, "When people are in close races, I am the first Republican who is asked to come and appear for that person. I am the most sought-after of all Republicans. In this last campaign, I was the one asked by the president to travel and campaign with him. When you look at the rank and file of ordinary Republicans, I'm extremely popular — it's some of the party apparatchiks who still harbor bad feelings toward me. But it is a little hard for them to do that now, because of my strong support for Bush. Particularly since the 2004 campaign, there has been a great softening of dislike for me." McCain is the nasty, bobbing turd in the toilet, that you can't seem to flush. Me, me, me, me, me... it's all about me!
This article will get you PO'd, and many thanks to el Presidente Jorge Bushero, for not doing your damned job!
What will happen, When America Falls? Thanks to the spineless, gutless GOPers.
US Sen Lindsey Graham (TRAITOR-SC) is a gutless, spineless, balless RINO scumbag, who should be roundly defeated by SC constituents, for selling-out America and the US Constitution, as part of the "14 weasels". Graham is dogshit.
Speaking of dogshit, Newt Gingrich, disgraced and failed moron House Speaker, is teaming-up with criminal, megalomaniac US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (SOCIALIST-NY), with one goal in mind — to get Congress to pass, and the president to sign, a worthless, useless health information technology bill.
President Bush on Wednesday left open the possibility that the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could be shut down following mounting criticism from former President Carter and others. "We're exploring all alternatives as to how best to do the main objective, which is to protect America," Bush said when asked in an interview with Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto if he would close the detention center. If you do, Mr President, you're a damned fool. Grow a spine, get some guts, sir.
The racist, bigoted US Senate, on Wednesday, confirmed California judge Janice Rogers Brown (CONSERVATIVE-CA) for the federal appeals court, ending a two-year battle filled with accusations of racism and sexism and shadowed by a dispute over socialist-liberal-demokkkRAT blocking tactics. The lib-dem filth don't want her to succeed, because she's "off the demokkkRAT plantation", and did it all on her own. Bravo, Judge Brown!
In a meeting with members of Congress, President Bush said he needs to do a better job explaining his position on immigration changes. Mr President, clarifying your position on "amnesty" isn't what this Nation needs to hear. Unless you have the US Military seal the borders, and DHS-ICE hunt down the 15-20 million illegals already here, and begin depiorting them, I don't give a rat's rearend what you say. Sir. You are the reason I've switched from life-long Republican and social-fiscal Conservative, to Independent and social-fiscal Conservative. Not another penny or ounce of support from me until you do what's right for America. Sir.
In a move hailed by abortion rights foes Right-To-Life People, Republican lawmakers early today approved a measure that would shift state and federal family planning funds away from Planned Parenthood and other groups that support abortion rights. Bravo! Planned Parenthood = Murder, Inc. Defund the PP murderous filth
Authorities raided 17 Chinese restaurants around Michigan that they suspect of ducking millions of dollars in taxes and importing undocumented workers — as a "modern version of indentured servants." Search warrants were also served at 21 homes of suspected undocumented Chinese workers. Dozens, scores and thousands were involved in the scheme.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Yes, W. Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat", is a criminal to the FBI, and a traitor to America, and should be charged, tried, convicted, sentenced to death and executed, for his role in WaterGate. Felt is no hero; he is lowlife scum, as are his hypocritic media sycophants, who charged Linda Tripp with backstabbing and leaking, when she blew the whistle on disgraced, impeached, lying, convicted criminal asswipe, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, for getting Oval Office blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky, in 1998, and lying about it to the American Public and a Grand Jury.
Pennsylvania liberal-demokkkRAT, disgraced, lowlife, scumbag, deviant, degenerate, hate-America, traitor, Gov Eddie "Philly Fats" Rendell (CRIMINAL-PA), was forced to take his Act 72, and shove it. Pennsylvanians voted it down. Bravo! I spit on the Rendell bastard.
Yes, Howard "The Coward" Deanie-weenie, is still mentally-ill.
Liberal-demokkkRAT asshole, Bob Woodward, self-effacing, leftist-wacko turdboy, is still a liar, after all these years.
Lying, disgraced, criminal, murderer, impeached, ex-president, Billy-Bob Jeffy Klinton (TRAITOR-AK) rose to the White House as a self-professed supporter of women's rights, and his wife US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (SOCIALIST-NY) promises to deliver a similar message in her campaign to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But the Clintons" commitment to women"s rights have been called into question by a shocking new book garnering worldwide attention that documents a pattern of disturbing attacks — including rape — against women. Both Klintoons should be in prison, awaiting execution. They're both subhuman filth.
The Liberal Lexicon: A Conservative's Dictionary of Libberish, for your continuing amusement. Liberal gibberish. Yawn.
John F(ucking) Kerry (TRAITOR-MA) was a seditionist and traitor in the 70s, and is a seditionist and traitor, right now. He should be so charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed imprisoned for the rest of his pitiful life.
This is what the lib-dem filth want to do to America: create The Constitution, version 2.0, and it will destroy us all in the bargain. Lock 'n load, America; it's coming.
The liberal-demokkkRAT's 'Three Stooges' — Dean, Kerry and Nader — are just stunning, in their stupidity, treason, sedition and ignorance. And the failed, loser Kerry, is like the "Energizer Bunny", who just won't quit the lying crap.
The liberal-socialist Center for Biological Diversity and commie-nazi Maricopa Audubon Society, are seeking court orders to force several federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense and Fort Huachuca's commanding general, into compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act or the Federal Endangered Species Act. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in federal district court in Tucson, names as defendants the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Department of Defense and "Barbara Fast, in her official capacity as commanding general of Fort Huachuca." The complaint alleges that the defendants have failed to comply with federal environmental requirements.
A hate-America, liberal-socialist-commie-nazi-fascist judge, Judge Alvin Hellerstein, has ordered the government to release four videos from Abu Ghraib prison and dozens of photographs from the same collection as photos that touched off the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal a year ago. The federal judge issued the order late Wednesday requiring the Army to release the material to the hate-America, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. The ACLU said the material would show that the abuse was "more than the actions of a few rogue soldiers." Doubt it, assholes.
John R. Durso, 'guest columnist', is a lowlife, dirtbag, union liar. He's a union thug, mentally-ill and in dire need of electro-shock therapy to treat a warped, twisted, deficient, vacuous brain cavity. Durso is liberal-demokkkRAT shit. There is no Social Security "lockbox"; never was. The politicians of all stripes, looted it years ago. Our savings money is long gone.
Former CBS Evening News anchor and liberal-demokkkRAT buttboy, Dannie "I Hate America" Rather, recalling the stinging criticism he and the network received after airing a controversial story on President Bush's National Guard service, admits he was a victim of his "own shortcomings". "It's never pleasant, but among the many things my late father, God bless his soul, taught me was don't whine, don't complain, don't fall in a trap and say, well, it's bad luck or good luck." Hey, lying Dannie-boy punk: go kill yourself, asshole.
The AFL-CIO is pro-homo garbage, and hates traditional marriage, and America's values, morals and mores. Unions are thugs, punks, garbage and scum.
When the federal assault-weapons ban expired last September, its fans claimed that gun crimes and police killings would surge. Sarah Brady, dumbass gun-grabber slut bitch, and one of the nation's leading gun-control advocates, warned, "Our streets are going to be filled with AK-47s and Uzis." Well, over eight months have gone by and the only casualty has been gun-controllers' credibility. Letting the law expire only showed its uselessness. Yet, while this lesson has been learned in the rest of the country — Illinois' Democrat-controlled state Assembly last week defeated both a proposed assault weapons and 50-caliber gun bans — New York's Legislature was going its own way. The Assembly last month passed new assault-weapon and 50-caliber bans. The irrelevance of the assault-weapons bans to crime rates was to be expected. Not a single published academic study has ever shown that these bans have reduced any type of violent crime.
The US media needs a modern-day "Deep Throat" within the administration of President George W. Bush to reveal how America was "misled" on Iraq, former presidential contender loser, lowlife, piece of shit, failure, scumbag George McGovern said. "We need someone like that who is highly placed to tell us what's really going on. We know that we were misled on Iraq". McGovern, a former senator, unsuccessfully ran against Richard Nixon for the White House in 1972.
Liberal-demokkkRATs in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate state Legislature seem determined to stretch their credibility with the California public to the breaking point. In one of the wildest and least-productive spending sprees in history, they bankrupted the state treasury, blamed everyone else for their misdeeds and fought every effort to make state government accountable and efficient. Then, with the state's massive debt slowly shrinking and tax revenue soaring after years of economic battering, they accepted a 12 percent raise to fatten their salaries that already were the nation's highest for state legislators. And now the same legislators are claiming the state will fall apart unless they are allowed to soak the public again. That spells a new tax, of course, since this bunch would never voluntarily curb their own spending.
Howard "The Coward" Dean, chairman of the demokkkRAT Party, traveled to The People's Republik of Seattle yesterday, to promote plans to start organizing now for the 2008 election — and to continue his pointed criticism of gutless, spineless, balless Republican so-called "leaders". In a talk to about 100 people at a fund-raiser organized by the party's Women's Leadership Forum, Deanie-weenie didn't repeat biting remarks recently criticized by fellow demokkkRATs, ex-US Sen Johnnie "The Breck Girl" Edwards (NARCISSIST-NC), the party's vice-presidential nominee loser last year, and US Sen Joey "The Plagiarist" Biden (PHONY-DE). Both have said they disagreed with his statement that a lot of Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives." Coming from a lowlife, dirtbag, sperm-benefactor, who never did a day's work in his pathetic, miserable life, Deanie-weenie speaks out of both sides of his piehole.
A liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, hate-America, dirtbag, pro-homo deviant, activist judge Monday upheld liberal-socialist-demokkkRAT Christine Gregoire's (WHOREBAG-WA) victory in the closest race for governor in U.S. history, rejecting Republican claims that last fall's election was stolen through errors and fraud. The election — decided by an amazingly close 129 votes out of 2.9 million cast — included 1,678 illegally cast ballots, Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges, found. But he said Republicans failed to prove that GOP candidate Dino Rossi would have won if those votes had been disregarded.
Socialist, hate-America, degenerate, lowlife, scumbag US Sen Up-Chuckie Schumer (KKK_RACIST_BIGOT-NY) is an embarrassment to Humanity, everywhere. Schumer needs due process execution, immediately prison, for the rest of his racist life.
Certifiably mentally-ill, idiot, moron, cretin, punk, hate-America, lowlife scumbag racist, Howard "The Coward" Dean (SUBHUMAN-VT), continues to drag the mortally-wounded liberal-demokkkRAT party into the political sewer, sticks his empty head up his vast ass. Again. Go, Howie, go!
Do the liberal-demokkkRATs have a "black problem"? It would seem so.
The value of universal preschool is one of those unquestioned nostrums sweeping the country. The way the question is framed for the public isn't whether we should love universal preschool, it's solely whether we'll pay for it. Now Rob Reiner — actor, director, gadfly, socialist, deviant, scumbag, liar, leftist wacko — is planning an initiative for the June 2006 ballot. He wants to raise $2.3 billion a year by taxing the well-off and establishing a free, voluntary half-day preschool system for all 4-year-olds in California. More affordable preschool is a great idea. Preschool can help children learn to play nice, identify colors, get used to the taste of finger-paint and even listen to the teacher occasionally. But universal preschool isn't simply "more preschool" or "more affordable preschool." It's a species unto itself. Reiner's initiative would create standardization where now there is parental choice. It would insist on bachelor's degrees and credentials for teachers — and require, insanely, that they be paid on par with high school science and math teachers, though there's little evidence that the education or expense is necessary. It would not raise test scores. And it would almost certainly push more and more academic work into the laps of younger and younger children.
More than 200 lawmakers have rushed to correct travel-disclosure statements in recent months as reporters on Capitol Hill discover more discrepancies in the wake of questions about travel by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Lots of dirty liberal-demokkkRAT politicians, aren't there?
Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, unapologetic in the face of recent criticism that he has been too tough on his political opposition, said in San Francisco this week that Republicans are "pretty much a monolithic party. They all behave the same. They all look the same. It's pretty much a white Christian party." Go Howie, go!
One has to marvel at how fully and conspicuously situational is the media's affection for whistleblowing. To blow the whistle on a Republican makes one a hero. Witness the legendary "Deep Throat" or Richard Clarke or the Enron whistleblowers. To blow the whistle on a Democrat — particularly, a Clinton — makes one a pariah. Witness the treatment of Linda Tripp or Kathleen Willey or Paula Jones or the Arkansas State Troopers or the pathologists who pointed out the inconvenient hole in Ron Brown's head and paid for it with their careers. Witness, too, the treatment of two lesser-known whistleblowers of that era, Capt. Terrell Stacey and Elizabeth Sanders.
Eight men and women, including two employees of Chicago's scandal-plagued city water department, were arrested Wednesday as federal investigators rolled up what they described as one branch of a Colombian drug-trafficking operation. The water department itself, already awash in charges of bribery and other political corruption, was not charged with being part of the heroin distribution ring. But investigators did find that department workers "were engaging in this kind of conduct during weekdays, during workdays, when they should not have been," U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald said at a news conference. Federal officials said the ongoing investigation got under way in February with a tip from a government informant and could produce more arrests soon.
US Sen Charles "Up-Chuckie" Schumer (RACIST_SOCIALIST-NY), a leading demokkkRAT in the fight over judicial nominees, urged President Bush to intervene and rein in the strongest conservative critics of Democratic opposition to some candidates. Schumer — a lying, degenerate, tax-porker, lowlife piece of subhuman hypocrite filth — delivered his party's weekly radio address Saturday, in which he decried "a whiff of extremism in the air the likes of which we haven't seen in decades." Without naming any, Schumer criticized "small groups ... trying to undermine the age-old checks and balances that the Founding Fathers placed at the center of the Constitution." F*ck you, Up-Chuck; you're pigshit.
Senate demokkkRATs demanded Thursday that President Bush order a halt to personal attacks on the party's leader, US Sen Harry "I Hate America" Reid (LIAR-NV), and expressed regret they had failed to mount a stronger defense for his defeated predecessor. "This is a new demokkkRAT party," Sen Up-Chuck Schumer (RACIST_SOCIALIST-NY) said at a news conference called to release a letter telling Bush to muzzle his "political operatives." "It says to the president, 'you will not intimidate us'," added turd-boy Schumer, who likened the attacks on Reid to political knee-cappings. What a classless clown, turd-boy Schumer is.
Charles "Up-Chuckie" Schumer (RACIST_SOCIALIST-NY), is a liar about Social security.
Bald-headed, hair-transplant scumbag, socialist, liar, obstructionist, hate-America lowlife US Sen Joey "The Plagiarist" Biden (ASSHOLE-DE), wants to free murderous muslim, pigshit islamic dirtbags in GITMO. Stupid freaking, liberal-demokkkRAT asshole. Biden is anti-American garbage.

Illegal Immigration = National Suicide™.
The latest attempt to provide driver's licenses for illegal immigrants passed The People's Republik of Kalifornia State Senate on Thursday, after proponents tied the measure to the state's compliance with a new federal law intended to deter terrorists. The bill by traitorous, lowlife, deviant, scumbag, state Sen Gil Cedillo (SOCIALIST-Los Angeles) includes provisions that restrict how the licenses can be used and what they would look like. Shit-for-brains Cedillo said the federal law signed by el-President Jorge Bushero last month, forced him to accept restrictions he previously rejected.
Illegal aliens bring in TB (tuberculosis) and whooping cough (pertussis), by the tens-of-thousands of cases. Thanks so much, el presidente Jorge Bushero.
Illegal immigration is about much more than fighting terrorism. Illegal Mexicans are pouring across our borders and, as a result, American tax-paid services like education and healthcare are being pushed to the brink of collapse. Each new report of activities along our 2,000-mile border with Mexico appears to be more outrageous than the last. Thanks so much, el presidente Jorge Bushero.

Lowlife, Subhuman Trash™.
In an eerily similar way to how HIV/AIDS was first spread, a heretofore rare sexually transmitted disease, some are calling the "new AIDS", is making its way through the male homosexual community in Canada and the US. According to a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, lymphogranuloma venereum, or LGV, has been identified in 22 homosexual and bisexual men in Canada in recent months, all of whom practice risky sexual behavior — including anal sex without a condom, ingesting the drug crystal meth anally and "fisting." Six cases have been identified in Boston, MA, reports the commie-lover, Associated Press, while the homo-controlled US Center for Disease Control (USCDC) and Prevention has confirmed LGV cases in San Fran-sicko, Atlanta, and New York City in the last few months. No wonder homos live 20 fewer years than normal men.
Kareem Abdul-Jamar, a lowlife, pigshit, mentally-ill, dirtbag islamic, islamofascist Muslim muslim geometry student at Four Square High School in Los Angeles, California, has flushed his geometry textbook down a toilet in protest of the alleged flushing of the un-holy, pigshit, murder-manual, Koran. Above the toilet on the wall, Kareem scribbled "The infidels and their geometry books must die!" "This is to show those American pigs that we won’t just stand by and take their abuse," shouted Kareem as he danced around the toilet. "If they’re allowed to flush our un-holy, pigshit upon it, murder-manual, Koran, then I’m allowed to flush my geometry textbook. I don’t care what they say. There’s no practical use for geometry anyway. I spit, piss and shit upon my own Krappy Koran, every night", said Kareem Abdul-Jamar.
I wonder if all muslims are clinically-insane, murderous, subhuman rapist, pigshit filth? I sure hope not, but I digress. Your thoughts?
Dumbass, moronic, idiot, shit-for-brains husband. Pray that he never breeds.
The same company, which owns both Newsweak and The Washington comPost, is covering-up the "flushing the koran" story, with the criminal "Deep Throat" story. Guess why?
Pervert, pedophile, lowlife, deviant, degenerate, liar, drug addict, Mikey Jack-scum, is playing his adoring public like a violin. Jail the subhuman child molestor, dammit!
Offend muslim filth? Better wake-up, America; the murderous islamic garbage is at war with us. Subhuman muslims are an offense to civilized peoples, everywhere. Pigshit upon them all.
The quickest way to ruin any city, is to let a black liberal-demokkkRAT mayor run it, into debt and bankruptcy. Detroit, anyone?
Walt Disney World, is shit. "Gay Days at Disney", pretty much sums it up. Not another penny, ever.
The devastating impact of mankind on the planet is dramatically illustrated in pictures published on Saturday showing explosive urban sprawl, major deforestation and the sucking dry of inland seas over less than three decades. Crock of lib-dem, enviro-wacko, leftist, hate-America shit.
Lesbian activist, former nun and Democratic party leader Jean O'Leary, died June 4 at the San Clemente, California home of Lisa Phelps, her partner of 12 years, and surrounded by her family and close friends. O'Leary, who had been battling lung cancer for two years, was 57. Good riddance, lowlife, subhuman filth. Rot in hell.
An early Friday morning blaze that destroyed a mosque in a cemetery has prompted the FBI to investigate whether the fire was started by someone motivated by hate. Laura Bosley, an FBI spokeswoman, said the agency has not determined whether the fire that leveled the mosque at the United Islamic Youth Organization and Cemetery is a hate crime. Awwwww, too freaking bad, pigshit muslim subhuman filth. If muslim scum pull another 9-11, all mosques will be "targets of opportunity".
The liberal-biased mainstream media and socialist international human rights organizations, have relentlessly portrayed the Guantanamo Bay detention facility as a depraved torture chamber operated by sadistic American military officials defiling Islam at every turn. It's the "gulag of our time," wails commie-lover Amnesty International. It's the "anti-Statue of Liberty," bemoans New York Slimes columnist and left-wingnut wacko, Tom Friedman. Have there been abuses? Yes. But here is the rest of the story — the story that the Islamists and their sympathizers don't want you to hear.
AIDS is spreading faster than ever, outstripping efforts to contain it, UN Secretary General and Oil-For-Food criminal, Kofi Annan, has said. "Last year saw more new infections and Aids-related deaths than ever before," the Annan scumbag told a conference in New York. Only 12% of people with AIDS in underdeveloped countries are getting anti-retroviral drugs, he added. In 2001, the UN set a target date of 2015 to halt the spread of the disease, but shit-for-brains Annan said better leadership and funding was needed to reach that goal. Message to homos: quit the risky sexual behavior and AIDS will go away.
Welsh singing star, slut, mindless bitch, liberal-demokkkRAT whorebag, Charlotte Church, branded US President George Bush "a right weirdo" and opera legend Pavarotti a "big fat diva". Church is an empty-headed, hate-America scuzbag, most worthy of being sterilized so her kind don't breed and reproduce.
The pigshit cult of death, murder, terrorism, rape and buggery, called islam, is rampant in US prisons. Time to round-up and execute all islamic and muslim terrorist filth, bury them face down in liquid pigshit. The cult of death, islam, is pigshit.
Mentally-ill, alcoholic second-rate "actor", drug-addicted lowlife punk, Russell Crowe-bar, was arraigned Monday afternoon in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of second-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly throwing a hotel telephone that struck a hotel employee in the face. Crowe has a longn history of violent, criminal behavior and seriously needs electro-shock therapy and a frontal lobotomy. Crowe is typical Hollyweird, lib-dem dogshit.
Find these racist, bigoted, lowlife, subhuman filth, and duly charge, try, convict, sentence, execute them.
STFU, pigshit muslim garbage.
Yes, TWA Flight 800 was shot down, and the OKC Bombing was 90% muslim-islamic-white supremacists' work. McVeigh and Nichols were/are "PR Boys". The real terrorists got away. Thank you, White House and FBI. Mark my words. No, I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
Macho man is an endangered species, with today's male more likely to opt for a pink flowered shirt and swingers' clubs than the traditional role as family super-hero. Yuk.
A group of American Muslims subhuman pigshit muslim filth, produced a video that shows its members on a New York City street corner declaring islam's dominance over America as they tread on a US flag and then rip it apart. I wish I'd have been there. It would have been the last thing those pigshit islamic slurpers did on this earth.
Jail the Geldoff subhuman; he's a leftist, wacko anarchist and deserves execution.
A lowlife, subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America federal judge is siding with rump-raiding, fudge-packing homo activists in America's oldest city, ordering the city of St. Augustine, Fla., to fly 49 "gay-pride" flags on its Bridge of Lions. The ruling from US District Judge Henry Lee Adams Jr, says the rainbow banners are to be flown for six days starting today.
The militant Islamic Jihad on Wednesday presented pictures of torn copies of the islamic un-holy book, the Koran, claimed they were taken inside an Israeli prison and said soldiers were responsible for the desecration. Israel denied the charge and said the pictures were a fabrication. The Islamic Jihad transmitted the pictures by e-mail to a reporter in the West Bank. They show two Korans with torn pages. The militants said prisoners took the pictures with cellular telephones sent them electronically to militant leaders. Yawn. Spit, piss and shit on the un-holy muslim murder manual.
Former child star, scumbag, Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jack-scum's homo buddy, Macaulay Culkin, pleaded guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor charges of possession of medication without a prescription and marijuana and was given a deferred sentence.
Natalee Holloway is a lowlife skank for f*cking one (or more) of the turd-world, Aruba "local scum", and she got what she deserves, for doing so. The tramp is dead. No sympathy. Bye-bye, white trash.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Kill this lowlife, pigshit, islamic, subhuman, muslim dirtbag filth, Muqtada al-Sadr. Kill him!
Subhuman islamic, lowlife, pigshit muslim garbage, Sami Al-Arian, Sameeh Hammoudeh, Hatim Fariz, and Ghassan Ballut need summary execution, for racketeering, conspiracy, and providing material support to a terrorist organization. Execute them.
Former FBI agent, W. Mark Felt has been identified as "Deepthroat." The extremist left wing media is praising him for his anti-Nixonism and calling him an American hero. He is not a hero, he is a rat, a snitch, an informer. He should be executed. Felt is filth.
A judge Thursday set a hearing for next month on whether to revoke probation for a teen given a second chance after beating and stomping a little girl to death — and now charged with robbing a pizza delivery man. The judge ordered that Lionel Tate continue to be held without bond pending the Aug. 8 hearing. Revocation of probation could mean a life sentence for the 18-year-old, who was freed following a plea agreement in the 1999 killing of Tiffany Eunick, 6. The Tate punk needs immediate execution. He's a lowlife, subhuman murderer.
The parents of 46 refugee children are being notified that an accused child molester worked at a Houston clinic where the children were treated. The Harris County health department, which is issuing the notifications, said there is no evidence any of the children were harmed. German Rojas Moreno, 43, was charged last month with molesting three boys. Authorities say he met some through St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Houston, where Moreno sang in a choir. Authorities said two other young men have since reported Moreno drugged and molested them. Moreno needs summary execution, as do all pedophiles. Zero recividism.
Round-up and summarily execute all subhuman filth belonging to the violent MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), a bunch of lowlife, wetback punks. No trials; just kill them all. End of problem. Wake-up, America.
Convicted lowlife, subhuman, dirtbag, murderous wetback filth, Alexander Martinez, needs to die, for the heinous murder of a prostitute in Houston less than four years ago, would be the ninth of the year in Texas, the nation's most active death penalty state. Kill the garbage, Texas.
Saying he is "tormented every waking minute by what I did," Mark Hacking was sentenced Monday to six years to life in prison for shooting his wife to death as she slept a year ago. Hacking, 29, said there was no excuse he could offer for his behavior, and that he would serve a thousand lifetimes in prison if it meant amending for his actions in murdering Lori Hacking and dumping her body in the trash. Authorities believe Hacking killed his wife after she discovered he had lied about being admitted to medical school. Kill him.
All muslims who train to kill Americans, whether US Citizens or not, need to be duly charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, immediately. No appeals. The islamic pigshit terrorist filth — CAIR comes to mind immediately — need to be charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed under the RICO and Patriot Act. Kill all islamic-muslim terrorists. No mercy.
Duly charge, try, convict, sentence and execute all eco-terrorists. They're subhuman filth.
STFU, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon. You're degenerate socialist garbage.
A 34-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of raping his 7-week-old baby. The baby girl also has a broken leg, a broken wrist and bruises on her chest, nose and legs. The baby's mother, Shannon Sorah, said her husband, Joseph Warner Sorah, admitted sexually assaulting his daughter. Kill him! He's subhuman filth.
The "grandfather" of a 2-year-old "mystery girl" was arraigned Thursday on charges of possessing pornographic photos of her. Police say they were led to Richard Hawes, 63, of New Boston, by a clerk who found sexually explicit digital images on a self-serve photo kiosk at a Manchester CVS store. The clerk went to police who, desperate to identify her, released other photos of the girl on Tuesday. They said they had credible information the toddler was in danger and that her parents might not have known about it. Kill the "grandfather". Kill him.

Do Not Tax List.
You've heard of the national Do Not Call List, right? Get ready for the Do Not Tax List. This site has found a not-exactly-legal backdoor into an IRS computer that allows visitors to remove their names from the list of those Uncle Sam chooses to charge. Here's how it works. Simply enter your name, the secure password, and a brief explanation of why you think you're better than everyone else. Hit "Enter," and voila, the computer should automatically remove you from the list of taxable citizens. Why would I risk criminal prosecution to tell you this? Some things are just too good to be kept secret. One word of caution, though — if you keep getting 404 errors, it means Big Brother is tracking you. Log off immediately, check your calendar, and don't mention me.

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