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liberals: shut up and sit down

friday, june 10th, 2022

If you wondered why liberals can be shown demonstrable, provable facts and not change their minds, wonder no more: They are not listening. It is not simply a case of them listening and holding on to their opinions; they are, in fact, just not listening to you.

I was watching Charlie Kirk on a very recent Young Americans for Freedom video on YouTube. During the Q&A, a very confident 20-ish student asked why blacks are imprisoned at higher rates than whites. She insisted it was due to "white privilege" and "institutional racism." Kirk presented facts and actual verifiable statistics and gave her at least two reasons for the imbalanced imprisonment rate, neither of which had anything to do with racism: Blacks commit more crimes than whites according to FBI statistics, and blacks come from fatherless homes. "We subsidize single motherhood in this country" said Kirk, who gave her more stats, more info. When she was proved wrong, she got arrogant, resorting to insults. She was not listening.

The Left is coming for our Rights. They want to burn the US Consitution. The Bill of Rights is an á la Carte menu for them. They want to confiscate your guns, bank accounts, property and pervert our children. I loathe, despise and hate them. No middle ground.

At no time did she appear thoughtful. She knew she'd been outclassed so she finished up by saying, "I can see I'm getting nowhere with y'all and y'all are not answering my questions" and she turned her back and flounced off. After Kirk gave her at least two legitimate and reasoned answers to her questions, she still said he didn't. She behaved as though he had not spoken and wasn't even in the room.

Liberals have invested their entire personas in their liberalism. If that is proved to be wrongheaded, their lives come apart, or so they believe. What is striking is that talking to a liberal has become utterly useless. When you present them with reasonable information and validated facts, they not only do not believe you, they are not listening. They seem to be mutants without functioning ears.

I have personal experience with this kind of deafness, as have my friends who have family members who behave the same way this student did. Liberal arguments run out quickly. At that point, the insults set in because there is nowhere else to go. They believe that if they can demonstrate that the person disagreeing with them is a reprehensible wart-laden liar and ignoramus, they will win their arguments. Their peers clap and jeer, never once listening or contemplating, "Could I possibly be wrong? Could they be right?" No. They are not listening to you.

Listening requires active participation and a thoughtful mindset. It requires a willingness to learn and grow. But liberals believe that they know all there is to know from their cradles on up because Mom and their teachers have told them they are perfect (they're not), can be anything they want to be (they can't), and they are brilliant (not likely). Lies like these have spawned at least two generations of know-nothings; uneducated but well indoctrinated, illogical but cosseted. They are without reason but believe they alone are reasonable. It is frustrating trying to talk with such liberals when they opt out of their half of the discussion by swearing, being objectionable or lying. They also often lack facts while believing they alone have them.

Watching the young student desperately trying to prove she was right about institutional racism in the face of facts and statistics proving otherwise was disheartening, not just for the country but for her as well. When you don't listen, your personal bubble never gets penetrated by the light of truth. So much of what is wrong with American culture is because liberals don't listen. Worse, they don't want to listen. They hate conservatives and Republicans because that's the Kool-Aid their parents and teachers fed them. That said, they are saying the same things about us conservatives, but they are wrong and you will not convince them otherwise.

The demonKKKrats are a flaming airplane crash, into a train wreck on a trestle, above a school for the handicapped.

I have listened to them. With few exceptions, they are flat-out, dead solid perfect, historically, road-kill wrong. They embrace the death of liberty and free speech all the while championing the death of babies and shutting down free speech. How do they do that with a straight face? And by the way, pointing out their hypocrisy doesn't work, either. They ignore it. They are not listening.

We no longer debate. One side shuts the other side down on social media platforms, podcasts, videos, and news with which they disagree. The Right welcomes free speech. The Left is horrified by it. How do you find common ground with that?

It is critical to understand that the Left does not want debate. They are not listening and don't want to listen. They want only to shut you up and shut you down. They do not care if your argument is rational and theirs is not. It doesn't matter to them. If you are silenced, that is the end game and it's a good one that is working for them. So far.

Elon Musk has offered to buy the FBI for $100 million. No word on whether Hillary Clinton will sell.

But there is a disturbance in the Force. Conservatives are rising up at an increasing rate, creating a tidal wave of people who are finally willing to fight back. Many school boards, long the private club of liberals, are now being turned around now that conservatives got to see the bottom of the garbage heap that is our education system. Governors are taking parents and conservatives seriously for once.

Companies are regretting their woke positions. People are now running for office to offset the college-student-level reasoning that permeates our politics. There is liberal panic everywhere you turn because they see the writing on the wall. We are where we are because conservatives were too complacent, relying on somebody else to fix things. That is over.

We are awake now and mightily cheesed off. They have tried to baptize this cat but are getting clawed raw. The sleeping dragon is up. The wheels are coming off the train. Choose your metaphor, but however you dress up this lipsticked pig this will not end well for the emperor and his clothes.

© 5.13.2022 by M.B. Mathews, "American Thinker".

[H/T Ben, TX]

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was 68°, but cool and much less humid. I'm okay with that. I had a fall last night while climbing the 3-step safety ladder to re-charge in the office-sunroom, so my back's sore today, as was the bump on my head. The Tylenol Extra Strength helps a little. I listened to Chris Plante Show (9-12noon) while re-charging all three 9ft x 4ft blinds' batteries. The lawn fertilizer company was here, zipping around on their motorized fertilizer spreader machines. I opened-up the condo to get fresh, cool air thru.

Sherry came over after lunch and we went to her Daughter Hollie's Shop in nearby Hallam, to drop some things off, and visit; then to walk in Springettsbury Park for a short while -- due to my lower back pain -- and back to my place to rest. Sherry left after several hours, I had dinner and watched the news and weather, took a Tylenol Extra Strength and unplugged at 10p.

All liberals & most demonkkkRATs think that life is just a warm sponge bath with a happy ending.

I slept-in until 9a on Saturday, a sunny 69° morning, forecast to get to 82, with low humidity. Nice. The sky was the bluest-of-blue I'd seen since that terrible Tuesday on 9-11-01; magnificent blue and clear. (((sigh))) I took 2 Tramadol for lower back pain, had some Magic Spoon Cereal with blueberries, and checked the news and weather on my über powerful, commercial/industrial grade HP 2009 desktop. I had some condo chores and a load of laundry to do, plus some errands to run, get some lunch and watch an IMSA (Int'l Sports Car Ass'n) and a NASCAR xfinity race in mid-afternoon.

After a delicious Classic BLT w/ Avocado, I did paperwork while the IMSA "Belle Isle GP" from Detroit, was on. Lee stopped by to visit and test some new walkie-Talkies, and watch the race. After he left, I made a Bacon, Double-Roast Beef & Salsa Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Maryland Crab Soup for dinner, and kept watching some NASCAR rainy road racing at Belle Isle race track in Detroit. Tomorow is Indycar NTT Series racing at 3:00pm, the same venue. F-1 AZERBAIJAN Grand Prix resumes next week.

So, if guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat.

The IMSA race was very good. I watched various TV shows until 11:30p, and bagged it for the night. No F1 race on tomorow morning, but an Indycar Race on in the afternoon. Good night, Irene, as I can sleep in late.

Up at 9:15a on Sunday, to a sunny, 67° morning. I did the usual routines, took 2 Tramadol for R/S lower back pain, made Kona Coffee and had a couple smokes in the warm garage. It was a chilly 72° in the condo, so I turned-off the AC, until after the usual shower. I had a quick lunch, my electrician Les, arrived and we tried to figure out why the condo's front light pole is still shorting-out and tripping the new, upgraded 20amp breaker, in the basement. This is Les' 5th trip here, and we're trying everything to avoid ripping out all wiring, outlets and the lamppost; that's the last resort. Light a candle for me.

That done, Les left, I finished-up a load of laundry and settled-in to watch the IndyCar Grand Prix of Detroit, from 3:30-5p or so. After dinner, I watched some episodes of Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" until 10p, and called it a day.

Awake at 8a on Monday -- the 78th Anniversary of D-Day -- it was another sunny, warm 67° morning to start the week. I went thru the usual routines, had coffee, took 2 Tramadol for lower back pain, listened to the Chris Plante Show (9-12noon), and reviewed the day's to-do list. I called Sherry to make plans for the week, and then left for the cleaners, WF Bank and Weis Market. Although only 81°, it was very warm, but low humidity. I unloaded, unpacked, refilled the 'fridge and hung up starched/pressed shirts and jeans. A couple neighbors stopped by, and asked me to look at various trees, ashrubs and perennials in their gardens, so I di and gave them recommendations.

I made Chicken Pot Pie and Tater Tots & Catsup for dinner, watched History's "American Pickers" until FNC's "Gutfeld" at 11, and bagged it at 12:30a.

Up at 8:30a on Tuesday, a cloudy 67° with t-storms in the forecast for the next couple days. We need the rain. I did the usual routines, took a Tramadol for pain, had a warm, Croissant w/ Apricot Preserves, Kona Coffee and a smoke in the garage. Regal Plumbing in York, didn't return my email or voicemails, so I called Gohn & Stambaugh for help with my upstairs bathroom sink problem, and I got an app't for next Monday morning. Lee stopped-by to visit, and has two medical operations coming-up in the next 2 months. Meh.

I missed most of the "CP Show", and wound-up listening to the "Bonehead Bongino Show" around 12noon, but soon switched-over to "The Chris Stigall Show". I did some condo chores, called the wife (also a friend) of a long-time, good friend who just died (at 74) a few weeks ago, to check-in on her. After a Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheese & Tomato Sandwich for lunch, I did some paperwork and filing. By 2:30p, it was 77°, and rain was only minutes away. High for the day was 81°.

I recharged my three office-sunroom 4ft x 9ft electric blinds, as I do every 8-10 weeks, or as they begin to slow down, going up or down. Pain in the butt, but it has to be done. I keep track on my desk calendar, so I can see the difference in charging periods.

The rain came, the t-storm front passed thru, and humidity doubled, but temps dropped into the low-60s. I had Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy for dinner, watched new episodes of Discovery's "Mystery of Skinwalker Ranch" until "Gutfeld!", and called it Yankee Doodle, at midnight. Dr's app't at 9 in the morning.

Another cloudy, humid, 67° morning, and up at 6a on Wednesday, wishing I could sleep-in until 8 or 9. No such luck. After a couple of Tramadol, finger stick routine, coffee, I skipped breakfast and will have it when I get back from the 9a Dr's app't. After listening to the "Chris Stigall Show" until 8:40a, I left for the nearby Dr's app't. I was on my way back home by 9:45, skipped a few needed stops, and tuned into the rest of the "CP Show" until 12noon. I met with Pam, a CHCA Board member -- I was on the CHCA Executive Board last year -- to schedule a walk-around and pruning of the small trees we'd installed last Fall. I had a banana for lunch, and met Sherry at the massive York Galleria Complex to get some exercise.

We had a good walk, over ¾ of a mile, left and went back to my condo, to spend a few hours together. She left after 6p, had a late dinner, the heavy rain started around 8p, and I watched Discovery's new episodes of "Expedition Unknown" thru the evening, until "Gutfeld!" at 11. Lights out at 12:30a. Still raining hard. My cleaning lady's in at 8:30, so I need some sleep.

Up at 6a on Thursday, to a sunny, warm 68° morning, I started coffee, had a croissant, did the finger stick, took 2 Tramadol for R/S pain, and tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show", from Philly. It looked to be another nice day ahead. My rain gauge showed only a ¼", but the flora sure needed the moisture. Joianne arrived at 8:30 and got to work. I listened to the "CP Show" until she moved into my office-sunroom, and then abandoned the area.

The US Marshals arrested some Leftist, socialist, communist, Marxist, anarchist wacko for an attempted SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh assassination, just down the street from Kavanaugh's home. Those degenerate scumbags will use the Roe vs Wade reversal decision to as an excuse to riot, loot and burn. Even shit-for-brains, Meat Puppet Joey Bidet ispredicting riots. This Summer's going to be a time of riots, looting, burning down businesses and murder of citizens and police, unlike 2020, which had 574 riots in 500+ cities. The trucks will stop running as they get attacked; the banks will close as they will be under attck; the power grid will be over-taxed and collapse, and if you aren't stocked-up and prepared when SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan), with canned food, water, TP, medical supplies, and paper towels, you'll be in a deep vat of do-do. DO IT NOW! Even though prices are high, some food etc is better than none.

We don't need some shitty period called "Pride Month", in any way, shape or form, for a tiny group of subhuman, perverted, lowlife scumbags, who think they deserve "special rights", rather than "equal rights". They HAVE equal rights now, under the law. Same for blacks, trannys and every other minority you can name.

After a big lunch, I tried to grab a couple hours on the LR couch, but kept getting interrupted by phone calls, but just turned-off the phone and laid down around 5p, for a while. Finally, I fell asleep until 7. Bacxk up and having a snack instead of dinner, I watched some old series episodes of "PBS: Nova", instead of the all-media, bullshit Jan 6th Congressional Hearings theater. It was on every channel, all night and wiped-out my evning, until "Gutfeld!" at 11. Lights out at midnight.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", bnusdy but only a Friday trip to PSU-Hershey Medical Center.

It’s Long Past Time For Congress
To Break Up The FBI.

The D.C. bureaucracy and specifically the intelligence agencies have long become powers unto themselves, and a threat to our democracy.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s long history of abusing its power is once again prominent amid the continued expose by Special Counsel John Durham. His prosecution is demonstrating the FBI’s use of its power to deploy federal intelligence assets against political opponents of Democrats.

The FBI routinely intervenes in politics, such as when the FBI assisted the Hillary Clinton campaign in painting former President Donald Trump as a Russian intelligence asset, as Durham’s investigation is emphasizing with more evidence. By getting a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant on Carter Page, the FBI also likely spied on Trump and his inner circle via something called the two-hop rule.

Stunningly, it appears the FBI’s animus for Trump was rooted in disagreements about the foreign policy that Trump campaigned on. Spygate, however, is only a more recent manifestation of a long history of FBI abuses that Congress must rein in as soon as possible.

A Long History of Impropriety

The FBI has a long history of impropriety. Ever since the War on Terror started, the FBI has targeted Muslim communities with informants, who receive $100,000 or more for their work and may be engaged in illegal activities that go unaddressed.

Trevor Aaronson analyzed thousands of FBI cases and found that, “Of these defendants caught up in FBI terrorism sting operations, an FBI informant was the person who led one of every three terrorist plots, and the FBI also provided all of the necessary weapons, money, and transportation.”

The most infamous example is when an FBI agent told a soon-to-be shooter to “Tear up Texas,” right before that person shot up a crowded hall. Even the San Bernadino shooter had contact with people “on the FBI’s radar.” More recently, there were allegations that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend was an FBI informant.

Since Trump was elected, the FBI’s focus has shifted away from Islamic terror toward supposed far-right terror. Even Sen. Ted Cruz called the January 6 attack “terrorism” (he later apologized for this terminology).

Just like the FBI’s role in Muslim communities after 9/11, the plot involving Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, timed to take place heading into the 2020 election, involved mostly FBI informants and agents. Journalist Glenn Greenwald has asked similar questions about the FBI’s involvement in the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot, given the number of persons named in government court documents who are not being prosecuted.

In a major abuse of power, the Biden administration mobilized FBI counterterrorism resources to investigate parents for expressing concerns at local school board meetings. Now, the FBI’s 2022 budget has the largest funding increase request under the category of combatting “domestic terrorism,” which includes the addition of many more agents and informants.

To top all this off, the FBI has a reputation of protecting the powerful and trampling on justice. The latest example is the FBI protecting sex predator Larry Nassar because of his powerful position in the U.S. gymnastics program. And don’t forget the likely intelligence agency involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein affair, where Epstein’s predations were allowed because this allowed blackmail to increase the power of U.S. intelligence agencies, including the FBI.

Break Up the FBI

To preserve our democratic republic, the FBI needs serious reform. But serious reform ideas are lacking on the conservative right. Meanwhile, Democrats, who traditionally questioned intelligence agency power, are increasingly aligned with these intelligence bureaucracies against their political enemies.

While many right-wing politicians call for “investigation,” regular folks need to realize that these are useless fundraising ploys. History-minded traditionalists might believe that in a perfect world the FBI would be ended entirely, with its duties given back to state police forces, but try finding support even among Republican House and Senate members for that idea.

A radical, impactful, but also politically workable solution is to instead break up the FBI into many smaller components—at least one-dozen separate agencies. These smaller components would have less power and prestige, and allow Congress greater oversight over the specific results and actions at each newly independent organization. Further, Congress would have far greater ability to tweak funding for these separate smaller agencies based on results, and the priorities of the American people.

Most important, splitting the FBI into smaller and more focused organizations would allow the White House—the president, elected by the people—direct control over the goings-on of each individual agency. This is more desirable because politicians are answerable to the people, while the bureaucracy is not. The smaller agencies would also carry far less weight and prestige than the former behemoth that was the FBI, which limits their ability—even that of the standalone counterterror or counterintel agencies—to intervene in domestic politics.

Some will argue that breaking the FBI into smaller organizations just creates more problems. But this ignores the benefits of less complexity and the additional oversight and control granted to Congress and the executive, respectively.

Others will argue that greater presidential control is dangerous. Yet this is already the status quo, but only if the president is a Democrat. And the whole problem with our intelligence bureaucracies today is that the bureaucracy is a government unto itself, unaccountable to elected officials.

Here’s the Roadmap

When breaking up the FBI, locate the headquarters of those agencies across America, especially in the Midwest, rustbelt, and southeastern United States. The organized crime agency can be placed in Indiana, the counterterrorism agency in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the anti-human trafficking agency in Kansas City. The heads of all these new, smaller, agencies will still be appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

The upside is obvious. The FBI’s roughly $10 billion budget can be apportioned across these agencies, but the creation of separate agencies allows Congress much more control over funding.

For example, relative to the problem, fighting human trafficking and child exploitation and abuse is completely under-resourced in the FBI. Yet the FBI’s politicization has it adding agents to go after political opponents, instead of adding more resources to protect children.

Specifically, create a separate anti-trafficking agency altogether, headquartered in the heartland. The FBI’s additional “domestic terrorism” agents should be removed and replaced with new roles in the anti-trafficking agency.

In other words, this new framework would create more direct and less opaque accountability to Congress and the president. This then would allow the public—who are actually smarter than the politicians—to better hold the government accountable.

The public would be stunned to know how little our federal government spends on measures to fight against trafficking and child exploitation. The public would also be stunned to know how much more we are spending on entrapping people in the name of fighting “domestic terrorism,” which the public would rightly judge far less a problem than the human trafficking problem. So let the sunlight in.

Finally, if Republicans are dissatisfied with this plan, let them come up with something better. But too often our elected politicians hide behind rhetoric of outrage while failing to craft any real hard-nosed policy solutions to fix the thing they are supposedly outraged about. Now is the hour for action, and talk is incredibly cheap.

The whole point of America’s founding documents is that too much power concentrated in too few hands is always corrupting, especially when this power is unaccountable to the people. The D.C. bureaucracy and specifically the intelligence agencies have long become powers unto themselves, and a threat to our democracy. The FBI is a poster child for this perversion of our system, and no political movement will save our democratic republic without reforming it.

© 5/29/2022 by Joe Popularis, "The Federalist".

11 Statistics That Expose The Reality Facing US Consumers
In This Rapidly Deteriorating Economy.

Prices are soaring, there are widespread shortages of certain items such as baby formula all over the nation, and at the same time U.S. economic activity appears to be really slowing down. Considering all of that, it makes perfect sense why the American people are feeling so negative about the economy right now. In fact, a whopping 85 percent of all Americans believe that there will be a recession within the next year. These days, it is virtually impossible to get Americans to overwhelmingly agree about anything, and so the fact that 85 percent of us are anticipating a recession is a really big deal.

Just about everyone realizes that economic conditions are going to get worse, but for those of you that still doubt where we are headed here are 11 statistics that show how U.S. consumers are faring in this rapidly deteriorating economy…

#1 According to a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll that was recently conducted, 56 percent of Americans say that their financial situations are getting worse, and only 20 percent of Americans say that their financial situations are improving.

#2 Another new survey has just discovered that 66 percent of Americans “have avoided social events because they’ve felt embarrassed or uncomfortable” about their financial situations.

#3 The housing bubble appears to be bursting. At this point, sales of new single family homes are falling at a very frightening pace…

Sales of new single-family houses in April plunged by 16.6% from March and by 26.9% from a year ago, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 591,000 houses, the lowest since lockdown April 2020, according to the Census Bureau today. Sales of new houses are registered when contracts are signed, not when deals close, and can serve as an early indicator of the overall housing market.

#4 After breaking the all-time national record in March, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has gone 42 cents above the old record and is now sitting at $4.59.

#5 The average age of a car on U.S. roads has reached an all-time record high of 12.2 years. Many Americans continue to delay replacing their current vehicles because new vehicles have become so unaffordable.

#6 Millions of American families are struggling with rapidly rising food prices…

The index for food away from home increased 7.2% over the last year, the Labor Department reported earlier this month. Food prices were up 9.4% in April from the same time last year — the biggest jump since April 1981, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported. And grocery store prices increased 10.8% for the year ended in April.

#7 U.S. natural gas futures just crossed the nine dollar threshold – the highest level that we have seen since the financial crisis of 2008. That means that much higher energy costs are on the way for U.S. consumers.

#8 Multiple Fed surveys are showing that manufacturing activity in the U.S. is really slowing down…

The slowdown in manufacturing activity on display in reports from the Federal Reserve banks of New York and Philadelphia was confirmed by a survey from the Richmond Fed indicating that factory activity contracted in the mid-Atlantic region in May.

The Fifth District Survey of Manufacturing Activity index dropped 23 points from a positive reading of 14 in April to a minus nine, the lowest reading since May 2020, when much of the economy was still reeling from the onset of the pandemic and lockdowns.

#9 Zero Hedge is reporting extremely depressing news about U.S. macro data: “Other than April 2020 – when the entire economy was closed – May’s serial disappointment in US Macro data is the worst since Lehman”

#10 Thanks to plunging stock prices, approximately 20 trillion dollars in household net worth has been “wiped out” so far this year.

#11 A new CBS News/YouGov survey has found that 74 percent of Americans believe that things are going badly in this country and that 51 percent of Americans actually believe that Joe Biden is “incompetent”.

Right now, conditions are so similar to what we witnessed just before the financial crisis of 2008.

If we had addressed our long-term problems back then, perhaps we would be in a much different place at the moment.

But instead, we appear to be poised to repeat history in a lot of ways.

In fact, many experts believe that the crisis that is staring us in the face will be even worse than what we went through more than a decade ago. For example, just check out what Peter Schiff is saying…

This one is going to be even bigger because the economy has a lot more debt now than it did in 2008. And Americans are less able to pay it when interest rates rise because the balances are much greater. So, we’re in much worse shape as a result of all the bailouts and all the stimulus that papered over the last crisis. So, now the one we’re dealing with is going to be much worse because we kicked the can down the road instead of solving the problem when we had a chance.”

He makes some really great points.

Every time there has been some sort of a crisis in our society, our leaders responded by showering the system with even more money.

In 2008, the U.S. national debt crossed the 10 trillion dollar threshold.

In 2022, the U.S. national debt has crossed the 30 trillion dollar threshold.

Our politicians have been systematically destroying our future, and most Americans didn’t seem to care.

Now a day of reckoning has arrived, and it is going to be immensely painful.

There is no silver bullet that is going to cure inflation.

The Federal Reserve is going to try to tame inflation by hiking interest rates, but that will just destroy the housing bubble and dramatically slow down the economy.

And there is no silver bullet that is going to end the shortages that we are currently facing.

We are now experiencing some of the consequences of decades of mismanagement, and a lot more pain is on the way.

© 5/29/2022 by Michael Snyder, "Nation and State".

America is Regressing into a Tribal Society
Rife with Acrimony, Anxiety and Suspicion.

The United States is experiencing tribalism, collective poverty, soaring crime, an obliterated southern border, the destruction of constitutional norms, and roaring inflation. We are being led by a catastrophically bewildered, ill-tempered, incompetent president abetted by a left-wing ideologically driven Congress and bureaucracy.

It has taken the nation many decades to get to this stage. There are but two basic components in this evolution to the present fractured society. The first and foremost, has been the widespread submissive capitulation to the malicious exploitation of the nation’s racial past. The second, has been the lack of a viable opposition party to challenge the transformation of the nation’s institutions.

For nearly five decades, while the Republican Party and establishment conservatives reveled in their “civility” and “bipartisanship,” an increasingly socialist/Marxist Democrat party, media/entertainment complex, and education establishment has been conditioning two-plus generations of Americans to look to the federal government as the source of salvation, opportunity and rescue in times of difficulty. This has created an ever-growing mal-educated, susceptible and easily exploited segment of the citizenry that by the turn of the Twenty-First Century was large enough to impact the governance of the nation.

The next step was to inculcate guilt and societal animosity in what was once a tolerant multiracial nation that had overcome its past. Their success is undeniable as they have successfully manipulated and alienated the Black and minority populations by demonizing and scapegoating the white population.

In 2008 77% of Americans (60% of Blacks) thought race relations were good in their individual community In a shocking recent poll among Blacks, 75% now believe they or someone they love will be attacked by a white person. This is an easily disproven belief as government statistics from the Department of Justice reveal that Blacks were the attackers in 85% of violent crimes involving blacks and whites.

This same recent poll also showed that 70% of Blacks believe over half of all white people (or 110 million Americans) “hold white supremacy beliefs.” Any accurate estimate of the actual number of white supremacist is impossible to find as the definition of “white supremacy” has conveniently evolved with the political winds (e.g., all Trump voters have often been referred to as being sympathetic to white supremacy.) Over the years, by extrapolating the dubious and inflated data from the rabidly left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, it has been estimated that there “could” be many as 500,000 believers or 0.2% of the overall white population.

It is little wonder that just 24% of whites, 27% of Blacks and 29% of other minorities believe the current state of American race relations are good or excellent.

After decades of improving race relations, America is rapidly regressing into a tribal society rife with acrimony, anxiety and suspicion spawned by a return to racism and bigotry.

Among the most important dates in the Civil Rights Movement was August 28, 1963, and the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Little did those of us who were there understand or appreciate that day would be historic, not only because of the electrifying oration delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. but that this singular event would mark the beginning of the end of institutional discrimination and racism in the United States and the near-unanimous national affirmation that everyone must be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Nor could the bulk of those involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s ever fathom that beginning in the 2000s the American Left and the Democrat party would, with forethought, maliciously and incessantly exploit the nation’s past and undermine the achievements of so many.

Those that seek political hegemony by deliberately fomenting racial and ethnic animosity are among the most despicable people on earth and are little different than the despots who rampaged through the Twentieth Century.

Regardless, these vile extremist ideologues, whether in the Democrat party or the media or among the professoriate, single-mindedly pursued their goal of permanent political hegemony by consciously provoking division, fear, and hostility. Having successfully exploited non-existent institutional racism, this cabal is now certain that they are on the cusp of achieving their objectives. So confident are they that they believe the bulk of the citizenry will not only meekly acquiesce to their agenda but will also accept overt voter fraud and manipulation. Thanks to reprehensible racial demagoguery, American society is more disunited and aggrieved than at any time in this nation’s long history and thus, they believe, predisposed to a fundamental societal and governmental transformation.

Accordingly, the left has become more vitriolic and are now mindlessly tossing around other vile epithets against not only their political opposition but any American citizen, regardless of ethnicity, in order to embed their “woke” agenda and further undermine societal cohesion. Thus, the determination to destabilize the nuclear family, to mainstream all manner of deviancy, to eradicate self-determination, to unabashedly censure speech, to marginalize freedom of religion, to systemically attack all the nation’s institutions, and to scapegoat our ancestors for the current ruling class incompetence.

The march toward societal transformation and socialism/Marxism has progressed to the point where it cannot be stopped or reversed by simply relying on elections that can now be effortlessly manipulated and are oftentimes composed of candidates, once in office, who are easily intimidated by the radical left.

While elections are important and the necessity of choosing candidates that claim they will fight to reverse the course of the nation is vital, this war for the soul of the nation cannot be won in the halls of Congress or in the Oval Office or in the chambers of the Supreme Court, or in the panoply of government buildings that line the streets of Washington, D.C.

Instead, the American people can win this war if they unite and wage unconstrained combat with the American left by attacking the two core elements of the strategy that they used.

Everyone of any race or ethnicity must confidently rise up and adamantly tell the American left and ruling elites to shove it. That they refuse to be pitted against each other any longer. That they are first and foremost Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity. That they will no longer be intimidated and manipulated through false accusations and deliberate misrepresentations of so-called racism. That the current White population will no longer mindlessly wallow in guilt for a past they had nothing to do with. And, that the Black population will no longer be manipulated and used as disposable pawns by the radical left. Every American who cares about the future of their progeny must immediately begin to boycott the media/entertainment complex and bankrupt the education establishment by refusing to attend or by choosing viable alternatives that respect the citizenry and tenets of the nation’s founding. The war can be won by a unified and determined American citizenry. However, time is rapidly running out as no nation racked by racial or ethnic animosity and tribalism can long survive.

On July 4, 2026, the United States will celebrate the 250th anniversary of its founding. What sort of occasion will it be? A national celebration of a united people reveling in freedom and prosperity or an overwhelmingly fractionalized and demoralized nation on the cusp of irreversible and inevitable dissolution?

© 5/24/2022 by Steve McCann, "The Federalist".

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