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Friday, June 11, 1998

fter a bruising week of mid- and upper-90 temps, high humidity and no rain, weather conditions have moderated somewhat. Still no rain, but at least the plant material has some cooler weather to deal with. Forget what the TV weather idiots say: we're in another drought, for the third year running. They simply measure the rain in a bottle; they know absolutely nothing about ground moisture. And that's the major concern of any gardener, horticulturist or agriculturalist: soil moisture level. Ours is zero. The top layer of mulch may be moist from an occasional passing thunderstorm, but the soil below is like baby powder. In the short 10 years I've been in this business, I've never seen the amount of plant material dying as I have this Spring, as a result of the past two years scant wet weather. When buds and leaves call for water and there is none forthcoming from the root systems, plants die. Other parts of the country have too much moisture; we get too little. Blame it on El Nino and La Nina or what's-their-names. Feels like August to me, regardless.

My Little Vacation.
It's been awhile since I took any appreciable time off and had a real vacation; the kind where one has really nothing to do, nowhere to go and no agenda to accomplish. Trashing my knee and being homebound doesn't count.
Even the Pope gets some time off. I just need some P&Q. Peace and Quiet, that is.
I started vacation prep by getting a case of '95 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon on Monday evening at the State Liquor Store. I also had a 9lb bag of basil leaves in the home 'fridge to process into pesto; since basil is very fragile (deteriorates quickly) after being picked, the processing had to be done right away. I made 13lbs of pesto sauce/ paste.
Sleeping until noon everyday was very nice. My two housecats didn't understand why I was home. Little did they know I'd be around for 3 full days to mess up their routines.
There were a few things I had to get done: clean out the garage, clean the Jeep, shop for some Summer clothes, food shop, and get a propane gas grill. (My family's late 1950s-era Weber Kettle BBQ Grill is on its last legs, literally.) I got everything done except the propane gas grill. Maybe later.
Other than those few chores, I don't want to know from nothing. No landscape estimates, meetings, nursery stock, perennials, customers, greenhouses, watering schedules, billing, phone calls et al.
Tuesday, I was thinking of heading down near Baltimore to get some stuff at Smith & Hawken, Land's End and a couple of other places; glad I didn't. Think I'll do mail order.
On Wednesday, temps again hit 97 and it was an oven outside. I stayed in after getting back from another quick shopping trip. The extra sleep felt great.
It's so hot again Thursday, that I might just stay inside for the duration.
By Thursday, it clouded over and rained a bit; just enough to wet the mulch. The temperature reduction into the low 60s was most welcomed.

Web Visitors.
I'm always amazed at how many people who find, actually come to visit and purchase things which they can't find elsewhere.
Last Saturday, a family of avid gardeners showed up from Dallas, PA, about 2 hours northeast of my Garden Center complex. They had emailed earlier in the week, looking for certain plants. We had what they needed. Somehow, a net search had turned up my name. The parents were on a mission: secure a Weeping Katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum pendula) for their landscape plan, done by a local architect/ designer.
Despite being another very busy weekend with hundreds of people shopping for plant material, I spent an inordinate amount of time with the people from Dallas, giving them a tour and helping them locate exactly what they needed.
Their stationwagon was loaded with treasures when they left, happy campers all.

Out Of Touch?
The Clintonite morons are at it again: trying to take the American Peoples' guns away in a wholesale manner by sweeping legislation, abridging Constitutional Rights and pushing their perverted brand of fascism and socialism into our lives. The NRA is a little too quiet after all the school shooting incidents.
Even bone-headed liberal scumbags know that guns don't whack, people do. Since cars whack 14x as many people as guns do, shouldn't we take everyone's car away too? Absurd, isn't it, when one follows the idiot liberal arguments? Yet they have an unnatural, fascist tendency to want to disarm the general populace and exert absolute control over everyone's lives. The kids who whacked other kids were definitely a quart low. Unbalanced and wacko. Treat the problem, not the symptom, liberal idiots.
The claim the US Congress is out of touch with the American People. Huh? Somehow, I haven't heard a groundswell of opinion for gun control except from mindless, liberal filth. No one with a functioning brain is leading any movement to curtail guns, except liberal scumbags, and they don't represent the America I know in any way, shape or form.
The 2000 General Election is going to be very important: take The White House from the liberal scumbags and retain control of Congress. Otherwise, more freedoms will be lost as the years progress. The erosion of our rights and freedoms will continue unabated unless the Republicans can find their brains and regain control. I have my doubts, though.
The only people truly out of touch with reality are liberal scumbag Democrats and others who would even entertain thoughts of implementing fascism and socialism here in America.
Here's a piece of garbage who shouldn't be representing the USA anywhere. Do what you gotta do to make Bubba The Rapist pay dearly, Jim.
And another piece of subhuman shit who should be in prison for his blatant perversions and twisted viewpoint. I can't believe the people of Massachusetts would elect this human garbage for so many terms. I've long since lost all respect for that f*cked-up state.

The Needy.
Instead of wasting $16billion per year keeping 3,700+ subhuman pieces of garbage alive on Death Row, this Nation should be spending that sum on the elderly who truly need help.
I'm outraged that murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors are kept alive and fed 3-squares-a-day in cozy, comfy prisons with color TVs and legal libraries, when millions of deserving people need help and we as a society ignore them through inadequate and wrongly-directed social programs. Sound too harsh? I don't think so. I'd volunteer to pull the lever, push the hypodermic plunger, drop the pellets, pull the trigger. With an M16 and 500 clips, I could easily execute the whole stinking lot of that subhuman filth on Death Row in 24 hours. Who else could save the US Taxpayer that's you and I $16 billion in a day?
Execute all of the condemned scum on Death Row that's why they're f*cking there, isn't it? and use the funds to care for more of society's innocents and helpless. And I don't mean the welfare scum, either.
Also, let's further reduce the tax burden by executing all the so-called sick prisoners who are costing us upwards of $78,000 per prisoner, per year. Imagine that: keeping drug junkies and AIDS-scum alive. Hey, they knew what they were doing when they took the risks; waste 'em and compost 'em! Compassion? Sure, you bet: a 9mm to the skull is very compassionate in ending their suffering.
Another sign that this wimped-out society is too soft on criminals: halting the use of stun belts to control violent and risky prisoner scum. Oh f*cking please: 50,000 volts isn't nearly enough. Try 1,000,000 volts for 1 minute. That'll sure discourage any disagreeable behavior. f*ck the Amnesty International lowlifes.
Speaking of pieces of shit, here's a criminal, scumbag lawyer who needs to go to prison for the rest of his unnatural life, instead of becoming mayor of that shithole, Las Vegas.
Above all, execute this murdering piece of shit. The US Justice System failed, bigtime.
And why is this piece of cop-murdering shit still alive? This scumbag should have been executed years ago.
Here's one of the very few instances where the US Justice System worked.
In a major f*ck-up with coming repercussions, the US Supreme Court ruled that street gang filth can congregate. Anywhere. Chicago and 43 other cities had just finally made some progress in arresting 41,000 lowlife gang filth, when the US Supreme Court blinked. Every possible latitude should be given to police to find and destroy street gang garbage. I'm sure the ACLU-NAACP slime hailed the erroneous (read: bullshit!) ruling as a protection of our basic freedom, but it had done much to reduce crime in many cities besides Chi-Town.

Jail The Bitch.
As the Hitlery Criminal plans an announcement of being a carpet-bagger slut in NYs senatorial race, there are significant things in the wind which may allay that disaster.
Hopefully, Ken Starr's investigations aren't finished and he'll find evidence of the well-known criminal activity she's been involved in.
The question of Why New York State begs an answer.
Hopefully, the level of protests against the Clinton Bitch will rise and drown out her lies.
Bubba The First Liar & Rapist In Chief seems to have escaped it all; let's all pray that the Hitlery Bitch won't. She would look good in prison orange, don't you think? Of course, orange would clash with the greyed roots of her daily-dyed hair. Of course, the rest of the girls in there would be glad to help her re-dye it and play house. Ummm, where's that plunger, ladies?

Premature Bush Rush.
If one needs further proof that the GOP isn't quite playing with all of its marbles, the rush to anoint George W. Bush, Jr. as the party's next presidential candidate is just short of stupid.
It kind of reminds me of Bob Dole anointing himself for the '76 General Election and losing to the scumbag Clinton. It was a disaster, from which the Republicans have never recovered.
Given George Sr's propensity for shooting himself in the foot throwing up on the ambassador from Japan, for one instance George Jr might also shoot himself and then where'd we be? Up the f*cking creek again.
Aren't the American People supposed to decide, through their delegates to the National Conventions, who their viable candidates are? Gosh, I once thought so.
Somehow, it's all getting perverted again.

Bubba's Little War.
Plausibly, it's coming to an end. Clinton may have ridden this one out, too.
Everyone the US, NATO and its 18 other good-for-nothing-shithole-countries may get out of this disaster perpetrated by Clintonites, Blairites and Shroederites. Filth, liars and scum; all.
Peace? True peace? Nope; kinda doubt it, amigo.Too much water under the bridge.
After all, it's just so many words.
It gets worse.

Slimy, Stinking Lawyer Scum.
Ambulance chasers, all. Lowlife degenerates who can't find and hold a real job in the real world, the same human garbage who sued tobacco and are trying to now sue gun manufacturers, are now trying to cash in on ancient lead paint pigment manufacturers.
The world would be better off without these lawyer scum. Let's send 'em all on ships, to an overseas conference, and sink the ships in mid-ocean. That would help cleanse the world; at least the objectionable smell of frivolous lawsuits would be gone.

There once was a time when Saturday Night Live was actually funny. I saw Belushi perform 3 weeks before he blew his weakened heart out w/ speedballs (smack & coke). I know it's hard to believe, but now the evidence is available right on the web. NBC's VideoSeeker site provides an SNL video archive with clips from every season all the way back to 1975. It's a floor wax and a desert topping! Hey...

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