Friday, June 12, 1998

huh? Sure, new phrase: those little nuggets of good times that we all retain and remember with unusual fondness. Like our first girlfriend's kiss, getting our first driver's license, Americans first walking on the moon, birth of our first child, first computer in the early 80s, first rock 'n roll concert et al. Things which we mentally and emotionally cling to, which bring back the warm fuzzies and re-kindle that old spark which we've seemingly lost over the years. In times of stress and trouble, these pleasure clusters sustain the will and lift the spirit. In other times, they just get in the way. They are what you allow them to be.

It's That Time Again.
Driving home from work on Friday evening, I noticed that it happening again; people setting up tables and chairs on their front lawns and bringing out all the junk and shit they've stored up for years, to sell this weekend. Yard Sales. They'll screw up traffic everywhere, all for junk and trash, which should have been deeded over to a landfill somewhere. There will be several accidents, a pedestrian will get hit darting out from between two cars. Or a car door is opened into an oncoming vehicle and it winds up laying in the street. Fistfights will occur over who gets to buy which junk for a quarter. State and Local Police will be patrolling extra hours at taxpayers expense so these junk craving morons can satiate their need for other peoples shit. Jeeeeeez, can't these idiot people find something constructive to do?
Instead, it's a cottage industry here in York County; thousands of people selling junk and tens-of-thousands of people buying it. What do they do with all that junk from the yard sales? Jeeeez, what a pathetic sight. People hauling junk from one place to another; their new cherished possessions. Christ, these are people with too much time on their hands. One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
Even in the upscale condominium development in which I live, in York, PA, Carriage Hill this is the one weekend that all my neighbors spread their junk and trash out all over the driveways, price it and sell it to hundreds and thousands of others passing through. What a mess. Traffic jams and crowds all over the place. I'm glad I'm at work and don't have to see it.
This is the only place I've seen this phenomena occur; seems that it's a ritual here and won't disappear anytime soon. Pity.

whacker Pesto.
For the past 20 years, I've grown tubs of lush, fragrant basil and done 6-7 leaf harvests per Summer, in a continuing quest for the perfect pesto sauce. Each subsequent harvest yields 3-4lbs of fresh leaves which, in turn, yields 6-7lbs of fresh pesto paste. We're talking raw sauce here, not the refined creamy sauce that one ladle over angel hair pasta, but unrefined sauce, ready for either the preparation process and immediate use and/ or freezer storage.
There's no shortage of basil now; I use 40-50 plants in 5-6gal tubs, force-feed them with a high nitrogen (Peter's® 30-10-10) fertilizer every 4-5 days, and pinch off or clip the leaves when they become so bushy that sunlight can't reach the inner leaves. The taste and smell of freshly picked basil is most intoxicating.
On Wednesday night, I harvested the first of many pounds of leaves. The 3lbs I took home and washed, soon turned into 6lbs with the addition of extra virgin olive oil and Pignoli (pine) nuts. I immediately covered it with 1" of the same olive oil, placed it under refrigeration and started to experiment with cream sauce variations. This stuff is so rich, it's a heart attack in a jar if not properly sauced.
After nine small test batches of different sauce combinations, I still haven't found the one. When I do, I'll make some large batches and ...
There goes garlic pill sales into the toilet. What a scam that was. Fresh is so much better. Who gives a shit if it doesn't really work? Who cares if I wreak? It's the taste that counts. Anyone who has either garlic or onions on their breath is someone worth knowing.

The Death Penalty.
It really doesn't matter to me what color a murderer is. They all deserve death, and the quicker, the better for society.
For a pile of shit-for-brains, lowlife liberal scumbags to whine about more blacks than whites or hispanics receiving the death penalty smacks of reverse racism itself, a tactic favored by lowlifes like Jesse "gimme alla you moneys" Jackson and Al "pass the donuts, baby" Sharpton. These two are the worst examples of human scum I've ever encountered. Just pure shit, both of them.
All the lowlife liberals who've contributed their biased and tainted views to this flawed study are wrong. Pure numbers don't tell the tale at all; the brutality of the individual crimes do. The reverse racist question of why so many blacks are imprisoned is simply answered: they commit more heinous crimes. Well, duh. And as far as the grossly-under used death penalty goes, every stinking one white, black, yellow, brown green, purple, whatever should die and quickly. The death penalty should be color blind.
And add to that, all degenerates convicted of rape and child molestation should be executed upon conviction; no appeals or languishing in prison for 20-30 years. Terminate the filth immediately. And if a so-called innocent gets mixed into the fray maybe 0.00001% chance too f*cking bad. It's far better to execute one innocent than to release 10 subhuman criminals back into society. The moronic liberals just can't seem to understand that pressing reality.
I take great personal satisfaction in hearing about executions, since far, far too few are carried out. Texas seems to have the only real brass among the 50 states anymore. There should be 2-3 per day, everyday, until all the filth is gone. We don't need more prisons, we need less prisoners. And the death penalty is the surefire way to reduce the prison population's violent offender group, now numbering 4,000+. Time to quickly whack them all.
Even New York State is turning liberal New York City around: a jury has voted to execute a murderer, which would be the first since the early 60s. The lowlife liberal scum took over New York City when no one was looking and the people of New York State haven't had a real voice since. Now they've spoken.
The child molester precedent has been set: Wesley Dodd's death for molestation and murder. Why does murder have to accompany the molestation? In 'Nam, we'd have summarily executed any scumbag convicted of harming children. Over there, we were the judge, jury and executioner and it worked. Over here, the whining, piece-of-shit liberals just get in the way. We waste them covertly, anyway, but it expends time and effort. Time to economize and consolidate the effort.
Here's a bunch of morons playing prisoner with expensive rice. No wonder these idiots still live on a crowded, little island.
Just to prove that Georgia isn't racist, they fried a white scumbag murderer just the other day for a heinous crime. And so did Arizona, Texas, Virginia Florida and Arizona again and Florida once again. Heck, even California is getting into the act after 35 years of liberal life sentences. Way to go! What could be more fair than that? That just proves that the whining, lowlife, liberal morons are reverse racists.
I'm very proud of these states leading the way. Where are the other states who have dozens, hundreds or thousands waiting for execution? If they don't have the ball to do it, ship them to one of the above states for disposition. There are still thousands of murdering filth languishing on death row who need to be terminated quickly, to make room for more murderers coming along who also need to be whacked quickly. No more 15-20-25 year waits. Step right up and take your needles, boys.
The national goal should be execute every murderer with 90 days. Get those needles, gas chambers, electric chairs and gallows working overtime. Who cares if we can't watch? Just as long as they wheel a dead murderer's body out. I sure wouldn't mind footing the extra tax bill for overtime to accomplish that goal. Where do I send my check?

Liberals & Chi-Comm Scum.
Maybe Jesse Helms can make things happen and uncover the truth about Clinton's lies and crimes. It's a sad fact that both Rep Dan Burton and Sen Fred Thompson self-destructed and didn't uncover much. The liberal democratic filth have become so expert at lying and stonewalling that both previous investigations were seriously hampered to the point of occlusion.
The stinking deal is still supported by the Clintonite scumbags, even though it's quite obvious there was a quid pro quo. And having the (in)Justice Dept scum investigate such activity is absurd; they're Clinton's biggest defense attorney pool. They've run interference for the Reno bitch and subverted justice since day one. Newly-declassified documents reveal a pattern of complicity and lying on Clinton's part. Gee, there's news.
Perhaps the new guy, Rep Chris Cox can hold his composure together long enough to get it done correctly. Christ, i hope so. The GOP seems so inept these days at whatever they try to do, it's a sad scenario.
If this guy can be believed and isn't a red herring, it's a damming piece of evidence and a direct tie to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the stinking, ricehead bastard Chi-Comm scumbags.
But nothing ethical or moral matters to Clinton; he's still going ahead with the Chi-Comm visit in Tiananmen Square, where the commie scum slaughtered thousands of pro-democracy students in '89.
The foreign money trail is finally beginning to heat up. If some or all of the facts are uncovered for the quid pro quo, the Clintonite scumbags will start taking dives, dumping all over each other to save their sorry-assed selves from prison terms.
I'm looking forward to a very interesting Summer.

More Liberal Crimes.
Speaking of criminal acts, the attorneys used by The White House are complicit in a wide range of criminal acts and cover-ups; the worst are still alive and plotting with Bubba and Hitlery.
One was smart (and nice) enough to whack himself and save the US taxpayers a huge investigative cost associated with stonewalling and lies: Vince Foster. He was the chief legal scumbag which Hitlery used to fire the 16 people from The White House Travel office in '93, causing such an uproar when she wanted her crooked friends from Arkansas installed. And Foster did the dirty work. He saw what was coming when it unravelled and hired an attorney to save his sorry ass. Now those three pages of privileged notes are wanted by Ken Starr.
Seems he was so involved with Hitlery's crimes he got depressed and shot himself in the head, another point at issue in three expensive investigations. It'd sure be nice if the other scum attorneys would follow Foster's lead and whack themselves, too. It'd beat going to so many grand jury hearings and eventually to prison, where they really belong.
It's amazing that the lowlife Clintons need the services of 30+ lawyers just to keep track of all the crimes, lies and court dates. They are the most corrupt, most investigated and most criminal administration in US history. Unethical, immoral lowlifes, all. Yeah, like this is news.
Speaking of immoral, unethical lowlifes, Ickes was one of the worst liars and scumbags ever to disgrace The White House. Next to Clinton, of course.
Well, at least some more Americans now understand what the filthy Clintonites are trying to do in blocking the many ongoing investigations into their varied criminal activities.
Just one more Clintonite criminal indicted and going to trial. All for some lowlife bimbo. That makes five criminal cabinet members either under indictment, at trial or in prison. Once again, the most corrupt administration in US history. Nice going, Bubba. You really know how to pick the winners.
Bubba's comment about the satellite giveaway and '86 campaign contributions being just business as usual, is most telling and damning.

Too Much Government Is Evil.
As the idiot liberals in the (In-)Justice Dept (DOJ) did to Microsoft in the recently filed anti-trust suit caused by the whining scumbags at Netscape, Sun and Oracle, so now a pile of liberal morons at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have made another huge mistake by filing against Intel by the crybabies at AMD and Cyrix, two low-end, substandard companies who have less than 5% market share.
Any time that any kind of government gets involved in anything, they f*ck it up. They have a long history of stupidity and destruction of free enterprise.
On a par but even worse, is the lowlife, liberal scumbag Ralphie boy Nader, who is still upset that he can't get a decent job or run his own business for profit. So he instigates and joins the pile-on on to Microsoft et al, for more publicity. He's a washed up, never was, despite his unwarranted attacks on Chevy's Corvair in the late 60s. The Nader filth is a socialist, communist, liberal at every turn. A true piece of shit.
The only reason for government is to provide essential services: law and defense. All other services can and should be provided for by the private sector. Instead, the FDR-liberal filth have taken over many essential jobs health care and welfare readily come to mind which the private sector can better manage. History is the indisputable proof.

Both my home unit and cable modem got tweaked: the home unit to a 586 Pentium 233mhz/64ram from a lowly 150, and the 3COM 500kbps cable modem got a 32-bit PCI card, up from a lowly 16-bit unit. Both are noticeably faster and more responsive.
Soon, after the 500mhz units are released, I'll get another Dell Pentium II, mate it with a Viewsonic G810 21" monitor and replace the 233. It'll go to my parent's home, so they can enjoy the benefits of a home unit, too.

June 26th Speech.
On Friday, June 26th, at 7:30pm in Greenville, SC, I'll be giving a talk to several hundred horticulture growers and retailers about How To Make Money On The Web. It's the Southeast Greenhouse Conference & Trade Show. (Follow the Education Program Link on the left-side nav bar; look for Friday, 7:00pm.) The speech will be posted in its entirety on this Website after I return.
It's a 9hr drive to South Carolina and my new friend Lynetta from Ranier, Oregon, will fly into BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport) on Tuesday to meet me, stay for a week and we'll enjoy each others company before, during and after the trip south. We met on the Net as she was searching for English Trugs. Both of us are cat people and hit it off. Film at 11.

Virus Attack!
At 9pm on Sunday, a virus hit my home computer and wreaked havoc until midnight. I erased, deleted, uninstalled, inoculated, erased, deleted, inoculated and uninstalled until my brains ran out of my ears.
The file, DE1.EXE was buried in PhotoShop\ PlugIns folder, and kept morphing into DE2.EXE, then into DE3.EXE and DE4.EXE and DE5.EXE, until it finally turned into DE23.EXE and I erased it permanently from all drives. Norton Anti-Virus v3 wiped it out after chasing it through 5 scans of 27,592 files and over 600 folders on C;\, D:\, E:\, F:\, G:\ and the Zip Drive, H:\. I'd had all I could handle of it and was ready to get out my Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum and finish the job. Finally, at 1:15am, it held. Somehow, it all worked and the virus is gone. And I didn't have to shoot the 'puter.
Usually, NAV v3 finds it, notifies me and deletes it according to the previously set preferences. This one required some manual effort and was the toughest to get rid of yet.

A fascinating report on the world's oceans future has just been released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It's well done and here for considered reading and thought.

Worthless In The Extreme.
Here's perhaps the largest collection of useless facts on the Net. Or anywhere, for that matter. It's one of my favorite places to observe degenerate, liberal democrats socializing and kibitzing about nothing worthwhile.

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