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Friday, June 14, 2002


As a Nation, we've been at risk from terrorists posing as immigrants for the past 25 years or longer, and yet we continue to ignore the problem at our own peril. The Massacre of September 11th brought that point home loud and clear to me; all of the morons/idiots/cretins in the US Congress couldn't give a flying rat's ass rearend one way or the other. They're merely concerned with appeasement of their constituencies, and whatever happens to America in their decidedly traitorous view is irrelevant as long as no one is offended. PC run amok. Socialist scum like the United Nations and the American Civil Liberties Union, who want secretly hope for further terrorist attacks on the US, must be reigned-in and disbanded, as terrorist-aiding support groups. All of the Arab and Muslim "charities" in the US, as well as garbage operations like CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), must be shutdown and their members imprisoned or deported for secretly supporting Islamic terrorist murderers. The US-Mexican and US-Canada borders should have been sealed on September 12th, to stem the flow of illegals, and all suspected terrorists rounded-up and interred, But noooooooooo, no one acted in the National Interest, for fear of offending illegal immigrant and minority scum. f*ck Screw all minority scum; this Nation Our Nation is at risk. I wonder what there was about The Massacre of September 11th, that the stupid, lowlife, traitorous lib-democRAT shitfilth didn't understand? We know who the enemy is, don't we?

Around The Garden Center.
Last Thursday evening's storm was very destructive for York County, as well as other portions of the mid-state Pennsylvania. was helping me with some hardware and software issues on the front counter Windows98 machines, and we got out of the Garden Center Complex, just as the storm hit full force. Gale-force winds and horizontal rain added-up to 2"+ of water in under 35 minutes. Floods everywhere. There were spots on the route home where water was over 1ft deep, and my Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8 was the only thing going through; everyone else had pulled over because of near-zero visibility.
Last Friday morning, after I'd gotten corporate payroll finished, GlocknSail and I headed for his private shooting range in Stewartstown, just 5 miles south of my Garden Center & Nursery, for another AR-15 A3 Carbine/.223cal-.556mm session. I'm using an Eotech HDS sighting system, so accuracy is built-in at almost any distance, vs iron peep sights. No contest. Great Awesome groupings all morning long.
Jock, our Mid-Atlantic Sales Rep (and National Sales Mgr) from Iseli Nursery in Oregon, stopped by on his annual Spring Tour, Saturday, and he once again showed us why Iseli is the Premier Conifer & Jap Maple grower/source in the USA. No contest in those areas, as I deal with many others who are also very, very good. We did some Glock Model 32/.357sig, Bushmaster AR-15 A3 Carbine, target shooting at my private pistol range (now expanded to accomodate the AR-15) at the GC&N Complex. Nice groups and continuity for each of us; Jock especially, since that was the first time he'd fired both weapons. More good grouping.
The hot and humid weather returned last Sunday with a vengence and stayed all week: upper-80s to mid-90s temps, and 85-90% humdidity truly sucked made it an unpleasant week. Violent, isolated thunderstorms popped-up several times, mainly in the afternoons as a result of the heat and static electricity build-up in the atmosphere. Each time, I had to scramble to unplug the extensive watering system computer motherboards, located in waterproof stations about the 20acre site. Lightening hits anywhere on the property travel underground through pipes and wires, and burn them out to the tune of $300 replacements, each. The 1"+ rain was most welcomed, though; unlike the Midwest floods.
Sadly, this horrible tragedy is reason #315,992,856 why everyone should be armed and not be afraid to use it.
Wow, it's dry here, too, but not as bad as it is in The Poeple's Republik of Denver. I sure hope they get it under control before Denver is wiped.
Ahhhhhhh, good sipping Bourbon; haven't had any of that in quite a while, so I picked up some Maker's Mark® and terated myself to a snifter of Straight Bourbon this week, instead of my usual bloody mary or screwdriver. Nice and smooth, after a 20oz Porterhouse Steak and an ice cold Rolling Rock® Pale Ale.
Gas prices have dropped again, to $1.29.9/gal (89 octane) at the so-called "super stations" in the York (PA) area. A month ago, I'd have bet some large bucks that we'd be around the $1.45.9/gal level and rising. Go figure.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horiffic day.
Ethnic profiling of cowardly Arab and Muslim men scum should be SOP (standard opeRATing proceedure), as a direct result of The Massacre of September 11th; every single one of those suspected deviants should be rounded-up, jailed or deported until the Nation is cleansed of the Muslim and Arab filth. The FBI should be leading the way, instead of cowing before lib-dem PC scumbag pols. The world would be a far, far better place without all the boy-buggering, male-mutilating, women-chattelizing and mutilating, homo-loving Islamic girly-men, cowardly Allah-homo shitfilth.
If I see any Muslim or Arab wearing a trenchcoat in July or August 90-95°F heat ostensibly hiding a belt-bomb pack walking toward a crowded shopping mall here in York (PA), I'll shoot and whack that piece of subhuman shit homicide bomber in the blink of an eye. After what Israel's gone through for the past 20 months with those subhuman Arab filth, I wouldn't think twice about emptying my AR-15 A3 Carbine's 40rnd .223cal/.556mm mags into any of them, to save fellow Americans from that horror.
I certainly don't advocate Killing all Muslims, just the lowlife, subhuman evil extremist fundamentalist deviant Islamic wacko terrorist filth. There are many good American Muslims; I don't know any personally, but I'm sure there are many some. Though we never heard any condemnation of murderous Islamists from any of them after The Massacre of September 11th, and still don't. All we hear is whining about "their rights".
Aw gee whiz, Arabs and Muslims are angry at America's intent to profile them through fingerprints and photos? Tough shit, diaperhead filth. If I had my way, all of you "sleeper cells" and supporters would already be dead and rotting, face down in pits full of pigshit. End of terrorist problem.
Yeah sure, we need another "Cabinet Agency & Secretary", who can spend additional billions needlessly on the bureaucratic mess we now have to deal with. If Tommie can't handle it, I guess we'll just have to get a tax-and-spend democRAT to do the job. Hope not.
By itself, restructuring homeland security to a cabinet-level position, isn't going to do it. It's laughable to even think so. Coming down hard on Muslim filth and Arab garbage is the only way to secure the social stability.
It just isn't enough to get the job done: W's "plan" doesn't find and "remove/whack" the terrorists already in the US. It's a massive reorganization of existing agencies, but does zero to find and whack terrorist cells already within the US; therefore, it's cosmetic. We need Special Forces Hit Teams to find and whack Hamas, Hezbollah, al Queerda and Popular Front For The Liberation of Palestine Muslim-Arab homo filth, and whack them upon capture. Nothing less will do.
f*ck Piss off Jap morons; the US will do what we need to do to wipe out terrorism, with nukes if need be. Your murderous military committed horrible atrocities in WWII, and had Nagasaki and Hiroshima coming; personally, I would have nuked your entire stinking island and obliterated you as a race. You got off easy, so shut the f*ck hell heck up and eat your sushi fish bait.
Finally, America is beginning to wake up and rightfully place the blame for The Massacre of September 11th on the lowlife Clintoon criminals, who put politics ahead of America's safety. Much more malfeasance will be exposed during the upcoming hearings. Hey Clintoon: you can't hide from the truth much longer, moron.
I agree: death to all family members of suicide/homicide bomber terrorists. f*ck Screw the PC shit and all pathetic laws; whack 'em all, and don't allow 'em to breed. Cleanse the genepool: Darwin Awards to all Arab garbage and Muslim deviant scum.
Need more proof that the lying, impeached, disgraced, lowlife Bubba Jeffy Clintoon was a coward and refused todeal with terrorism, thereby putting America in jeopardy? Here it is, lib-democRATs. Your "hero" is a two-bit, lowlife moron; well heck, we all knew that for the past 8 awful years the scumbag and his filthy, lying degenerate Hitlery Rotten Clintoon were 'co-presidents".
whack Arrid-Fart!!! whack Arrid-Fart!!! whack Arrid-Fart!!! whack Arrid-Fart!!! whack Arrid-Fart!!! whack Arrid-Fart!!! whack Arrid-Fart!!! whack Arrid-Fart!!!
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd, whack t
his Arrid-Fart Spawn garbage filthshit.
I like the idea of armed citizen patrols, as these NYC Jews are doing. The police are way over extended, anyway, and not able to "take immediate corrective action on criminals/terrorists". I'd enjoy taking my Glock and AR-15 out on patrol with them and hopefully, whack some subhuman Muslim or Arab terrorist scum. Would sure make my day.
Personally, I'm glad to see COINTELPRO counterintelligence operation back, and the subhuman dogshit Muslim/Arab scum rooted out and prosecuted rather see them executed or deported. The whining wacko left-wingers and moderate idiots can gnash their teeth and wring their bony hands all they want, but I'd rather be safe than dead.
Though it happened in May, US Attorney General John Ashcroft announced on Monday the capture of a suspected al Qaeda operative who allegedly planned to build and explode a radioactive "dirty bomb" in the United States, most likely Washington, DC.
The 9 month anniversary of The Massacre of September 11th was Tuesday, and came and went quietly. My anger at and hatred for the subhuman Muslim shitfilth is still seething below the surface. I want them all dead.
Aw gee whiz, Muslim subhumans are "angered by comments" about their cult of Islamic deviants? f*ck Screw all you towelhead lowlife filth; especially the degenerate Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations.
whack the filthy subhuman Muslim illegal alien Jose Padilla, garbage.
Yeah W, it's long past time we struck first at the Muslim shitfilth garbage-sucking Allah homo terrorist scum. whack them all.
Read about the the humiliation and anger of Muslim trash, after 9-11. Well deserved, diaperhead morons; you pork-sucking subhumans brought it upon yourselves. And there's a lot worse to come.
If this article about US Soldiers Killing Tali-assheads and other Muslim garbage is true, and I doubt it is, it's exactly what we should be doing aginst those subhuman Islamic filth. whack every damned one we find.

OK, if you say that you need this, to secure The American Homeland, I'd agree. I'll give you what you need, based upon your requests.
So the new cabinet level Department of Homeland Security was planned in near-total secrecy? With all the traitorous lib-dem scun and big-mouthed Republicans wanting "face time" on TV, that's as it should be. Lowlife lib-moderates like Johnny "No Brain" McCain and Arlen "lib-democRAT" Specter would love to leak details and scuttle W's plan. Much more should be done in secret to avoid the criminal US Congresscritters, at all cost.
Hey, the liberal moderate RINO, Secy of State Colon Bowell, is back in the news, after a short stint as GOP idiot-In-The-Woodpile. Welcome back, el-Generalie. Have anything or thoughts worth a shit darn, today? Ummm, thought so.

Lib-democRAT Garbage.
Well, well, well, a real jury finally found one of the lowlife Kennedy clan scum guilty of murder; they've gotten away with so many crimes over the years. Here's hoping the murderous fat alcoholic drug-addicted slob, Mikey Skakel will do some serious time in a state prison, with a sweaty black 550lb lifer named "Spike", as his "girlfriend". Can't you just hear Mikey's screams around 11pm? So much for the Kennedy Magic.
Kevin Richardson, a lowlife scumbag moron doper, of the totally-untalented, junk group Backstreet Boys, shared his "concerns" about a coal mining practice with a Senate panel on Thursday and one lawmaker said she would accept the singer's idiot's offer of an aerial tour to see the environmental effect. Who the f*ck hell heck cares what this dirtbag thinks, with his pea-sized drug-addled brain? Why is he an "authoritative witness" of anything but stupidity? Answer: he isn't; the lowlife lib-democRATs just want "stars" to testify, wasting more hard-earned American Taxpayers' money. Business as usual in the worthless US Congress.
Another wacko left-wing nutcase doper, Woody Harrelson, the scumbag convict's son, loses his mind and goes afoul of UK Law, requiring 14 coppers to subdue him. Can anyone say PCP? See you in court, Wood-head.
PC shit run amok, again: a 13 year old kid sentenced to 10 days in a juvenile hall for a spitball incident? Hell Heck, we did that stuff all the time back in the 50s and 60s; it was part of going to school and growing up. The lib-democRAT filth are out of control.
Winona Ryder will be found guilty of a felony shoplifting charge no plea bargain or reduction to a misdemeanor and we'll await her sentencing date. Here's hoping the untalented criminal bitch does some time with a cellblock full of broom-handle weilding s. No buying your way out of this one, lib-dem lowlife.
More young students getting STDs from oral sex more "legacy" of the lowlife, lying, rapist, disgraced, impeached ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon.
Excellent article on the 7,000 positions of elite power in the US, and why, if they're corrupt, the entire Nation will unwittingly follow that path. Since the education system is controlled by lib-democRAT filth, every new generation starts out with a deficit and must dig themselves out of a moral hole.
Hilarious news report about two porch-monkey lib-democRATs, Jihad and Elijah, pulling knives on each other over a political argument. Sure proves that you cantake them out of the jungle, but you can't get the jungle out of them. I vote to give them each a 9mm, for the next round.
Gee whiz, a confirming report about vandalism of The White House by departing Clintoon staff scumbags. No surprise here; I read this over a year ago.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
Barriers are being erected along one of New York's most famous and desirable streets, and some residents said they would leave for the weekend, because Sunday is the annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade. The march brings as many as 2 million people to a 42-block section of Fifth Avenue. After the march ended in 2000, roving gangs of men doused more than 50 women with water, tore at their clothing and sexually assaulted them in Central Park. Parade spectators and bystanders recorded the attacks on video. Eighteen men ages 16 to 39 were convicted or pleaded guilty to rioting or sexual abuse. If me and Mr Glock 32/.357sig had been there, there'd have been lots of dead illegal aliens scumbags. End of problem.
Time for the smiling pipe bomber, Luke Helder, who wanted to make a "happy face" trail of death and injury, to be convicted and sentenced to many, many years in a cruel prison. No sympathy here, punk. And I'm sure all your new "boyfriends" will treat you very, very well. Can you scream OUCH!?
Bravo, another child molester arrested by the FBI. Ummm, shouldn't local or state police be handling this kind of stuff, and the FBI be tracking, arresting, or executing terrorists? Nice going, anyway.
homoism is so prevalent in the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) that if they tried to cleanse the ranks of all queer filth, not just a few known fags, there'd probably be very few left at the seminaries. They should throw out all the homo scum anyway, and start over. IMO.
Subhuman homosexual, deviant and degenerate homo filth predators are the problem in the RCC, not child molesters; 92% are homos.
The National Puerto Rican Day Parade is a bad joke. Like many large-scale events since the attacks, the parade included a massive police presence. Last year's celebration also drew extra police, in response to a melee after the parade in 2000 in which more than 50 women were sexually accosted in and around Central Park. No wonder they call 'em illegal aliens.
Want to really understand why too many blacks love the lib-democRAT-conferred "victim status"? Read this and have some laughs at those pathetic, misguided people.

Needing Execution, Quickly.
All child murderers and molesters should be executed upon convbiction; no plea bargains. This piece of subhuman shit is both a murderer and molester. He should be dead.
Walter Mickens Jr. sexually assaulted 17-year-old criminal Timothy Hall, stabbed him 143 times and left him on a dirty mattress in an abandoned building along the James River in Newport News in 1992. Yet the lowlife lib-dem scum American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, the American Bar association's ethics committee, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights don't think this subhuman piece of shit should die for what he did. Well, lib filth: he got what he deserved. Nice job, Virginia. Made my week.
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