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Friday, June 15, 2001

Everyone has a weak spot, a so-called Achilles Heel. Determining exactly what it is, is the crucial to one's development as an individual. Ducking the experience makes for cowards, wusses and wimps. Making a decision one was previously ambivalent about, often forces that shift in position. More often than not, the more radical the sea change, the more lucid the choice. Hard work. Not making excuses. Refusing to blame others. Appreciation of this country's rule of law and its free enterprise system, along with a willingness to accept the consequences of one's own actions is what lowlife, cowardly lib-democRATs cannot comprehend and struggle vainly against. Their pre-occupation with the left-wing wacko failed welfare state experiment will be their downfall, in time, as Human Nature isn't normally prone to hand-outs and ultimately rebels against such imposed state largesse. Welfare is over 50 years old and still an abject failure. I turned the corner long ago, vowing never to consider a welfare state as a way of life in my country, as the slimy, cretinous lib-dems propose, while controlling it through their festering and fetid democRAT party. I enjoy fighting on a daily basis against their perverted, demented, lowlife, unjust, twisted "menu for humanity". Time to lock and load against the real National enemy: liberal left wing wacko scum. Take no prisoners.

Around The Garden Center.
Last week, gas prices plummeted from $1.73.9/ gal (89 oct) to $1.52.9/ gal in just four days; this week, it's dropped to $1.44.9 gal (89 oct). What energy gas crisis? Natural gas prices have also dropped like a stone. Haven't heard about home heating oil, but with the advent of Summer, I can't imagine it's still at record levels either.
I can't believe the public reaction well yes I can, because it happens everytime I run any of the ads to "Mulch Myths 1" & "Mulch Myths 2" ads I ran last week in both York, Pennsylvania and in Northern Maryland's monthly papers: almost 10 tractor trailer loads (65 CuYds per trailer!) of mulch sold. And people are still calling about it and coming in to buy, or ordering deliveries to their homes. I'm running trucks all day from Thursday to Sunday just to keep up with demand.
Hmmmmmm, I kinda doubt I'll be carrying anything like this "piss-off" plant at my Garden Center & Nursery. There are many other, better ways to deal with pests in the garden.
It's that time of year again: tens of thousands of people artfully displaying their accumulated junk on their front lawns and driveways in a frenzy of "Yard Sales". I cringe when I see this; roads are clogged with idiots parking half into the road, walking out between cars carrying piles of shit, kids darting between cars oblivious to oncoming traffic, and accidents happening all over York County. I wish the police would enforce the traffic laws and get things under control.
It was another busy weekend at the Garden Center & Nursery. Several of the weekend, high school helpers were having graduation ceremonies and I was short-handed for deliveries, loading and customer assistance. So I spent most of Saturday delivering five full truckloads of mulch to homes over a 50 mile radius from the complex. It's dirty, hot and tiring work, but someone had to do it, and as owner, besides also emptying garbage, sweeping floors and cleaning toilets "boss jobs" I pinch hit wherever I'm needed. If you've ever owned your own business, you know exactly what I mean.
I got a Registered Letter from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) yes, the same arrogant, shithead snobs who put on the worthless-as-teats-on-a-bull Philly Flower Show demanding that I cease and desist or beg for permission and pay them a fee, for merely linking to a (reprinted by me) poorly-written article in their mediocre publication, Green Scene, which mentioned my business and one of its products, Alpine Trough Gardens. Hoop dee doo. f*ck Screw them; it's archived all over the Net.
Carpal tunnel and computers? What a crock, a "designer ailment", really. I've been using typewriters since '66 and computers since '82, and show no sign of it. Yet I know dozens of people including my Sister Becky who've gotten "it" and had "the surgery". I'm glad I'm immune. Better genes, maybe? Who the f*ck hell knows?
The steamy, hot 92°F weather is back in the Mid-Atlantic region once more, as Summer reminds each of us of how uncomfortable it can be. Walking out of my condo at 5:45am with temps already at 74°F doesn't bode well for a nice day. My landscape crews return each day drenched, dirty and worn-down; fortunately, I installed an AC unit in my office and conference room when I built the complex 11 years ago, so my comfort is assured, except when I'm out on site visits with customers. My computer and printer appreciate the cool, too. Back then, I didn't mind the heat and humidity, but as I get older, I do. Severe thunderstorms moved through Tuesday evening and dumped 1-2" of rain on the York (PA) area. Thanks, we needed the moisture. But it also knocked out our five telephone lines, so I had to call in a tech from NTE, our long distance carrier in Harrisburg, to make repairs. Happens every time after a thunderstorm and it's getting pretty f*cking damned boring.
For the past few weeks, my office SAG 933 P-III full-SCSI system has been randomly "blanking out", requiring a reboot and Norton Disk Dr fix for "lost clusters" and "broken chains". I went to "Run" on the Start Menu, typed in msconfig and selected the "Start Up" tab. There, I could see all the shit programs running in the background which loaded automatically upon start up. I de-selected stuff which wasn't needed, rebooted and the problem has fixed itself. Cool.
Hey, great news: a 15% drop in violent crimes means 1 million fewer violent crimes in 2000 than in 1999, says the US Dept of InJustice. Why the drop? Higher incarceration rates, more police officers, higher educational standards and better educational opportunities, less drinking of hard liquor, less drunken driving, lower rates of divorce, a good economy and the legalization of abortion in 1973 that resulted in fewer unwanted children? Whatever the reason, I'm glad it dropped, but I still always carry my 9mm and .357 Magnum, just in case the criminals don't know about the drop in crime.

Losing Faith.
Until recently, say six or so years ago, I had nearly complete faith in our US Government, that no wrong could or would be intentionally done to any of its Citizens. I always paid my taxes, voted, supported the elected president (except the Clintoon criminal), believed in the various law enforcement agencies, and generally felt that things were done to better our individual and collective lives as Americans. I was nï:aeve stupid misguided wrong.
What marked a sea change for me personally was the TWA Flight 800 incident and the complete subversion of Law and Justice. Over 750 witnesses clearly saw the plane in July '96, with 230 people aboard, blown out of the sky by 2 missiles, yet the corrupt Clintoon government and the FBI in particular, hid and destroyed evidence, intimidated witnesses, wouldn't allow witnesses to testify about what they saw, and outright lied to the American People to cover up the truth.
Here is a complete repository of the facts and evidence, to date. You'll be stunned by the pictures, eyewitness accounts and much more. Here is an investigatory site of collected articles about TWA 800; also stunning reading. Here, too.
To TWA Flight 800, add-in Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Cuban boy's kidnapping by the InJustice Dept, mysterious death of Vince Foster and a thousands other less well known instances of the US Government's egregious behavior, and I find myself doubting virtually everything which comes from Washington and every politician. I trust no one in any party; they're all liars, scumbags and criminals.
Old childhood images of Truth, Justice and the American Way die hard. I feel the loss and am saddened by it.

Lib-democRAT Rationale.
Let's see if I understand this modern day "causal" relationship correctly...
If a woman burns her thighs with the hot coffee she was holding in her lap while driving, she blames the fast food restaurant.
If your teen-age son whacks himself, you blame rock 'n' roll music or the musician he liked.
If you smoke three packs a day for 40 years and die of lung cancer, your family blames the tobacco company.
If your daughter gets pregnant by the football captain, you blame the school for poor sex education.
If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, you blame the bartender.
If your cousin gets AIDS because the needle he used to shoot up with heroin was dirty, you blame the government for not providing clean ones.
If your grandchildren are rude brats without manners, you blame television.
If your friend is shot by a deranged madman, you blame the gun manufacturer.
And if a crazed person breaks into the cockpit and tries to whack the pilots at 35,000 feet and the passengers whack him instead, the mother of the deceased blames the airline.
I must have lived too long to understand the world as it is anymore. So, if I die while my old, wrinkled ass is parked in front of a computer, you are not to blame Bill Gates. Things in today's screwed-up world are out of control. No one wants to take responsibility for themselves or their own actions anymore; everyone is looking for a scapegoat. Everyone except Conservatives, that is. I've written off the democRATs and liberal filth long ago, and I'm writing off the stupid GOP everyday.

Left-Wing Socialists & Lib-Dem Garbage.
The UK's Chief lowlife liberal, Tony "I wanna be just like BJ Clintoon" Blair has received another "mandate to reform" the once-proud and free Great Britain into a full commie-socialist state. He's a scumbag just like Clintoon was, and the US should walk away from the EU (European Union) consortium of socialists and communists. That's a bitter cup of tea.
I just can't wait until another lib-dem filth scumbag, Bobby "The Crook" Torricelli, falls hard and goes to prison for his myriad crimes. He's dogshit, as all lib-democRATs are, and richly deserves 10-35 years with a 450lb sweaty lifer called Tyrone, as a "boyfriend". Bend over, greaseball. I know NJ-cyberbuddy Doug will be very pleased if that happens.
Clinton is joining an all-black YMCA in Harlem, just blocks from his ghetto office? To pump iron? Nah, all he pumps are underage interns. Maybe someone will drop a barbell on his empty, corrupt head. One can only wish. He's like a turd which won't completely flush away, and he's back on the corrupt fundraising circuit.
More and more "men" are coming forward to file sexual harassment charges about behavior that employers once dismissed as simply horseplay or locker-room antics, according to employment lawyers and government regulators. Men? Hardly, they're all rump-raiding, fudge-packing homo filth. Real men don't complain; they stand up for their rights and beat the living shit out of the tormentor and teach the scumbag a lesson.
Put insects and snails and other creatures ahead of Mankind? Only lowlife subhuman lib-dem filth would do something this stupid. Thousands of creatures become extinct everyday around the world; have since time began and will continue until the world ends. No biggie. Repeal the idiotic Endangered Species Act, immediately.
Another Kennedy criminal begs-off out of politics for fear of being exposed as a drunk and abuser and a assaulter of police officers, as his murderous cousin Mike Skakel did in '75 to a 15 year old neighbor girl. Far from being "Camelot", the Kennedy filth are white trash and garbage. Remember fat, alcoholic Teddy "The Chappadiquick Swimmer" Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne? I do. The entire family is garbage.
The lib-democRAT garbage and GOP liberal trash defeated an amendment permitting low-income parents in 10 cities to use taxpayer dollars to send their children to private and religious schools. The lib-democRATs have further condemned poor children to inferior inner-city schools. Republicans view publicly financed vouchers as an innovative way to give children in dead-end schools a better education and to force public schools to improve. DemocRATs, who say the measure offers only false hope to children, see it as a threat to public schools, which will see some money steered to private schools. Fact is: DemocRATs are callously condemning poor children to horrible schools, denying them same kind of escape hatch afforded to wealthier students who can pay private and parochial school tuition. They're creating an black underclass, and here's what'll happen one day.

GOP f*ck-Ups Screw-Ups.
Immediately, Jeffords, Chaffee, Snow, Specter, McCain and a few other lowlife scum come to mind, and need to be surgically removed by voters from the Republican Party, as soon as possible. They're liars, cowards and traitors.
Uh oh, this upcoming revelation isn't going to be pretty for W & Co. Better hunker down, guys.
The Bush Administration is letting the subhuman towelhead sand-black Iranian scum off the hook in the upcoming indictments for the terrorist bombing of the Khobar Towers military barracks in Saudi Arabia, Killing 19 US servicemen. The criminal Clintoons obstructed the FBIs investigation and now Ws obfuscating the Truth in favor of political gains with that renegade country, which should have been nuked right after they returned our hostages in '80, after Reagan took over. I'm dismayed disgusted sickened that politics takes precedent over the Law.
I'm truly amused at Europe's reaction to Ws trip to visit all of its so-called leaders: protesting our policies on missile defense, global warming and capital punishment. Isn't this the crowd who gave the world Adolph Hitler and a score of dictators in the last century? And whose "standard of living" is akin to that of a toilet? Hey Europe: shut the f*ck hell up, scumbags and take care of your own miserable pathetic backward existence before criticizing the world's only remaining SuperPower Nation, you lowlifes. Read this and this.

Why Brits Are Scum.
No, not all Brits, just the lowlife PM Tony Blair & Co, who concocted the Foot and Mouth Disease (F&M, for brevity or more properly "hoof and mouth," since cattle etc have hooves, not feet) to further his country's movement toward the communist-socialist EU (European Union) membership.
The unreal slaughter and cruelty to lambs, piglets, calves and other cloven-hoofed animals is documented in this article. No, I'm not a member of PETA, and I do enjoy good beef not the cruel and evil cuts of veal and lamb but I draw the line at what the stupid Brit Gov't did to their agricultural industry, farmers, ranchers and most of all, to the innocent animals caught in a political move. It's like slaughtering innocent Human children. Blair is garbage.

assuming Room Temperature.
From last Friday morning until Monday, when the feds righteously exterminated the subhuman piece of shit McVeigh, all we read and heard was: "Timmy McVeigh writes letters", "Timmy McVeigh picks his nose", "Timmy McVeigh takes his last shit", "Timmy McVeigh this" and "Timmy McVeigh that". That shit wasn't news, it was bullshit. I was so glad when it was over and he was rotting compost, burning in the Fires of Hell. There are still many unanswered questions about OKC. I can't believe it cost so much and took so long to rid the Earth of his stench; why can't we move as fast to rid the world of the 3,700+ pieces of subhuman garbage still on death row for all the heinous crimes they've committed against society's innocents? Hell, I'd volunteer my services and my .357 Magnum and buy the ammo at my own expense if the feds would allow me to gleefully put 158gr hollowpoints into all their murderous, empty heads, one at a time.
Monday morning and all is again right in the world. McVeigh began assuming room temperature at 8:14am. I feel sorry for the dead victims, the survivors, the families of both, and McVeigh's innocent family. But something's seriously wrong with our government.
Ah ha, here we go again: lib-dem garbage trying to play the "race card" with federal prisoner executions. The fact that blacks and hispanics commit more capital crimes than whites, simply means more will be sentenced to death and executed. This isn't rocket science, but the lowlife lib-dem shit can't understand that. They just want to delay, delay, delay to court more blacks and hispanics into the corrupt democRAT party; appearances are what matter, not the Facts or Truth.
And listen to the bed wetting, hand wringing lowlife liberal scumbags at The Washington Post whining about the death penalty. I'd like to throw the entire staff into a prison yard with convicted murderers and see what happens. I'd pay to see that ugly scenario.
The whining, bed wetting, hand wringing liberal anti-death penalty scum make me sick. There are 3700+ lowlife pieces of subhuman garbage on death row, richly deserving of, and sentenced to death, for unspeakable and heinous acts against innocent victims. And all should die promptly after sentencing. The victims are still dead and justice remains unserved and denied for the victims and their families. I would gladly put a 9mm or .357 into each of the murderers evil heads and sleep well at night, knowing that they'll never whack society's innocents again. Society's subhuman filth need to be executed, not allowed to live at taxpayers' expense: the $40-60,000 per prisoner per year is a massive waste of money and could be better spent on the deserving, rather than on those who murder, rape, kidnap and rob innocent, defenseless people. And I don't buy into the shit about "cruel and unusual punishment", either. How merciful was what they did to their victims? Not very, lib-dem lowlifes. Not very.
The lowlife commies and lefty socialist scum in Europe are condemning the US for executing the McVeigh filth? f*ck Screw you, morons! I spit on your backward nations, you stupid slimeballs.
Put this subhuman filthy towelhead scumbag murderer in the death chamber too, and execute his sand-black ass for bombing the American Embassy in Kenya. shit, the cowardly jury gave the piece of shit life in prison. Hopefully, someone will whack him while he's in there.
Here's another piece of subhuman shit, who murdered the three women in Yosemite Nat'l Park two years ago, and who richly deserves execution. I'm sure there'll be all kinds of vigils and protests about it, too, but there is no redeeming value in trying to rehabilitate a rapist, kidnapper and murderer. He needs to die.
Read this, about what the traitorous FBI agent Hanssen gave away; it's why all traitors should be executed upon conviction.
Remember the paranoid, racist black scum who slashed and whacked the 8 year old white boy, playing in his yard in DC? He'd been found to be "incompetent to stand trial", so the doctors are pumping scumbag full of meds to get him ready for a murder trial. Why waste the f*cking time? Execute the black lowlife murderer; he's not fit to live on this earth with decent humans, of any color. Hell, I'd put a 9mm through the cretinous-morons empty head in a flash. It still mystifies me as to why we waste our time on such subhuman filth.

le piano graphique.
Tres cool. This very hip and very French music simulator transforms your PC into a fully funktified groove machine. It works by assigning a sample to each letter on your keyboard: a breakbeat, a lead synth melody, a hip-hop chorus, etc. Lay down a basic bass and drum track, then go crazy with the leads. You can choose between five types of songs "Cargo" is world music, "Rude Boy" is reggae, "Lov' Techno" is electronic, etc. And as you play, you manipulate the swirling psychedelic images on your screen. Why go outside, mon ami?

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