playing their card
Friday, June 18, 2004

they love to play the card, on both sides of the aisle, but the liberal-demokkkRATs are the most adept at it. If it's not the pyschotic, shakedown artist Irrev Jesse "NYC Hymietown" Hi-Jackson or the fat, bloated, criminal, liar, psychotic Irrev Al "Interloper Jew Scum" Sharpton trying to get money from stupid, guilt-ridden White America, it's the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and the National association For The Advancement of (Liberal) Colored People (NAALCP), each a cabal of lowlife black, racist, bigoted, America-haters, who just love to subvert their own people by keeping them poor, drug-addicted and mentally-wanting, on the Liberal-DemokkkRAT Plantation, as they have for the past 50-60 years. They have no idea of what Republicans and Reagan did for Black Americans, and they never will. They're being fed what they should be allowed to know; not what is true and accurate. I'm a White Irish-English-German, whose ancestors never owned slaves and have no damned guilt about anything, whatsoever. No freaking reparations from me or my ancestors will ever be paid to those freeloader filth. Nor should anyone else alive today be saddled for what happened hundreds of years ago. In full effect, the CBC is The Fifth Column in the US Government, an ally to terrorist groups all over the world, especially Al-Quaeda, in trying to emasculate the US Military since WWII. The 38-member CBC are some of the worst criminals, psychotic, lowlifes, degenerates, deviants and scumbags outside of the NAALCP, the ACLU, Jackson and Sharpton. All should be duly charged with treason, sedition and subversion, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed imprisoned. The newest arrival of scum on the block is the psychotic, mentally-ill Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim terrorist-supporting organization which is getting quite adept at playing their newly-discovered 'race card'; yelling foul! when the truth about them comes out, and demanding that every incident be treated as a hate crime against evil Islam, The Religion Cult of Death, Terrorism, Mutilation, Boy-Buggering, Women-Chattelling, Murder, Christian Slaughter, Jew Killing et al™. All these pitiful, hateful groups think they are "protected minority victims" and can use their own personal race card while demanding hate crime status for any and every incident. The liberal-demokkkRAT activist judges on the judicial benches are affording them that opportunity, seemingly at every turn of the corner. It's the exact reason why the lib-dem garbage is blocking all of W's judicial appointments: so the activist lib-dem judges can make law, rather than interpret it, as they are mandated to do by The US Constitution. Time to clear the benches and clean house, in a huge way, of The Enemies Within™. It's all directed against Western-European/Americans, aka Whites. We're portayed as the devils, demons and criminals, aren't we? Perhaps not; you might want to visit The European/American Issues Forum, for a fresh, frank look at the real issues which affect the vast majority of Americans.

Around The Garden Center.
The upper-80s, ultra-high humdidity of August-September has finally abated and the cooler 70s have returned. Major storms blew through the area last weekend and made the weather more tolerable. June just shouldn't be this hot and humid, yet, IMO. Almost 3" in two days; we needed the moisture. Since January, we're down 6-7" of moisture, as compared to the average year. Almost looks like another 'drought year'. I sure hope not.
I re-scheduled last Friday mornings appointment with Dr Rick Green's East York Chiropractic Center; "Murphy's Law" came to work with me at 6am on Friday. Everything that could happen to go wrong, did. Don't ask. I re-scheduled it to this past Tuesday afternoon, which I kept. Now that I'm pain-free after just one session, I'll be back in a flash if that freaking sciatica nerve acts-up again. No more MDs at the York Spine & Nerve Center. Nice, ultra-professional people who get results at EYCC, IMO.
Whoooooops; spoke too soon. The upper-80s/ low-90s are back, and so is the oppressive humdidity. Dammit, it's only mid-June. Monday night's 5-7" of rain - thrice now in the past 4 weeks played havoc with streams, creeks, mudslides and washed-out bridges and roads, floods, all over southern York, Adams and Lancaster Counties, and northern Maryland's Baltimore and Harford Counties. My several multi-million gallon retention ponds overflowed with run-off water. Another mess, all around the region.
More t-storms and heavy rain cells blew through on Thursday afternoon and evening, dropping another 2-3" of water in isloated areas of York and Lancaster Counties. Accidents and flooding aplenty. My landscape crews pulled off their jobs around 3pm, and went home, drenched. Tomorrow's another day. No point in getting hit by lightening, is there? Nope, IMO.
Yes, I feel like I'm "burned-out" and ready for some vacation time. It's long past time to start scheduling some days-off, even though Lynettta, Cheryl et al, aren't visiting. I need the respite from my business.

The Reagan Presidential Era is now over. I watched the week long ceremonies, felt the sorrow and the Nation's loss, but was glad it was finally over for him and Nancy. My Dad's Mom, my Beloved Grandmother, Amy O. Shelley (McKinley), had that terrible Alzheimer's Disease for 10+ years, before finally and mercifully passing into God's Hands. I wouldn't wish it on my worst liberal enemies.
Yes, I stayed-up late to watch RWR eulogized and buried in Simi Valley, CA. And no, I don't have any problem with my president being a cowboy. Sure beats some limp-wristed, liberal-demokkkRAT lowlife scumbag liar, like Bubba Jeffy Klintoon or John F(ucking) Kerry.
Looking for The Savage Nation? It's back on Net streaming at KNEW-910AM, 6-9pm, EST, thanks to Comcast. If 7-10pm is more your cup-o-tea, try KXL-750AM. Is Savage over the top? Hey, I enjoy it in the evenings. Be there or be nowhere©. Borders, language, culture™.
Republican US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ) has personally rejected John F(ucking) Kerry's overtures to join the demokkkRAT presidential ticket and forge a bipartisan alliance against President Bush, The associated Press has learned. Kerry has asked McCain as recently as late last month to consider becoming his running mate, but the Arizona senator said he's not interested, said a demokkkRAT official who spoke on condition of anonymity, because Kerry has insisted that his deliberations be kept private.
Soooo, the GOP-Wobbly Morons want an AIDS vaccine: The Bush Administration won backing from major allies for a proposal to accelerate development of an HIV vaccine, and President Bush on Thursday proposed spending $15 million to launch it. Hey homos: leave other men's genitalia and rectums alone, quit bending over and grabbing your ankles. Simply stop unsafe sex, idiot homo filth. I have no sympathy for you subhuman garbage. What a waste of money on your perversion and deviancy. I do have sympathy for those who get HIV through bad blood transfusions, rapes etc; they should get the vaccine. The unsafe sex, subhumans shouldn't get a drop.
Rush and Marta splitting-up after 10 years? Tsk, tsk. Hope he had a good, solid, legal, pre-nuptial arrangement.
This is rich: 26 retired lib-dem losers say "Bush must go", and that he has damaged America's national security and should be defeated in November.
Finally, some American common sense and Christian values from the SCOTUS: "Under God" stays in The Pledge of Allegiance.
It's un-freaking-believable that President GW Bush would laud and praise Bill and Hillary Clinton and their portraits, just unveiled in The White House, on Monday morning. I've just lost all faith in W&Co. Bush has no clothes; he's a mere weaver of lies of a lowlife and degenerate scumbag and his she-man bitch "wifey", Hitlery Rotten Klintoon.
Yes, Sodomy Insane shipped out all of his WMDs to Syria's Bekaa Valley and to Iran, just before we kicked his murderous ass in March '03. Thousands of terrorists have them, now, and we're in deep doo-doo. I've been saying this for almost two years, despite the liberal-demokkkRATs, UN and Euro-weenie denials of WMDs.
Bush Country Ketchup? Ummmm, no thanks; I'll stay with Hunts®, and some of the other local brands. f*ck Screw Heinz Co.

Lowlife Liberal-demokkkRATs.
The fat, bloated, alcoholic, lowlife scumbag, Jimmy Breslin, who "works" for America's largest circulation suburban daily newspaper, Newsday, called RWR's funeral, "His whole weeklong funeral is cheap, utterly distasteful American publicity." he also trashed the American icon as "a callous man" who "hated children." Hey Jimmy: get cancer, have a heart attack, or a stroke, and DIE, you moron. cheap piece of shit.
Gays Homos boycott Virginia? Hey, homo untermensch: please boycott Pennsylvania and stay out of my state. Pretty please?
Hip-hop music impresario scumbag and Broadway performer lowlife Sean "P. Diddy" Combs was forced to leave Saturday's matinee performance of "A Raisin in the Sun" because of a "stomach ailment", a spokesman for the production said. Ummmm, it's called cowardice and no guts. Crawl back under your slimy rock, dirtbag filth.
What a bunch of untermensch filth: court approval of same-sex marriage gave extra flair Saturday to the Boston Pride gay and lesbian parade, where men and women gyrated in tuxedos and wedding gowns atop floats and an oom-pah band played "Chapel of Love." How special, subhumans.
The US Senate Tuesday passed legislation adding gay and trans people to the groups protected against hate thought crimes. The measure adds "real or perceived sexual orientation, gender and disability" to federal hate crime laws, thus allowing the federal government the ability to provide assistance for the investigation and prosecution of hate crimes based on these categories. Thought crimes. Get it?
The Liberal Agenda in Colleges?
The fat, stupid, bloated, pigshit scumbag Mikey "I Hate America" Moore, has another piece-of-shit film, "Fahrenheit 9/11", lauded and reveered by the liberal-demokkkkRAT garbage. What an ugly joke that commie-socialist-nazi lardass, is.
Timmy "I Hate America" Russert still doesn't get it, does he? He's a lowlife lib-dem turdboy.
Yes, there's a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Any questions, lib-dem garbage?
Billy Bob Jeffy Klintoon, an overdosed cokehead, while "governor" of Arkansaa? Yep; documented.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.
More subhuman, untermensch, (c)rapper filth, "divorcing". Who cares? T-Boz of the female R&B group TLC has filed for divorce from her husband, (c)rapper Mack 10, saying he committed adultery and threatened to whack her. This is news? This is shit!
Wow, what a surprise: most all US Senators are wealthy and have some oddball income sources.
Good riddance, Johnny Ramone.
This subhuman, flop-eared degenerate, who Nathaniel L. Woods, , murdered three police officers, needs to die, ASAP.

Islam, The Cult of Horror™.
Here is Islam's Agenda, for anyone's edification, who merely thinks Islam is a good and peaceful religion with just a few 'zealots' doing bad things to Christians and Jews, worldwide. FYI; buy lotsa ammo. It's going to be a very bumpy ride.
Federal authorities on Monday unsealed charges against a Columbus, Ohio, man alleging that he was involved in an al-Quaeda plot to blow up a shopping mall in Ohio. The four-count indictment, returned by a grand jury in Columbus, Ohio, charges that Nuradin Abdi, 32, conspired with admitted al-Quaeda member Lyman Faris and others to detonate a bomb at the unidentified shopping mall after he obtained military-style training in Ethiopia. Are you ready for what's coming to America?
America is "legally" letting-in terrorists, by the tens-of-thousands. Here's the story of the subhuman scumbag from Somalia, who, with al-Queerda, planned to bomb a shopping mall in Ohio.
Once again, Victor Davis Hanson nails the subhuman Muslim filth as to what their "agenda" really is: Feeding the Minotaur. I remember this from my eight (8) years of Latin and one (1) year of Classical Greek language training. Fascinating.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, more love and compassion from Islam, The Cult of Death™.
Find, track down and whack all Muslim terrorists, everywhere. whack them all. 10,000 Iranian suicide bombers headed for the US? Target practice!
Islam is evil, a cult of horror, deviancy, murder, terrorism and perversion. John F(ucking) Kerry believes it as the truth; he's an moron left-wing wacko idiot.
I want to meet and whack all Muslim terrorists, anywhere and everywhere. I hate, despise and want to whack the Islamic terrorists, anywhere and everywhere I can find them. Gimme a clue, subhuman filthies. I want you dead; understand? Bring it on, degenerate Muslim shitscum murderers.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
Kerry is filth, garbage, junk, scum, trash, shit, untermensch. May he rot in hell with his South African wifey-bitch-scuz, Teresa, or whatever she/it is.
Hey, someone found shit-for-brains John F(ucking) Kerry's rotting brain, in a field.
Teresa Heinz-Kerry says anger, not ideology, prompted her to become a liberal-demokkkRAT whorebitch. The faux-wife of mentally-ill US Sen John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, says her emotion stemmed from the way the Republican Party, to which she had pledged allegiance, treated dumbass, liberal-demokkkRAT idiot, self-inflicted-wounds, US Sen Max "shit-For-Brains-Who-Got-Drunk-And-Dropped-A-Grenade-And-Blew-Himself-Up" Cleland of Georgia in 2002. Dumbass, idiot bitch: it had to do with his incompetence and stupidity, not his service in 'Nam. Kerry, the cowardly traitor scumbag, bailed-out in 4mos with three (3) self-inflicted wounds. Kerry's a fraud and a fake.
I am John F(ucking) Kerry; America is shit.
John F(ucking) Kerry get some new teeth. BFD.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
whack this murderous, subhuman Teresa Lewis bitch. whack her.
David Berkowitz, the "Son of Sam" whacker who terrorized New York City in the summer of 1977, was denied parole for a second time, officials said Friday. Berkowitz is serving six consecutive 25-years-to-life sentences. Though he did not request parole, the issue is automatically considered every two years under state law. Why is this subhuman piece of shit murderer still alive? Why wasn't he whacked in prison, like Dahmer?
Anyone and everyone who belongs to ELF (Earth Liberation Front) should be tracked down, and executed. f*ck Screw Jeff Luers; he's a cowardly, punk homo. C'mon over here to my backyard, ELF homo fudge-packer scum; I've got 20,000 rounds of .308cal rounds for all your hate-America skulls.
Terry Nichols gets past the death penalty for the OKC Bombing with Iraqi terrorists, and Timmmy "Rotting In Hell" McVeigh? His conversion to Christianity? Nah; it's bullshit. whack him. I volunteer to head-shoot him, no charge.
Well, at approximately 17,000 volts, this moron tried to whack himself, but failed. Perhaps a .45cal in the head would have done a better job?
Death is too good for this subhuman piece of lowlife filth Timothy Lucie, 46 who raped and sodomized his 11-year-old daughter, and then later, she hung herself. He deserves years of painful, agonizing, horrrible, debilitating torture.

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