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Friday, June 20, 2003

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The more things change, the more they remain the same. Old Chinese proverb or something like that, I think; whatever. Lately, I've been contacted by an unusually high number of old friends from the past. Two former girlfriends from college, several people I used to work with in New York City, a former employer, and a couple of college classmates have all "found" me on the Net and made contact. As we've spent time talking, and bringing each other up to date on past and current events, I've realized that time has taken its toll on each of us, for better or worse. As time has changed each of us, so has each of us changed our individual outlook for the future. Most I've talked to are maintaining a positive attitude; only a few are pessimistic. I rate myself at the upper end of the scale, believing that a negative attitude only impedes progress in the search for what we each hold near and dear. In the scale of time, our search is indeed short; merely the blink of an gnat's eye. Make the most of it, because life isn't a dress rehearsal. It's all we'll ever have.

Around The Garden Center.
Remember when Summer meant three months off and no homework? Didn't know how good you had it, did ya? Clean off the grill and make your escape for a season of fun, food and frolic in the sun. Heck, I've been grilling all Winter, out of my garage on the driveway, with my Char Broil® Patio Caddie®; rain or snow or sleet or whatever. But I'm looking forward to fresh tomato sandwiches, corn on the cob, watermelon, potato salad, burgers and hot dogs, and I've got my family's 1950s Weber Kettle, and charcoal to do it with. Dang, it's gonna be fun, again. Here's a few recipes to get you started. And some more grilling tips and recipes.
Jeff stopped by Monday evening, and we finished-up the details on my home "super computer" unit, but adding-in a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250 Personal Video Recorder Tuner Card, working in tandem with my CATV and Cable Modem. It allows me to open and watch a digital-quality TV window on any of 125 channels, record in the background, to CD-RW or hard drive, while I'm doing other things, or watch in real time. The digital quality is amazing.
Happy Flag Day, June 14th. My 50ft flagpole at the Garden Center & Nursery Complex entrance, proudly displays the Old Glory, 24x7.
And Happy Father's Day, June 15th. Thanks for everything, Dad.
Last November '02, I bought a new silver Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, loaded with every option except V8, but had I known that Germany and its cowardly, scumbag, two-faced, terror-supporting partners, France and Belgium, would try to screw America in the Iraq War, I would have bought a Ford or Chevy. Mercedes-Benz Daimler owns Chrysler, and has fired most of the Americans in management. Americans design some gorgeous machinery, but the Germans cut corners in building it.
Yeah, I'd like to see Drive-Ins make a comeback; I have great memories of them in 50s and 60s. You?
Penna's state legislators are ripping us off for $850,000 each year with leased vehicles and insurance. And we have a $22 million shortfall to deal with. What's wrong with that picture?
Despite the frequent rain and thunderstorms, we're making headway against the logjam of landscape jobs and continuing requests from regional customers. I've never seen such a busy season.
Cheryl arrives at HIA (Harrisburg Int'l Airport) two weeks from today. Am I excited? Does a bear shit in the woods? You betcha. Here's our schedule, so far.
Though I don't buy any Japanese/Korean/Junk Vehicles, this Honda Ad is a hoot.
Is this really Amish Country? Please, have a modicum of patience.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit (my apologies to pigs) terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100+ stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "embrace the rage". And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11 horror.
Here's the live thread, on, and the ongoing posts that I caught on that terrible morning, as it happened.
Here's a 9-11 News Site, which covers it, superbly. As if we needed reminding.
Here are the 2998 Victims of The Massacre of September 11th, 2001. As of 6.19.03, only 1,500 of the innocent victims have been identified; the rest were vaporized. Are you getting angry, again, as I am? Here's Blue Man Group's 9-11 Tribute.
After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which whacked six and injured 1,000; President Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked five U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which whacked 224 and injured 5,000; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which whacked 17 and injured 39 US sailors; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. Maybe if Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton had kept his promise, an estimated 3,000 people in New York and Washington, DC, that are now dead, would be alive today. The Criminal Clinton lowlifes Klintoon Kriminals; ahhhhh, what a pair!
Need to keep up your anger, hate and rage quotient, for The Massacre of 9-11? Go to Toby Keith's site, or Darryl Worley's site; here's the video to that song.
I don't want justice; I want revenge! Never forget.

Islam, The Religion of Peace™?
Hardly, it's a cult of subhuman deviants, boy-buggering filth, women-chattelling degenerates, murderous lowlife scum, and terrorists. My apologies to animals. Islam will die off naturally, soon enough, as it's a disease which will whack itself.
Shut down all Muslim "charities" in the US; they're all fronts for funnelling money to terrorists.
The Death of France is not exaggerated. Here's Part I and the obligatory Part II. Au revoir, Froggies. No more American Tourists for you. More Froggie whining about their irrelevance.
Al Queerda sleeper cells here in Ameica? You bet they are, and we've got to track them down, torture and interrogate, and then whack them all. Here's why.
Bravo Israel, whack every Hamas subhuman filth you can unearth from their slimy rocks.
Ooooooooooooooo, Saudis are aghast at plans to carry out bomb attacks in the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad! The Saudi filth are the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world. When are we going to take them down to the rump-raiding, fudge-packing lowlife subhuman scum they are? Soon, I hope. whack all Saudi "royal" homo garbage.

GOPers and RINOs.
Grover Norquist is a lowlife, piece of shit, traitorous scumbag, shilling for Mooooooos-lim terrorists in America. He should be arrested and charged with obstruction ofjustice, aiding and abetting terrorists, tried, convicted, jailed and executed. He's taking big money from islamic filth, playing the race card and aiding the Fifth Column ofAmerica Haters.
What is a Conservative? ???" target="_blank">This punk clearly doesn't know.
After being on Novell Software's "payroll" for many years, admitted Microsoft hater and RINO US Senator, Orrin Hatch (moron-UT), has finally lost what little mind he had left. In his dementia, shit-for-brains Hatch wants your computer to explode if you download any music files from the 'Net. This, from a moron who can't find his own ass with both hands. Take your meds, Orrin. No, I don't d/l music files, but he's clearly nuts.

Lowlife Liberal-democRAT Scum.
America just can't seem to rid its collective self of the putrid stench from Bubba Jeffy and Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, and they're still taking people to the cleaners, ripping-off millions.
The inept, corrupt and criminal democRAT Philly "mayor", John "Mugabe Jr" Street is serving up this election to Sam Katz (GOP-PA) on a silver platter. The Street administration has lost control of the schools and Convention Center to a Harrisburg take over and has turned a surplus in the city's budget into a deficit verging on bankruptcy, all in 3.5 short years. This doesn't even begin to fully list the litany of scandals and embarrassments Big John and his corrupt junta have foisted on the city of Philadelphia. Now his racist, bigoted, half-breed brother, T. Milton Street Sr, is taking $1.2million for a bogus, phony patronage job, where he does nothing at all.
A respected veteran Windham County homo-homo-filth lawmaker was arrested Friday, accused of sexually assaulting a child. State Rep Jefferson B. Davis (democRAT), 52, of 154 Wade Road, Pomfret, was charged with one count of first-degree sexual assault, one count of fourth-degree sexual assault and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.
Does rape matter? Apparently not, to liberal scum and democRATs.
The case of The People of the State of New York vs. Michael Boxley, a criminal matter, could wind up a boon to the tort bar. For Boxley, accused of first-degree rape in the alleged assault of a state assembly staff member, is a key advisor to that body's corrupt, lowlife piece of shit speaker Sheldon Silver, the left-wing wacko liberal Manhattan democRAT. He is also a sexual predator having been accused two years ago of raping another assembly staffer, Elizabeth Crothers, though criminal charges were never filed. Boxley should die for the heinous crime, as all rapists should.
Scumbagette lib-dem, criminal filth, Martha Stewart, isn't getting off easy; this judge is making the criminal bitch tow the legal line. Read this article and see why she thinks the law isn't applicable to her; rather, just to us, "little people".

Degenerates, Scumbags and Subhuman Filth.
More illegal Mexican immigrant filth, committing crimes against American Citizens. Time to seal the borders, and deport the illegal criminal illegal alien scum.
Get this lowlife, stinking Somali filth out of the US, INS, dammit! They're freeloader welfare cases and I'm frigging tired of supporting Turd World garbage.
Only in the screwed-up UK: gay homo sex videos for schoolchildren.
Rap is shit, and so are the lowlife scum who perform it and listen to it.
Blacks Scumbags, lowlifes and filth rioting in a Michigan town? Over a speeding idiot doper's death? Shoot all rioters and looters on sight; that'll stop it very quickly. The media calls it "unrest"? It's a frigging race riot! Bring out the 12ga shotguns!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
whack this murderous, traitorous subhuman Muslim piece of Islamic pigshit. Read the article, and see why.
All pedophiles, child molesters and pornographers should be executed; no exceptions. Rid society of this subhuman filth preying upon innocent children. Recidivism (repeating the crime) is zero, zip, nil. Look it up. It cures what ails them.
Another lowlife, piece of shit criminal chooses "death by cop"; good riddance, scumbag.
A teenager who was 14 when he kidnapped a businessman and shot at police has been sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole, becoming one of the youngest defendants in Kalifornicate history to receive the penalty. Antonio Nunez, now 16, was sentenced Friday by Orange County Superior Court Judge William Froeberg, who rejected arguments that the sentence was cruel and unusual punishment. With any luck, he'll be raped and murdered in prison, saving the taxpayers lotsa money.
Cosmetics heir Andrew Luster, and date-drug rapist, needs to die for his crimes.

Pigments Through the Ages.
Since time began, artists have colored our lives using a variety of hues. From the early days of cave paintings tinted with ground earth and charcoal, through the Renaissance when art was created with elaborate mineral pigments, to the present day when colors are complex chemical creations, making paint has never been a simple process. Both the method and meanings behind colors are explored in this multi-hued site. Blue and green have long been seen as calming. Red has a rich history of symbolism, alchemy, and power. Yellow, on the other hand, has a rockier past. Once the color of royalty, it quickly became associated with prostitution, repulsion, and jealousy. See how Renoir used ultramarine for umbrellas, learn the process of making madder lake, and then compare the lead white used since antiquity with titanium white, a color that wasn't possible until 1916. Color me, impressed.

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