time's running out, america
Friday, June 21, 2002

With nothing ostensibly being done to secure our acutely-porous northern and southern border, I guess it's time we all resign ourselves to the very real possibility of another Massacre of September 11th, and get on with things until it happens. No sense in my harping about our woeful security, if no one in Washington gives a flying rat's ass rearend about it. Heck, all I can realistically do is make my little corner of the world more secure: my Glock 32/.357sig and AR-15 Carbine will see to that. But it still irks me that we're spending millions billions trillions on defense, and yet, illegals and terrorists can come and go as they please. Thousands of sleeper cells are already here, just waiting for orders to attack. And the morons in DC are afraid of offending Muslim and Arab garbage. The enemy within worries me more; they've had years to infiltrate society, stock-up on munitions and plan the coming massacre(s). It's time we found out who they are, where they are, and whack them quickly. We don't need anymore TWA 800 shootdowns, and we don't need anymore 9-11s. We need to seek out, root out and whack with impunity, all Muslim deviants and Islamic degenerates and Arab terrorist filth. By the millions billions, wherever they are. Whomever they are. Dead. Rotting. Face down, in pits with mucho liquid pigshit. Can you tell I hate Muslim terrorist shitfilth? And want them dead? You betcha.

Around The Garden Center.
We got a welcomed 1.25" of rain last Friday and Saturday, helping to add to the ground moisture and alleviate The Drought From Hell, somewhat. It was a slow, but steady rain, and it soaked-in instead of running-off into the streams and lakes. It seems as though the wind patterns have shifted favorably, as we're catching more of the moisture coming from the Midwest, before it heads-up to New England. No complaints.
Retail sales, during the week and especially on weekends are still brisk, despite the approaching Summer. Traditionally, it'll slow down after the Spring rush, and pick back up in mid-August, just before I start my once-a-year 25% Off Fall Sale, on September 1st. This year, it shows no sign of letting up, even as Summer approaches.
Like the Israelis, I'm "constructing a fence" 3ft deep x 5ft wide moat, actually soil mounded on the inside of the property, around all 20 acres of my Garden Center & Nursery. Not much will get through that obstacle. Why? Because we've experienced 4 burglaries and 1 vandalism since last September, and I'm tired of it. Time to retaliate. I'd rather catch them and execute them, but I haven't been that lucky, to date.
Dr Rick came down Tuesday for his annual Spring visit, and we spent a couple hours with Mssrs Glock 32 and AR-15 at my private pistol range on the GC&N property. He's a pretty good shot for a guy who doesn't own a gun, but has his Penna CCW. He and his wife, Lynn, also have a brand new, healthy baby boy. Congrats to both!
This doesn't bode well for software, especially "modern" WinXP, et al. But, but, but, but... I like WinXP, so far.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit filth did to the US on 9-11. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horiffic day.
200 years from now, I want their children's children's children's children to cower and cringe in fear whenever they hear the sounds of jet engines overhead because their legends tell of fire from the sky. I want them to hide in dark caves and holes in the earth, shivering with terror whenever they hear the roar of diesel engines because the tales of their ancestors talk about metal monsters crawling over the earth, spitting death and destruction. I want their mothers to be able to admonish them with "If you don't behave, the Pale Destroyers will come for you", and that will be enough to reduce them to quivering obesience. I want the annihilation to be so complete that their mythology will tell them of the day of judgment when the stern gods from across the sea .. the powerful 'Mericans .. destroyed their forefathers' wickedness.
Gangs, prison: al Queerda breeding grounds? Sure, whack all the stinking subhuman minority Islamic trash filth in there; eliminate the problem. Especially the Black Muslim filth. whack 'em all. Especially this lowlife subhuman illegal alien, Jose Padilla, 31, also known as Abdullah al Muhajir. whack him. I volunteer; my Glock glows, and my AR-15 aches for his death. Buh-bye, scumbag.
All kinds of wacko, deviant Muslim shitfilth groups are out there: al Queerda, H(a)om(a)os, Jizz-bollah, and now, the cowardly turd-sucking scumbags of "al-Qanoon", who tried to take the US Embassy down in Karachi, PK. Subhuman, diaperheaded, goat-f*ckershumpers, all. And all richly deserving death.
Squeeze this filth subhuman dogshit subhuman pig-sucking lowlife moron, buddy of the illegal alien pig-sucker Padilla terrorist. Then whack him and bury him face-down in a pit of pigshit. f*ck Hump you, Allah moron scumbag, Islam lowlife, pork-sucking trash.
Jeeesh, what are we waiting for? whack this murderous motherf*cking lowlife piece of Arab shitfilth, Sodomy Insane. Now! Turn the filthy, cowardly sandidiot scum into glass with tactical nukes, W. The world will diss you, but America and its allies will cheer you on. f*ck Screw the rest of the Turd Worlder Scum. They don't count.
Iran? Sure, we have to obliterate all of the murderous, lowlife diaperhead, subhuman Muslim and Arab filth. Ex post haste.
Aw gee whiz, the scumbag traitor John Walker Lindh can't get a "fair trial" in the US? Well sure he can, and then we'll execute him immediately afterward. Sounds fair enough to me.
The INS is finally doing their "job": rounding-up and (hopefully) deporting all illegal immigrants who've overstayed their visas for 18+ years, regardless. Yes, INS: get them the hell out of here. Especially the Muslim and Arab scum.
When this starts happening and it is when, not if in America, real Americans will respond with deadly force against all Muslims and Arabs, until there are none left to do damage.
No doubt in my mind that Arrid-fart and all his pork-sucking, lowlife, subhuman filthscum need Killing for what they've done to US Citizens; any in yours? Good. The cowardly liberal media and US Gummint have repeatedly buried the incident, citing "nation security reasons". Bullshit. Total bullshit.
"The US-led effort to track money belonging to terrorist groups has been hobbled by bureaucratic infighting and a growing understanding by investigators that most of al Queerda's money is not in banks but in untraceable commodities, including gold and diamonds. The transfer of al Queerda's assets, the scale of which is only now becoming clear, has left much of the organization's financial network untouched by the Bush administration's campaign to freeze terrorist funds around the globe. At the same time, the efforts to shut down terrorist financing, one of the key components of President Bush's counterterrorism strategy, have been hindered by interagency turf battles in the US government." Net, net: kick some bureaucratic ass and wake those morons up. It's our lives they're playing with.
Sure, if you "interrogate" the Muslim-Islamist-Arab subhumans, "you'll get information". Other lesser countries do it so much better than the US does. Ever wonder why? Answer: lowlife liberal-democRAT shitfilth hamstringing law enforcement with "civil liberties" shit. Time to break the bonds.
I've been saying this since September 12th: get the military on to the Mexican and Canadian borders, and seal them off. And get all illegals out of the US. Now! What the hell heck doesn't the INS and FBI understand about doing their jobs?
Our Islamic "friends? I think not; it's the civilized world against Islam. They started it, and we'll finish it.
Islamists want vow to whack 4 million Americans with WMDs?
A speech I'd like to hear George W. Bush make: A warning to would be Islamic-dog terrorists: If you bomb our cities you better do a real thorough job as long as there is an American patriot left standing, as God is my witness, we will destroy you, your families, your towns, your cities, your countries, your monuments, your holy sites ... your entire civilization. The eradication of your devil-race will be so complete that every reference to allah, mohammed, islam, koran, and jihad will be stricken from all written records as was done in the days of the ancient Egyptians. Two generations from now the free people of the world won't even remember that you ever existed. So go-ahead you human excrement hit us with your best shot it'll be your last! OPEN THE "FOOTBALL", GO TO DEFCON 1, HATCHES OPEN ...

W's now giving away our hard-earned tax dollars to 5.5 million minority scum to finance homes for them? Whatever happened to getting several jobs and saving up for a downpayment, like we all did? This is bullshit! Like all liberals moderates, he believes that blacks and hispanics are too lazy to get ahead on their own. They must be vomit-fed like baby chicks, from the regurgitating mouth of the mama-bird state. The soft bigotry of low expectations?
President Bush announced a new $500 million International Mother and Child HIV Prevention Initiative that seeks to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mothers to infants and to improve health care delivery in Africa and the Caribbean. Hmmm, more of our money down another filthy rathole in Africa. Let the continent and its subhumans die. The lib-dem scum are loving this shit.

SCOTUS Idiots.
What shit! Reversing previous rulings, the Supreme Court ruled today that executing the mentally retarded constitutes cruel and unusual punishment and is therefore unconstitutional. Hey morons, what about the victims? Screw the perpetrators; execute them. They knew exactly what they were doing. The 6 traitors -American SCOTUS are lowlife, scumbags. Deservedly of a slow and paihnful cancer demise.

Lib-democRAT Criminal Scum.
Since the lowlife lib-democRAT scumbags have disarmed everyone in New Yor City, a racially-motivated hate crime like this black racist scumbag against whites, is becoming commonplace. Time to arm the good white guys against black criminals and brown wackos. This is but one reason I am armed all the time; Mr Glock 32/.357sig wouldn't have allowed this to happen. The black murderer would have been shot dead very quickly. Thankfully, the two white girls who jumped and subdued this piece of black wacko shit, are okay. Heroines, both; I salute you ladies. Next time, carry a Glock and whack the lowlife cretinous-moron scumbag.
Disgraced, impeached, liar-in-chief, ex-president Bill Clintoon suggested this week that his administration had a better record at stopping terrorist attacks than President Bush has had. Uhhh Bubba Jeffy, what about WTC 1, Al-Khobar Towers, the Military Advisory group in Riyadh, two embassy bombings, and the USS Cole? What an moron.
Here's an interesting article on how many women have the criminal lowlife Kennedys have whacked, harmed or maimed. Impressive people, aren't they? NOT!
Looks like Mikey "The Murderer" Skakel, one of the lowlife Kennedy clan, is getting his comeuppance in an 8x10 cell, possibly for life. Good riddance, scumbag.
Oh Jeeeeez, shit-for-brains Teddy "The Turd" Turner is at it again; this time calling Israel a "terrorist" against the Paletinians. Turner is so f*cking freaking stupid hey, he "married" the "Hanoi Jane" Fonda scuz-pig-traitor-whore, didn't he? he's not capable of making rational decisions, anymore. Turner's a lowgrade moron, and should start taking his meds again.

Lowlife, Moronic Scumbags.
Why is this piece of shit, child-molesting lowlife Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jack-scum not in prison for what he's done to young boys over the years? Oh, I forgot: two-tiered justice system, and he bought his way out of his perversions. Like the Kennedy scum.
Subhuman garbage. No other word I can think of for the RCC's deviant homosexual priests who sodomize little boys, and the cowardly bishops who won't do the right thing to correct it. I gotta believe most of the bishops are homos, too.
Good riddance John Gotti, you lowlife murdering piece of shit punk. I sincerely hope your death from head-throat cancer was long and painful.
Look at this stupid, dumbass, lowlife, subhuman idiot shithead: he's so f*cking freaking stupid that he can't conform to Society's Rules & Regs. Go back to the jungle, idiot boy, and take your scumbag-daddy with you.
whack Execute this white trash filth, Andrea Yeates, for murdering her 5 children. "It needed to be done for the children's sake," Yates says in the chilling confession captured last year on jailhouse video, which prosecutors released this Friday.
Uh-oh, they've changed the story facts story, about poor, little, very dead Elizabeth Smart. Here's the original reports; notice how they've morphed, or "Clintooned" from the facts/evidence. Not strange, after 8 awful terrible horrible evil years with the now-impeached, disgraced, lowlife liar, subhuman lib-democRAT Bubba Jeffy Clintoon & Hitlery Rotten Clintoon.
The University of Wisconsin Medical School program should be shut down; it's full of lowlife liberal filth and subhuman Muslim dogshit. Look what they did to one American who disagreed with them.

Lying In Ponds.
Who would guess a Monty Python reference could lead to a clear analysis of partisanship in American politics? Absurd, yes, but so are supposedly "independent" columnists who spout the party line. This site tracks the Democratic and Republican biases of the regular political columnists from the "New York Times", the "Wall Street Journal", and the "Washington Post". The philosophy behind the site is that political decisions should be made solely on the merits of the issues, and that partisanship damages the political process by robbing politicians and voters of unbiased analysis. The daily box score shows where today's columns fall on the partisan spectrum. Columnists who rise above the simple "opposing party = bad" formula and admit to the complexity of issues generally receive a lower partisanship score. After reading through the overall partisanship index for nearly 40 political pundits, you'll never look at the op/ed page the same way again.

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