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Friday, June 23, 2000

i guess the thing that impresses me most about being involved in the horticulture industry is the diverse collection of people dabbling in gardening. People you'd never suspect corporate CEOs to judges, sanitation engineers to rocket scientists use it as "therapy" to unwind and relax. These are the "enthusiasts" fun people to help solve gardening-related problems and move gracefully into new areas of horticulture, ie trough gardens, alpine gardening, conifers, bonsai, et al. It's the obsessive-compulsive, anal-retentive people "purists" if you will who can make life miserable for anyone they come into contact with. I try to assiduously avoid the latter group, but unfortunately many have found my GC&N and visit regularly, nearly ruining my day and that of my staff. Gentle hints like, "I think we're out of that perennial" and "You can probably find that tree at XYZs store" usually go unheeded; they tend to like to stay around and waste our collective time with non-issues important to them, but old news to us. Fortunately, I've figured out how to make my cell phone ring its own number and can excuse myself to take the call, and then disappear. Works everytime.

Around The Garden Center.
For the past week or so, thunderstorms have rolled through in the evenings and dumped copious amounts of rain on selected areas. Nothing uniform throughout the region; merely selected. With flickering power, I got an APC Back-Up 650 for the home 700 Mhz unit. The Office Mhz 600 machine has its own APC 650 Back-Up and Line Conditioner, as do the Front Counter 233 and 333 machines. They pay-off each time a storm comes through and power fluctuates wildly.
Gas is "still only" $1.73.9/ gal (93 octane) here, while in Chicago, it's over $2.50.9/ gal (93 octane). Incredible! This time it's not the towelhead scumbags; it's the US Gummint's EPA idiots, mandating cleaner-burning gas, at higher prices, during the year's peak driving seasons. Why couldn't those morons in the EPA have phased this in over the Winter? Some people in the Midwest are really taking a beating. Something sure stinks.
Looks like the Southeast and Southwest are getting the same type of drought we've had for the past 3 years; we're actually "even" in moisture since January 1st, though 23" low on moisture for the past 3 seasons. With the warmest Spring ever on record, no wonder we've had the t-storms and extra rains.
Despite the heat and stifling humdidity elsewhere, the Garden Center & Nursery was busy all weekend; people I'd done landscape estimates for years ago, but done no work to date, sought me out for landscape jobs. A dozen others from all over the region found the WebSite and drove here to load up with treasures. I'm still amazed every time it happens. Waves of thunderstorms moved through all day Sunday, only increasing the heat, humdidity and heat index and doing absolutely nothing for relief. The first day of Summer arrived Wednesday, according to the calendar, but we've been having "Summer-like" weather for weeks already.
Last weekend, Greg & Jill stopped by on their way back from Philadelphia to their home in Chicagoland for a visit. Jill had been attending a librarian's conference in Philly and Greg picked her up and they spent a leisurely week or so on the road. I'm always glad to see them when they pass through.
Ever wonder what your true speed is on the Net? Here's a great place to go and test it immediately, well it'll take a few seconds, so please sip your tea while it tests your connection and speed. Your actual speed may vary. Don't try this at home alone.
All week long, I've been interviewed by Maria Montoya, a reporter for USA Today, about high-end water gardens. The article will be out next Friday, June 30th. Hopefully, it'll be online and I can point you to it. If not, I'll get a copy and scan it into the Reviews Pages.

Clinton's Legacy Is Taking Shape.
I tried to resist the urge to comment on the Pervert-In-Chief's latest contribution to his legacy, but I just cannot hold myself back any longer. When I was in high school back in the dark ages of actually having to strive for improvement and learn every iota of our Nation's proud history, the boys had a veritable smorgasbord of names for their parts. Not one single fellow ever spoke in terms of what his Wang had to say about anything.
Lets take another little stroll into the more recent history of sexual missteps and call to mind one Pee Wee Herman and what happened to him. Pee Wee Herman was a children's host (personally I could never stand him), who had an unfortunate pastime. He enjoyed porno flicks and self satisfaction (sound familiar?) and like numerous other males in the same circumstances took matters in his own hand, so to speak. Does that have another ring of similarity? Unfortunately, in his case, Pee Wee got caught with his britches down. How many of you recall the hue and cry that arose from the masses for his terrible faux pas. His predilection cost him everything, ruined him socially, cost him a career and destroyed his credibility. He may have had low personal esteem to begin with, but once his eccentricity was made public, he was left with nothing, including dignity.
Along comes a slippery eel, serial rapist, opportunistic lecher, low life liar and felon. This subhuman, through illegal contributions, blackmail, possible accessory to murder and general sloth of the American voter, moves into the most powerful office in the land and begins sullying "OUR HOUSE". He was caught out of turn by a patriotic woman who was asked to lie to the grand jury investigating a sexual harassment suit brought up by an innocent, impressionable political volunteer. Professing to be a friend of Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky asked her to lie to the Grand Jury investigating the suit brought against one William Jefferson Clinton by Paula Jones. Poor misguided, immature, bovine Monica was convinced the predator in chief was madly in love with her, an incorrect notion he was in no hurry to dispel. He used her just as surely as Pee Wee used the porno flicks to get his jollies off.
Clinton involved numerous enablers to continue his defilement of our sacred trust and stain the White House almost to the point of no return. Monica is only another notch on Willy Wonk and you can bet your ass there have been many others since then. Pee Wee never brought anyone else into his sphere of influence, it was strictly a one man two hand show. Not the Predator in Chief. Unsatisfied with merely playing doctor, he has forced himself upon many women, either by unwanted groping, rubbing up, innuendo or by vicious forced intrusion. The forced submission perpetrated upon his victims resulted in bloodied mouths and vaginal tearing. Pee Wee, though misguided, was never violent or outright vicious and to my knowledge, didn't enhance his penis with a personality.
As if knowing W.J. Clinton is an amoral, putrescent, sociopathic liar and abuser isn't enough, now we are to be further insulted by a work of literature written by a friend of the aforementioned subhuman which features, as a main character, the very organ which cannot stay in its zipper. Cripe sake, the author even gives the damn thing dialogue! God, how disgusting. Even worse, is the fact that the defiler in chief is no doubt proud as Hell to have his favorite part immortalized in the written word. There just isn't anything this jerk won't do or encourage be done to further his own self-aggrandizement. How can any self respecting head of state be proud to have his head bragging on its accomplishments in a trash book? How can that same head of state expect to be taken seriously on the world front when his dick is the top conversational piece at the latest international soiree? What next? Hillary's vaginal repartee? My won't that be a treat!

Clintonista Lib-Dem Lies & Bullshit.
Reparations for blacks for servitude during the slavery years? Are they outta their f*cking mind? Apparently some White Trash, illegal aliens and idiots are outta their f*cking minds! I'd sure like to put a "bullet of sanity" thru their empty heads. Bang zoom! No one's going "going to be healed", don'tcha know? Randall Robinson, one of the true idiotS of any time, should be terminated with extreme prejudice for his perverted fascist, bigotry.
Tony-Bony-Maroni Coelho, AlGoreBore's lackluster lowlife lib-dem piece of shit scumbag, leaves because his colon is inflamed. Gee Tony-Bony-Maroni idiot, that's what happens when AlGoreBore's head is up your moron day and night. Actually, Tony-Bony-Maroni has too much legal and political "baggage" for AlGoreBore to carry through to November.
Huh? "Energy Secretary Bill Richardson's highly public failure to rein in gasoline prices and to stem nuclear security lapses has all but whacked his bid to become Vice Perpetrator Al Gore's running mate". Huh? I know the lib-dems are stupid, nay morons, but why would anyone even consider an incompetent moron illegal alien like Richardson? He can't bring a single electoral vote to the party, let alone contribute to a presidential campaign. The lardass Richardson is a bumbling cretin who claims hispanic ancestry, but is, in reality, a lowlife bureaucrat who can't find his own ass with both hands.
Read about what a traitor and scumbag Clinton really is.
The Clintonite filth courts the illegal aliens, as he calls it. He'll call it anyway he can, lying and exaggerating wherever he can, for Clintonista's are truly slime-scum-shit-filth.
Are we better off than we were eight years ago? Nope.
The selling of America to China? Traitorous Clintonite scumbags? It's not like we weren't warned years ago by a former FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, and that everything he said has come true. Hold on to your knickers: there's much, much more to come out yet.
In independent counsel to investigate the lying AlGoreBore bastard for fundraising crimes in '96? Four years late? It's way past f*cking time, but better late than never! This Mr. Conrad is apparently the only person in the Dept of InJustice with any brains and guts. Bravo.

Say What?
Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols is asking a judge to dismiss state murder charges connected to the bombing. Nichols is charged with 160 counts of first-degree murder for the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Nichols needs to die by lethal injection. Or worse.
The diseased, shake-and-bake alcoholic dog piece of shit AG slutbag, Janet "Waco" El-Reno, thinks (that's an oxymoron for her) that the Federal Gummint Cretins should be involved in selecting defense attys for murderers etc. Well, hells-bells, so do I. Use the same moron idiots who prosecuted the empty case against MicroSoft.
Playing the "race card" is the idiot BET's (Black Entertainment Network; isn't that an oxymoron?) chairman Robert L. "Bobby Boy" Johnson, who is a racist and bigot of the (Fat Al) Sharp-scum and (Irrev Jesse) Jack-scum order. Just what the country needs: another black racist whining about the word "plantation". Go back to the jungle, Bobby Boy John-scum.
I mentioned this months ago: lib-dem scumbag filth trying to tax anything and everything, just as they've wrongly done with tobacco. Now it's the "Twinkie Tax", to discourage people from eating foods that the lib-dem lowlifes don't think are healthy for others. Jeeeezus, can't we just take these lib-dem morons out behind the barn and shoot them?
The NFL really is the National Felony League; read about it for yourself.
"Black Panthers" marching against the Texas GOP with machine guns? f*ck it: club and beat these idiot nay Blacks, nay African-Americans scum to death.
I like this kind of justice; swift and sure. A majority of Americans still favor the death penalty, as I do.
For their part in the so-called "wilding" which took place in NYC's Central Park last week during the PR Day Parade, jail this filth and throw away the key for 5-10 years. Sure, Bubba Clintoon set a good example of perverted behavior for the Nation's youth; he should be in jail as well.
Same deal for this subhuman shitfilth who rioted after a lousy B-ball game in LA; jail the scumbags.
Another murderer gets sent to hell; way to go, Florida!
If the death penalty were applied more often, this nationwide increase in murders wouldn't happen. Instead of spending 10-15-20-25 years on death row, filing endless appeals and clogging up the court system, murderers (and rapists, child molesters and traitors) should be executed within one year. Then, everyone would see a precipitous drop in the murder rate. Fact.

Hitlery Clintonista: The First Bitch Criminal.
Perhaps arguably the worst example for women anywhere: the First Bitch, a congenital liar and career criminal, Hitlery Clinton has seemingly gotten a "pass" on almost every one of her myriad crimes since day one. The OIC (Office of the Independent Counsel) has declined to indict and prosecute her for TravelGate, FileGate, Whitewater, Casa Grande, Vince Foster's death, fundraising and hundreds of other crimes which would have landed us mere mortals in prison long ago.
With so much baggage and I don't mean her large-as-a-moving van ass she should have been disbarred years ago and should still be serving time in a federal facility. Instead, she's running for US Senator from New York State, and her pathetic campaign isn't going anywhere. I wish I could move to New York State and vote for Rick Lazio; anything to keep that filthy criminal bitch out of politics and the public eye. Anything.
At all costs, Hitlery will make her run for the 6-year Senate seat, abandon it in 4 years and begin her run for the US Presidency, to assuage her arrogant and self-immolating ego. She'll lie to get elected, as she's always done, and then lie and lie and lie and lie and lie again to get what she wants. She's pure slime.
She's been intimately involved in so many scandals, crimes and shams, it's difficult to know where to start. Here's a small part of the total story of her criminal involvement in the DNC fundraising scandal. Read the accompanying link to the memo.
If Rick Lazio doesn't get off the "polite way" to handle this rabid Clintonite bitch, he'll get eaten alive by her attack dogs. C'mon Rick: except for Bubba, no one's got more negative baggage than Hitlery.
How can the people of New York State even consider voting for the stinking Clintonista Liar Bitch when they know what a criminal scuzbag she is? Maybe I've overestimated their intelligence; shit, obviously I have. They're morons and idiots for giving that criminal scumbette even 1% of the vote!
"So, I need to roll over one more time..." Webster Hubbell to his wife Suzanna, in regards to protecting Hillary from prosecution for over-billing clients at the Rose Law Firm.
"I just don't have any memory of that." Hillary Clinton (When that Watkins memo showed up revealing that she had ordered the Travel Office firings.)
"[She] has a different memory." Mike McCurry, referring to Hillary Clinton.
"I'm a big believer in tipping. We should support working people." Hillary Clinton who did not pay for her meal nor leave a tip for waitress Trish Trupo, a single mother who earns $2.90 an hour before tips.
"I can't go out and save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America." Hillary Clinton, in response to criticisms that her nationalized health care plan might bankrupt small business owners.
"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." Hillary Clinton, 1993.
"No, I did not remember that profit." Hillary Clinton ($4300 in one-day trades).
"I do not remember any of those details." Hillary Clinton (when asked to explain the $4300).
"The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it, is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president." Hillary Clinton.
"Impeachment does not have to be for criminal offenses, but only for a 'course of conduct' that, while not particularly criminal, might be of such a nature that it destroys trust, discourages allegiance, and demands action by the Congress." Hillary Rodham.
"I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president." Hillary Clinton.
"The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they're not." Hillary R. Clinton, 1992.

Pancakes Across America.
Matt Bergenstrom does a notable job of re-invigorating the pancake pen-sketch genre with this impressive gallery of coffee shop impressions. Notice the effortless symmetry of two hot cakes at Joe & Aggie's Cafe in Holbrook, Arizona. Admire the silent majesty of the short stack at Ivy's Cafe in Winona, Missouri. Gasp at the eerie parallels between the pancake at Hoots Cafe in White Bird, Idaho, and the Millennium Falcon spaceship from Star Wars. A handy pancake portal page features several links to other griddle-themed sites. Yum. Pass the maple syrup...

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